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Crossover Events

  • Super Hero Fight Club
    • Barry and Oliver take an elevator to the ring alongside a Palmertech worker, who fangirls over them as she gets out on her stop.
    • After the final fight is interrupted by Firestorm going off, Oliver and Barry are knocked out of the ring.
      Barry: And I thought you had anger management issues.
    • The short ends with Ray Palmer crashing in through the series, and implying that he didn't know he could access the fight club through elevator. He owns the building.
  • The sequel.
    • Oliver tries to intimidate a tied-up Kara, but Kara just points out that she let them kidnap her.
    Oliver: No, we could've taken you.
    Barry: Hmm, I doubt it.
    • When Kara finds out that it's fight club, she geeks out and breaks out of the handcuffs.
    • Cisco and Felicity appear running the simulation and dis the previous promo.
    • Cisco deploys the Sphere of Fear. Felicity criticizes the rhyming name as being not intimidating enough. Diggle (in the background and eating a burger), suggests "Orb of Death", which irks Cisco because he makes the names.
    • J'onn shows up and asks if anyone wants to bet against Supergirl while morphing to his Martian form. Diggle drops his burger in surprise.
    Diggle: Did you guys know he was an alien?
    Cisco and Felicity (exasperated): Yes!
    • Partway through, the elevator opens and the same fangirl from last year is there, geeking out and taking a picture of the situation. Even the Sphere's drones are caught off guard.
  • "Suit Up"
    • Cisco fogging and shining Ray's Atom visor.
    • Sara points out that everyone else is ready, but Barry still needs to shave. Cut to Barry chowing down on Big Belly Burger.
    Barry: Wait, when you said "suit up" you meant right now? I'm—I'm hungry.
    Oliver: Yes, now. We've been suiting up for twenty minutes!
    *Barry speeds off*
    Oliver: I mean, am I the only one who suits up one leg at a time?
    Kara: Well, yeah. It's a skirt so I don't have to deal with legs and zippers and stuff like that.
    • That line becomes doubly funny when later that year Kara would debut a new suit that a) has pants rather than a suit, and b) attaches using nanotechnology, so Kara still doesn't need to deal with zippers and stuff.