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    Part 1 (Supergirl
  • Iris calling Barry because of a major problem. Barry thinks she's talking about how he is currently fighting King Shark; Iris clarifies that it's actually because none of the heroes have RSVPed yet. And when an exhausted Barry, after beating King Shark, asks who hasn't RSVPed yet, there's a Description Cut of the guests. What's especially funny, is that all of them were thinking the same thing.
  • It's inherently funny how the Waverider, Supergirl and Alex (through a breach), and Mayor Queen and Felicity on a motorcycle show up all in the exact same area and at short time intervals. Even funnier is, given this is Central City, none of the populace even notices.
  • The girls are going out for a spa day with Kara getting her nails done...and the buffer ends up destroying itself on her super-dense nails.
    • Iris is ready to get married, but not with pregnancy just yet. The hilarity is in if this show is following the comics, Iris is probably going to bear twins. For that matter, apparently one of them even shows up the next day.
  • When Barry was telling Oliver about how he came up with a 38-page vow for the ceremony, Ollie enthusiastically suggested that he breeze through it. Maybe he wants to see Barry in Motor Mouth mode?
    • Additionally, when Oliver steps out from behind the curtain in an immaculate three-piece suit do impart some face-to-face wisdom, his words are underscored by an under his breath "Damn..." from Barry.
  • Apparently, according to Caitlin, any invitees who missed Joe's speech at dinner will be spending the night in jail.
  • The reservation sign outside of Jitters (the venue for the pre-wedding dinner) apologizing for the "incoffeenience".
  • At the pre-wedding dinner Cisco approaches Mick and tells him that he didn't think Mick's the type to attend Weddings, Mick confirms he isn't but he can't just pass the free buffet or the free drinks (especially booze) and then snatching Cisco's beer and walks away.
    • Mick passes Caitlin and asks "didn't I try to kidnap you once?"
  • Stein tells Jax that he's invented a serum with a bunch of Technobabble ("Do you just make up scientific words to make yourself sound smarter?"), then bottom-lines it to the fact that if Jax drinks it, he'll gain spider-powers! Not super strength or webs or a spider-sense, but stickiness! Stein is ecstatic, and doesn't understand why Jax is annoyed.
    Jax: Great. So I'll be The Spectacular Sticky-Man.
    Stein: I'm sure Cisco will be able to provide you with a suitable sobriquet.
  • Felicity struggles to tell Oliver that she doesn't want to marry him. When Oliver wants an explanation, she accidentally blurts it out so loud that everyone hears it. The next day, she is sleeping on the couch in Joe's house and seeing Kara sleep-flying in her sleeping bag makes Felicity envious.
  • Sara and Alex. Just...all of it.
    • Alex is (of course) pouring herself a drink when Sara comes up. Alex at first ignores her but the second Sara downs an entire shot in one gulp, Alex is intrigued.
    • We see the two sharing shots with arms linked around each other and Kara noting "no one can drink Alex under the table."
    • While everyone else is being moved by Joe's speech, the carmera pans outside to Sara and Alex making out, both of them drunk as hell.
    • Alex wakes up to find herself naked in bed with Sara and a hysterical My God, What Have I Done? face. She tries to slide out only to fall on her backside.
    • Racing up to the church, Alex blatantly lies to Kara about being late and oversleeping, laughing nervously.
      Alex: I was out...jogging...fully clothed.
    • Also a hung-over Alex complains about the sun being so bright. "Don't they have clouds on this Earth?"
    • Telling Kara "I didn't do anything I wouldn't do on our Earth...per se..."
    • Sara comes up and they act like they barely know each other. Sara must be able to tell Kara isn't buying this as she gives up and asks if Alex "hurt her butt" when she fell out of bed.note  Kara's smile is a thing of beauty as she figures out what happened. She seems to be both proud of her sister and finds the entire situation hilarious.
      Kara: You.
      Alex: ...was not what it sounded like...
      Kara: Didn't.
      Alex: I...I did, I did. Like twice, no, three times! (Kara laughs out loud) Oh my god, what did I do? What did I do?! Do you—do you know what I did?
      Kara: Not the specifics, no.
    • Both Alex and Sara forget each other's names.
    • Alex is completely freaking out over how this is "such a guy thing to do! I'm a horrible...horrible...guy!"
    • Alex then learns something else.
      Kara: You didn't do anything wrong!
      Alex: I didn't?
      Kara: No! And Sara's awesome. Except for the fact that she's an assassin, but...
      Alex: (Beat) She's an assassin...?
      Kara: Mmh-hmm.
  • When Prof. Stein wakes up the day of the wedding, he turns to see Mick Rory in his bathrobe; Mick casually explains that since Lily Stein doesn't want him walking around naked, he borrowed one of Stein's "dresses".
    • In other words, Mick is wearing nothing under that robe.
    • What really killed it is Prof. Stein's "WTF" face.
    • Mick can't possibly drink because he's a guest at the Steins', so instead he indulges on hot milk. Stein shortly learns from Mick that they just ran out of milk.
  • Mick says he should sit on the bride's side since "I tried to kill the groom a few times."
    • Then he sits next to Captain Singh...who thinks he recognizes him and then Mick tells him that he hates cops. Enter Cecile taking a seat in front of them and him adding "And lawyers." Which leads to a funny Noodle Incident if you read between the lines: Mick is a known criminal and Cecile is the District Attorney. Most likely, Mick knows what she does for a living because she prosecuted him a couple of times.
    • And then when Singh's husband asks if Mick is a friend from work, Singh replies with a "Sort of..."
    • Also, during the whole procession...Mick has fallen asleep out of boredom.
  • There is some real awkwardness going on, when a really nervous waitress stumbles upon her words to offer a glass of water to help with the nerves and tell Barry how happy she is to attend his wedding. Which sort of implies that she actually knows Barry, and that's because this is his and Iris' future daughter, Nora.
  • Because irony is alive and well, the Nazis burst into the church and kill the priest the literal moment he gets to "Speak now, or forever hold your peace".
    • Doubly funny when you know the minister is William Katt, who played The Greatest American Hero. During the run of that show, there was a legal battle due to the similarity between Ralph Hinkley's suit and Superman.
  • Oliver's completely dumbfounded reaction to the wedding being invaded by Nazis.
  • When Caitlin turns into Killer Frost, her first reaction is to glare at her bridesmaid dress and demand to know where her other persona got these outfits.
  • Mick's reaction to seeing Caitlin transform in front of him. And then Heat Wave is nothing but pure grins as he sees Killer Frost in action and yelling "That's what I'm talking about!"
    • His reaction to the entire battle: "Best wedding ever!"

     Part 2 (Arrow

  • Barry casually says they'll figure out what's going on because they have a metric ton of smart people in the building and Rory. While Rory is standing right there.
  • Mick is quite intrigued by Caitlin as Killer Frost. Told that Frost appears if Caitlin is upset or frightened, Mick tries to scare her suddenly to bring Frost out. His scare caused everyone in the room to jump, except Caitlin.
  • Barry and Kara are the first to arrive at the lab that the Earth-X soldiers are robbing. Kara swooshes in from the air and dramatically drops in with the usual Superhero Landing. Barry then zips in. ...And then they awkwardly wait for Oliver for a few seconds (Kara even starts whistling!) who finally arrives on his motorcycle, the other two clearly having left him in the dust.
    Oliver: Just a quick reminder: Super Speed...I don't have it!
    Kara: Noted.
    • The fact that the Green Arrow complains while still in his gruff voice. He doesn't even look to either side, just to the ground, as if he's just kind of embarrassed.
    • Note that Kara is in her superhero pose the whole time. And she strikes it again later, mid-battle!
  • When they confront the Earth-X versions of themselves and Nazi Oliver reveals that he and Overgirl are married:
    Nazi Oliver: My allegiance is to the Fatherland. (turns to Overgirl) And to my wife.
    Kara: His..."wife"?! Gross! (to Oliver) No offense.
  • The Arrowverse crew continue to show they've completely given up on making the time travel stuff make sense, as the grand total of the explanation for how Eobard is back (let alone having Wells' face) after the Black Flash got him is to to just say that time travel is confusing.
  • Oliver manages to hurt Overgirl with an arrow, to everyone's surprise. Including Supergirl's.
    Kara: Is that a kryptonite arrow? Why do you have a kryptonite arrow?!
    Oliver: In case an evil you ever showed up!
    • Especially when you remember how Oliver reacted to fighting a brainwashed Supergirl (among other heroes, but she's the biggest threat then) last year.
    • This gets awkward when Barry gives Alex the bloodstained kryptonite arrow for analysis, prompting Felicity to ask whether Oliver shot Kara.
  • When the rest of the team learns Thawne is a part of the invaders, Caitlin mutters an inaudible "Huh." while Harry calls him "an idiot".
  • Felicity referring to Earth-X Arrow as "Oliver in the High Castle."
  • During the heroes' Lock-and-Load Montage, everyone gets ready for the battle by suiting up and checking their weapons. Since Kara doesn't need weapons and is always wearing her suit, what does she do? Why, do a sassy runway strut to the door before turning around to do the shirt rip for no reason of course!
  • After the Lock-and-Load Montage and Power Walk of the heroes, Iris and Felicity comfort each other over all the goings on. And then Mick walks in, complaining that STAR Labs doesn't have any mustard. When the girls question why Mick didn't join the rest of the heroes, he replies that he didn't even know they were going out.
    • Shortly, Caitlin shows up and shoves a mustard jar into his hands, asking him if he checked the fridge.

    Part 3 (The Flash
  • Cisco sleeping in his cell, and his face is smackdab against the glass door.
  • Harry playing with a ball in his cell, the ball's rebounds echoing throughout the Pipeline; he was trying to wake Cisco. After Cisco finally wakes up, he goes nuts and causing them to bicker as usual, much to Dinah's irritation.
    • Caitlin then comments they'll likely be doing it the entirety of their captivity.
  • The heroes' attempt to rush their executioners is immediately foiled by Earth-X Lance activating the collars around their necks. It would be more funny if it wasn't a Darkest Hour scenario and if they weren't so predictable.
  • Their salvation comes from the very hammy Captain Cold-X, who seemingly has to wait for the perfect cue before he saves them.
    Leo: I hate fire.
  • Leo Snart is hilariously earnest and goody-two-shoes compared to his Earth-1 counterpart.
    • Also, Barry imitating said Earth-1 counterpart and Earth-X Snart's irritated reaction.
      Barry: Well, as a Snart we know used to say: "Make a plan. Execute the plan. Expect the plan to go off the rails. Throw away the plan."
      Leo: (Beat) Wow, that is...that is terrible advice. I always have a plan, down to the second.
    • Ray's befuddled expression adds to the hilarity.
  • Alex's beautiful You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! reaction to discovering the leader of the Earth-X Freedom Fighters is Winn Schott.
  • After failing to stop Red Tornado-X, Barry and Ray both lie on the ground, and mutter a dull "Oh, Crap!" at the same time.

    Part 4 (Legends of Tomorrow
  • Ray's big arrival to rescue Kara then asking "how was the wedding?"
  • In Part 3, Kara told Thawne, who is about to cut Kara, that her cousin will find him. In Part 4, Ray (played by Brandon Routh) comes to save her.
  • Felicity and Ray casually telling Kara that they used to date...and then being interrupted mid-sentence by Dark Arrow.
    Kara: Well, that's awkward.
  • Dinah calling Metallo-X a Terminator, and Cisco goes Laughing Mad because of the pop-culture reference. Dinah just stares at him in disbelief.
    Dinah: This guy's like the Terminator.(Cisco laughs) Why are you laughing?
    Cisco: I just love a good pop culture reference in a moment of crisis. Also THAT!
  • When Citizen Cold walks into the Waverider's galley where Mick is having beer, Mick stares at him and assumes he's hallucinating again.
    Mick: You're not my partner. You're just a gangbanger.
    Snart: I think you mean doppelgänger.
  • During the final fight, Cold snaps Mick can't just roast people, mentioning "due process." Mick just replies he "never heard of it."
  • Cisco nerding out at the helm of the Waverider and announcing firing a torpedo with Harry telling him he doesn't have to say it out aloud.
    • However, he later tells Cisco to "Cut the Chatter, Red Two," showing as we all know that he's still Not So Above It All.
  • Ray curious how he's going to get back to Earth-X.
    Cisco: It's an extremely complex, two-part process. First, I open a breach. Second, you step through it.
  • Mick's grin when he takes in Alex and asks Sara if she "hit that." Even her smack on the head can't stop it.
  • As Snart is about to leave, Barry offers him a handshake, but Snart gives him a big hug instead. Barry is at a loss for words.
  • Kara notably hugs everyone goodbye except Oliver (who offers her a fist-bump instead). It's clear they're still feeling a little awkward about their alternates being married.
  • Barry asks if the Mayor of Star City could ordain a wedding, but Oliver states they're in Central City, and thus he is not in jurisdiction right now. So Felicity suggests another qualified minister, and Barry races over to Star City to fetch him: Diggle. It didn't occur to Barry that he could have just done the same to his friends (of which only Ollie and Felicity are currently present) and bride and save Diggle the humiliation of...
    • It looks like Dig is finally over his normal reaction to being carried by Barry at super speed...and then he pukes.
    • Even Oliver doesn't like the sight of his best friend throwing up.