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    Episode 1 - Pilot  

  • Mary feels the need to tell Kate she's her step-sister when she calls.
    Kate: Mary, our parents have been married for over a decade. I know who you are.
  • Luke handcuffs Kate, only for her to easily turn the tables, handcuff him to a server, and then easily bypass the security on the terminal.
    Kate: Password's still "Alfred?" You might want to change that.
  • After saving Sophie from her fall, Kate gets up to leave the foreman's trailer they landed in... only for the door to be locked. Cue Kate giving a look of mild embarrassment before unlocking the door and continuing on her way.

    Episode 2 - The Rabbit Hole  

  • Alice is threatening an elderly couple in their home, but gets distracted because her favourite knife is still missing and she feel likes she's not intimidating enough when she can't whimsically flip it around.
  • When Luke shows Kate the various gadgets Bruce left behind to try and explain to her that she's out of her depth, he asks her what one of them is. She can only assume it's a bat... weapon.
  • Kate finds one of the Rabbits at Mary's clinic. As Mary is discussing their plans for the evening, she doesn't notice Kate casually uncuffing him, giving him clothes, and finally pulling him to his feet. Kate then tells him, in a low and dangerous voice, to give a message to Alice: Waffles.
  • Luke has a lot of trouble getting even the most basic functions of the bat computer to work.
    Luke: Okay, comms have to be somewhere... [presses a button, alarms start going off] No no no!


    Episode 3 - Down Down Down  

  • Batwoman aims the sonic disruptor at Tommy's railgun to disarm it...and nothing happens.
    Luke: Did you remember to charge it?
    Batwoman: Wait. What?
    Luke: Okay, stall him!

    Episode 4 - Who Are You  

  • Batwoman throws a batarang at Magpie, who dodges it and escapes. The batarang comes back towards Batwoman, who tries to catch it, but it goes sailing past her hand and into a museum display. Batwoman's "Uh... whoops!" expression sells it.
    • Luke later starts a long-winded explanation about why the batarang shouldn't have missed, but Kate cuts him off by telling him he's bat-splaining.
  • In order to sneak into Magpie's nest without setting off a climate-controlled explosive, Luke has the suit lower Kate's body temperature (which she describes as "uncomfortably cold"). Then he points out that she can't breathe while she's in there. As she snoops, he takes the opportunity to tell her that he recalibrated the batarangs to her shorter arms and bosses her around a little, all of which she can only roll her eyes at because of the no-breathing rule. Then, irritated by a drawer full of feathers, she sneezes.

    Episode 5 - Mine is a Long and a Sad Tale  

  • Mary and Luke. All of it.
    Luke: Can I help you? Possibly to an AA meeting?
  • Drunk Mary. All of it.
    Mary: Do you know how many people I've killed? Guess! It's between zero and why are you even hesitating right now? Zero!
  • The two look at the Skin Pirate's work.
    Mary: Is it disgusting this is making me hungry for pizza?
    Luke:...Yes, that is completely disgusting!

    Episode 6 - I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury  

  • The fact that the Penguin was once Mayor of Gotham City. That explains so much about the town...
  • The security guard fan-boying over Batwoman.
  • Kate waiting for Lucas to tell her how to defuse a device.
    Kate: Can you play some hold music while I wait?

    Episode 7 - Tell Me The Truth  

  • When Julia examines Dino, the Batcave's T-Rex statuette, Kate gets a little annoyed and takes it from her to get back on topic. When she does, she briefly holds it like a lapdog, only to realize and replace it with a small pat to the head.
  • The security in the WayneCorp building is a little lacking. As Mary proves when she just waltzes in.
    Luke: How did you get past security?
    Mary: Carl at the front desk loves double whipped Frappuccinos.
    Kate: Good. He'll be making them soon.
    • To which, Luke just nods and smiles, as if to say 'Yes, he will'.


    Episode 8 - A Mad Tea-Party  

  • Amid a dark episode, we get this when Sophie uses her wedding ring to cut through her bonds.
    Tyler: It's kind of hard to ignore the irony of you using the engagement ring I got you to escape your ex-girlfriend's lunatic sister who didn't kill us because she knows more about your past relationships than I do.
    Sophie: What do you want to know?
    Tyler: Don't say it was a drunk college hookup unless you were drunk for three years.
  • Alice calling Mary a "vapid human run-on sentence."
  • When Catherine reveals she's known all along about Mary's clinic, Mary has to laugh on all the outfit changes she did in the elevator to try and fool her. Catherine just adds the elevator had cameras, indicating she actually enjoyed watching her daughter's attempts to fool her.

     Episode 9 - Crisis on Infinite Earths Hour Two 

     Episode 10 - How Queer Everything Is Today! 
  • Kate's annoyance at how Batwoman "gives off a straight vibe."
  • Luke tells Kate off on how she can be targeted by the hacker.
    Kate: This from the genius who puts the Bat emoji on every text message.
    Luke: That's just code!
  • Batwoman meets with Sophie.
    Sophie: Ever feel like you're hiding from the world?
    Batwoman: I am literally standing in the shadows.
  • Mary hitting the bizarre idea that in a world where aliens, a man who runs at the speed of light and time travelers are all known to the public, she can't get anyone to buy the idea of someone using a realistic mask as a disguise.
  • Parker and Kate's matter of fact talk after Kate unmasks.
    Parker: Why didn't you say you were super-gay?
    Kate: Still trying to figure out how much to tell people?
    • Alice's eye-rolling in between them is priceless.
  • Parker points out Alice is in a Can't Kill You, Still Need You situation.
    Parker: You kill me, you lose.
    Beth: As. Do you. Because. You're. Dead. I'm sorry, do they not teach math...?

     Episode 11 - An Un-birthday Present 
  • Alt!Beth does have some fun stuff.
    • She tries to handle being on another Earth as "at least none of my exes are here."
    • She's amused by Kate's tattoos.
  • While a bit dark, there's also something funny about Luke's This Is Gonna Suck face when he has to tell Alt!Beth about Alice and her father being framed for murdering Kate's stepmother and Kate now abducted by a gang running roughshod on the city.
    Alt!Beth: Okay, dumb question...Do police exist on this Earth?
  • Mary teaching Alt!Beth how to pose as Alice.
    Mary: So she's basically got two go-to moves in her repertoire of crazy. Either say something terrible in a really sweet voice or say something sweet but make it sound like the scariest thing in the world.
  • Mary perfectly figuring out how Alt!Beth is a refugee from an alternate Earth that somehow got stuck here...then shrugging it off as "nah, it's too crazy."

     Episode 12 - Take Your Choice 
  • Mary's pathetic attempts to get past a hospital blockade, including pretending to be in labor (Luke: "Have you seen you?") and faking an asthma attack.
    • There's also passing off Beth's moans as her panicked Yorkie.

  • A series of Arrowverse character posters were released prior to the DC Fandome event in August 2020. Since Ruby Rose had departed the show at that point, and since no publicity photos of Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder (whether in the Batsuit or not) had yet been released, Batwoman's sole poster featured the Bat Signal rather than any of the cast. While not funny in and of itself, the juxtaposition of that poster among all the rest was amusing.

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