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Season 1:

    Episode 1: The Resurrection 

  • The episode opens on Jefferson and Jennifer picking up Anissa after she was arrested at a protest.
    Anissa: (to Jennifer) That's my dress.
    Jennifer: (looking down as if she's just noticed it) Oh. Yeah. (holds up a dress on a hanger) So's this one. Now hurry up and put it on before Dad gives birth to a small farm animal. note 
  • "You know what? I thought you were kinda cute until I found out you were somebody's bitch!" Even Lala thought that was a good one.
  • Will shoots Jefferson when the latter comes to save his daughters before the latter can say a word. After Black Lightning pulls the bullet out of his protective costume...
    Black Lightning: (annoyed) You should give a brother a moment to say something heroically clever. Now you just pissed me off.
  • Jefferson suspending Will over a car with lightning. When he realizes Will doesn't know anything, he glances down.
    Black Lightning: That your car?
    Will: Uh huh.
    Black Lightning: It was nice. [slams Will down onto the car]
  • One witness makes reference to Black Lightning's "Parliament-Funkadelic" costume.
    Jefferson: Parliament?
  • Actual political pundit Roland Martin in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it-moment arguing the racial Double Standard of Black superheroes being seen as suspicious compared to the praise white ones get.


    Episode 2: LaWanda: The Book of Hope 

  • When Black Lightning raids Lala's home, a man in the elevator holds the door for him. Black Lightning says seriously that since he's out of practice, he's going to take the stairs. "I need all the exercise I can get." Then it turns out he was talking about the mooks he has to fight on the way up.
    • Before that, the doorman is friendly calling Lightning "My man!" When Lightning asks where Lala is, the man says "penthouse" without hesitation while holding the door open for him. Lightning just nods back politely.

    Episode 3: LaWanda: The Book of Burial 

  • Jennifer announces to Jefferson and Lynn that she's going to be having sex for the first time on Saturday, and she's come to them to tell them first just as they'd always urged their daughters to. Her parents silently down their glasses of wine and according to her barely said another word the rest of the dinner.
  • Jefferson goes scary-but-nonviolent Papa Wolf on Jennifer's boyfriend, utterly terrifying the young man, and then grins when he walks away.
  • Whale stabbing his new minion through the hand. And then having the gall to tell him to stop bleeding on his desk.

    Episode 4: Black Jesus 
  • During dinner with the Hendersons, as Anissa lays into Inspector Henderson and praises Black Lightning, Jefferson catches Lynn's eye, smiles, and takes the smuggest sip of wine ever.
  • Two Bit tries to get Black Lightning to take a selfie with him before getting knocked out.
  • Absolutely no one is able to say Two Bit's street name with a straight face.
  • Tobias referring to Black Lightning's old costume as looking like he was a member of Earth, Wind & Fire.

    Episode 5: And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light 
  • Anissa's first attempt at a superhero outfit is her skintight catsuit from the club... where she quickly busts a seam making a kick, causing the music and slow motion to instantly stop.
    Anissa: ...all this ass.
  • Jefferson has to visibly restrain himself from grinning and telling Jennifer how delighted he was that she took down two other girls who attacked her while suffering no injuries herself as Lynn is glaring at him.
  • Anissa's pep talk to herself when in an abandoned warehouse.
    Anissa: Okay, listen, if you wanna be a superhero, you can't be afraid of dead rats.

    Episode 8: Revelations 
  • Anissa is less than enthused about having to go through the woods late at night.
    Anissa: Dad, you know how I feel about the woods. Black people die in the woods.
    Jefferson: Yes, in horror movies. But only after the monster kills the white nerd, and we don't have one of those with us, so we're good.
  • Anissa insulting her dad's Black Lightning phone:
    Anissa: Whoa, you call [Inspector Henderson] on that? I mean, was carrying a tin can attached to a string too bulky?
    Jefferson: This is current technology.
    • And after Jefferson makes the phone call:
      Anissa: Does he know you're Black Lightning?
      Jefferson: No. That would put him in an impossible position.
      Anissa: Yeah, because of that lame cell phone.
  • During the stakeout for the actual killer:
    Anissa: Okay, I've finally realized the most important part of a stakeout.
    Jefferson: Go to the bathroom first?
    Anissa: Uh, that would have helped a lot more than all of your "you're going to die" talk.

    Episode 10: Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption 
  • Black Lightning interrogating Two Bit in an alley and an old woman tries to drop appliances on him from her window so she can claim the reward the police have on him for his supposed murder of Lady Eve. She even apologizes as she does, but she's got rent to pay.
    Two Bit: They doubled the reward on you! I'd take you in myself if I thought I could...take you.
  • Jefferson casually tells Lynn that thanks to Gambi, he can see through anything that has an electrical current. She then asks if he has more traditional X-Ray Vision, too, and they indulge in some playful banter.

    Episode 11: The Book Of Crucifixion 
  • The bystander being interviewed who compliments Thunder's ass after seeing her and the (holographic) Black Lightning running down the street and says it must be nice to be going around with a fine-looking woman. His girlfriend gives him a Death Glare the entire time.

    Episode 12: The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain 
  • Jefferson arrives at Lynn's place after she calls saying she has an emergency to find her wearing lingerie, drinking wine, and with romantic music playing. When he asks her what the emergency was, she says there's a spider in the bathroom.
    Jefferson: A spider?
    Lynn: There could be a spider.
    [Jefferson and Lynn start making out]
  • Jennifer has passed beyond actively complaining about her powers and into deadpan angst.
    Jennifer: I'm glad I'm lucky enough to have a smart mom instead of someone useless who would try to make me a cake or something.
    Lynn: you want me to bake you a cake?
    Jennifer: Yes please.

    Episode 13: Shadow of Death: The Book of War 

  • Proctor's Villainous Breakdown. It's less screaming and sobbing and more a deadpan "What else can go wrong today?"


Season 2:

    Episode 1: Rise Of The Green Light Babies 

  • While mostly sad, the confrontation between Henderson and Black Lightning is full of Henderson finding various ways to articulate "How stupid do you think I am?" And then there's this.
    Henderson: Is Lynn Thunder?
    Black Lightning: [bewildered look] No.
    • Leaving aside the obvious family resemblance, Thunder's best known feature might her butt. So if Henderson thinks Lynn might be Thunder...
  • Two moments stand out in the fight between Syonide and Kara. The first is when Kara removes her high heel shoes to fight, only to reveal that the stilettos hide actual stilettos in them.
    • Then coes the aftermath of the fight, Kara having killed Syonide with a well thrown stiletto heeled shoe to the neck after Syonide knocked Kara down onto a puddle. After a moment of warily studying Syonide's dead body, Kara then gets a pissed off look on her face, says "Bitch, you got my hair wet." and proceeds to give Syonide's corpse a kick for good measure before walking off.

    Episode 2: Black Jesus Blues 

  • Issa finds Jen smoking pot on the roof. She says her mom asked her to go into therapy - this is it.

    Episode 3: Master Lowry 

    Episode 4: Translucent Freak 

  • When asked how he's managed to stay so young, Tobias claims that he has a really good vegan diet.

    Episode 5: Requiem 

  • Black Lightning decides to pay Two-Bits a visit to demand information about Gambi's apparent death. Two-Bit balks at BL's entrance, insisting that he shouldn't sneak up on him because he might've shot him... before conceding that he doesn't actually have a gun... because he's still on probation.
  • In a darkly funny moment, rather than try to fight an unknown threat like some superheroes might, when Anissa sees something moving under a creepy sheriff's skin, she mutters "Oh hell no!", putting her vehicle into drive, and hightailing it out of there.

    Episode 6: The Perdi 
  • After thoroughly pummeling Khalil senseless against his fish tank, Tobias starts pouring himself a drink... until he hears the cracking of glass and the aquarium shatters, spilling water all over his floor. Tobias' reaction sells it, blaming Khalil despite beating his head against it in the first place.
    Tobias: You done broke my damn fish tank!

    Episode 7: The Sange 
  • Gambi listening in on a police scanner accidentally intercepts a pair of women talking about Jefferson. When one of them comments that she think Jefferson is fine he chuckles.
  • Jefferson has rescued the baby the Sange took when one of them tries to jump him. Without even looking up from the baby Jefferson knocks the guy out with one punch.
  • When Jefferson is captured, Looker talks of how he's nothing without his suit. Realizing she has no idea the powers come from him, not the suit, Jefferson can barely hold back a chuckle. You can just see him thinking "Oh, this is gonna be fun."
  • When Anissa attempts to explain how Looker controls her minions, Jeff isn't really interested in the science of it. Anissa insists that it's "really important". Jeff's response? "No, I will pay you to stop."

    Episode 11: The Prodigal Son 
  • Henderson's reaction to Jefferson showing him the secret lair in Gambi's shop?
    Henderson: Ah, hell no.
    • Followed almost immediately by his reaction to finding out Gambi is alive.
    Henderson: You got any other dead people around here? Lady Eve? Joey Toledo? Jimmy Hoffa?
    • Then Henderson complains on how "all this tech and the only way to communicate is this cheap-ass phone?"
    Jefferson: We're old school.
    Henderson: You mean cheap school.

    Episode 13: Pillar Of Fire 
  • While testing Jennifer’s powers, Gambi notes that he’s impressed by Jennifer’s energy output as it surpasses Jefferson’s even when he was in his prime which leads to this conversation.
    Jefferson: In my prime? What are you saying that I’m old?
    Gambi: Not old Jeff... just less young.
  • After Jennifer accidentally causes a blackout in the lair, Jeff tells Gambi that’s he’s worried what his 16 year old hot headed daughter can do with the powers on par of a nuclear bomb. Unfortunately for him Jennifer (who is in a seemingly sound proof container to help manage her abilities) tells Jefferson that Annisa taught her how to read lips.

    Episode 14: Original Sin 
  • Gambi brings out Jefferson's old suit, much to the amusement of the others.
    Jennifer: He wore that in public?...Why'd he stop?
    Anissa: Well, George Clinton called and asked for it back.

Season 3:

    Episode 8: The Book of Resistance: Chapter Three: The Battle of Franklin Terrace 

  • The battle between Black Lightning and Williams resolves itself in hilarious fashion.
    Williams: You don't wanna dance with me. I have your powers... and the finest tactical training on earth.
    Black Lightning: Yeah, right. The thing is... you got a lot of electricity coursing through your nervous system right now. I got this suit to protect me... you don't, meta.
    Williams: ...I see your point. *passes out*

    Episode 10: The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn 

  • While a tense situation as Jefferson tells Gambi about his trip from the multiverse and back, his proclamation of "Superman is real" is like a child learning about Santa existing.

    Episode 12: The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three: Motherless ID 

  • Dr. Jace is apparently so socially inept that she had to create a cheat sheet for figuring out how to win Lynn's trust, titled "How to Make a Friend". Its advice includes "Listen sometimes" and "Pretend to care". She's sure that as long as she follows it, she and Lynn will be besties in no time. Smash Cut to Lynn beating the shit out of Jace.

Season 4

    Episode 5: The Book of Ruin: Chapter One 

  • During a shootout between the 100 and the police, Devonte tries to run off only to be caught by Hassan. Then we get this exchange:
    Devonte: I can't breathe.
    Shakur: That's cause you fat, I ain't even on you like that. Stop disrespecting the dead.