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Nightmare Fuel / Black Lightning (2018)

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In General

  • The entire situation of the city — it's essentially being held hostage by The 100, an entire gang that the police simply can't stop.

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Season 1

     Episode 1 - The Resurrection 
  • The traffic stop is fear in distilled form. An innocent man being slammed against his car, guns pointed at children for having cell phones out, and a sneering cop not even apologizing for it. Nothing in comics can match the things some people have to live with in real life.
  • Everything about Tobias Whale. For starters he killed Jefferson's father, an Intrepid Reporter by literally shoving the articles he wrote down his throat until he died. There's also the fact he disposes of his disappointing minions in a piranha tank and harpoons the ones he wants alive but made an example of.
  • A small one, but the fact that Jennifer was almost sold into prostitution, combined with the fact that no one actually knew where she was except for her friend, who likely didn't even see what happened. The scary thing is that the only reason she avoided this was because Jefferson arrived and caused a distraction; had it been any other girl, they wouldn't have left that room safely.

     Episode 2 - La Wanda: The Book of Hope 
  • Presumably due to using his powers so much after years of abstinence, Jefferson suffers a bad case of Power Incontinence that essentially sees him electrocuted from the inside out.

     Episode 4 - Black Jesus 
  • Anissa's first attempt at being a hero is a serious realistic consequences as she punches two guys with her Super Strength, and to her horror one is instantly killed and the other is left gasping in agony through his crushed lungs.
  • The fact that Lady Eve is embalming a person who clearly looks like they're still alive...or is possibly brought back to life by her methods.

     Episode 8 - The Book of Revelations 
  • The ASA, a mysterious government agency with decidedly malevolent motives. Thirty years ago, they set up an illegal experiment in Freeland, that even then was a city marked by unrest and racial tensions. Rather than help the community, they decided to make them docile by means of an illegal vaccine. It didn't work out that way. It killed kids or made them into metahumans — like Jefferson and Tobias. Gambi originally came to Freeland to find these metahumans. But when he found how they were created, he decided to leak the story to Alvin Pierce, which got him killed — Tobias was merely the trigger man. Now, thirty years later, they've come back. They modified their vaccine into the Green Light drug for the sole purpose of creating metahumans and had it trafficked into the city via Lady Eve and the 100.
    • By the end of the episode, the ASA has decided to take out Black Lightning themselves, and there's nothing Gambi can do to stop them.


Season 2:

    Episode 5 - Requiem 
  • Dr. Jace tricks Lynn into signing off on a test that ends up killing nine of the vaccine victims.
    Episode 10 - The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros 
  • Tobias ripping Khalil’s entire spinal implant out of his back with bare hands. Fortunately Khalil still survives, though he's found by Rev. Holt crawling across the street towards his still-twitching implant.
    Episode 11 - The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son 
  • Yeah, about that... Khalil dies. They try everything to save him, but he still dies. The combination of blood loss, shock, nerve damage, and his own body poisoning itself with a lethal amount of what should be anesthetic slowly and painfully kills him. He dies dancing with Jen in a shared mind-scape after telling her he loves her, and she knows when he's gone because he disappears and leaves her holding air.
  • That's not the only death- Cutter kills Reverend Holt by putting a dab of poison inside his handkerchief. The holy man absorbs it through his skin all throughout his sermon, then suddenly collapses at the end of an apparent heart attack. Nobody except Jefferson, Henderson, and Gambi know the truth.
  • And the cherry on top is Tobias finally gaining access to the pods that contain the Masters of Disaster. Freeland is gonna have a whole new set of problems...
     Episode 14 - The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin 
  • Odell, at this point, seemed like he was a "good" A.S.A. agent. This episode shows off his true colors, all while he is maintaining his composure.
    • He tries to convince Lynn that Wendy could be an asset in government service and she shouldn't be coddling her like a child. Later on, he locks Lynn out of testing Wendy, going as far as nearly killing Wendy in the process all while he sees that Lynn is trying to get into the lab.
    • Much later, Odell kills three agents that were monitoring the Pierces over video surveillance after determining that they are the only ones who know about the surveillance and the Pierce family secret.
  • Lala is Back from the Dead again, and this time, we see how he comes back from the explosion that Tobias implanted in him, killing him and injuring Henderson in the process. And it isn't pretty. Not only that, his mind is so psychologically broken to the point where he wants to die, but can't until Tobias is killed once and for all.
  • What starts off fun ends up horrific as Jennifer is nearly killed from testing out the suit that Gambi made her, moonwalking in a containment bubble that ended up causing an electrical fire which she barely gets out in time.

Season 3:

     Episode 3 - The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three: Agent Odell's Pipe Dream