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Nightmare Fuel / Legends of Tomorrow

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Season 1


  • Vandal Savage's whole premise as a character is terrifying. Imagine having an immortal psychopath running around and managing to conquer the world in the near future.
    • His relationship with Kendra is on par to various cases of real world people who continuously harass women because they reject them to a point of murdering them. Kendra, despite building up the courage to try and kill Savage herself is still flipping terrified of him because of what he did to all her past lives.

    Episode 1 - Pilot Part 1 

  • In the beginning of the 2166 opening scene, Vandal Savage has done what no man in history has accomplished: total world domination. As he spread havoc around East London, he casually murdered a woman and her child onscreen.
  • Professor Boardman revealed that he was orphaned by the age of 10 when Vandal Savage murdered his parents. His parents turned out to be Kendra and Carter in their previous lives in 1920's.
  • Chronos zaps two guys with Disintegrator Ray after he deems them inconsequential to the timeline. Just because they witnessed the Waverider ship.
  • In a way, the gang when, after being told they're "legends" in the future by Rip, discover that they were chosen because none of them had any serious effect, negative or positive, on the timeline. Basically being told your entire life doesn't matter and no one will care when you're gone? That's the worst nightmare for many a person.

    Episode 2 - Pilot Part 2 
  • Because Ray accidentally lost a piece of his suit's technology, Vandal Savage was able to reverse engineer the technology and accelerate his world conquest to 2016. Rip Hunter reveals a forecast of Central City burning to the ground.
    • The reactions of the others are great: Ray stunned, Sara with a hand to her mouth and Snart and Rory actually moved at seeing their home city a ruin.
  • Due to interacting with his younger self, Professor Stein realized the consequences after his wedding ring is Retgone. In a way, Stein has erased his own marriage with his wife Clarissa.
  • As in his previous appearances, Savage's creepy ass calling Kendra his love. He's just like every murdering stalker who mistakes obsession for love and can't handle it if she, you know, exercises free will and loves someone else.

    Episode 3 - Blood Ties 

     Episode 4 - White Knights 
  • When Kendra loses control of her human side, she ends up clawing a Pentagon agent's face up and having to be restrained by Jax. If he weren't there, Kendra would've done much worse...
    • Kendra's warrior side is all the rage and anger that Chay'ara had as a demi-goddess. Imagine having the anger of half a goddess inside of you and turning into an animalistic warrior... and Chay'ara was a priestess; a woman who dedicated her life and soul to helping people had that much rage and anger bottled up inside of her. Don't mess with her.
  • And it's not just Kendra who's having anger management issues. Sara, who was supposed to have been cured by Constantine, is arguably worse. When Sara and Kendra are training, they both "snap" one after the other. Kendra drop kicks Sara in the freaking chest, but immediately recovers and is shocked. Sara starts strangling Kendra and takes almost a minute to recover.
  • On another note, the results of Vostock's attempts to make a new Firestorm... it was not pretty for the test subjects.
    • The success was arguably worse. It starts with Vostock essentially raping Stein ("Have you ever merged with a woman?"), despite his repeated pleas that it will end in both their deaths. Then, as she attempts to kill his teammates, he's screaming for her to stop, for them all to run away.

     Episode 5 - Failsafe 
  • Savage shows Stein a personal torture tool gifted by Josef Stalin: a hammer/ crowbar/ axe designed to break the victim's nose bridge, shoulder blades, and under the chin. The unadulterated painful description made by Savage is terrifying.
    • According to Jax, Stein endures two days of this. Might be three by the time the episode's over.
  • Crosses over into Tearjerker territory, but the absolute terror on Mick's face when him and Ray are retrieved from the gulag cell is deeply unsettling.

    Episode 6 - Star City 2046 
  • Star City being turned into a crime ridden hellhole. Team Arrow and their allies are dead, the police are gone and Oliver was driven into hiding after losing his arm.
  • Snart's realization that Rory loves the world like this, making him realize his partner may be worse off than he ever imagined.

    Episode 7 - Marooned 
  • Snart's explanation for why they can't just put the traitorous Rory back where he came from: he'd take Revenge by Proxy on all their families. All said without any of his usual hammy edge, showing that he really is sure this would happen.

    Episode 8 - Night of the Hawk 
  • Watching Jax being forcibly mutated by Savage's meteorite injection is unsettling. Not to mention Savage's experimental hawk monsters can literally claw their victims to death.
    • In general the hawk monsters are terrifying. Imagine running into a messed up half bird half human demonic creature in the middle of the night and all it wants is your flesh in it's mouth. What's worse? They're all messed up attempts to re-create Kendra and Carter.

    Episode 9 - Left Behind 
  • Rory talks of how he spent so much time alone in the forest, he can't even remember it and was down to "strangling rats to keep my own sanity." Snart actually looks shocked and horrified to realize what he put his friend through.
    • Whatever the Time Masters did to Mick. According to him they took him to the Vanishing Point, where he was "reborn".
  • That bit mentioned above about Rory killing everyone's families if he's dropped off back in his own time? It gets worse, as after capturing Snart he plans to kill the present day Lisa in front of him, and then keep going back in time a little bit to do it over and over.
    Rory: I used to think the most beautiful thing in the world was fire. Now I know... it's vengeance.
  • To get out of his handcuffs, Snart has to freeze his own hand and then smash it on the floor, screaming in agony all the way.

    Episode 11 - The Magnificent Eight 
  • The Reveal of The Pilgrim, an assassin for the Time Masters who specializes in making sure people are Ret-Gone from history. The Stinger of the episode has her ready to kill Mick Rory when he was still a child.

    Episode 12 - Last Refuge 
  • Why was Young!Rory sitting and watching a burning house in the previous episode's stinger? It's his house... that he accidentally set on fire. And then ran out of for safety. Without waking up his parents.
  • At one point, Ray spontaneously doubles over in pain with bruises appearing all over his body as the Pilgrim kicks his ass in 2014.
    • At this point, the Legends have already rescued Young!Rory and Young!Sara. Them, she tried to shoot dead. She's apparently losing her temper by the time she goes for 2014!Ray, because she tries to beat him to death. That Ray has no ability to defend himself and no idea why this is happening.
  • Although it's justified given his background, the sight of Young!Rip being wee bit too eager to stab the Pilgrim.
  • The Race Against the Clock aspect established in the ending: because the Omega Protocol being placed on the team by the Time Masters is still in effect, the team's past selves need to stay in hiding instead of being returned to their proper times. Which means that they need to get Savage now, before things reach the point of no return...

    Episode 15 - Destiny 

Season 2

    Episode 1 – Out of Time 
  • World War II ends in 1947 in the alternate timeline, and the cost of the Allies winning that iteration of the war was tremendous: twelve million more people were killed through various means (for 72 million total instead of 60) - the nuke on New York, millions more Soviets deadnote , plus two extra years for the Holocaust to be carried out on Europe's Jews and other "undermen" peoples.
  • This episode introduces us to the first half of the season's (apparent) Big Bad Duumvirate, and last few minutes introduce us to the other half: Damien Dahrk and Eobard Thawne. Oliver and Barry barely defeated those two separately. And now they're working together; and the Legends don't have any defense against their powers.

     Episode 2 - Justice Society of America 
  • Eobard murdering Rex Tyler is incredibly horrific as it combines Jump Scare and Mood Whiplash. After a supposedly happy ending for an episode, Reverse-Flash comes out of nowhere and completely shifts the background music. Then he Tele Frags Rex and leaves him to choke on his own blood. Unlike the time he killed Cisco in an erased timeline, he drives his entire forearm through Rex's chest.
    • The blurred face and glowing red eyes don’t do wonders for Rex either. Rex might’ve thought that a demon had attacked him.

     Episode 3 - Shogun 
  • Masako describing the fate of the women married to the Shogun is disturbing since they are all murdered by their own husband. What makes it even worse is that she's the next bride-to-be-doomed.
  • And then there's what he could've accomplished with the suit if they hadn't stopped him...the thought of the ATOM suit in the hands of an ambitious warlord with few morals is terrifying.

     Episode 4 - Abominations 
  • The introduction of a zombie bioweapon into the 1800s.
  • The episode fully digs into the utterly brutal view of the horrors of slavery opened up by the likes of Django Unchained and 12 Years a Slave. The worst comes when Jackson hears about a group of runaways who were caught, and rather than kill them and lose the free labor, the master instead had them castrated and hobbled. It's no wonder the story causes him to decide actively fighting this system is worth the risk of changing history.
    • Alongside everything Jax went through, a smaller moment comes when the slaver running the party catches Amaya, and says that she has a mouth on her. But, after looking her up and down, he proceeds to call her 'a pretty one'. Luckily, Amaya was able to defend herself easily, but one has to wonder how many women who were slaves couldn't.
  • Martin and Ray being stranded on The Waverider with Zombie!Mick. With the dark lighting and the ominous music, the whole thing feels like something right out of the Resident Evil franchise.

     Episode 5- Compromised 
  • The episode ends with with Darhk and Thawne forming a real partnership. Thawne gives Darhk a time sphere and the the two can now travel throughout time without any fuss.

     Episode 7 - Invasion! 

     Episode 8 - The Chicago Way 

     Episode 10 - The Legion of Doom 
  • In the past couple of episodes, Eobard has run away or been absent at random intervals. Now we find out why: He is running from a monstrous speedster that detects him via the Speed Force. This speedster's costume is ripped open and his exposed skin is horrifically decayed to the point where he looks like a zombie. HE IS THE BLACK FLASH and he will continue hunting Eobard to the end of time itself, no matter what gets in his way. And no points for guessing who he used to be...
    • Even worse is the way he MOVES. The Time Wraiths could move, but it was like they were swimming, so it was creepy but not too out of place. The Black Flash is TWITCHING with each step that he takes, as if he's unable to control his body properly, and he acts far more like a wild animal than a former human. Hunter Zolomon was a vile psychopath through and through, but it's still horrifying to know there's nothing left of him except his undead body.
  • Lily sums up how her discovery that she shouldn't even exist and her father considers her a total stranger is a true nightmare. Even if Stein accepts her, Lily has to handle the realization that, as far as history is concerned, she didn't exist until a few weeks previously and her whole life is basically a lie.
  • At the very end of the episode, the Legion of Doom have restored Rip Hunter's memories... with a few modifications. Now Rip has become a member of the Legion of Doom and is set on ravaging time rather than saving it. His first act? Killing George Washington BEFORE he becomes President!

     Episode 11 - Turncoat 
  • Since becoming Brainwashed and Crazy, Rip has proven to be just as dangerous an opponent as any member of the Legion of Doom, if not more so. With his own technology, he is able to neutralize key members of the team, trapping Ray in a miniature status, as well as exposing the Waverider and cancelling all its capabilities, including life support. Then, because his friends don't know about his turning, he is able to get the drop on Sara and shoot her point blank in the chest. When boarding the Waverider, Rip threatens Jax with killing Sara if he doesn't reveal the location of the spear fragment. And when Jax complies... Rip kills her anyway!
  • As funny as it is, Ray being chased by a rat in the ventilation system is pretty terrifying for him, at least. It doesn't help that at his size, the rat sounds more like a lion.
  • The redcoats are armed with assault rifles. Against the Americans who are stuck with single shot muskets? Without the Legends, it would have been a massacre.

     Episode 12 - Camelot/ 3000 

     Episode 13 - Land of the Lost 
  • Rip's mind is not a nice place to be: it's a dark and dilapidated version of the Waverider with Savage's minions and other monsters roaming the halls. And now, thanks to Eobard, his allies have been re-imagined as evil drones with no personality, and speak in Creepy Monotones. And they're all out to kill Sara and Jax without hesitation.
  • Like in The Matrix, if you die in someone's mind, you die in reality. When Sara tries to convince herself of her enemies not being real, Evil!Ray head-butts her so hard, she hears his Bond One-Liner echo repeatedly:
    Evil!Ray: (echo) Does that feel real?
  • Most of the Legends' doppelgängers look the same as the originals but Evil!Firestorm really stands out: his eyes are red, instead of the usual white, and his fire is much darker. He might be the equivalent of Deathstorm, except with Jax instead of Ronnie.
    • The fact that Jax has to face Evil!Firestorm without Stein. And this version doesn't have any problem with killing.
  • When talking about the extremely dangerous and painful method of getting inside someone's head that Sara and Jax end up using, Mick casually mentions that the Time Masters did it to him all the time. Suddenly Mick's comment in the previous episode about the "poor babies" who are about to experience not only every violent thought he's ever had, but every traumatic memory, looks a lot less like a joke.

     Episode 14 - Moonshot 
  • After landing Apollo 13, Ray is now trapped on the moon with limited oxygen and the Waverider cannot pick him up. And to makes matters worse, he's trapped with a speed-less Eobard Thawne, who even without speed is still a monster.

     Episode 15 - Fellowship of the Spear 
  • Given most of the episode takes place during the Battle of the Somme, we get to see wounded soldiers. A lot of wounded soldiers.
  • The episode ends with the Legend of Doom rewriting reality.

     Episode 16 - Doomworld 
  • The reveal that Team Flash and Team Arrow are dead.
  • Snart freezing and then killing Amaya. Right as she was about to fix everything!
  • Thawne destroying the spear of destiny, making the doomworld permanent!
    • Not only that but Thawne managing to TRAP the Black Flash!

     Episode 17 - Aruba 
  • The presence of two sets of Legends means the show is free to kill one of each. And it uses the worst for the first one, as Thawne races over to Ray and rips out his heart, leaving him gaping for a couple seconds before falling over.
  • What's more terrifying than the Reverse-Flash? A whole army of Reverse-Flashes from all throughout time.
  • After killing Thawne and subsequently the rest of the Reverse-Flashes, The Black Flash gives Sara (and the viewers) a Jump Scare before racing off, possibly as a warning for having meddled with time. Hopefully the Legends won't have to do this again.

Season 3

     Trailers and Teasers 
  • The final Sizzle trailer shows Damien Darhk being resurrected by group of mysterious followers. Be very afraid.
    Darhk: It's good to be back!
    • Darhk's not the only one. Remember Mari McCabe's evil sister Kuasa? Someone brought her back too ...

     Episode 1 - Aruba-Con 
  • Rather unexpectedly, the scariest moment of the season premiere goes to Amaya. Things start off well enough, with the awesome reveal of her being able to use multiple animal spirits at once to fight off poachers...and then we simply get a close-up of her eerily grinning at the carnage, even as one of the guys starts begging for mercy. Nate may not like what he finds when they run into each other again.
    • It's also one of the most Fridge Horror moments in the series, since it touches on the actual historical mistreatment of African natives by European colonizers. Amaya explicitly mentions rape, and that's not even close to the worst that happened.
  • Sara also gets one, so bored by her dull job, that she actually fantasizes murdering her boss in cold blood! Are we sure she still isn't suffering from side effects of resurrection?
  • Mallus. We don't what it is, but Rip is scared to death of it and believes that the Legends are the only hope for stopping it.

     Episode 2 - Freakshow 
  • Amaya reveals she's losing control of the totem's powers. The animals spirits are controlling her, instead of the other way around. Those Belgian Imperialists she killed last episode? She didn't want to brutally murder them, she just wanted to scare them off. It nearly happens again when she tries to kill Barnum, but Nate calms her down.
  • At the end of the episode a mysterious cloaked figure resurrects a villain? Who is it? Kuasa, Mari's evil sister! And she apparently knows what Mallus is, since she was brought back to serve it.

     Episode 3 - Zari 
  • Kuasa! Her ability to control water has increased since she got her hands on the water totem; amongst other things she can transform into water to avoid being killed, and summon water out of nowhere to fill a person's lungs — Ray is almost killed in this way.
  • 2042 in general. A.R.G.U.S. has becomed a facist organization that rules the world as a Police State, who rounds up meta-humans (who've been illegal since 2021) and then subjects them to horrific experiments. Also religion has been banned. Even worse the Time Bureau was fully prepared to turn Zari over to A.R.G.U.S. despite knowing her awaited fate.

     Episode 4 - Phone Home  
  • Just imagine being seduced by a beautiful woman....who then turns out to be a bloodthirsty Dominator Queen!
  • Agent Smith having no problem with killing child Ray is this we knew from the Invasion Crossover that he was sadistic and cruel but this episode confirms that the guy is a monster.

     Episode 5 - The Return of the Mack 
  • We have our first glimpse of Mallus. What is he? An Ancient Evil like Trigon so feared that even the Time Masters were scared stiff of him. Oh and every evil witch or sorcerer in the Arrowverse seems to worship him.
  • Eleanor Darhk. She's no longer the sweet little girl from "Arrow", now she's a bona-fide villain, that would maker her daddy proud.
  • Damien Darhk is brought back to life thanks to the power of Mallus. Just like Kuasa he Came Back Strong; he no longer needs his idol to use his magic, and he now has his memories of his time with the Legion of Doom.

     Episode 7 - Welcome to the Jungle 
  • The brainwashed Green Berets and Viet Cong fighters alike were killed off by Dick and Mick via flamethrowers.
  • Damien Darhk rescues Grodd from being burned in a sea of Napalm and recruits him into the Cult of Mallus. Yes Damien Darhk and Grodd are working together.

     Episode 8 - Crisis On Earth-X, Part 4 

     Episode 9 - Beebo The God Of War 
  • Mallus. You don't really see anything of him, but still. His distorted voice, his laugh and the entire atmosphere of that brief stint in his dimension shows why Rip is so afraid of him.
  • Agent Sharpe admitting that the Bureau can't stop Damien Darhk — he and the rest of the Cult have been running amuck and running rings around them ever since they removed Rip from command.
    • To prove it, you see an image of centuries ago where Grodd is smashing up the Great Wall of China.

     Episode 10 - Daddy Darhkest 
  • The Mallus-possessed Nora is immensely disturbing. Of particular note is her repeatedly bashing her face into a table to have Mallus prove she has Feel No Pain as a side effect, including ramping up how fast it goes to a level akin to The Exorcist, taken even further by an actual Exorcist Head routine.
  • Mallus himself is a truly frightening entity. His possession of Nora not withstanding, he tries to exert control over Sara by lowering her guard and making her scared of him as he literally makes Sara crumble to the floor in fright at one point.

     Episode 11 - Here I Go Again 
  • The entire concept of the "Groundhog Day" Loop is played for drama to horrifying effect here, as Zari has to experience the destruction of the ship and deaths of her team over and over until she's pushed towards a total breakdown. And even when she tries to liven things up through a "do whatever you want with no consequences" montage, she admits that it eventually sapped her of the joy of doing anything.

     Episode 12 - The Curse of the Earth Totem 
  • The title isn't hyperbole: The opening scene has Blackbeard placing the totem, a green crystal, around the neck of a female pirate. As it glows, vines spring out of the earth to swallow her up and it appears as if veins are appearing in her face.

     Episode 13 - No Country for Old Dads 
  • 1962!Darhk, during a period of his life when he was a cold, calculated contract killer, manages to be more disturbing than the present cult member Darhk.
  • Mallus' influence means that spirt world of the totems have been corrupted.
  • Nora Darhk manages to unlock the powers of the Anansi totems by using its power to save her dad.
  • Grodd's unexpected appearance where he murders Director Bennett and growls at the camera before stomping on it.

     Episode 16 - I, Ava 
  • A small one, but the expression of sheer pain and terror on Amaya's face when she realizes the totem's been corrupted by Nora and now won't work for her, eventually causing her to sink to the ground breathing hard. Doubles as a Tear Jerker, Maisie really sells it.

     Episode 17 - Guest Starring John Noble 
  • We finally see how Mallus really looks like - a huge demon, truly worthy of the name, with wings, horns and everything.
  • Ava gets this as she realizes she's the 12th clone Rip has been using.

     Episode 18 - The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly 
  • Constantine informing the team, that in releasing Mallus out of his cage they also inadvertently let scores of demons out.

Season 4

     Episode 1 - The Virgin Gary 
  • The unicorn: A mystical, beautiful, majestic animal of wonder… that kills humans and eats their hearts. Even the Legends themselves are aghast when they witness it kill a woman.
    • When John casts a spell to send the unicorn to Hell, its skin is ripped off in the process, showing an Eldritch Abomination underneath its percevied beauty.
  • John is attacked in his home by an unseen demonic force, which leaves behind a message stating its intention to come after him. The usually unflappable Constantine is left clearly unsettled.

     Episode 2 - Witch Hunt 
  • Zari shows how deadly the Wind Totem can be by extracting the air out of a group of people in Salem in an attempt to save a mother being accused of witchcraft and almost kills them all.
  • The Fairy Godmother reveals that she's aware of whatever's chasing Constantine, and that she's more scared of it than being sent to Hell.
    Godmother: There's no hope for you, deary! You're more damned than I!
  • If Prudence hadn't rejected the Fairy Godmother and broke their contract, she would had been sent to hell alongside the Fairy Godmother if Constantine attempted to banish the Fairy Godmother and all because she wanted to save her mother from being executed.

     Episode 3 - Dancing Queen 
  • How terrified is Constantine of whatever is after him? He's willing to go back and ensure he was never born rather than face it.
  • Constantine ready to send Charlie to Hell just for some pranks. He yells about how they have to "deal with this monster!"
    Charlie: Let me show you what a real monster looks like. (turns into Sara) Like this. (turn into Mick) Like someone who'd rather do what's easy...(turns into Zari) then figure out what's right. (turns into Constantine) Someone who'd send an innocent to Hell!

     Episode 8 - Legends of To-Meow-Meow 
  • Our brief glimpse of Neron's true face is just an oozing mass of flesh covered in holes.

     Episode 10 - The Getaway 
  • That fifty-something second scene showing the pulsating holes all over Neron's body while he killed Hank Heywood.

     Episode 15 - Terms of Service 
  • The reveal that Astra, the cute little girl whom Constantine failed to save from being dragged to Hell years ago, has been corrupted into a demon. She gloats that he should have saved Ray instead before condemning him to be tortured. We don't know what it is, but judging by Constantine's screams, it's probably not pretty.

     Episode 16 - Hey, World! 

Season 5

     Episode 1 - Meet the Legends 
  • Ray shrinks, goes inside Rasputin, and forcibly grows. While still inside Rasputin. The result is as well as you'd expect.
  • Even after being torn to shreds, Rasputin is still alive! His remains are stored inside several jars. A while later, Constantine, while searching for information about how Rasputin was set free, opens one of the jars and proceeds to drink it.

     Episode 3 - Slay Anything 
  • While half of the episode is the usual Legends fun, the other is a surprisingly serious spoof of 20th century-era slasher films, such as Halloween and Friday the 13th (it even includes the twist of a mother being the killer), making it quite dark for a Legends episode.
  • The revelation that it's Freddy's mother who is responsible for the murders, when the killings continue even after Freddy goes through the prom happily. She's revealed to be a smothering mother who loathes Freddy's interaction with his friends. When Freddy rejects her interfering with his life again, she prepares to murder him, though Behrad thankfully stops her. No wonder Freddy is so awkward.

     Episode 8 - Zari, Not Zari 
  • The Cold Open. Atropos massacres Charlie's former Smell bandmates, killing the last survivor by revealing her true form, which melts his eyes. The part where she enters the club silently, followed by sounds of people screaming being murdered is particularly chilling.
  • The zombies Atropos created from the dead crew of Supernatural are disturbing, to say the least.

     Episode 12 - I Am Legends 
  • Atropos unleashes a Zombie Apocalypse on England in order to hunt down the Legends. And while there is a scene that's somewhat based on Shaun of the Dead, it's telling that what see on the normally wacky Legends of Tomorrow is actually much darker than the original.
  • Except for Charlie, who manages to escape to the Waverider, are overwhelmed by the zombies and torn apart (thankfully offscreen).

     Episode 13 - The One Where We're Trapped On TV 
  • The world after the Fates have taken control is a nightmarish, 1984-like dystopia, with people being assigned jobs to rewrite history, contented by shallow entertainment to distract them from questioning the government, and dissent being forbidden. Everyone dresses the same drab way and the world is shown to grayish, almost devoid of color. When the worker who talks with Mona expresses a rebellious sentiment, he is immediately killed off. And the Only Sane Man of the world, Gary, is reduced to a rambling madman who is basically the Conspiracy Theorist of this world.

Season 6

     Episode 11 - The Final Fame 
  • The realization of the gang that the bowling balls are actually planets. And also how Earth is one of them.
    • The reports indicate the "holes" for the "ball" of Earth have basically wiped out places like Alaska which means, at best, thousands of innocent deaths.
    • The shaking of the entire planet every time it's sent rolling down the lanes in the alley.

     Episode 13 - Silence Of The Sonograms 
  • Mick giving birth through his nose, in graphical detail. His head is writhing throughout the whole process, including his eyes bulging out of his head as they work their way out.

     Episode 14 - There Will Be Brood 
  • Bishop manipulates Constantine into interfacing with the Fountain of Imperium, then poisons him, causing the poison to spread to the Fountain, killing both Constantine and the Fountain, and effectively destroying a major safeguard against alien invasions.