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Heartwarming / Black Lightning (2018)

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  • In another of his attempts to get Jefferson back into action, Gambi sends over a video of a news interview. The person being interviewed is a store owner who was saved from a robbery by Black Lightning, and he states he watches the video of that fateful night every year on his birthday.
  • The second episode has several ordinary citizens cheering on Black Lightning, with one man even offering to hold the elevator door for him. It's very nice to see lots of people being appreciative and grateful to their neighborhood vigilante, in contrast to the hate and fear that vigilantes often receive in other shows.
    • In general, at least one of a superheroes identities tend to start the story disliked. Either their civilian identity is seen as a loser or their hero identity as a dangerous vigilante. Not Jefferson. He's beloved both as a respected principal and protector of Freeland.
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  • When Anissa came out to her parents, they were silent for a minute before they hugged her.
  • In episode 8, after their first mission together when Anissa saved Jefferson from the explosion, Jefferson is so proud and still so high on adrenaline that he spends several minutes giddily telling Lynn about how amazing Anissa was.
    Jefferson: I spent all this time telling her she had to anticipate danger or she'd die, and then I failed to anticipate danger and almost get myself killed. She has to understand her powers, and I can help her with that. But I was trying to change her. Her understanding of people, her desire to protect. No, no, no. I have to be very careful not to screw that. Not just because she saved my life. (almost awed) ...She saved my life.
  • In "The Book of Crucifixation", the entirety of Jefferson's community believes in his innocence and doesn't buy the Frame-Up.
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  • In "Black Jesus Blues", after making a short speech explaining he will be stepping down as principal, but remaining as a teacher, and why, Jefferson steps away from the microphone...and Tayvon stands up and calls out, "Where's the future?", the first part of the call-and-response Jefferson gave to students, to remind them to keep going in the face of adversity. Smiling, Jefferson returns to the microphone and replies, "Right here." The entire student body then takes on his normal role, asking him the questions, while he gives the answers. Finally, his students give him a standing ovation, and he grins.
  • Anaya's parents, who were oppressed by the white Sange all their lives, cooing at their black and white granddaughters in "The Book of Blood: The Sange."
  • In "The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two," there is a memorial for Khalil built in the halls of Garfield High. There are students besides Jenn who remember him as someone better than Tobias' grunt.
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  • The Season 2 finale reveals that Reverend Holt survived Cutter's attempt to kill him. And when Tobias incites riots across Freeland, he drags himself back to his church to offer people sanctuary and to spread a message of peace and hope, praising Black Lightning and Thunder for all the good they do.