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The show will eventually introduce a full on team of Outsiders
Lead by our title character, naturally.
  • Proof includes the creators wanting to include Metamorpho and a villain being a member of Kobra in the comics.

Outsiders members
Each member will represent a different facet of superherodom. Black Lightning himself represents street level heroes.
  • Metamorpho- Will represent more straight up sci-fi because of his origin.
  • Katana- Will represent magic because of her sword.
  • Halo- Will represent the cosmic side because of the Aurakle.
  • Geo-Force- Will represent royalty, more political, or just metahuman side of things because of his origins.
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  • Thunder- Represents sidekicks or inheritors of the mantle.
  • Indigo- Represents cybernetic heroes.
  • Doctor Light- Represents scientists and will be Kimiyo Hoshi in this universe.
  • Looker- Represents psychics and supernatural heroes.

The show will include a Take That! at those who keep saying they would've preferred a show about Static instead of Black Lightning
A good way to do it without mentioning static himself would be to have a 100 thug or some obnoxious bystander dismiss Black Lightning as being too old to be a "cool super brother" and say "crazy sparky powers should only be a young man's thing." Jefferson responds by saying that there may be a few different black superheroes with electricity powers but that he was the first, so bashing him is insulting to those he inspires. Like Static's creators themselves in real life.

Jennifer will have an Adaptational Superpower Change
It may be a bit reduntant to have two heroes with electrical powers. Her abilities could be light based, magnetic based, or combustion based.
  • Early indications point to her being super strong.
  • "The Book of Revelations" seem to imply it's going to be electrical-based like the comic books; whether that's merely scratching the surface of her abilities, like Anissa, remains to be seen.

The show will eventually become part of the Arrowverse, as one of the alternate Earths
The fact that it is on the same network already makes it becoming a part of the Arrowverse likely. The fact that the timeline would put Black Lightning as predating Green Arrow, and the mention of other superheroes being around at the time, means that it would not gel with the timeline of Earth-1, but simply making it an alternate universe worked for Supergirl, so it could work here.
  • Whatever the case, one thing is certain: "The Book of Fate" introduces magic into the show.
  • Confirmed!

Static will appear, but as a friend of one of Black Lightning's daughters
Virgil will appear in Season Two. He will somehow gain Black Lightning's powers.

For the first season finale, Jefferson's new suit will be damaged beyond repair, forcing him to don the classic suit for the final showdown
As the season premiere shows, the classic suit is still around, but Gambi gives Jefferson the new suit for greater protection against bullets and the like. However, whatever conflict goes down for the finale will be made more dangerous by Jefferson losing the new suit, so he'll Break Out the Museum Piece and wear the old one, with its comics-accurate design and lesser protections, as a way of coming full circle and showing that Black Lightning really is back for good.
  • Jossed for the first season finale, but there's nothing to say it couldn't happen in a later episode.

Like the comics, the one who actually killed Jefferson's father is...
Peter Gambi rather than Tobias Whale, whom Jefferson mistakenly blames, when the former was previously a hitman, which explains why Gambi mentored him into becoming Black Lightning as a form of penance. Whether or not Gambi will pull a Heroic Sacrifice down the line in order to protect Jefferson is up in the air, alongside whether or not Jefferson is able to forgive him.
  • Jossed: While Tobias is the one who killed Alvin Pierce, and Gambi bears some responsibility as well, neither one is the true instigator — the ASA is. Gambi tried to have Alvin run a story about their illegal experiments, and Tobias proceeded to kill him on their orders; the misdirection is that they made it appear he did so because Alvin exposed his criminal dealings, rather than because of the ASA investigation.

Grace Choi will become a metahuman as per the comics
The role has been cast as recurring and Anissa serves as the primary romance for the series. To provide a different LGBT coupling that Supergirl doesn't have with Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer, Grace being a metahuman alongside Anissa offers a unique perspective, especially when neither has to worry about the other as much, given the extent of their superpowers (Super Strength and Regenerating Health for the former, density manipulation for the latter).

The way Grace becomes a metahuman is...
...through the same vaccine that gave Jefferson his powers.

Black Lightning will be called "Black Vulcan" at some point.
Or perhaps a non-powered character calls himself Black Vulcan and imitates Black Lightning with tazers or stun batons. Black Lightning eventually catches Vulcan and dismisses him as a cheap phony.

Heroes and villains from the Milestone line of comics will appear in the series

Tobias Whale is a metahuman
Look at him! He looks like an average guy, yet he is able to strangle a man to death with one hand. Plus, he is not at all afraid of Black Lightning. Perhaps Mr. Whale has Super Strength.
  • Seems to be the case, with mentions of a serum rendering Tobias unable to age.
  • Confirmed in the season one finale: Gambi explicitly states the serum Tobias uses doesn't just make him The Ageless, it also grants him Super Strength.

Henderson knows Jefferson is Black Lightning
He knows, and is providing cover, while still trying to keep plausible deniability.
  • Note that in "The Book of Revelations", when asked by Anissa if Henderson knows of his identity as Black Lightning, Jefferson maintains that the latter doesn't.

The people behind Lady Eve isn't the Kobra Cult, but an entirely different organization
The audience assumes it has to be the Kobra Cult as per the comics, but it could be something else backing her and Tobias' operations in Freeland. That Lady Eve in the episode "The Book of Thunder" calls it "the agency" lends credence to this theory.
  • While Tobias drops the name "Shadow Board" and Lady Eve was a former member of the ASA, both could still wind up being merely a part of the Kobra Cult.

A different Thunder and Lightning pair, other than the Pierce girls, could appear as well and might be antagonists
Possible candidates are:
  • Gan and Tavis Williams
  • The synthetic lifeforms made by Whirlcane
  • Alexei and Alya

Tobias White will kill Lady Eve and take over her criminal empire.
Confirmed in "The Book of Fate", though he had his assassins kill her with guns that shoot electricity to frame Black Lightning. The Council will be convinced and allow Tobias to take her place.

With Tobias slowly curbing Khalil to his side, the latter will eventually become a metahuman villain.
Tobias' promise of restoring this character to full health implies the use of the same serum that granted him and his sister The Ageless traits and possible Super Strength, thereby returning Khalil's use of his legs, but also metahuman abilities as a side effect.
  • Confirmed: not only does Khalil regain the use of his legs via reconstructive spinal surgery by the ASA, the procedure has also given him Super Strength. That he is the show's equivalent of the Black Lightning comicbook villain "Painkiller" is evidence of this.

Lala was cursed by the mother of one the girls he forced to work at the Seahorse Motel
Given his resurrection and whatever happened with Lawanda it's unlikely his coming back was done to benefit the villains. He's forced to walk in the realm of the living until he atones for what he has done, which could be helping Black Lightning take down The 100. He will bear the face of those he harmed upon his skin and feel their pain with new faces being added and the pain growing with each one the longer he takes to find atonement.
  • He'll become this show's version of Phantom Stranger, whose two possible (Biblical) origins involve Walking the Earth to atone for his misdeeds.
  • Jossed: Tobias had Lala "reanimated" by a third-party; Lala Talking to the Dead is a side-effect of the reanimation process.

Lala imagined Tobias killing him.
It didn't happen. Tobias wasn't there that night at the police station. Lala is just losing his mind. He's imagining getting killed by his boss, and having the mom's ghost as his companion/lover.

Lala is in Hell.
Lala did die. He's in a personal Hell created by the devil. His henchmen are also part of the devil's illusion.

The School Board is working for the ASA.
It looks like this is partly confirmed, as Vice-Principal Kara Fowdy is an ASA agent.

Season Two will have slews of new metahumans
The revelation that the ASA have been keeping metahumans under wraps indicates many more exist. The Season One finale with have a huge battle leading to a massive jailbreak and thus Season Two will involve Lightning and Thunder taking on a variety of powered people, some turning to crime while others want to help in their own ways. This would be the perfect way to introduce Static Shock as many speculate will happen.

That thug's gun didn't misfire. Lala stopped it from firing.
I don't buy the crook's gun misfiring/jamming like that. Lala has super powers. Those ghosts talking to him are not hallucinations. The man was probably into black magic before he died.

Tobias is behind Todd's rejection by the Grant Board.
Todd is surprised that Tobias learned about his rejection so quickly. Considering that Tobias has contacts all over Freeland, it's likely that he has minions at the college who told him about Todd's robotics project. Whatever miracle Todd is working on, Tobias doesn't want him sharing it with the world—he wants it forhimself.

Future Heroes
  • Metamorpho- Stagg Industries obtains the Green Light formula and Rex Mason winds up as he does from their experiments.
  • Geo-Force- Whatever the Shadow Board is will be responsible for the rebellion in Markovia. He has loyalist scientists activate his metagene and ends the rebellion with his powers. He then discovers the Shadow Board's existence and starts hunting them down as well as anyone allied with them, which would bring him to Freeland and into contact with Jefferson.
  • Halo- The Shadow Board captures the Aurakle for experiments but it escapes and merges with a newly dead corpse, which creates Halo. She'll wind up taken by Jefferson and taught how to use her powers.
  • Looker- Not the one that first appeared but someone who was experimented on by the ASA with the element the first one controlled. It will give her similar powers and also traits that seem to mimic vampirism (the element feeds on organic material so she drinks blood to sustain it, can use the element for what looks like hypnotic control, etc.)
  • Icon- Will maintain his backstory from the comics and shows up as a lawyer that helps sue the government in the Green Light babies case. Jefferson will be a fan of him in both his civilian and hero identities.
  • Rocket- Will have her comic backstory but her civilian identity will also act as an assistant to Icon in his lawyer identity.

The African-American version of Jim Corrigan from the Silver Age will appear
And a character will note that they knew someone by that name in New Orleans, which Jim will assure us must be a coincidence.

Tobias will somehow escape.

Brandon's father is Brion Markov/Geo-Force, the deposed pro-US former ruler of Markovia.

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