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Intra-series crossovers:

Prime Minister Callow will be Driven to Suicide
Possibly after starting a nuclear war in a
Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum.

Uploading a consciousness from a human brain utilizes destructive uploading.
The requirement of people wanting to be uploaded to San Junpiero or simply uploaded to a device from a human brain requiring the patient to die is because it's not copying the data in the brain, but destroying it as it is uploaded. Otherwise, you have a human that is brain dead.

Metalhead is set after Men Against Fire.
The human characters are all 'roaches'. When the MASS-deactivating flashlight became known to the military and human soldiers became impractical, they turned to using dogs instead. In addition, where Men Against Fire used desaturated colors, Metalhead goes all the way to black and white.

Kenny and Hector from Shut Up and Dance were put into cookies that were put into rats.
In Black Museum, during a segment, two rats are named Kenny and Hector, the same names from Shut Up And Dance. We can assume that this story takes place after Kenny's, so it's not far from crazy to think that Kenny and Hector were incarcerated, and used as cookies to be put in rats.
  • If you see my theory about Rolo in the Black Museum section you could also say this is Rolo's way of referencing and making fun of Hector and Kenny, with either comparing them to rats or it being a metaphor for them being ratted out. its a stretch i know but the more i go on the more it makes sense.
    • I just realised i'm going down the same path as Stefan from Bandersnatch

Bandersnatch is a public punishment similar to the one in White Bear.
The protagonist murdering his father was a highly publicized crime and he is being punished with a livestreamed torture memory wipe system just like in White Bear.
  • There's a few problems with this. For one, the size of the town which requires a bus ride for Stefan to get to Tuckersoft. Second, the interactive film is set in the 1980s, long before White Bear could exist. Third, one of the endings has it where players can unlock the option to have Stefan go with his mother on the train and ending up dead along with her (which is impossible because how can you publically punish someone with the option of completely erasing their existence before they could even commit a crime?).
    • Unless it's an interactive simulation like we've seen in USS Callister. Stefan could be a cookie that's regularly "reset".
      • Also , who says Bandersnatch and White Bears couldn't be set in a similar(or even part of the same) VR world as San Junipero. After all , they do have different eras(included 1980s) in San Junipero.



An episode in Series Six will make an allusion to or use AI Generation as it's main themes
AI Generation, specially in the art department, saw a huge boom in advancement within the last few years, specially in 2022 with the release of Stable Diffusion and Novel AI. With all the controversions that surround this technology, it would make sense for it to be featured in an episode for 2023's Series.