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Arsenal will lose an arm and get a robot armed built by Cisco
Perhaps even by Prometheus, since Arrow loves its Batman villains, and it could result in a team-up with the other shows and Prometheus was also a Justice League villain. As long as they don't kill a child for a shock death this time, it should be fine.
  • On the other hand, we've seen future scenes with an older Oliver with an robot arm while it looks like older Roy hasn't lost an arm judging from the Flashfowards.
    • Jossed The One Armed Oliver is from Earth 16 while Roy has to have his arm Amputation off in Arrow's final season.

They will eventually tackle Crisis on Infinite Earths

Probably not for a few years, though, after a number of the present shows are off the air.

  • It did get a reference in that news paper article on The Flash (2014) something about the RedSkies disappearing.
    • CONFIRMED! It's the 2019 crossover!

Animal Man will appear

In Arrow (more likely) or in The Flash (2014) (slightly less likely) or in Legends Of Tomorrow (unlikely). Some kind of tension (sexual or otherwise) will develop between him and Vixen.


A "Birds of Prey" group will eventually form in the Arrowverse, although they may or may not have their own show
All of the ingredients are there—a Oracle-esque figure (who has recently left her squad), a Canary, Huntress, and a bunch of other heroines and anti-heroines who don't really fit into any of the established groups (Vixen, Nyssa, Katana, Sin, etc.)
  • Confirmed.

Batman existed in the past of the 'verse
Evidence to support such a hypothesis.
  1. In Arrow, Harley Quinn cameoed when the Suicide Squad was introduced.
  2. In The Flash, Queen Inc. merging with Wayne Tech is written in a newspaper from the future.
  3. In Legends of Tomorrow we see Talia al Ghul appeared as a child in 1960. She later reappears in the Arrow Season 5 flashbacks.
  4. In The Flash, a Villain of the Week mentioned Blackgate prison.
  5. In Arrow, Oliver tells Felicity her codename will be Overwatch because "Oracle was already taken."
Therefore, Batman was active from The '70s to The '90s. This would explain certain structures within the Arrowverse, such as the Suicide Squad's existence so early in the Arrow's career, as well as the fact that several members were not part of the Arrow's rogue's gallery.
  • The existence of Batman in Earth-1 is confirmed, but he was active as Batman up until very recently, having mysteriously disappeared. His lack of presence till now has been caused by a combination of Gotham being even more of a hellhole than in most portrayals, requiring his constant presence, and his skill at actually maintaining his image as a monstrous urban myth, rather than being known as a human vigilante, like Green Arrow, or an acknowledged metahuman or alien, like Flash or Supergirl.

The four-way crossover will be the origin of the Arrowverse version of The Justice Society, which will eventually lead to the one that exists in Rex Tyler's future.

  • It would be a sensible way to set up at that story arc, plus all the characters in the Arrowverse so far provide the perfect opportunity to form a Justice League-esque group (they may still be required to use another name to avoid clashing with the Justice League film, so "Justice Society" will be used instead.

Batman will eventually appear, but it won't be Bruce Wayne
  • Because he's dead. It'll turn out that Batman is a Legacy Character and that Bruce was only the latest to take up the mantle. This would allow the writers to Retcon in every incarnation of the character, from the 30s version all the way up to the present (possibly adding in a bit about how the general public doesn't know or doesn't believe that he exists, to explain why we haven't seen him before). Which would be awesome. It would also be a nice payoff to Rip Hunter's line about seeing "Dark Knights fall." Even better, it'll be revealed that the name of Batman has been passed down from father to son. Thomas Wayne was Batman until he died and Bruce inherited it. The new Batman will be Terry McGinnis, making a nice Mythology Gag to the DCAU (where it was eventually revealed that Terry was, in fact, created using Bruce's DNA patched into Terry's father, for some reason).
    • Jossed. Batman is indeed Bruce Wayne.

Regardless if it's Alan Scott or Hal Jordan, if a Green Lantern gets onto a show finally, it'll be Nathan Fillion.
Two reasons: Nathan Fillion is perfect as either Green Lantern, and they love Joss Whedon's favorites more than Joss Whedon does.
  • Problem: What if said Green Lantern turns out to be John Stewart? I doubt they'd Race Lift a black character just for the sake of having him played by Nathan Fillion.

Gotham and Lucifer will eventually join the Arrowverse.
  • Gotham takes place in the past, thereby unaffected by current events in the Arrowverse, leaving it open to a possible time travel crossover with Legends of Tomorrow. Plus, Lucifer is also an important character in the Hellblazer comics, which Constantine is an adaptation of, so it is entirely possible that they co-exist in this world as well.

The 90s Flash shown during Barry's trip to Earth 2 is the younger Jay Garrick
  • It's possible that the glimpse of a Flash that looks like a younger version of Barry's father is actually Jay Garrick in a different suit.
    • Jossed it's been confirmed that series is part of the Multiverse and this Barry appears in the Else-worlds crossover.

Things that could happen in the Four way crossover
  • Sara Lance will fight Black Siren, heavily implied by the poster.
    • Debunked: She is still unaware that Black Siren is in the pipeline and it doesn't seem like she will find out.
    • Though it could be revealed to her in the final episode of the crossover. However she doesn't but finally meets her in Arrow season 6 finale.
  • Lisa Snart will see Ray Palmer using her brothers cold gun leading to an uncomfortable but meaninging ful conversation between her and Mick. After that she will spend the rest of the crossover treating Ray as a Replacement Scrappy.
    • Debunked: She doesn't appear and by the time of the crossover Ray has a new suit.
  • Everybody will be happy to see Barry back in Supergirl's universe except James Olson.
    • Debunked: Kara is the only one who gets to see Barry when he arrives as he need her help with the alien invasion.
  • The Hawks may return Kendra will comment on Vixens being a Suspiciously Similar Substitute.
    • Debunked: The Hawks don't return.
  • It will end with a Slow Walk with Superman, Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Sara Lance, Vixen, Firestorm, John Diggle, One of Arrows new recruits, Steel, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and a character introduced for the special hopefully Green Lantern but if the producers work something out maybe Batman or another iconic JLA member, someone possibly the episodes Big Bad will call them the Justice League and it will either be dismissed or accepted and then never mentioned again (except in a Call-Back next crossover).
  • The Legends now with Ripple Effect-Proof Memory's will notice the changes since Flashpoint especially the existence of John Diggle Jr.
    • Debunked they don't even know about Sara's namesake being erased and John Diggle Jr taking her place until they're told.
  • Jax and Stein will find it difficult being around Barry after hearing the message.
    • Debunk they seemed alright by him.

Every DC adaptation on film and television is part of The Multiverse.
Let's just go nuts with this. There are (at least) 52, and probably more, Earths out there. If Supergirl, Constantine, and the 90s Flash can be incorporated retroactively, why not everything else?

Here is an alternate idea for how the multiverse could go:

  • Black Lightning: Earth-22; Tony Isabella, Black Lightning's creator, was born on December 22, 1951.
  • Gotham: Earth-39, for the same reasons as above.
  • Superman (1978-2006 movies): Earth-52. Again, same reasons as the above chart.
  • The Flash (1990): Earth-56, referencing how Barry Allen debuted in the comics in 1956.
  • Wonder Woman: Earth-77, referencing the year the Wonder Woman show premiered.
  • Smallville: Earth-101; like the above chart's idea, this references Smallville's premiere in 2001. And the alternate universe shown towards the end of that show is Earth-102.
  • DC Extended Universe: Earth-113; Man of Steel came out in 2013.
  • The Adventures of Superman: Earth-158; the show concluded its run in 1958.
  • Batman (TV show): Earth-166, referencing the show's premiere in 1966.
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy: Earth-174 which references Christian Bale's birth in 1974.
  • Batman (1989-1997 movies): Earth-240; the Joker debuted in 1940, and he got an equal amount of focus in the movie, with his actor Jack Nicholson even getting billed above Batman actor Michael Keaton.
  • Birds Of Prey: Earth-299; the Birds of Prey got their first ongoing in 1999
  • Lois & Clark: Earth-314; the show concluded on June 14, 1997.
  • Superboy: Earth-392; the show concluded in 1992.
  • Swamp Thing: Earth-437; Dick Durock, the actor who played Swamp Thing, was born in 1937.
  • Shazam!: Earth-472; DC purchased the Marvel family in 1972.
  • IZombie: Earth-510; the Vertigo comic of the same name was first published in 2010.
  • Green Lantern (2011): Earth-559, referencing Hal Jordan's debut in 1959.
  • Constantine (film): Earth-585, referencing John Constantine's debut in 1985.
  • Lucifer (2016): Earth-693; in the comics, Lucifer began being published under the Vertigo imprint in 1993.
  • Powerless (2017): Earth-762; Van Wayne, the sole comic character in the show, made his only comic appearance in the Batman #148, which found its way onto shelves in 1962.
    • This idea has probably been jossed by the latest crossover, which seems to go along with the ‘52 Earths’ idea (albeit 53 this time) - however, it’s possible, however unlikely, that there are more Earths out there that not even the top minds of the Arrowverse can detect or reach just yet.
      • An unjossed, since Elseworlds retconned this by making The Flash be set on Earth-90, meaning the DC multiverse is not limited to 52...

The four-way crossover event in November/December 2017 takes place during Barry & Iris' wedding
  • Of course, we don't even know if Iris will survive the season 3 finale, but if she does, then Word of God has said that season 4 will feature the wedding between Barry & Iris. Because Barry is essentially the connective tissue between all of the Arrowverse members (similar to Oliver, except unlike him he's also pals with the people from Earth-38), we would expect their wedding to bring guests from all of these shows. It just so happens there will also be a villain at the time that actually requires these heroes to team up, and it might make its entrance by interrupting the wedding or something.

In the future of the Arrowverse, a new generation of heroes protects the world as a team.
Given all the time travel messes like Flashpoint, I'm just assuming that the Bad Future from Legends of Tomorrow is now simply an alternate timeline now (things have already contradicted the idea of it all going exactly that way anyway).

In this potential better future, John Diggle, Jr. grows up to become the second Green Arrow, with William becoming his Older Sidekick as the new Overwatch, having taken up the role from Felicity and being trained by her and Curtis. Rene's daughter Zoe becomes his successor under an alternative alias since a female dog is a...well, we can assume she'd want to avoid that. Thea becomes a politician, eventually running for governor of whatever state Star City is in. Dinah takes up Quentin's role as their source inside the SCPD, now as the chief of police. Oliver and the others are either no longer alive for whatever reason or retired due to age keeping them down.

Wally finally officially took up the mantle of the Flash, only to supposedly die saving the multiverse Crisis on Infinite Earths-style. Around the same time Barry and Iris have some Halfidentical Twins in the form of Dawn West-Allen and Wallace West-Allen, a Composite Character of Don Allen and the separate, darker suited Wallace West Flash, who is named in memory of his uncle. The two had a Sibling Rivalry over who got to be his successor as the Flash only for a Chinese teenager named Avery Ho to beat them to the punch. They end up becoming the Tornado Twins instead. Cisco and Gypsy have a son together named Paco who is the spitting image of Cisco, but is something of a Dumbass Teenage Son (but only compared to his smartypants father instead of really being dumb) who eventually gets his act together and becomes the second Vibe. Caitlin is still around and uses her Killer Frost persona to do good in the world, as well as the upcoming character Ralph, who is still Elongated Man.

The Legends are still doing their thing, still being young due to Technobabble involving their time traveling.

StormWatch, a new SHIELD-esque organization is formed by the United Nations to stand in the way of threats to Earth, such as another invasion by the Dominators. It's lead by Traci 13 (who is rumored to have a show of her own in development), Vixen and Jesse Quick, who has become bitter due to Wally's death. Their agents include this universe's versions of Anissa and Jennifer Pierce (whose father is the Secretary of Education), Lian Nguyen-Harper (Roy's daughter who had offscreen after he was Put on a Bus) and Slade Wilson's son Joe. StormWatch's head scientists are yet another alternate Harrison Wells and Lily Stein, while Zed Martin and Ragman are in charge of a unit that fights supernatural menaces.

What kind of worlds are in this multiverse?
In Crisis on Earth-X it's revealed that the multiverse that the shows are set in are set in a locked set of 53 earths, presumably blocked off any of the other DC-based worlds. Let's first look at what we have confirmed:
  • Earth-1: The main universe and the setting of Arrow, The Flash (2014), Legends of Tomorrow, Vixen, and Constantine.
  • Earth-2: A Zeerust-invoking, retro, Art Deco universe crawling with Evil Doppelgangers of some of the heroes from Earth-1, with only a few heroes emerging to fight it. Beyonce is a senator here.
  • Earth-3: Jay Garrick's home reality.
  • Earth-12: A world where Harrison Wells is a camp German novelist.
  • Earth-17: A world with a possible Steampunk environment/setting.
  • Earth-19: A world that was once invaded by another Earth and has universe hopping bounty hunters as a result, has many examples of Different World, Different Movies, has no coffee bean plants due to a famine, among many other differences (like Shaquille O'Neal being a saint with his own holiday, and Al Capone having been Vice President of the United States before causing a scandal that made gambling illegal).
  • Earth-22: A post-apocalyptic wasteland where the majority of people have become violent cyborgs to survive.
  • Earth-38: The universe and setting of Supergirl.
  • Earth-47: A world where Harrison Wells is pretty much Hugh Heffner.
  • Earth X: The setting of Freedom Fighters: The Ray. A world where the Nazis won WWII and have used the New Reichsmen to all but conquer the world, opposed only by the Ray and his fellow Freedom Fighters.
  • Earth 90s Flash: The world of the 90s Flash series.

Now, all of the other numbers left, which can speculated upon to our own amusement:

  • Earth-4: A world where the airplane was never invented by anyone and international travel is done on boats that are much more advanced than those of other Earths of the 52. Because of this, Oliver and Robert Queen, weren't shipwrecked, as their boat was too advanced to be rigged. As a result, Oliver is exactly like how he was before he arrived on Lian Yu and the first significant superhero of the modern era was Laurel, who gained her sonic scream powers after moving to Central City and being exposed to the Particle Excelerator explosion. She and Barry Allen then begin to form a new Super Team after he awakens from his coma and become the Flash. Boats are a very, very, very significant part of the world's economy here.
  • Earth-5: A world where the Soviet Union has survived into the modern day, still in a perpetual Cold War with the United States. As a result of this, more of the world's countries have developed nuclear arsenals of their own to try to combat both of them in the event of World War Three. The major holdout against nuclear weapons is Japan, where efforts were instead directed at making metahuman heroes who now attempt to stop nuclear war from breaking out. These heroes include Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro), Judomaster (Sonia Sato), the Flash (Rei Tanaka), Toyman (Hiro Okamura), Sunburst (Takeo Sato), and Tsunami (Miya Shimada).
  • Earth-6: A world populated by heroes and villains who are Captain Erstazes to characters from Marvel Comics properties. After the heroes Machinehead and American Crusader lead opposing factions of heroes in a great conflict with each other, causing their team, the Meta Militia to fall apart and allow villains known as the Extremists to murder many of the heroes themselves. The hero Blue Jay escapes this world to recruit others, to help him fight the Extremists, from other earths.
  • Earth-7: A world where the supernatural is only recently starting to emerge and an organization called the Challengers of the Unknown is formed to investigate the emergence of metahumans, aliens, magic and time travel and assess and/or neutralize the threats to the world they encounter. The primary antagonistic forces of Earth-7 are Kobra, a terrorist organization and cult that worships a giant alien snake and Hector Hammond, a disfigured Mad Scientist who has created machines that can allow him to create super-powered agents of his will.
  • Earth-8
  • Earth-9
  • Earth-10
  • Earth-11: A world where all the genders are reversed - i.e., in this universe, it's Olivia Queen who's Green Arrownote .
  • Earth-13: The DCEU (For reasons as noted above under the "Every DC adaptation on Film and TV is part of the multiverse" guess)
  • Earth-14
  • Earth-15
  • Earth-16
  • Earth-18
  • Earth-20
  • Earth-21
  • Earth-22: Kingdom Comenote 
  • Earth-23
  • Earth-24
  • Earth-25
  • Earth-26
  • Earth-27
  • Earth-28: A world where the Ku Klux Klan become a much stronger movement than it ever was in the real world, sweeping the United States like wildfire within years of it's creation. As a result, America became a white nationalist hellhole and as many black people as possible relocated to Canada and the United Kingdom, giving them much larger black populations than any other Earth out of the 52. The US, under the leadership of the KKK, became an isolationist hermit kingdom that eventually implemented a theocracy that preached ethnic cleansing of the world. Those who opposed to such a philosophy live in isolation in small communities in the America's deserts that resemble stereotypical "Wild West" settlements. Harrison "Hells" Wells is from this Earth, and is one of those who live in such settlements. Most of the metahumans and vigilante heroes are Canadian, English, and Irish with many of them being black.
  • Earth-29
  • Earth-30
  • Earth-31
  • Earth-32
  • Earth-33
  • Earth-34
  • Earth-35
  • Earth-36
  • Earth-37: A world where Doc Magnus and the Metal Men are the top team of superheroes and most human heroes derive their abilities from technology. Among these heroes are Adam Strange, a Science Hero who resides on an alien planet, and Milagro Reyes, a girl from El Paso, Texas who became bonded with a robotic alien scarab that allowed her to help the Metal Men fight off an invasion by the Reach.
  • Earth-39
  • Earth-40
  • Earth-41
  • Earth-42
  • Earth-43: A vaguely retro world with no metahumans, advanced tech, or supernatural elements. Instead the heroes are police detectives, private eyes, and investigative journalists fighting against the occasionally gritty, occasionally silly actions of organized crime rings. Some of this world's inhabitants Detectives Queen and Diggle of the Star City Police Department, crime scene investigators Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon of the Central City Police Department, and ace reporter Kara Danvers of The Daily Cat newspaper in National City. Elaborating further, Curtis Holt runs a gay night club called "Terrific's", Felicity Smoak is a 9-1-1 operator and Queen's fiance, Rene Ramirez is a beat cop, Quentin Lance is Da Chief and both of his daughters are alive and live in other cities, Caitlin Smoak is the owner of a morgue, Harrison Wells is Allen's deceased mentor, James "Jimmy" Olsen is an award winning photographer, Alex Danvers is a security guard, Winn Schott is a gossipy bartender, etc.
  • Earth-44
  • Earth-45
  • Earth-46
  • Earth-48
  • Earth-49
  • Earth-50
  • Earth-51
  • Earth-52

The annual crossover in late November 2018 will have the heroes unite against a singular villain, most likely a CGI-heavy Eldritch Abomination

So far, heroes have united together to face an immortal humanoid, aliens, and Nazis. In all of these cases, we are having a bunch of superheroes team up, but their target is always a multitude of humanoid figures, typically in street-level brawls. Oh, sure, Crisis on Earth-X had a Mirror Match between Oliver, Kara, and Barry, but at its core their opponents were simple. So where else is there to go? Well, if they can somehow increase the budget next year even further, by having all of the heroes team up not to fight a whole legion of villains, but rather a single kaiju or Eldritch Abomination...or even a really big Humanoid Abomination (i.e. similar to Thanos). In theory, they could still have multiple opponents (possibly even humanoid) if the giant monster can spawn offspring, but at its core, the question becomes: What do you do when a single being is more powerful than all of the Arrowverse heroes combined? Perhaps Starro, as Wally was implied to fight offscreen on The Flash (2014)? Or even the villain could be the Anti-Monitor?

  • Partly confirmed, partly jossed. Elseworlds (2018) sees the heroes team up against AMAZO (CGI-heavy villain), but the main opponents are The Monitor and John Deegan.

The 2018 crossover will have the heroes fight literal giant threats
I'm talking fifty foot people, animals, robots and aliens, all wreaking havoc at the same time thanks to a reality manipulating Big Bad. These villains may include The Construct (a giant robot), the Golden Giants (giant golden-skinned humanoids), Plasmus (giant being made of corrosive slime), High Rise (a very minor Green Arrow villain who had extendable legs here made more powerful by making his entire body extend to a giant-size), The Invunche (a demonic entity), and Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man (a Doom Patrol villain).

The 2018 crossover, and by extension the Batwoman series, will take place on Earth-38
First of all, it's always been Kara visiting Earth-1 rather than the other way around, so this would be a nice way to mix things up. Secondly, a lot of elements from the Batman mythos have already appeared in Arrow as important parts of Oliver's backstory. Trying to connect them to Bruce as well causes issues. However, on Earth-38 it's been established (though never by name) that Bruce is Batman and active in Gotham. Having the bat family be a major presence on Earth-38 makes more sense.
  • Jossed. Elseworlds (2018) takes place predominantly on Earth-1, and that's where Batwoman takes place as well.

Ray's cousin is Kara's Earth-1 counterpart.
Hence their resemblance. Also, if Ray's cousin ever becomes a superhero herself, her cover will be instantly blown with him.

Only the Universe-38 and Universe-X versions of Krypton exploded.
Earth-2 Wells says there is a Krypton and a Kara in every universe, which seems reasonable enough. In most of those universes, though, the planet is still happily orbiting its star, and Kara and Kal-El are still living on it. This in turn means that Fort Rozz is still sitting in the Phantom Zone (it was Kara's pod that accidentally dragged it out, causing it to crash into Earth-38), which is why the people of those Earths didn't become aware of the existence of aliens (until Invasion!, anyway). If there were any alien refugees living on, say, Earth-1, they were — and probably still are — just keeping their heads down and living as humans.

There will be another "team" series in the future
Like how Batwoman seems to be set to take the role of Arrow in the lineup, said series, whether it be a uniting of various established characters or an adaptation of a new team, will take the place of Legends when it eventually concludes.

Burt Ward will play the Kingdom Come version of Batman in Crisis on Infinite Earths
Because they haven't announced who he's playing, that means he's likely going to portray a different character, and Warner Bros doesn't seem to like getting old costumes out of the archives (if Guggenheim's claims are true). So why not have him play another incarnation of Batman? Since Warner Bros let Titans (2018) use Batman, it could be that they're finally ending the Bat-embargo (plus, the Matt Reeves film won't even be in production, let alone theaters, by the time the crossover occurs). And in that comic's canon, Batman was so old he needed machines to help him walk, so it would justify Ward (in his mid-70s) portraying the character.
  • On the other hand, he could end up reprising his Dick Grayson from Batman (1966). Since Smallville and Birds Of Prey are being integrated into the verse retroactively, why not the Adam West series? Bruce and many familiar faces like the Rogues Gallery have passed away, but the war against crime is still ongoing. Grayson may not be able to go into field anymore, but nothing's stopping him from mentoring new heroes.
    • Confirmed, he reprises the role of Dick Grayson for a very brief cameo. Meanwhile, a Kingdom Come-inspired Bruce does appear, and he's played by Kevin Conroy.

Crisis on Infinite Earths Debuts
The event will shake up all of the Arrowverse shows and it may well do that by introducing new characters that haven't yet made their debut.
  • Green Lantern- There isn't any representation from the more cosmic side of DC lore so far and a multiverse threatening event may well get the Corp involved. Hal Jordan could show up as follow up to the hints about his existence and Diggle may just get the ring.
  • Wonder Woman- There have been enough teases that she exists and she may show up with the fate of all reality on the line. She likely hasn't been seen yet because like her comic counterpart she works closer with the government than most heroes and they may have decided to keep her existence covert.
  • Aquaman- Could be from Earth-1 but just for a twist he could actually be from Earth-38, what with Season 5 there introducing characters connected to Atlantis. He could show up before the event or during and the next half of Season 5 could have him in an important role.
  • Red Tornado- Could be built on Earth-1, rebuilt on Earth-38 given the stated focus of Season 5 on technology where he was recreated to attack Kara but gets reprogrammed and becomes an ally, or he's from a completely different Earth.
  • Zatanna- Gets called in by Constantine because she deals in spellcraft beyond his paygrade to hopefully turn the tide. He'll mention that he hasn't called on her before because of past business that didn't end well.
  • Metamorpho- Will be introduced prior to the event on Black Lightning's Earth and will have joined him as an ally by this point.
  • Doctor Light- The Kimiyo Hoshi version who was introduced in the original version of the event from the comics. She'll gain her powers during the event and be vital to defeating the Anti-Monitor and will join the second half of Season 6 of The Flash.
  • Hawkman- The Katar Hol version who will hail from Earth-38.
  • Vixen- Gets brought in by Team Arrow to help because of her mystic powers. If Aquaman and Zatanna show up there will be a group shot of the entire Detroit Team in live action.
  • Doctor Fate- If anything could bring someone this powerful in it would be the prospective end of all reality.
  • Captain Atom- Will be Cameron Scott who was mentioned back during Plastique's episode on The Flash. He's hidden his powers because of Eiling searching for him but will decide that things are dire enough to show himself and the second half of Season 6 will deal with the fallout of that.
  • Blue Devil- Just for a real left turn twist it will be the version of the character from Swamp Thing.
  • Geo-Force- Will appear on Black Lightning as a hero who joins forces with Black Lightning and just gets drawn in to things.
  • Batman Beyond- Kevin Conroy as a live action Bruce Wayne? Tell me that isn't a recipe to introduce Terry Mc Ginnis as a younger inheritor to the cowl.
  • The Joker- Who will be played by Mark Hamill because the chance to see him together with Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne in live action is too good to pass up.
  • Cheetah- Either released by Monitor as one of his tests or released by the Anti-Monitor against the heroes where Wonder Woman will none the less be brought in because of her presence.
  • Sinestro- Will have been recruited by the Anti-Monitor to act in space and his presence will bring in Hal Jordan.
  • Superboy Prime - will show up to help the heroes in the final act (if they want to set up an adaptation of Sinestro Corps War or Infinite Crisis, now would be a prime time to introduce him), or (this one's unlikely) he'll show up early, acting as an Audience Surrogate for those who tuned in for this crossover but didn't watch any prior episodes (and in both cases, he'll either undergo or imply that he will eventually undergo a Face–Heel Turn).
  • Pariah - since Harbinger was reimagined as an ARGUS agent, they could give her role to him.

Events that the Crisis could set up
  • Sinestro Corp War: If Diggle becomes a Green Lantern then this would be the perfect event to follow the Crisis, especially given the role the Anti-Monitor plays. Could include the other Corps of the Emotional Spectrum.
  • Throne of Atlantis: If Aquaman isn't introduced by the Crisis he could appear after and things could eventually be set up for the next event to be this. The heroes have face armies before but Atlantean technology and mysticism put together will be too much for them all of them will have to team up to stand a chance. Plus it would be a good way to include Black Manta in a big live action event.
  • Blackest Night: Plenty of major Arrowverse characters have died before (Ronny, Dr. Stein, Tommy, Emiko, Eobard (multiple times), Damien Darhk, Vandal Savage, Laurel, Deadshot, the list goes on). Furthermore, the creators have confirmed that there will be more deaths in Crisis as well, not the least of which is Oliver's. Plus Nekron could consider the deaths of entire universes under his domain, which means alternate versions of still-living heroes could also appear. And if they play their cards right this could introduce the Green Lantern mythos rather than require it's setup previously, as the Legends or Supergirl strive to find where the rings came from and if there are other colours.

Burt Ward's Crisis appearance will only be a cameo.
Set photos show him walking a dog wearing a sweater with the classic Robin colors (whether or not he's playing an elderly version of his Robin is unknown). Perhaps he'll be moseying about minding his own business until a superhero suddenly zips past him, prompting him to let out his iconic "Holy (blank)!"
  • Confirmed, he shouts "HOLY CRIMSON SKIES OF DEATH!" when his native Earth-66 becomes a victim of the Crisis. Though it's said he resides in Gotham City, so it's possible he is the 60s Dick Grayson.

Any full-on Green Lantern show will be animated
While they could certainly trot out the effects for an annual crossover, having to pay for all the CGI a Green Lantern show would require likely isn't in the budget of a live-action show. As such most of his (or her, if it's Jessica) adventures will be done like Vixen's were—animated, but with most of the cast based on their voice actors so that they can transfer to Live Action during big events.

Smallville Clark won't wear the suit
In keeping with the original's "no tights, no flights" rule.
  • Confirmed. His scene reveals that he not only retired from being Superman, he gave up his powers altogether for the sake of his family.

Because the first Crisis did so well, the next logical step is to do a sequel

Cisco will somehow turn into Superboy-Prime

Danielle Panabaker will play the role of Poison Ivy on one of the many Earths'
Serving as a casting gag for her previous role in the movie Sky High, Layla Williams, who was a chlorokinetic super powered individual. Someone has to be stupid not to do something like this.

Earth-666 is not the main Lucifer universe
At the time of the Crisis crossover Lucifer had returned to the throne of hell. Also if the world was ending, Lucifer would want to spend his remaining time with Chloe. Earth-666 looks like it takes place in the alternate timeline where Chloe's father didn't die.
  • Jossed According to the Word of Saint Paul Crisis on Earth-666 took place before the actual start of ''Lucifer'. Meaning that not all earths are on the same timeline as Main Arrowverse Earths.

Either the next crossover or a future one will setup/debut Darkseid
It's the next logical step for a big all hands on deck crossover. He *is* the ultimate Big Bad of DC

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