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Tear Jerker / Batwoman (2019)

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Season 1

     1x02: The Rabbit Hole 
  • The episode full of it:
    • In the flashbacks, we see how desperate Kate and her dad were, looking for Beth. And Kate never really gave up, even calling her dad a traitor when he got (seemingly) definite proof that she indeed was dead.
    • Mary being traumatized after Dodgson nearly murdered her, and calling Kate out for always ignoring her; it's made even sadder because Kate was indeed there for Mary by stopping Dodgson's attack, but can't tell her.
    • Kate and Sophie's falling out. The former calls out the latter for betraying her. While the latter explains that she did it to save the former's life. When Kate asked Sophie if she's happy with Tyler, she said yes and tells Kate that she needs to move on.

     1x04: Who Are You? 
  • Catherine breaking down in tears and admitting that, years ago, she paid people off to construct a fake DNA test with deer bones to finally convince Jacob and Kate that Beth was dead, due to them being unable to move on. Jacob is obviously angered by the truth and tells Catherine to get the hell away from him.
  • Kate and Reagan breaking up, due to Reagan noticing Kate's obvious lies and Kate being unable to fully let somebody into her life yet.

     1x05: Mine Is a Long and a Sad Tale 
  • Beth's entire captivity is this, coupled with a heavy dose of Nightmare Fuel. Making it even more gut-wrenching is that Beth actually managed to call Jacob, who arrived with Kate to the house where she was being held. Kate even managed to find the door to the room Beth was locked in. Sadly, a combination of Jacob falling for Cartwright's explanation that the call was a prank by Johnny, and Beth staying quiet for fear Kate and Jacob would be killed, meant that they left without finding her.
  • Mouse's childhood, disfigured by burn scars and kept in complete isolation by his father so other children won't mock him or show they're frightened by his looks.
  • Mary's drunken breakdown about how her family is falling apart and how no one seems to want her.

     1x06: I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury 
  • The Reveal that the Arrowverse version of Lucius Fox was murdered on the night of Luke's high school graduation. Only made worse when the prosecutor who handled the case is revealed to be part of a trio of Dirty Cops to coerce confessions and frame innocent people to bump up convictions. By the end of the episode, Luke can only read his father's case file and is left wondering if the man who murdered his father will go free because of tainted evidence...or if he was ever caught in the first place.

     1x07: Tell Me the Truth 
  • The details of why Sophie stayed at Point Rock make a sad situation that much sadder. Initially, she was going to be truthful with the administration just like Kate, thinking that since she was one of the Academy's top two cadets, she was safe from expulsion. However, after Jacob reminded her of what that decision would cost, she came to the sobering realization that she had to stay.
  • Tyler learning of Sophie and Kate's relationship as cadets from a tearful Sophie.
  • Kate breaking down in tears when she opens the gift Sophie gave her: her old sharpshooting medal, which Sophie had kept all those years. And that's after she and Sophie part romantic ways again.

     1x08: A Mad Tea-Party 
  • Alice poisons Catherine and Mary and gives them a Sadistic Choice about who will get the antidote. Naturally, Catherine tells Mary to take the antidote, and despite Mary hoping that someone will come in time to save her mom, Catherine dies. And to make matters worse, Jacob is framed for her murder.
  • Catherine reveals she's known all along about Mary's clinic and is proud of her work.
  • Tyler and Sophie separate, leaving Sophie in tears.
  • The good will between Kate and Mary from the previous episode is lost as Mary, in her grief over Catherine's death, blames Kate and rejects her attempt to provide comfort.
    • Especially Kate feeling guilty for vilifying Catherine who was only trying to take away her and Jacob's pain.
    Mary: You know how she died? Exactly the way that Alice planned it. Slowly and in pain. And the only way for her to save herself was for me to die, and she sure as hell wasn't about to let that happen because she is not the horrible person that you and Alice claim that she is. You... you are literally the last person who can bring me comfort right now. I'm gonna ask you again, Kate. Is Alice worth it?
    Kate: ... no.
    Mary: Finally. Too bad it's too late.
  • Catherine learns that the Jacob who seemingly forgave her was an imposter. The last time they spoke, Jacob was angry with her and didn't want to speak to her. So she died thinking Jacob still hated her, while Jacob never even got a chance to reconcile with her.
  • Throughout the season so far, Kate thought she was reaching Alice. She thought she was making progress, since Alice hadn't tried to kill her and Jacob so far. But it turns out she only kept them alive to make them suffer as they are now. This realization may have contributed to Kate giving up trying to "save" her sister.

     1x11: An Un-Birthday Present 
  • In a messed up way, everything about Alternate!Beth. Sure, it's sweet that Kate has a version of her sister back, but it's also a painful reminder of everything that Kate could have had with her own Beth if the crash had turned out slightly differently. Kate openly notes how everyone said that if she'd gone into the back, she'd have died too but now knows that would have saved Beth.
    • Look at it from Alt!Beth's point of view: As far as she knows, she's always had a great relationship with her loving sister and her dad and a good life. Now, her world is gone and she's stuck in one where she's become a psychotic murderer.
    • When Kate attacks Alt!Beth, she runs off. Kate finds her on where either would be on their birthday, a park they played at as kids. She finds Alt!Beth, tearful as she's discovered no one on this world knows her and she has no home.
    Alt!Beth: What is going on?
    Kate: My wish came true.
  • Mary gets Alt!Beth to look just like Alice and confesses how terrifying it is. Alt!Beth admits she can't help but feel responsible knowing that, if not for one event, she could have turned out the same way.

     1x12: Take Your Choice 
  • Jacob never got to meet Alt!Beth.
  • Kate has to make a very difficult decision. She wants to save both versions of her sister, but there can be only one. She chooses let Alice die and keeps her company in her final moments, both of them shedding tears. In the end, it was all for nothing when Alt!Beth is killed by Mouse's father.
  • Cartwright has now destroyed Beth twice. The first time took years of calculated abuse and coercion; the second time took half a second with a sniper rifle and a simple misidentification.

     1x14: Grinning From Ear To Ear 
  • Sophie being basically disowned by her mom for being homosexual.

     1x15: Off With Her Head 
  • Alice's backstory gets even more horrific, with additional abuse at the hands of Cartwright's mother and her learning that Cartwright kept Gabi Kane's head frozen for years, with the intent of using it to repair his mother's looks.
  • Kate reaching her Rage Breaking Point from Cartwright telling her he desecrated her mother's corpse, and accidentally murdering him in response. Alice rubbing Jacob's face in the fact that now both of his daughters are murderers just amplifies things, especially when one recalls that Jacob wanted to keep Kate from having to kill anyone during her Army career.
  • Distraught over accidentally killing Cartwright, Kate tried to text Sophie for comfort. When Sophie replied "It's late, what happened?", Kate hesitated to answer, so she erased her text and put her phone back in her pocket.

     1x20: Oh Mouse! 
  • Kate's realization that Jacob hates Batwoman so much that he was prepared to kill her, not realizing that she's his daughter nearly sends her into the Despair Event Horizon.
  • Alice poisons Mouse because she's unable to bear the thought of losing him... which, of course, means that she loses him anyway. That Alice would kill Mouse, her only real friend, is sad enough. That she recognizes that this doesn't even benefit her and does it anyway is downright tragic.

  • A production assistant was left paralyzed after an unfortunate accident on the set.
  • Ruby Rose leaving the show after the first season. The news was met with utter shock by the fandom, especially after the whole harassment campaign against her.

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