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Please arrange the entries according to seasons, as shown in Smallville.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 

  • "Metamorphosis": After the opening credits sees Clark floating over Lana (which turned out to be a dream), he wakes up in mid-air and falls on his bed, breaking it in the process. Later, Martha calls him for something, the look on Clark's face afterwards is quite funny.
    Martha: Clark! We're leaving for the farmers' market in 15 minutes, and you haven't done your chores yet.
  • "X-Ray" featured a shapeshifter framing people for various crimes. After Lex Luthor has been framed for robbing a bank:
    Lex: I'm not a criminal mastermind.
    Clark: True; a criminal mastermind would have worn a mask.
  • In "Jitters," Clark throws a party while his parents are out of town. He returns home to find the house an absolute mess, so he uses his Super-Speed to quickly clean up before his parents come back home. Clark finishes cleaning up the house within a matter of minutes, and sits down, satisfied with his work. Cue Sarcastic Clapping from Jonathan, who's standing several feet away with Martha.
    • This dialogue:
    Gabe Sullivan: Welcome to LuthorCorp. Where we give a crap.
    Chloe: (to Clark) Okay, somebody kill me now.

    Clark: I heard there was a third level to the plant, is that true?
    Gabe: Yeah, that's where we do the alien autopsies.
    Chloe: (to Clark) Don't encourage him.
  • "Hug":
    • A good guy with Mind Control powers demonstrates by making Chloe kiss Clark, with a small smirk.
      Chloe: What? Why are you looking at me like that? And why is my mouth minty?
      Clark: Let's just say he proved his point. (rubs his mouth)
      Chloe: Oh, God, did I just—
      Clark: Don't worry; it was...fine.
    • Lex's reaction when Clark uses his Super-Speed.
      Lex:'ve got some explaining to do.
  • "Stray": The two bad guys boot Lex out of his own limo and drive off in it.
  • "Drone": Chloe's absolute burn on Felice:
    Paul: Hey, Chloe, what about the editorial? You can only endorse one candidate, so who's it gonna be?
    Felice: Who cares? No matter what she says, people are gonna vote for me.
    (Felice gets a murderous look on her face)
  • "Crush": Clark explaining his love life to Lex, supposedly hypothetically:
    Clark: I've got these two amazing friends who happen to be girls.
    Lex: For argument's sake, let's call them "Lana" and "Chloe."
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The idea of LEX LUTHOR playing Match Maker with Clark and Lana in a few episodes. Just...let that sink in for a minute of who he is playing matchmaker for.

    Season 2 

  • "Heat":
    Chloe: Clark Kent seems to be immune to some members of the opposite sex.
    • Martha and Jonathan's awkward behavior and explanations after Clark tells them he was watching a sex ed film when his heat vision flared up.
    • Clark and Jonathan try practicing heat vision outside. Clark has a hard time getting it to work, and Jonathan quickly gets the hint that it'll probably be better if Clark were alone, so he heads off after giving Clark a sheepish "sorry." Oh, and he pats Clark on the shoulder as he walks away.
    • When Clark successfully sets a scarecrow on fire, Jonathan just laughs lightheartedly.
  • "Red": Chloe delivers this immortal line as Clark starts acting strange:
  • "Visitor": The only way it would be funnier was if the camera caught Clark's face.
    Chloe: Hey, Kent! I know your secret! (Beat) Lana told me you let her board Whitney's horse here!
    Clark: Uh, yeah, that. Right.

    Season 3 

    Season 4 

  • "Crusade":
    • When Lois sees the naked Clark, she starts chanting, "Look at his face." but her eyes remain glued to his groin.
    • When an amnesiac Clark drops his blanket in the hospital, some short old lady rushes forward. She clearly appreciates the view.
  • "Gone": The scene where Martha catches Clark in a Not What It Looks Like situation with Lois in the bathroom. The expression an Clark's face is priceless.
  • "Devoted": Chloe accidentally drinks a kryptonite solution that makes her go crazy (well, crazier) on Clark.
    Chloe: Who needs the Torch? Especially if you're not gonna be there.
    Clark: Right. But that still doesn't answer why you're only football jersey.
    Clark: Like what? (Chloe's hand slides down his chest towards his crotch) Chloe...Chloe! (grabs her hand and pets it awkwardly) Hey, Chloe, are you feeling okay?
    Chloe: I never felt happier. (straddles him) Clark, can't you see? I'm devoted to you. I love you, Clark. (she kisses Clark)
    • Unlike the other times when something makes Chloe go crazy over him, what happened next is never shown. Add that to how Clark stops struggling and closes his eyes, and there is some good fuel for wishful thinking of Chloe/Clark fans.
      • Unfortunately, it was later (awkwardly) confirmed he is still a virgin in "Spell."
  • "Run"
    • Clark breaks into Lex's mansion in the middle of the night to examine an artifact when Bart Allen super speeds and steals it before he can react. This sets off the security system and Lex catches Clark standing in the middle of the room at possibly 3 in the morning. Clark plays dumb and says he was just there to visit when something unexplainable happened. This gem happens later when Clark visits Lex.
    Lex: Clark... it's good to see you keeping normal hours!
  • "Transference":
    Edgar Cole: Is that really you in there, Lionel?
    Lionel-as-Clark: No, it's the Easter Bunny.
    • Lionel-as-Clark gets to hug Martha...causing him to set the tractor on fire.
    • Lionel's reaction to Jonathan patting him on the back is to pat him back after wondering what the hell that even was.
    • Lionel-as-Clark being told to lift the tractor. Starting with being utterly incredulous that Jonathan apparently expects him to do it bare-handed, then realizing that he can lift the whole thing over his head completely.
  • "Spell":
    • Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, having successfully made Lana her vessel, turns Lois and Chloe into vessels for the rest of her coven, which is played up as the worst possible thing...until it's revealed that they're both bimboes.
    Witch!Lois: I'm gorgeous! (gropes herself) Look at these!
    Witch!Lana: (fedup tones) Yes. They're nice.
    • The fact that the witches have a Wild Teen Party spell. Rave!Clark is worth a few laughs in itself.
  • "Bound":
    • Chloe and Clark try to solve the murder of the girl Lex had sex with the night before...
    Chloe: Let's re-enact the event, okay? So Lex had Eve up against this wall right here, so...okay, come on, big boy, it's for the cause of truth and justice. Now push me up against the wall.
    Clark: I don't think—
    Chloe: And her hand was like this...and I think his hand was like this.
    • After she pushed and pulled Clark around for a bit, they end up with their faces about an inch from each other. Chloe suddenly realizes and gives a cutely awkward little "Hi." Clark actually leans in a bit to kiss her... Unfortunately, the Moment Killer(s) arrive in the form of a woman and her two kids. Especially funny due to the fact that, unlike in most cases, Clark realizes what is happening long before Chloe does, who is the clueless one this time.
  • "Unsafe":
    • Chloe and Lana talking about sex. Just think about it.
    • Clark and Alicia's Vegas wedding, with a flustered minister who just gets more flustered when they speed off with Clark's super speed, and Alicia in a bridal carry.
  • "Pariah": Chloe and Lois singing a wild rock song in the Talon.
    • After Lois accidentally reveals that Clark and Alicia married, there is a small silence, then Lana makes this comment:
    Lana: I think I've seen enough for one night.
    • Then a random guy trying to ask Lois out in front of Clark and Chloe.
  • "Recruit": Chloe making playful jabs at Clark's secret, which she has already learnt but Clark doesn't know she knows, as well as helping him make awkward excuses to Lois in this and some following episodes.
  • "Spirit":
    • Dawn flirting with Clark before realizing she is IN MARTHA'S BODY.
      • Just about everything from when Dawn is in Martha’s body qualifies, from the body language, facial expressions, and Death Glares, to the ridiculously funny line delivery. Annette O'Toole convincingly plays Dawn’s pettiness and jealousy to the hilt.
    • Hilarity Ensues, of course, with lots of Out of Character moments.
      Dawn-as-Clark: Crown's mine, bitch!
      • To explain, Dawn Stiles becomes a meteor freak after getting into a coma, and her spirit possesses the bodies of Lana, Martha, Lois, Chloe and, finally, Clark.
  • "Blank": Clark with total amnesia.
    • He accidentally tears off the door of his own house. Chloe tries to cover for him in front of Lois.
    • He triggers his X-Ray Vision in front of Chloe, who instinctively draws her coat over her chest.
    • Firing his heat vision when he sees Lana. Lust in first sight, indeed. May count for a Tear Jerker in a different angle.
    • The freak of the week is getting away in a motorcycle and Chloe yells at Clark to run after it. When he does, he easily overshoots the motorcycle, passing it in slow motion with a confused expression.
  • "Ageless": Clark and Lana pick up a child in the field. He refers to Lana as "Mom" and Clark as "Dad." Then he starts talking about everyone has parents who love each other, jumping into unbearable territory of Narm for anyone who isn't a Clana fan.

    Season 5 

  • "Mortal": Chloe goes into Oracle mode and breaks in a LuthorCorp facility with Clark.
    Clark: Are you sure this is gonna work?
    Chloe: You got a better plan?
    Clark: Well, I mean, normally I'd just rip open the door, then Super-Speed past the surveillance cameras and somehow open the vault or whatever with my...heat vision.
    Chloe: So what you're saying is that now that you're human, you have absolutely no useful skills?
    Clark: Not so much.
    • And then...
    Clark: (crawling through ventilation ducts) I'm goin' in circles!
    Chloe: No, you're not. It just feels that way because you're in a confined space with no visual markers.
    Clark: This is impossible, it's a million degrees in here!
    Clark: Pete was a lot better at pep talks in these situations.
    Chloe: Pete!?
    Clark: (hits his head) Ow!
    Chloe: You told Pete your secret?!
    Clark: I kinda had to; he saw my ship.
    Chloe: What?! Pete got to see your spaceship?!
  • "Hidden": After having sex, Lana and Clark "accidentally" fell asleep in Clark's bed. In the morning, they try to sneak out, but of course they fail. Clark gives one of his priceless I Can Explain moments. Jonathan decides to give him a lecture. Then Chloe comes in...
    Chloe: Knock, knock. Okay, I just passed Lana flying out of here. What would she be doing here at six...thirty... (realizes) ...oh.
    • During that last line, Clark starts to stand up from the table, but Jonathan stops him.
  • "Exposed":
    • Lois and Chloe sneak into a night club and Lois ends up going undercover as a strip dancer, but sadly not Chloe. She is too busy trying not to laugh as she makes Lois do all the hard work.
    • Then Lois goes sitting in Clark's lap...wearing nothing but a bikini.
  • "Solitude": Lex responds to Lois' incessant snarking about his campaign.
    Lex: There's nothing more valuable than the savvy political advice of a muffin-peddling college dropout. Speaking of, do you have banana blueberry today?
  • "Lexmas": There's something oddly amusing about Lex's utter confusion at his dream.
  • "Fanatic":
    • As the only bright spot in this otherwise pretty bad episode, Clark actually complains about his sex life with Lana, to Chloe, who struggles to keep a straight face.
    • Jonathan's bid for state senator involves a campaign manager who takes things too far and makes the Kents doll up lavishly, even putting a lavish office set inside the Kent house.
    Lois: I feel like some mob hitman is going to come out of the shadows and plug me.
  • "Lockdown": Picking up from "Fanatic," Lana complaining that Clark kisses her like a cousin could be rather Narmy. Wonder what Chloe would say if she hears that...
    • After some Angsting, Clark runs off to Chloe to complain more...
    Chloe: Clark! Can you at least put on the brakes before you tornado my homework?
    • Then he asks her to dig up something about the bad guy of the week.
    Chloe: Sorry, Clark, but I don't have a Super-Speed mode. Get out of here. (she pushes Clark away from the computer) But I am the slickest blonde you'll ever meet.
    Chloe: Clark, that's where they must be. (Clark super-speeds off) Damn, I wish I could do that.
  • "Vengeance": Clark and Chloe playing mugger and Damsel in Distress (many times) in an attempt to lure a vigilante into the open.
    Chloe: (slightly exasperated) No! Help!
    Clark: You got to give it some feeling, some passion.
    Chloe: STOOOOOOOOOOP! (said vigilante drops behind Clark)
  • "Aqua":
    • Clark diving into the water to save Lois only to get knocked out of the way by newcomer Arthur "A.C" Curry A.K.A Aquaman.
    • Lois' reaction as A.C flirts with her
    Lois: (on A.C's wardrobe) This whole orange and green thing you got going on? Looks like Flipper threw up.
    • All the fish puns.
    • When Clark suggests him and A.C try to talk to Lex and have him shut down project Leviathan.
    A.C: Let's have a word with the cue-ball.
  • "Hypnotic":
    • Lana dropping a blatant hint about Chloe working overtime and being all alone in the dorm. Clark makes up a lame excuse.
    • Martha is mind-controlled and points a rifle at Lois. Chloe shows up and knocks her out.
    Lois: Hello! The woman was about to wallpaper her living room with my brain matter.
    • A mind-controlled Clark knocks out Lois with a simple tap on the head.
  • Lionel advises Lex not to tell the press about Clark punching him out over Lana.
    Lex: I have a small army of political consultants, Dad. Last time I checked, you're not on the payroll.
    Lionel: And last time I checked, Lana Lang had a boyfriend, and I don't think she's in the market for a spare.
  • "Oracle": The ghost of Jonathan apparently returned to warn Clark about Lionel.
    Clark: Look for anything my dad might be warning me about.
    Chloe: I can't exactly search for a file named "My Evil Scheme."

    Season 6 

  • "Zod": After their Big Damn Now or Never Kiss in Vessel...
    Chloe: Clark! Oh my God, I thought you were dead! (she runs into his arms)
    Clark: Hi. Um... So did I, for a while there.
    Chloe: What happened? Where did you go?
    Clark: A place I never want to go again. Are you okay?
    Chloe: Yeah, everything's great now that you're here. (they embrace again)
    Clark: Um, yeah. neither.
    • How did Allison Mack deliver that line with a straight face?
  • "Sneeze": Clark develops Super-Breath.
    Clark: (about to sneeze) AAAAAH!!!
    Chloe: NO! (desperately shields her papers)
    Clark: Just kidding.
    • Clark and Chloe arranges a totally-not-a-date at the lake. Clark uses his Super-Breath to clear the skies of clouds.
    • There was an article about Lex donating millions to help rebuild, and Clark told Chloe that he has bigger news. "I sneezed."
    • When Lois notices Clark is sick and tries to humor him:
    Lois: Uh oh, does Clarky have the sniffles?
    (Clark reacts by giving her a look that says "really?")
    • Also, Martha and Clark's panic when Lois says she'll fix up the cure for his cold, which is tea that requires honey and cayenne pepper that help make one sneeze.
  • "Fallout": After finding out Lex was studying the black box holding Brainiac, Jimmy gives us this gem:
    Jimmy: Do you know what this means, Chloe? Lex is working...with the Egyptians!
  • "Subterranean": When Clark leaves to investigate the freak of the week, Jimmy tells Chloe she doesn't have to cover for him...turns out Jimmy got the wrong idea and thinks he is in love with Chloe and is jealous of their relationship. Well, he is, deep down, but is it that obvious?
    • Then at the end of the episode, Jimmy confronts Clark about it. Chloe's expression is priceless.
  • "Justice":
    Bart: I Want a lawyer.
    Lex: And I want a ponytail.
    • Then there's this:
    Victor (to A.C.): Ollie had to save your scaly butt from getting filleted!
    A.C. (to Clark): (chuckles) I would have gotten out of it.
    Oliver: Oh, really? Before or after they packed you into a thousand little tin cans?
    Victor: But at least... he would have been dolphin-safe.
    A.C.: (frustrated) Fish jokes. All I get are fish jokes!
  • "Crimson":
    • Jimmy and his unwitting accomplice Chloe attempts to get Lois and Clark together at a Valentine's Day party. Chloe is not amused. The fans are.
    Jimmynote : You got to admit, they got chemistry.
    Chloe: Yeah, so do nitroglycerin and peroxide, and I don't suggest putting them together.
    • Lois is dosed with a love potion lipstick and goes after Clark. Clark escapes and try to get Chloe to help him, but Lois finds him. Chloe makes a very quick excuse and flees the scene.
    Martha: You're the only one who can sort that out.
    • When Lois shows up at the Kent Farm after being exposed to the love potion with a Whitesnake mix CD she made for Clark, Clark distracts her by telling her to put the CD in the player. And when Lois' back is turned, he makes a speedy exit.
  • "Freak": In an otherwise pretty nightmarish episode, when Chloe asks Daniel what happened last night, he somewhat apologetically asks if they had sex because he was really drunk and didn't remember anything. Turns out he had his memory at Lex's secret lab wiped and the same happens to Chloe later. Although considering the pain and humiliation she went through in Lex's hands, it's probably for the best.
  • "Nemesis": Chloe demonstrates again how Clark and her are Like an Old Married Couple.
    Chloe: (leaving a voicemail) Hey, Clark, it's me. Again. Where are you? I feel like your stalker ex-girlfriend...even though I was never...your girlfriendnote was just an analogy, a bad one. I'm sorry, this is awkward... okay, call me. Bye.
  • "Noir": When the bad guy shoves Chloe off a balcony and down many floors, Clark catches her in his arms at the last moment.
    Chloe: You didn't have to wait until the last second, you know.
    Clark: What fun would that be?

    Season 7 

  • "Bizarro": An unfortunately slightly Narmy scene of Chloe Waking Up at the Morgue. When Clark finds her, she tells him to turn around so she could get some clothes on, which he obeyed for less than five seconds before peeking rather obviously.
    • After being groped by Bizarro, Lois confronts Clark, who is clueless, about it. Chloe is amused. Clark isn't.
  • "Kara": Kara poking fun at Clark's inability to fly.
    Kara: I guess the humans were right, Kal-El. Girls do mature faster than boys.
  • "Fierce": Kara has an immediate crush on Jimmy Olsen that triggers her heat vision, which is caused by sexual thoughts.
    • She then appears in front of Clark and Lana. In a bikini. Clark tells her to get...covered.
      • Look at the background when he tells her that. Lana is struggling to hold her laughter.
    • Clark makes Kara hone her heat vision using a watermelon. He demonstrates his own heat vision, perfectly drawing eyes and a smile on the watermalon. Kara isn't so good, and the results end up all over Clark.
  • "Lara": Kara seducing a nerdy lab technician.
    • Jimmy finds Kara using his computer, and he tells her to feel free...
    Jimmy: ...Unless you are hacking into national security networks. (camera pans to show the screen) Which is exactly what you are doing.
  • "Wrath": After hanging out with Clark who seems to be a little too nice...
    Lana: Normally that kind of romance comes with a tag that said "sorry I wrecked your car" or "I accidentally slept with your sister."note 
    • Lana then receives Clark's abilities and they proceed to have sex now they don't have the Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex problems, which causes earthquakes all over Smallville. A bemused Chloe comes to investigate and correctly guesses what happened.
  • "Gemini": Clark (later revealed to actually be Bizarro) super-speeds into an elevator to get rid of a bomb when Chloe and Jimmy are locked in a Now or Never Kiss. We are treated to a nice long shot of Clark's special stunned expression reserved for times when he sees Chloe being intimate with another guy.
  • "Persona": Bizarro breaks into the Fortress of Solitude. Jor-El orders him to get out, and Bizarro answers "You're just a voice. What are you going to do, lecture me to death?"
  • He may be an Omnicidal Maniac, but Brainiac's Deadpan Snarker tendencies earn him one as well in the following exchange, while still showcasing his arrogance and self-absorption.
    Bizarro: If you're lying to me, I will find you and finish what Kent started.
    Brainiac: Lying to you would be like lying to a mollusk—there's no point.
  • "Sleeper": Jimmy and Chloe have a sexy dance while Chloe is working on something with the Justice League and Jimmy is trying to spy on it. James Bond style. It is actually rather Out of Character, but it is So Bad, It's Good.
  • "Arctic":
    Chloe: (exposes Kara to kryptonite) Why isn't it working?
    Brainiac-as-Kara: Check the expiration date?
    Brainiac: I remember you. Always sticking your pretty little head where it doesn't belong.

    Season 8 

  • "Plastique": Davis subtly flirts with Chloe. She immediately shoots him down by flashing her engagement ring from Jimmy. Davis got the wrong idea, just like everyone else.
    Davis: I met your fiancée. Clark, congratulations. She's a real catch.
    Clark: I'm getting married?
    Davis: Well, I thought that— 'cause I thought you and Chloe were together, and you seemed pretty close. When she said she was engaged...
    Clark: Chloe's engaged?
    Davis: Oh, man, okay, my brain's completely gone completely D.O.A. Clark, she said she hadn't told anyone yet. Do me a favor. Don't tell her I said anything. (leaves)
    Clark: (stunned) I won't reveal my source.
  • "Toxic":
    Oliver: (capturing a centipede) All right, here's the deal. Normally I don't eat anything with more than ninety-nine legs on it, but I haven't eaten in days. Kind of a bummer for both of us, right? (Beat) Okay, you win, go.
  • "Committed": Clark and Lois goes to Chloe and Jimmy's apartment and find a...very romantically decorated bed. And a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs. After being kidnapped and released, Chloe finds the handcuffs and wonders if it is his idea of a twisted joke.
    Lois: Ho-ho. Guess the Olsen's not so wholesome.
  • "Prey": Chloe trying (and failing) to cure Clark of his Chronic Hero Syndrome.
    Chloe: You know when I suggested we have dinner and a movie night, I didn't exactly think $3.99 Special number 2 combo with cheese and a droning police blotter was what I had in mind. (Clark fails to respond) Not to mention the communication skills of a paperweight.
    Clark: I'm sorry?
    Chloe: Whoa! Look who decided to join the conversation!
  • In "Bloodline," when Lois explains why she wants to move in with Clark:
    Lois: You try sharing walls with pre-wedding Chloe and Jimmy.
    • Later, Davis Bloome gets a great comedic Oh, Crap! look when he encounters Lois (possessed by Zod's wife Faora) who claims to be his mom.
  • "Bride": Lois and Clark making a video for Chloe's wedding.
    Lois: And remember what the General always says: "Marriage is the only war where you get to sleep with the enemy." (Beat) You can edit that last part out, right?
    • Later, when Lois teaches Clark about wearing cuff links. Her expression afterwards...:
  • "Hex": Chloe wished to become Lois. Zatanna complies. Hilarity Ensues. Be Careful What You Wish For.
    • Chloe being way too nice to pass as Lois. She remembers Lois calls him "Smallville" and does just that.
    • Clark keeps calling Chloe "Lois." Not helped when Zatanna wipes all his memories of being Kal-El. He refuses to believe himself to be superhuman and Chloe tries crazy and crazier methods to help him remember.
    • Clark later called 911 for help after Chloe-as-Lois had asked him if he wasn't going to do something to break up a fight.
      • What sells it is, when she tells him he needs to do something, Clark nods, heroically says "You're right," badassly draws his cell phone, and states in the most narmtastic tone of voice that he'd like to report a crime in progress.
    • Just look at the quotes section of the wiki page.
  • "Injustice": Tess walks into her bedroom and finds Oliver naked in her bed:
    Tess: Where the hell are your pants?
    Oliver: Yeah. Yeah, I hid my pants.
  • "Doomsday": Jimmy finds out that Clark is the Red/Blue Blur:
    Jimmy: It's like you're some super.....guy!

    Season 9 

  • In "Rabid", Clark asks Emil if he suffers from motion sickness (or something). "No, not really. Why do you ask?" Clark grabs Emil and takes off at Super-Speed, arriving at Metropolis General within minutes. After arrival, Emil looks completely unfazed by the whole experience.
    • Later Emil also has a completely subdued reaction to finding out that Clark is an alien: a calm "Well, that explains a lot."
  • "Absolute Justice, Part 1": Finally a little something in a very dark season.
    Chloe: Big sister's watching.
    Oliver: Is that my e-mail? Chloe, I'll have you know that those messages between me and Canary were purely platonic.
    • Chloe asks for the JSA's computer. Stargirl unveils the mid-eighties antique that passes as such. Chloe clearly wasn't expecting an antique.
      • Just to add to the funny, Star Girl affectionately wipes some dust off the computer as Chloe continues to stare in surprise
    • Green Arrow and Hawkman are pulling stakeout duty, and clearly are not getting along.
    Green Arrow: What are you, my baby sitter?
    Hawkman:(Grinning) Think of me as your parole officer...with a mace.
    • Lois walks into the JSA headquarters, lampshading horror movie tropes. Doctor Fate pops out of the shadows behinds her, scaring the bejesus out of her, and she comments on his appearance, resulting in this little exchange:
    Lois: Nice helmet.
    Doctor Fate:( pleasantly ) Thank you.
  • "Warrior": Clark exasperatedly fishes a tin can out of a bin and beans a fleeing criminal in the head with it from about 50 yards away.
  • "Escape": Clark is singing in the shower, minding his own business... Then Chloe walks in wearing nothing except a towel.
    Clark: (pulls the shower curtains apart) Chloe? (hurriedly covers himself with the curtain) What are you doing here?
    Chloe: Well, I thought I would join you. (unfastens the towel and letting it drop on to the floor with a deliciously mischievous expression)
    Clark: (immediately looks away) Yeah, I can see that. (grabs a towel and wraps it around himself) At least, I'm trying to not see that. (furtively steals another glance) Um, you know, I'm done here, so the shower is yours.
    Chloe: (grabs Clark's shoulders) It's not the shower I want.
    Clark: (pushes her away) Chloe, how much wine did you have to drink at dinner?
    Chloe: (does a little swirl and ends up very close to Clark) Why, you want to share another bottle? Or maybe we could just go for a moonlit walk in the woods?
    Clark: I don't think that Oliver would appreciate it.
    (Lois walks in)
    Lois: Oh my God.
    Clark: (pushes Chloe away again and holds her awkwardly) I Can Explain, sort of. Chloe...
    Lois: You do that. Try to explain in over breakfast maybe next century. (holding up a bottle of lotion) This, I won't be needing. (hands it to Chloe, and the Silver Banshee transfers from Chloe to Lois)
    Clark: (Chloe faints in his arms) Chloe. Chloe?
    Chloe: (weakly) Clark? (sees his bare chest) What are you doing?
    Clark: What are you doing?
    Chloe: Where are my clothes!?
    Clark: I don't know.
    Chloe: What's going on!? (freaks out and runs away)
    • And so both girls are mad with him. This is a very common occurrence to Clark. After they get dressed...
    Clark: You don't remember seeing... (gestures to himself)
    Chloe: No, God, I definitely don't remember seeing that. (realizes) What...wait a minute...was I...did you see... (Clark looks shifty) Oh God...
    Chloe: Okay, so not that I haven't seen enough of Clark Kent's tonight...
    Clark: I don't like where this is going.
    Chloe: You took Lois on a romantic getaway to some sort of a bed-and-breakfast. And while I doubt that the whole breakfast part poses any problem, I seem to recall you having some concern about the beds, and non-powered people, and what would happen in the beds with the non-powered people...
    Clark: Okay, stop!
    Chloe: Thank you.
    Clark: My training with Jor-El has helped me to manage my powers better. Let's just say that I'm in control. Of everything.

    Season 10 

  • Clark attempting to fly in "Supergirl."
  • "Homecoming": When Braniac 5 finally finds Clark in the future, he tells him "the next time you decide to defy me, don't strand me back in the dark age"...which implies that Braniac 5 had to wait 7 years in order to meet up with Clark again and get his ring back.
    • Clark's conversation with Lois in the future, especially Lois wondering what was wrong with Clark:
      "Oh no, Kryptonite again. Blue? Red? Not green. Please tell me it's not the black because that was a disaster."
  • In "Isis", Cat Grant reveals to Tess her suspicions that Lois is the Blur. Tess' to bust out laughing her ass off at Cat's cluelessness. Which gets Cat to leave the room in a huff.
  • "Patriot":
    Clark: This isn't a social call.
    Lois: And I am? We practically share a desk chair, but now I'm still not the real work wife.
    Tess: Sorry to interrupt "The Real Housewives of Metropolis"...
    • Gets funnier when you notice the parallel, just like how Lana is jealous of what Clark shares with Chloe. Tess and Chloe also had a moment of similarity before.
  • "Icarus": Oliver and Carter in General Slade Wilson's office, bickering. At one point, Carter reaches over Oliver's shoulder and hits keys on the keyboard like it's a typewriter.
    Carter: I miss my typewriter.
    Oliver: You miss the telegraph. (waves him off) Move over, eight-track.
  • "Fortune": Pretty much all of it. Especially when our heroes see a videotape of everything that happened on their drunken night of partying.
    • The whole thing starts with Clark opening a cupboard and a still-not-sober Chloe tumbling out of it wearing a wedding dress.
    Clark: You don't think we...?
    Chloe: Exchanged vows?
    Clark: Uh, well, I mean...
    Chloe: Said "I do"?
    Clark: ...both...
    Chloe: Did the deed? God, don't say the word "consummate." The answer has to be "no."
    • Best part has to be Oliver dressed as a showgirl.
    • Or Clark staggering up with a giant LuthorCorp logo that he's presumably just ripped off a building.
    • Then there's Emil and Tess, who not only end up doing an Elvis impression in front of hundreds of people (the look on Clark's face when he sees them is priceless), but make a Home Porn Movie to boot. It's hysterical. And Tess' reaction is priceless.
      • This troper found Emil's initial reaction hysterical:
    • In the panic to get the camera turned off, there's two particularly amusing things: Emil jumps over the couch, and Tess, resident Mission Control and Evil Genius, takes way too long to figure out how to disconnect a simple camcorder.
    • A still-kinda-drunk Clark takes off at Super-Speed, only to crash into a wall and fall over.
  • "Kent": When Lois complains that Clark is not going to like the fact that Emil and Tess stole the Alternate Universe mirror box that Clark thought he destroyed, a box that Emil is currently using to try to save Clark from Earth-2, Emil gives her a rather hilariously tired look and just says "Yeah, well, maybe he'll feel different when it saves his life."

  • "Dominion": The communicator Clark and Oliver were using to keep in touch with Watchtower loses its signal, cutting them off from Tess and Lois. Tess rambles about how the only possible explanations are that the signal was blocked or that the communicator (which is on Clark's wrist) was destroyed. The Oh, Crap! look on Tess's face when she realizes that she just casually implied that Clark was dead to Lois was honestly hilarious.
    • In the same episode, there's something oddly amusing about Consummate Liar Tess completely failing at lying to Lois when she's trying to hide the fact that she's been instructed to destroy the gate to the Phantom Zone if Clark and Oliver don't get back in a certain amount of time.
  • "Prophecy": Powered-up Lois and de-powered Clark are staking out a suspicious business. Clark asks Lois to utilize super-hearing to find out what the people inside are scheming. The funny bit comes when Lois, perhaps unintentionally, seems to mock that particular ability in response:
    Lois: Right. And a big part of that is the squinty head-tilt, yes?
    Clark: (icy tone) Apparently.


  • Anytime Chloe delivers one of her trademark snarks. It would make anyone laugh.
    • Clark himself has his snarky moments, such as the above-mentioned "a criminal mastermind would have worn a mask" line.
  • Pretty much, whenever a character is not their normal self, there's bound to be a funny moment or two within that time frame.
  • We also have this lovely exchange between Tess and Oliver in a Season 9 episode:
    Tess: I can't believe you wear tights.
    Oliver: They're not tights.
    Tess: They look like tights.

    Meta and Out of Canon 

  • The commentary for the Season 2 episode "Red" has plenty of hilarious moments between Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Kristin Kreuk, producer/director Greg Beeman, and producer/director James Marshall, such as Tom's impressions of Gollum and Keanu Reeves, and one of the producers shouting "MALACHI!" after Michael makes reference to Children of the Corn (1984).
  • In the commentary for the Season 3 episode "Truth," as the theme music plays:
    Allison Mack (Chloe): Remy Zero broke up, did you hear about that?
    James Marshall (director): Who got the house?
    • And there is this:
    • At the scene when Pete suddenly kisses Chloe:
    Allison: Tom kept laughing when Sam would kiss me...we had to do that like twenty times.
    • A slightly irrelevant one: Allison said she once went to watch a film with John Glover and Kristin Kreuk (Lana). It got slightly uncomfortable when it turns out to have some rather...unpleasantly explicit scenes because Allison doesn't think Kristin is a fan of that kind of stuff. Turns out Kristen always had the book.
  • This fan's rather extraordinary reaction to the season finale.
    "Yes! Yes! YES! AMERICA!!!"
  • The Hilarious Outtakes:
    • "I want you to do what you do"
    • Michael Rosenbaum is Back for the Finale, meaning Tom Welling decides to troll the hell out of him during their scene.
      Tom: Lex!
      Michael: No! I have to say "Hello, Clark" and the whole thing about your place, here we go!
      Tom: Lex!
      Michael:...I hate you right now, I'm gonna hate your whole family.