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Season One

    Episode 1: Pilot 
  • This little exchange:
    Tommy: Have you noticed how hot your sister's gotten? [look from Oliver] Because I have not.
  • And
    Tommy: Your funeral blew.
    Oliver: Did you get lucky?
    Tommy: Fish in a barrel. They were so sad...
    Oliver: Oh, no!
    Tommy: ...and huggy. And I am counting on another target-rich environment for your welcome-home bash.
  • The Take That! delivered at Twilight:
    Oliver: What's Twilight?
    Tommy: You're so better off not knowing.

    Episode 3: Lone Gunman 
  • Oliver takes a laptop to Felicity to get her to pull information off it claiming it was damaged when he spilled coffee on it. Felicity points out that the laptop has bullet holes in it.

    Episode 4: An Innocent Man 
  • Oliver tries to convince Diggle to join his crusade, then ditches his new bodyguard Rob when he shows up, leading to the following exchange.
    Oliver: Gotta use the bathroom.
    [He leaves. Solid minute of silence before Dig turns to Rob]
    Diggle: Oh, that boy's long gone, man.
  • Also, Ollie ditching his new bodyguard the first time, even though the guy knows Oliver's a flight hazard? Funny. The little wave he gives Rob as he zooms past on his motorbike? Hilarious.
  • Diggle being a fanboy over Oliver's gadgets.
    Diggle: Oh, that's sweet.
  • The quick Take That! at Black Canary's infamous fishnet stockings, delivered by her comic identity no less.
  • When Thea starts to think that Oliver is the masked vigilante because he got her an arrowhead, he delivers this brilliant quip.
    Oliver: Good thing I didn't get you the panda shot glass or you'd think I was Panda Man.
  • Oliver introduces himself to Diggle's sister-in-law who says she knows who he is. Which prompts this response from Diggle (who has just learned Oliver's secret identity):
    Diggle: You really don't.

    Episode 7: Muse Of Fire 

    Episode 9: Year's End 
  • Felicity saying that she doesn't understand why archery is all the rage, and that she finds it ridiculous in front of Oliver... Ah, the good old days when she didn't know better.
  • When Oliver meets Thea's boyfriend.
    Oliver: Who's this Shane guy?
    Thea: We rob banks and smoke crack together.
  • Felicity's reason for not visiting Australia: Fear of kangaroos.
  • Ollie's reaction when he sees Thea with a boy her age about to have sex.
    Oliver: [low voice, similar to Bryan Mills] Hit the road.
    • And he aims his hand like he was gonna shoot him.
  • Ollie waving off a proposed nickname for The Hood: Green Arrow. He thinks it sounded lame.
  • The boy mentioned above shows up (invited) at the Queen Christmas party and runs into Diggle and Ollie at the front door. While Shane and Ollie have a short chat, you can clearly see Diggle in the background slowly shaking his head. Diggle's smartness knows no bounds.
    Shane: [nervously] Hey, Man... Thea invited me. Hope that's cool...
    Ollie: [stares at him]
    Diggle: [standing behind Ollie, just shakes his head]
  • When Tommy visits Laurel and finds her father there in her apartment.
    Tommy: Merry Christmas. How are you?
    Det. Lance: [in a low voice] Proficient with firearms.

    Episode 10: Burned 

  • Oliver being unable to pronounce Zack Galifinakis' last name.

    Episode 11: Trust, but Verify 

    Episode 12: Vertigo 
  • When Oliver asks Felicity to analyze some Vertigo for him, he tries to pass it off as a "sports drink" that he's keeping in a syringe because he "ran out of sports bottles." There is about a half beat pause as everyone absorbs the ridiculousness of that lie and Diggle just walks away.
    Diggle: Your B.S. stories are getting worse.
    Oliver: Well aware.
  • Felicity cringing after she blurts out "I've noticed" when Oliver tells her that he's very particular about what he puts in his body. Made even better by Stephen Amell having to take an extra second to compose himself after laughing at her horrified reaction.
  • Ollie needs to kill someone in front of the Russian mob to gain their trust. Diggle is horrified, until they carry the body off to a car trunk and Ollie promptly wakes the guy up. Surprised, Diggle asks if Ollie's gonna teach him how to do it, but Ollie just says "No." and then punches the guy really hard in order to knock him out again.
  • Dig is spying on Moira and, to that end, replaces her chauffeur. She enters a restaurant and tells him she doesn't need an escort. Dig ends up following her anyway, expecting her to meet some evil dude, but stumbles on the birthday party of one of Moira's friends. He has to pretend to look for the restroom. What sells it is the "Happy Birthday" addressed to the friend.

    Episode 13: Betrayal 
  • As Slade is introducing himself to Oliver during the Lian Yu flashbacks, the closed captioning/subtitles states his name is actually: Steve Wilson.

    Episode 14: The Odyssey 
  • This dialog snippet:
    Felicity Smoak: I'm guessing how and why are Oliver Queen's least favorite questions.
    John Diggle: Yeah, well, there's also when and where he's not too fond of.
  • Also, Felicity's obsessive attitude towards technology:
    Oliver: Then why did you upgrade my system?
    Felicity: [...] seeing a system that poorly set up hurts me. [Puts hands over heart] In my soul.
  • Felicity strikes again:
    Felicity: [Fidgeting] So I've been meaning to ask... Is there a bathroom, 'cause I've had to pee since I got here.
  • Island!Ollie finds out an unwelcome fact:
    Slade: We better hurry. The wolves come out at night.
    Oliver: [in disbelief] There are wolves here? [resigned look] Right. Of course there are, because what would the worst place on Earth be without wolves?
  • Also, Island!Ollie trying (and failing) to make fire for two hours, and then Slade whipping out his lighter. His answers to Ollie's protestations:
    Slade: I know, I was watching you. Thank you for the entertainment.
  • A younger Oliver's wholly inappropriate amusement.
    Oliver: "I'm stranded on an island, and my only friend is named Wilson."
  • After Ollie removes a bullet from Slade's arm:
    Slade: I'm impressed. You didn't throw up.
    Ollie (looking ill): I swallowed it.

    Episode 15: The Dodger 
  • Felicity is always fun:
    Felicity: (helping catch the Dodger, a jewel thief, using a brooch donated by the Queen family as bait) [What are you going to do if] he absconds with your family jewels?
  • Also, Ollie explaining how he typically gets the information he needs (putting the fear of God into the interrogated person), and then saying that they can try Felicity's way (slipping a bug in McKenna's phone)
  • On the island, even while wounded and sick, Slade still has the strength to quip a bit, suggesting that Island!Ollie gets him a Maxim or Sports Illustrated while looking for Yao Fei's "Super herbs".

    Episode 16: Dead to Rights 

  • Regarding dating McKenna:
    Diggle: You may not want to go after the girl who's hunting you down.
    Ollie: Well, it's slim pickings for us vigilantes.
  • When Malcolm visits the group.
    Malcolm: They're bestowing me with their annual Humanitarian Award.
    Tommy: What, they ran out of actual humans to give it to?
  • Also, during Tommy's birthday at Laurel's place, after she says the ringing is probably for the food that she ordered.
    Ollie: Thank God she didn't cook.
    Tommy: Amen.
  • The look on Malcolm's face when told the Hood saved him.
  • Slade sarcastically suggesting that Island!Ollie go gather enough bamboo to build a boat like on Gilligan's Island; later, his reaction when Ollie gets the radio working.
  • There's also the Visual Pun that happened in that scene. Slade had just killed a boar and brought back to eat. He says Oliver will get the radio working when pigs fly. He gets it to work, and Slade throws the pig off his shoulders, meaning at least one pig did fly.
  • John calls out Oliver for treating Helena differently than he would any other villain.
    Diggle: I think you would have [killed her] a long time ago if she looked like me instead of the T-Mobile girl.

    Episode 17: The Huntress Returns 
  • A subtle one. When Helena poses as a stripper, comic fans will notice that her outfit is a nearly exact replica of her costume from the comics, missing only the mask and cape.

    Episode 18: Salvation 
  • Ollie's hypocrisy:
    Felicity: It's just... you went over there to be all, "Grr, stop being bad or I'll arrow you," and now you want to rescue him.
    Ollie: I don't like the idea that somebody dangerous is out there.
    [Felicity turns around and gives Ollie the "oh, really?" look]
    Ollie: [exasperated] Somebody else.

    Episode 19: Unfinished Business 

  • On the island:
    Ollie: (As he watches Shado performing yoga "You know my mother does yoga."
  • Later, Shado makes him punch water.
  • The club's lost and found consists primarily of one type of item: Ladies' Underwear.
  • The bad guy bets that Oliver couldn't aim a single arrow. So he doesn't. The guy's "oh, shit" look right before Oliver shoots is priceless.
  • After Diggle obtains a sample of the new Vertigo:
    Diggle: Alright. Person of color has successfully purchased your drugs.
    Felicity: For the record, I offered.

    Episode 20: Home Invasion 
  • Roy, while trying to find the vigilante.
    Thea: Is that a police radio in your pocket?!
    Roy: Nope, I'm just happy to see you.
  • When Roy gives the radio back
    Roy: You set this up just to get your radio back?
    Det. Lance: Well, I do love that radio.
  • After Roy tried, and failed, to get into contact with the Hood via a stolen police radio, Thea visits him later.
    Roy: You probably think I'm an idiot.
    Thea: Oh I already thought you were an idiot. Now, I think you're brain dead.
  • Felicity's concern over hacking a Federal database.
    Felicity: I really don't see myself fitting in well at Guantanamo Bay.
    Ollie: Don't worry, Felicity, they don't send blondes there.
    Felicity: I dye it, actually. [beat] I keep your secrets.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it about that last one is Ollie leaning in to inspect Felicity's hair.

    Episode 21: The Undertaking 

    Episode 22: Darkness on the Edge of Town 

  • Felicity's worried about Ollie:
    Felicity: Well, no. The last time the Vigilante paid your mom a visit, you got shot, and I got to play doctor with you. (exasperated expression) Ahh! My brain thinks of the worst way to say things.
  • A little later in the scene, Felicity notes that the purchase of UNIDAC was around the same time she and Ollie first met. The way she says it almost sounds like a perky subtle "You know, when our relationship first started. Nudge nudge wink wink."
  • Needing direct access to Merlyn's mainframe in his office building to find some info, Team Green Arrow sneak Felicity into the building, providing cover. Once she's finished and leaves, she runs smack dab into an unexpected security guard and Ollie's too distracted to help. Enter Diggle who's posing as a security guard.
    Diggle: There you are! Thanks a lot man, this one snuck past security. One of Merlyn Jr.'s bimbos; she's pissed he never called her back.
    Security Guard: Copy that. I read the tabloids.
    Diggle: Yeah, thanks again. (To Felicity) Let's go, Barbie. Your new last name ain't gonna be Merlyn.
    Felicity: (Playing along) But I love him! He's my man! (Out of earshot, grinning and giggling) My Knight in Shining Armor!
    Diggle: (Grinning right back) Let's go.
  • Felicity is trying unsuccessfully to hack into the Merlyn mainframe. Ollie is apparently pestering her about it.
    Oliver: Anything?
    Felicity: Just for the record, I will pump my fist in the air and scream "Yes!" if I get anything.
  • (Later, after successfully hacking into the mainframe and downloading the info.)
    Felicity: (Pumping her fist in the air) Yes! (Looks at her fist) Wow, I really do do that.
  • Oliver introducing himself to Roy as "Thea's disapproving older brother".
    • And later, Roy dismissing Oliver as a wimp. The very guy he unknowingly idolizes.
  • Felicity, after Oliver swings her across an empty elevator shaft and takes her to the Merlyn Global mainframe, looks a little green around the gills. She says it's her "about to hack" face (hack the computer or hack up her lunch is left ambiguous.)
    • When they're about to take said swing:
    Oliver: Hold onto me tight.
    Felicity: I imagined you saying that under different circumstances.
    (Oliver looks at her with a "What?" expression)
    Felicity: Very platonic circumstances.

Season Two

    Episode 1: City of Heroes 
  • Diggle and Felicity talking on the airplane:
    Diggle: Felicity, if you're so scared, why did you insist on sitting up front?
    Felicity: This is the only seat with a seatbelt.
    Diggle: Which will come in handy when we hit the water at 180 miles an hour.
    [terrified look from Felicity]
    Diggle: Which will not happen.
  • Felicity throwing up after skydiving. And Diggle thanking her for waiting until they were on the ground to do so.
  • Oliver sees Shado coming in while he and Slade are training, assuming he's done. Slade immediately cracks him on the head to take advantage of the situation.
  • And after Slade whacks Oliver in the head:
    Shado: [to Oliver] Don't beat yourself up.
    Oliver: Apparently that's his job.
    Slade: And I love my job!
  • This little dialogue is a subtle one:
    Thea: [berating Roy for playing hero] The vigilante, who hasn't been seen since the earthquake, which means he did get buried alive and isn't coming back.
    Oliver: [just entering Verdant] I'm back!
  • Felicity renovated the Foundry almost completely...except for the salmon ladder, just because she likes watching Oliver on it.
  • Quentin's face when he sees Oliver use a grappling-hook arrow.

    Episode 2: Identity 
  • Oliver asks Thea to have Diggle bring the car around, clearly getting rid of her so he can have a few words with Roy.
    Thea: I'll always think of you fondly.
  • The episode features Oliver noting that Felicity and Diggle need secret identities to continue helping him, leading to Diggle dryly commenting that his secret identity is the black driver. Which Oliver later uses as a Brick Joke.
  • Felicity still can't stop her tendencies.
    Oliver: If I'm going to be Oliver Queen CEO, then I can't very well travel down 18 floors every time you and I need to discuss how we spend our nights.
    Felicity: And I love spending the night with you— [she immediately realizes what she said, turns her head and grimaces] —3... 2... 1... I worked very hard to get where I am and it wasn't to get you coffee!
    • Even better, the way Oliver said that suggests that he actually said it that way just because he knew Felicity would fall for it.
  • Also, Felicity's refusal to take her "secretarial" job lying down.
    Felicity: You know, I would [get some coffee], Mr. Queen, but it seems that someone's broken our coffeemaker. [whispers quietly to him upon leaving] Violently.
  • Upon arriving in Verdant, Oliver is greeted by a surprised Thea, noting that she didn't see him arrive.
  • This exchange between Oliver and Dig in the elevator before they have to go to the charity event Ollie set up for the people in the Glades:
    Oliver: Oh, I'm just lucky Oliver Queen has a reputation for not showing up on time.
    Diggle: You know, I've been meaning to tell you, it really weirds me out to no end the way you refer to yourself in the third person like that.

    Episode 3: Broken Dolls 
  • Lance apologizes to the Dollmaker's attorney, who just got shot in the shoulder by the Arrow to get information
    Officer Lance: I'm sorry, I guess he just gets enthusiastic sometimes.
  • Roy's search for the mysterious female vigilante leads to him gaining information from Glades citizen in exchange for expensive wine:
    Roy: I'm looking for someone. A blonde, likes black leather.
    Hoss: Sounds like your type.
    Roy: And beats the crap out of guys with a bo staff.
    Hoss: That still sounds like your type.

    Episode 4: Crucible 
  • Felicity adorkably making excuses for Ollie, all the while revelling in the chance to stroke his beard. Including making herself look and sound like his over-doting girlfriend when she tries (and fails) to explain the blood on his face.
    Felicity: Who taught you to shave, mister...
  • The Mayor calling The Canary a "bitch", and Arrow doing a face which just screams "Now you're really looking for an ass-kicking". Ass-kicking that Canary delivers.
    Canary: I really hate that word.
  • Dig makes a speech to Oliver about the weight of secrets. Ollie's answer?
    Oliver: You see how hard I work out.

    Episode 5: League of Assassins 
  • Felicity being Felicity about Sara coming back from the dead:
    Felicity: I was happy to hear you were not dead anymore.
  • Later, Felicity comparing her difficulties to get out of a gym membership to Sara's struggle to get out of the League of Assassins
  • Felicity asking about the League of Assassins
    Felicity: What's the League of Assassins? ...And don't say "A league made of assassins".
  • Felicity telling Lance about the LoA.
    Felicity: It didn't sound as crazy in my head.
    Quentin: I doubt it.
  • The Canary setting traps for the men that followed her to her hideout.
  • A member of the League of Assassins declares Quentin a coward after disarming him.
    [Quentin pulls out another gun and shoots him]

    Episode 6: Keep Your Enemies Closer 
  • Diggle explaining why he's willing to get arrested in a foreign country, with a hideous amount of drugs. This situation - not funny. Felicity's reaction to the situation is a completely different story.
    Diggle: Felicity... Lyla isn't my friend. She was my wife.
    Felicity: Explain that sentence.
  • The Russians selling the group a police van decide to take the money without giving anything in return. Oliver steps forward and says, for the lead guy's ears only, several sentences in Russian. The guy looks vaguely sick, gives Oliver the keys without another word, and he and his men leave.
    Felicity: What'd you say?
    Oliver: Please.
  • After Oliver and Isabel have a one night stand, he's interrupted in his attempt to give an excuse for why he has to leave for his Arrow duties: "Do I really strike you as someone who needs to cuddle?"
  • Oliver telling Felicity they need to work on her excuses.

    Episode 7: State v. Queen 
  • Felicity has spotted what looks like a reflection in the eye of the hostage.
    Ollie: Can you enhance?
    Felicity: It hurts me that you feel a need to ask.
  • When the Count sees the Arrow has come for him, he says this:
  • When Felicity interrupts the Count as he's threatening to kill her, he simply snaps at her: "Quiet, please, I'm threatening."

    Episode 8: The Scientist 

  • Quentin Lance just deadpan snarking his way through his moments of this episode.
    Quentin Lance: Any idea what these guys were so hot to break in for? Didn't happen to leave a spare earthquake machine lying around, didja?
    Oliver: (eyes Lance)
    Quentin Lance: Sorry.
    • Even more hilarious after Tremors. Because there really was a spare earthquake machine just lying around!
  • And then he prompts an awesome Sight Gag.
    Quentin Lance: You might wanna fill in our mutual friend in on this.
    Felicity: Don't worry. I'm sure he's on it. (Camera pans over to Oliver)
    • The funniest part, her slight grin and the awesomeness of her keeping her eyes focused on Lance.
  • The Running Gag with Oliver taking shots at Barry's youthful looks.
    Quentin Lance: Great. Who the hell are you?
    Oliver: And do your parents know you're here?
  • At the party:
    Oliver: Time for a dance?
    Felicity: Not really feeling like dancing with you, Oliver.
    Oliver: I know. That's why I called him. [gestures to Barry who just entered] FYI, they will card him at the bar.
    • And then after Barry warns Felicity again that he can't dance, but he'll hold her hands and sway. Then they start to dance...
      Barry: Sorry.
  • Near the beginning of the episode:
    Felicity: Mrs. Queen, welcome back to the company.
    Moira: Thank you.
    Felicity: You look fabulous. Really, better than ever. Did you do something to your hair?
    Moira: [dryly] Yes, I shampooed it without eight women and a guard watching me.
    Felicity: [awkward look] Is it ok to laugh? Because I was ordered not to say anything about you being in prison, just to avoid any awkward... [beat] exchanges. [Moira walks off]
    Oliver: Like that one.
  • Barry Allen entering with a trademark Felicity Smoak quality ramble.
    Barry: Actually, it was only one guy. Uh, sorry, I'm late. But, actually my train was late. Well, the second one. The first one... I did miss, but that was my cab driver's fault. I've got this great traffic app. And he thought that... [trails off] he was right. But I'm here now, though. So...
  • Oliver's attempt at nonchalance when Barry asks him a...interesting hypothetical question.
    Barry: I'm guessing you don't know how hard it is to break someone's neck, hmm?
    Oliver: Hmm? No. No idea.
  • Barry and Felicity discussing Ollie-as-the-Vigilante:
    Barry: Police reports show that he uses carbon arrows, but if he switched to an aluminum carbon composite, he would have far better penetration.
    Felicity: Maybe he thinks he penetrates just fine.
  • Ollie is a little suspicious of Barry:
    Ollie: I want you to look into this Allen kid. There's more to him than he's letting on.
    [Felicity and Barry are working side by side seamlessly, bumping shoulders]
    Diggle: [amused] His intentions seem pretty clear to me.

    Episode 9: Three Ghosts 
  • At the very beginning, when Ollie wakes up.
    Felicity: This is the point in a lifesaving emergency where you thank the person that did the lifesaving.
  • The Snark-to-Snark Combat between Felicity and Oliver right after, with such zingers as:
    Felicity: Well, we didn't have time to get your vote, what with you unconscious and dying.
    Ollie: What happens if he leaves here and goes right to the police?
    Felicity: He wouldn't do that.
    Barry: [overlapping Felicity] I wouldn't do that.
    Felicity: I trust him.
    Ollie: I don't!
    Felicity: What are you going to do, put an arrow in him?
    Ollie: I am considering it.
    Felicity: Don't worry, he's kidding.
    [Barry does not look too comforted]
  • The outcome of Oliver's choice to put an arrow into Roy's thigh. After a rather uncomfortable session in front of his sister and her friends, Oliver has to remove the arrow from Roy's thigh (he was given whiskey for the pain from Sin that was poured on his leg by Ollie), and it ends with a rather... awkward call to Diggle:
    Oliver: Diggle, I need you to come to the Queen mansion. [beat] Roy's been shot [...] with an arrow. [beat] It's a... long story. Look, just bring the first aid kit to Thea's room. Thank you.
  • Felicity learns about Shado.
    Felicity: Shado. Sara. How many women were you marooned with? Are you sure this wasn't fantasy island?
  • Felicity has a little fun at Barry's expense for making assumptions:
    Barry: So, any plans for Christmas?
    Felicity: Lighting my menorah.

    Episode 10: Blast Radius 
  • Felicity has returned...
    Felicity: Ah, [Barry]'s still sleeping. I prefer sleeping to coma, 'cause coma sounds, you know, not fun.
  • Ollie (as Arrow) meets Quentin Lance on the roof of a building:
    Quentin: You know, most cops, they meet their informants in the backseat of a cruiser or maybe a coffee shop or something, but... [double take] What's with the mask?
    Ollie: Gift from a friend.
    Quentin: You got friends?
  • Funnier the second time around - Oliver's righteous indignation at being told to pull his head out of his ass.
  • Quentin and Laurel are discussing a suspicious invoice:
    Laurel: I'm trying to find someone named "Maya Resik." I searched the Internet, the DMV records, social security...Nothing.
    Quentin: Why are you looking for a ghost?
    Laurel: Sebastian's paying her bills. A woman who doesn't seem to exist; I find that suspicious.
    Quentin: Thinking that your boyfriend's up to no good, that's typically more my thing than yours.
    Laurel: Oh, he's not exactly my boyfriend.
    Quentin: Well, that makes digging into his life a little less fun, then.
  • Diggle's chagrin at being the referee between Felicity and Oliver instead of actually fighting with Oliver.
    Diggle: Hey, is this how it's going to be with you two from now on?
  • Felicity and Diggle are disarming the trigger:
    Diggle: He probably put in a safeguard. Tampering with it will set off a deadman's switch.
    Felicity: That's a really depressing term. [beat] And a little bit sexist.
  • The look on Shrapnel's face when he realizes Oliver had cut the cord to his detonator. And the dialogue beforehand when he threatens to detonate the explosives.
    Shrapnal: Did you hear what I just said?
    Oliver: Yup.

    Episode 11: Blind Spot 
  • Arrow is interrogating a crook with the help of an audio polygraph. However, Felicity tells him that the guy needs to say the truth at least once for it to work. Cue this question, suggested by Felicity, asked by Ollie with his filtered voice, angrily:
    Arrow: What color are your shoes?
    Crook: What?... Blue.
    • Ollie also briefly hesitates when asked to do so; one can sense he knew exactly how stupid he was about to sound.
  • Ollie is talking to Roy behind Verdant:
    Ollie: It takes a lot to run towards danger, not away from it.
    Roy: That sounded like praise. [looks skeptical]
  • Laurel is meeting Arrow!Ollie:
  • Diggle and Ollie about Roy:
    Ollie: Roy isn't the kind of guy who's good at sharing his feelings.
    Diggle: Not like you and me.
  • Felicity Smoak's excellent takedown of Diggle's reasoning:
    Diggle: Felicity, he's dedicated his life, risked his life to help the people of the Glades. And in his spare time, he's a murderer trying to create an army of human weapons?
    Felicity: You're a personal bodyguard who fights crime at night with his billionaire boss. Not a lot of people show their real face in public.
  • Felicity is talking to Ollie:
  • Felicity being smart, and reflecting the opinion of part of the fandom:
    Felicity: His last name is Blood, that can't be a good sign.
  • Roy asking Thea to lend Sin a slutty dress for a "date", and the latter telling Ms. Queen that she won't touch her hair. Also Thea awkwardly not knowing if Sin is going out with a guy or girl.

    Episode 12: Tremors 
  • So much of Felicity's screen time.
    Ollie: Roy was mad at the world before he was injected with Mirakuru.
    Diggle: You say you've seen this before?
    Ollie: Slade Wilson. He was my friend.
    Felicity: Troubling use of past tense there.
  • Ollie and Felicity are getting along well again.
    Ollie: You hacked into a prison system network?!
    Felicity: Is that judgment I'm hearing?
    Ollie: Pride.
    [Felicity looks a little surprised and embarrassed]
  • Her opinion on nicknames.
    Felicity: Iron Heights just put out a BOLO for Ben Turner, AKA Bronze Tiger, which, BTW, is a terrible nickname, because tigers are not bronze.
  • When Ollie gets injured again.
    Felicity: You both scoffed when I said we should invest in an X-ray machine down here.
  • It's part of an otherwise serious scene, but Roy's WTF expression when Oliver reveals his identity. You can just about see the visible question marks over his head as he processes this new information.
  • Too many metaphors piled up.
    Felicity: I'm not trying to Monday morning quarterback hereit's Wednesday. Didn't this all start because you were worried that Roy's marble collection was on the short side?
  • Bronze Tiger's Deadpan Snarker tendencies are pretty funny.
    Arrow: You don't know what you're dealing with.
    Bronze Tiger: Big machine, makes earthquakes.
    Arrow: Don't you know what happens if the wrong people have it?
    Bronze Tiger: Yeah. I get paid.
  • When Thea calls Oliver to tell him about Laurel getting wasted at the club. Oliver is at that moment discussing plans with his team in his lair beneath the club.
    Oliver: [switched back to his brother-voice] Yup?
    Thea: Are you near the club?
    Oliver: [looks at the ceiling] I'm pretty close. Why?
  • Roy and Oliver...bonding.
    Roy: Is this the part where you kill me because I know your secret?
    Oliver: You actually think I'd kill my sister's boyfriend?
    Roy: Well, you did shoot me in the leg. [beat] Forgiven, by the way.
  • And the rules...
    Oliver: Thea. She can never know.
    Roy: I get the feeling that if I did tell her that would be when you kill me.
    Oliver: Trust that instinct.
  • Team Arrow welcoming Roy into the fold, officially.
    Roy: Does this group have a name? Like "Team Arrow", or something?
    Oliver: We don't call ourselves that.
    Felicity: I do. Occasionally.
    Oliver: Stop.

    Episode 13: Heir to the Demon 
  • Felicity talking to Walter:
    Walter: I'm no longer your boss, Felicity. So let's make it "Walter" from now on.
    Felicity: Okay. Walter.
  • Regarding the Tempest account activating again.
    Felicity: That is the money Mrs. Queen used to do some really bad things. I mean, you guys did get divorced for pretty good reasons. Which is not my business.
  • Again - situation, not funny. Felicity has found out Thea's actual parentage and was emotionally blackmailed by Moira Queen to keep her mouth shut. Oliver's physical reaction to the very weird eye contact between the two (imagine someone watching a tennis match.) - funny.
  • Quentin's reaction when he learns about Sara's relationship with Nyssa.
    Quentin: Whoa.
  • Sara's response when Quentin asks about where she met the Arrow, which he admits is Actually Pretty Funny, even as a joke.
    Sara: Vigilante club.

    Episode 14: Time of Death 
  • Felicity comparing a small scar in her mouth to Ollie, Dig and Sara's battle scars.
  • Felicity got shot saving the Canary's life, and needs to be sewn up. Instead of going to the hospital, she insists on getting it done on the Foundry, like the others. Except that she isn't as badass, and Dig gives her oxycodone, which he pretends is aspirin. Felicity on drugs is quite a sight.
    Felicity: Dig gave me some of those aspirins... are you spinning?
  • Upon seeing Sara for the first time since she was forced to leave Starling City, Sin promptly glomps her, much to everyone else's confusion. She quickly makes up a story about how she always does that when people come back from the dead due to a zombie fetish, then rolls her eyes.
  • The awkward moment between Oliver and Quentin after the latter apologizes over his treatment of the former following his return a year and a half earlier. There's a beat, then Lance quickly backs out before it gets too weird.

    Episode 15: The Promise 
  • Island!Ollie's first attempt at shooting trick arrows. Later we realize that he was just trying to show off, since there was no tactical reason for the shot.
    Oliver: [flustered] There was a breeze.
  • When Oliver gets thrown back to his cell, he meets Anatoli Knyazev again.
    Oliver: I told you I'd come back.
    Anatoli: Fantastic. We're saved.
  • When Sara explains that in order to sell Ivo on the effect of the truth serum working, Ollie's going to need to act like he's stoned, Ollie simply smirks and says he has a lot of practice at doing that.
  • Slade spending the whole episode in the present day trolling Oliver in the mansion, since the latter can't reveal the truth about Slade to Moira and Thea without revealing the truth about himself.

    Episode 16: Suicide Squad 
  • While it's heartwarming to see Dig and Felicity talking in his car with her bringing him hot chocolate, it also has some funny one-liners:
    Felicity: So I get you sitting outside of my house like that lacrosse player from my freshman year of college.
  • Amanda Waller introduces Diggle to the Suicide Squad, which contains Bronze Tiger, Shrapnel and Deadshot. His response:
    Diggle: What, O.J and Charles Manson weren't available?
  • Bronze Tiger's Deadpan Snarker side makes another appearance while Shrapnel is raving about his tormentors with a Shout Out to Chekov:
    Bronze Tiger: Please, stop giving him books.
  • Harley Quinn's cameo.
    Harley: Do you cuties need some counseling? I'm a trained therapist.
    • Waller pounding on that prisoner's cell to make her shut up is pretty funny, too.
  • At Verdant, Laurel is talking to Sara over an application form:
    Laurel: "Do you have any previous experience in retail?" Um, does shopping count?
  • Deadshot's calm reaction in being targeted by an ARGUS UAV armed with missiles, until Lyla grabs Bronze Tiger's steel claws in order to remove the surgical implant in Deadshot's body.
    Deadshot: Whoa, hang on. Don't I get a say in this?
    Lyla: Turn around.
    Diggle: What are you doing?
    Deadshot: Look! I think I'd rather get blown up!
    Lyla: Hold still! This is going to hurt.

    Episode 17: Birds of Prey 
  • Felicity has figured out how Helena returned to Starling City:
    Felicity: According to the SCPD, the guy that gave Helena a ride into town is a 22-year-old Poly Sci major at SCU, and a member of Gamma Tau, which totally explains the whole "I didn't know I was aiding and abetting a known felon" thing. Anyone with boobs can get a frat boy to do anything.
    Oliver: I was a frat boy.
    Felicity: I rest my case.
  • And then Sara gets in on it by teasing Ollie that he "Has a Type". Later on, when Sara engages Helena, Helena notes that "Oliver sure does like to dress up his girls".
  • Sara asks Felicity and Diggle what they think she should do about Helena.
    Felicity: Oh, I think if the Huntress shows up, you should totally kick her ass.
    Diggle: [nods in agreement]
  • A minor one, but it was kinda funny that Slade needed one of the prisoners who fled to the island to repair the ship because he "unfortunately decapitated the engineer".
  • Lance goes about calling the Arrow's phone line... only to hear Oliver's cellphone ring at the same time. Oliver makes a quick comment about his mother calling him at that exact moment. Leading to this:
    Oliver: I'm with Lance as Oliver, and he just called the Arrow.
    Felicity: Oh. [Felicity's eyes go wide] Oh! [to Dig] It's getting really hard to keep track of who knows whose secret identity.
  • Roy's abruptly sudden attempt to break-up with Thea in the Verdant club is absurdly humorous.
    Roy: Thea, we need to break up.
    Thea: What?! No.
    Roy: What do you mean "no"? Thea, I'm breaking up with you.
    Thea: No, you're not.
    Roy: You can't make me date you.
  • A minor one, but Thea sees and calls Slade by saying, "Mr. Wilson".
  • This exchange, full stop.
    Diggle: Helena Bertinelli. Daughter of mob boss Frank Bertinelli.
    Felicity: Or as I like to call her, Oliver's psycho ex-girlfriend hell-bent on revenge against her father.
    Sara: Ex-girlfriend?
    Oliver: That's what you took from that sentence?

    Episode 18: Deathstroke 
  • A recurrent motif in this episode is male characters marveling at how scary the females they're talking to are.
  • Roy accidentally shoots the arrow into one of the electric power mains lines.
    Ollie: [casually] Well, I see we have some work to do.
  • Then Felicity makes a comment:
    Felicity: Well, I told a guy the truth and he got struck by lightning. To be fair, probably won't happen again, statistically.
  • Ollie has been telling Felicity to toss his phone messages. She matter-of-factly points out he told her to do that last month, too. She settles the matter by reminding him of the board meeting:
    Felicity: There's absolutely zero way that the CEO can avoid being there. And I know it's been a while, so in case you've forgotten, that's you. Do you remember where you put your business suit? Or do you keep it in a cool glass case, too?
  • Felicity comments on her hacking:
    Felicity: Since the last place Thea was seen was Verdant, I used credit card receipts, compiled a list of customers last night, pinged all their cell phones and hacked into their photos. The NSA is right; it's a lot easier when you don't need a warrant.
  • Moira gets a good one when she interrupts Oliver's meeting with Isabel.
    Moira: How is Ms. Rochev these days? Still mad that Dorothy dropped a house on her sister?

    Episode 19: The Man Under the Hood 
  • Team Arrow are on the way to the Applied Sciences building:
    Felicity: I don't think my eye holes line up properly. [frustratedly removes her mask] Is anyone else having this problem?
    Sara: Don't be nervous.
    Felicity: I'm a lot nervous. This is a big move, even for us. [beat] And we've cornered the market on big moves.
    Ollie: Slade didn't give us any choice.
    Felicity: Yeah, as far as plans go, this is not a good one.
    Ollie: Felicity. This was your plan.
    Felicity: I didn't think you'd actually say yes.
  • Felicity comments on her bombing the Applied Sciences building:
    Felicity: I'm a bomber. I can't believe I'm a bomber. I wonder if I can list that on my resume under special skills.
  • Felicity explaining how she knew Cisco and Caitlin were attacked by a guy (Deathstroke). What makes this scene even better are Diggle's facial reactions behind Felicity going ranging from "You're explaining?" to "God, I shouldn't have let you explain anything, ever.":
    Felicity: He didn't hurt you, did he?
    Caitlin: You said "he" twice ... do you know who attacked us, that lunatic with a mask and a sword?
    Felicity: No, I... I don't know. I said he twice because on the radio I heard the person who attacked you had man-parts which would make him "he"...
  • Felicity is complaining about Iris visiting the comatose Barry:
    Felicity: That's just swell. Barry's in a coma and he's already moved on.

    Episode 20: Seeing Red 
  • Near the beginning of the episode:
    Felicity: Does the fact that him lying there freaks me out a little make me a bad person?
    Diggle: Felicity, I don't think there's a force on Earth that can make you a bad person. [beat] But I am starving.
  • After putting Roy back in the restraints:
    Felicity: Anyone else crave dim sum after fisticuffs? [looks around] No? Okay. Dumplings for one, then.

    Episode 21: City of Blood 
  • Felicity geeking out in ARGUS's computer lab.
    Felicity: That computer's running an XK-15 processor. But that's not even supposed to exist yet. I want one.
    Felicity: Is that the satellite frequency communicator TX-50? Can I touch it? I know that sounds a little weird and creepy, but I've never seen one in real life.
    [she gets to touch it for a millisecond before being warned off touching classified equipment]
  • Anatoly's laconic announcement that the submarine they're in is operational.
    Anatoly: Like riding bicycle. [beat] Underwater.
  • And then, to Oliver and Sara:
    Anatoly: I can see why you two are made for each other. You like your explosions.
  • Felicity and Diggle getting Slade's goon to hacking his bank account and donating the money to charity.
    Clinton: Go to hell.
    Diggle: You sure that's how you want to play it?
    Clinton: You think I've never taken a beating before?
    Diggle: Naw, you’re gonna wish I beat you.
    Felicity: Hi, I'll be your interrogator.
    Clinton: Is this a joke?
    Felicity: Clinton Howie. Social security number 306-00-3894.
    Clinton: What the hell is this suppose to be?
    Felicity: Oh, look at this, you have a bank account in the Caymen Islands. Wow, two million dollars, quite the little nest egg. But it looks like you just approved a wire transfer of $1 million to a charity here in Starling City. Very generous. What should I do with the rest?
    Diggle: Greenpeace!
    Felicity: Great cause! And they really appreciate the support.
    Clinton: Bitch!
    Felicity: Bitch with wifi. Hey Clinton, looks like your mom and dad have a really nice retirement portfolio too, but they, oh no, are just about to make some really bad investments.
    Clinton: Okay, just wait, just wait, stop. What do you want to know?

    Episode 22: Streets of Fire 
  • Isabel Rochev has knocked down Diggle and is demanding to know where Felicity Smoak is:
    Isabel: Do you want to save me some time and energy? Then tell me where I can find Felicity Smoak. I have been aching to put a bullet in her smug little face ever since the day— [she gets whacked by a van]
    Felicity: [behind the wheel, flustered] Oh, I really thought the airbags were going to go off.
  • Team Arrow finally have their hands on the Mirakuru cure, and Felicity has just opened the case:
    Felicity: Why does every secret formula have to be a color? Whatever happened to good old-fashioned clear?
  • Ollie's first attempt at speaking Russian while saying farewell to Anatoly and hoping they'll see each other again.
    Anatoly: I'll also teach you to speak Russian.

    Episode 23: Unthinkable 

  • Sara has just arrived with Nyssa.
    Felicity: Gee, Sara, you could've called before you invited... [quickly counts] seven assassins down into our top secret lair.
  • And then...
    Nyssa: I'm Nyssa, daughter of Ra's Al-Ghul. Heir to the demon.
    Felicity: Felicity Smoak. MIT class of '09.
    Nyssa: [smirks]
  • Another Nyssa moment with Papa Wolf Lance.
    Nyssa: I know the power of a father's love. And I would die before I let anything happen to your daughter.
    Lance: Well, here's hoping.

Season Three

    Episode 1: The Calm 
  • Oliver reaches Felicity levels of Adorkable trying to ask her out, until she has to say "Usually I'm the one talking in sentence fragments."
  • Oliver decides to ask Felicity about Italian food for their date, while in the middle of a high-speed chase.
  • To say nothing of the fact that Felicity was working at her day job at the time (which she loathes.) Almighty hacker supreme Felicity Smoak is reduced to providing tech support in an electronics store. Sad for her, hilarious for the rest of us.
  • Felicity stammering about the unusual circumstances of their first date; they've already gone through all the conversations they'd usually be having right now, and she's gotten quite a few looks at him with his shirt off.
  • Ollie giving a passionate, rousing speech about why the board should sell him back Queen Consolidated. Which is promptly outshone by Ray Palmer whipping out some fancy tech and he stole from QC's servers... which he was also able to do efficiently thanks to the unwitting advice of Felicity. The look on her face says it all.
  • On that note, basically everything Ray Palmer does in the episode is hilarious. This includes this line:
  • Felicity's revenge on Ray manipulating her: hacking every electronic device he owns to do nothing but play porcupine farts.
  • When Diggle and Lyla are at a doctor's appointment the doctor refers to Diggle as Lyla's husband, they each correct him at the same time.
    Lyla: Ex-Husband.
    Diggle: Boyfriend.

    Episode 2: Sara 
  • In such a bleak episode, it was funny to see a mook trying to escape the Arrow via Parkour. Ollie's answer is to punch him in the dick mid-pull up. Even with the mask and hood hiding his face, his body language alone just screams "Are you kidding me!?"
  • During the flashback scenes, where after finding out he's to assassinate Tommy, Oliver tries to get out of it by suggesting he should find a body that looks like Tommy from the morgue. In Hong Kong. He almost gets a Face Palm in response to the stupidity of the plan.

    Episode 3: Corto Maltese 
  • Upon learning that Thea is staying on the eponymous island, Roy grabs his bow to follow Oliver after her. When Ollie challenges him ("What are you doing?"), Roy goes on a long speech about how Thea left because of him, and he needs to help bring her back...until Ollie clarifies:
    Oliver: No, I meant what are you doing with that? You can't bring a bow on a plane.
    Roy: ...oh. I've never actually flown before.
    • Making this scene even better is that Oliver is on the verge of laughing himself when it cuts to the next scene.
  • Ray greeting Felicity in an overly caffeinated Keet manner is explained by him drinking 3 cups of expresso to make up for lack of sleep from an all-nighter. Felicity had to interrupt Ray by setting boundaries of what he should not do from now on:
    Felicity: Let me stop you right there. I told myself that I would stand firm on a few points. No late night emails, no personal errands, and definitely no coffee, there will be no expressos brought to you by me. (Beat) I stand very firm on that last point.
    • In response to Felicity vehement opposition in getting coffee for her new boss, Ray introduces Jerry Conway, an executive assistant who will be getting coffee for her.
    Ray: (to Felicity) Or are you just anti-latte in general?
  • The look on Felicity's face when she realizes that she has a giant office all to herself courtesy of Ray.
    Ray: I gotta get back to work.
    Felicity: Then why are you leaving your office?
    Ray: I'm not! I'm leaving yours.
  • Felicity juggling calls for help from both Laurel and Oliver, right in front of Ray. Plus her opening remark to the former: "Are we favor friends now? Are we friends?"
  • Diggle response to Lyla's teasing over what he's going to do when baby Sara grows up & starts noticing boys? Say that's what his Glock is for, in the same tone of voice he was using to talk to Sara a second earlier.

    Episode 4: The Magician 
  • In the Hong Kong flashback, Oliver gets Maseo's son to give him his laptop, by offering to swipe him two candies from the jar his parents keep over the fridge.
    Son: ...five pieces.
    Oliver: Two.
    Son: Five.
    Oliver: Three.
    Son: Five.
    Oliver: Fine, five, just give me the stupid laptop!
  • Captain Lance greets Nyssa by saying he didn't recognize her without her "Halloween costume".
  • Felicity suddenly arriving at the end (she was in a corresponding Flash episode) and asking what she missed.
  • Lance is shown officially reprimanding two officers who arrested a bookie who had the chief as one of his clients... and then seconds later "As far as I'm concerned, you just keep doing your jobs,"- he hands them money, congratulates them for their service and tells them the first round's on him.
    • After Laurel shows up wondering what's going on, Lance explains the situation in his words:
    Lance: (to Laurel) The fastest way to a cop's heart is through his liver.
  • Diggle's one-liner about Nyssa is pretty hilarious after Nyssa rudely split up with the group for reconnaissance.
    Diggle: I never understood what Sara saw in her in the first place...
  • Malcolm's appalled reaction to Oliver's new vigilante alias, "The Arrow".
    • Especially when you remember that he suggested the name "Green Arrow", which Oliver rejected, in Season 1.

    Episode 5: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak 
  • The episode begins with training sequences of Ollie and Roy, Laurel and Ted Grant and Malcolm and Thea, which would all qualify for Training from Hell, then Thea asks how normal people spend their morning... and it switches to Felicity in her pajamas being happy after doing five sit-ups, while the DVD instructor announces ten.
  • Donna Smoak's introduction, which embarrasses both Felicity and Ray.
    Ray: Are you adopted?
  • After Brother Eye's first cyber attack, Diggle tries to bring baby Sara with him into Team Arrow's base.
    Oliver: We can't bring her down there!
    Diggle: [beat] ... Why not, Oliver? Who's she going to tell?
    Oliver: Well, she... [another beat] ...I'm not comfortable with her down there.
  • Mixed with a moment of awesome, Roy disables the RPG the goons are using by putting an arrow through the barrel... then stops and looks as if to say "holy crap, did I just do that?"
  • Felicity's Blatant Lies to Ray Palmer when she decides to take the day off and start reconciling her strained relationship with her mother. It's one thing to fake calling in sick over the phone, it's a whole other to do it with your boss standing right in front of you. Palmer's reaction only helps, delivering a highly sarcastic "feel better" in air quotes.

    Episode 6: Guilty 
  • Oliver taking out Ted Grant by sticking an arrow in a boxing glove and shooting it into his face. Rather more cartoony than the show usually gets, but in isolation like this it works perfectly.
  • Ted's reaction after asking Laurel about how she knows the Arrow:
    Ted: How do you two know each other?
    Laurel: Beat We used to date...
  • Back in Hong Kong, Oliver reveals his vast knowledge of spycraft:
    Maseo: Have you ever heard of steganography?
    Oliver: Is that the dinosaur with the plates on its back?

    Episode 7: Draw Back Your Bow 
  • Felicity walks in on Ray Palmer practicing on a salmon ladder in his office (shirtless) and realizes that she Has a Type.
    • It gets funnier when you realize what that type is: intense, moral men who do do shirtless salmon ladders in their place of business.
  • Felicity's Adorkable reaction to the dress Palmer got her, mumbling and rubbing her face against it.
    Felicity: You and I are going to be best friends. [said to the dress]
  • Cupid takes a mob boss prisoner, and escapes from Oliver while he saves the criminal. The gangster then says "Never thought I'd be happy to see you." Oliver, peeved, responds by knocking him out.
  • Oliver offers to go out to find Tatsu's husband, leading to this.
    In this part of the city that is a very effective way to get killed. Be my guest.
  • Oliver and his laundry (which he can't do, because he doesn't know how to). Especially at the end, when it comes back as a Brick Joke.

    Episode 8: The Brave & The Bold 

    Episode 9: The Climb 
  • Ray lets Felicity in on his Atom project, saying it will let him save the city...and he wants her to help him; thus making him the third Superhero to use her as a Secret Keeper. She just moans "Why does this keep happening to me?"
  • The complete "what the actual fuck" look on the Arrow's face when Thea jumps out the window. The whole fight is quite amusing, because Arrow has no problems blocking all the attacks, he's just dumbstruck. But what absolutely makes this hilarious is recalling that this wasn't the first time the Arrow tried to confront a suspicious family member only for it to backfire in his face: last time his mother ended up shooting him out of fear!
  • In the flashback, Maseo explains to Oliver about a drug that can make people extremely suggestible.
    Oliver: You mean like, mind control? ...really, that's a thing?
  • In an extremely dark way, all the buildup given to Oliver facing Ras Al'Ghul, the conflict between Thou Shalt Not Kill and fighting for survival which turns out to completely moot because Ras massively outclasses him and kicks his ass without breaking a sweat.

    Episode 10: Left Behind 
  • Diggle's attempt to pose as the Arrow. He complains the suit is too tight, then proves to be a horrible shot with a bow and arrow. It's so bad, even the crooks he is trying to shoot at complain about his poor skill.
    Diggle: I'm more of a Glock man.
    Roy: I didn't say anything.
  • Ray's response to Felicity telling him how nuts his Atom idea is: "You make it sound like using an advanced exoskeleton to fight crime and save the city is a Looney Tune idea." Aided quite a bit by Brandon Routh's bone dry delivery.
    • Before that, Ray tries to use his suit to blow up clown punching bags. The reason? He's scared of clowns.
  • Diggle running out of ammo for his pistol and Danny's insistence that he gets another one.
    Diggle: I'm out!
    Danny: [after knocking Diggle to the ground] Here! [kicks pistol to him] Use mine!
  • When Team Arrow first finds Merlyn in the Arrowcave. Their exchange is priceless:
    [Diggle pulls his gun]
    Merlyn: Can you please put that away? Guns are less of a threat than an annoyance to me.
    [Diggle pulls a second gun. Merlyn puts his hands up.]

    Episode 11: Midnight City 
  • Felicty asking to borrow Ray's helicopter. She states that she is a great pilot, and only needs the keys. Ray tells her helicopters don't need keys. Later she returns to tell him that she brought the helicopter back in one piece and that his helicopter does in fact use keys for the ignition.
  • It's not exactly played for laughs, but it's quite fun how after the rousing final scene of the last episode where Laurel takes over as the Canary, it turns out she absolutely sucks at it, not having much fighting skill beyond "swing a metal stick really hard." In particular, her jumping down to a van roof and then almost sliding off it as she fails to stick the landing.
  • Laurel threatening the mook she stabbed with her heel by reminding him she still has another one.

    Episode 12: Uprising 
  • Lance knowing who Arsenal is, in less then 3 seconds. It's how Roy tries to deny it, but knows he isn't fooling Lance. And when he first hears the name: "Are you just pulling these out of a hat now?"
  • Brick loves to deride the costumed heroes pitted against him ("If it isn't my favorite trick-or-treaters!"); during the climactic battle, he manages to fend them off and escape down an alley, only to run into Merlyn in his Dark Archer outfit. Brick yells out an exasperated "REALLY?!" in response.

     Episode 13: Canaries 

     Episode 14: The Return 
  • Oliver's very first impression of Felicity, as she lectures herself about talking to herself.
  • Maseo's Lampshade Hanging on Oliver thinking a hood is a good disguise.

    Episode 15: Nanda Parbat 
  • As Team Arrow is pointing out that he should think twice about going to face Ra's again because last time he died, Oliver just has a bewildered look on his face like "What? How is that a good reason?"
  • Felicity valiantly trying (and failing) to ignore Ray's shirtless emergence from the bathroom.
  • Felicity's devious locking out of Ray from the computer with the password "password".
  • In a meta kind of way, Laurel's remark that they're crossing a line by holding Nyssa prisoner. Cue laughter from fans of The Flash.
    Felicity: Are you kidding? Oliver has a secret island prison.
    Laurel: WHAT!?
    Felicity: ...should I not have mentioned that?

    Episode 16: The Offer 
  • Upon finding out that there's a criminal with his mouth sewn shut, Felicity mutters "That actually happens? Why didn't I ever try that?"
  • Nyssa shows up at the end, offering Laurel a friendly dinner and someone to talk to. In other words, the kind of things normal people do. Laurel looks like a deer caught in headlights for most of the conversation. Nyssa's behavior is pretty funny, too. She's clearly unused to casual, friendly conversation that doesn't have anything to do with the League, and her attempts to compliment Laurel's fighting prowess are positively Adorkable.
  • Malcolm lying on the couch smiling as he eavesdrops on Oliver and Thea discussing the various ways Thea has considered him dying.

    Episode 17: Suicidal Tendencies 
  • Cupid transfers her attraction to Deadshot after he takes a bullet for her, leaving him wishing it had killed him.
  • After Felicity tells the others about Ray:
    Roy: Ray built a supersuit? That's kind of awesome.
    Oliver: [Disapproving Look]
    Roy: ...and reckless.
  • Felicity's first attempt to convince Ray that the Arrow isn't the one killing people.
    Felicity: He hasn't killed anyone in nearly two years.
    Ray: That really is not your best argument.
  • John Diggle meets Ray Palmer for the first time and gives him some advice about Felicity.
    Diggle: If you hurt her, they'll never find your body.
  • Oliver and Ray meet after they find out the other knows their secret.
    Ray: Arrow.
    Oliver: Supersuit.
    Ray: ...I prefer the Atom.

    Episode 18: Public Enemy 

  • Felicity's mother comes back to Starling. The look on Felicity's face screams "just when I thought this couldn't get any worse."
    • This exchange:
      Donna: If your father were here—
      Felicity: He'd be arrested on the spot.
      Donna: Probably.
    • Donna attempting Distracted by the Sexy on the doctor to no avail.
    • Donna's rambling reaction when she thinks Felicity and Ray had "hospital sex".
  • Felicity hoping Oliver has some brilliant plan to walk scot-free:
    Oliver: I don't even have a regular plan.
  • When Ray is thanking Felicity for saving him (by injecting him with his nanotech):
    Felicity: All I did was stick something in you. [beat] You think there'll ever be a day where everything I say isn't some weird double-entendre?
    Ray: I hope not.

    Episode 19: Broken Arrow 
  • When Ray finds out he is going to team up with Oliver, he becomes a giddy idiot like Cisco, and even wants to highfive Oliver.
  • Oliver's constant exasperation and eye-rolls at Ray's giddiness.
    Ray: This team up is going great!
    Oliver: Stop calling it a team up.
  • Oliver wonders if Felicity gets as worried as she is about Ray when he himself is out in the field.
    Felicity: I honestly can't think of an answer to that question that doesn't get me in trouble.
    Diggle: [pointedly shakes head at Oliver]
  • After one too many adorkable comments from Ray, Oliver points out the similarity to Felicity.
    • Doubly funny if you watch The Flash (2014), as Caitlin made a similar remark about them.
  • Ray, when looking for the metahuman in an abandoned warehouse, he asks how many abandoned warehouses there are in Starling City. He genuinely wants to know.
  • Ray flees to P-Tech after being thoroughly beaten and narrowly escaping death. Oliver points it out.
    Ray: It wasn't that bad, was it?
    Diggle: It was way worse, Ray.
  • Cisco's cameo at the end. He and Ray high-five each other when they both name another meta-human yet again. Then Ray asks how the meta-humans get fed and relieve themselves. He clearly hasn't read Cisco's blog yet.

    Episode 20: The Fallen 

  • Felicity thanks Oliver for letting her be there for him. He wonders if he even had a choice in the matter. He didn't.
  • Tatsu holds a soldier at sword point and tries to force him to talk with it at his throat. He won't talk. She moves it lower to his chest and he still won't. Then she aims it at his groin. He sings like a canary.

    Episode 21: Al Sah-Him 
  • Diggle is talking about his interception of some criminals, and Felicity brings up a point:
    Felicity: If you're going to keep going out into the field, we should really design you some sort of—
    Felicity: Okay. [air quotes] "Identity concealment."
    • Even more hilarious, immediately after Diggle says "costume" baby Sara whips her head around to look at him with a look that could be interpreted in any number of ways, all of them funny.
  • When Laurel takes Nyssa out for burgers and fries:
    Nyssa: I've never understood your country's need to deep-fry everything...this is more oil than potato!
    • And then she approves of a fry dipped in a chocolate shake.
  • Thea checks out Team Arrow's new digs:
    Felicity: How did you get in here?
    Thea: My dad's a supervillain and you left your doors unlocked.
  • Felicity has stopped giving all craps about her deception abilities (or lack thereof).
  • John arrives home right before a family dinner with Lyla, their daughter, Felicity, and Thea after he was out on a patrol, and this incredibly casual (and appropriate for this family) exchange occurs:
    Lyla: John, what's the house rule?
    John: No Glocks on the dinner table.

    Episode 22: This Is Your Sword 
  • Ray gets Felicity to sign some "corporate stuff" before she leaves for Nanda Parbat. She doesn't see that the front page proclaims a transfer of ownership of Palmer Technologies to her. The kicker is that signing corporate papers without giving their contents even a cursory glance is exactly why Oliver lost the same company about a year ago.
  • During the attack on Nanda Parbat, a mook takes out Felicity's tablet with an arrow. She wheels around, throwing the tablet with pin-point accuracy, and hits him in the neck. He falls over, she smiles in triumph... and sees Malcolm's arrow sticking out of his back.
    Felicity: Oh. That makes more sense.
  • When Team Arrow regroups at Diggle's house Dig thanks the girls for coming in through the back door. "With Sara and Lyla gone the last thing I need is the neighbors talking."
    Laurel: Especially about some strange woman dressed in all black leather.

    Episode 23: My Name Is Oliver Queen 
  • Barry taking out the League members, the whole thing is hilarously one-sided since they don't stand a chance against him.
  • Barry sees the Lazarus Pit, the key to immortality, quite possibly the most valuable thing on the planet... and thinks it's a hot tub. And thinks it's cool.
    Barry: You guys have a hot tub? Nice.
  • When Barry shows up to save everyone, Felicity calls him by name, forgetting that not everyone knows him.
    Felicity: Barry!
    Barry: Thank you, Felicity, you just outed my secret identity to a supervillain. [to Malcolm] No offense.
    Malcolm: None taken.
    • Possibly also a bit of Self-Deprecation at how absurdly casual Barry is about revealing his identity by the end of just his first season.
  • Malcolm's reaction to Oliver suggesting that they capture Damien Darhk and use him as collateral against Ra's:
    Malcolm: That is remarkably ruthless and cold-blooded. [Beat] I approve.
  • Felicity gets a few digs in at the fact that Nyssa and Oliver are married.
    Felicity: Nyssa looks happy. You two on your honeymoon?
  • Or at the end, as they're driving along the coast.
    Felicity: So where are we going? I'm thinking a state that can annul a Nanda Parbat marriage.
  • Felicity notes that "Damien Darhk" is obviously an alias. It's not.
  • After Felicity saves Oliver...
    Felicity: (wearing the ATOM suit) If I could figure out how to get this thing off, I would be kissing you right now.
  • Nyssa is insufferably pleased that the only reason Oliver survived getting shot was because he was wearing League armor.
  • "My father doesn't frequent hotels" The line isn't that funny on its own. But Katrina Law's snarky delivery of it is hilarious.
  • As Diggle is leaving the team for a while, Oliver suggests that if he continues fighting, he'll need some kind of "identity concealment." Just like Felicity did a few episodes back.

Season 4

    Episode 1: Green Arrow 
  • Thea is having a little too much fun with the adrenaline rush. While chasing a speeding truck transporting stolen goods, she keeps crowing about how awesome it is.
    Laurel: We're really going to have to work on your definition of "cool."
  • Thea wants everyone to call her Red Arrow, but they won't stop calling her Speedy.
  • Domestic Oliver is hilarious. He's settled in completely, becoming an incredible chef because he was never able to make any real food on the island, befriended the neighbors, and is even going on runs that don't involve chasing anyone. Felicity, on the other hand, is clearly going just a little insane.
  • Oliver's callback to his Season One catchphrase after tasting Felicity's latest attempt at cooking.
    Oliver: Felicity Smoak, you have failed this omelette.
    • Felicity then adds it to a garbage can nearly filled with failed omelettes.
  • Oliver belatedly realizing that Felicity had been secretly helping the team while they had supposedly been traveling the world to get away from the life.
    Oliver: Bali? Oh, Felicity, you said there wasn't even email in Bali!
    Felicity: I know... but we both know I'm just that good.
  • Every single flashback in the episode ends with Oliver getting beaten up or drugged, often to the point of falling unconscious.

    Episode 2: The Candidate 
  • In the middle of the opening fight with HIVE, Felicity feels the need to complain about her and Diggle not having code names.
  • Felicity starts her first day at work as Palmer Technologies CEO, so Oliver presents her with a potted fern for her office. And he packed her a bag lunch.
    Felicity: Who are you?
  • Felicity's excitement to get to work, and the board of directors' reaction.
  • When Laurel and Thea say they're going for a trip out of town, Oliver cheerfully says that he and Diggle will be fine, as long as they don't kill each other. He has to clarify he's joking. Twice.

    Episode 3: Restoration 

  • Felicity finds herself in the same situation as Oliver in the first season, giving ridiculous excuses to get help from Curtis Holt, who is a bumbling scientist as well.
    • Even better: Felicity, who grew up in Vegas, and demonstrated on-screen her knowledge about casinos, tells Curtis about an "outside flush" in poker, because she is THAT bad at lying.
  • Felicity getting Ollie and Dig to work out their troubles is an awesome moment, but its also funny at the same time when the team dynamic sinks in. Felicity acting like a mother putting Oliver and Diggle on time-out like a pair of rambunctious and disruptive little boys.

    Episode 4: Beyond Redemption 
  • Thea, Digg, and Laurel not showing a lot of enthusiasm for Oliver's announcement he's running for mayor.
  • Just moments prior to the above, Thea had assumed Oliver's "big announcement" was going to be his and Felicity's engagement. She is understandably confused when Felicity walks in without a ring, to the point of almost spoiling it. Becomes outrageous when you realize Thea (alongside Laurel) interrupted their dinner the night Oliver was going to propose back in the premiere.
  • Ever since Felicity told Curtis she works with the Green Arrow, he's been trying to guess which employee at Palmer Tech he is, much to Felicity's bemusement.
  • Felicity listens to Curtis excitedly going on and on regarding a technical issue and suddenly realizes what she sounds like to everyone else.
  • Felicity also has a bit of an issue trying to get her new chair to work.
  • When Oliver tells Quentin he's running for mayor, Quentin cheerfully tells him that given what's happened to the last three, he hopes Oliver wins in a landslide.
  • Quentin joining the team to bust the dirty cops.
    Oliver: [on radio] Captain Lance.
    Lance: What, I don't get a code name like the rest of you?
    Oliver: ..Detective.
  • Adding a bit of funny to an otherwise somber scene, when Oliver confronts Captain Lance about the fact that he's working with Damien Darhk, immediately once he realizes what Oliver is talking about Lance has this look on his face that just SCREAMS "busted."
  • Oliver's bewilderment at walking into a campaign headquarters filled with people.
    Oliver: Did you hire all these people?
    Thea: No. That's what makes them interns, Ollie.
  • Ray Palmer's computer password is "PASSWORD". A nice Call-Back to when Felicity trolled him by changing his password to that.

    Episode 5: Haunted 
  • When Oliver thinks a new consultant is too young to vote (and thus too young to help with a political campaign), Thea notes that she owned a bar before she was old enough to drink.
  • Felicity alerts Thea and Oliver:
    Felicity: (with a Darth Vader impression) This is your overlord, Felicity Smoak.
    Thea: We have a P.A. system?
    Oliver: Yet another decision I might live to regret.
  • Oliver finds out Thea and Laurel were secretly visiting Nanda Parbat to resurrect Sara.
    Oliver: Your sister's alive, she's out there and she's hurting people. How is she alive...? The Lazarus Pit? You two spent your "spa weekend" in Nanda Parbat?
    Thea: It was the only place we could get a reservation.
  • Damien Darhk might be a psychopathic mystical serial killer with a messiah complex, but he has a sense of humor.
    Lance: What do you want?
    Darhk: A new beginning for the world, a nice glass of Merlot... not necessarily in that order.
    • Darhk's snark is just hilarious, sometimes:
    Darhk: Are you sticking around for a cupcake or something?
  • To quote a comment on this episode: "I'm usually not impressed with Arrow's writing, but having Constantine ask for "the feather of a dead peacock" to scratch an itch is a very, very clever dis at the Peacock Network itself, NBC. Especially since NBC kills everything I love."
  • Diggle and Felicity's reaction to Constantine:
    John: Where did Oliver find this guy? The Luxor?
    Felicity: Oh, I'm just glad that the latest person from Oliver's past is not another gorgeous woman.
    • Thea's reaction:
    Thea: Well he's a very specific kind of yummy.
    Oliver: Oh! Oh, I'm gonna pretend you didn't just say that.
  • Constantine gets a morbidly funny line
    Constantine: Oh, don't worry, if things go wrong then we'll all be too dead to care.
  • Felicity wants Curtis to work late but he protests that he was planning to go to the gym. She dismisses his protest under the assumption that since he is a tech guy then physical fitness does not really mean much to him. He explains that he actually won a bronze medal in the decathlon. Felicity tries to tease him about it but realizes that he is talking about winning an Olympic bronze medal and she promptly shuts up.
  • Curtis drunk so much energy drink to the point where his Keet level is off the scale. Felicity had to ask him to dial it down before she could request for a cleaned-up audio recording of Ray's message.
    Felicity: You're not even allowed to say "energy drink" while on company time ever again.
    Curtis: That's okay, I might be having a cardiac incident anyway.
  • When Oliver reminds John that he will have to bring something back to Reiter so he won't look suspicious, John nonchalantly breaks the red orb off the staff and gives it to him.
  • Oliver's reaction to Constantine's magic in the flashback seems a little subdued, but when you consider everything that's happened to him ever since he arrived on Lian Yu three years prior, then of course Oliver's just going to take it, because what else could there possibly be at this point?

    Episode 6: Lost Souls 
  • When Oliver approaches Curtis and Felicity during a conversation, Curtis, struck by how attractive Oliver is, has to briefly mutter to himself a reminder that he's married and that Oliver is straight. And he becomes one of the few people on the show who simply puts the pieces together about the Green Arrow's identity on his own, only to inexplicably decide Oliver's jaw isn't the right shape.
  • Curtis being Genre Blind:
    Curtis: Good news is, things can't get any worse.
    [Cue familiar high shrilling noise]
    Felicity: You just HAD to go and say that.
    [Enter Felicity's Mom]
  • Felicity's mother is back! And Oliver is the one who brought her.
    Felicity: What on Earth made you agree to this?!
    Oliver: Well, you know, your mom doesn't really take no for an answer.
    Felicity: You've faced down Mirakuru soldiers and the League of Assassins, are you honestly telling me you couldn't say no to my mom?
    Oliver: She said she missed you and then she sent me one of those... emojis with the single tear.
    Felicity: You have been texting with my mother? How long has that been going on?
    Diggle: You guys think we can find a better time to fight about this?
    Felicity: ...John? I thought only Oliver's line was open.
    Diggle: Nope. Mine is open.
    Laurel and Thea: And mine.
    Sara: I don't remember there being so much chatter on these missions.
  • Felicity unilaterally changing Oliver's code name to Chatty Cathy.
  • Felicity and Curtis's reactions after busting through the window when rescuing Ray are hilarious. She barely manages to groan and Curtis's delivery of "We're not ... dead" is hysterical.
  • Domestic Oliver in general is hilarious.
  • Donna realizes the awkward tension going on between Felicity and Oliver during dinner, so she proceeds to get takeout and whispers this gem before departing:
    Donna: The best part about an argument is the makeup sex.

    Episode 7: Brotherhood 
  • As usual for Felicity when talking to Oliver at the formal event, but she doesn't even seem to notice.
    Felicity: Well, this has to be better than how you usually spend your evenings, dressing in leather and tying people up.
    Old Woman: (gives them a look)
  • During the showdown between Thea and Damien the latter reaches out towards her, fully expecting to induce death via touch. His expression when that fails brings in mind another hilarious moment in another superhero movie.

    Episode 8: Legends of Yesterday 

    Episode 9 - Dark Waters 

  • Felicity is teaching the science of the bay cleanup to a bunch of kids, and rattles off a stream of technobabble—which a young blonde girl understands perfectly.
    Laurel: She's like a mini you!
  • Mama Smoak suddenly screamed while decorating Felicity's apartment. When Felicity rushed over to see what happened, it turns out to be the wedding ring Oliver planned on proposing with a 3-carat diamond (according to Donna). While Mama Smoak jumps up and down with excitement, Felicity can only react speechlessly.
  • Felicity's reaction upon realizing her mother is dating Captain Lance.
    Felicity: I'm never going to be able to un-see this, am I?

    Episode 10 - Blood Debts 
  • When Felicity has to go back into surgery, but the doctors promise it will be the last one, and will fix the nerve damage.
    Felicity: I never thought I'd be so excited to have a bunch of strangers doing things inside me. [beat] Doctors. Doing... doctor things...
  • When Laurel walks in on her father and Felicity's mom, her reaction is more subdued than Felicity's was, but the look on her face still screams "Oh dear god, how did this happen no wait I don't want to know."

    Episode 11 - AWOL 
  • Hearing a voice in the loft, Felicity tries to find out what it is, calling out and then criticizing herself for talking to herself. At which point, she sees the image of her past hacker self and realizes she is talking to herself.
  • The first thing Felicity does when her hallucinations start is confirm that yes, hallucinations are a side effect of her pain medication.
  • Goth!Felicity openly gags at Felicity helping the gang out.
  • Felicity's choice of book reading: The Shining. Even Goth!Felicity gets a chuckle out of that.
  • Oliver's wonderfully baffled expression when Felicity yells at her hallucination to shut up.
  • Oliver finally gives Felicity a code name—Overwatch.
    Oliver: I was gonna go with Oracle, but it was taken.
  • Felicity decides to show Oliver a picture of her back when she was a rebellious goth hacker.
    Oliver: Wow. When you said you made some questionable fashion decisions, you weren't kidding.
  • John goes on about something tech-related about a monitor and Andy gives him a confused look. John's response makes it even better.
    John: I have a friend who's into this kind of stuff, okay? And occasionally I listen to her.
  • Oliver nonchalantly reveals to Laurel that Barry can travel through time, and already did so during their war with Vandal Savage. Her reaction says everything.

    Episode 12 - Unchained 
  • Curtis' confrontation with the tech-thief at Palmer Tech.
    Roy: I don't want to hurt you.
    Curtis: ...I don't want you to hurt me either.
    Roy: [points to device Curtis is holding] I need that.
    Curtis: Oh. You might need to hurt me.
  • Now that Felicity has her own superhero name, she's constantly using everyone else's so they'll use hers back.
  • Felicity outright refusing to say the Calculator's name, because she's that offended by how lame it is.
  • The Calculator's response to Felicity's accusation that he's planning to destroy the internet:
    The Calculator: Why would I want to take down the net? Not only is it where I work, but I am addicted to funny cat videos.

    Episode 13 - Sins of the Father 
  • Given her adamant refusal to their forced marriage, the fact that Nyssa calls Oliver "husband" frequently is very funny, especially given how they don't really like each other.
  • The start of Nyssa's duel against Malcolm (before Oliver interrupts).
    Malcolm: In deference to good taste, we will forgo the removal of shirts.
  • The look on Malcolm's face when Nyssa throws Ra's al Ghul's ring into a fire. All his efforts to keep her from controlling the League, destroying his long-sought relationship with his daughter and now even losing a hand, and it was All for Nothing.
  • Dahrk cracking wise about Malcolm's hand, especially when you remember Neal McDonough himself once lost a hand in a similar way.

    Episode 14 - Code of Silence 
  • Oliver opens up a wedding invitation Felicity's mom designed. It explodes with glitter.
    Diggle: Should have seen that coming.
  • Felicity upset with Quinten when she sees Donna leaving in tears.
    Quinten: What makes you think I did something?
    Felicity: Because you're a man.
  • When they need to evacuate the building quickly because of the bombs, Felicity starts to hack the fire alarm—while Thea just pulls the actual fire alarm.
    Thea: What? I learned to do that in high school.

    Episode 15 - Taken 
  • Damien Darhk being his usual snarky self after Oliver reassures Felicity that she will walk again.
    Damien: (slow clapping) Aw, you two just melt my stone cold heart. You almost made me believe in love again.
  • Oliver noting how he had "an animated encounter" with Vixen, with Stephen Amell looking like he's barely keeping it together.
  • Thea suggests they contact Constantine for help dealing with Darhk, but Oliver just blandly says "He's in Hell."
    Thea: Really? What's going on?
    Oliver: I mean, he's actually literally in Hell.
  • When Samantha asks how Mari is going to find William, Mari casually replied "magic". Samantha couldn't help but give a bewildered look.
    Mari: Yeah, it's a long story.
  • Mari smells William's Flash doll to get his scent, but not before making sure Oliver will never tell Barry about it.
    Mari: Don't you dare tell Barry about this.
  • Mari is explaining about the idol and ley lines and Felicity, for once, is utterly out of her depth.
    Felicity: I never thought I'd say this, but huh?
  • After it looked like Mari was about to rematch Darhk, only to suddenly snatch his idol and run.

    Episode 16 - Broken Hearts 
  • There are several celebrity couples in Starling City, and Thea knows all their portmanteau names. Because she visits gossip sites.
  • When Oliver reveals his bulletproof vest, Cupid asks what his plan is for the explosion she's about to set off. Diggle comments "That's a damn good question."

    Episode 17 - Beacon of Hope 
  • Felicity sums the situation up: "We're in Die Hard with bees."
  • Donna on the attack: "From now on, I'm wearing flats. These assaults are weekly."
  • Quentin realizing what he just said after explaining the robot bee attack. "Yeah, that's my life now."
  • Oliver shocks everyone by making a Harry Potter reference, though he still didn't know about the film adaptations. Followed by Quentin referencing Independence Day.
  • After they take down the last bee, Quentin promises he won't tell anyone how much Curtis screamed.
  • Curtis struggling with having to help Team Arrow while he's still reeling from discovering all their identities (and acknowledging that he didn't actually know Diggle that well).
  • Curtis debriefing Oliver on the robotic bees that were trapped inside him:
    Oliver: That was inside me?
    Curtis: Well, that and thousands of its microscopic larvae. Don't worry. Should pass in a few days.
    Oliver: Can't wait.
  • Donna refers to Brie's humanoid bee swarm as the completely unimaginative "Bee Man."
    Felicity: This is why we let Cisco handle the names.
    Thea: Yep.
    Donna: What?
    Felicity: Nothing! Inside joke.
  • It's just a little funny that Curtis learns firsthand that The Masquerade Will Kill Your Dating Life literally on the first day of the job.

    Episode 18 - Eleven-Fifty-Nine 
  • Thea poking fun at Oliver's secretive nature.
    Oliver: There's something that I haven't told you guys.
    Thea: Shocker.
  • Laurel takes a turn as well.
    Oliver: I've seen this idol before.
    Laurel: What? Where?
    Oliver: Lian Yu.
    Laurel: You really love not talking about that place, don't you?
  • After Malcolm's attack...
    Thea: I'm going to hit the streets.
    Oliver: Malcolm isn't going to show himself.
    Thea: Then I'm going to hit some people in the streets.
  • The camera focuses on the team as they watch Lance distract the cops.
    Thea: By laying into Lieutenant Pike, apparantly. (a punch is heard off screen as the team reacts) Aaaand he just knocked him out.

    Episode 20 - Genesis 
  • Damien getting in a major burn on Malcolm
    Damien: Why would I trust Malcolm Merlyn? He can be so...underhanded.
    Malcolm: ...Cute.
    • A few minutes later in the same conversation:
    Damien: I had a lot of time to think in prison. Mostly about religion and bundt cake.
  • Esrin Fortuna. An immortal Latina Shaman who runs an underground casino in Hub City as a hobby, and a Deadpan Snarker extraordinaire.
    Fortuna: Tell John Constantine he still owes me money.
    • Not to mention this little gem:
    Oliver: Darhk's powers come from death. The more people he kills, the more powerful he becomes.
    Fortuna: [nods approvingly] Not just a pretty face, this guy.
  • Even the extremely serious final scene has some humor in it:
    Diggle: Andy told me that Genesis was coming.
    Felicity: I don't think so. Phil Collins said they'd never tour again.

    Episode 21 - Monument Point  
  • While Thea is trapped in her "new home" watched by the armed soldiers, all she can do is imitating the fake chirps. In comes Malcolm, who replies with a "Woof".
    Malcolm: I know. The predictability was a terrible flaw in the design.
  • When Felicity asks her mom about her dad's cabin, her mom goes on a rant about how the two of them would go up there to make love.
    Donna: You know, your father could go all night long.
    Felicity: Okay. That's enough. I don't-
    Donna: You know what? Actually, I think you were conceived in Ravenspur.
    Felicity: Ohhh, please make it stop. Please.
  • Felicity's opinion on whoever made Rubicon is that they totally screwed up. Not too surprising who it turns out to be:
    Lyla: That would be Amanda Waller.
  • Anarky constantly calling Thea "Mommy."
  • Anarky tells Thea she's not a pawn—she's a queen.
    Anarky: ...Get it?
    Thea: Yeah, I get it.
  • Noah's constant attempts to reconcile with Felicity and explain himself while they're trying to save the world.
    Felicity: You clearly don't understand that now is not the time!
  • The president called Lyla to ask if the fate of the world is really in the hands of a hacker, a criminal, and two guys in Halloween costumes.
    Oliver: ...They're not Halloween costumes.

    Episode 22 - Lost in the Flood 

    Episode 23 - Schism 
  • At the beginning of the episode, Darhk comes to kidnap Felicity, and Curtis moves to protect her. It looks like he'll finally get to be a hero... and Darhk telekinetically tosses him aside without even blinking.
  • Black comedy, but when Darhk threatens Felicity's mother if she doesn't unlock Rubicon for him, Felicity points out that expecting her to sacrifice the world for her mother is really stupid.
    Felicity: Guess what! My mother lives in the world!
  • Oliver goes to confront Darhk in the nexus. Darhk rolls his eyes and tells his daughter to sit tight. Cut to the street outside, something explodes, and Oliver comes flying out before landing in a heap.

Season Five

    Episode 1 - Legacy 
  • Anarky's reaction when Oliver pins his hands against a pillar with an arrow:
    Anarky: Does this mean you're not gonna kill me? What's a guy gotta do to get a little love?
  • When Charon's men attack the rally, Oliver punches out two of them before noticing the camera pointed at him, broadcasting everything live. He gets an annoyed look on his face and surrenders.
  • In the flashbacks, Anatoli frees Oliver from being tied to the chair, by dislocating his thumbs, and then rearranging them into place:
    Oliver: Anatoli, can't you bring a knife next time?!
    Anatoli: What is fun of that?
  • Felicity's quip after disarming a bomb:
    Felicity: That thing is just a really ugly piece of modern art now.

    Episode 2 - The Recruits 
  • Despite his Olympic training, Curtis can't do the salmon ladder. Oliver does it easily. In a business suit.
    Curtis: Impossible.
    Felicity: It's really hot... I mean not! It's not.
  • Followed by this exchange:
    Oliver: Curtis, if you think this is hard, wait until I actually start training you.
    Curtis: [nervously] What happens then?
    Oliver: The last guy got an arrow in the leg before it even started.
    Curtis: That was Roy, right?
    Oliver: Also Roy, but I'm talking about Wild Dog.
    Felicity: And you did put two arrows in Barry Allen's back.
    Curtis: ...I'm starting to sense a pattern.
  • Felicity wincing as she sees Oliver's "training methods."
    Felicity: At least he's not shooting them.
  • After Oliver calls his recruits "too green":
  • Despite once mocking Oliver for his lousy lies to get people to help him in his investigations, Felicity is just as bad about it.
  • The entire fact that the Arrowverse has now gotten so weird that a guy can show up and say he was saved from a nuclear explosion by magic rags he can now control, and everyone just rolls with it.

    Episode 3 - A Matter of Trust 
  • Curtis calls Ragman creepy. Ragman agrees.
    Ragman: It's the whispers, right? It just does that. I have no idea how.
  • While riding the elevator down to the Arrowcave, Wild Dog asks if the people who built the elevator know Oliver's secret too. Oliver frowns as if it's just now occurring to him to wonder this.
  • When the new team first sees the Arrowcave, Curtis tells everyone to remain calm. Felicity points out that the first time he came down, he fainted.
    Curtis: (defensively) I had the flu.
  • Evelyn asks Felicity what the etiquette is for dating as a vigilante. Felicity simply tells her "Don't".

    Episode 4 - Penance 
  • Upset with the recruits after nearly blowing an operation, Ollie tells them to get the mark and evidence to the Anti-Crime Unit and go home, then grappling-arrows away, leaving the three stranded to their own devices and Curtis with a rare (for Arrow) quip-to-credits.
    Curtis: How are we supposed to get this guy to the ACU, call a Uber?
  • The new recruits think they can stop Oliver from leaving town, and learning the hard way that no they can't.
    Rene: You know what really sucks?
    Curtis: Realizing that in all those training sessions where he was kicking our respective asses the whole time he was taking it easy on us.
    Evelyn: Yeah. Remind me to never, ever get on his bad side.
    Curtis: I think that would imply that he has a good side, and, you know, Felicity, could you please explain to me again how you thought this was all gonna go down?
    Felicity: Well, I thought if he saw you guys all united against his crazy plan he'd reconsider.
    Felicity: Right.
  • The team returns to HQ with Curtis wounded and Rene captured by Church, and Evelyn commenting that things have fallen apart without Oliver. And at that exact moment...
    Oliver: It's a good thing I'm back then.
    Rory: (confused) Was...he waiting for an entrance line?
    Curtis: Nope. He's just that cool.

    Episode 5 - Human Target 
  • Everyone being surprised at Oliver's optimism towards rescuing Rene.
  • When Diggle announces his return by strolling into the Arrow Cave:
    John, Felicity, and Curtis: Yes.
  • When Diggle refers to Oliver's new team as the "new kids on the block", Curtis quips that they're more like the Backstreet Boys. When no one reacts aside from a quiet chuckle from Felicity, he adds, "It was funny in my head."
  • Everyone's reaction to Christopher Chance pulling off his Latex Perfection mask of Oliver. And then Felicity decides to have a little fun with it.
    Felicity: (holding the mask to her face) "You have failed this city."
    (Curtis laughs, everyone else just stares.)
  • Oliver and Anatoly are talking in a flashback:
    Oliver: Just thinking about why I came here.
    Anatoly: Because this best bar in town! (beat) Actually, only bar.

    Episode 6 - So It Begins 
  • Rory offering the other recruits a drink of his family's special brew to deal with finding out about Oliver's past, which leads to this:
    Curtis: Um. Rory, [Evelyn]'s seventeen.
    Rory: So? My dad was giving me this stuff when I was eleven.
    Rene: And what a fine weirdo you turned out to be.
  • Evelyn asking Rory how long it's been since he smiled.
  • Felicity trying to comfort Evelyn about Oliver's secrets.
    Felicity: I'm kinda an expert on finding out Oliver's been keeping secrets... In fact, I'm the leading expert.
  • When Oliver thanks the recruits for coming back even when they're mad with him, Curtis jokes that they were worried he'd kill them if they didn't. When he realizes no one else is laughing, he meekly asks "Too soon?"

    Episode 8 - Invasion! 

     Episode 9 - What We Leave Behind 
  • Oliver's favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard.
  • Oliver mentions to his guests that he rewatched It's a Wonderful Life last week. That's a pretty loose interpretation of what actually happened. Also there's the fact that IRL NBC aired the film on December 3, 2016, the week before this episode aired.
  • Felicity is upset after her fight with Billy over his continued investigation into Prometheus, leading her to angrily ask the male members of Team Arrow why they (as in, men in general) never listen. The guys all trade looks and shrug in confusion.
    • And then, just as Oliver is leaving, he decides to answer Felicity's question.
    Oliver: We don't listen because... we're stubborn.
  • Rene and Rory arguing whether there's a chance Rene and Thea were dating prior to Flashpoint.
    Rory: In a multiverse of possibilities, there is no world where Thea Queen would date someone like you.
    Rene: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Felicity rushing through instructions on running a DNA sequencer before running out, much to the confusion of the others.
    Curtis: Did you get any of that?
    Rene: You're the smart one.
  • After Prometheus' attack on Curtis, Rory suggests asking Barry to run back in time and undo it. Rene says they shouldn't, since Dig might end up with five kids as a result. Even better is Dig pointing a finger in silent "yep, you got it" agreement.
  • Felicity's Lampshade Hanging of the "Comic Book Death" trope, noting that in Star City who are dead turn out to be secretly alive almost every Wednesday...which ultimately serves as Brick Joke for the episode's final scene.

     Episode 10 - Who Are You? 
  • Felicity icing her knuckles after punching Black Siren
    Felicity: This is why I usually leave the punching to you guys.

     Episode 11 - Second Chances 
  • Oliver tries to get information on Tina by calling Captain Singh in Central City. Singh demands to know how he can be sure this is the real Green Arrow. Oliver sighs and texts a message, there's a blur of red and yellow lightning in Singh's office and a post-it note on his computer monitor reading "He's legit."
  • Felicity is happy to get a shot at hacking the NSA, brushing the risks off as how Oliver can pardon her as mayor. She blissfully ignores Ollie trying to tell her he doesn't actually have that power.
  • This exchange between Oliver and Talia when she reveals she mentored Yao Fei.
    Oliver: You trained Yao Fei? How's that possible? You're half his age.
    Talia: Don't you know it's improper to talk about a woman's age? Let's just say it's a family secret.
  • Rory is amused to find out about Felicity's goth hacker past and her former handle: "Ghost Fox Goddess."
  • Felicity meets a Dark Web contact, telling Rory to be on the lookout and ready to hit if things go bad. Enter a woman who basically a younger version of Felicity, down to glasses and babbling who's a complete Fangirl. The look of amusement and wonder on Felicity's face is terrific.
    • When the young hacker talks about how sorry she was that Felicity had "quit," Felicity states she'd been doing important work. Judge just shrugs that "If it was that important, I'd have heard about it." After which she verbally backspaces on seeing Felicity's Flat "What" look.
  • Rene ordering increasingly stacked cheeseburgers, and Oliver growing increasingly disturbed by them.
  • Curtis starting to comment that Rene can also be ranked among the team's crazy members, seeing the look on his face, and quickly trying to backspace.

     Episode 12 - Bratva 
  • Rene admits to Quentin that part of the reason he didn't go to Russia is because Oliver was afraid he'd cause an international incident.
  • Oliver got a Russian city declared Star City's sister city in order to justify his trip.
  • After Oliver gets Anatoly to forgive him for not helping a member of the Bratva three years ago, Anatoly mutters that Oliver is lucky he never liked that guy anyway.
  • Curtis thanks Anatoly in Russian.
    Anatoly: Your strange friend's pronounciation is horrible.
    Oliver: I'll tutor him later.
  • At the end, everyone toasts with shots of vodka... and everyone but Oliver, Anatoly, John, Dinah, and Rory immediately spit it out.
    Dinah: Yeah. Can't you hold your vodka?
    Anatoly: Now you're my favorite American.

     Episode 13 - Spectre of the Gun 
  • Thea comes back and immediately starts trashtalking Susan Williams
    Thea: People talk Ollie, and uh, some people vomit a little.
    Oliver: Thea, you're kind of insulting someone that I'm getting pretty serious about.
    Thea: Did I mention people vomit a little?
  • Her golden reaction when she finds out that Wild Dog is now Quentin's assistant
    Thea: I, uh... never should have left.

     Episode 14 - The Sin-Eater 
  • Felicity hacks into Susan Williams' computer even faster than usual.
    Felicity: Her password is "1234" and she has a folder on her desktop labeled "Oliver Queen Info."

     Episode 15 - Fighting Fire With Fire 
  • Over the course of the episode, Rene makes a lot of "ball" jokes about Curtis' T-Spheres. After he uses them to take down Vigilante:
    Rene: (wounded while being picked up by Curtis) Yo, Hoss, that was badass.
    Curtis: That means no more ball jokes?
    Rene: Hell no! Uh!

     Episode 16 - Checkmate 
  • In flashback, Oliver first dons his Hood outfit and uses his gravely voice to help out Anatoly.
    Anatoly: What is thing you are doing with voice?

     Episode 17 - Kapiushon 
  • While there's not a lot that isn't very dark in the episode, one exchange is amusing:
    Malcolm: (introducing himself)Malcolm Merlyn, CEO of Merlyn Global Group.
    Anatoly: Anatoly Knyasev, gangster.

     Episode 18 - Disbanded 
  • With Oliver having ordered them to disband and left, and with Felicity off working with Helix, the remaining members have a deep discussion about what roles they're now assuming.
    Curtis: If Digg is the new Oliver, and I'm obviously the new Felicity—don't hate—which one of you guys is the new Diggle?
    Dinah and Rene: I am.
    Rene: Seriously? You've been here like, what, ten minutes? You don't even have a codename!
    Dinah: Fine. You're the new Digg.
    Curtis: The fact that she was not petty and...I mean, that's extremely Digg-like. You see that right?
    Rene: Yeah, okay, you're the new Digg.
  • The final scene is Black Comedy in the extreme, as the blood-splattered Adrian Chase drives off into the night (after being outed as public enemy #1), whistling along as the car radio plays It's A Beautiful Morning.

     Episode 19 - Dangerous Liaisons 
  • Quentin finally getting fed up with Rene calling him "Hoss". Even funnier when he gets his daughter saying it later in the episode.

     Episode 20 - Underneath 

     Episode 21 - Honor Thy Fathers 
  • Oliver's infamous Grizzly Adams beard and hair from the pilot? A wig, worn on Anatoly's advice.

     Episode 22 - Missing 
  • Oliver's face when he throws Curtis to the floor and almost punches him, when the team makes him a Surprise Party. The others too are shocked that he reacted that way.
    Curtis: Happy birthday. Everything hurts. Everything hurts.
  • Oliver's birthday cake is actually meant for a six-year old kid. Explains the cartoony, super-deformed Green Arrow on it.

     Episode 23 - Lian Yu 
  • This gem from Captain Boomerang.
    Captain Boomerang: Why does he get a weapon and I don't?
    Oliver: I trust him more than you.
    Captain Boomerang: Didn't he kill your mother?
  • When saving the first group of Team Arrow:
    Malcolm: Are you alright?
    Thea: Go to hell.
    Malcolm: I'll take that as a yes.
  • Nyssa still insists on calling Oliver "Husband," to his annoyance.
    Slade: you didn't marry the blonde, but you married Ra's al Ghul's daughter?
  • Curtis' bad impression of Tattoo when he finds the group's way off the island. Even better because he doesn't realize he's interrupting a tender moment between Felicity and Thea.
    "De plane boss, de plane!" (notes the looks the girls are giving him) "Reference too dated?"
  • Oliver demanding Adrian to tell him where his son is, and Adrian going full on Troll by not answering his question
    Oliver: Where's my son?
    Adrian: (smirking) I love this. Even now, at the end, you're still ten steps behind.
    Oliver: (more aggressively) Where... is my son?
    Adrian: William. Good name. (To Black Siren) Sort of a sweet kid, actually. (To Oliver) You sure he's yours?
  • After Quentin saves Dinah by knocking out Black Siren, we have this little exchange.
    Dinah: You didn't have to do that.
    Quentin: Oh, I did. For so many reasons.

Season Six

     Episode 1 - Fallout 
  • When Rene complains about being Oliver's speechwriter:
    Dig: You can write?
    Curtis: You can read?
    Rene: I can kick both yo' butts is what I can do.
  • In a very tense climax we get this exchange:
    Black Siren: [very annoyed at seeing Dinah] God you are such a bitch.
    Dinah: Yeah, it takes one to know one sweetheart.

     Episode 2 - Tribute 
  • Rene calling himself a feminist to try and impress the investigating FBI agent Watson. Quentin's mental face-palm is practically audible. It's even funnier if you remember his issues with authority figures and consider how hard he's clearly trying not to mouth off to a woman who can toss him into a hole at the drop of a hat.
  • Oliver fires an arrow (filled with an antidote) into the captured hostage.
    Anatoly: I do not think you understand how this rescue thing works.

     Episode 3 - Next Of Kin 
  • Dinah imitating John's brooding voice.
  • John akwardly sitting next to two Kord Industries guys in full Green Arrow gear while commenting on their horrible taste of music.
  • Rene and Dinah simultaneously telling Curtis to shut up and suit up.

     Episode 4 - Reversal 
  • After Felicity skips out on dinner with Oliver for a mission, she calls him to invite him back to her place for "dessert." She finds Elena in her apartment, discovers that Cayden James is planning a massive attack, agrees to help, opens the door to leave... and finds Oliver there.
    Felicity: What are you doing here?
    Oliver: You invited me. What is she doing here?

     Episode 5 - Deathstroke Returns 
  • Blink and you miss it, but when Oliver attacks the Jackal base and someone jumps him, he looks confused. As if he's thinking "How hasn't Slade killed all of you yet?"

     Episode 6 - Promises Kept 
  • The low-key annoyance everyone has at the Dragon's name.

     Episode 7 - Thanksgiving 
  • Michael Emerson as Cayden and his banter with Black Siren. It's like watching an evil version of Harold Finch.
    Black Siren: What's the hold up?
    Cayden: Your generation's so impatient. Why can't you just savor the anticipation?
    • He tells Black Siren and her men to break into a lab with "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war" then sees them slaughter the guards.
    Cayden: That was a literary epigram, Ms. Lance not a directive.
    Black Siren: Potato, potah-tah.
    • And Later ...
    Cayden: Wait!
    Black Siren: Why? And don't say "savor the anticipation".
    Cayden: Nano-thermite is highly explosive. Your scream will detonate [cue Black Siren releasing a Canary Cry breaking the case, there is no explosion.] You do see how that could have gone wrong, yes?
    Black Siren: Yes, but it didn't.
  • Rene turns out to be a Billy Joel fan.
  • Cayden James created a fake bomb threat with fake cops all to get a chance to talk to the Green Arrow, and justifies it with the fact that he doesn't have his phone number.

     Episode 8 - Crisis On Earth-X Part 2 

     Episode 9 - Irreconcilable Differences 
  • Thea sees William sipping some champagne.
    Oliver: Fine, it's just one sip. Mom and Dad let us do the same.
    Thea: And look how well we turned out.
  • Donna, of course, has to babble and take a few shots on how her daughter got married without inviting her.
    Noah: Let them have their day.
    Donna: They did have their day, we weren't invited.
    • She just doesn't stop...
    Donna: I guess keeping up the tradition of Smoak women having non-traditional weddings...
    Noah: We got a wedding.
    Donna: A Tom Jones impersonator posing as a Rabbi is not a wedding.
    Noah: You love Tom Jones.
    Donna: No, you love Tom Jones.
  • Renee, Curtis and Dinah are at the bar, drinking their sorrows.
    Dinah: Spending the rest of your life with just one person is stupid. Probably why I've had so many broken engagements.
    Renee: Wait, you're just going to leave on that bombshell?
  • Donna, of course, goes for the bouquet only for Curtis to grab it.
  • A clearly drunk Curtis tries to do a speech that falls apart into a rant on love not being able to actually exist and what does it all mean. Oliver and Felicity grit their teeth before Renee pulls Curtis away.
  • Donna and Noah are dancing when Quinten shows up and you can cut the awkwardness with a knife.
  • Pushing Felicity in a large garbage can in ARGUS, Curtis sighs on how he feels hung over.
    Felicity: I'm already spending my honeymoon in a garbage can, I am not getting your vomit on me!

     Episode 13 - The Devil's Greatest Trick 
  • Oliver crossing his arms and having to listen to the Outsiders affirming, once again, that they are not a part of Team Arrow anymore. His "I'm so done with this" expression matches those of many viewers perfectly.

     Episode 14 - Collision Course 
After the fighting, Felicity is complaining to John about Curtis hacking their prototype(instead of complaining about him hurting John).

     Episode 16 - The Thanatos Guild 
  • Asked about Black Siren, Quinten says "she's as messy as the real Laurel but surprisingly, a better cook."
  • Dinah is checking out various dirty cops. Curtis is babbling about what sort of treats are being served at Thea's party.
  • Curtis is less interested in a cop being crooked and more how hot he looks.
    Dinah: I hadn't noticed.
    Curtis: Just like you don't notice rainbows or sunsets.
  • Roy says he doesn't want to be too happy about leaving with Thea so "we don't jinx it."
    Thea: Since when do you believe in superstition?
    Roy: Ever since I met your brother, there's not a lot I don't believe in.
    (an arrow slams into their tire to force them off the road)
    Thea: Now I might believe it too.
    • At the Lair, Felicity notes they didn't even make it to the city limits and Roy snaps "she jinxed us."
  • Nyssa takes great pleasure in emphasizing that she and Oliver is still married, as it annoys Felicity.
    • Nyssa says her former contact "does not care for me." Felicity lets out a snort and when Nyssa looks at her, Felicity turns it into a lame cough.
  • Felicity complaining about the map container.
    Felicity: You did not tell me this was the box from Hellraiser!
  • Curtis is unsure about stealing evidence from the police station.
    Curtis: I'm pretty sure this is the last time I'm in here not as a suspect.
    Dinah: How long will this take?
    Curtis: My worry is 25 to life.
  • Seeing Felicity do her usual technical work, Nyssa is forced to admit "I didn't use a computer until I was 25."
  • Dinah puts up a pack of photos on a board.
    Dinah: I love a good murder board.
    Curtis: Very Alan J. Pakula. I keep forgetting you're not Felicity.
  • Felicity warns the team they have a bomb situation.
    Roy: There's always a bomb situation!

     Episode 18 - Fundamentals 
  • Felicity admitting she "tried to The Parent Trap" Oliver and Diggle.
  • Felicity compliments William's science project, noting hers was to "hack into Napster." When William asks what that is, Felicity sighs she's getting old.

     Episode 20 - Shifting Allegiances 
  • Renee and Curtis are thrown to find that Zoe has known all along about their crime-fighting lives. She explains they talk too loud. After he speaks out, Curtis realizes "wow, I just heard it, she's right."

     Episode 22 - The Ties That Bind 
  • Renee and his daughter watch a hockey game.
    Renee: When things settle down, we're going to a game. Best seats in the house.
    Zoe: You know seats are 400 bucks now.
    Renee: And they will have obstructed views.
  • Dinah's interrogation of a man who works for Diaz is absolutely funny.
    Dinah: You know you're gonna wake up in a couple hours, your heads are going to be throbbing, you're gonna regret not talking.(Guns cock)
    Dinah: Oh, [Sighs] You were just the bait.

Season Seven

    Episode 1 - Inmate 4587 

  • Diaz finds Felicity and William, but he spends so long talking about how he's going to kill her that William is able to distract him and Felicity attacks him.
    Felicity: Thank god you monologue.

    Episode 2 - Longbow Hunters 

  • Curtis notices Felicity using his ARGUS computer, and freaks out.
    Curtis: Please tell me you're not hacking ARGUS from inside ARGUS.
    Felicity: Of course not! I'm hacking Interpol.

     Episode 3 - Crossing Lines 
  • We see Dig pressing someone to confess...and it turns out it's John Jr. being pressed on eating so many cookies. And then Dig can't believe the kid kept quiet for twenty minutes but in ten seconds, Lyla gets him to confess.

    Episode 4 - Level 2 
  • Curtis leaves Zoe a special gift in the hospital: A Beebo doll.
  • Siren asks how Felicity got into her office. Felicity at first brags that "if I can get into MIT, I can get in anywhere." She then admits "except for here so I just told the guard we were sorority sisters." She completely agrees with Siren's eye roll at the very idea. Followed by Siren actually impressed at Felicity wanting to torture the Silencer.

    Episode 5 - The Demon 
  • Felicity's unintentional condescension to Laurel.
  • Laurel admitting she's still trying to learn Empathy.
  • Laurel awkwardly asking Felicity if she wants in her [Laurel's] Dinner plans.

     Episode 6 - Due Process 
  • Felicity telling Laurel that Oliver is still getting used to "the non-murdery version of you."
  • Laurel and Felicity show up at a warehouse.
    Felicity: Why do bad guys always hang out at the creepiest places?
    Laurel: Wait...was that a serious question?
    Felicity: Well, you were a bad guy, I mean gal, I figured you hung out at these kinds of spots a lot...
  • The downright hilarious scene of everyone at Argus realizing what everyone else has been up to for the last five episodes.
    John: So please tell me, Felicity, how the hell did you wind up in the middle of my op! Again!
    Felicity: Why don't I just say exponential search algorithm and leave it at that.
    Laurel: We planted a tracker on the Silencer's belt. Obviously, Diaz must have found it and used it as bait against us.
    Dinah: How did you manage that? You were nowhere near the Silencer at the CDC.
    Curtis: That thing at the CDC was you guys?
    Renee: Uh, Felicity wasn't near her. I was. We snuck her out together.
    Dinah: So you two captured the Silencer?
    Renee: But Felicity and Laurel were the ones that tortured her.
    Laurel: Actually, I convinced her not to, you're welcome.
    John: So now, you're working with Laurel?
    Laurel: I'm standing right here.
    Dinah: To be fair, she did help shut down that illegal psychiatric program at Slabside.
    Renee: Wait, hold on a second. You're gonna give me crap about working with the new Green Arrow and meanwhile you're siding with the Black fricking Siren?
    Laurel: Again, still here.
    Felicity: You're working with the new Green Arrow?
    Curtis: Guys! I think the whole point of this is maybe we could all pick up our phones a little bit more, huh. Shoot a text? Yeah, I'm totally talking about the fact that everyone forgot my birthday last week!
    Felicity: Your party is next week, act surprised!
    • The best part is a bloodied Anatoly sitting in the corner with a beautiful "I'm Surrounded by Idiots" expression through it all. And later, when Laurel points out the hypocrisy of not trusting her but working with an international crime lord, he smiles and waves.

    Episode 7 - The Slabside Redemption 

  • Oliver ends up fighting off half the prison using a soda can in a pillowcase.

    Episode 8 - Unmasked 

  • When Laurel shows up at the gala, Dinah calls her a "frenemy."

    Episode 9: Elseworlds Hour Two 

    Episode 11: Past Sins 
  • Laurel-2's utter disbelief at the idea of Felicity wanting a "girl's night."
  • Laurel isn't happy about Felicity following her.
    Laurel: And I thought I had only one stalker to worry about.
    Felicity: Well, I should be flattered, I only stalk people that I like.

    Episode 12: Emerald Archer 

    Episode 13: Star City Slayer 

    Episode 14: Brothers & Sisters 
  • Felicity is jarred when Laurel figures out she's pregnant by her lack of coffee, drink and the massive mostly eaten box of chocolates.
  • During the big fight, Joe Wilson and China White are being attacked when Carrie Cutler fires an arrow to take their assailants down.
    Joe: Great. Now we owe her one.

    Episode 15: Training Day 

  • Team Arrow is not impressed with the way the SCPD does things.
    • Rene is annoyed that he has to wear an SCPD uniform.
    • Felicity nearly cries at the computer setup at the precinct.
    • Oliver keeps butting heads with the sergeant because Oliver's tactics (not just the illegal ones, but things like fully surrounding the target by splitting up) clash with SCPD protocol.

    Episode 16: Star City 2040 

  • William has Mia under cover as his executive assistant. She insists on being his associate instead.
  • William and Keven blatantly flirting while Mia just rolls her eyes.
    Keven: Stay in touch!
    Mia: Oh, he definitely wants to stay in touch.

     Episode 17: Inheritance 
  • Arlene returns, at first ticked off to learn Felicity found her by her DNA but also impressed.
  • Arlene gladly agrees to join Felicity's company as she is tired of working in a "tech village." She even hugs Felicity while squealing.
    Felicity: Aren't you going to ask about the pay or benefits?
    Arlene: I don't care, just as long as there's no crappy vest requirement!

    Episode 18: Lost Canary 

  • At the end, the girls are having celebratory champagne. Laurel steals Felicity's glass and claims she deserves an extra because of all her hard work. She spends the rest of the scene in the background drinking from each in turn.

    Episode 19: Spartan 

  • Mia's "clever plan" to get past the Deathstroke guards is to threaten the half-dozen heavily-armed men. Connor facepalms and just reveals his membership tattoo.

    Episode 20: Confessions 

  • Felicity spends her entire time in police custody making increasingly outrageous food demands.

    Episode 21: Living Proof 

  • The first thing hallucination!Tommy does is mock his own beard.

    Episode 22: You Have Saved This City 

  • A random civilian refuses to believe Team Arrow's warnings about the terrorist attack, and claims Oliver should still be in prison. Bronze Tiger shows up out of nowhere and knocks him out.
    Bronze Tiger: He's trying to save you, you ass.

Season Eight

    Episode 1: Starling City 

  • Oliver charges at Earth-2's Rene and Dinah, and literally two seconds later they're both down for the count. Even Oliver can't believe it was that easy and has some harsh words for whoever their teacher was.
  • Oliver insists on completing his Earth-2 mission by himself and tricks Diggle into a chokehold to keep the latter safe. As a callback to Season 1, Oliver is amused how Diggle fell for this trick again.
  • When Earth-2 Adrian Chase wonders how Oliver figured out where Tommy will be, he responds with this.
  • While preparing to apprehend Tommy, Oliver and Adrian both say "suit up". There's momentarily an awkward pause before the two and Laurel quietly leave the bunker.

     Episode 2 - Welcome to Hong Kong 
  • Dig reveals a secret ARGUS base in Hong Kong inside the Internet cafe Oliver tried to use to contact his family in the Season 3 flashbacks.
    Oliver: Well, this would have come in handy ten years ago...
  • When Oliver is filling Laurel in on the Monitor, he mentions that his real name is Mar-Novu, causing Laurel to snark "you call that a real name?"

     Episode 3 - Leap of Faith 

  • Oliver tells Thea that the Monitor saw his death. Thea doesn't see what the big deal is.
    Oliver: [annoyed] Take as much time as you need to be upset.
  • When Future Team Arrow enters the Deathstroke base, Connor, Mia, and Zoe each make a perfect Three-Point Landing. William faceplants on the ground.
    William: I think I got dust in my mouth... was there dust last time?
    Zoe: It was worse last time.
  • In the end, Talia agrees to help rebuild the League as a heroic organization mostly because her father would have been furious at the thought of two women seceding him. She sounds almost giddy.

     Episode 4 - Present Tense 

  • William sarcastically asks Mia if they're supposed to kill a young JJ to save Zoe in the future. Mia is clearly considering it.
  • When Mia storms off, William and Oliver share a moment wincing over it.
    William: She can be a little stubborn... and hard to read sometimes
    Oliver: I wonder where she got that from.
    William: Mom, I guess?
  • The return of Curtis, babbling and funny as ever. And with a beard.
    • His reaction when Oliver tells him to find a way to "kill a god."
  • When asked if she was ever planning on telling the group about JJ, Mia just offers a flat "no."
    Laurel: (to Oliver) Clearly your daughter.
  • Laurel meets the Monitor.
    Laurel: You must be the Monitor.
    Monitor: How did you guess?
    Laurel: Because no normal human would wear something so ridiculous.

     Episode 5 - Prochnost 
  • Oliver tries to give Mia archery lessons.
    Mia: That's the secret? A tennis ball?
    Oliver: You know how you use a honing steel to keep the edge on a chef's knife?
    Mia: I don't really cook.
    Oliver: That makes sense.
  • Imagining how Felicity would react to William dismissing her ultra-advanced computer system as "a million years old."
  • Anatoly owns a bar now, and claims to have a great recipe for pina coladas.
  • Oliver's reaction to Mia "growing up in fight clubs."
  • As ever Anatoly is a joy, especially when a Russian gangster asks why he should give the Green Arrow information.
    Anatoly: Maybe you should've kept your secret identity... secret?
  • When Mia and Oliver get kidnapped, Laurel points out that William's family injects tracking devices into each other on a regular basis. He's disturbed, but admits that would be helpful.

     Episode 6 - Reset 
  • Oliver tells Quinten about the time loop...and Lance just completely accepts it, pointing out that after all the insanity they've seen in the last few years (one daughter coming back from the dead and another coming from another Earth), this doesn't sound that crazy.
  • Then Laurel complains about the "crazy space god" putting her through this and thrown Oliver is going through it too.
  • When Lyla hints Laurel on how to pass the Monitor's test by offering some life advice, Laurel sarcastically calls her "Dr. Phil".
    • Shortly after this, Laurel snapping to Lyla on how "I pull off the short hair way better than you do."
  • Laurel explaining the loop to Quentin.
    Quentin: You're telling me we're in some kind of alternate reality based on a Bill Murray movie?
    Laurel: Well, I was going to go with Tom Cruise but yeah, basically...

     Episode 7 - Purgatory 
  • When Oliver orders Mia to protect William, William is briefly offended. Then he admits he is the one who needs to most protecting.
  • There are repeated You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! reactions as the plan to make the weapon keeps getting more complicated.

     Episode 8 - Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part Four 

     Episode 9 - Green Arrow and the Canaries 
  • The return of Dinah's Noodle Incident past.
    Laurel: To be in my 20s again...
    Dinah: Hard pass. I was married at 21.
    Laurel: Who are you?
  • When the group find out that Bianca's kidnapper, Trevor, is her ex-boyfriend, they naturally assume that it was because of a soap-opera broken heart affair and mock him for it.
    Laurel: She broke up with you and now you're feeling hurt. Aw...(others echo her)
  • Bianca sums up the Green Arrow and the Canaries after they rescued her from Trevor.
    Bianca: Who are you bitches?

     Episode 10 - Fadeout 
  • At the statue unveiling, Lance mentions that he blamed Oliver for Sara's death. Mia gives Sara a look like "Wait, what?" Apparently she didn't get caught up on every weird thing that happened with her father.
  • During Oliver's funeral, Anatoly can't help but comment that they are paying respects at an empty coffin, since Oliver left no body behind.
    • There's an extra bit of Black Comedy in this as, technically, his body might still be in the beginning of time.
  • Probably not intended as such, but when Felicity is talking to Mia, who should walk up but Barry. Who knows a thing or two about having your daughter from the future randomly show up.
  • Looks like Diggle still isn't done being the Cosmic Plaything...


  • [[ Not only is Barrowman's singing really...special, but this was filmed in the "green room" and we can see Colton Haynes taking a leak! In the presence of Barrowman, Willa Holland and Emily Bett Rickards. Who filmed everything.
  • Colin Donnell's girlfriend, Zelda Williams, made a gallows-humor tribute to Tommy's death.
  • Colin Donnell's parody of "Someone To Watch Over Me" at the Arrow Christmas party is gold.
  • Oh, dear, the Season One bloopers. From fart noises being dubbed into a date between Thea and Roy to Stephen and Katie falling off the bed during a steamy make-out session, but one scene that sticks out is Barrowman breaking out his Scottish accent, completely out of the blue. Even in the gag reel, the Once an Episode shirtless scene lives! And no, it wasn't a blooper where Stephen happened to be shirtless, it was just another gratuitous Shirtless Scene.
  • John Barrowman's one condition for accepting his role.
  • The cross promo for The Flash. Oliver attempts to shoot at a target from far away only for Barry to suddenly come up long behind him and catch it mere seconds before it hits.
    Oliver: Showoff.
    • And to make it better, Oliver then primes three arrows at once not ten seconds later. You were saying?
  • From the season 2 gag reel, the scene from "Deathstroke" where Slade suits up. After putting on his helmet, he stands there as the epic music blares...before breaking out into a dance number.
    • Though a distant second to the "Dancestroke" number, Kevin Alejandro doing a... rather accurate impersonation of a politician is still pretty funny.
    • And of course, the fact that the producers still put in gratuitous Fanservice shots, even if this year everyone gets something to please them, and one of those shots deserve to be there, since they show Caity Lotz failing Sally the Salmon Ladder.
    • Caity Lotz in general in the gag reel; that girl falls over a lot.
  • The tweets after "The Climb" aired.
  • Stephen Amell's Easter tweet takes an awesome yet unexpected twist.
  • After the tragedy of Deadshot's death, Stephen Amell tributes him the only way he knows how. Doubles as heartwarming.
  • From Katrina Law's Instagram after "Al Sah-him" aired.
    • And again after "Sins of the Father."
  • Polaris LORE recaps the lore of Arrow
  • In The Flash (2014), Deadshot's Earth-2 doppelganger being the exact opposite of his usual Arrowverse self is hilarious; he is a police officer who can't load his gun without dropping the bullets and can't hit a stationary target from less than ten feet away despite firing every bullet in his gun.
  • Some of the fan backlash can be rather hilarious.


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