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Characters / Arrowverse: Earth-38

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A list of characters that appear in the Arrowverse, on Earth-38.


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     In General 
  • Alien Among Us: The existence of aliens on Earth is of the norm in this part of The Multiverse.
  • Alternate Self:
    • This universe shares a Kara Zor-El, a James Olsen, a Winslow Schott, Jr., a John Corben, a Red Tornado, and an Alex Danvers with Earth-X.
    • This universe shares a Bruce Wayne, an Alex Danvers, a Renee Adler, and a James Olsen with Earth-1.
    • In addition to Earth-1, this universe shares a Renee Adler with Earth-221 and three other unnamed Earths.
  • Crapsack World: As of Season 4, for aliens at least, this Earth is a horrible place to live, with hate crimes rising and the Government being willing to turn a blind eye on a confirmed terrorist, releasing him because his crimes only targeted aliens and thus he can't be charged with it.
  • Doomed Hometown: Krypton, the home planet of the Kryptonians, exploded on 1979. This in turn ruined its neighboring planet, Daxam.
  • Hero of Another Story: This universe is the second most important as well as the second most developed one within the Arrowverse after the main Earth-1 due to being the universe where Supergirl (2015) takes place.
  • In Spite of a Nail:
    • With the exceptions of the open existence of aliens, political figures, life events and not sharing major characters (so far), this universe and Earth-1 virtually have the same aesthetics, overall history, locations, species and culture.
    • Much like in Earth-1, Bruce Wayne still became Batman.
    • Alex Danvers' life turned out the same on Earth-1 despite Kara's non-existence there.
  • The Present Day: Much like Earths 1, and 221, its aesthetics and pop culture are the same with Real Life.


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