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Even death is no match for The Power of Love.

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Season 1

    Episode 1: Pilot Part 1 
  • Many (possibly all) of the team members decide to stay because they want to make something of their lives. Even if they have no effect on the timeline in Rip's future, as Sara says, the whole of their mission is changing time – and if nothing else, they're definitely going to try.
  • Laurel giving Sara her new hero name White Canary, and revealing she had Cisco make a new suit that lacks any kind of mask so she can proudly fight the bad guys as herself.
  • The Odd Friendship that quickly develops between Sara, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave.
    • The fact that, asked to assist Sara in the Bar Brawl, both Heat Wave and Captain Cold step in to back her up. Heat Wave is just being Heat Wave, but Cold hasn't really been shown to be the type of guy who gets into fights just cause. This could be read as a What You Are in the Dark moment for Cold: He could walk away and leave Sara to fend for herself and no one he really cares about would ever know (except Heat Wave, who really wouldn't give a shit), but he steps in anyway.
    • That Captain Cold and Heat Wave actually started forward until Sara told them not to, their initial intent to beat the S.O.B. witless for even trying to lay a rough hand on Sara!
    • The two were quiet while listening to how Rip's family were killed by Savage. Even these criminals felt sorry for him, especially Captain Cold who almost lost his sister.
  • Ray goes to talk to Oliver before going off with Rip and the other Legends, cementing that the two have genuinely become close friends since their awkward first meeting, and despite Oliver's warnings of how Ray should be careful in trusting Rip, he basically tells Ray "be careful" and the two get to part ways as both friends and colleagues.
  • Professor Boardman reuniting with Kendra and Carter in 1975. What makes this moment so heartwarming is that Kendra and Carter are his parents in their previous lives, and he personally witnessed them murdered by Vandal Savage in the 1920's. Although orphaned at the age of 10, it took many decades for Professor Boardman to finally see the reincarnation of his parents again.
  • When Stein asked why Jax had a change of heart about time travelling, Jax explained that he saw how brave Stein was when facing against Chronos, and it reminded himself back in the football days where his teammates ensure that he's safe:
    Jax: I like being a part of the team, man!
    Stein: Me too.
  • The fact that Heat Wave agrees to go along with it solely because of Snart is kind of heartwarming, even if the change of heart did come about by Snart mentioning the stuff they could steal. Really shows the two have a legitimate friendship going along with their whole heist crew gimmick.
  • A small but no less meaningful one, but when Mick says "Give us one good reason why we shouldn't kill you.", Stein without hesitation says "Ditto the arsonist."

    Episode 2: Pilot Part 2 
  • Captain Hunter finally comes around to seeing the various men and women he recruited not only as his means of avenging his family, but as people that he pulled from their time for his selfish wish.
    • Hunter goes out of his way to correct Young!Stein's missed meeting with his future wife, Clarissa.
    Hunter: Hardly seemed fair for you to sacrifice your wife in order to save mine from Savage's future.
    • Doubles as a Tear Jerker - As Kendra writhes in pain, Hunter comforts her until Gideon manages to apply a sedative to her - he just shushes her softly without really saying anything, but the remorse is hard to miss, and he's clearly very sorry that Carter once again died because of Vandal Savage.
    • Despite the team's failure at stopping Vandal Savage, Hunter still reassures them that they did make a difference in some way.
    • Like before, Hunter gives the team a choice - go back to 2016 and live out the rest of their lives, or help him stop Vandal Savage - no lies, no tricks, and none of the abrasion he had the last time he was "asking". He doesn't even bring up the thought that if they left, he wouldn't be able to avenge his family like he wants to.
  • Ray and Leonard have a quiet moment when they're trapped by Savage's home security system. Neither can understand why the other lives the way he does, but points made by both men indicate they're going to be trying to get along from this point on.
    Snart: I take it back, Raymond. You're not as useless as I thought.
  • After Stein fights with himself, Jax tells Stein that despite both Young!Stein and Old!Stein's arrogance, they're good people, and he needs to stop thinking of himself as a terrible person despite that trait.
    • Stein then tells Jax that meeting him was one of the best things that ever happened to him.
  • Despite barely knowing anyone besides Mick within the team, Leonard is pissed that Vandal Savage got the better of him and the people he now considers part of his crew.
    Snart: Look, we didn't know Carter from Adam, but if you take out one of my crew, you're gonna pay the price.
  • Carter's reaction after being rejected by Kendra was so mature and so patient. And he had this to say in response.
    Carter: I know you're worth the wait.
    • Carter's whole development from a Jerkass to a Jerk with a Heart of Gold was truly heartwarming. Despite witnessing a lot, he's still so patient and so content with waiting for Kendra to remember her past lives and fulfill her destiny no matter how long she takes. That is true love.

     Episode 3: Blood Ties 
  • Stein reveals that, contrary to what he claimed in previous episodes, he does indeed remember Ray from his classes. Ray was the only student he ever considered his superior. He encourages Ray that the brilliant man he knew from his classes definitely has what it takes to save Kendra. It turns out he's lying to motivate Ray, but the sentiment is still nice. He does admit that Ray probably was as exceptional as he said earlier.
    • Stein's reasoning for why he doesn't remember Ray is pretty heartwarming on its own; he says it was because he had so many exceptional students that he couldn't possibly remember them all. It shows exactly what the grumpy old man thought of his teaching career.
  • That Snart is trying to stop his father from going to jail and thus prevent his fall into crime and eventual death at Snart's hands shows that, deep down, Snart still has the love of a son for his father and wants to spare him that fate.
    • Despite voicing a desire to kill his father in the past for the monster he will become, Snart knows that if Lewis dies now, his sister Lisa will never get to be born.
  • Rory warning Snart of the dangers of pulling this move shows the friendship the two have and that even this psycho knows messing with fate isn't a smart thing.
  • Snart gives some heartfelt words to his younger self, telling him never to let anyone hurt him, not in his head and especially not in his heart.
  • He tries to brush it off, but it's clear Snart is a bit appreciative of Jax trying to cheer him up after his attempt to save his father fails.
  • Rory is the one to release and arm Sara and Rip. Especially since the only people the hothead fights beforehand are those that are between him and his captured teammates.

     Episode 5: Fail-Safe 
  • Even though Ray is in prison, he still maintains a heroic optimism as he once defended a frail old man being bullied by a alpha prisoner. Even though Ray got beaten up for his troubles, he still fought for what's right.
  • Ray gets on Rory's nerves for a while when they're thrown in prison, but then when they're tortured to get Stein to cooperate, Ray starts insulting the guards so he'll get the worst of it. In return, Rory insists on bringing Ray along when Snart comes to get him out, despite this making the escape much harder.
  • Snart talking Sara out of killing Stein, saying she's not a ruthless killer anymore.
  • Jefferson, having previously detested Stein for being such a control freak, comes to his aid, encouraging him to fight back and free him, saying they belong together.

     Episode 6: Star City 2046 
  • Even though this episode's Bad Future isn't set in stone, Sara still doesn't hesitate on rescuing Connor Hawke, and she's willing to go the extra mile in convincing a dejected and elderly Oliver to fight back for Star City.
  • Stein gives Jax a major pep talk in asking Kendra out by encouraging confidence within Jax.
  • Future!Ollie sees John Diggle Jr./Connor Hawke as his successor and is proud of him after the whole thing. After the two work together to beat Deathstroke.
    Ollie: That's good shooting, John.
    John/Connor: It's Connor.
    Ollie: Either way, It's Green Arrow.
  • Before Sara leaves we see Connor and Oliver getting the base out of mothballs. While Deathstroke is gone, the city is still under siege by an army of criminals. But the two of them are ready to save the city one last time, and Sara leaves with the knowledge that no matter when or where, when Star City needs saving, there will be a Queen ready to fight for it, and a Diggle having his back.
  • Despite not seeing or hearing from them for 30 years, Oliver still recognizes Sara and Ray the moment he sees them.
  • Snart refers to Sara and Rip as his friends.

     Episode 7: Marooned 
  • We learn just how and why Mick and Snart became so close. When Snart first went to juvie at 14, he was almost killed by a bigger kid with a shiv. Mick stepped in, and the two became thick as thieves.
    • When Mick betrays them, he asks to go back to 2016 and not 2046, because he does value his friendship with Snart and wants to go back to how things were.
  • In a flashback to how Rip and his wife first met, she resigned as a Time Master and took all the blame for instigating the relationship, all so Rip would be able to pursue his career.
  • Stein geeking out over getting to live his childhood Space Ranger fantasies.

    Episode 8: Night of the Hawk 
  • Sara and Lindsey spending quality time together certainly qualifies.
  • Jax apologizes to Snart after being cured from the meteorite mutation.
  • Betty, the girl from the Cold Open, being perfectly friendly to Jax when he sits down next to her at the diner. Remember, this is The '50s, a time not known for its racial harmony: Her casual acceptance of him is likely a huge departure from how most people in town act.

    Episode 9: Left Behind 
  • Most of the team deciding that they need to break Mick free of the Time Masters' brainwashing, because he's one of them. They previously refused to leave Sara with the League of Assassins for the same reason.
  • Kendra and Ray's relationship throughout the episode is this in spades, despite a few minor rough patches here and there.
  • Ra's al-Ghul, of all people, gets one when he releases Sara from the League at the end, knowing that she doesn't truly belong there. Then she gives him the information he needs to facilitate her rescue from Lian Yu, and even ensures that he'll send Nyssa to do it.

    Episode 10: Progeny 
  • After several other team members fail to get through to Rory, Snart simply walks into the cell so they can fight it out. Rory wins, but finds that he just can't deliver the finishing blow against his friend, causing him to rejoin the team.
  • The flashbacks to Carter and Kendra's life as Joe and Edith Boardman. They clearly have a lot of love for each other and for their son.
  • While Gideon being able to read the dreams of people on the Waverider is played for laughs, Per Degaton's dream of baking cookies with his mother is endearingly adorable (especially considering who Degaton is and who he will be), and Sara's "rollicking" dream about a nurse shows that she's still thinking about Lindsey and doesn't just consider her a fling.
  • Rip's comment about needing to believe that goodness can exist in the likes of Per Degaton. Sadly, because of Savage, he's proven wrong.
  • Tor Degaton, despite the urging of Savage and his own son, refuses to risk Per's life, and orders his men to stand down when Rip threatens him.

    Episode 11: The Magnificent Eight 
  • Ray manning up as Sheriff, and putting a gang of outlaws because that's what he does!
  • Stein being a perfect gentleman by offering his services as a doctor to a distressed widow, and saving a young boy from tuberculosis, and that young boy turns out to be H.G. Wells!
  • Mick and Sara's little drinking contest.
  • The bonding between Sara and Kendra.
  • Snart and Rory's concern for Jax and reluctance to leave him after he is caught by the Stillwater gang.
  • We find out that Rip named his son after Jonah Hex.
  • During a game of poker, Stein relates to Snart a story of how his father was a gambler and a crook, ending with an assurance that Like Father, Like Son isn't inevitable.

    Episode 12: Last Refuge 
  • Kendra and Sara went on a mission to retrieve their younger selves, and they couldn't resist cooing baby Snart back in 1972.
  • Mick's conversation with younger self, assuring him that he wasn't responsible for his family's death.
    Teen!Mick: I let that flame get out of control, like you said. I ran out without waking anybody, like you said. I was just so afraid.
    Mick: You were just a kid. I spent my whole life blaming you, hating you for something you didn't mean to do.
  • Jax reunites with his dad before his death. He ultimately can't resist warning him about the mission he'll be killed on, to which Rip remarks that for all they know, history might now want the man to survive.

    Episode 14: River of Time 
  • The various flashbacks throughout the episode showing each of the team interacting with one of their friends and family before they left. To wit these include:
    • Jax meeting with his mother who gives him a watch she had originally planned to give to his father.
    • Ray with Felicity who encourages him that despite his claims to the contrary he does have a life in Star City and that when he's ready he can come back to it. She also makes sure to tell him that the future Mrs. Palmer is out there somewhere.
    • Sara going to the League of Assassins' prison in order to see Nyssa and break her out. There's also Nyssa's declaration to not free her and instead for Sara to live her own life unburdened by her past.
    • Stein's last conversation with his wife wherein he promises that he will return home to her and that there is nothing he wouldn't do for her.
  • While it's also a tearjerker, there's Ray being man enough to let Kendra go so she can be with Carter. He also says he's grateful that it hurts him so much, as he thought he could never love someone that much again after his girlfriend was murdered.
  • Rip being willing to let Snart and Rory leave on the jump ship, since he still maintains that this was always a voluntary mission.
  • Stein sending Jax on the jump ship back to the present in order to save him from the temporal radiation poisoning that's killing him. Doing so would kill Stein slowly, but it at least saves the man who's became like a son to him.
  • Snart is genuinely upset that Jax is going to die because of Rip's actions, and the last thing he says on the matter is "You deserved better."

    Episode 15: Destiny 
  • When they attack the Oculus, Rip realizes that this is the point he saw where Ray died, and tells him this. Ray blinks, then just goes back to tampering with it, knowing that doing so will kill him, but he's willing to die to destroy this thing and free everyone.
    • Even better, when it's clear that someone needs to stay behind to destroy it, Mick knocks Ray out to take his place. Not accepting that, Snart then knocks him out so he can do it. Sara gives him a Big Damn Kiss to say goodbye as he commits a Heroic Sacrifice to save everyone. Essentially, three different characters made it clear that they'd be willing to die to save the others, including the two least-heroic members of the team.
  • After what happened last episode, Jax, in the year 2016, instantly goes to go find Martin right before he would leave to join Rip and the team so he can go save the team's asses. Though he butts heads with the pre-Character Development!Stein, he gives him permission to roofie his past self (and likely, the idea to do it in the first place), assuring him that it's OK as going on the mission is the best decision they ever made.
    • Also a nice moment for anyone who had a problem with Stein drugging Jax in the first place (that's exactly what Thawne did to him!). When it's mentioned, he's appropriately horrified by the suggestion and states he'd never do that. Jax flat-out tells him to.
  • How does Mick resist being re-brainwashed into Chronos? By thinking about the team. Though he tries to play it cool by saying that he was just thinking how screwed they were without him, it's clear he's come to care about them on some level.
    • In a half-handed way, Mick telling Ray that if this got out, he would shave his head. What makes this heartwarming is that Mick threatened him with what amounts to a prank, instead of, say, killing him or roasting him alive.
  • Snart admitting to Sara that he'd been thinking about life after this mission was over, especially a life with her. Coming from a guy who joined just to loot treasures from history...

    Episode 16: Legendary 
  • When Rip attempts a Heroic Sacrifice, Mick quietly says that he doesn't want to lose another friend. Despite how much he clashed with the group throughout the season, it seems Mick does view them all as True Companions.
    • At the end of the episode, Mick has Rip take him back in time to say a proper goodbye to Snart.
  • Just as Rip is about to perform a Heroic Sacrifice, he has a vision of his family, which gives him closure and the will to live.
  • With Vandal Savage finally dead for good, Carter Hall/Scythian Torvil and Kendra Sanders can finally have a chance to live their lives together in peace without the fear of being hunted down by him endlessly throughout time.

Season 2

    Episode 1: Out of Time 
  • How do the Legends stop Mileva Marić from collaborating with Nazis and building an atomic bomb? Convince her ex-husband Albert Einstein to tell the world how she is his intellectual equal and long-time colleague.
  • Just as Rip is about to pull his Heroic Sacrifice he asks for Gideon:
    Rip: Gideon?
    Gideon: I'm here captain.
    Rip: You always are.

    Episode 3: Shogun 
  • Nate is very happy about his new Steel power, and he has every right to be. After a lifetime of being hospitalized and coddled because of hemophilia, Nate can finally be the superhero he dreamed of.
  • Nate felt stupid after getting his ass kicked by the Shogun's right-hand man. But Masako cheers him up by claiming that a man who fights without samurai armor (referring to Nate) is by far the most honorable warrior she has ever met.
    • To demonstrate Masako's generous hospitality, she could have easily ignored an unconscious Nate and leave him be, yet she risked herself by nursing him despite her father's concern about a foreigner potentially bringing trouble to their family.
  • After spending the whole episode showing contempt for Rory's criminal past, Vixen gets him a ninja star as proof that he actually saw them. Rory's face lights up like a kid on Christmas morning.

     Episode 4: Abominations 
  • Ray making the best of staying behind by making the team packed lunches.
  • After Ray's antidote saves Mick from zombiefication, Ray and Mick have a heart-to-heart where Ray admits he feels like an outsider without powers or his suit, and Mick tells him he's been an outsider all his life and it isn't a bad thing. And then in honor of the greatest outsider he's ever known, Mick gives Ray the Cold Gun in honor of Snart.
  • Professor Stein's speech to Jax at the end of the episode about how, even in the darkest times, Hope Springs Eternal.
  • Jax telling the Civil War-era slaves that because of what they go through, things ultimately get better (if not necessarily perfect) for future generations of black people.
  • The woman from earlier in the episode noticing Amaya's totem and not only showing that she's familiar with Zambesi, but saying that her mother was from Zambesi. The sheer elation on Amaya's face sells it.

     Episode 5: Compromised 
  • Amaya and Todd/Obsidian coming back to good terms before the Legends depart again. Lance Henriksen also puts some real emotion into Todd's lines that help sell it.
  • Amaya telling Nate something about his grandfather that he never knew; he was a singer.
  • While it is mostly funny, there's something sweet about the normally aloof Sara letting Nate hug her.
  • Stein telling his younger self that Clarissa means everything to him, and young Stein agreeing and taking it to heart.
  • Obsidian revealing his reason for not wanting to travel with the team: "I found someone, and he's waiting for me back home." The sheer casualness indicates the rest of the JSA knew he was gay even back in the '40s, and were fine with it even as he had to stay closeted from the rest of the world.
  • Nate complimenting Amaya saying that she's nothing but professional, without being prompted.

     Episode 6: Outlaw Country 
  • Watching our resident geeks Nate and Ray teaming up breaks to new levels of Adorkable.
  • He has enough dwarf star alloy to build ten new A.T.O.M. suits, but the first thing Ray uses it for is creating the Steel suit Nate designed.

     Episode 7: Invasion! 

     Episode 8: The Chicago Way 

     Episode 9: Raiders of the Lost Art 
  • When Amaya is convincing George Lucas to help the crew out, she talks about how while she doesn't care about movies, Ray and Nate do. In-universe, she's looking right at Ray and Nate while mentioning them, but from the viewer's perspective, she's looking right in the camera. It's a beautiful acknowledgement of nerds and geeks all over the world from the very show that is basically a love letter to all things geeky and nerdy.

     Episode 10: The Legion of Doom 
  • Stein going to the present in Central City to see Lily. Why? To seek her help with artifact they have and...because he missed his daughter and wanted to see her.
    • He even brings her on board the Waverider much to the crews dismay showing just how much he has grown to love and trust his new daughter.
  • Later when Lily find out she is a time aberration and is understandably saddened as she thinks her father never really wanted her Martin goes to her and claims that while time is never really good at giving people what they want it is good at giving people what they need and states that he needs Lily in his life

     Episode 11: Turncoat 
  • The Legends celebrating Christmas together, with decorations, turkey dinner, music and all other trimmings. Sara even calls them a family in her toast.
  • Ray capturing the rat that had terrorized him in the timeship's vents and giving it to Mick as a Christmas gift.

     Episode 12: Camelot/3000 
  • Mick of all people being the first one to refuse the order to leave Ray behind, showing that he indeed cares for him as a friend.

     Episode 13: Land of the Lost 
  • Ray's set of dolls of the rest of the crew. Apparently, he got lonely trapped in the Cretaceous.
  • The mental avatar of Gideon is the only uncorrupted being within Rip's subconscious, besides the real Sara and Jax and Rip himself. She aids them in their escape and bringing Rip back. As Rip's mental world is collapsing around them, with Sara and Jax having already woken up, Rip and Gideon share a moment, where Gideon confirms that she stayed with him in his mind throughout his brainwashing. When Rip states that he can't let her go, she replies that he doesn't have to: she will always be with him regardless. The music then crescendoes as they share a Big Damn Kiss right before Rip wakes up.

     Episode 15: Fellowship of The Spear 
  • Amaya is disturbed after seeing the wounded in The Battle of Somme and being reminded about the fate of her village and her granddaughter only for Sara to assure her that from what Laurel told her that despite all the pain and lost she does go through Mari does come out of it not only a stronger person but also as a hero.
  • A small one, but Mick saying "She said she could handle it." when the rest of the team is doubting Amaya's ability to handle the Spear without being corrupted, without any prompting at all.
  • Jax is pissed that Mick betrayed the team even though they were his friends, only for Ray to counter that they never treated him with that much respect or even affection — it says a lot how Ray and Mick have bonded over this season.
  • Rip's announcement to all of the soldiers, requesting a ceasefire is quite emotional.

     Episode 16: Doomworld 
  • A very small one for Malcolm. It was heavily implied throughout the season that he wanted to use the Spear to make himself Ra's Al-Ghul again. Instead he used it to bring back Rebecca, Tommy, and have Thea as his legitimate daughter. Of course the methods he used to achieve it are deplorable and unforgivable, but it suggests that Malcolm still has something of a heart left.
  • The thing that ultimately makes Mick turn on the Legion the first time, despite him obviously having been dissatisfied with his life, is Snart attempting to kill Nate.
  • Mick finds the rat Ray gave him for Christmas, and the audience learns he did give his pet a name: Axl.
  • After Jax throws Stein's family photo across the lab causing the glass to shatter a janitor comes in to clean up the mess, Stein apologizes and asks him if he needs any help he looks up (revealing that Ray is the janitor), smiles and says "No worries man I've got it". It's great to see that even though a lot of things have changed in this new reality Ray is still the same Nice Guy we all know and love.
  • Everyone takes the time to mention how good Nate's mom's sandwiches are.
  • One line: "Mick, I don't care what anyone else thinks. I still believe in you."

     Episode 17: Aruba 
  • Doomworld!Mick is killed by Snart because he asserts that he doesn't have a partner, he has a team.
  • After Snart kills Doomworld!Mick, Ray starts screaming his name in panic and makes to run towards him, only to me stopped by "his" Mick, who he goes to hug after being assured he's all right, even though Mick threatens to hit him for it.
  • Sara reunited with her sister Laurel through the Spear of Destiny, in which Laurel tells her that she knows she will always do the right thing when it counts and tells her she's never far from her. Seeing the Lance sisters reunited no matter how briefly always warms the heart.
  • Mick drops off Leonard at the same place from where Thawne recruited him. Leonard thinks Mick is about to kill him but instead, Mick tells Leonard this will set him on the path to becoming a better man. He then wipes his memory and leaves. It shows just how far Mick, the former thug who only cared about fire and pulling jobs, has come.
  • After a whole episode of shooting it down, Sara agrees to take Mick to Aruba.
    • Even better, Sara lets him tell Gideon to take the crew there, claiming he's "earned it"
  • Rip turning over command of The Waverider to Sara, even asking for "permission to depart"; she grants it and shakes hands with him.

Season 3

     Episode 1: Aruba-Con 
  • Lily Stein is pregnant, and Martin is absolutely giddy about being a grandpa!
    • Stein telling Jefferson that the Legends are his family as much as Lily is, followed by a hug.
  • When push comes to shove, Rip allows his old team to keep the Waverider and do their thing. He also believes they are the best hope of stopping "Mallus", whatever that might be.

     Episode 2: Freakshow 
  • Amaya's happy reunion with the Legends (sans a frosty Nate) is very sweet all around, but Mick giving her a hug and sincere "I missed you" deserves a special mention.

     Episode 4: Phone Home 
  • Jax and Mick immdiately supporting Stein when finding out that he secretly went out to not miss his grandchild's birth.
  • Lilly gives birth to her son. And his name? Ronnie.
    • Mick's reaction to the baby in particular is pretty sweet.
  • Throughout the entiree episode everyone keeps telling young Ray that Gumball isn't his friend and is dangerous. While Ray insists that Gumball would never harm anyone; and he's proven right when Gumball uses his telepathy to make the Men in Black perform the opening number from "Singing in the Rain" instead of harming themselves.
  • Gumball and his mother being reunited. Seeing the previously terrifying Dominator queen act like a loving mother in particular might make you squeal.
    • When Gumball first sees his mother, he makes a little burble that sounds almost like, "Mommy!"
  • At first Zari is exasperated by young Ray, but then she actually grows fond of both eras.
  • All of the Legends helping young Ray fend off his bullies.

     Episode 5: Return of the Mack 
  • As Rip is being lead away after Sara sold him out, his last words to her are that she and the Legends needs to be ready for Mallus' reign of terror or else history is doomed; she may lost faith in him, but he hasn't lost faith in her.
    Rip: Mallus is getting stronger, Captain Lance. Last night was only the beginning. There is a war coming. And history needs you to be ready. You and the rest of the Legends.

     Episode 7: Welcome to the Jungle 
  • Mick really shows how far he has come, being willing to draw a gun on his own father and even considering pulling the trigger (meaning: erase himself from existence), all to save his friends.
  • Bonus points for Mick shaking hands with Nate at the end and thanking him for convincing him to make peace with his father.
  • Amaya spending the entire episode wanting to put Grodd down, but when it came down to facing him, she used nonviolence instead. And it almost worked.

     Episode 8: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4 

     Episode 9: Beebo The God Of War 
  • Ava calling the legends to express her condolences for Stein's death.
  • Doubling as a CMOF, the team brainstorming their plan to attack Darhk near the end.
  • While also a Tear Jerker, Jax's goodbye from the team and especially his final speech shows just how much of a family the Legends have become for him.
  • Leo admits that he wants to help Rory because he remembers the Earth-X version who was his best friend and torn apart by his death. The two are naturally ripping into each other on how their doppelgangers are different but in the end, realizing better to have a chance to help each other out.

     Epiosde 10: Daddy Darhkest 
  • Snart and even Gideon acting as a Shipper on Deck for Sara and Sharpe.
    Sara: Gideon, get me Ava.
    Gideon: Right away, captain. Would you like some privacy, as well?

     Episode 11: Here I Go Again 
  • Despite the entire "Groundhog Day" Loop ordeal being horrifying for her, it helps Zari come to realize just how much she cares about her teammates. The entire final section of the episode is her giving them each some meaningful, heartfelt advice.
  • Zari overhearing Sara talk about how important she (Zari) is to the team. The look on her face says it all, especially as Zari thought that Sara was just yelling at her for the sake of being bossy.
  • As Zari becomes mentally exhausted trying to stop the "Groundhog Day" Loop Nate encourages her to take advantage of the situation to have fun without having to worry about consequences as the events will just start over anyway. What follows is a montage of humor and heartwarming with Zari having the most fun we’ve ever seen her have as she messes with some of the Waveriders artifacts, fools around with the team, and even goes the extra mile to catch Ray the moment he constantly trips brutally averted when Zari tells Nate that even after all this she still doesn’t feel any better
  • Just how everyone on the team is willing to help Zari the second she explains the situation to them. Nate in particular stands out as soon as Zari says the word Groundhog Day to prove they are in the time loop he’s immediately believes her without a second thought.
    • On a related note, how Zari comes to realise that her teammates do consider her a friend (even if Gideon doesn't yet). Her face and reaction when Nate cheerfully says "Anything for a friend" show just how much it means to her that she's more than just a passenger on the Waverider.

     Episode 12: The Curse of the Earth Totem 
  • Seeing that Amaya is upset and conflicted about her life, Mick spins a tale of the Dread Pirate Jiwe to relax her. Nate and Ray immediately join in, ridiculous accents and all, and by the time Amaya realises that everyone is staring at her, the three of them (and some other pirates) have turned her into an almost mythical figure who fights monsters and cuts out tongues.
    • Not only that, but Mick actually asks her what's wrong when he first realises that something's up.
  • After her totem is stolen, Amaya apologises to Mick and says that if she was anything like the Dread Pirate Jiwe, she wouldn't have let it to happen. Mick counters that she is much more of a badass than "some pirate queen", in his exact words "with or without your totem", inspiring her to keep on fighting.
  • Rip and Wally drunkenly sing karaoke in Japan in 1992, with Rip ultimately offering Wally a second chance to join the team by telling him that it's somewhere that people who don't fit in don't just fit in, but become legends.
  • When talking about how he feels bad about how the nanite gun will kill Nora, Mick points out that she's now an adult who has chosen the demonic side, only for Ray to counter that Mick has become a much better person since they met (no matter how much he expects Mick to deny it) and that he feels bad that he's taken that chance away from Nora. Mick can only stare at Ray for a few moments before looking away.
  • Ray has a crisis of conscience when his new weapon mortally injures Nora Darhk and goes back to save her. For his part, Damien returns the Anansi Totem he stole from Amaya earlier in the episode without a second thought when Ray demands it back in exchange for helping Nora.
  • Ava making it clear she doesn't want Sara to be "normal" but likes her just the way she is. They finally share that Big Damn Kiss and spend the night together.
  • Amaya talking down the zombified Anne is this, but it quickly moves into Tear Jerker territory as Damien uses Amaya's distraction to snap Anne's neck.

     Episode 13: No Country For Old Dads 
  • The Darhks of all people get several genuinely sweet moments throughout the episode, most notably when Damien actually risks his life, being relentlessly attacked by his younger self, but he just won't let his daughter fall to her death.
  • Ray is genuinely happy to see Rip again.
  • When Wally is about to leave the Waverider prematurely feeling he doesn't fit in because of his faux pas with Mick and Amya. Sara talks him out of him by pointing each Legend had their own rough patch when they were just starting out.
  • Rip isn't disappointed at all when Wally opts to stay on the Waverider instead of joining the Time Bureau with him — in fact he was hoping for it.
  • Rip doesn't try to get his Director job back, when Bennett is murdered by Grodd. Instead he wilingly cedes to Ava, asking to rejoin the Bureau as a humble agent.

     Episode 14: Amazing Grace 
  • Ray throwing a funeral for Axl.
  • When the spirits of the dead rise thanks to the power of the Death Totem, Elvis Presley doesn't treat them with fear or hostility. He assures the Legends that "the dead just want to be acknowledged", invites the restless souls into his uncle's church, and helps them find peace again with a beautiful rendition of the titular song. In the process, he says his last goodbye to the spirit of his late brother Jesse, and gives Mick a chance to do the same for his pet rat Axl.

     Episode 15: Necromancing the Stone 
  • Despite her jealously, Ava has no problem going to get John Constantine's help to save Sara.
    • On John's side, he's happy Sara found somebody.
  • John and Gary's friendship. Since Gary usually gets no respect from anyone — even Gideon, it's a bit of a shock that someone like Constantine is so nice to him...even giving him The Big Damn Kiss, which Gary is really happy about (and so is Ava! Heck John even joins Gary's D&D group at the end.
  • In direct contrast to "No Country For Old Dads", the team immediately notices something amiss when they notice Ray's not answering them and immediately go to the lab to him — probably saving his life.
  • Amaya convincing Mick that he's worthy of the Fire Totem, because despite what he insists he is a hero!

     Episode 17: Guest Starring John Noble 
  • Damien pulling an Enemy Mine with the Legends to stop Mallus, because to him his daughter his more important than world domination. It doesn't make up for his very long list of heinous crimes by a long shot, but it shows us that Darhk is capable of compassion.
    • Even better is that Sara agrees to his help on the condition that she gets to kill him when it's all said and done. Damien agrees.
    • He even gives Sara a completely sincere You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech.
  • Amaya's conversation with her daughter is adorable from start to finish.

     Episode 18: The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly 
  • Damien Darhk, of all people, sacrificing himself to save his daughter from Mallus' possession.
    • Ray slips Nora a time stone as she's being arrested by the Time Bureau, so that she can escape and make good on the second chance her father wanted for her.
  • Ava, having apparently recovered from her Cloning Blues turmoil, returns Sara's declaration of love. And gives her a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to prove that she is worthy of being a totem bearer.
  • Due to saving Zambesi in the previous episode, the timeline has been altered so that Kuasa grew up a hero and is now sharing the mantle of Vixen with Mari.
  • In the five years (for him) since he left the team, Jax has gotten married and had a kid who he named after Stein. The fact that the photo he shows is Franz Drameh's real life daughter makes Jax's gushing description of her and his wife all the sweeter.
  • After the boss fight the totem bearers hug, with Nate grabbing Mick to make sure that he's included in the hug. Mick even lets them hug him for a few moments before telling them all to get off him.

Season 4

     Episode 1: The Virgin Gary 
  • While none of the Legends particularly like Gary going so far as to use him as bait for the Unicorn the minute it seems he’s at actual risk of being harmed they all jump him in to save him.
    • Who’s the first to grab Gary to keep him from being dragged to hell with the Unicorn? Sara who arguably dislikes Gary the most.

     Episode 6: Tender Is The Nate 
  • Mona, Nora and Ava are forced to spend some hours together in Nora's cell after a power shortage. They actually start bonding over a few drinks, telling each other their life stories and encouraging each other.
    • This includes Ava amazed that Mona considers Yale law school her "fallback plan" as she loves this job.
  • After getting called out by his son, Hank actually lets Nate handle the situation with the Minotaur the way he sees fitting. He then risks his life saving his son and tells him that he is actually proud of him.

     Episode 11: Seance and Sensibility 

     Episode 12: The Eggplant, the Witch and the Wardrobe 
  • Ava's personal hell is all about her losing Sara, and all of the things they have to deal with so they can bring Ava back to the real world revolve around not only her own hangups and worries, but also Sara's misgivings about committing to the relationship. Basically, this episode is full of 'Awwwwww...!!' moments for Avalance shippers.
    • Ava admits that when she and Sara fight she gets scared, and she also worries that Sara is not on her team, because Sara always goes to do her own thing. But then Sara takes her hands and tells her, straight up, that she is always, always on her team, even when they disagree.
    • As Sara concludes that Ava's personal hell is all the things Ava is worried about, she assumes one of her worries is getting old. Ava clarifies that she's not worried about getting old, but rather getting old with her. This prompts Sara to then conclude that Ava wants to marry her.
      • Sara worries that as much as she wants to grow old with Ava too, given all the things she's been through it feels a little like tempting fate for her to plan anything for the future...until Ava came along.
    • Ava disappears, and Sara finds herself in a warehouse filled with hundreds of Avas (all of them boxed up like dolls), but she doesn't stop looking until she finds her Ava. Eventually, she just stops and yells out, "None of these are Ava! I'm not leaving without her!" And which one does that turn out to be? The one off to the side, in the "As Is" section.
    Ava: But you could have chosen any one of those other women.
    Sara: I don't want other women.
  • Ava wonders if she and Sara should talk about whether or not they want kids. Sara's response? "Eh, let's wait until the other eight are old enough to handle the news." The implication being that not only do they already have kids (the Legends) but also that she does want some actual kids with Ava, some day.

     Episode 14: Nip/Stuck 
  • After arguing all episode, Mick and Sara have a somber moment where they realize that they're the only two original Legends left. They then apologize to each other and spend the rest of the episode in perfect sync.

     Episode 16: Hey, World! 

Season 5

     Special Episode: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part Five 

     Episode 1: Meet the Legends! 

     Episode 2: Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me 
  • Sara sincerely enjoying a drunken Ava sing horribly at a club.
  • Constantine has a chance to get rid of Astra for good, but decides against it, wanting to save her from Hell like he promised.

     Episode 3: Slay Anything 
  • Nora sharing her personal experiences to lift Freddy's spirit after he is pranked, basically telling him that he is better than he thinks he is.
  • Seeing Behrad using the totem, Zari realizes her brother is a true hero and they're able to get over a lot of their bad blood.
  • That the Legends prevent Freddy from being known as a serial killer and all the victims (past and future) are alive again. During the reunion party at the end, Nora reunites with Freddy, now older and happier than before, dancing with his old prom date, Tiffany.
  • After fixing the timeline, the Legends decide to have take a photo shoot during the reunion party. It's a quite wholesome moment and shows how the Legends are not just friends, they are family.
  • One of the victims of the killer in 2004 was a former classmate Mick stood up at the '89 prom. With the timeline fixed, she's alive again and she and Mick can finally have their dance. Becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight, since "Mr. Parker's Cul-de-Sac" reveals that the two dated for a while after this reunion and had a daughter together.

     Episode 4: A Head of Her Time 
  • Ray blurts out a Love Confession while saying goodbye to Nora, which visibly overjoys her. When he tries to apologize, she says it's fine and makes her own confession in turn.
  • Zari's and Ava's Friendship Moment at the end. Zari admits that she is tired of living an influencer life, since she has millions of followers but zero friends. Ava then offers a hand of friendship, telling her that "at least she has one now".

     Episode 5: Mortal Khanbat 
  • Constantine kissing Gary after he is resurrected, particularly for those who ship them.

     Episode 6: Mr Parker's Cul-de-Sac 
  • Ray and Nora's wedding.

     Episode 7: Romeo v Juliet: Dawn of Justness 
  • Ray takes Damien's father-in-law advice to leave the Waverider for the sake of his marriage with Nora. It's pure tearjerking, of course, but it's also touching to see that Ray will sacrifice his joy aboard the ship, parting away from his friends and makeshift family, if it means that he can build a new life with his wife.
  • Sara's personal goodbye to Ray before he quietly leaves the Waverider (until Nate manages to catch up to him at the last second, anyway). Aside from Mick, the two have been on the ship longer than any other current Legend and the fact that they set aside a moment to honor their status as the original Legends is equally heartwarming and tearjerking.
  • The team all coming together the morning after Ray leaves to toast him with his Green Juice, that Mick was drinking because he missed Ray.

     Episode 8: Zari, Not Zari 
  • On Ava's advice, Mick decides to be present in his daughter's life as much as possible, starting from when she was a baby back in 2004 all the way to the present. The scene then cuts to a montage of them bonding over. Even though it turns out that simply showing up for your daughter several hours each year doesn't equate to good parenting, just the fact that Mick actually seems to be serious in trying to become a father, compared to his dismissive attitude in "Mr. Parker's Cul-de-Sac", shows his growth.
  • Old Zari visibly tearing up when she learns that Behrad and her family are alive in the post-Heyworld timeline.

     Episode 9: The Great British Fakeoff 
  • Mick worrying that he won't make it to Lita's soccer game in time. He's came a long way from the Token Evil Teammate in season 1.

     Episode 10: Ship Broken 
  • Gary being willing to give Sara his emotional support dog.
  • Lita fully accepting Mick as her father, calling him "dad".

     Episode 11: Freaks and Greeks 

  • The reason Mick was absent during Lita's college tour is that he went back in time to donate a building in his name so that Lita would get in.
  • Astra bonding with Sylvia, one of the three girls recruited for the female Legends' sorority, realizing they're Not So Different regarding their lack of social skills.

     Episode 13: The One Where We're Trapped on TV 
  • Old Zari's reunion with Nate after she possesses the new Zari. Alas, he not only doesn't remember her, but is weirded out since he and Zari were scripted to be rivals in Ultimate Buds. And when she meets Behrad, she also tries to hug him, sounding like she is on the verge of tears.
  • As twisted as they are, all the shows to which the Legends were consigned were intended to fulfill their wishes — Sara, Ava, and Mick were sent to Star Trip so that Sara and Ava could be co-captains while Mick got to be a villain again; Highcastle allowed Astra to reunite with her mother while John looked after them both; and Ultimate Buds reunited Zari with Behrad and gave Nate another chance to court Zari.
    • After the team is freed from the mind control but still trapped in their shows, John is perfectly willing to give up and stay as Astra and her mother's butler if it means Astra is happy.
  • There's some touching moments after the Legends' memories are restored:
    • The first thing Sara does is hug Ava.
    • As if to make up for his lackluster previous reaction at their reunion, once he remembers that he dated Zari before the Heyworld incident, Nate plants Zari (still possessed by her old self) a Big Damn Kiss.
    • Ava reassuring Behrad that he deserves to live, when he has a brief Heroic BSoD upon finding out that he was supposed to be dead, both before and after Heyworld.
  • Sara has more reason than anyone else on the team to just give up and live in a fantasy world, after all she's suffered over the years. Despite this, she refuses to give in, choosing to focus on the good instead of giving into despair.
    "Life is beautiful and terrible all at the same time. If we're only living part of it, then we're not living at all."
  • Sara's and Ava's Now or Never Kiss when the Faterider is about to be engulfed in fire and almost kill them.
  • The new Zari's reaction when she finds out that Behrad is alive, after Charlie separates her from her old self. She rushes to and caresses him on the cheek.

     Episode 14: Swan Thong 
  • As soon as he's helped the others find the Waverider, Mick turns around and sets off to find his daughter.
  • When Sara's sight is restored, the first thing she does is state how happy she is to see Ava's face, then kiss her.
  • Lita's speech to Charlie, snapping her out of her broken state and inspiring her to fight back against Lachesis.
  • Charlie ultimately forgiving Lachesis and encouraging her to actually live her life rather than waste it trying to control everything.
  • Charlie's heartfelt goodbyes to the others when she decides to return to the 70s. Also, her bandmates from the Smell are all alive again.

Season 6

     Episode 1- Ground Control to Sara Lance 
  • Ava stunned to see a film made by David Bowie where Sara reveals she's planning to propose to her.
    • And when she manages to contact Sara via astral projection, she accepts the proposal.

Miscellaneous (Trailers, Meta, etc.)

  • A meta one is seeing Sara alive and kicking (ass) again, no matter who decided to put her in the Lazarus Pit, after her unceremonious death left a heavy Bury Your Gays and Stuffed into the Fridge impression. And who convinced the Production Crew to bring her back? The fans did.
    • What's even more heartwarming is that Sara Came Back Strong not only in-universe, but also out-universe. She is an important character in Season 2 of Arrow, but everyone agreed that even without her dying abruptly in the Season 3 premiere, she would have less to do in any season afterward, as her arc ends in the Season 2 finale, having managed to mend fences with her family and lover. After she got transferred to this series, however, she becomes the closest thing the Legends have to a main character and never strays away from the spotlight, being the Team Mom of the group. Sara essentially headlines the show.
  • The entire concept! The creators have basically take a group of Ensemble Dark Horse characters (both from their respective TV shows and comics) and built an entire show around them!
  • Despite his rather dickish behaviour to Kendra, Carter truly does love her and will do anything to keep her safe and alive.
  • Even if they got written off the show after Season 1, the relationship between Ciara Renée and Falk Hentschel is heartwarming as they still hang out, Falk even flying over from Santa Monica to New York to visit Ciara.
    • During the Legends of Tomorrow Panel at DragonCon 2016, Ciara comments that she's cold in their panel room and Falk in return gives her his blazer to wear.

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