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Heartwarming / Crisis on Infinite Earths (2019)

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    Hour One (Supergirl
  • Alexander Knox, upon seeing the skies turn red, glances at the Bat Signal and goes "I hope you're watching, big guy." In Batman (1989), he was the only Gotham Gazette reporter who believed Batman was real. He still believes in Batman even thirty years later.
    • And Dick Grayson of Earth-66's cameo as he happily walks Ace the Bat-Hound before everything goes to hell. It's cheesy, but we wouldn't have it any other way. It also serves as an acknowledgement; if it wasn't for his show, we wouldn't be watching the Arrowverse right now.
  • Clark faces his greatest challenge yet: Changing his son's diaper. And he loves every moment of it.
  • The overall scene is a Tear Jerker, but Clark, Lois, and Alura's first priority in the midst of the chaos on Argo is to ensure that baby Jonathan survives by any means.
    • When the heroes realize that Jonathan arrived on another Earth, the group decides to split up so they can save him, with Lois, Sara, and Brainy eventually volunteering to join the mission. Not one of them questions the decision, even when the fate of the multiverse is at stake.
  • Oliver's very first question upon being teleported to another Earth and told of a reality-destroying antimatter wave?
    Oliver: Where's Barry?
  • Kara reuniting with Clark and Lois in the D.E.O. headquarters.
  • Oliver and Sara's little banter before the latter leaves to save Jonathan, with Sara teasing Oliver about having a daughter she did not know about. A nice reminder of their tryst and subsequent friendship in the earlier seasons of Arrow, especially as the two had little interaction since Sara left Team Arrow.
  • Oliver gifts a Green Arrow suit to his daughter Mia.
  • Lena may still be angry at Kara and Alex for betraying her trust, but she is insulted when Alex thinks she is going to let personal vendetta prevent her from helping evacuate Earth-38's population, because of course she is not letting it happen.
  • Jaded as he is, Earth-16 Oliver was more than willing to save baby Jonathan when he crash-lands in Earth-16 Star City and keep him safe in the Arrowcave.
    • Lois's thank you to Earth-16 Oliver really hits it home:
    Lois: Thank you Oliver. [Smiling at Jonathan who is safely back in her arms] Thank you for helping my baby.
  • Sara's motivational speech to Earth-16 Oliver, convincing him not to blame himself over the events on the Queen's Gambit. Before she leaves, she gives him a peck on his cheek and these words:
  • Oliver is willing to sacrifice his life to ensure that billions of Earth-38's inhabitants get safely to Earth-1.

    Hour Two (Batwoman
  • Who is the "Gideon" of the Earth-74 Waverider? Leonard Snart. And the ship happens to be inhabited only by that Earth's Mick. Even on another Earth, the two are inseparable.
  • In the long tradition of the gruff type getting left with a baby, Earth-74 Mick gets the booby-prize of watching over baby Jonathan. Not surprisingly, it's adorable.
    • He continues this by holding Jonathan and reading to him. Admittedly, it's a steamy romance novel rather than anything child-friendly, but it's still adorable.
  • Kate threatening Lex after seeing that Kara obviously loathes him.
  • Barry and Iris reuniting on the Waverider.
  • Apparently, in literally every universe in existence, Lois Lane and Clark Kent fell in love. Think about it—regardless of who portrayed them, from Reeve/Routh & Kidder/Bosworth, to Welling & Durance, to Hoechlin & Tulloch, to Cavill & Adams—that is how powerful this couple's love is, no matter what version of them it is.
    • This also holds true for the majority of major universes not covered by the Arrowverse. The continuities of the Silver Age comics, the Golden Age comics, Post-Crisis comics, post-Rebirth comics, and the Lois & Clark TV series all eventually feature Lois and Clark as a married couple. Though sadly, it's implied in Batman Beyond that DCAU Lois died before she and Clark could get married.
  • The reveal that Earth-167 Clark gave up his powers in order to have a normal life with his family. He tells Lex, "That is worth more than any superpower." Smallville fans will tell you that, after everything this Clark went through over the years, this Happily Ever After is more than deserved. Seeing him interact with Lois is beautiful. And they have two daughters!
    • Even better? Earth-167 Martha Kent isn't that old, so one can presume she's still alive. This means she got to see her baby not just get married to the love of his life... but have babies of his own and be happy. Martha Kent, who is a no-nonsense senator, has become a grandmother who presumably spoils her grandbabies rotten. You picture Annette O'Toole as Martha with grandkids, you bring all the feels.
    • And with everything established over ten years of Smallville, Earth-167 isn't lacking for heroes in the absence of Superman, with Green Arrow, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Aquaman, Supergirl, Lex Luthor, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, Batman and Wonder Woman as well, and in their own iteration of the Justice League. You can picture Clark grappling with the idea of giving up his abilities and living a normal life, and all his hero friends telling him it's okay, he's earned retirement, and they've got this.note 
    • Also, the fact that Clark finally trusted the Lex Luthor of his universe (who had gone on to become not only President but also his successor in the role of Superman with the Justice League in Smallville Season 11), so much that the mere appearance of a villainous Lex Luthor from another reality makes him dismissively snort and tell him "You're not Lex."
  • When the gang meets Earth-96 Superman for the first time. When he talks to Lois, you hear a section from John Williams' Superman theme and realize that Earth-96 Superman is the Superman that made us all believe a man can fly, the Superman who established the superhero movie genre just like his comic counterpart established the superhero genre.
  • Even after losing everyone he cared about, including Lois, Earth-96 Superman is still a loyal hero to Earth. Despite being understandably embittered, he remains courteous to people. This is not only a contrast to Earth-99 Batman introduced in the same episode (who became a tyrant to Gotham), it's also a contrast to how Superman reacted in the same situation in some media (notably Injustice: Gods Among Us, which also bases a part of its story on Kingdom Come) who, after losing Lois, went absolutely insane, formed a dictatorship, and subjugated Earth.
  • Lois introducing Jonathan to Earth-96 Clark, who then remarks that he looks just like his own son, Jason.
  • Kara comforts Kate after their soul-crushing visit to Earth-99, where that Kate's beloved cousin Bruce turned into a murderer who killed Superman and Earth-99 Kate is long dead.

    Hour Three (The Flash
  • Barry and Iris start and end their respective missions with a heart-to-heart talk and a kiss. As if they don't have enough loving moments already.
  • Lucifer repays his debt to Constantine with the portal card, despite his dislike of Constantine (and being set before the Character Development he undergoes in his own show).
  • Kate talking Kara out of using the Book of Destiny without having to use the Kryptonite she took from Earth-99 Bruce.
  • Earth-96 Superman explains he replaced the yellow on his Chest Insignia with black as a reminder that hope can prevail even in darkness.
  • Diggle and Mia's reunion with Oliver in Purgatory.
  • When Ray asks Iris how she was able to convince Ryan Choi to become the Paragon of Humanity, we see a flashback of the scene between her and Barry, and this time, we see the full scene. Barry convinces Iris to go find Choi and not be with him by promising that he'll always run home to her, no matter how long they are separated. This is also a Tear Jerker, but in a good way.
  • Barry's (presumably) final goodbye to Cisco and Caitlin, as they were the first two people he saw when he first opened his eyes as The Flash.
    • It's subtle, but you can see Frost turn back into Caitlin just before it happens, recognizing that this is Caitlin's moment.
  • Despite the heart-wrenching nature of the scene, there is one bright spot in the Heroic Sacrifice of Earth-90 Flash and the ensuing Happy Ending Override for that version of the Scarlet Speedster. As he runs himself out of existence to destroy the antimatter cannon menacing the multiverse, his last thoughts of are of Tina McGee, the love of his life. Cue a flashback to a tender moment between the two from The Flash (1990), demonstrating that The Power of Love is a constant force in the life of any Barry Allen.
    Earth-90 Barry: I have faith in you, Tina.
    Tina McGee: Well, the truth is I have faith in you.
  • Before performing his Heroic Sacrifice, Earth-90 Barry congratulates Jefferson Pierce for his efforts on trying to stop the antimatter cannon.
  • Barry and Jefferson/Black Lightning bonding over their shared experiences of losing a parent during their childhood. Jefferson ultimately proposes that the two keep fighting, as neither of their fathers raised quitters, and the two heroes then formally their secret identities to one another.
    • The clincher is Jefferson's smile when Barry recognizes the Dylan Thomas poem he quotes. His universe may be gone, but there are constants meaning that the things he loved still exist for him to protect in some way. Even after his universe is destroyed, he's still a teacher.
  • Kara is surprised by the Kryptonite reveal, but instead of getting angry, she allows Kate to keep it. Kara is the Paragon of Hope, Kate is the Paragon of Courage, and they inspire each other. Kate offers the Kryptonite to Kara, saying she has hope that it will never be needed. Kara tells her to keep it, saying she has the courage to believe Kate will never have to use it. Going deeper, after so many assorted behind-the-scenes issues have prevented the deep, profound friendship of mutual trust and respect between Superman and Batman from being realized in live-action, seeing a member of the Bat-Family and House of El form that kind of bond is amazing.
  • Right before the antimatter wave consumes them, Clark and Iris exchange a small, encouraging nod. Most of the people they love are gone and they know they're about to die too, but two of the people they love and trust most are the last hope for the multiverse, and they know they can die having faith.
  • Kara holding Earth-96 Clark in her arms as he "dies." It doesn't matter what Earth he's from; he will always be her baby cousin.

    Hour Four (Arrow
  • After the complete eradication of the multiverse and months of being trapped in the Vanishing Point, Barry's faith in himself and in his fellow Paragons has been rocked. But there's still one person he will always believe in.
    Spectre: Do you trust me?
    Barry: Are you Oliver Queen?
    Spectre: Yes.
    Barry: Then I trust you with every cell in my body.
  • Barry meeting none other than Barry Allen from the DC Extended Universe. Notwithstanding an initial moment of confusion, the two get along, and even get distracted by how much they admire each other's different costumes.
    • A meta one for Arrowverse: Barry praising DCEU Barry's costume. The DCEU and Arrowverse had had a well-publicized split before the former started, with Warner Bros. imposing embargo on characters crossing over for several years, and the DCEU franchise has been a mixed bag overall in comparison to the Arrowverse. So it's touching to see that there is a good camaraderie between the movies and the TV shows that the public didn't know they have, as if to say "You're pretty cool, you know."
    • DCEU Barry is confused to hear Arrowverse Barry call himself "the Flash" before repeating it like he's just had a "Eureka!" Moment. Arrowverse Barry just inspired DCEU Barry to take up his iconic moniker.
    • DCEU Barry mentions Victor and how they had been talking about multiverse theory. Looks like the two have continued to build up a good friendship following their battle against Steppenwolf.
  • Kara reassuring Ryan Choi that he is worthy of being in the team, after the latter admitted that he felt like the wrong guy to be a Paragon.
  • Lex Luthor admitting that it's kind of nice saving the world.
  • Oliver Passing the Torch as the world's protector to Barry and Sara before he dies.

    Hour Five (Legends of Tomorrow
  • At the beginning of the crossover, we see an alternate Mick was only able to self-publish one novel. On the rebooted Earth-Prime, our Mick is revealed to be a best-selling author with a ton of fans. He's even polite and sweet with an older woman fan who calls him by his pen name, Rebecca Silver, before worrying that he'd be offended. He says that she can call him that and happily signs her book.
  • Barry and Kara are quite excited to know that they now live on the same Earth. Later on, Kara has a completely ecstatic expression when she finds out that Kate is also on her Earth as well.
  • After defeating Sargon, Barry and Sara have a little chat about Oliver. Sara states that he was the last link to her life in Star City, and with his death, she has no more old bond left. Barry assures her that bonds aren't just people we grew up with, it's also people we find along the way.
    Sara: "When did you get so wise?"
    • It's the first real conversation the two of them have had in four or so years of being in each other's orbit. Sara looks surprised when Barry tells her about his parents.
  • After the Anti-Monitor makes a Badass Boast that the heroes' defeat is inevitable, Sara steps up with her own that honors the late Oliver. And everyone follows suit.
  • Sara Diggle lives! Instead of just Sara or just JJ, John and Lyla have both (biological) children in the new timeline.
  • Lois reveals to Clark that, in the new Earth-Prime, they have two sons. This is after the audience found out, in Hour One, that Clark had always wanted to have two kids with Lois.
  • The President asks the nation to hold a moment of silence for Oliver Queen. We then get shots of the heroes doing it, including those who never met Oliver, like Ava Sharpe.
    • Kate is shown lounging with Kara and Alex in their apartment in National City. With the universes merging, she finally can visit her more well-adjusted friends from outside Gotham whenever she wants.
  • Earth-96 Clark is reborn at the end, with the famous yellow in his S replacing the black and performing a very Christopher Reeve-like smile for the camera as he soars over his Earth, just like the Once an Episode endings in the Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh Superman film series. The yellow being back is incredibly heartwarming in and of itself, as Word of God states that this was intended to show that, in the new multiverse, this Superman has all of his dead friends and family back.
  • The heroes set up a memorial for Oliver, and Kara lights what appears to be an eternal flame.
  • Barry reveals the as-yet-unnamed Justice League's iconic round table, with a camera shot showing that each of the founding eight members (Supergirl, Superman, the Flash, White Canary, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Martian Manhunter, and the Green Arrow) has a chair with their symbol on it. The final shot is of Green Arrow's empty chair emblazoned with a green arrowhead.
    • The ending has everyone hearing the sounds of a monkey, with the camera showing a crate with the name "Gleek" on it. As this happens, the iconic theme song of the Superfriends cartoon starts playing, with the final shot being of the outside of what will become the Hall of Justice. There is just something phenomenal and touching about the very first depiction of the Justice League outside of the comics and the cartoon being honored in such a way.
  • And for those who were afraid the other cameo universes (60's Batman, Burton Batman, Smallville et al) were permanently gone, Word of God has said those Earths were restored too.

     Behind The Scenes/Meta 
  • Smallville's involvement was announced by Mark Guggenheim with this statement: "For eight years, Arrow has stood on the shoulders of Smallville. Simply put, there would be no Arrow, and no Arrowverse, without it."
  • The fact that they acknowledged Birds Of Prey, a slightly obscure entry in the DC TV library, by getting Ashley Scott and Dina Meyer back.
  • Actually seeing Brandon Routh in the red and blue again, especially after the ennui over Superman Returns.
  • Kevin Conroy was very nervous about playing Batman for the first time in live-action. Ruby Rose and Melissa Benoist helped him get through it and he said, "I felt like I was working with old friends I'd known for years. There was just such trust there that I could open up to them on camera."
  • When the original Flash was cancelled in 1991, it left that series with No Ending. Flash forward to Elseworlds, then to Crisis where, after filming Earth-90 Barry's Heroic Sacrifice, John Wesley Shipp turned to Flash EP Eric Wallace and embraced him, thanking him for getting some closure.
  • After he was cast for the DCEU, Ezra Miller was practically in Squee! mode and excitedly hoped for a crossover with Grant Gustin's Flash. They finally meet in Hour Four.

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