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Tear Jerker / Legends of Tomorrow

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Season 1

    Episode 1: Pilot Part 1 

  • Rip told the eight members of the team that he chose them because, in the future, they are considered legendary heroes. However, the real reason he chose them is because the eight of them would leave no negative or disruptive effects on the timeline if they died. All of them, especially Ray and Stein, had joined the team because they felt like their lives had an incredible purpose. And now that has been crushed, and they feel that they do not matter.
  • Stein not remembering Ray may have been intended to be funny, but it's a further reinforcement of Ray's belief that he isn't important. Whether Stein taught him when Ray was an undergrad or a grad student, high level physics classes have relatively few students, and it's hard to imagine someone as brilliant and outgoing as Ray being overlooked.
    • In addition to that, the question that Ray asked wasn't if Stein remembered him but if he remembered a paper Ray had written. Stein didn't say anything about that, instead commenting on not remembering Ray, implying that Ray's work had more of an impact on him than Ray as a person.
  • In the opening we saw Vandal Savage kill a woman and a child. Turns out they were Rip's wife and child. This is what set him on his quest to try and stop Vandal Savage from conquering the world.
    • What makes this even more tearjerking is that Rip Hunter pleaded to the Time Master Council, yet none of the authority figures would care to intervene on the basis of "protecting the timeline". By turning a blind eye on Rip's tragic loss of his wife and child, Hunter renounces his title as Time Master and takes matter into his own hands.
  • The team goes to visit Professor Aldus Boardman, the only man that he knows in history that was familiar with the stories of Vandal Savage, Prince Khufu, and Priestess Chay-ara. We later find out that Professor Boardman is Carter and Kendra's son from a previous life in the 1920s. His parents had been killed when he was ten and he spent years researching Vandal Savage in hopes of seeing his parents again.
    • Later, Professor Boardman is severely injured while trying to get on Captain Hunter's ship and he succumbs to his injuries while the ship is in limbo. Kendra realizes that the 'mysterious circumstances' surrounding his recorded death were probably due to her insistence that her son go with them on the ship in the first place.

    Episode 2: Pilot Part 2 
  • Carter getting killed again by Vandal Savage, only this time, Flash isn't here to change the past like the crossover episode. Kendra was so distraught over Carter's death that she nearly got herself killed by Savage.

    Episode 3: Blood Ties 
  • Snart makes a desperate attempt to correct the course of his life by delivering the emerald his father was sent to prison for. Unfortunately, the timeline's resilience kicks in and he makes the bitter discovery that his father tried to sell the emerald to an undercover cop on the same day he was going to get caught stealing it.
    • Made even more upsetting by how he looks like he's about to cry when he realises that he failed to help his father or himself.
    • Young Snart is introduced as a sweet child who introduces himself as Leo. Even Snart drops his act when he talks to him, knowing that the child version of himself has a childhood of abuse followed by decades as a criminal ahead of him.
      • There's a hint at just how much Snart's childhood messed him up when he takes the chance to try and give Leo some advice.
    Snart: Can I tell you something Leo? It's important. Don't every let anyone hurt you, ever. Not here [he points to his head] and most especially not here [he points to Leo's heart]. No matter what, you always have to look out for yourself, OK? You understand?
  • Both Carter's and Aldus' funeral is a tearjerker. Kendra has lost both her son and her husband. Give the poor girl a break.
  • By nearly all standards, Ray is a very lucky person - he's brilliant, he's successful, he's good looking. None of that really matters to him, though - he wants to make a lasting difference. But the one person we've seen him want to impress and whose opinion he very clearly values doesn't remember him.
    • It's even sadder when you remember everything that happened to him in Arrow. The first woman he loved since his fiancée was killed broke up with him. He was presumed dead, and all he got was a billboard. The city was renamed like he had suggested, but what he had really wanted was for it to be revitalized. That didn't happen, and without him, even his company started to fall apart. To him, it seemed like he couldn't make a lasting impact on anything.

    Episode 4: White Knights 
  • Along the episode we see that Stein and Jax tend to quarrel a lot even when fused as Firestorm, which causes them a lot of mishaps due to Jax refusing to listen to Stein's advice. This comes to a head when Jax is injured during the fight with Chronos and Druce due to his recklessness, and they both yell at each other, with Jax even pulling a You're Not My Father on Stein. When Jax leaves, Stein confesses to Ray that his anger stems from the fact that he still feels guilty over Ronnie's death and doesn't want Jax to suffer the same fate.
  • After being forced to leave Ray, Mick, and Stein behind, Snart is legitimately upset, and wants to kill Hunter for it. The others are also distraught over it.

    Episode 5: Failsafe 
  • Ray attempted to defend a frail old man from an alpha prison bully, only to get his ass kicked for his troubles. Rory didn't even bother stepping in because it's "none of his business".

     Episode 6: Star City 2046 
  • Not only did Oliver lose his arm, his family, and his friends, he also lost the will to fight against Grant's army and spent 15 years alone in the Arrow Bunker mourning how he failed Star City.
  • The devastated look on Sara's face when she witnessed how Star City has turned into a crime-infested hellhole.
  • Connor Hawke turns out to be John Diggle Jr., but he changed his name because he feels like he didn't deserve the name after failing to save his father. Not to mention that he's all alone trying to save what's left of Star City when Oliver was nowhere to be found. When he is talking to to Oliver we see his stoic composure break. He is in tears mourning his lost father and has dedicated himself to what seems to be an unwinnable war to make up for something he had no power to stop. Even worse, John Diggle Sr. died over a decade ago. Connor would have been no more then a young boy, but he still blames himself for his death.
  • Snart's realization that his and Rory's friendship is falling apart.
    • On Mick's end, think about it — he finally finds a place he can happily call home, only for his best friend to literally drag him away from it. No wonder he looks so forlorn when the team is leaving.
    Mick: I'm gonna miss this place.
    Ray: Yeah, they really seemed like your kind of people.
    Mick: (softly) I don't know who my people are anymore.

     Episode 7: Marooned 
  • Rip replaying the last message from his wife and son before they are murdered by Savage. He looks like he is on the verge of tears when Martin walks in on him.
  • Mick told point blank by Rip that the only reason he was picked was that he was a "package deal" with Snart. While he may not have believed in this crusade, learning he was just a punk who would normally be forgotten obviously shakes him.
  • Leonard telling Mick that he's dangerous to the team and Mick firing back "We were a team!" As rough as he is, it's clear Rory counted Snart as a friend and doesn't like the idea of him choosing a bunch of strangers over him.
  • Leonard being forced to kill Mick, his best friend, after he betrays everyone. Mick was not only his best friend for so many years, he also saved Leonard's life. But, Mick became too dangerous to keep around, and would have killed their Leonard kills him. Even he's in tears, being forced to kill his best friend...and he couldn't go through with it.

     Episode 11: The Magnificent Eight 
  • The woman who is revealed to be one of Kendra's past lives doesn't have things going her way. She was widowed early into her marriage with Carter's incarnation, Hannibal Hawkes. The whole depression after that causes her to isolate herself in the middle of the woods for over 40 years.

     Episode 12: Last Refuge 
  • Mick's Start of Darkness - he was playing with his dad's lighter and naturally a fire started and quickly grew out of control, and he ran of the hell out of the house without waking his family, because he was just so scared - and he's spent his entire life hating himself for it as a result.
  • Jax meeting his dad he never got to know, because he died on a military mission just after his birth. Especially heartbreaking because Jax knows he can't tell him who he really is.
  • Stein telling Rip he automatically assumed after the mission, he would return the moment he left. Because of this, he didn't see the need to say goodbye to his wife. Now because of everything, his wife doesn't even know who he is.

     Episode 13: Leviathan 
  • The scene with Stein and Jax walking around the camp and seeing the refugees. Jax spots a little girl with her mother and kindly gives her a chocolate bar. Then more kids show up and extend their hands, expecting to receive some too. It's clear that's he's sad that he didn't bring any more to give them. Fortunately, Stein steps in to tell them that they'll bring back more, if only to give them some hope.
  • And the scene right after, when Rip tells Ray that he tried to save his wife and son countless times, yet he failed every single time. We can only imagine how many times he had to endure having his family murdered right in front of his eyes.
  • Cassandra was probably raised to not overtly show emotion, but discovering her father had lied to her about Per Degaton's involvement in worldwide mass murder in order to mold her into the perfect successor has to have hit her pretty hard. What's worse is how fast she accepts the evidence presented to her, suggesting that for years she must have privately entertained doubts that her father, a "mere tutor" for Degaton, was really as blameless as he claimed.

     Episode 14: River of Time 
  • Savage asks Sara if she's talked to Laurel lately. Sara is confused, totally unaware of Laurel having been killed in 2016.
  • Stein sends Jax back to 2016, aware this will probably kill himself. But all he does is ask Jax to tell Clarissa he loved her. He explains that he's lived his whole life already. Jax deserves a chance to decide his own. You can tell how much he's grown to care about Jax (topped off with him lying to Cold and Heatwave to buy Jax a bit more time).
    • Jax, in turn, is begging Stein to not do this, trying to unbuckle so he can get out, and the last shot is him pounding on the window and yelling out "GREY!" close to tears.

     Episode 15: Destiny 
  • Rip finding out everything he's done was scripted by the Time Masters, and they had his family murdered so he would react as they wanted. This revelation nearly destroys him. When he's led back to his cell, you can see the fight has gone completely out of him, his spirit broken.
  • Snart's last words to Mick (especially when you remember that Mick threatened to kill him if he ever knocked him out again): "My old friend...please forgive me."
  • The team's reactions to Snart's death. Whatever else he was, he was part of the team.
    • Fridge tearjerker here: someone on the team has to tell Lisa about her brother's death.
  • After everything the team has been through, Rip's family still dies. Rip's reaction is what cinches it.

     Episode 16: Legendary 
  • Sara finding out about Laurel's death. Just the sheer defeated look in her eyes when her dad tells her and the sheer rage when she learns that Rip won't let her go back and save her. Poor girl can't get enough of a break.
    • Even worse, had Rip not pulled Sara from the timeline, she would have died as well...along with her father. And even if they brought back the Team...
  • Mick talking to Cold in a bar, the piano theme only makes it more heartbreaking. Afterwards Mick acts like everything is fine, but he is clearly saddened.

Season 2

     Episode 1: Out of Time 

  • As a last resort, Rip is forced to scatter the Legends throughout time. By the end of the episode, the rest have been recovered, but he appears to be gone for good.

     Episode 2: The Justice Society of America 

  • Dr Nate Heywood's initial impression of his grandfather Commander Steel in person, is not a good one. First, he gets knocked out by him...rather aggressively, and then is taken aback by his "steel" personality.
  • Hourman aka Rex Tyler's unexpected death at the hands of The Reverse-Flash. Amaya breaks down and cries visibly contrasting with Commander Steel's personality. She must have really loved him.
    • She doesn't just cry over his body, she's full on sobbing while she holds it.
    • It gets worse: they were together. Relationships within the JSA were not permitted because it would affect members' decisions in battle. Amaya and Rex were planning to leave after the war.
    • When you think about it, it parallels very closely with Carter's death back in Season 1. Both died in just in the second episode, without warning. Both partners were heartbroken. What makes this worse though, is that Rex is not coming back in the next life.
    • Also crossed into Nightmare Fuel for Rex: he's never encountered a speedster before, so finding himself shoved against a wall in a flash of red-lightning, confronted by a blurry yellow figure with demonic red eyes, and getting his heart crushed...that would be pretty scary.
      • Rex only managed to tell Amaya: "Time traveler", leading her to mistakingly believe the Legends were behind his death. In the next episode, Amaya stows aboard the Waverider, and goes on a grief-stricken rampage which is also somewhat awesome. She nearly kills Mick and tries to kill Nate when he stops her. If she had BEFORE Sara had told that the time traveler was someone else, then Amaya would have only added to her grief with the knowledge that she killed the wrong man...though not necessarily an innocent one, all because Rex could not finish his last words...
  • Sara telling Nate "Out here, even the best and bravest of us die." He assumes "You mean Rip?" and she doesn't respond. The sadness comes when you realize who she actually is talking about...Leonard Snart. In fact, her continued, subtle references to him are equally painful.

     Episode 3: Shogun 

  • Nate nearly getting killed after trying to save Masako from marrying the Shogun. His inability to summon his power makes him feel helpless and the look on Masako's face is gut-wrenching.
  • Ray being forced to instruct Nate how to destroy the ATOM suit, which he basically spent his entire life building. Even more so when it gets actually destroyed.
  • Ichiro telling Ray that he reminds him a lot of his late son, Oda, and how he was forced to commit seppuku just because the shogun resented him for being popular with the men who served under him.

     Episode 4: Abominations 
  • This episode pulls zero punches on the horror that is slavery:
    • Jax and Amaya are approaching the Collins Plantation to steal the Confederate plans, and the first thing they see is a poor black woman being assaulted by the owner himself, who proceeds to place her against a tree and whip her. Only because she accidentally burned a table cloth. Jax has to restrain Amaya from helping her out of fear of causing further damage to the timeline, as much as he too would gladly help her.
    • Later, a slip-up from Jax gets him in trouble, and he's taken to a barn where several other slaves are tied to the posts. You can see in their eyes how much they've suffered, and yet, they still manage to stay strong in the inside because they know that their master tries to break their spirits and they refuse to give him that pleasure.
    • While this happens, Stein can feel through their psychic connection Jax's anger and fear. According to him, he never felt Jax being so angry or frightened before.
    • Lastly, the worst of all, just the thought of those friends of the slaves who tried to escape and were caught. The owner didn't kill them because he didn't want to lose the labor. He had them castrated and hobbled. A Fate Worse than Death, if there's ever one.
    • Special mention goes to the Song of Courage the slaves start singing while being chained in the basement, Follow the Drinking Gourd, which plays again just before the credit's roll. The desperation mixed with valiant strength in their voices is just heartbreaking.

     Episode 5: Compromised 
  • Snart's death is still a sore memory for Rory, as Ray's attempts at imitating him only serve to remind him of his late friend and nearly bring him to tears.
  • Amaya finding the JSA disbanded and its training academy abandoned. Everything she ever placed her hope and pride in was left to gather dust.
  • Todd Rice/Obsidian revealing that he was suspected in the 1950s of being disloyal because he's gay.

    Episode 7: Invasion! 

    Episode 8: The Chicago Way 
  • Amaya's face when Thawne is about to kill her is extremely tearjerking. The sounds she makes when he lets her go aren't anything fun to listen to, either.

     Episode 10: The Legion of Doom 
  • Lily finds out that she is a time aberration thanks to Mick and is heartbroken when Martin finally confirms it to her, claiming her father never really wanted her.
  • Even though it's a flashback, watching Eddie kill himself is a jab to the gut, knowing that despite his sacrifice, Eobard Thawne continues to exist.

     Episode 11: Turncoat 

     Episode 14: Moonshot 
  • Henry Heywood's predicament throughout the episode. Rip's mission to him to protect the spear meant he had to abandon his wife and son (Nate's father). During the episode the characters contemplate returning him back to his family in 1956 with Nate being strongly for it, but by the end he makes a Heroic Sacrifice to save the rest of the Legends, including his grandson. Shortly afterwards, Nate confronts Henry's teenage son—his own future father—with the news. It's all heartwrenching.
  • Amaya looks up documentation about Zambesi's future. With pure devastation in her eyes, she learns her home is destined to be burned to the ground, and many children, her granddaughter Mari included, will become war orphans.
  • Thawne admitting to Ray that he's motivated at this point not by getting faster or becoming more powerful - he just wants to to live. He may be the ultimate Asshole Victim - but Matt Letscher's delivery, especially how his voice cracks, really sells how terrified of being erased he is.

    Episode 15: Fellowship of the Spear 
  • The Legion going back in time and recruiting Leonard Snart from before he became a hero to use against The Legends. It's incredibly heartbreaking to see The Legion desecrate the name of a man who sacrificed himself to save his friends by bringing back the cold-hearted bastard he used to be before his Character Development. Especially because of what Snart does to Mick.
  • The episode is set during the Battle of the Somme in World War I, and doesn't shy away at all from depicting the mass suffering and death in the name of nothing more than a web of political alliances that would make Game of Thrones blush. This culminates in Rip having to arrange for a ceasefire to give the team time to find a vial of Jesus' blood, and even the cutesy cribbing from the Lord of the Rings films in front of Tolkien himself can't lessen the emotional power of his broadcast.
    "Attention, all combatants. May I have your attention, please? There are casualties on the battlefield. Brave men on both sides who are in urgent need of medical attention. I know that the divisions between us run deep, that they may very well be insurmountable. But I implore both of our armies, for this one moment, to come together as allies and honor a ceasefire so that the injured may be removed from the field of battle. There may come a day when our courage fails us, when we forsake our friendships and break the bonds of fellowship, but today is not that day. And perhaps in showing our humanity, we might just save it."
  • On a similar vein, Amaya's absolutely heartbroken and devastated reaction to seeing all the wounded soldiers, going to help one of them only to see all the blood. No doubt she was thinking about the eventual fate of Zambesi, but even just her reaction to all the injured in general is so sad to watch.
    Soldier: I don't want to die alone.
    Amaya, giving him a Tearful Smile: You won't.
  • Mick's betrayal of the team. Even if you saw it coming, it still hits hard, watching Mick wordlessly leave his team and walk to Leonard's side.
    Nate: We're your friends.

    Episode 16: Doomworld 

  • With the Legion having rewritten reality, Star City and Central City are in chaos and Team Arrow and the Flash are dead.
  • The fates of each of the Legends. Amaya and Sara are both assassins on Darhk's payroll, killing heroes for fun. Nate is a conspiracy theorist who lives in his mother's basement. Ray is a plumber and janitor working at S.T.A.R. Labs, Stein is a scientist being overworked by his boss Jefferson and cannot see his family. Jefferson himself is being threatened by Eobard Thawne, the main reason he is such a Jerkass to Stein. And Rip Hunter is trapped in the Waverider having given up all hope, instead wasting his time making cakes.
    • A throwaway line reveals that Nyssa is trapped living a closeted life.
  • Rory and Snart own Central City, but Rory feels empty because there is no thrill to being a criminal; no risk of getting caught and imprisoned and no heroes to fight.
    • Even worse, despite having wanted to reunited with his old friend and go back to the way things used to be, Mick is instead treated to a lesson about how Being Evil Sucks because not only is there no thrill in being a criminal in a world where the bad guys are in charge and you can do anything you want, but the Snart pulled from the timeline is a pre-character development asshole who treats Mick as little more than an attack dog and Mick is painfully aware of this.
  • Nate almost being executed by Snart because his reality scars mean that he knows that something is wrong with the world and that it has been rewritten. He knows just enough to know that something is wrong, but not enough to know the specifics, and Thawne is prepared to have him killed for it. He's absolutely terrified as he asks Mick who he is, if he isn't a conspiracy theorist, and Snart replies that he's dead.
  • After Mick saves Nate, Nate wonders if Mick only remembers because he's part of the Legion of Doom, and Mick replies that he isn't part of anything, he just made a terrible mistake.
  • After restoring the Legends to their former selves, Rory is still hated and mistrusted by his team. Whether it's Blatant Lies or just a case of the Legends being idiots, they learned nothing from their mistakes. Except for Amaya. Rip also gets a pass because he has no idea what is going on.
  • Amaya's death. Just as she's about to undo the madness that is Doomworld, Snart freezes her solid, mutters a halfhearted apology, then SHATTERS HER BODY with a tap. The Legends, Nate in particular, can only watch in horror and despair as their comrade lies in pieces. It wasn't a voluntary Heroic Sacrifice, like Snart in season one, it was an outright execution.
  • After the failed attempt to restore reality, the rest of the Legends return to Nate's home, utterly defeated. Even Mick, who rarely exhibits any emotion, is trashing the furniture. Thank god for Sara believing that there is still a chance.

    Episode 17: Aruba 

  • The deaths of the Doomworld version of the Legends. All of them. Ray for dying in a very gruesome way, Jax for saving the life of Stein, the man who hated his guts for his unwilling deeds in the future, Nate for his touching last words to his own past self, Mick for being killed by his own partner, Rip for being killed as basically a side-note and Sara for slowly fading from existence, as the price of winning.
    • Doomworld Mick rejects Snart's attempt to get him to work with him again by telling that Mick doesn't have a partner, he has a team.
  • Mick returning Snart to this own time instead of killing him as Snart expects, and Snart bitterly telling him that his path is a death sentence, even after Mick tells him that he'll die saving his friends. The last part of their conversation before Mick erases Snart's memories is a painful Call-Back to when Mick claimed that Leonard was getting soft in the first season.
    Mick: You know what your punishment is, Leonard? You end up being a better man. And so do I.
    Leonard: Better? You mean softer.
    Mick: No. I mean better.
  • The season premiere seemed to offer a Hope Spot for Laurel's eventual return to the Arrowverse; if Sara kills Damien Darhk in the past, that will bring Laurel back to life in the present. While Sara's insistence on maintaining the integrity of the timeline is in a way a Heartwarming Moment showing her Character Development throughout the season, it does mean that Earth-1 Laurel is really gone for good; she's not coming back this time, folks.

Season 3

    Episode 1: Aruba-Con 
  • Rip shut down Gideon his most loyal companion for five years (or maybe just six months). Luckily she doesn't seem bothered by it, but why would he do it?
  • Rip's dismissive attitude to his former comrades, especially since they saved his life. He can't even bring himself to admit he was wrong about them to their faces.
  • Amaya and Nate broke up and she went back to her proper time. Nate suspects Rip forced her, only to find out she did so of her own free will.
  • Just how miserable everyone is. Sara is stuck in a dead end retail job, Ray is stuck in a second-rate tech startup since his reputation is in shatters after Felicity mismanaged his company, Nate is still a hero but stuck in Kid Flash's shadow, and Jax in an engineering student, but he's dropped out since he already knows his stuff and is just bored with having to prove himself.
    • The only ones who aren't miserable are Mick who's in Aruba, and Stein who is catching up with Lily and is looking forward to being a grandfather.

    Episode 4: Phone Home 
  • Ray's childhood in general. He has no friends, just bullies making fun of him, he loses himself in fantasy worlds and studies, and even his apparently supportive mother thinks that he is a social outcast. It sheds a new light on the adult Ray's always positive and lighthearted worldview, as he possibly acts that way as a coping mechanism.
  • Gumball being strapped down and tortured by the Men in Black.
  • Ray having to say goodbye to Gumball, the one and only true friend he's ever had so far. Even Sara is moved to tears.

    Episode 5: Return of the Mack 
  • The team having to explain to Zari that you can't use time travel to save your loved ones from being killed.
    Zari: Try not doing something that will save your brother's life.
    Sara: Does a sister count?
  • At the occult society, Eleanor says she senses someone in the room who wants to speak to a dead loved one and Mick immediately perks up. He's still grieving over Snart after all these years.
  • The end where Sara sells out to the Time Bureau after he proved he didn't trust the team. He's heartbroken when he realizes he's alienated his closest friends
    Sara: You've gone rogue from every organization that you've ever been a part of. 'Cause you don't trust anyone. I don't know how I could have ever trusted you.
    Rip: (holding back tears) Sara I need you now more then ever!
    Sara: Do you remember when you told me you had nothing left to teach me? I guess you had one final lesson. (Time Bureau agents enter) How to be a cold son of a bitch.
  • Rip is flabbergasted that his own agency would mutiny against him
    Rip: But the mission proved that Mallus was real!
    Director Bennett: Explain it to the tribunal. In the meantime, you are being detained and suspended from active duty.
    Rip: You can't detain me. I-I created the Bureau!
    Director Bennett: Then you of all people should know that no one is exempt from its rules.

    Episode 7: Welcome to the Jungle 
  • Mick's relationship with his father in general. At first Mick can barely contain his hatred and anger at the man who abused him for years, then he realizes that he used to be a good man and turned bad due to his traumatic experiences in the war, and in the end he tearfully has to let him go, without being able to tell him who he is and changing their fates.
    • After Mick talks with his father, Nate comes across Mick burning his arm with a lighter. Mick notes that he always saw his father as a monster and blamed him for everything that Mick did, but now believes himself to be worse than his father, and says that he should have been the one to die in the fire.
  • Grodd. While also a dangerous monster, he is still traumatized by the horrible ordeal he suffered at the hands of humans. Amaya manages to reach out to him, and is actually able to talk him down, only for Mick and his father to storm the camp of Grodd's followers, resulting in Grodd to angrily think he has been betrayed and ditching the attempt for redemption.
    • Amaya's reaction to seeing everything that humans did to Grodd is just as heartbreaking. This strong, unflappable woman who didn't so much as flinch when an angry T-Rex roared in her face, is practically sobbing.
  • At the end of the episode, it doesn't seem like anything has changed in Mick's life, meaning that, despite him trying to stop his father from becoming abusive, he didn't manage it. While it fits with the message that sometimes time just wants things to happen, it's heartbreaking that, like with Snart trying to change his own father's path, it isn't possible.

    Episode 8: Crisis On Earth-X, Part 4 

    Episode 9: Beebo the God of War 
  • Jax and Martin saying goodbye to each other. Just imagine how poor Jax must feel, losing his father figure all over again!
    • Jax tries to give Martin a letter to open in the future warning him of his death. Martin says he's already figured out he's dead in this time but refuses to change history no matter what.
  • Jax's goodbye from the team.

    Episode 11: Here I Go Again 
  • Poor Zari has a total breakdown halfway through the episode, as her repeated failures to save the ship and stop the time loop pushes her past the Despair Event Horizon, to the point she tries to shoot herself, with only the fact the gun is unloaded stopping her. Later, there's her willingness to sacrifice herself to save the others, giving them a heartfelt Final Speech beforehand. Fortunately, this is when it's revealed to all just be a simulation.
  • Sara revealing the reason that she got so angry about Zari's attempts to hack history: She's afraid that if they do find a way, she won't be able to resist the temptation to bring back Laurel, no matter what the consequences.

    Episode 14: Amazing Grace 
  • The death of Mick's rat Axl.
    • Ray holds a funeral for the rat and, despite Mick and Sara thinking that it's ridiculous, they stay after Ray points out that they need this, strongly implying that the funeral is for the people they care about who are no longer with them but whose funerals the characters were either unable to attend (Laurel) or unable to hold in the first place (Snart.)
    • Half meta, half canon - the funeral is attended by the only three remaining members of the Legends' original line-up. Snart and Stein are dead, Kendra left with Carter's reincarnation to have a chance at a decent life this time, Rip is now part of the Time Bureau, and Jax left. Sara, Ray, and Mick are the only ones left.
  • Axl's ghost returns to the ship, and Mick apologises to him (as he's about to throw the rat's corpse into the trash compactor because it's beginning to decompose), saying that he saved him some of the sandwich.
  • Elvis putting the spirit of his brother to a final rest.
  • Amaya confessing that she loves Nate when she knows that he can't hear anything she's saying because of the music she has him listening to, most likely because she strongly suspects that, despite wanting to stay with him, she'll have to leave him at some point.

     Episode 15: Necromancing the Stone 
  • Mallus appears to Wally, Zari, and then Nate as Jesse, Zari's brother, and Nate's grandfather respestively, and torments them with their insecurities and fears.
    • Mallus!Jesse tells Wally about the time when Jesse told Wally that she loved him and he pretended that he didn't hear her because of his insecurities over his mother and his time as a speed racer.
    • Zari's brother appears to her and asks her to read him a story she always read when they were kids. Zari tearfully tells him that he isn't real before turning away and continuing to try to save the rest of the team.
    • Nate is confronted by his grandfather who tears into Nate and reveals Nate's insecurities. And unlike the others, Nate can't even bring himself to fight back. He stands there close to tears as Henry tears into him verbally before physically attacking him, and Mallus is still beating him when Constantine and Ava arrive.
    Henry: And what have you made of yourself, boy? You’re a damn disappointment to your father, and you’re sure as hell a disappointment to me. You think Amaya loves you? You’re not worthy of her love.
  • Mick refuses to try to use the fire totem multiple times before finally admitting why he doesn't want to use it.
    Mick: How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not a hero. Sara's a hero, and look what the death totem did to her.
    • Amaya then convinces him to try it by telling him that most people who have been through what he's been through would have turned to the other side but he ultimately chose to be a Legend instead. When Mick replies, he honestly sounds afraid.
    Mick: What if you're wrong?
  • Sara breaking up with Ava, saying it's for her own good as she cares too much for her to risk her around such danger. She leaves with Ava crying.
    • The note Ava left under a pillow: This spot reserved for the girlfriend of Sara Lance. Enough said.

     Episode 16: I, Ava 
  • Hearing Ava’s distress at finding out she’s a clone and no longer thinks of herself as a person.
  • After Kuasa betrays Nate and Wally, Amaya brutally tears into her and tells Kuasa that she is beyond redemption. Kuasa then switches sides for real and is killed by Mallus.
    • Zari and Mick feel Kuasa's death, thanks to their totems, and both of them are clearly upset by it.
  • Amaya is so upset by the knowledge that her family is apparently doomed to suffer that she tells Nate that she wishes she'd never set foot on the ship. Nate quietly notes that if that had happened, they never would have met before asking her if that's what she wants. Amaya admits that she doesn't know.
    • The overall Mood Whiplash from the earlier scenes between them, as Nate finally managed to say that he loves Amaya (and the episode after the image of his grandfather taunted him by saying that he wasn't worthy of her love).
  • Amaya's reaction to Kuasa's death. She's devastated, but she also knows that Kuasa was doomed no matter what happened - which causes her to end the episode by travelling back to when Zambesi was attacked in an attempt to change Kuasa's fate.
  • Zari tells Mick that she would always refuse to fast as a child, but that her mother taught her how to prepare iftar and that she still fasts because it makes her feel connected to her family.
    • The two of them note that their totems, which earlier caused them to feel Kuasa's death, connect them to something larger, whether it's for better or worse.

     Episode 17: Guest Starring John Noble 
  • Ava finally confronts Rip on being a clone. She snaps that "if I die, you can just get another clone." She then sees Rip's face and realizes "I'm not even the first one, am I?" Rip then confesses she's the 12th, leaving Ava rocked.
  • Doubles as a moment of heartwarming, in that Sara finally admits that she loves Ava...until it falls way into tearjerker territory with Ava's truly heartbreaking response.
    Ava: There's no "me" to love.
  • Just seeing Damien Darhk, of all people, actually showing real human emotion in the form of the heartbreak he feels over his daughter's pending death via Mallus' incarnation.
  • Nate is happy to see the older Amaya alive...only to tell Wally that this means that they don't get to grow old together. Despite everything, some part of him held on to the hope that he'd get to spend the rest of his life with Amaya.
  • Seeing a young Kuasa holding baby Mari, knowing what happened to Kuasa.

     Episode 18: The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly 
  • Rip sacrificing himself to delay Mallus and give the Legends time to escape.
    • As he walks to his death, Rip remembers Sara saying that since he feels like an outcast who doesn't belong anywhere, it sounds like he's a Legend.
  • Damien Darhk, of all people, performing a Heroic Sacrifice to save Nora. Her breaking down in tears when she realizes what he's done for her is heartbreaking.
  • Amaya and Nate say goodbye to each other after Amaya decides that she has to go back to her own time and have the future she was supposed to have. They still love each other, but they both know and have accepted that they can't be together.
    Nate: You aren't gonna miss any of those things. Because you're not going to remember them.
    Amaya: I don't want to forget 'cause if I do, I would have lost the only part of you that I'm allowed to keep.
  • A happy tears variety - thanks to Amaya enabling her daughter to save Zambesi in the previous episode, Kuasa didn't suffer in the war and now shares the totem with Mari, and appears as a hero and an ally to the Legends.

Season 4

     Episode 1: The Virgin Gary 
  • We finally get to meet Nate's parents. His mom in absolute peach, while his dad is a distant macho man, who clearly sees his son a disappointment; both that Nate couldn't join the military like he did because of his hemophilia (which is not Nate's fault) and has nothing but scorn for his son's chosen profession.
  • A deleted scene from the episode focuses on Mick telling Nate to deal with his issues with his dad (bringing up how Nate forced him to do the same in Vietnam), after Nate tries to avoid it, Mick tears into him and orders Nate to just do it before his tone softens considerably as he adds that it's the only way things will ever change.
  • Constantine refusing Sara's offer to join the Legends believing he'll only bring the team misery. When Sara presses him about this he doesn't answer, but since he never talks about Chas or Zed the implications are obvious.
  • Zari taking Ray to a playground and shows her younger self and her mom playing before the country went to hell under ARGUS, bitter lamenting how she desperately wants to tell her to move out of the USA before the Bad Future happens, but per the laws of time travel, can't.
    Zari: [crying] It would be so easy, Ray to just walk over there and tell her to get her family and go to Canada before everything changes; before this country that she worked so hard to become a citizen of betrays her. Look at her Ray! How could anybody be afraid of her?

    Episode 3: The Dancing Queen 
  • Constantine goes to a pub in Liverpool owned by his mother, Mary Anne, where she first met his father, and tries to essentially commit suicide by giving his father a "back alley vasectomy" (kicking him in the junk,) only to be stopped by a Time Paradox, as Zari explains. Constantine has never been a cheery person, but to see him hit this low is heartbreaking.
    • After beating up his future father, Mary Anne orders John to get out of her pub. Those are the last words she will ever say to her son before dying in childbirth.
    Mary Anne: I never want to see your face again!
    Constantine: You won't.

    Episode 5: Tagumo Attacks!! 
  • Historical guest star Ishiro Honda gives a haunting description of walking through Hiroshima directly after its destruction, not yet realizing the entire population had been vaporized by the atomic bomb and he was getting them on his hair and clothes and even breathing them in. He was left so traumatized that his only way to deal with it was to create monsters to personify the destruction. And of course, all this is 100% true.

     Episode 6: Tender is the Nate 
  • Nate spots Charlie, and happily tells Sara that he knew Amaya would come back, and hugs her, only to be punched in the face.
  • Throughout the episode, there are signs that Charlie is actually quite bothered by being stuck in Amaya's form. She looks upset as she turns back to the team after she and Nate meet, is very bothered by the accusation that she's pretending to be Amaya, tried and fails to pretend to be Amaya (and doesn't look too happy when Zari flatly confirms that her impression sucked), and eventually asks Nate not to take whatever he's feeling about Amaya out on her when he refuses to go back to the Waverider with her.
  • Nate and Hank's argument, made worse by Nate obviously tearing up as he talks to his dad, with the rest of the team watching uncomfortably.
    Nate: You're going for the superior thing again? You know, you don't want to listen to me or understand me. You just you just want to be better than me.
    Hank: Well, you're one to talk about listening. You've ignored every lesson I've ever tried to teach you.
    Nate: Because it's the same lesson over and over again. You want me to be more like you, Hank. But guess what. I'm not like you. I don't like televised golf or Tom Clancy books or '70s folk rock. I don't know if you happened to notice, but I'm a grown-ass superhero who's just trying to play the lute for a Minotaur.
  • Nate officially leaving the team. The writing has been on the wall since the first episode of the season, but it's still tough to watch, even if he's still appearing in upcoming episodes.
    Nate: When I first stepped onto this ship, I was, you know, trying to get away from all my baggage back home, and I can't believe I'm gonna say this, Hemingway once wrote, "Can't get away from yourself by moving from one place to another. And thanks to you guys, I don't have to run anymore. Being here with you all has turned me into the man I need to be, and, uh, this place is special. And you never know when it's gonna be over. So I say, Legends, enjoy the ride while it lasts.

    Episode 8: Legends of To-Meow-Meow 
  • In one of the alternate timelines, the Fairy Godmother latched onto Mick. He then left the Legends to go back into his old life as a criminal, with the Fairy Godmother acting as Captain Cold II, complete with goggles, blue parka, and the cold gun. No matter how many years have passed, Mick still misses his old friend Snart more than anything else, and with neither Snart in the alternative timelines, nor Leo able to fill that void, Mick is so desperate he latches on to a magical parasite just to have a semblance of his old friend back.
    • Also sad Genius Bonus here Fairy Godmothers attached themselves to lost kids more specially lost souls. Knowing Mick background it's no wonder why he was easily swayed to her.
  • Ava being depressed after Sara's death. Her mourning reflects in her gothic Costume Evolution.
  • John being forced to set Desmond on the path that will lead him to being sent to hell by Neron in order to fix the timeline.

    Episode 9: Lucha De Apuestas 
  • Sara and Ava break up over their views on the magical creatures.
  • Just as it seems Konane will be able to leave and live his life in Hawaii, he is killed by a Bureau agent while Mona watches. This causes her to turn into a Kaupe and kills the agent. Her line to Mick sums it all up:
    Mona: You were right......there's no such thing as happily ever after.

    Episode 10: The Getaway 
  • Hank talks about his childhood and how his mom raised him alone, with Nate and viewers knowing that Henry was killed in Moonshot making sure that the Legends got back to Earth safely.
  • While trying to find out what Hank's up to, Nora and Gary hide under the desk when Neron comes in. Nora then has flashes of his true face and is visibly terrified - but she's still more worried about Gary, as she tells him to stop digging and to be careful.
  • Nate's monologue to his dad about how he loves him, but what Hank's been doing makes it hard to look at him. He looks close to tears the entire time.
  • Zari showing Nate the files that indicate that, despite Hank claiming that he did everything for Nate (and telling the truth), he's still up to something very shady. Nate's quietly devastated and says he wants nothing to do with whatever Hank's doing as Zari takes his hand for a few seconds before he leaves to confront Hank.
  • In the final minutes of the episode, Hank finds Neron in his office and breaks their alliance, as his relationship with Nate is more important to him. Neron then murders him.
    • The entire time Neron and Hank are talking, Nora is freaking out in her cell, but she only manages to break out as Hank is killed, and gets to him too late to save him. Nate finds her beside Hank's body and thinks that she killed him.

    Episode 11: Seance and Sensibility 
  • Mona and Zari's argument, where Zari mocks Mona's belief in romance after her boyfriend turned her into a werewolf, and Mona replies that love will never happen for Zari if she never takes a chance.
  • Zari's song is very upbeat, but a lot of the lyrics are heartbreaking, particularly as she admits to wanting something more when she's alone.
  • Nate sobbing over his father's body after he discovers that he and Hank had more in common than he thought.
  • Neron appearing in the mirror to mock John over his failure to save Astra or Desmond, and claiming that he will fail to save Nate as well. He also claims that John's failures are because he doesn't really want anyone to be saved - he wants his friends to end up in hell with him.

    Episode 13: Egg Mac Guffin 
  • Ray nearly being forced to kill his best friend, then giving up and letting Neron use his body as a vessel so Nate won’t be hurt.

    Episode 14: Nip/Stuck 
  • Mick and Sara quietly acknowledge the fact that, with Ray possessed, they're the last two remaining members of the original Legends team.
  • John admits that he isn't afraid of going to Hell because he always expected to, but the thing he truly fears is that he's going to have to watch everyone he failed being tortured.
    • John saying that the creature can sense the rottenness in him, only for her to heal the wound on his cheek instead. Particularly sad when you remember that he says that they reflect the feelings of people around them - it saw the goodness in him but reflected his own self-hatred.

     Episode 16: Hey, World 
  • Zari's reaction to discovering that she can save her family, immediately followed by her realising that if she does, there's a good chance that she will lose the last two years of her life and her family on the ship.
    • A deleted scene that takes place shortly beforehand also shows that Neron's actions were actually making her family's future worse by causing new laws against magic and metahumans to be brought into effect sooner.
  • Nate's death.
    • Zari openly sobs over his body, Ray completely stalls in processing what happened when he gets his body back because he's return to his body right beside Nate's dead body, and Mick angrily demands that Constantine brings Nate back to life.
      • Mick is rarely openly upset about anything, but him grabbing Constantine by the collar and demanding that he bring Nate back, and Constantine (a character often written as a jerk who will throw others under the bus) tearfully informing Mick that he could if he would gets even more upsetting when you remember that not only was Mick the one who agreed to take Nate along back in the second season, but that Neron previously taunted Constantine about the fact that he'd failed Desmond and Astra, and he would go on to fail Nate, despite his promise to Hank to protect Nate.
    • The scene is sad enough when it doesn't stick, but Phil Klemmer mentioned in an interview shortly before the episode aired that the death was originally planned to be for real.
    • Nate finally gets a better relationship with his father, with Hank even telling him that while his death was awful, his faith in Nate and the Legends helped him get through it...Except that Hank is dead and, unlike with Nate, there's no bringing him back.
  • Zari leaving the temporal zone, despite Gideon's warnings, as she's faced with losing someone else she loves.
  • Zari's character history as a totem-bearer and adventures with the Legends is Retgonned from existence due to altering the timeline, with her brother taking her place. What’s worse is nobody notices, sans Nate who brushes it off shortly after.

Season 5

    Special Episode: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part Five 

     Episode 1: Meet the Legends 
  • Sara spending most of the episode in mourning for Oliver's death. Made worse by the others avoiding talking about it around her in a well-meaning attempt to avoid upsetting her, and thus inadvertently denying her a chance to properly grieve by discussing her feelings.
  • Although it's brief, part of the conversation between Nate and Rasputin implies that Nate's so into the fame that the Legends are experiencing because he's trying to use it to fill the hole in his life that his death and resurrection, and then the subsequent changes to the timeline left behind.
  • In a way, the fact that the ream realizes that being beloved public heroes is just hurting their mission and making it impossible to save history. So, they put out the story they're total frauds who faked their adventures, giving up the love of the public to be heroes in secret.
    • Made even more painful by how much the Legends have wished they were appreciated the same way that the other heroes in the universe are in the past, and viewed as heroes instead of screw-ups. They finally get the chance and they tank it to stop their work being ruined and to spare Sara's feelings.
  • While Gideon is scrubbing her memory banks, she discovers a glitch at Heyworld which briefly shows Zari in Behrad's place. Then Gideon finds a message from Zari that has Zari tearfully telling Nate that they changed her future at Heyworld and telling him to find her. Followed by Gideon announcing that the wipe is complete.

     Episode 2: Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me 
  • Overall, the situation with Zari's family is heartbreaking. The previous version of Zari was very close to her family and to her brother, and desperately wanted them back, while the current version has a living family but didn't get those relationships back.
    • On the other side, while Nate knows Zari from the message, she has absolutely no idea who he is, and may or may not use Nate thinking she's familiar as a way to seduce him for information.
  • During the dinner, Zari excitedly tells her mother about the new launch that's happening the next day, only for her mother to shrug her off in favor of asking about Behrad's love life. While she quickly begins rolling her eyes as her mother keeps questioning her brother, there's a short part of the scene where she looks genuinely dejected, as if this is a regular thing that happens.
  • Ava is taking the closing of the Time Bureau particularly hard. She tells Mick while they drink undercover that she had to move out of her apartment, making her homeless. Sara seems to be aware as she sees her sing horribly while being a drunken mess and lets out a smile, telling Mick to let her finish and not give her a hard time about it.
  • Jeannie's Hope Spot. When John decides to give her the blackmail evidence Bugsy kept hidden, in order to not feel manipulated again, she walks back to her car. Which cops trying to take down Bugsy and destroy his evidence through unsavory means planted a bomb in. John can only scream her name and beg her not to start the car just as it goes up in flames. Ray's situation (having a steering wheel stuck to him due to being handcuffed) and John's morbid quip only somewhat lighten the mood.
    Ray: They killed her...
    John: Forget it, Ray. It's Burbank. (walks away)

     Episode 3: Slay Anything 
  • Zari and Behrad have it out with Zari snapping that their parents would easily just hand Behrad the Totem as they let him get away with anything. She snaps on how "you do nothing and you're some kind of hero" as he snaps about what he's done in secret. It reaches a height of him teasing her on being "a void" and she responds "I'm a business!" clearly wishing she could be more.
  • Rory finding one of the victims is a former classmate he blew off for prom. Seeing her die before his eyes clearly affects him.
  • Nora tearfully pleading with Freddy not to go down a darker path as "I've given in to my inner demons" and doesn't want to see him do the same.
  • The revelation Freddy was innocent all along. It was his mother who killed his classmates for their treatment of him and Freddy took the fall, willing to let himself be remembered as a monster to prevent his mother from going to jail.
    • Which is more heartbreaking as his mom died of a heart attack when he was executed, so his sacrifice was for nothing.

     Episode 4: A Head of Her Time 
  • Zari eventually admitting to Ava that she doesn't really cherish her life as an influencer, as people only put up with her because she's famous, while her relationship with her family is strained. As she puts it, she has "millions of followers, but zero friends". Though it turns heartwarming when Ava replies that at least she has one now.

     Episode 6: Mr Parker's Cul-De-Sac 
  • After Ali suggests that Mick gets to know his daughter, Mick instead wipes Ali and Lita's memories of the episode's events. He later recounts their similarities and tells Zari that Lita not having followed in his footsteps and ended up in juvie is a miracle that proves that she's better off without him.
    • Ali mentions that she tried to find Mick after she found out that she was pregnant, but that he was in jail at the time. And not for the first time.
  • Damien shedding a Single Tear right after his heart-to-heart talk with Nora, knowing full well that this will be the last time he is able to see his daughter.
  • Sara pointedly refusing Damien's offer of handshake. Even after Damien genuinely turned a new leaf, even after he helped the Legends a couple of times, she will never see him as anything other than Laurel's murderer and will never be able to forgive him. Damien, on his part, understands her decision, admitting that he doesn't deserve her forgiveness after all he's done.

     Episode 7: Romeo v. Juliet: Dawn Of Justness 
  • Nate finds out that Ray is leaving when he overhears Ray talking to Shakespeare about it. Devastated that it's not only happening so soon, but that Nate was the last person the team to know, he returns to the ship and when Ray tries to help with the mission later, Nate tells him just to go.
  • Ray's goodbye to Gideon, which makes Gideon cry as she seems to realise that he is the latest Legend that she will probably never see again.
  • Nate gets back to the ship, only to discover that Nora and Ray have both apparently left.
  • Mick tells Mona that he's not hiding from Lita, he's protecting her, and when Mona asks what he could be protecting her from, Mick shows Mona the burn scars on one of his arms and tells her that nurturing fathers don't run in his family.
    • Mona disagrees, pointing out that her life is better because Mick was in it, and assuring him that Lita's will be as well.

     Episode 8: Zari Not Zari 
  • The massacre of Charlie's band (and others) whose only crime was knowing Charlie.
  • The first Zari's tearful happiness when she discovers that her parents and her brother are alive, then when she's told that Behrad is a Legend, she says that she wishes she could see that.
    • There's some Dramatic Irony and Yank the Dog's Chain moment near the end of the two Zaris' conversation. While they are chatting inside Zari's mind, Behrad is being killed by Atropos trying to defend both the Loom and his sister from her. Up until the conversation ends, the original Zari believes that Behrad is and will continue to be alive.
  • While the second Zari is in the totem talking to the first, Behrad is murdered by Atropos in front of a horrified Charlie and Sara. When she comes back, she's excited to tell Behrad everything that she learned. And then she learns what happened.
  • As Zari sits crying on the steps, a time lapse shows that Nate, Charlie, Ava, and then Sara leave one by one.
  • While Zari's anguish at Behrad's death is highlighted, Nate's state deserves a mention. He has lost his two BFFs within a short amount of time. Just weeks earlier, Ray left the Waverider to start a new life. Now, Behrad is dead.

     Episode 12: I Am Legends 
  • Astra being forced to relieve a potential future for her mother were she is to be resurrected: she has to see Natalie succumb to terminal illness, therefore rendering her resurrection pointless. Hits hard to viewers who have experiences taking care of their loved ones on their deathbed.
  • When the Legends inquire their wishes if they have their hold on the Loom, Zari wishes that Behrad is still alive, while Constantine, after joking a bit, admits that he only wants to make things right with Astra and her mother.
  • The ending. The Legends have their futile Last Stand against the Zombie Apocalypse while they wait for the transporter to the Waverider. By the time it's activated, every single one of them, except for Charlie and possibly Constantine, have been devoured by zombies. Good lord, it's probably the most depressing moment of the show since the massacre of Doomworld!Legends and one of the most depressing moments of the Arrowverse period.
  • Just to complete the carnage, Gary is stabbed In the Back by Atropos right after he hands over the rings to Charlie, who ostensibly makes a Face–Heel Turn.

     Episode 14: Swan Thong 
  • Astra's despair over how she effectively replaced her loving mother with the manipulative Lachesis.
  • Charlie being broken into agreeing with Lachesis' views. Seeing the proud rebel frantically spouting her sister's propaganda is heartbreaking.
  • Original Zari having to return to the Air Totem's dimension because her presence is causing Behrad's death from her timeline to start to reestablish itself, leading to tearful goodbyes with Nate and the rest of the team.

Season 6

     Episode 1: Ground Control to Sara Lance 
  • Ava's breakdown over Sara's abduction, especially when she realizes that Sara was planning to propose.


  • While played for laughs in the trailer, Captain Cold saying "I can't imagine any kind of future where I'm a hero" becomes quite poignant when a later episode of The Flash revealed that he was forced to become a criminal by his abusive father, and stayed one because he didn't think he deserved to be anything else. And then there's his apparent death on the show...
  • Carter and Kendra are cursed so that they're reincarnated each time they die. Carter was forced to watch Kendra get killed by Vandal Savage over and over again GOD knows how many times and he's absolutely determined to try and keep both her and himself alive even if it means others sacrificing their lives. While Carter sees it as something that makes them true heroes, Kendra completely disagrees with them sacrificing their lives for hers.
    • Speaking of the hawks, imagine having to go through the darkest periods and wars in history (The Black Plague, both World Wars, the American and French Revolutions) while avoiding a sociopathic murderous mad man and having to watch the person you love more than life itself get slaughtered effortlessly by said sociopathic murder monster.
  • A line from the trailer implies that Savage killed both Batman and Superman in the Bad Future. Imagine how it would feel for someone living through that, to see the world's finest slaughtered by a sociopathic monster.
    • Note that the line pluralizes them both: Men of Steel and Dark Knights. This implies that not only did Superman and Batman die, but their allies and spinoffs have died as well. As well as those two, Supergirl, Superboy, Steel, Nightwing, Robin, the Batgirls, and anyone else connected have passed as well. Talk about hope dying.
  • In the trailer, we hear Rip Hunter warning about the dangers of tampering with the timeline - and see Professor Stein's wedding ring fade away from his finger.
  • The very fact that up until the final episode of Season 1, Sara is still traveling amid the time stream and has no knowledge of her sister being killed.

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