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    Pre-premiere theories 

Alex Danvers is the show's equivalent of Lex Luthor.
Besides the name similarities, the casting call describes her as brilliant and science-minded, partly jealous of Kara but also fascinated by her alien abilities. Some versions of Luthor's backstory show him as an Evil Former Friend of Superboy from his Smallville days.
  • Jossed. Maxwell Lord is being positioned as the Lex Luthor equivalent.

Alex Danvers is not the show's equivalent of Lex Luthor.
Berlanti's other superhero shows both include characters whose names are similar to comicbook villains (Tommy Merlyn and Eddie Thawne). The former did not turn out to be a villain and the latter seems to be shaping up the same way.
  • Nasthalthia Luthor (should she appear) will be the equivalent.

This will eventually crossover with Arrow and The Flash.

This will not crossover with Arrow and The Flash.
  • However, Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin will play AU versions of Green Arrow and the Flash.
    • Jossed. Grant Gustin is still playing Barry Allen from The Flash (2014) in the crossover episode as Barry comes to Supergirl's universe thanks to dimensional travel.

Winslow Schott will end up being a Yandere for Supergirl.
Winslow Schott is Toyman, a prominent Superman enemy, and he's described as having an unrequited crush on Supergirl.
  • Jossed Winn eventually got over his crush on Kara after finding out she only saw him a friend.

Hank Henshaw will become a cyborg
  • Henshaw is better known as Cyborg Superman from the Death of Superman storyline.
  • More precisely, the rest of the cast won't know at first. Following the formula of the last two Berlanti-produced superhero shows, he'll make his first Big Bad appearance as a masked version of the Cyborg Superman, with a voice that makes the Reverse-Flash sound like a little girl, during the first mid-season finale and kick Kara's ass, which will leave her shaken until S 01 E 10.
    • and she'll be especially traumatized because she will think it's actually Superman beating her up! Brilliant!
  • Maybe he already is.
  • Jossed because the real Hank Henshaw died years ago, and the current Hank Henshaw is actually the Martian Manhunter.
    • The real Hank Henshaw survived the explosion and returned as a cyborg. Coming after Supergirl and Alex Danvers for their dad's betrayal.In Season 2.

Henshaw is the Martian Manhunter
He mentions that he "had" a family. This ties in with J'onn J'onzz having lost his family on Mars.
  • Edit: Not to mention the glowing red eyes.
  • Confirmed'

Superman will die early in the series.
And the mystery of who killed him will be the overarching mystery of the series, similar to "Who killed Barry's mother?" or "Who is Harrison Wells?"
  • Hank Henshaw, who plays a significant role in the Death of Superman storyline, is a regular character.
  • Or Superman is missing.
  • Or he gets trapped somewhere even he can't get out of, like the Phantom Zone.
  • The early-released pilot reveals that Kara's aunt is aiming to conquer Earth and has to kill Supergirl to get her out of the way. It stands to reason that she'd have to kill Superman too.
  • Jossed. He's not dead by the end of Season 1 (though he does keep getting Worfed).

Dean Cain and Helen Slater will be playing Jor-El and Lara, respectively.
  • Jossed, the trailer briefly shows they're playing the Danvers parents.

Alex Danvers will be Supergirl's inside-woman.
Since she's working for Hank Henshaw, chances are she'll find some things that could be trouble for her foster-sister.
  • The trailer shows Supergirl herself talking to Henshaw.
  • Inverted. Alex was hired by the DEO because of her connection to Supergirl, and her working there is why Supergirl trusts the agency.

Winn Schott will die or disappear in the pilot
He's set up in the first part of the trailer to be her Secret-Keeper, and even helps design her suit and keep her in the loop on criminal activity. Then suddenly, about partway through, he's gone and the role seems to be filled by James - who even gives her the blanket and encouragement from her cousin. It's possible that whatever alien forces Kara has to face in the pilot will either kidnap Winn or make it look like he died - paving the way for him to come back as Toymaker.
  • Jossed. He survives the pilot.

Power Girl will appear.
Possibly through parallel universe shenanigans.
  • Alternatively, Kara will grow into Power Girl.
    • She'll wear a costume similar to Power Girl (or Power Woman), but will call herself Superwoman.
  • Or, the "Jane Doe" becomes Power Girl.
  • Parallel universe shenanigans confirmed as of "Worlds' Finest". They totally gotta get Kate Upton.
  • At the end of the Invasion! crossover event, Oliver Queen says about how his Earth could use a Supergirl. This could possibly be a reference to Power Girl.

Legends of Tomorrow will provide a way in for the show, should it cross over with the Arrowverse.
That upcoming show will deal with time travel and alternate timelines, so it's not a stretch to go from there to alternate Earths.
  • Alternate Earths were confirmed for season 2 of The Flash...
    • Somewhat right. The Flash (2014) actually provides the way for dimensional travel and is how Barry arrives in Supergirl's universe.

The plane crash that Kara prevents was an assassination attempt against Alex.
Alex is part of a secret government organization.
  • Confirmed. She wasn't the only agent on the plane either.

Nods to the Supergirl mythos
  • Streaky: Either Kara's pet or the Danvers' family cat.
  • Comet: A white horse Kara will ride on.
  • Dick Malverne: Kara's former crush.
    • Rick Malverne is the name of the guy Kara goes on a blind date with in the pilot.
    • Confirmed and Jossed. He appears in Season 2 as a villain. But Kara didn't have feeling and no such thing happened in the pilot, just to clarify.
  • Supergirl will be called an angel. A Mythology Gag to the Post-Crisis Linda Danvers Supergirl.
    • Last bit confirmed.

Bizarro-Supergirl will appear.
  • At one point in the pilot, Kara poses in front of a mirror while she is wearing the Supergirl costume. The resulting reflection has the backwards "s" similar to the one Bizarro wears. Possible Foreshadowing, maybe.
  • Confirmed.

Lesla-Lar will appear.
She'll be the show's equivalent of General Zod.
  • A General Zod figure does appear in the pilot, but she's Kara's aunt and not named yet.
    • She is actually named in cast sides as "Lara." Superman's mother.
      • Just her namesake, maybe.

How this series will fit with the Arrowverse
This will be placed in chronological steps.
  1. Superman had just started out when finding Kara and bringing her to the Danvers. He'd be around eighteen at the time at the least.
  2. Superman was in costume because he came straight from doing something that required the costume or maybe had some foreknowledge from the Fortress's AI.
  3. He remained a more secretive hero, not dissimilar to his Smallville incarnation until the day of the Partical Accelerator explosion.
  4. After being informed by the Fortress AI that humans would be affected in the aftermath of the PA explosion he starts being more public about his heroics probably to inspire the future metahumans. (At some point the Pulitzer winning photo is taken)
  5. By the time of the start of the Supergirl series he's considered a Global Hero in comparison to Arrow and Flash's Local Legend status. That's it, that's all there is to this. Feel free to add your own below.

Winslow will not become a villain.
He may be the Toyman in the comics, but it seems he has a similar role to Caitlin Snow in The Flash, who is Killer Frost in the comics but an ally of the hero in the show.
  • Expect one: it's been foreshadowed that Caitlin will become Killer Frost and two: later reports that revealed that this is an inverse of the Superman: The Animated Series situation—hence this Winslow is, in fact, the son of Toyman.

Winslow will become a villain after getting "friendzoned" by Kara.
He seems like a good friend for Kara, but there are some slight signs of creepiness. He is very perplexed after he hears that Kara has a date. His reaction on the roof:"Oh, you´re a lesbian. That´s the reason, that your are not interested in ME!" And the first costume he creates for Kara is totally oversexed.
  • Possibly jossed, as reports revealed that this in an inverse of what happened on Superman: The Animated Series and Winn is, in the fact, the son of Toyman.
  • Definitely jossed. He gets over his crush really quickly.

The Winslow we see in the series is a composite character with Hiro Okamura
To help explain the differences between Comic!Winslow and Supergirl!Winslow.
  • Look below.

Going off the above, the Toyman will actually be Winslow's father.
And he'll try to We Can Rule Together Winslow.

Alex will undergo an Emergency Transformation into part Kryptonian to save her life.
And she'll come to better understand her adopted sister as a result. In fact the name Cir-El will be given to her as a sort of reverse adoption into the El family.
  • She'll probably wear a suit similar to Lucy Lane in the pre-New 52 comics.

At some point, Kara will die or appear to die and be replaced by Matrix for several episodes.
In the comics, Matrix was a shapeshifting alien who took the place of Supergirl.
  • Alternately, the Matrix will be an Eradicator expy and revive Supergirl to live.

Jimmy is actually Val Zod ala Diana Prince
Maybe some extra info is required? Diana Prince in the comics is/was Wonder Woman's Secret identity. She got the identity by paying off an army nurse who she shared a remarkable resemblance with named Diana Prince to disappear. While its doubtful that will happen the same way, its possible Val-Zod came to earth, looking exactly like Jimmy and perhaps this resemblance got Jimmy killed with Val trying to honor him by living on in his name/place. This would also allow a crossover with Flash/Arrow as Val is an Earth-2 character and Season 2 of the Flash is dealing with the multiverse.

When the Flash and Supergirl have their first crossover episode, they will end it by running a race
Similar to the first Flash/Arrow crossover, which ended with the two settling a Hypothetical Fight Debate, this episode will end with Supergirl pitting her speed against the Flash's.
  • Confirmed, though its only to send Barry home.

Barry Allen will visit this show during his adventures in the Multiverse.
  • According to the main page, Supergirl and Superman are the only known superheroes in this word, but in the Arrowverse, The Flash is well-known on the internet due to Iris West blogging about him. If there's a crossover, the show will handle the discrepancy by making this an Alternate Universe to the Arrowverse, which will be visited by Barry as he travels through the Multiverse in Season 2 of his show.
    • Confirmed.

Kara will team up with other female Supergirl/Superman-related characters.
This could include Natasha Irons, Traci 13, Cir-El, and Silver Banshee.
  • and perhaps other non-superfamily-related females (Batgirl, Wondergirl, Zatanna, etc).

Kara will face off against female Supergirl/Superman-related villains.
This is a reversal of the above WMG, though I didn't post it. If Supergirl teams up with other female superheroes associated with Superman, then it makes sense that Kara will also fight female villains related to Superman. Examples could be Livewire, Lexcorp (as headed by Talia Al Ghul, who was CEO in the comics while Lex was President), Lena Luthor, Encantadora, etc.
  • This one is already confirmed with an early episode against Livewire.

Alex Danvers will head the DEO at some point.
If the WMG about Hank Henshaw becoming a cyborg is correct, then maybe after Hank "dies" (is kidnapped or legitimately dies, to be brought back as said cyborg) then Alex will take over his position.
  • This happened in "Blood Bonds" (temporarily but still).

Superman is the one that freed Kara from the Phantom Zone, inadvertently also releasing the other criminals
Superman, in most continuities, has a Phantom Zone projector, with which he can send and, in this case, release, people to and from the Phantom Zone dimension. So, somehow, Superman became aware that Kara (whether he knew it was her specifically or was just a fellow Kryptonian is irrelevant) was in the Phantom Zone, so he used his Phantom Zone projector to free Kara from the Phantom Zone. This explains how it was that Superman was the first to find her pod when it emerged, because he was waiting for her. However, being still inexperienced in the use of the Phantom Zone projector and the strange qualities of the Zone itself, Superman did not realize that by releasing Kara, he was unintentionally releasing the other criminals in that prison. Once he became aware that he was responsible for the liberation of the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy, he set out to find and apprehend the freed villains, and managed to capture most of them. However some fell through the cracks, and still remain at large, and these are the criminals that Supergirl is to face in the show.
  • Or maybe, while he was retrieving Kara, the criminals laid an ambush for him with the Phantom Zone projector and sent him there, leaving only Kara to round them up and otherwise clean up the mess.
    • Wait, if he was sent to the Phantom Zone, who brought Kara to the Danvers?
  • Jossed. Brainiac 8/Indigo managed to hack Kara's on board computer to free her pod and Fort Rozz from the Phantom Zone.

The Green Lantern Corps will appear.
Unlike the Arrowverse, Supergirl already establishes the existence of aliens so it makes sense that they'd appear. CW has also stated that they're not interested in any more Arrowverse shows after Legends of Tomorrow
  • If not the Green Lantern Corps themselves, then members of the alien races who make up the Corps will. Like they did in the Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon.
    • Surprisingly, it seems the CW had a change of heart in regards to the "no interest in any more Arrowverse shows", since Batwoman (2019) has been announced. So while that does mean they could get their own show at some point, it doesn't joss the main WMG.

Oliver Queen and Barry Allen exist in the Supergirl-universe but they are not superheroes
The Supergirl-universe is a parallel universe to the Arrowverse. In this universe, Superman rescued Oliver after the Queen's Gambit sank and prevented the death of Barry's mother.
  • Entirely possible and likely.

Kara will build her own version of Superman's Fortress of Solitude
And guess what the ex Glee star will sing while she's building it!
  • Partially confirmed. Kara gets a special chamber in the DEO facility where she can talk to an AI based on her mother. No singing yet, though.

    Post-premiere Season 1 theories 

Henshaw's mention of people who privately distrust Superman may be a nod to Cadmus, or at least a similar group of people.
Considering he shares their Fantastic Racism, they might even consider him an ally.
  • Confirmed. CADMUS does exist.

Winn will die by the end of Season 1.
A nice, handsome young man on what appears to be the wrong side of a love triangle involving the hero(ine), with a name derived from a villain in previous mythology but who is apparently not the villain, but a relative of that villain. Where have we seen this before?

The 'family' Hank mentioned was his crew from the comics.
Which includes his wife Terri. Like in the comics, Hank believed Superman to be responsible for their deaths. And he's venting his anger on Supergirl.
  • Jossed He's not the real Hank Henshaw

Jeremiah Danvers is still alive and will return as Cyborg Superman.
Jeremiah was only injured in the plane crash and rebuilt as a cyborg. Greg Berlanti is fond of Casting Gags so this would be a fun way to put Dean Cain back in a Superman costume.
  • Adding to this, it won't be Jeremiah in the pilot seat; the real Hank Henshaw will be. When the two killed one-another their bodies were used by some aliens from Fort Rozz for an experiment that used bits of both combined with cybernetic enhancements. It has the mind of the typical Cyborg Superman, but the body and appearance of Superman/Danvers, just as the original Cyborg Superman did.
  • Since Zor-El (Kara's biological father) is the Cyborg Superman in New 52, it'll be very likely.
  • "Manhunter" reveals that Jeremiah is still alive. So who knew?

Cat Grant will figure out that Kara is Supergirl.
... if she hasn't already. James thinks that Cat doesn't really notice Kara, but that's plainly untrue. Cat pays a grdoomsdeat deal of attention to Kara, and even compliments her, albeit often in a backhanded way. She has taken an interest in both Kara's and Supergirl's personal development, and seems to consider herself the self-appointed mentor for both of them. Also, one doesn't become a journalist, and then the leader of a media empire, by not paying attention to people. Supergirl's appearances at incidents involving Kara have been growing more frequent too. If she does figure it out, she won't tell Kara that she knows, instead appointing herself the Secret Secret-Keeper and continuing to dispense her terribly wise life experience to them both.
  • My WMG is that she already knows.

Cat didn't really believe J'onn and Kara's ruse at the end of "Blood Bonds"
At the end of "Hostile Takeover", Cat basically sees proof that Kara is Supergirl. She looks right at her face and witnesses the fact that she's a dead ringer for Supergirl. Cat already knows that there are aliens out there, so she wouldn't consider the idea of a shapeshifting alien or hologram or what-have-you out of the realm of possibility. She actually still believes Kara is Supergirl, but she decided to play along because she realized how important CatCo is to both identities. She'll be a Secret Secret-Keeper for the rest of the show.
  • More than that, getting Kara to pull some kind of deception was Cat's entire goal. She was trying to highlight to Kara just what a poor job she was doing of disguising herself. The "convince me you're not Supergirl or you're fired" wasn't about making her not believe; the whole point was to make Kara think about better ways to do the secret identity thing. When Kara produced a convincing double, Cat was satisfied that at least she's capable of a basic level of deception.

If Barry meets General Lane during the crossover, he will compare him to General Eiling.
  • As said elsewhere Lane is basically an expy of Eiling taking his role as the General Rippers of their respective shows.

There will be some ship tease between Kara and Barry.
  • For example Alex asking Lara if she got his number only to realise it would not work between dimensions or offering to try and look into dimension travelling so Kara could meet him again.

    Post-premiere Series-wide theories 

Supergirl will crossover with the Arrowverse through a Crisis on Infinite Earth event...
  • Confirmed for season 2, there is a huge, four-show cross-over
  • For Season 1, Supergirl's crossover with the Arrowverse is the result of Barry accidentally travelling to Supergirl's universe and trying to return to his own.

...and Superman will die during the event.
Basically, it will be a "what if" retelling around the premise that Supergirl became the post-Crisis last survivor of Krypton, instead of Superman. To make it complete, his death scene will be lifted from the comicbook "The Death of Superman", with Kara replacing Lois instead.

Like how Arrow spun-off and created The Flash, Supergirl will eventually spin-off into Batgirl, creating its own verse.
Both shows will be about a super-heroine trying to establish herself and step-out of her more famous counterpart's shadow. In fact, the new show will 1) have the heroine set-up in a city of her own, 2) consist of B and C-listed supporting cast and villains from the larger Batman mythos, 3) show little to no Batman in the series, or even be dead before the beginning of the show, and 4) be very feminist in its tone and approach. They would do this to 1) keep many of the themes from Supergirl, and 2) prevent a rights’ dispute with FOX’s Gotham. Alternately:

We get Super-family spinoffs instead.
For Steel and Connor Kent Superboy. Steel heps to redeem that one movie as well, and as for how Superboy came about - he's still cloned from Superman and Lex Luthor, except this time he's more of a backup plan as Lex is now a Posthumous Character.

Astra In-Ze was married to General Zod in this universe
Astra used to be a nice person until she married Dru-Zod, who began scheming to take over Krypton, and she eventually became corrupted by her husband's views and adopted them herself. And maybe Zod was killed during a civil conflict on Krypton (that has yet to be mentioned...), and Astra decided to carry on his work and adopted the rank/title of "The General" for herself in honor of Zod.
  • Then her name would be Astra Dru-Zod.
    • Not if Kryptonians follow modern human naming conventions and the 'woman takes the man's name' thing is optional.
  • Jossed. Her husband is Non.

A black ops group with deep pockets will use Kara's stolen DNA to make their own Supergirl
Unsurprisingly it will go horribly wrong. They will use death row inmates as expendable lab rats. However one of them will gain Kryptonian powers from it and escape. She finds to make her transformation permanent she will need to drain Kara of her DNA to splice with her own. Teaming up with Max Lord to make this happen, she calls herself Supergirl's own personal Doomsday. Of course she will be played by Laura Vandervoort.

Hank Henshaw is actually the Martian Manhunter
In episode two, we get a Wham Shot where Hank's eyes glow red. While Henshaw has a comicbook counterpart in the villainous Cyborg-Superman, all of Greg Berlanti's superhero shows like pulling a Not His Sled with characters' identities so even fans of the comics get surprised. Hank could be J'onn, shapeshifted into human form, secretly protecting mankind from extraterrestial threats, much like his Smallville counterpart.
  • One thing that may play into this happens in episode three — there is a scene where Hank's eyes glows red, he suddenly knows something for no discernible reason (looking back and whispering "Alex" — both cyborg Henshaw and the Martian Manhunter have possible explanations for how they'd know), and then in the next scene he suddenly confronts Alex in a classic 'Have You Told Anyone Else?' scene... before sitting down and helping Alex with the danger of the episode (apparently he was just concerned about the precedent of being seen to be too accommodating to insubordination). If taken as a microcosm of the character we know as Hank Henshaw, then this suggests that we will gain lots of classic 'This is a villain!' indicators before it is eventually revealed that when the chips are down he's actually on the side of good. A related possibility is that the actual Hank Henshaw is indeed villainous, as Livewire seems to point to... and that this is part of the reason why J'onn J'onnz took over the role, as a kind of covert Conspiracy Redemption.
    • Alternatively, it should be noted that Henshaw knew Alex was up to something using the computer system. This is also consistent with the cyborg version of the character, if one assume he has a wireless link to the DEO network.
  • He also got over his xenophobia pretty quickly.
  • Confirmed Episode Seven

When/If he finally appears, Superman will be played by...
Likely by a DC veteran (so they could understand the mythos more, Role Reprise or otherwise), or at least someone attached to the role at some point.

When/If she finally appears, Lois Lane will be played by...
Likely by a DC veteran (so they could understand the mythos more, Role Reprise or otherwise), or at least someone attached to the role at some point.

Courtney Whitmore will appear
Given her relationship with Kara in the comics, it's a possibility that she could show up as an ally for Supergirl.

Supergirl will fight Brainiac and romance Brainiac 5/Querl Dox.
This version of Brainiac will be Kryptonian technology, like in the animated series or Smallville. As for Brainiac 5, he will be a Coluan cyborg from the future, similar to what the animated LoSH did.
  • Technically confirmed... she fights Brainiac 8. Brainiac 5 does appear starting in season 3, but they never begin a relationship.

Carter will figure out Kara's secret identity by himself.
He's clearly a bright kid, and a fan of Supergirl and hanging out with Kara. How wonderfully ironic would it be if he could see what escapes his famous mother's radar?
  • Jossed in Season 1.

Jeremiah Danvers died on the Excalibur Mission
The Excalibur mission was the one that Hank Henshaw was on in the comics where 2 astronauts died and let to Hank becoming Cyborg Superman. Seeing as Hank already has powers, it is likely this even happened and Jeremiah was one of the causalities.
  • Jossed: Jeremiah was killed on a DEO mission in South America
  • Doubly Jossed: Jeremiah is still alive

Kara will at some point become romantically involved with Maxwell Lord.
they have clearly set up Max as a Lex Luthor Expy in this show, and Supergirl and Lex were romantically involved at one time in the comics. Since Kara seems to already know that Max is up to no good, it would probably have to be some sort of Dating Catwoman situation.
  • The series seems to be setting Max with Alex.
  • Both seem Jossed: Max now knows that both Alex and Kara work for the DEO and has been imprisoned by them.

The real Hank Henshaw isn't really dead
We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he ever was. Better, faster, stronger.

There will be a storyline based on The Death of Superman

Red Tornado will be rebuilt
Come on, they wouldn't actually waste such an iconic character.
  • Maxwell Lord recovered the arm. He can probably rebuild the entire robot and make Red Tornado a hero.

Jeremiah Danvers will be the Cyborg Superman
Since J'onn J'onzz is posing as Henshaw and claims that both Henshaw and Danvers are dead, what if the two are semi-revived by aliens, putting the real Henshaw's mind in Danvers' body? And since Danvers is played by Dean Cain, there's a way to get a Casting Gag Cyborg Superman.
  • Kara's biological father is Cyborg Superman in New 52, so they'll probably remix it. Also, Cyborg Superman is confirmed to appear in Season 2.

Now that we know Henshaw is...
the Martian Manhunter, in season 3 or thereabouts, Miss Martian will show up. Either he'll adopt her like in the Smallville comics or she'll be his niece like in Young Justice (2010).
  • Confirmed for Season 2.

The Jane Doe in The Stinger of "Blood Bonds" is Miss Martian
It'd be perfect, the fact that she's a shapeshifter and she was identified as Jane Doe simply means she's now amnesiac and believes herself to be human.
  • Jossed, it's Bizarro.

Red Tornado wasn't really destroyed.
He has a "survival mode" that includes a total-concealment cloaking device that even Supergirl's senses can't penetrate. When he was on the verge of blowing up he simply cloaked and bugged out. Having developed sentience, he'll return wanting to explore human nature, exactly as his comic counterpart did.

Martian Manhunter will shapeshift into Supergirl.
It seems rather convenient that Cat would put the pieces together just after the reveal that the good guys have a shapeshifter on their side. So, to protect the identity of one of his best allies, J'Onn is going to shapeshift into Supergirl and appear in front of Cat while the real Kara is there. To Cat this will seem to disprove that Kara is Supergirl. This is a tactic that Superman uses a few times in the comics. Could even be funny if Kara herself has not found out about J'Onn.
  • The problem is that Kara essentially admitted who she was. On the other hand, this is a superhero show and in comics characters lose their memories all the time for assorted reasons.
    • If I remember correctly, the only thing that Kara did to "admit" that she was Supergirl was taking off her glasses (at Cat's request) and acting somewhat awkwardly. She has a perfectly good reason to be acting awkwardly without having to be Supergirl, since her boss was accusing her of being Supergirl, which to anyone who was not actually Supergirl would be a pretty awkward situation.
  • Confirmed in Blood Bonds. In fact he did it again when Kara was infested by the Black Mercy.

Cyborg Superman will be made with Jeremiah Danvers' body and Hank Henshaw's brain.
Resulting in a Cyborg Superman closer to the one from the comics.

Supergirl and Flash's first crossover episode will be a Musical Episode.
Not only would this give the Glee alumni a good chance to show off their vocal chops, but it would fit the Lighter and Softer vibe both shows have cultivated.
  • The villain will be played by Neil Patrick Harris.
    • And not just any villain. He'll reprise the role of The Music Meister.
      • Jossed. The episode will not be a musical episode but a teamup between the superheroes.
    • Confirmed, but for the following year's Crossover. However, Darren Criss plays the villain.

J'onn will be forced to use his shapeshifting powers in front of Cat.
Reviving her suspicions that Kara is Supergirl.
  • Jossed. J'onn does use his powers in public to save Supergirl from Red Kryptonite, though, so its certainly possible that Cat became aware of this.

Cat didn't actually believe Kara and J'onn's attempt to trick her.
She seemed to accept it a bit too easily, after all. It seems clear at this point that she's more fond of Kara than she lets on (to what degree is probably debatable), so it's possible Cat just saw this as an excuse to not have to fire her.

Maxwell Lord will go after Winn at some point this season.
He seemed very interested in who helped James get past his security, and he kept the earpiece James was using to communicate with Winn during the break in.

Alternatively, Maxwell Lord will discover that Carter was the person on the train Kara was worried about.
After all he did say "One might deduce that there was someone on that train that you cared about. And finding that person is the key to revealing who you really are when you're not flying around wearing that "S." And since Carter was one of the only people on the train Kara directly interacted with...
  • Any kidnapping attempt or threat will go very poorly for Max, considering Cat and her determination to keep her sons protected.

Melissa Benoist will eventually get a The Cast Showoff moment where she sings, like Grant Gustin did on The Flash (2014).
The song will be a The Cover Changes the Gender version of "Superman (It's Not Easy)" by Five For Fighting, because what could be more perfect than that?

The Jane Doe in Lord's lab will become the new Red Tornado
Maxwell Lord briefly looks at an image of a mechanical arm while in her room, which looks similar to Red Tornado's design. In the new 52 Earth-2, Red Tornado is female. Lord plans on turning this girl into a new Red Tornado, one that he can control but will also retain human emotions and instincts (considering how concerned Lord gets with aliens interfering with human business, it makes sense that he would want to retain a human factor in his own superweapon). Alternatively, she'll be altered with Red Tornado technology but be referred to as Cyborg-Supergirl.
  • Its more likely she'll be Bizarro-Supergirl.
    • Confirmed

Non will become The Starscream.
He's already beginning to question his wife for her hesitant to kill her niece who's opposing them.

Maxwell Lord will become a cyborg like was in the comics.
Likely after a battle with Supergirl led to him seriously injured, and exposed his criminal activity.

The Main Man Lobo will show up at some point. We haven't seem him lately and if Maxwell Lord doesn't mind spending the money then he can easily put a bounty on Kara.
  • It seems likely Lobo will be hired by Non, without Astra's knowledge. Whoever plays him, his voice will be dubbed by Brad Garrett (the same way Harley Quinn the deranged female Squad member in Arrow was voiced by Tara Strong while she's played by Cassidy Alexa).
    • Or just get Ron Perlman.
    • In "Truth, Justice and the American Way", Alex asks about a specific "him" and John says "If he were in town, we'd know." It could be a not-so-subtle reference to him.

Maxwell Lord is a Self-Made Orphan
Why does he hate Kryptonians and the government? Because they all dare to be more powerful than he is. What are your parents when you're a kid, as he was when they supposedly died due to government negligence? More powerful than you are. He cannot stand the notion that anyone should be able to control him.

There'll be a White Martians Story Arc based on the "Hyperclan" story.

On Krypton, the male-female gender roles are reversed.

Supergirl shares a universe with "Earth Two" from the Arrowverse.
  • Unlikely, since there would be mention of a dangerous speedster or Atlantis being real. Plus, Supergirl (or any other superpowered characters on her show) would be able to stop Zoom. So Supergirl either takes place on "Earth One" or its own universe altogether.
    • Jossed, Supergirl is considered part of the DCTV universe since she and The Flash will be crossing over without any interdimensional stuff happening.
      • This is false. Barry does dimension travel to get to Supergirl's earth.
    • The Flash episode Welcome To Earth-2 has established that Atlantis, Superman and Wonder Woman are all canon on Earth-2. Check Barry's phone at his and Iris' home.
    • It's not Earth-2, but a different one.
  • Maybe it'll be Jay Garrick's Earth 3? Supposedly Supergirl is unaware of the Flash existing, but its possible that Jay Garrick has been gone a long time, and he refers to himself as the Flash but others refer to him as "Crimson Comet" to justify why no one is aware of any "Flash" existing in this universe.

At some point there will be a reference to J'Onn's chocos addiction.
Maybe there'll be a mention of an incident, or maybe it'll actually happen on the show, but either way it'll be hilarious.
  • Oreos will be used as Product Placement.
  • Semi-confirmed, as Chocos are his favorite snack.

Siobhan Smythe is a descendant of the Silver Banshee.
Making her a Decomposite Character. She's named after her ancestor Siobhan McDougal, who was probably killed unjustly after being accused as a witch or even a banshee. She senses her descendant suffered after being fired and blacklisted, so he helps her by possessing her, granting her powers to get back at everyone who ruined her life.
  • Apparently jossed, as "Manhunter" ends with her gaining her powers after her Start of Darkness.
    • How is this jossed? Actually its basically outright confirmed. She's a descendant of people inflicted by a banshee curse. The curse comes into effect when they've been seriously wronged, and only killing the person that wronged them will release the curse. Siobhan would have to kill Kara in order to be released from her curse.

The White Martians will be the main antagonists of Season 2.
The encounter in Episode 11 seems to be a Sequel Hook. They will be looking for their captured comrade and once they discover that There Is Another Green Martian, they'll relentlessly pursue him.
  • Jossed. Its CADMUS, though White Martians could play a role.

Power Girl will show up in future seasons.
She's an Alternate Self of Kara in the comics, so I think she has to show up in the future. The Flash's dimension hopping will make it possible for her.

Badass Normal superheroes will eventually show up in future seasons.
Most likely to serve as The Cowl to contrast Kara's status as The Cape. For all we know this hero is "the masked hero from that other city" that Kara mentioned in Season 1 Episode 14.

Superheroes who will eventually show up in future seasons.
Other than The Flash and the ones in the Badass Normal Cowl theory above comes the powered/magical ones.

The crossover episode between The Flash and Supergirl will have both heroes discuss something they have in common.

Reign and the Worldkillers from the New 52 series will be the Big Bad of Season 2.
  • Season 2 will be given some Spotlight to Zor-El revealing he created the Worldkillers to protect Krypton from possible invaders but he imprisoned them when they became too dangerous. They will turn out to be more dangerous than the Fort Rozz criminals as they care more for destruction and conquering than any well intentional goals Astra and Non tried to justify with their invasion.
    • Jossed, its CADMUS.
    • Then Rhea.
      • But Reign has been announced for Season 3, so not too far off.

Indigo/Brainiac 8 will return as a hero.
  • In the comics she served as a hero for a decent length of time. Indigo was a fake, amnesiac personality created by Brainiac 8, who became real. Winn frying her with a virus might produce the same effect.

The Supergirl/Flash crossover will end with them racing, and Flash would win.
From the promo, it looks like they'll try to beat each other all through the episode with Supergirl apparently winning every time while Flash claims he let her win, or tie. At the end, they'll say their good-byes and decide to have one last race. The music "Feels like Today" by Rascal Flatts will be playing like in Smallville, as Flash picking up more speed. He gives Supergirl a "See ya around" signal and dashes off. Supergirl stops and just smiles.
  • The race happens, but it is for helping Flash gain enough speed to break through the dimensional barrier. Supergirl pushes him forward at the end for him to do so.

Maxwell Lord will help clear Hank/John and Alex's names.
Despite their uneasy relationship, Lord still cares for Alex.
  • Jossed. J'onn is cleared for helping Supergirl saving the world from Non and Myriad.

A villainous magic user will appear.
To show that there are things other than aliens and super science technology can hurt her.
  • Technically confirmed. Silver Banshee gets her powers from her cursed bloodline. It originated from a magic curse placed on her ancestor that affects the women of her family. It is still sound though.
  • And we got Kryptonian witches in season 3, so double-confirmed.

The Bottle City of Kandor will appear.

The Kryptonian gods Rao, Nightwing, Flamebird and Vohc will actually show up and have a story centered around them.
  • Nightwing and Flamebird will be the closest things to having Batman and Robin on the shownote .

The real Hank Henshaw will return as a cyborg, per his comic book depictions, and seek revenge against both J'onn and Supergirl.

It would give a proper nod to the comic book character of Hank, lifting his Dropped a Bridge on Him status. His motives wouldn't be that hard to conceive of either; he'd want to finish his "hunt" for J'Onn, of course, and it was Kara's "dad's" fault that Hank is dead at all, so he'd gladly hurt or kill her to repay the favor.

  • And to show how much further down the slope he's fallen since, he'll kill his friend Harper when Hank was doing something Harper didn't agree on.
    Supergirl: I'll admit, he was an asshole. But still, he was your friend!
    Hank: He was in my way!
  • Also, he won't be happy the president pardons what he considers a dangerous alien, and that his organization allows it to work with them.

Martian Manhunter will get his own spin-off series centered around his and Alex's Fugitive Arc.
  • Or they'll be Back for the Finale to help Kara defeat the Kryptonians for good. J'onn's help will earn him the people's trust, and clear him and Alex of all charges.
    • The latter is confirmed. The president officially pardons J'onn for helping Kara defeat Non and Indigo.

Barry's Earth (Earth-1) and Kara's Earth (henceforth referred to as Earth-1.5) will eventually merge.
  • Confirmed in season 5.

And the next crossover could even be called "Crisis on Two Earths." This would allow Supergirl, Team Arrow, and Team Flash to co-exist (along with the Legends of Tomorrow). This may have even been foreshadowed with Kara's line about two Earths becoming one. Also, Rip Hunter mentioned Superman, in one episode.

    Post Season 1 finale theories 
The identity of the passenger on the third pod
Considering the Kryptonian origin of the pod, the possibilities include:
  • An alternate universe version of Kara: Now that the Flash crossover has established the show is set in a multiverse, an alternate version of Kara with the Most Common Superpower is not out of the question.
  • A survivor from the Bottle City of Kandor: Kara's surprise would be attributable to her knowing that the person in the pod was in Kandor when it was seemingly destroyed.
  • Krypto the Superdog. Krypton might not have had birds in this continuity, but it could have had dogs.
  • A huge sign, where it's written CANCELLED.
  • Her father Zor-El.
  • Herself as a child.
  • A man who looks exactly like James. But naked.
  • Zazzala, the original Queen Bee of the comics, who is reimagined as Kara's childhood friend thanks to Adaptational Heroism.
  • A Green Lantern, but not one of the human ones. Instead this Green Lantern is one of the recurring members from the comics, such as Tomar Re or Salaak. The alien Green Lantern is recognized by Kara by their suit, as well as she can tell that the Lantern Corps member is dying. They warn our heroes a new alien enemy approaching Earth, who is responsible for giving them their injuries. The Lantern was just coming to warn them, but it turned out the threat was closer than expected. So close that they can't call for reinforcements in time. They then die and the ring selects someone to be at least one more superhero to help defend Earth. And to everyone's shock it picks either Wynn or James.
  • Doomsday or one of the cloned alien babies that eventually becomes him.
  • J'onn's family. Just because.
  • Miss Martian
  • H'El
  • Young Kal-El, as portrayed by Daniel Di Maggio. Because of a time warp or something.
    • All Jossed: Word of God revealed that it's going to be Mon-El, played by Chris Wood.

Possible main villains for a Second Season
  • The Composite Superman. with a very heavy amount of Pragmatic Adaptation.
  • Eclipso.
  • Lilith
  • Maxima. We never see if she is recaptured.
  • H'El
  • The Prankster
  • A new Bizzaro, who is based on the original and is cloned from Superman. Possibly called "Bizzaro Man" or something to that affect to differentiate the character.
    • All Jossed, its CADMUS.

Myriad is based on an incomplete version of the Anti-Life Equation.
Both are meant for mass mind-control based on the belief that life and hope are futile.

Superman Returns takes place in the same reality as Supergirl and Green Lantern.
You'd need to fudge around with the timeline a bit to make this work, but...

1966: Kara is born on Krypton.

1978: Krypton explodes, Kara goes into suspended animation, and Clark is born.

1997: Clark begins secretly operating as Superman.

1999: Clark takes a job at the Daily Planet. He meets Lois Lane and, depending on how old he is, Jimmy Olsen.

2002: Clark publicly debuts as Superman. His first act of public heroism is saving a plane, effectively preventing a second 9/11.

2003: Clark finds Kara's pod and brings her to the Danvers family.

2006: Superman discovers that Krypton may not actually have been destroyed. He flies off to Krypton to find it.

2010: The events of Green Lantern occur.

At some unspecified time, Hal Jordan either retires as Green Lantern or leaves Earth, or is otherwise prevented from openly using his powers.

2011: Superman returns, and this is when the movie actually takes place.

At some point, Richard dies, Lois and Clark get Married, and Clark decides to take time off from full-time superheroing to look after his son. That's why Superman doesn't show up except during emergencies during Supergirl.

2015: The events of Supergirl begin.

Instead of the above it's canon with Lois & Clark, acting as a pseudo sequel in regards to characters and their attitudes

  • The first is Cat Grant vanishing from Lois and Clark Season Two and onward. Is when she seperated from Daily Plant to start what would become Catco. In addition it's why Clark is unconcerned by Nom and Alura plan or more specifically why he believes Supergirl can handle it solo. He dealt with his own invasion by himself. Unlike him, she has DEO, and the Martian Manhunter if the going gets tough. In addition taking broad strokes end of Lois and Clark, a Kryptonian Baby appeared on their doorstep. Just the scene up a bit and you get it to be Kara's Pod.

  • Furthermore the effect of Kryptonite the one time it used in Lois and Clark (Season 1 Finale) acts very similar to Kryptonite in Supergirl. And was only time it was used if I recall, this makes Clark apprehension to it, being far more reasonable. Given he saw what a single piece of raw Kryptonite could do. And DEO was militarizing it.

  • Also Cat Grant relationship to Kara is very similar to Lois and Clark's Perry White's Relationship with his Jimmy. In terms of advice Cat Grant even gave a similar one to Kara that Perry gave to Jimmy, what she called Lighthouse. Perhaps she is basing her actions as editor on Perry White? And she is shown to accept Kara thoughts of a doppelgänger quickly, a similar incident happen in Lois and Clark, in regards to a creation of a Bizzaro Super.

  • I would need to rewatch L&C, but I want to see if some of Cat solutions or advice is similar to various solutions used by Supes in the comparable episodes of the two shows. Furthermore another perhaps interesting aspect is that perhaps Indigo pre-reveal was dealing with an certain digitized son of Luthor. Or even explain how DEO can accept someone literally living in Cyberspace.
Even then in the finale he did come in to help be it ultimately a failure. Perhaps the biggest problem in that is Lois and Clark arn't married when they should be.

The Four Series Crossover between Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends will see National City transported to the Arrowverse

This would take care of a lot of problems people had with Season 1 and also make crossovers easier. No longer would they have to deal with the issue of "Why can't Superman just save the day?"; Kara is now the sole Kryptonian. It would help explain away characters never appearing again (as they were in the original universe when National got moved. It would allow for changes in scenery (as production is moving to Canada and thus they could use new backgrounds that weren't California). It would make for great drama and comedy as characters dealt with being in a new world (as some would want to go back while others would fully embrace this 'second chance' to reinvent themselves.

Considering that there is precedence for such things (aka Brainiac and his bottling of cities), and we know that the first episode of the four-way crossover will be Supergirl's episode, opening with National City being bottled and ending with it trapped on Earth-1 makes a ton of sense, would be groundshaking enough to justify a massive crossover, allow Kara and the show to go in new directions, and allow heroes and villains of other shows to easily mingle.

Non and Max aren't Zod and Luthor expies. They're Superman and Batman expies, who through character development, will eventually team up to truly save the world, culminating in a shared crowning moment of awesome.

  • This is unlikely and would be extremely hard to pull off effectively.

Cat (still) knows Kara is Supergirl
She wasn't fooled by Kara and 'Supergirl' both being in her office at once, but realised how much having a 'normal' life meant to Supergirl, and so has just been playing along ever since.
  • Well, Grant's speech to Kara when she decides to be a reporter could be read as her encouraging Supergirl, so I would say there is a decent enough chance.

Lena Luthor will somehow turn out to be linked to Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee
She is going to played by Irish actress Katie McGrath who is best known for playing a supernaturally powered villainess and it would seem strange to waste someone who can both do a real Irish accent and knows how to play evil. It would also be less predictable than simply turning her into Lex in high heels if she does go down the villain route.

As for the 'how' a close blood relationship with Smythe seems unlikely but possession could be very possible, especially as this would allow Lena to stay a sympatheic character involuntarily possessed by an evilprince force.

Alex will be revealed to be gay/bi in Season 2, and Maggie Sawyer will be her love interest
Berlanti has confirmed that a character on either The Flash or Supergirl will explore their sexuality, candids show that Alex and out lesbian character Maggie will be sharing scenes, and it seems like their arcs could overlap with Maggie's line of work. Chyler Leigh also stated that Alex will have a "very interesting" storyline which will share insight into her life outside Kara and the DEO.
  • Certainly a lot of Ship Tease going on right now In-Universe.
  • The first part has been confirmed as of the episode "Changing", when Alex comes out to Kara as gay.

Kara will be revealed to be LGTBQIA+ in Season 2
Just like the above WMG says, it was not specified which character would explore their sexuality. It was only said that it would be a significant character, and who is more significant tan Supergirl? Kara once said 'I'm not gay', which can be easily explained as her a)telling the truth because she's not a lesbian, she's actually bi/pan/ace/..., or b) being one of those things but not having realised it yet.

Project Cadmus will be the main villains of Season 2, and will be used to introduce Superboy.
Superboy will start out as The Heavy or The Dragon for them, but will undergo a Heel–Face Turn, giving Kara the chance to help a new Kryptonian come into their powers, similar to what we saw her go through in Season 1. And it could give us potential drama between her and Clark if they have differing opinions on how to handle the Superboy issue.
  • Partially confirmed. CADMUS are the main villains of Season 2 and Superboy will be appearing, but Superboy is actually Mon-El. Superboy could still be captured and manipulated to work for CADMUS, though.
    • Mon-El isn't Superboy. He isn't called Superboy and isn't modeled on any version of Superboy. He's Mon-El, plain and simple.

Lena Luthor is playing a long con
She put the hit out on herself to pull suspicion away from herself while executing whatever Lex Luthor's plans are.
  • Or, she stole Lex's plans, or, she is pulling off something even Lex would not approve of.
  • Possibly confirmed. She tells Kara L Corp is inventing a device that will apparently detect non-humans. As such it represents an attempt to appear like a moderate while still sending a coded message to anti-aliens that Lena is as much of a hard-liner as her brother is.

Lena and Kara will begin dating
Lena makes special point to mention that she hopes "it isn't the last time" that she speaks with Clark or Kara, and Kara in turn seems a bit flustered around Lena.

    Season 2 Post Premiere theories 
Kara will get a solar suit
Due to the fact that CADMUS seems to be the seasons main villain, and have kryptonite, and can create super powered beings/cyborgs like Metallo. Kara will get a suit that absorbs more sunlight for her, and uses Astra's radiation blocking technology from last season.

Daxamites will be the main villains for this season.
Mon-El came to Earth to warn them about the invasion (perhaps adapting the Daxamite aspect of Invasion!).
  • The end of "Exodus" seems to indicate this is the case.

CADMUS is being controlled by a White Martian.
CADMUS would still be a shady organization, but a White Martian has killed and replaced their leader. They are now trying to kill the Kryptonian heroes of Earth in order to be able to, you guessed it, take over the world (Of Course)!

CADMUS is being controlled by Jeremiah Danvers
We know they have custody of would seem like the ultimate betrayal if it turns out he was the one who founded it, and is thus the Big Bad of season 2. Possibly him getting seemingly killed by Hank Henshaw in order to protect J'onn caused him to have a Heroic BSoD and ultimately become evil.

CADMUS is being controlled by the real Hank Henshaw
He may have somehow survived the mission that found J'onn.
  • I'll go you one better. Henshaw founded Project Cadmus as a way to hunt aliens like J'onn, who he knows usurped the DEO. The Fantastic Racism had to come from somewhere, didn't it? It would also explain Cadmus' special interest in Jeremiah aside from the obvious.
    Heck, Henshaw might have fallen into a cave full of science, and become a cyborg. It would explain a hell of a lot, such as... where they got their tech from.
    • Jossed, sort of: Hank is Cyborg Superman but he's The Dragon of Cadmus.

Jeremiah Danvers is Cyborg Superman
This is a very popular fan theory floating around; unlike the above three, I did not come up with this one myself.
  • Jossed: Hank Henshaw is the Cyborg Superman. Jeremiah's role with Cadmus is still murky, however.

Superman gives the kryptonite to Batman
At the end of The Last Children of Krypton, Hank hands over the all the kryptonite the DEO had in storage to Superman, "trusting him to do the right thing". My guess is that Clark hands over the Kryptonite to Batman (assuming he exists in this universe...a WMG in itself!), much as he did in the comics at one point of time.
  • Gotham is confirmed as existing in "The Adventures of Supergirl".

The Supergirl universe and Arrowverse were forced apart due to a Crisis on Infinite Earths years before, and a major crossover event will re-merge them.
The reality is that it was all one big DCU but some time villain managed to split the universes apart (which explains why it was easier for The Flash to enter the Supergirl universe.) Once they're re-merged, everyone's memory of the other will be restored (Flash et al will remember Superman. Supergirl is still new to them, of course.) Oh, and as a parallel to undoing the New 52, Superman's Underwear of Power returns.

Doomsday will kill Superman, possible for the third season arc.
The series will focus on Kara's grief on being the Last Survivor. Each of the four Supermen will visit National City. Hank Henshaw will be the Cyborg Superman, which makes sense since he hates aliens, and what better way to destroy Supergirl and the DEO? Superman will be revived in the same way (same robots and Fortress from the comic storyline!), Steel will become a permanent National City resident, while Cadmus Clone!Superboy will be an occasional guest star afterward. If Supergirl saves a big beefy construction worker with a deep voice sometime in Season 2 (maybe played by Keith David? :D) then you know Doomsday is coming.
  • When Doomsday shows up, Kara will try to help Clark beat him, and there will be a short, epic fight (reminiscient of Maxima and Clark's brief battle), but she will ultimately be beaten quickly just like she was in the original event. Not only would this be comic accurate (which makes me wonder how they would incorporate James Olson in this, since both Jimmy Olson and Guardian played a role in the original story), but it will also serve to make her Survivor's Guilt and grief worse.
    • Additionally, it would be nice if Superman stayed dead for a season, and Kara became increasingly angry and violent as the season wore on, having to battle her anger. This would be a good excuse for Batman to show up, because then he could relate how he became more violent and angry after the death of Jason Todd and how he pulled himself back from the abyss. Mon-El could also be a You Are Not Alone help, too.

Brainiac arrives, and resurrects Indigo
And hopefully they'll have a sibling relationship, because a romantic one would just be pedestrian. Brainiac could be cold and calculating, to offset Indigo's psychotic tendencies.

The President set up the attack on herself
  • We know she's some sort of alien, and by signing the Executive Order (I.E. no Congressional Input) and by making sure she is attacked for doing so, she hopes to drive aliens and humans apart for some as yet unknown reason. Maybe as an army to take over and alter Earth? But she's hiding she's an alien AND - like J'onn - she's a shape shifter. So other motives can be in play for such a "selfless act". It would also explain why she didn't mourn the loss of the Secret Service. She arranged for their deaths.
    • Doesn't look like it.

Alternatively, Scorcher wasn't trying to kill the President
  • If Madame President is an alien, Scorcher might have been trying to expose her, either by forcing her to reveal to save herself or someone else (like J'onn did), or burn away the disguise.
    • Scorcher seems to have just been a one-off baddie, so a deeper meaning isn't likely in the cards to be revealed.

Daxam was colonized by Krypton, and later broke away to become independent.
  • This makes it possible to preserve the Kryptonian(/Daxamite) race through Kara and Mon-El, but highly unlikely.
  • Alex also notes that Daxamites share similar DNA to Kryptonians, suggesting that this did in fact happen; the subsequent DNA changes could be attributed to exposure to a mutagen on Daxam.

Jeremiah Danvers will be part of the crossover special, as will Superman and Ray.
  • Because we seem to be getting nice things this year, so why not an all-Superman team-up?

Comet the Super Horse will be alluded to in a joke.
  • It'd be a knowing, but subtle, wink to Supergirl's...odd relationship with the character.
  • Comet is the name of a character from her favorite cartoon as a kid, called Comet the Flying Horse.

Several different DC adaptations are in the same continuity as Supergirl.
  • The Aquaman TV pilot from 2006: Arthur's adventures were never chronicalized, which means he could have already come to be king of Atlantis or possibly retired and had Arthur Jr with a version of Mera. Being based in the Florida Keys (where the show would've been set) when on land, it could explain why he would never appear. Since it could go in any direction, it could easily be believed that Arthur didn't become a public hero in this universe, focusing on Atlantis alone, if at all.
  • One of the Swamp Thing series from the early 90s: There was a live-action and animated series. Either could be part of a bigger world.
  • Batman: The Telltale Series
    • Well, in "The Darkest Place" Kara mentions a "vigilante" Superman teamed up with.

Mon-El and Supergirl will become a couple
  • Did anyone else see the sparks in the new episode?
    • I saw more sparks between Mon-El and his Prince, and between him and Winn. Sorry, I'm Gay, Super-girl.
    • Considering he had sex with Eve and Winn and James noted the tension, I don't think so.
    • Confirmed

Winn will give Mon-El "Valor" as a superhero name.
  • Not much of a stretch, since Mon-El asked Winn to make him a uniform and give him a superhero name.
  • Bonus points if Mon-El appears in the crossover and is given that name by Winn and Cisco at the same time.
    • Well, Mon-El wants to be a superhero. It's very possible Supergirl will enlist Winn as she did for her own costume.

When/If he finally appears, Lobo will be played by...

  • Ron Perlman: One of the most popular choices out there.
  • Michael Cudlitz: Has the proper built for the character and definitely has the acting chops to pull of the character's personality. Plus, he's free from his regular gig starting Season 2 since his character there (who also happens to be close to Lobo's character type) has been killed-off.
  • Conan Stevens: Has the built and demeanor to pull of the character.
  • The Undertaker: Has the built and demeanor to pull of the character. If anyone here remembers his Badass Biker days, that could be a proof.
  • Goldberg: Has the built and demeanor to pull of the character. All he needs is a wig.
  • Roman Reigns: Has the built and demeanor to pull of the character.
  • Brad Dourif: Has the proper built for the character and definitely has the acting chops to pull of the character's personality.
  • Rory McCann: Has the proper built for the character and definitely has the acting chops to pull of the character's personality.
  • Ian McShane: Has the proper built for the character and definitely has the acting chops to pull of the character's personality.

James Olson's superhero identity will be Gangbuster.
It would be a nod to the normal powered hero in Metropolis (or Superman with amnesia.)
  • Possibly jossed as descriptions for the next couple of episodes refer to a character name Guardian.
    • Which would be apropos with Project Cadmus being around, albeit with Jim Harper being an Adaptational Villain.
  • He's definitely Guardian, so jossed.

M'gann M'orzz is terrified of J'onn J'onzz for multiple reasons
  • J'onn J'onzz was known as The Manhunter, which suggests he must have got the name from somewhere and it wasn't likely to be from the Green Martians
  • M'gann is in truth a White Martian, who despite breaking ranks failed to save people so now M'gann thinks the Manhunter knows the truth about her race and is setting her up
  • J'onn J'onzz acts as lure to White Martians so they can kill him and the traitor as well
    • She was scared of being found out by anybody; She feels guilty.

Season Three will introduce main villains that contrast with Astra and Non's faction and Cadmus.
Season 1 had the Kryptonians and other aliens. Season 2 mostly has Cadmus. Both of these Big Bad groups have a major interest in aliens and their place on Earth. Season 3 could introduce a new factor in villains who don't revolve around aliens on Earth, and instead be focused on attaining power in general while also keeping Supergirl in the shadows, rather than letting her know their endgame.

Steven Yeun will play a villain at some point.
Just Rule of Cool with this one.
  • Perhaps he could be a new take on the Prankster.
  • Or Shatterfist, a rare case of a Korean super villain in the DCU.

James is on something .
While James is quite fit he has taken to the physical aspects of crime fighting with surprising ease. Pulling of feats worthy Arrow. Multiple opponents, hand to hand with Navy Seals not to mention running around with heavy armor and a shield while still able to move with speed. Would not be surprised he was taking something to give him an edge .

Cyborg Superman will be a Dragon with an Agenda.
The real Hank Henshaw will assume control of CADMUS
  • The comic book Cyborg Superman had Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. Hank and Lillian's goals are aligned... for now.
  • In the midseason finale, Lillian is arrested. However, this unlikely means the total end of CADMUS, because then shouldn't Jeremiah be immediately freed? Plus, Hank Henshaw is still at large. He may become a Dragon Ascendant and take over the reins of CADMUS.

Mon-El is the real prince of Daxam.
  • Kara describes the prince of Daxam as being something of a Fratbro and Mon-El doesn't argue the point, merely claiming that "he had his moments." This is somewhat at odds with the guy that we saw give up his own escape pod to save his "bodyguard." In reality, he was the bodyguard and Mon-El is the actual prince. He fits the Fratbro characterization a lot better, as we see him hosting drinking contests and being The Casanova. This would also explan why a group of yet-unknown aliens would take an interest in him.
  • While Kryptonians look down on Daxamites, their prince is probably famous enough to occasionally show up on Kryptonian media, so Kara would likely have spotted the similarity had Mon-El really been the prince of Daxam.
    • Considering that a Dominator not only orders a mook not to harm Mon-El, but actually treats him as royalty, if the prince was famous enough to occasionally show up on Kryptonian media, perhaps Kara didn't recongnize Mon-El as royalty because he is not the crown prince, but a younger brother of him. A member of royalty who wasn't the crown prince might not appear on Kryptonian media, due to Kryptonians looking down on Daxamites.
  • A Dominator tells a mook that Mon-El is not to be harmed, and bows and scrapes to him as royalty. Keeping in mind Daxam was a slave-owner planet, and Mon-El wasn't keen on the practice, meaning he could be a Defector from Decadence.
  • Confirmed in "Star-Crossed".

Mon-El is not his real name
  • In the comics Mon-El's is an alias, his real name is Lar Gand. He is going under a fake name to help evade the aliens who are chasing him. Possibly related to the above theory.

Even though Lena Luthor IS Good All Along as of the midseason finale, that will eventually change
  • In the first half of season 2 the writers seem to intentionally drop contradictory hints about whether or not Lena is evil, before revealed to be Good All Along in "Medusa". However, this may ultimately change as she very gradually slips into villainy. In fact, Supergirl may even attempt its own version of the Clark/Lex dynamic from Smallville, where the Luthor is initially a hero and friends with the protagonist, but gradually becomes a villain, not helped by having a horrible parent.

Non is in CADMUS' custody
  • In the season 1 finale, Supergirl defeated Non by burning out his eyes with her Eye Beams. However, we never saw what happened to him after that. It may turn out that while incapacitated, CADMUS found him and abducted him, as it would certainly be to their advantage to have a Kryptonian in their custody.

When the Dominators appear in Supergirl they will be reduced to a smaller faction
In order to justify why she takes them on without assistance from Barry, Oliver, and everyone else from the Arrowverse.

Maxwell Lord went into hiding and used his comic book counterpart's powers to make everyone forget about him.

The 'vigilante' mentioned isn't a reference to Batman
It's foreshadowing the appearance of another DC vigilante.Candidates:
  • José Delgado, the Gangbuster
  • An Adaptational Badass Madam Fatal. Now wouldn't a man who cross dresses while he fights crime be something new for TV to tackle?

Both Harrison Wells and Barry Allen exists on this earth
it's just that because Eobard never replaced wells the particle accelerator is on its original schedule.
  • At least partially Jossed; in the first crossover, Barry explicitly says, "No Harrison Wells" on Earth-38.

The aliens searching for Mon-El at the end of Medusa are Thanagarians
And the two masked leaders are the universe's Hawkgirl and Hawkman; with possibly even Ciara Renee and Falk Hentschel reprising as the two characters.
  • "Supergirl Lives" makes reference to Thanagar, though that may be a Red Herring.
  • Jossed. The aliens are Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo's characters.

The aliens searching for Mon-El are Durlans
The Durlans are a race of shapeshifters who served the Dominators in the original comics' Invasion! event. Maybe the Durlans have a loose partnership with the show's continuity's Dominators. They are xenophobic and wanted the Daxamites wiped out, so they are searching for Mon-El to kill him so he cannot have children who'll carry his DNA.
  • Jossed. But a Durlan does appear. She's the president of the United States.

The aliens searching for Mon-El are the Skrill.
The Skrill in the Wonder Woman show were thieves who want to taking human minds and then sell them. Since Mon-El is presumably the only living Daxamite in the universe, the Skrill want to steal his mind and sell it for a hefty profit due to its rarity.

The aliens searching for Mon-El are Daxamites
Mon-El is not The Last of His Kind, and additionally, they're pretty pissed off at Kryptonians.
  • Possible. Kevin Sorbo told Entertainment Tonight that his character was from another planet that was an arch-rival to Krypton, and he could well have been describing Daxam, who definitely had a rivalry with Krypton until Krypton was destroyed and Daxam devastated.
    • The end of "Exodus" seems to indicate Mon-El's Mom and Dad are coming.
      • Confirmed in "Star-Crossed".

More minor villains for Season 3 and beyond
  • Blackrock
  • The Leopard
  • Dabney Donovan
  • Quarmer AKA Sand Superman...or Sand Supergirl in this show.
  • Redemption

The Daxamites and the Dominators were allies
  • During the crossover Kara mentioned that her Krypton had been attacked by the Dominators. Given the less than friendly relationship between Krypton and Daxam, the Daxamites may have aided the Dominators covertly in their attack so as to weaken Krypton. The utmost respect the Dominator showed Mon-El during "Supergirl Lives" would also point in this direction.

Teri Hatcher's villain role
  • The master of the masked aliens pursuing Mon-El.
    • Confirmed. She's one of them anyway.
  • Faora, an independent version with no ties to Zod.
  • Titano the Super-Ape! Yes, this is a joke.
  • Amazing Grace, an Apokoliptan.
  • A D.N.Angel.
    • Jossed. She's an alien.
  • Selena, the Big Bad of the Supergirl (1984) movie.
  • Mon-El's mother.
    • Mom it is. Confirmed in "Star-Crossed".

Lena is Lex's clone
She's supposedly adopted, but in "Luthors", she apparently has Lex's DNA. She's younger than Lex, and smarter at chess, which may mean she's genetically enhanced.
  • Jossed. The reason she can open it is because she's a biological Luthor, fathered by Lionel with another woman. It was locked to Luthor DNA, not his specific DNA.
Mxyzptlk's courting Kara is an Operation: Jealousy on Gsptlnz.
Mxy's known primarily for two things: mind boggling power and his irresponsible "go big or go home" use of them. Since he's so weird, being troubled by something utterly mundane, like trying to get his girlfriend's attention, is the motivation that will be the most surprising to the audience.
  • Jossed, kinda. He could be on the rebound, we don't know what his motivations were, but it wasn't Operation: Jealousy.

Mxyzptlk will reveal sensitive information about Mon-El.
Besides following the Exact Words of his promises, Mxyzptlk rarely plays fair and square in his crazy games. To get Mon-El out of the way in his pursuit of Kara's affections, Mxy will try to turn her off to her Daxamite friend by using his omniscience and telling her secrets about Mon-El. This will leave a lasting effect for future episodes, making sure this one is more than a screwy filler, and possibly confirming the fan theory that Mon-El is really a member of Daxam's royal family.
  • Jossed.

Mon-El is really a wanted criminal.
Something I've put together based on the fact that the hooded figures seem to be hell bent on capturing him, his initial reluctance to heroic acts and the fact that A DOMINATOR bowed in respect to him.

Lyra is or knows Dawnstar/Wildstar.
She's from Starhaven, after all.

Lena Luthor will be invalidated in episode 15.
Rumors are that Katie Macgrath will not reappear on the season 2 past episode 15. Considering her comic book counter part is paraplegic, the show runners will probably out the character in a dramatic episode where she loses the use of her legs. This may or may not influence her ultimate decision on whether or not choosing good over the evils of her family. Either way, it will justify her absence.
  • Jossed.

Mon-El will sacrifice himself in the end.
Mon El's character arc is "getting better at the hero thingy". His comic counterpart is locked in the Phantom zone due to poisoning, so he is a good candidate for a dramatic death in the family. Considering the mid season is on a high note despite Mon El's past still in a mystery, there is a good chance that all will go down from here. It would both resolve the problem of the unknown aliens and his character arc.
  • Jossed. He lives, but has to leave Earth.

Kara will stay single in the end
In the comics, Kara has trouble getting any relationship going, most of the time her job as supergirl is interfering and she choose it over whatever romantic relation she's having. A romance with Lena seems unlikely considering the absence of interest of Kara and a romance starting mid season with Mon El feels strangely out of place. Usually said romances are for the finale, as they are the pinnacle of character development. If there is more development, there is a chance that there will be a falling out before the end season.
  • If by "the end", you mean the Season 2 finale, then you are correct. But it isn't for any of those reasons.

At some point down the road, Livewire will be able to control her powers in more interesting ways, such as tampering with people's neural systems
Honestly, this is what I initially thought was going on in the episode "We Can Be Heroes" before it was revealed that a Mad Scientist was simply making clones of Livewire. It's kind of the series premiere of Constantine (which is now also retroactively part of the Arrowverse), the Villain of the Week was an electrokinetic demon, and the episode put a really interesting spin on this trope in that it could possess the neural systems of human bodies, which of course are made up of electrical currents. Since Livewire can transform into electricity, I feel like the writers could have a lot of fun if they incorporated a similar theme here. She could possess others, brainwash them, telepathically speak to them, give them headaches...etc.

In the season finale, Lillian will don Lex's famous warsuit that was seen in an easter egg in "Luthors"
In Luthors, we see glimpses of Lex's warsuit, as well as the Atomic Axe and the Black Mercy. Although Lex's hideout was blown up in that episode, it's possible that CADMUS is working on a replica of it, or they were able to salvage it from the lair before it exploded...still, since Lillian is currently a Non-Action Big Bad, it would be fun to have her get in on the action in the finale. My personal hope is that the suit is at least partly animated with CGI to really give an epic scope to the battle, thus resulting in a much more satisfying climactic battle than the season 1 finale, and brought to life with a good chunk of the whole season's budget!
  • Jossed. Lillian appears, but doesn't fight, let alone wear the warsuit.
  • It finally comes to pass in the season 3 episode "For Good".

Kara will (or has) accidentally reveal(ed) someone has Fake Boobs with her x-ray vision.
Extra points if the person in question is Cat Grant. Because it would be funny.

Alex and Maggie will have a Conflicting Loyalty dispute.
Loyalty is Alex's greatest strength and weakness. When someone she loves is either in trouble or so much as mistreated, she will ignore laws, reason, decency, and even the lives of others for their sake. But Maggie Sawyer doesn't play that way. She is a police officer, bound to follow and enforce the law. Alex was mildly stunned when Maggie arrested Winn, a friend to both of them, in "Star Crossed". Perhaps that is a warning sign of a greater conflict of values to come?

Rhea will free General Zod from the Phantom Zone, forcing Superman and Supergirl to team up (again)
  • Jossed. Zod is an illusion.

Rhea will be killed in the second season a new villain
Andrew Kreisberg has said that a new major villain Season 3 will be appearing in the finale. That character killing Rhea will establish the new villain as a threat.
  • Jossed.

Rhea's gonna use the device Lena's helping her build to bring an army to National City
All to wreak vengeance on Kara and Mon-El.
  • Err...sort of confirmed. "City of Lost Children" ends with Rhea usign the device, a teleportation machine, to bring hundreds of Daxamite ships to Earth so they can colonize Earth as "New Daxam." It's very likely some of those Daxamites are members of the planet's military.
  • Confirmed. Though she also wants power in general for her and her followers.

Rhea will be the reason as to how Lena finds out about Kara's secret identity
My guess is that at some point, Supergirl will rush over to L-Corp to stop Rhea's mind-control plan and once she get's there, Rhea will call her by her real name right in front of Lena, possibly leading to either a break up of their friendship or a full-on Face–Heel Turn.
  • Jossed. Rhea dies in the season finale, and Lena still doesn't know.
  • I don't see why learning Kara is Supergirl would cause Lena to become a full blown villain. They're friends. If anything it might improve her opinion of Supergirl, even if causing some friction.

During the battle with Rhea, the DEO will go to the president for help and discover that she's an alien
They either take her down or they let her go for now, promising that if she screws up, they're coming for her.
  • Sort of confirmed. Rather than go to the president for help, the help her and it seems that she's a good guy and they're keeping her secret.

The president won't return for the finale.
And will instead be the threat of season three.
  • Jossed.

General Zod is a Daxamite, not a Kryptonian, in this continuity
Or alternatively, he's a Kryptonian who defected to Daxam.

General Zod is a hallucination somehow created by Rhea to trick Superman into fighting Supergirl
The extended promo for the second season finale shows Zod with white eyes, and the background behind him looks...weird, to say the least.
  • Confirmed.

In this universe, Superman was forced to kill Zod like in Man of Steel
Maybe some years before Supergirl's debut, Zod staged an invasion of Earth (much like Rhea's doing now) and Superman, after a long fight, was forced to kill Zod, and the guilt of having to break his "no-kill" rule stills haunts him so much that Rhea is somehow able to use that to make Supes see the invading Daxamites as Zod's crew and Kara as Zod.
  • Or, alternatively, Zod is still imprisoned in the Phantom Zone (or Fort Rozz), and Rhea's somehow using his image in her scheme to control Superman into doing what she wants.

    Post Season 2 finale theories 

The portal that opened in front of Mon-El sent him to the future.
Where he joins the Legion of Super-Heroes, who may have opened the portal themselves. Hopefully by that time, the lead in Earth's atmosphere was removed or the Legion gives him an anti-lead serum (perhaps only him if Daxamites are still xenophobic fascists).
  • This is possible, since Saturn Girl has been confirmed to appear.
  • Brainiac 5 has also been confirmed, so this is looking even more likely. Though they could change it so the Legion are a contemporary group if they want to avoid time travel.
  • Confirmed. He apparently spent seven years in the 31st century.

They could use Mon-El as a way to introduce the Green Lanterns, as in the comic books there is a Daxamite Green Lantern.
The portal could land him on Oa where he becomes a Green Lantern.
  • That's not how the Corps recruits Lanterns.

The third Kryptonian pod
  • Doomsday.
  • Reign from the New 52.
    • Confirmed.
  • Any of the other Worldkillers introduced in the New 52.
  • H'el.
  • Power-Girl, or alternatively Galatea.

The fleeing Daxamite flagship carried Mon-El and Lena's unborn child
The Daxamite have Uterine Replicator technology and Rhea said that she had already taken the genetic samples while they slept. It's likely that she already had an heir cooking when the wedding ceremony was interrupted.
  • Adding on that, the child could be Born as an Adult thanks to Technobabble and become an anti-hero or anti-villain who comes back to Earth later in the series, causing awkwardness (among other things). They will also be this universe's version of a pre-existing character, albeit loosely.
    • This child could still a version of Power Girl's baby Equinox.

A few other superheroes of this universe will be introduced.
They will largely be portrayed as heroes of other stories, who only appear briefly. They will also be less well known characters who haven't appeared in the Arrowverse yet and aren't set to be in the DCEU. That means this theory is not about Batman, but other DC superheroes.
  • Elaborating on this, they will be characters who have associated with heroes with larger names than themselves, Legacy Character types, and characters best remembered for being parts of superhero teams. Possible characters could be:
    • Sonia Sato, the second Judomaster. She'd fit well in the show for a few reasons; She's a Badass Normal (easy on the effects budget), could be portrayed as a kind of international military official like in Earth 2, and would fit in with the Action Girl filled setting of the show (while also adding some Asian representation).
    • As mentioned below, Tanya Spears as Power Girl. In this universe she's the daughter of a DEO scientist and gains her powers from exposure to a new kind of Kryptonite her mother was working with.
    • As also mentioned below, Huntress. Instead of Helena Bertinelli, who already appeared on the "Earth 1" of the Arrowverse, Helena Wayne this Huntress is Helena Kyle, like in Birds of Prey (2002). Taking the Writing Around Trademarks even further, she herself will be unaware of her true father's identity, and will instead be a classmate of Tanya's who transferred from Gotham Academy who uses her acrobatic prowess and self defense training to assist her friend as she becomes Power Girl. Her costume will also be bright and colorful, modeled on the Golden Age Huntress's costume but with more of her skin covered up.
    • Johnny Thunder, a retired Cool Old Guy who is linked to a fifth-dimensional being named Yz who is likened to a good version of Mister Mxyzptlk. He has one last adventure where he helps Supergirl before finding a way to transfer his connection to Yz to a willing teenage boy named Jakeem, which will prompt James to say that he's happy he's not the only black superhero in the city...which will upset J'onn.
    • Atlee, the second Terra, with Tara Markov and her connections to Atlee being omitted altogether. This Atlee is an alien who was born from the union of a Fort Rozz escapee and a human, who was born and raised as a normal human of Earth in a hippy commune. Her powers will be unique to her, a strange result of her Human Alien parent's DNA mixing with her human parent's, forcing them to go to the DEO to help her control her powers over rocks, which will be portrayed similarly to how the Tara Markov from Teen Titans did, making her a Composite Character of sorts.
    • Big Bear, a Big Fun Cloud Cuckoolander who claims to be an alien from a paradise world called New Genesis sent to contact his people should their enemies ever invade Earth. Bonus points if the characters hear him mention Darkseid, think that he's referencing Star Wars and then think he's just a strange movie fan. Even more bonus points if someone compares him to Grizzly. It'll be kept ambiguous if he's really the character or just a deluded, if unusually strong, human.
    • Dolphin, an amnesiac White-Haired Pretty Girl who Kara saves from a sinking cruise ship. It is assumed she's an alien after she exhibits her ability to turn into a scaled form (like in Rebirth) and other abilities, it is assumed she's an alien of an unknown species and she begins to travel the world (offscreen) attempting to find other members of her kind on Earth. She later discovers that she's actually a mutated human. Atlantis will only be lightly alluded to, with anything suggesting Earth-38's Aquaman being kept vague, like saying she's gotten a a boyfriend we never see and lives in a lighthouse.
    • If they ever introduce Time Travel like in The Flash (2014), Supergirl will have a brief adventure with Red, White, and Blue, a trio of heroic soldiers who fought Axis agents during World War II. In a twist, it'll be revealed that one of them is an ancestor of Martha Kent, Clark's adoptive mother, making them "family" to Kara (this is a Mythology Gag to Jerry Siegel being one of the creators of Red, White and Blue back in the 30s). Doris West will also be an Alternate Self to Iris West, played by Candice Patton in a brief cameo.
    • The Phantom Stranger, a mysterious man in a long, blue mens' coat and hat who appears to warn the heroes of an oncoming magical threat they have never dealt with before. He gives cryptic advice about both the threat of the episode and the current story arcs the characters are going through before mysteriously vanishing and leaving an image of Judas Iscariot in his place.
    • Owlwoman, a Cherokee woman who has the power to fly. She is not very well known, due to primarily operating out of a small town in North Carolina.

If Power Girl does appear, the Tanya Spears version will be used
Although she's not as popular as the alternate Earth counterpart many grew up with, it would be interesting to see Supergirl mentoring a younger hero this season.
  • If she's accompanied by Huntress, audiences would eat it up. Especially would also certainly help with the show's struggle to give non-white women something to do (especially if they Race Lift Huntress).
    • She does appear but she's only a normal human.

There will be A Very Special Episode dealing with homophobia.
It's already been established that Maggie's parents shunned and rejected her for her homosexuality and since then it's already been announced that actor Carlos Bernard would be portraying Maggie's father at some point in Season 3. Given what we know about Alex as a character, she'll almost definitely try to confront the issues between her fiancé and future father-in-law before they officially marry. This episode could also reveal that a recurring character outside of the main cast is either gay or bisexual, so they can include another voice on the matter who can exposit to another character about their own struggles with similar prejudice.

Mon-El will be able to return to Earth by the end of the season...
just in time to be murdered by a returning Mxyzptlk.

Mon-El created an alternate timeline when he went to the future.
By accident, of course, he wouldn't have known what the original was. But the ring shown in the Fortress of Solitude in seasons 1 and 2 looks different from the Legion rings we eventually saw from season 3 onward, and the reason is that they're literally from two different versions of the Legion. The first one is the one that Superman met, and possibly was recruited by/trained by, similarly to Clark's situation in Legion of Super-Heroes . When Mon-El went through a wormhole to the future, the timeline changed with him, leading to him founding his version of the Legion years later than it was supposed to happen.

    Season 3 Post Premiere theories 

Reign will be the Mr. Hyde to Samantha's Dr. Jekyll, kind of like the Hulk is to Bruce Banner
She begins to become Reign when she's under very intense fear, with Reign starting out as a form that awakens for self-defense.
  • Partially Confirmed. Reign takes over Samantha at any time the base calls her to action or some points when she hears about criminals.

Reign has some connection to Kara's mother
How else could Samantha's nightmare even include her if she didn't? Perhaps she is linked to those who rocketed her off Krypton.

The upcoming White Martian villain is actually Ma'alefa'ak
While Ma'al's gone through several non-Green incarnations (the Batman: Brave and the Bold comics version was a White Martian, and the version appearing in the 2015 Martian Manhunter series was a Red Martian) his biggest role to date was in Justice League: Doom where he was a Green, and J'onn's twin brother to boot. He could be a Green disguising himself as a White Martian for his own survival, especially since he's usually portrayed as an excellent shapeshifter. Maybe he's J'onn's outcast twin, or his older brother, or some other relative of J'onn's like a cousin or uncle.

Ruby will be adopted by Alex and Maggie after Samantha goes full-on Reign
  • But...they broke up. Part of the reason was so that Floriana Lima could leave the show.
    • Jossed Sam survives the season and once reunited with Ruby they moved off screen to Superman's city for Season 4 offscreen.

The Legion of Super-Heroes will be a contemporary group
They'll be benevolent young aliens who want to improve lives for aliens on Earth by becoming heroes like Kara and Clark. They'll also recruit metahumans into their group and try to recruit Kara as well.
  • Jossed. They're from the future.

When Mon-El returns, he'll be a much different person
Who knows what sort of things have happened to him since the Season 2 finale?
  • Sort of confirmed. He's angstier and married to Saturn Girl.

Alex will get a new love interest quickly enough
Whoever the lady is, they will want kids as well, meaning it's less likely that they'll break up. I'll admit that I want this partially because almost everywhere I've gone to talk about the show is filled with gay bashing and homophobic comments with people complaining about the mere existence of lesbians ruining the entire show for them and and saying they stopped watching the moment the "lesbo cop" showed up while still bitching about having to see it happen every week and will only watch it again if Alex starts lusting after cock and Maggie is killed for being an...f-word. All I'm saying is that the creators shouldn't give the trolls what they want, so why not "shoehorn" in a new love interest.

Granny Goodness will appear
There is an upcoming episode of Supergirl, 3x12, called "For Good". Based on the title, perhaps this foreshadows the appearance of Granny Goodness?

The other stasis pods in the underwater ship contain...
More members of the Legion of Superheroes. The first 2 pods to be opened contained Mon-El and Saturn Girl so it's likely that the other pods also contain Legion members.

The growing darkness that Mon-El and Imra talk about is...
Darkseid, the Big Bad of the Legion of Super-Heroes iconic storyline "The Great Darkness Saga". If so, we'll hopefully see this scene.

Lena already knows Kara is Supergirl
Lena worked out herself that Kara is Supergirl, but she decided not to tell Kara or anyone else that she knows, trusting Kara to tell her on her own terms, sort of like what happened on Smallville with Chloe when she found out Clark's secret.

Ruby will be the only one who can truly stop Reign
Whether or not any powers she might have inherited from her mother will be irrelevant. She will stop Reign by the fact that Samantha will reawaken within Reign to stop her dark side from killing her daughter.

Reign will be redeemed at her arc's end
Unlike any other villain, Reign has a kid daughter, and she has her part in the spotlight. Killing Samantha, just like any other villain would make a tragic scene, of the child crying at her mom's funeral, and being an orphan. That's the Doylist explanation why they won't kill her.
  • Semi Confirmed Sam's fear of losing Ruby broke her out of a Reign trance

Lori Lemaris will appear at some point
I don't know, it seems like something the show would do to introduce a new female character.

If, just if, Samantha/Reign dies, Alex will adopt Ruby
I mean sure Alex wants to be a mother and I have nothing against Samantha because everything Reign has done isn't her fault, but seen how Alex and Ruby bond in "Fort Rozz," that would be an interesting relationship.
  • Jossed

Lena is a Wordkiller
Wordkillers by default must be a adopted children. As of mid-season 3, not even a hint of a new character to be the third world killer has been seen.
  • But we know that Lena is Lex Luthor's father's daughter from an affair.
  • She's also faced life-threatening situations similar to Samantha and Julia's, but certainly didn't have any powers awakened.
  • Jossed.

Eve Teschmacher is Pestilence
We don't know anything about Eve's background, so why not bring Andrea Brooks back in and give her more to do? Plus, this would mean that they wouldn't have to introduce a whole new woman to be Pestilence. If not her, than maybe another minor character would work. It could be the reason that they're hiding Pestilence's face in the visions; the creators want to at least attempt to have her identity be a surprise.
  • Jossed.

Lena will become the Big Bad of Season 4
In light of her losing trust in Supergirl, she'll become bent on proving that Supergirl isn't the paragon of virtue she claims to be, to paraphrase Lex Luthor's monologue to Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Lena will end up paralyzed

Kara will journey to the multiverse's Mirror Universe of her world (or at least the closest thing to it)
The Kara of that world is a supervillain known as Ultragirl. The James and Winn doppelgängers will be Ultragirl's evil minions, with Winn being Dollmaker.

    Season 4 

Olivia Marsdin will be executed
No matter if you like her or not: Her presidency is illegal, since she had to be a natural born USA citizen in order to be eligible. At the bare minimum, she would be accused of counterfeit documents (Her USA Birth Certificate) and way more charges, and ALL her edicts would be rendered invalid, because her presidency would be invalid too.

Even if somebody thinks about revoking the Natural-Born clause with retroactive effect, it would be an outrage: You cannot create retroactive rules.

So, she will met a terrible fate.

  • Alternatively, we’ll find out that while she is at least part alien, she was born in the United States at a hospital complete with documentation and, regardless of species, a natural born USA citizen.
  • Jossed. Marsdin resigns and her VP succeeds her.

James will find out Lena blackmailed the DA to help him.
  • Lena tells him about in "Call to Action".

Alex (along with Supergirl and Brainy) will quit the DEO.

Lex Luthor is working with the Kaznians to control Kara's clone.

Alex having her memory of Supergirl's secret identity erased will have a significant effect on her personality
  • As J'onn noted in the preview, Alex grew up knowing Kara had superpowers and without those memories, there will be huge gaps in her interactions with Kara. She may even willingly assist in the DEO's investigation into Supergirl's secret ID, not knowing that she's investigating her own sister.

Baker is the true mastermind of the Children of Liberty
  • It was shown Mercy and her brother were working for someone else when they recruited Lockwood. Who better to benefit from Marsdin exposed as an alien than the man who will succeed her? Blake has played the loyal politician while lusting for power and now in the perfect position to drive aliens away from Earth. His secret satellite proves he has more in mind than just his poll numbers and has basically pulled this coup in the eyes of everyone. This will set up how he plans to lead the U.S. in all out war on all alien races regardless of how many Americans get killed.

The Children of Liberty will invade an alien planet and slaughter defenseless civilians there
They will see it as "retribution" for an alien they don't like being from there or descended from immigrants from there. Possibly Naltor, if they realize Nia/Dreamer is half-Naltorian. It's not like they couldn't get there hands on a ship, given they have the US government all but totally backing their schemes now, andclearly doesn't give two shits about the law; he'd probably have a ship built for them if he didn't give Lockwood a stolen one. The worst part though? The Children of Liberty's actions will be broadcast to the American public and, as Lockwood cuts down a a young boy crying over his parent's body, many of the people will cheer, and laugh, and shout at the screens for them to kill more.
  • Unlikely as I doubt Baker will go that far and even if they did pull a trip, the Children are basically extremists in masks and will not be prepared for anything that will fight back there.
    • They could, at least, attempt to attack an alien planet's civilian population, likely in one city on it, only to get humiliated by the local authorities.

The Elite will end up getting beaten senselessly by Supergirl's evil twin.
  • This will cause a rift in the Children of Liberty; if they think there's an alien on "their side", how would they deal with it? I could see some of them seeing "Red Daughter" as some kind of goddess who has come to fight for humans and humans alone (extremists can develop very cult-like tendencies, after all) while the others see her as just another alien standing in their way.

The Red Daughter will become transformed into Satan Girl, or at least be dubbed as such
Satan Girl was explicitly an evil duplicate of Supergirl in her first appearance. Said comic book issue also involved the Legion of Super-Heroes in the story and had the character wear a black outfit with red elements. Sound familiar? It all just lines up too well to not even expect a Mythology Gag.

Future Heroes
  • Wonder Woman- Magic does exist in this world and it would be too perfect to pass up with Lynda Carter involved. She might be a friend of Clark's who gives Kara some combat training.
  • Aquaman- Same reason as the magic one above but instead he's a Retired Badass who has left Atlantis, possible after losing Mera. His Story Arc will be about being inspired to be a hero again by Kara' heroics.
  • Hawkman- The Katar Hol version who will be looking into Nth Metal on Earth. He'll be very By-the-Book Cop but gradually lightens up thanks to Kara's influence and Fantastic Racism towards aliens making him realize how fallible the law can be.
  • Red Tornado- A version rebuilt by Brainy to give Kara some assistance in the field. He'll use a holographic disguise to look more human.
  • Starman- The Will Payton version who gets his powers from a scientific accident and puts him on par with Kryptonians if not higher. He'll be an Ascended Fanboy of Kara's who will be excited about learning how to use his powers from her.
  • Steel- He'll be inspired by Kara instead of Clark here and will eventually help the DEO with his engineering expertise.
  • Adam Strange- He'll arrive on Earth hoping to gain help in the Rann-Thanagar war. Bonus points if this leads into Hawkman appearing or is lead into by his presence.
    • Unless same reason with Krypton.
  • Lana Lang- She'll get turned into Insect Queen and act as a villain but eventually gains control of herself and keeps the powers to use as a hero.
  • Omega Men- If Kara has to go into space for something she might encounter them and help them fight against the Citadel.
  • Justice League of China- Created following the events dealing with the Kaznian Supergirl. They won't have their Flash of China and Kara will joke about them being "Superfriends" because the lineup will look like the initial one from the cartoon. Bonus points if she actually names Wonder Woman and Aquaman from meeting them on Earth-1.

Baker will discover the truth about Lex's plans
And, being as useless or scummy as he is, will try to join Lex instead! Even Lex will find it amusing how much Baker sucks.

Supergirl will have to stop a nuclear missile in the season finale
The episode is named after Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, so it'd be a further reference to the film, beyond Jon Cryer's involvement.

Baker will end up impeached and arrested; Lockwood will end up dead or arrested.
  • Baker was brewing protocol and working with a terrorist so no way he is getting out of this unscathed. Lockwood will have the public turned against him and he will be arrested for his crimes. If it is revealed his release and pardon was not officially done since Baker wanted him taken care off quickly so he didn’t go through proper channels. Plus they will have the attacks he set up that put humans at risk.

Nia Nal is an Expy of Stephanie Brown

    Post Season 4 finale theories 

Eve will become Riot
Leviathan, whoever or whatever, it is will find a way to enhance her powers, but it will break her mentally, leading to more overt super villainy from Eve.

"Leviathan" is the demonic entity of the same name from the comics
The people indicated to be "members" of Leviathan are people who either serve it or are being possessed by Leviathan itself. This would be a new kind of challenge for Kara, since. it would be a villain she can't fight in a traditional sense. That, and we've already had a secretive, evil criminal/terrorist organization in Cadmus before.

President Plastino's first name is Otto
After Otto Binder, who co-created the original Supergirl with Al Plastino, effectively referencing both of them with one character.

Andrea Rojas will set a smear campaign against James Olsen.
Out of pettiness for James quitting because he wouldn't accept her views.

Lena's experiments on technology and cybernetics will somehow lead to the rise of Brainiac in the future
At the end of 5x02, Lena has her A.I. Hope possess Eve as a host, leading to a creepy cybernetic Humanoid Abomination, effectively. But wait...isn't this kind of thing familiar to the traditional Superman mythos? In Supergirl, we know that Coluans do exist as a separate race (e.g. there's Brainy-5 and Indigo) but we also k now that the original Brainiac will be a major antagonist in the future. We also know that Winn will return in season 5 at some point, and since he's effectively taken Brainy's place on the Legion of Super-Heroes to battle Brainiac in the future, that presumably means that storyline will come into play down the line. Technology is the overarching theme of the season, as the showrunners have said before the season even started, so this seems like the perfect opportunity for Brainiac to appear.

Andrea Rojas has been brainwashed by Lex Luthor
Lex was looking into brainwashing. He might've even done it before being killed by Lena (and later saved by Monitor), and only told Lena that Kara was supergirl so she'd fall into his backup plan.

The mysterious old woman associated with Leviathan is Granny Goodness
There's probably not too much to say here, except that I'm not the only one who has posited this theory. But yeah, if it does turn out to be true it could potentially lead to a Darkseid / Apokolips storyline down the road.
  • This may be supported by the fact that we know that Rip Roar is associated with Leviathan here. In the comics, the character, much like Granny Goodness, is associated with Apokolips.

In the Aftermath of the Crisis, characters from the Smallville Earth or one like it will be deposited on Kara's world
  • Strong, interesting female characters like Tess and Alicia might be worked well into Supergirl.

    Season 5 
Lillian plans to betray Lex and kill him.
As payback for him trying to kill her back in season 4. While it might not have happened in Earth-Prime, she does still have her pre-Crisis memories thanks to Lex.

The female Brainy was married to her Earth's Kara

    Season 6 
Darkseid will finally come to Earth-Prime.
Brainiac-5's use of the Anti-Life Equation to end Leviathan once and for all attracts Darkseid's attention, leading him to come to Earth (either directly or via use of a henchman, who will serve as Season 6's main antagonist for a bit until the big guy decides to come get it himself), leading to a climatic finale season where the Girl of Steel will face against the one who IS.

The Question will appear, or William Dey will end up becoming the Arrowverse incarnation of the Question.
Post-Crisis, going by the DC comics proper, 52 comes next. Going from this, we know that the Question was an important character in this story arc, in both the Vic Sage and Rene Montoya incarnations. And while they may not use Vic or Rene in the show-there IS someone that could easily fit the bill: William Dey. Vic sage was an investigative journalist by day, just like William-and always trying to uncover the truth behind conspiracies. We can even push this further using Question’s appearance in Justice League: Unlimited. Question, in that series, was dedicated to uncovering a conspiracy surrounding Lex luthor-and the very same thing seems to be shaping up to happen here. In an age of ‘fake’ news, conspiracies, distrust and the need for hard hitting journalism for answers-what better time then to ask for... the Question.
  • If we're going by the comics, Invasion! comes after Crisis on Infinite Earths, and the Arrowverse version has already happened. 52 was nearly 20 years after Crisis.

Sasha Calle will make a cameo appearance.
Ideally as someone Kara saves, who tells her that she wishes she could be a hero like Kara, or as a Kryptonian on Argo.

Brainy's image inducer will get broken in the second half of the season, or he'll decide to take it off and be in his true form full-time.
Solely based on how many recent pictures of green Brainy have been on Jesse Rath's Instagram.

Kara will go to the future in the finale to join the Legion
BTS photos show Mon-El and Winn returning and Kara not appearing in shots that seem like epilogues for the remaining characters. This is also compliant with a comic-book arc, in which Supergirl goes to the future with Brainiac 5 and joins the Legion.

To pass the Test of Courage, Kara should have stayed with the plane.
We know that Nxyly passed the test by confronting her brother and telling him how she felt. If that's the sort of courage the totem was looking for, then the decision Kara made in the pilot that she should have made differently was to fly off before Alex could speak to her, because she knew her sister would disapprove and wanted to avoid that conversation.