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The show will feature music by The Police
Because John was originally visually based on Sting.
  • Or Sting will have a cameo.

Other magic DC characters will occasionally appear
We've seen the Helmet of Fate in the trailer. We could see Phantom Stranger, Etrigan, even Klarion (bum bum bum) the Witch-Boy

  • DC locations will be mentioned, like Metropolis, Gotham City, Central City, etc. A character might even mention "the nut from Gotham City".

John is pretty much the Doctor!

They will reference the movie at some point.
  • Most likely in the form of John or Zed snarkily calling some comedically-stoic villain "Keanu."

Zed is the one who will betray Constantine.
  • Possibly jossed: It could be Anne Marie from "The Saint of Last Resort". She shot him in order to save the babies.

Manny will fall from grace ...
  • As shown with the Angel Imogen, Manny was really curious about physical sensations. Something he is not privy too. Not only that like Imogen he has shown to question regarding Humanity and their flaws. Also like Imogen he has shown the ability to ignore his orders . Wouldn't be too hard in the right circumstances for Manny to take a human life he he deemed it neccesary and fall because of it.
    • Or maybe rather than falling he'll transubstantiate into human form.
      • In "Angels and Ministers of Grace", Constantine uses a spell trap Manny into a human body, so he gets to experience everything a human feels. On the down side, he is also cut off from his angelic knowledge and powers.
  • In "Waiting for the Man," this is seemingly confirmed. Alternately...

Manny is lying about being Evil All Along.
  • Specifically, he's lying to get Papa Midnite off of John's back, an act which has no apparent benefit since John is working to stop the people who supposedly work for him. His experience being grounded to Earth, experiencing life as a mortal, pain for the first time and Zed's company has inspired him to at least try getting away with directly interfering in small ways. He seemed to have some newfound sympathy for humans after initially criticizing them for being prone to wasting second chances after seeing how being critical of this perverted the doctor into a monster. His wings being white at the end of the season finale indicate he hasn't actually fallen yet which may simply be because he's not actually evil, although it could be because he hasn't committed an outright evil act like Imogen did yet. If true, there will be repercussions when Papa Midnite inevitably realizes he was tricked.

Imogen the fallen angel will return.
  • Constantine has her still-beating heart in a jar, which might be a Chekhov's Gun. She might return and be forced into serving Constantine, who uses her heart to force her to obey.

If the series is continued, the First of the Fallen will eventually appear, and become the series' true Big Bad.
  • There is no way they could have the series without adapting the Dangerous Habits arc, possibly the most classical story arc ever in Hellblazer.

The series will take place in the Arrowverse now that it's cancelled.
  • Confirmed. John made his first crossover appearance in the fifth Episode of Arrow's fourth season.

Constantine will become the thing that connects all DC TV shows.
  • He's been in Arrow, Justice League Dark and they've been saying he'll appear in Lucifer maybe they'll just pass him through all their other shows until the actor gets tired of the role, though it's unlikely they'll use him in the DC Extended Universe and in Gotham they'll have the time difference to worry about. Preacher and Watchmen if anything like the comics there based off will be in their own self-contained universes but since they have the same creator the writers behind Watchmen might find it hard to resist.