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Nightmare Fuel / Constantine (2014)

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

Non Est Asylum
  • The opening scenes involve Constantine being given electric shock therapy... voluntarily. It ain't pretty.
  • The demons are nightmare fuel incarnate - especially the one that murders and possesses Liv's friend Talia and attacks the EMT in the ambulance. It shows off a lovely little bit of Body Horror later as well.
  • Liv's vision of her grandmother. At first she looks like a kindly spirit, but then she raises her head... She is eyeless, and lets out a horrific screech as both her eye sockets and her mouth begin leaking a viscous black fluid.

The Darkness Beneath

  • The car doors suddenly lock and the car fills up with mud before a hand reaches out and then pull John and another victim down to drown them in it. The driver didn't make it and if Zed was a few seconds slower neither would John.
  • Instant karma or no, the antagonist of the episode did not go out in a pretty way. Being dragged into the earth by the spirit of your husband, whom you murdered, screaming and begging the whole way down.

The Devil's Vinyl

  • The scene of John's friend being possessed by the recording - first his ears are burnt by the headphones, then he stabs himself in the ear while screaming "No, please don't make me do it!"
  • What the recording did when it was first created. It absolutely annihilated it's first victim, leaving nothing solid behind. It did the same thing to Papa Midnite's goons when John causes them, and it, to be Dragged Off to Hell.
  • The fact that a recording of what is supposed to be Satan's actual Voice is such a Brown Note that it causes people to kill themselves and each other, there is some Nightmare Fuel in what hearing his voice is like in "person".

A Feast of Friends

  • The Hunger Demon enters into others by Orifice Invasion though the use of a swarm of bugs.
  • In order to stop the Hunger Demon initially was sealed into a boy by a shaman who cut out his tongue and then carved into his flesh with a blade in precise patterns. John has to do the same to Gary, noting that it would take days before he died as the demon ate him alive. The final scene has John weeping by Gary's bedside as he (Gary) has been tied down to a bed, screaming in absolute agony and convulsing. Even Manny, who has been putting him up to the task of removing these evils, is horrified and comes to support John and sit by Gary's bedside. Oh, and by the way the comic book had the entire story arc, minor differences aside, only even more disturbing in every respect; the African initially bottling up the demon looks to have been about twelve at most, he was stolen by slave traders after the ritual and forced to work in a sweat shop before Gary found him. Gary did NOT volunteer for anything, but was instead betrayed by John into being a ritual sacrifice, even trying to clamp his mouth shut while the bugs were forcing their way in. Papa Midnite was involved, helping out John with the ritual, incidentally at his club where he arranged basement prize fights between zombies, reviving them after every "death", one of which zombies looks like it might once have been a man with Down syndrome or some other kind of mental disability. Oh, and there's the scene where Mnemoth enters a body builder and makes him auto-cannibalize, by starting to eat his own arm. Really, sweet dreams.

Danse Voudou

  • Zed's vision of Jim Corrigan as The Spectre —- Jim is bleeding profusely, from multiple wounds, and his face looks distinctly skeletal at one point.
  • The sudden appearance of Phillip in front of the car right before it crashes.
  • Mizaki's face beneath her surgical mask....Chas really shouldn't have said "yes" when she asked if he thought she was pretty.

The Saint of Last Resorts

The Saint of Last Resorts Part 2

  • John wakes up surrounded by the bodies of five gang members after being possessed. And he had disemboweled at least one of them.

Quid Pro Quo

  • The scene where the nightclub catches on fire, bringing to mind an actual nightclub fire that occurred in real life.

A Whole World Out There

  • Once Shaw pulls someone's soul into his pocket universe and kills them there (which simultaneously slays their earthly body), he can continually torment, kill, and resurrect them.

Angels and Ministers of Grace

  • When :Zed is found to possibly have a tumor, John flips on Manny and makes him do something by trapping him in some poor doctor's body.

Waiting For The Man

  • The Man and his "brides" are all kinds of creepy. The fact that he's a Satanist who murdered his bride-to-be on the Devil's orders is just icing.