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Nightmare Fuel / The Flash (2014)

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Nightmare Fuel pages. Proceed at your own risk.

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Season 1

     Episode 1: Pilot 
  • The Reverse-Flash. He is depicted as a screeching Humanoid Abomination that's only visibly definable for brief moments; the rest of the time he just looks like living lightning while he rampages through the Allen household.
    • It's even worse when you imagine it through the perspective of the Allen family: right the hell out of nowhere, an impossibly swift and terrifying... thing turns a peaceful evening into a living nightmare, resulting in a traumatized Barry, a dead Nora Allen whose last moments are screaming in terror as the Reverse Flash closes in, and poor innocent Henry Allen's life and reputation being ruined due to him receiving the blame.
  • If you look closely, in STAR Labs there's a cage that's been broken out of; the label on it says Grodd. To fans of the comics, the thought of one of the Flash's most brutal and cruel foes being on the lose is rather worrying.
  • By the time Barry wakes up, it has been nine months since the accelerator's incident; how many people had been turned into metahumans, and how much damage have them been doing since then? Apparently a lot, since Barry later mentions an increase in disappeared people and unexplained crimes' cases.
  • Through the eyes of Joe West, the events of this episode are nightmare fuel incarnate. Just imagine being a beat cop who up until his encounter with the Weather Wizard, is used to dealing with ordinary perps. It's dangerous enough to go after armed criminals, but just imagine those same criminals armed with highly dangerous and lethal superpowers. It's bad enough that receiving weather-based powers turned a two-bit punk like Clyde Mardon into a dangerous megalomaniac who could destroy a city all by himself. Through Joe's eyes, it must be horrifying to know just how hopelessly outmatched you are with this new breed of criminal running loose.
  • Everything about the whole scene where Barry describes his mother's death to Thawne is chilling if you go back and watch it after the reveal that Thawne killed Barry's mother.
    • Thawne does a Glasses Pull when Barry starts to describe that night. It's been established that he does this whenever he's mentally stepping out of his charade.
    • The intensity on his face when he's listening to Barry. This is the first time he's ever heard about what happened that night from someone else's perspective, and he's fascinated.
    • Blink and you'll miss it: When Barry says everyone tells him that what he saw that night was impossible, Thawne cuts his eyes away from Barry for a split-second, and he barely suppresses a smirk. Watching it will make your blood turn to ice.

     Episode 2: Fastest Man Alive 
  • Eobard stabs Simon Stagg and holds the knife in him when he tries to withdraw. His motive for doing this? "The Flash must be kept safe."
    • While it's clear from the start that he's up to no good, seeing the friendly and soft-spoken "Harrison Wells" murder a civilian out of nowhere without breaking a sweat is chilling to say the least.

     Episode 3: Things You Can't Outrun 
  • The Mist's unconventional appearance and eerie manner of speaking. Also whenever he uses his powers to kill someone — the mob that ratted him out, the judge who sentenced him to the gas chamber, and (almost) Joe West, the arresting officer.
    • Especially Detective West. His body flops around helplessly in pain, suffocating. It almost looks like he's being possessed.
  • "So, we're supposed to get used to living above a makeshift prison. Housing violent criminals with SUPERPOWERS." While this is Played for Laughs, it's actually a very valid concern and a quite scary thought, as we've seen that this makeshift prison isn't 100% safe (it was made from the very same machine whose malfunction kick-started the whole series), and the first inmate was already a violent, murderous criminal before getting his powers, who they had to stop from taking revenge on the people responsible for his imprisonment/execution; given they just imprisoned him themselves, it means that should he escape, not only would he be willing to kill them to do so, but he's likely to seek them out as well.

     Episode 4: Going Rogue 
  • A guy killed by the cold gun looks like he's covered with chronic frostbite.
  • After Captain Cold walks away scot-free with the cold gun and the battle is over, Thawne firmly grasps Cisco's arm and tells him to never be so careless with Star Labs' resources again in a deeply unsettling, threatening manner.

     Episode 5: Plastique 
  • Just imagine what it must be like to be Bette Sans Souci: You have to be exceedingly careful never to touch anything or anyone lest you cause it to explode and endanger the lives of others. This means cutting yourself off from ever having physical contact with another person, which essentially dooms any kind of romantic relationships or friendships. And on top of that, the US military sees you as little more than a weapon to be exploited as they see fit.

     Episode 6: The Flash is Born 
  • The Reverse-Flash makes a re-appearance in The Stinger, terrorizing Joe West and leaving a threat to back off his trail or Iris will be killed.
  • Woodward himself is pretty scary, he's a guy who only knows how to function by bullying other people (the guy beat up his supervisor when his job closed down like it was his fault!), now imagine a psychopath like that with super strength and near-indestructible skin...
  • Imagine what Joe and Barry must be going through when Girder kidnaps Iris; not only do they both know that this man is a dangerous, super-powered thug with no qualms about killing, but for Joe, he also knows that this man has beaten Barry several times (and thus, calls into question if Barry will be able to save Iris), while Iris also has to deal with the possibility that not only is the Flash dead, but she's stuck alone with a man who is, essentially, completely unstoppable, but also has a crush on her and has no qualms about forcing people to do what he wants. The fact she's able to play along as an escape attempt, though unsuccessful, rather than break down in fear, is a Moment of Awesome for her.
    • Also, Girder knows Barry's identity now. As with the above point about The Mist, they better pray these guys never get out.

     Episode 7: Power Outage 
  • Barry and the team being trapped inside of the facility while a Psycho Electro is on the loose inside, hunting them, and Barry doesn't have his powers, leaving them defenseless.
  • Joe being helpless to watch as Clock King drags Iris away. This man has already proven himself to be a clearly unhinged gunman and now he has your daughter!

     Episode 8: Flash vs Arrow 

     Episode 9: The Man in the Yellow Suit 
  • You know Reverse-Flash is frightening when his episode trailer alone is so terrifying. See here.
    • Not to mention that he curbstomps Barry twice!
  • The sight of the Reverse Flash nearly beating himself to death.
  • You'd think that someone named The Reverse Flash, and referred to as The Man In Yellow couldn't possibly be scary. But between his ruthlessness, and how he is portrayed as a distorted blur with glowing red eyes and a demonic voice, Reverse Flash is just terrifying.

     Episode 10: Revenge of the Rogues 
  • Caitlin becomes a Death Trap's live bait, and since she's gagged and tied up, she can't tell a thing to Cisco and Joe when they arrive to rescue her. If Joe had been any slower, or if Cisco had gone alone, the explosion would have ended in at least one casualty.
    • Earlier, Mick was moments away from burning her alive if not for Snart's intervention.

     Episode 11: The Sound and the Fury 
  • Hartley Rathaway/Pied Piper came extremely close to killing Barry in an excruciatingly painful way, using a sonic frequency keyed specifically to make Barry's molecules vibrate in such a way that his body would have basically torn itself apart.
  • "I have to live with the agonizing, piercing, screaming in my ears." What Hartley expereinces in his day to day life is basically tinnitus, only far more powerful... and far more painful.

     Episode 12: Crazy For You 
  • The Stinger plays out much like a killer animal horror movie. Two sanitation workers stumble across a room with "Grodd" written all over the walls. Then, they hear an animal roar. Then, freakin' Grodd himself jumps out and drags them to who-knows-where.
  • Hartley escapes. 'Nuff said.
  • Cisco torturing Hartley. Even if he arguably deserved it considering the needlessly cruel and painful way he tried to kill Barry, it's a dark side of him we've never seen before.

     Episode 13: The Nuclear Man 
  • Imagine discovering that you're in a body of a different person. Your wife doesn't recognize you and calls the police. Not to mention having memories and emotions you know aren't your own floating inside your mind. If that's not bad enough, the nuclear powered body you reside inside is going to destroy the city along with yourself and the lives of the people that you love. That's Professor Martin Stein's life in a nutshell after the Particle Accelerator explosion.

     Episode 14: Fallout 
  • Wade Eiling's fate. The Reverse-Flash abducts Eiling and takes him to the Central City sewers. There, he unmasks himself and hands him over to a telepathic Grodd, who drags Eiling away. This is horrifying in two ways: it shows how far he is willing to go for those he cares for, and that he knows what happened to Grodd and they appear to be partners.
    Eiling: Dear God...
  • Ronnie and Professor Stein's bond is so tight that each can feel when the other's suffering, and it's heavily implied that if one dies, the other will die as well.
    • There is also some Fridge Horror if you consider that Professor Stein is much older than Ronnie. This could mean, for the latter, a premature death even in the best case scenario of the former dying of old age.
  • General Eiling's grenade which releases over a hundred needles attracted to the Flash's kinetic energy which turns Barry into become a human pincushion. Each needle has to be removed one by one at STAR labs later.
    • How about later on, when Barry is hit by what appears to be white phosphorus (which is technically illegal under the rules of war)? The costume is burned almost completely away, and Barry is lucky he didn't go with it.

     Episode 15: Out of Time 
  • Weather Wizard manipulates lightning to strike David Singh, abducts Joe West with a wind stream and threatens Iris with his death, and uses his power to build up a freakin' tsunami to wipe out Central City for the sake of avenging his brother's death.
    • Singh's fiancé certainly didn't picture being introduced through a trip to the hospital. It only adds more tragedy in Real Life when family members of the police have to deal with the possibility of death.
  • The moment when Weather Wizard puts his hand on Joe's broken leg and Joe cries out in pain. It's horrible to witness a beloved character in such pain, and then Weather Wizard says it could be worse—when he survived the plane crash, he broke nearly every bone in his body.
  • The end of the episode. Thawne confronts Cisco when he is analyzing the electromagnetic field used to trap the Reverse-Flash. Then he kills Cisco while saying this:

     Episode 16: Rogue Time 
  • If Lisa Snart isn't dangerous enough as a Femme Fatale character, she is also armed with a gun that can seemingly transmute anything into gold. One of the casino security guards learned this the hard way, being turned into a gold statue.
  • To get information out of Cisco, Captain Cold freezes his brother's fingers and threatens to withhold treatment, which would lead to the poor guy—a talented pianist—losing his hands.
  • The Reverse-Flash kills Mason Bridge. Then he uses his powers to erase the data incriminating him and rearrange the damaged building to make it look like Bridge just disappeared into thin air.

     Episode 17: Tricksters 

     Episode 18: All-Star Team Up 
  • A singular bee is already scary enough as it is. But when a swarm of robotic bees with amplified toxins sting their victims, it leads to cardiac arrest and death. If that wasn't enough to make people squirm, the bee swarm crawls out the second victim's mouth and attacks Barry next.
  • Barry's Paranoia Fuel has been ramped up ever since his discovery of the Reverse Flash's secret identity. Now imagine living in a situation where you don't know who to trust, and the ones that you believed to be a good person happens to be the cause of your past tragedies.
    • Cisco's in a similar boat. Joe had already put some suspicions in his head, for one thing. Then, right after he was forced to betray Barry, Barry and Joe start being very cagey and acting like they don't trust anyone—for all he knows, Barry doesn't trust him for that. But then it goes deeper. Cisco's remembering the old timeline, where the person he trusts and respects most straight up murders him, so not only is he unsure of what's really going on or who he can trust or who trusts him—he can't even trust his own memories.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus before the credits rolls: close-up of the Reverse flash with his red eyes.

     Episode 19: Who is Harrison Wells? 
  • Identity theft is a nightmare for any unfortunate victim, but to have a shapeshifter commit crimes with your own face is the worse that could possibly happen. Not only do you get charged for a crime that you didn't commit, the perpetrator is still on the loose ruining lives of otherwise innocent people. It's established that by the time he was caught, Bates had been framing innocent people for crimes for over a year - the file Star Labs eventually puts together of his past victims is big.
  • It's hard to blame Barry for hesitating on fighting back against the imposter of his loved ones. After all, can you bear to harm anybody with the appearance of those that you care for your entire life?
  • The true face of Hannibal Bates resembles Slenderman, which is quite disturbing considering how long he has assumed so many people's identities that he has forgotten how he originally looked like in the first place.
  • The remains of the true Harrison Wells is still rather dreadful to look at after so many years of decomposing underground.
    Cisco: Okay, see, I thought that was a foot, but a hand is just as bad.

     Episode 20: The Trap 
  • Cisco having to relive the moment of Eobard Thawne killing him the same way the original timeline did again is so grotesque that even Barry is disturbed by the description Cisco gives out during the lucid dream process. You know that's quite a disturbing murder when a forensic scientist like Barry cringes at the death scenario.And then he has to do it AGAIN as part of the plan to "trap" Thawne.
  • Iris confronting the Reverse Flash; if it wasn't for Eddie, she would have died without knowing why just like Barry's mom.
  • Eddie is now the Distressed Dude when Thawne kidnaps him as "insurance". From the past actions the Reverse Flash made, there's no guarantee that Eddie will get out unscathed from the clutches of the sinister speedster. And given that he probably needs him to live long enough to spawn a child in order to continue existing, whatever scathing unpleasantness Eobard has in store for Eddie is most likely something he wants Eddie to remember. Given how he later throws the Iris West-Allen detail in Eddie's face, that's a pretty safe bet.
  • Multiple times in this episode we see Thawne give some very unnerving slasher smiles. Especially terrifying since he has been very stoic and soft spoken for most of the season.
  • The ending flashback with Barry in a coma. Whenever Joe or Iris visited him, it was always a bitter-sweet moment of people hoping for their loved one to recover from the impossible. When Eobard visits Barry? He goes on a monologue, taunting his unconscious enemy with the fact that he can kill him at any time he wants while lamenting that he simply can't because of fate. He then goes on about how interesting it's been to see Barry grow up, from being your average kid to eventually becoming the man Eobard has nothing but hatred for. He then finishes his speech by promising Barry that when the time comes, he will die.
  • Imagine looking on helplessly at your adopted child of a different race as doctors try to restart the kid's heart to no avail. Suddenly, the person whose catastrophic scientific failure put the kid in the hospital to begin with, someone who you've never spoken to before in your life, suddenly comes rolling in wearing a devious-looking smile. They talk about how they know what's going in the kid's body and only they have the tools to save the kid, and despite the fact they've never spoken to you before and thus shouldn't know you from a hole in the wall, they even actively call you and the kid by name and address the kid as your child without you ever telling them this. All the while you're looking between this person and the emergency room and you see just how futile the doctors' attempts to save your kid really are. You're now faced with knowing that your only hope to save the kid's life is to turn them over to this person who you already every reason in the world not to trust and hope that this person is both truly willing and somehow able to carry out their promise. This was Joe West's experience when he was approached by Eobard Thawne with a comatose Barry Allen's life on the line. NO WONDER he never trusted him.
  • Cisco, being bait in Team Flash's trap, having finally fully remembered and knowing that what happened really did, that it's not dreams. He's scared, and rightly so, and manages to scramble back into his shield, only for Thawne to follow. Cisco knows Barry can't get in, and worse, knows that Barry didn't stop Thawne already. Cisco knows he died before, and as far as he's aware, he's going to die now. Again.
  • For a healthy dose of Paranoia Fuel, the screens in the Time Room imply that Thawne has been keeping tabs on mostly likely everything Barry and those around him have been up to.

     Episode 21: Grodd Lives 
  • Those red eyes Eobard has as part of his Reverse-Flash costume? They're not part of the costume!
  • In the sewers we see a sewer worker's helmet cracked down the middle and covered in blood. From the looks of it Grodd has been eating people's brains.
  • Grodd in this incarnation has the ability to project his own memories of being experimented on into people to incapacitate them. By the time Barry finds Joe, he's weeping in the corner and begs Barry to get him out.
    • The fact that he almost made Joe shoot himself is frightening enough!
    • Even moreso, Joe mentions beforehand that he finds ordinary gorillas scary enough. Then when he meets Grodd, he's taken, separated from the others and Mind Raped. No wonder he's in tears. The normal animals intimidate him; Grodd is a gigantic, vengeful, murderous and psychic example of the creatures that already make him nervous.
  • In a nice bit of Paranoia Fuel, we find out where the Reverse-Flash is hiding Eddie in The Stinger: inside the particle accelerator. He's hiding literally right under the heroes' noses, and by the looks of it, he's right where he wants to be...

     Episode 22: Rogue Air 
  • Deathbolt gets blasted in the face by Cold's freeze ray. The result isn't pretty.
  • The fact that all of the surviving Meta-Humans have escaped from STAR Lab's custody. While Shawna Baez is far from among the most dangerous or villainous of the Flash's rogues, the fact that Mist and Weather Wizard are free men are far, far bigger concerns. A sadistic asshole who can control the weather with enough power to level entire cities by himself and a murderous thug who can turn himself into a cloud of poisonous gas... and they escape into the night, free to do whatever they want.
  • As usual, the Reverse Flash is disturbing with his red eyes and distorted voice, especially when he's about to kill the Arrow the same way he did to Cisco.
    "The history books say you live to be 86 years old, Mister Queen. Well, I guess the history books... are wrong."
  • The look of both anger and amusement on Thawne's face when his speed is momentarily disabled by Ray's nanites is pretty haunting.
  • If that's not enough, the Reverse-Flash starts laughing like a maniac during the fight.

     Episode 23: Fast Enough 
  • As Barry tries to save Nora on the night she was murdered, the other Flash—Barry himself—raises a hand in a silent warning that he not interfere with the timeline. Barry forces himself not to barge in, but he can't bear to watch his mom get stabbed. He huddles outside the door with a heartbreaking look on his face, listening as it happens. Being Good Sucks at this point is merely an understatement.
  • Eobard Thawne being erased from the timeline after Eddie shoots himself in the chest definitely counts, as you can hear the once-mighty Reverse Flash screaming as his body breaks down into entropy.
  • If the Flash cannot stop the black hole from destroying Central City, the black hole will not stop absorbing everything even if the whole planet gets swallowed up into nothing. Panic spreads far and wide in the city as confused pedestrians can do nothing but run and scream in a futile fashion.
  • At the beginning of the episode Barry finally confronting the man who killed his mother and ruined a good chunk of his childhood ask him the question of just why he did it and Thawne’s reply arguably establishes just why he is one of the terrifying and monstrous villains of the Arrowverse.
    Eobard: Go ahead Barry. Ask it.
    Barry: Why did you kill my mother?
    Eobard: (with an utter coldness and malice) Because I hate you.

Season 2

     Episode 1: The Man Who Saved Central City 
  • When Atom Smasher shows up to crash the Flash festival, police forces attempt to suppress the intruder with bullets to no avail. The Flash attempts to take out Atom Smasher, only to get casually smacked away. Not even Cisco's specialized anti-metahuman equipment could slow down Atom Smasher. The moment when Cisco went paralyzed in fear goes to show how fearsome this season's foes have become.
  • The way that Atom Smasher grows might fall under Special Effects Failure if it wasn't so utterly disturbing.
  • Watching as the woman held onto dear life to the handle of the door as she was being suckered up by the singularity.

     Episode 2: Flash of Two Worlds 
  • Patty is rather brave for being kidnapped by a metahuman that can shape his body like sand and having a concussive bomb strapped under her chair. If it was any other ordinary citizen who got abducted instead, he or she would be too scared out of their minds.
  • Zoom. Calling him a demon is incredibly appropriate considering his appearance and voice. He manages to look even more horrifying than the already ghostly Reverse Flash.

     Episode 3: Family of Rogues 
  • The fact that Lewis is willing to blackmail his own son by placing a bomb in his own daughter goes to show how terrifying an abusive parent can be.
  • Lisa mentions that her father hit her with a bottle. When she was eight. Imagining what else he might have done is pure Nightmare Fuel.
  • It's brief, but when Lewis approaches Leonard with a raised hand, Leonard is quick to back off with a faint look of horror in his eyes. And keep in mind, this is a guy who regularly tangles with the Flash. It can really hit home for viewers who are still scared of the abusive parents that they grew up with.

     Episode 4: The Fury of Firestorm 
  • Thank god that Henry Hewitt wasn't compatible with the Firestorm matrix. Can you imagine a person with a violent history and anger issues harnessing the nuclear power in Central City?
  • King Shark's sudden appearance would have at least given a Jump Scare to unsuspecting viewers. Flash was lucky that Harrison Wells of Earth-2 showed up to rescue him, or he would have ended up as King Shark chowder.

     Episode 5: The Darkness and the Light 
  • Every metahuman handpicked by Zoom is extremely afraid of him to the point where they become desperate for survival. According to Zoom's time remnant, Dr. Light is a thief, but not a killer until Zoom intimidated her into killing Flash. What's even worse is that Dr. Light turns out to be Earth-2!Linda Park, and she is willing to kill off her Earth-1 counterpart just to hide from Zoom.
  • The Stinger gives use a good look on Zoom, and he is way creepier and scarier than Reverse-Flash, as he has an almost monstrous voice, and makes you wonder if the man in the costume is even human.

     Episode 6: Enter Zoom 
  • Zoom is such a Humanoid Abomination that everyone agrees he doesn't qualify as human.
    • Barry's fight with Zoom is horrifying: Zoom utterly curbstomps Barry, breaks his spine, then drags his battered form around town to show off to everyone.
    • The sickening crack that accompanies Zoom breaking Barry's spine and then jamming both his and Wells' speed dampening darts into The Flash's chest.
    • Zoom preparing to kill Barry right in front of his friends. The way he tortures Barry by jabbing his claws into his gut just makes it worse.
  • Linda's encounter with Zoom is equally terrifying, since he's huge compared to her and runs off with her in a blink of an eye.
  • Zoom's Hope Crusher speeches while he drags the Flash around town]are bone-chilling.
  • Some major fright for Earth-2 Wells; first, he hears about a metahuman attack at his daughter's college, then he tries to call her, only to see her phone in the rubble on the news. The fact that it's Zoom holding his daughter hostage is even more horrifying.
    • Not to mention the scene where Cisco sees Jesse about to be tortured by Zoom.

     Episode 7: Gorilla Warfare. 
  • Barry continues reliving his traumatic defeat at Zoom's hands. It's bad enough that it blocks him from using his powers for most of the episode.
  • In-Universe, Grodd's return is this for everyone at STAR Labs, Joe especially after his nightmarish ordeal last season.
  • The scientist's death; it shows just how mismatched normal humans are when facing Grodd.

     Episode 8: Legends Of Today 

     Episode 9: Running To Stand Still 
  • The Trickster, dressed as Santa, giving children all over the city bombs disguised as presents.
    • Hamill's Trickster voice pretty much goes full-on Joker this time around. Brrr...
  • If Patty actually pulled the trigger and killed Mardon, not only will she lose her job as a cop, she'll lose the chance to be with Barry as she's thrown in jail. If that's not terrifying enough, Iron Heights Prison is filled with inmates that despise cops to the point of brutality. If you remember what happened to Henry Allen last season, he got stabbed with a knife just for providing police inside information.
  • The very opening of the episode is this. It starts with Wells running in terror down a hallway in STAR Labs. Cut to a shot of the hallway, and we see that it's Zoom chasing Harry through STAR Labs, running on the walls like a demonic creature. It gets worse when you realize that Zoom could end the chase in an instant, and that he's clearly toying with Wells. When Zoom inevitably catches him, Wells begs for his daughter's life, while Zoom is disturbingly silent. When he finally speaks, it's arguably the creepiest greeting ever.
    Zoom: Merry Christmas.

     Episode 10: Potential Energy 
  • The story behind Zoom's name: He called in a fake hostage situation to the police, luring a group of officers into a trap. He slaughtered fourteen of them, leaving one alive to tell the story of what happened. The guy described what he'd seen as "blue lightning zooming about", hence the name. He figured that he was "the lucky one", spared so he could tell the tale. He was later proven incorrect about that when Zoom came to his house and killed him too.
  • A literal example at the start, with Barry having a nightmare about Zoom killing Patty. As he later tells Iris (and Patty confirms it a while after), this was just the most recent of a series of similar nightmares.
  • The Turtle didn't just kill his wife, but preserved her as a trophy/collectible of sorts; and he was planning to do the same to Patty.
  • The Turtle himself, which is surprising since when first introduced, he merely seems like a non-violent thief who's willing to playfully wink at Barry while walking away with his mark. And as the episode goes on, he's revealed to have no qualms murdering people who are helpless to resist his slowness-inducing powers. And then, he goes full-on serial killer with a captured Patty, showing her the preserved corpse of his wife and the fact that he wants to do the same to her. Considering that his powers are basically Speedster kryptonite, Team Flash can consider themselves lucky that he bites the dust at the end.
  • Harry's monologue/journal entry about losing Jesse at the planetarium, and how this experience awoke some sort of dark instinct within him, an instinct that told him that with absolute certainty, he would do anything to get her back all the while we watch him perform a lobotomy on Turtle.

     Episode 11: The Reverse Flash Returns 

     Episode 12: Fast Lane 
  • Barry struggling to catch up to a shard of glass to grab it before it can hit Iris. He fails.
  • What Zoom says he'll do to Jesse if Harry doesn't play along:
  • While he's saying this, Zoom demonstrates his torture method on Harry, jabbing his claws into his shoulder and zapping him full of Speed Force electricity. Harry buckles under the pain, and at one point you can even see the electricity sparking in his eyes.
  • Tar Pit was in the middle of an agonizing death in a vat of hot tar when the explosion hit, and then spent two years trapped in it until the plant was finally cleaned up. He describes how going in headfirst let him feels his nose, ears, and eyes melting, but the worst part was when it went down his throat.

    Episode 13: Welcome To Earth- 2 
  • Seeing the bright and chipper Caitlin as the twisted and murderous Killer Frost is more than slightly disturbing.
  • In this world, Ronnie was the dominant personality of Firestorm and refuses to separate. Which means Stein has been trapped inside this body and mind for years, almost never talking and when he does, is begging Ronnie to let him go. What makes this all the more chilling is how it compares to the Earth 1 situation: Stein was in the driver's seat and wanted to let Ronnie out, but didn't know how and didn't have the resources to do so safely; in this universe though, Ronnie clearly can do, given he has the stabilizing matrix on his chest, but he just doesn't want to, and unlike Earth 1 Ronnie, this one's a cold blooded killer and psychopath who gleefully kills people, while Stein is essentially trapped, unable to stop him. The worst part? By Ronnie's claim, after a while, he stopped trying.
    • This means that when Zoom kills Earth-2 Ronnie, he kills Stein, too, which is additionally horrifying. Though it could be viewed as a Mercy Kill.
  • Cisco watching his doppelganger murdered by Zoom in the exact same way Thawne killed Cisco once.

    Episode 14: Escape From Earth- 2 
  • Zoom is spreading fear in Central City as usual, only this time, he personally engraved a burning message that says "BRING ME WELLS". It's not enough that a demonic speeder is after your life, so Zoom intimidates the people of Central City into doing his manhunt.
  • Whoever that man in the iron mask is, Zoom really went the extra mile in torturing him. Apparently just sticking him in a dungeon wasn't enough - he's unable to even speak or look anyone in the eye, and can only interact with people at all via a tapping code.

    Episode 15: King Shark 
  • After being taken down extremely quickly in his debut episode, we finally get to see how dangerous King Shark really is; a Scarily Competent Tracker, Immune to Bullets, Super-Persistent Predator with human intelligence and a taste for human flesh. To make things worse, he's not a Mighty Glacier but a Lightning Bruiser, who can swim fast enough to chase Barry on water and even connect/ambush a good hit on him while on land.
    • Good thing it fades to black before we saw King finish chomping down on those two ARGUS agents he surprised CHOMP!!!
  • There is a look of absolute terror on the masked prisoner's face when Zoom arrives carrying his own time remnant's body.

    Episode 16: Trajectory 
  • Cisco's Zoom vibes.
  • Trajectory's death. Running so fast her lightning turns blue, and then she disintegrates. Pretty disturbing.

    Episode 17: Flash Back 

    Episode 18: Versus Zoom 
  • In a flashback we see, Hunter Zolomon's father give him the helmet, then calmly shoot and murder his mother, getting Hunter sent to an Orphanage of Fear.
  • So Team Flash learned that Zoom, is their friend Jay. Worse than that, finding out that "Jay" is actually Earth 2's Hunter Zolomon, a Serial Killer convicted on 23 counts of murder before he even became a metahuman.
  • Barry, Iris and Joe returning home from the failed Zoom trap to find their house in shambles, and the message "Your Speed For Wally"
  • In the final seconds a huge one. Zoom stealing Caitlin, not too bad normally, except now he has depowered Barry by taking his speed!
  • "You can't lock up the darkness."
  • Up until this point in the show, Zoom has been effectively portrayed as a card-carrying Evil Overlord that looks like he could have been ripped from a Saturday morning cartoon. This episode effectively deconstructs this type of villain, and shows what it would be like for a person to actually become that way. There is a human being under the terrifying Zoom persona, and that just makes him more horrifying.
  • Hunter's Evil Gloating over the fact that he had the upper hand in every sense at that point, how he fooled everyone as "Jay", and even explaining the charade: a mix of reconnaissance and For the Evulz. To elaborate:
    Joe: Why the charade, running around dressed like the Flash?
    Joe: Hope?

     Episode 19: Back to Normal 

     Episode 20: Rupture 
  • Zoom begins his invasion of Earth!1, by murdering an entire squadron of the CCPD at their temporary taskforce in Jitters!
    • All of this while Caitlin watches and pleads for him to stop!
  • Barry's experience in the Second Particle Accelerator and his "death"! Harry going full on crazy Mad Scientist during the experiment!
    Harry: Ramon get ready, I'm going to begin injecting the chemicals into him!
    (Harry flips a switch that begins injecting Barry with chemicals which is clearly painful based on his facial expressions and groans)
    Iris: (to Harry) Why are you doing this!?!
    Harry: The night he was struck by lighting he was doing fingerprint analysis. Those chemicals got in his system then, they are going in now!
    Iris: So you're injecting them into him?
    Harry: We have to recreate everything that happened to Barry that night!
    Barry:(obviously forced attempt at calming her) I'm okay Iris!
    Henry: He is going hydrostatic!
    Harry: Almost there... Almost there!
    Henry: Wells!
    Harry: ALMOST THERE! Ready Ramon!
    Cisco: (on the roof with the Weather Wand) Ready!
    Harry: Now!
    (Cisco hoist the Wand into the air as a Lightning bolt strikes STAR LABS as Barry starts screaming)
    Harry: Initiating collision now!
    (the experiment continues, until Barry's particles begin to evaporate)
    Iris:(screaming) BARRY!!!
    (The accelerator explodes, knocking everyone in STAR Labs off their feet, when the doors open the charred remains of his suit are still there, but Barry is gone! Iris begins sobbing uncontrollably and Henry rushes at Harry)
    Henry: What did you do to my son!
    Zoom: (rushing in and inspecting the scene) You thought you could give The Flash his speed back! Well done, you have killed him instead!

    Episode 21: The Runaway Dinosaur 
  • The Flash's first instance of a Zombie in Girder.
  • In the stinger, Caitlin sees that Zoom's assembled an army of evil Meta-Humans.

     Episode 22: Invincible 
  • The leader of Zoom's army is Black Siren... aka the Earth-2 version of Laurel Lance. So not only is the version we know dead, but her doppelganger is a ruthless killer.
  • Zoom believes that he and Barry are the same, and is trying to coax the darkness out of him. Zoom's darkness was birthed at watching his father murder his mother... so he in turn, murders Henry right in front of Barry.
  • Caitlin, still psychologically affected from the time Zoom kept her captive, has two quite scary visions of him coming after her. When Cisco comforts her, she says that she'd been having the visions frequently since she returned with her friends.
  • Cisco has recurring, puzzling visions of a future event. At the end, he realizes he's watching the potential end of the world.

    Episode 23: The Race of His Life 
  • Zoom's plan to use the Magnetor to eradicate all other universe's besides Earth 1's.
  • How does Zoom meet his end? The Time Wraiths dragging Hunter away into the oblivion, topping Thawne's death. Thawne at least got the peace of nonexistance, Zoom certainly didn't.
  • In the final minutes, Barry races back to the night of Nora's death once again, except this time, he does save his mother. Doing so has practically erased everything that has happened over the past 2 seasons and left his future in who knows what kinds of disarray!

Season 3

     Episode 1: Flashpoint 
  • Nora's death, once again at Eobard's hands. It's even worse now that pre-Flashpoint Barry gives her a false Hope Spot before fading into non-existence, and we the audience have to hear Nora's small-voiced pleas before the Reverse-Flash utterly decimates her.
  • The first tease of Dr. Alchemy's presence is very creepy: non-Flashpoint Edward Clariss is awoken by an eerie scraping sound, and gets up to see the word "ALCHEMY" being scratched into his mirror by seemingly no-one, as though by a ghost.
    • Since Alchemy is sending his message through a mirror, this could imply that Mirror Master may be working under him. He's actually not, but still...

     Episode 2: Paradox 
  • Holy Hell, did Barry screw up the timeline:
    • Cisco's brother, Dante, died in a car accident and Barry refused to go back in time to save him, causing a rift as Cisco has been grieving.
    • Joe and Iris aren't talking at all.
    • Caitlin is turning into Killer Frost.
    • And perhaps the most gripping of all: Instead of daughter Sara, John Diggle had a son, John Jr. That's right: Barry's actions erased a baby girl completely out of existence and John and Lyla don't even realize it.
  • Dr. Alchemy appearing completely out of nowhere to strangle the Rival in prison for failing him. The fact that he can not only spread messages through glass doesn't even begin to describe his ability to teleport himself anywhere he wants to.
    • Good news? It wasn't Dr. Alchemy that killed the Rival! Bad news? It was a beast named Savitar. Comic readers who know this madman should be quaking in their boots.

     Episode 3: Magenta 
  • Magenta herself is the Split Personality of a poor, gentle girl, Frankie Kane, who suffers from mistreatment in the foster system. Only problem: Magenta is the one who was given ferrokinesis by Alchemy.
    • And then there's the whole thing from Frankie's point of view. She suffers from blackouts, and they've been getting worse. Thanks to Alchemy, she's been getting painful nightmare visions of another universe for which she has no context. After her stepfather gets attacked by something she can't explain, she discovers the reason for all of this: she has a violent second personality that's been doing horrible things she can't remember - a personality that specifically wants to do something so terrible that it would effectively kill her own personality forever. She wakes up to find herself moments away from wiping out a hospital. It's so bad that at the end she's outright shocked that the Flash is letting her go free.
  • Wally stupidly standing in the middle of oncoming traffic for the chance at activating his powers, like Jesse's; to say Barry was pissed at his recklessness is an understatement.
  • Magenta lifting an entire tanker to level a hospital, with her abusive foster father inside, and Iris who was trying to evacuate John and the entire hospital knowing Magenta would show up for her vengeance.
  • The usually calm and patient Caitlin uncharacteristically snapping at Harry. She's had her temper flares up before, but this one seemed a bit too icy.

     Episode 4: The New Rogues 
  • Barry's description of being trapped in a mirror.
    Barry: It's dark!
  • Caitlin fully using her powers, and to get Barry out of the mirror, no less! Yes, Killer Frost is just around the corner!
    • Later, while alone in her apartment, her freezing the water in her shower, and quietly snipping out the white strands of her hair, her face showing she's unnerved and has no idea what to do.

     Episode 5: Monster 
  • Caitlin briefly going full Killer Frost on Nigel, her mother's lab assistant, only for her mother to quickly calm her down. No words can describe how truly terrifying her eyes turn. If you watch closely while she attacks him, she actually smiles.
  • This episode makes it clear that Caitlin's Frost powers feed her anger and vice versa, meaning this isn't a Split Personality in the conventional sense, but Frost being the manifestation of the anger Catilin's been repressing over the series. Throughout the episode she continually snaps into rages that make her powers lash out, of a kind we've never seen from her before. And it's clear she has no idea why she's getting so angry either, that she can't quite control her rage or the increasingly violent flare-ups, and that's it's terrifying her. Come to The Stinger, and Caitlin receives a message from her mother, warning her that the more she uses her powers, the more she will lose control... three guesses what happens immediately after Caitlin hears this!
  • When Barry reveals the "Monster," is a hologram, the team have a realization...
    Iris: Wait, CCPD sent snipers there.
    Caitlin: If the monster isn't real...!
    Iris: Then the bullets will pass through it!
    Officer: I have a lock on the target... Fire when ready!

     Episode 6: Shade 
  • We finally get a good look at the thing that killed Edward Clariss: Savitar, the self-proclaimed God of Speed. He's even more inhuman than Zoom. At least Zoom looked like he could have been a human being; Savitar looks like a collection of metal shards pressed into the shape of a man]]. Worse still, he's so fast that most people can't even see him. Even Barry can only see a few glimpses of lightning before he's completely at Savitar's mercy.
    • Given Savitar's power, it's very possible that the cloaked cultists working under Alchemy actually worship this monster of a speedster.
  • The titular Monster of the Week appears as a Living Shadow who introduces himself by snapping a random man's neck for no apparent reason.
  • Wally endures terrible pain from Alchemy's attempts to lure him, to the point that it seems like Alchemy is torturing him into accepting the "gift" of his Flashpoint powers.
  • Given H.R.'s frightened response at hearing Cisco mention Grodd, there's little doubt that Grodd is every bit as terrifying on Earth-19 as he was on Earth-1.

     Episode 7: Killer Frost 
  • The cultists are confirmed to worship Savitar, even calling him their "dark lord".
  • Julian seems to be unaware that he's Dr. Alchemy.
  • Speaking of fear, we have our episode's title character, Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost, especially her Icy Blue Eyes and demonic echoing voice.
    • All throughout the episode, Caitlin's personality slowly but surely shifts from normal!Caitlin to Earth-2 Killer Frost!Caitlin, mostly settling in at about two-thirds the way there, with her Brutal Honesty dialed up to eleven and her empathy and inhibitions dialed all the way down to zero.
    • Her offscreen Jack Bauer-style interrogation of Alchemy's acolyte is chilling, especially when he starts screaming.
      • She later tries to do the same to another of Alchemy's mooks, threatening him with a page of the T-1000 intimidation playbook by encasing her finger with an icicle; for a second, it looks like she's about to stab him in the eye with it]].
    • During her second fight with Barry, she attempts to kill him with the same Kiss of Death that was Earth-2 Caitlin's Establishing Character Moment, just to cement how close she is to going full-on Killer Frost.
    • This line sums it all up.
    Killer Frost: Maybe it's time you started fearing me.
  • The mysterious cocoon that Wally is encased in throughout the episode is extremely unsettling. It's this weird, alien-like organic-looking device of unknown origin that's holding a core member of the cast, and if Caitlin's guesses are right, then it's actually doing something akin to what real-life insect cocoons do — that is, it's actually breaking down Wally's body before rebuilding it again into a speedster version of himself. The worst part is, we never even find out exactly how the stone did that to him.

     Episode 8: Invasion! 

     Episode 9: The Present 
  • The fact that Jay Garrick possibly came too late to prevent Trickster from killing everybody inside of the bank. He only came when he was already exiting the bank and proclaiming that he'd promised to spare the people if they did what he said, but 'he tricked them.' It's not quite clear, but he might have wasted them all before leaving.
  • Savitar is at his most disturbing in this episode. From being able to manipulate others into doing his work and then learning he was possibly the basis for a story on one of the most DANGEROUS magical artifacts on the planet this episode goes a long way to prove Savitar is not just a new Big Bad but a whole other breed of monster.
    • The way he got into Cisco's head by manifesting as Dante, long before the other characters knew it, and long before we knew that Cisco was actually seeing him as opposed to it just being Cisco's memory. This is someone - something - who can, from outside this universe, enter your mind and know enough about you to show you someone you loved and lost, your dear brother talking you into opening that box juuuust a crack and soon we'll all be together again...
  • Savitar's assault on Jay Garrick. The older, wiser speedster who has helped Barry so much gets his ass handed to him a hundred times over in the space of about 10 seconds. You almost believe that the show is going to kill off John Wesley Shipp's character- again.
  • Barry accidentally traveling to the future, and witnessing his worst nightmare come true, the savage death of Iris at the hands of Savitar, and his future self's inability to save her in time!

     Episode 10: Borrowing Problems From the Future 
  • Starts out with a literal case of Nightmare Fuel, as Savitar's horrifying visage is presented up close and in the camera, aka Barry's minds eyes, causing him to pull a Catapult Nightmare.
  • Plunder, a figure from Barry's Vision makes his appearance.
  • The first Hologram of Cisco, that glitches out and frightens away the only two patrons of the Museum.

     Episode 11: Dead or Alive 
  • Despite just doing her job, and becoming a Friendly Enemy to Cisco, Gypsy breaking into S.T.A.R. Labs and shooting H.R. point blank is unsettling.

     Episode 12: Untouchable 
  • Yorkin's powers physically rots his victims body from the inside out. His second victim, this timeline's version of Julio Mendez, is shown to be in a large amount of pain when this happens.
    • Even worse, while Yorkin has the memories from Flashpoint thanks to Alchemy, Mendez knows nothing about it at all, and must be in even more pain from not knowing why he's about to die.
  • The images of the victim's bodies can be uncomfortable to look at, especially since it's not something you would usually see in a show like this.
  • Yorkin's attack on Iris plays upon the classic fear of a home invasion. He makes the apartment's door dissolve into nothing, and even when she tries to defend herself, his ability still renders her helpless. Then things go From Bad to Worse when he manages to touch Iris before Kid Flash can stop him.
  • Killer Frost briefly takes over Caitlin when she tries to stop Iris' infection from spreading. She sounds both angry and smug when she says that she could freeze Iris to death if she carried on.
    Killer Frost: How's that for changing the future?

     Episode 14: Attack on Central City 
  • Grodd isn't kidding around as he takes a General from the army and makes him prepare to unleash a nuclear strike on Central City.
  • Savitar's back, and his first act is attacking Wally.

     Episode 15: The Wrath Of Savitar 
  • Savitar pulls a particularly nasty bit of mindfuckery on Wally by appearing to him as his dead mother and sabotaging his confidence.
    Savitar!Francine: You were always the smart one... WEREN'T YOU, WALLACE?
  • Wally being absorbed into the Speed Force. He's begging for help before he vanishes.

     Episode 16: Into The Speed Force 
  • Much like what the Time Wraiths did in 'Flash Back', watching Barry shrivel up when the Black Flash holds him down by the neck is pretty unsettling.

     Episode 18: Abra Kadabra 
  • The way the two security guys at the beginning die. Being locked into a box that slowly fills with water is a horrible way to go.
  • The return of Killer Frost. It isn't just the eyes this time, it's the skin and hair too, so Caitlin Snow is no more and Killer Frost is in full control.

     Episode 19: The Once and Future Flash 
  • Crossing with Tearjerker, Iris' death caused the demise of Team Flash: Barry becomes a recluse, Joe crawls into a bottle, Wally is left physically and emotionally broken, Cisco lost his hands, and Julian is the caretaker of a incarcerated Killer Frost.
  • Cisco's hands being frozen off by Killer Frost in the flashback. The scream he makes while it's happening is both terrifying and gut-wrenching.

     Episode 20: I Know Who You Are 
  • Earlier in the season, Team Flash managed to communicate with Savitar via Julian. In the course of this interrogation, Savitar revealed his motivations: something happened to him in the future, and he needs to kill Iris in order to survive. Before he severed communications, Savitar offered a Badass Boast: "I am the future, Flash". While that seems like basic villain boasting, some offered an alternate theory: that the sentence had a double inflection, as in "I am the Future Flash". Turns out... they were right. Because the suit opened up, and the man behind the monster stepped out, with a dead right eye, the look of the devil in the left eye, and horrific facial scarring. Think about all the crap Savitar did this season. Now, think about how this is Barry Allen doing that crap.

     Episode 21: Cause and Effect 
  • Savitar's motivations are clarified: In the original battle, Barry created time remnants as an army. All were slaughtered but one. That remnant, while still Barry Allen in every sense, was rejected by everyone for not being the "real" Barry. Hurt and betrayed, the remnant snapped, deciding that he was a god and "god feels no pain". Thusly, he decided to invoke Create Your Own Villain and become Savitar, needing Iris's death to complete the Stable Time Loop and secure his own existence. As such Savitar now almost seems unstoppable, as he's seen everything Barry has done, from both sides. His memories are constantly being rewritten by his prime self, so no matter what measures Barry takes to prevent him from killing Iris, Savitar will always find a way to counter that using his own newly formed memories. How do you even break a Stable Time Loop like this, short of Barry pulling a Heroic Suicide? You Can't Fight Fate indeed...

     Episode 22: Infantino Street 
  • Partway through the episode, The Flash runs into S.T.A.R. Labs, yanks off his mask, and breathlessly asks where Iris is. As soon as HR tells him, Savitar turns his head to the side, showing off his disfigured face to the team.

     Episode 23: Finish Line 
  • Savitar's backup plan when his attempt to kill Iris falls apart. He wants to spread himself throughout all of time and rule throughout all of history.
  • Savitar's armor glowing blue? Scary. Savitar's armor glowing red after Barry phases into it and is moments away from basically killing himself? Terrifying.
  • Savitar at the end proved to be a complete irredeemable psychopath. It's terrifying that a version of All-Loving Hero Barry Allen has become so evil like him.
  • Was Savitar rejected by all of his friends and family in his parallel timeline as a cheap knockoff? Sounds like nonsense purely done as a plot device, doesn't it? Now take a good look at the casual way they handle the death of the time remnant of Barry (A temporal "clone" that is essentially the real Barry from his own timeline) who sacrificed himself to save them. They LITERALLY SMILE AND SHUT DOWN, AGREEING TO A "LET'S JUST LET IT GO" COLLECTIVE. It doesn't seem so absurd, doesn't it? Now do you understand why Savitar has gone mad and has a real hatred for all of them? I am !

Season 4

     Episode 1: The Flash Reborn 
  • Both in and out of universe, Barry spewing nonsense with the occasional screaming and grabbing of his head.
  • When Barry goes berserk, his eyes glow red and his face starts to vibrate just like the Reverse-Flash. And, going by the comics he might actually be the Reverse-Flash!
  • That new self Caitlin went off to find turns out to be forcibly keeping Killer Frost contained, and she's still breaking out during moments of extreme emotion similar to the Hulk. Our introduction to this involves her almost freezing a guy's head solid.

     Episode 2: Mixed Signals 
  • Though we don't see it, the guy in the elevator was smashed to pieces, as Barry lampshades when he sees what's left of him.
  • Kilgore forcing his diabetic former colleague into insulin shock.
  • Savitar was apparently such a potent source of in-universe Nightmare Fuel that Cisco installed a self-destruct system into the new suit. And Barry is almost killed by it when Kilgore hijacks his suit.

     Episode 3: Luck Be a Lady 
  • The typically comedic portrayal of Hazard's power suddenly goes deadly serious as Barry looks around at all the building misfortune she could set off at Jitters, including a nail gun pointed in the general direction of a baby.

     Episode 4: Elongated Journey Into Night 
  • While it's played for comedy, it's nonetheless quite freaky how Ralph's skin just hangs off his body. The moment where he sneezes and the skin flies off his face is enough to freak out anyone. This is the moment that finally caused Joe to puke.
  • Barry punches Ralph and his fist just sinks into the guy's face.
  • The fact Breacher sees absolutely nothing wrong with hunting down Cisco and killing him because he doesn't feel Cisco is "right" for his daughter.

     Episode 5: Girls Night Out 
  • One of the new metahumans is a guy whose tears produce feelings of love. Amunet has him chained up to beat on and make him cry so she can then catch his tears and turn them into an addictive drug.
  • The way Frost constantly refers to Caitlin as a totally separate person is creepy.
  • Amunet carries a bucket of metal around which she uses to form a deadly gauntlet then fling the metal pieces with nasty accuracy... as a pair of cops learn the hard way.

     Episode 5: Crisis On Earth-X, Part 3 

     Episode 9: Don't Run 
  • The Thinker hasn't just pulled a Grand Theft Me on Dominic; he's used his old, dead body to frame Barry.
  • Amunet was just a flight attendant once when she got her powers. She didn't react well but then targeted some co-workers who sexually assaulted her. From there, it was just a clear path to becoming a super-villain.

     Episode 10: The Trial of the Flash 
  • The entire situation. The team know Barry is innocent and all it takes is revealing the truth to prove it...but Barry refuses to put them at risk by revealing his identity and must go along with being tried for a crime he didn't commit.
  • Fallout, who has no understanding of how he's giving out radiation poisoning in people. And when he does, he realizes there's no way to control it and almost hoping he can be destroyed to end this agony.

     Episode 11: The Elongated Knight Rises 
  • Up until this point, Ralph has been a Smug Super and not without reason, as his powers protect him from just about anything. Along comes Axel with a water gun that shoots pink slime... that proceeds to eat through Ralph's costume and skin. No wonder he panicked.
  • The Ax-Id itself is pretty awful: pink acid that eats through the victim's skin and melts them to death. According to Harry, it has a pH level of -50 and he had never seen anything like it. The shots of Ralph's burnt leg are horrific.

     Episode 12: Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash 
  • Barry's act of freeing Big Sir winds up getting him in trouble with the Warden who noticed him speeding Big Sir out, and realized he's the Flash... and then had him drugged and moved to an isolated cell. The last shot of the episode sees him call up Amunet to sell him to her.

     Episode 13: True Colors 
  • Just when you thought the Thinker couldn't get any worse, he puts his mind into Hazard, effectively killing this potentially heroic woman, just to add her power to his own and give him another face to hide behind.
  • And then, Thinker/Hazard uses Weeper's tears to drug his wife so she'll be perfectly fine with this new body. In short, it's now clear that whatever love DeVoe had for her is long gone, he only sees her as another tool for his ultimate plans and no longer cares of her feelings regarding his body hopping.

     Episode 15: Enter Flashtime 
  • Even with all the wild super-powered events happening in the last four years, the idea of a nuclear bomb going off in the middle of Central City is truly terrifying.
  • The entire image of the bomb just going off and everyone around it frozen as Barry and the others frantically figure out how to solve things in this frozen instant is chilling.
  • There's also the "time clock" issues as Barry can't hold this state forever and the episode focuses on the pressure of how, if he lets go, everything he knows dies.
    • The way that early "burst" of energy seems to grow larger as the millisecond ticks away is downright freaky.

     Episode 17: Null and Annoyed 
  • Marlize trying to make a video to remind herself DeVoe has been drugging and lying to her. Turns out DeVoe knows about it. Turns out she did it before. Turns out he's been wiping Marlize's memory, over and over.
  • The final scene implied that Harry was Eobard Thawne. Even if that doesn't turn out to be the case, there is still the implication that Harry is—much like DeVoe—gradually veering into darker territory with use of the Thinking Cap, just as Cisco feared.

     Episode 18: Lose Yourself 

     Episode 19: Fury Rogue 
  • Siren-X was close to causing a big crisis of radiation poisoning.
  • DeVoe casually uses Null's power to stop the truck carrying Fallout, not only dose this prove she suffered the same fate as the other bus metas, but our heroes never even stop to react they're so used to DeVoe killing people they tried to save they're not even reacting to it anymore.

     Episode 20: Therefore She Is 
  • It's revealed that an entire village in Kenya was massacred just because some warlords wanted Marlize's water purification device.
  • DeVoe's endgame is finally revealed: reducing all other human beings into vegetables by taking away their intelligence. It also raises the disturbing possibility that he isn't Drunk On Power; he may have always wanted a world that he wouldn't have to share with other sentient beings.
    DeVoe: I will be all that remains.

     Episode 22: Think Fast 
  • Just when it looks like the Enlightenment is foiled, DeVoe steals a satellite from S.T.A.R. Labs.
  • Whatever DeVoe does to Neil Borman, it is not pretty, making it seem like getting bodyjacked is a tame way to be killed by DeVoe in comparison.
  • Before either of these, the way DeVoe utterly massacres the ARGUS agents:
    • It starts with him crushing the throats of those at the front gates.
    • Then he shrinks the first person we see him encounter inside the building, and steps on him.
    • DeVoe then gets shot a bunch by the man's comrades- but Ralph's powers let him absorb the bullets and re-direct them, resulting in a fairly gory (by Flash standards) demise for those specific agents.
    • Then he uses Izzy and Null's powers to curb-stomp most of the other agents, before finally using Black Bison's powers to reanimate their corpses, because he can't be bothered to fight the remaining soldiers himself.
    • In the end, only a single man is left standing. DeVoe takes him out with a marble... and a little luck.
    • Oh, and the whole time, a scientist is watching over the security cameras. She apparently reads Iris' blog, because she tries sending out a warning- only for Kilg%re's powers to cut her off. Her panic when she realizes what's happening is chilling.

     Episode 23: We are the Flash 
  • DeVoe tries to strangle Cecile, who is still in the process of giving birth.
  • What does DeVoe do when his plan is truly and completely foiled? He sets up the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite to crash into Central City, which would cause an extinction-level event. He really has reached the point where he would rather kill off all humanity rather than let it exist without his rule.
  • The Deleted Scene of Cicada is frightening because of his Vader Breath.

Season 5

     Episode 1: Nora 
  • Cicadas introduction is noticeably frightening and is similar to the introduction of Prometheus as while Gridlock is being transported to prison a dagger resembling The Flash logo is thrown into the street and a electrical surge causes the truck to stop. We then here the guards outside being dealt with as Gridlock (who is being restrained) listens. Then Cicada walks towards him with the dagger in hand and the show ends. One can only wonder what he did to him. Also when asked by Gridlock who he is Cicada says nothing, but when asked what he wants Cicada answers "for all of you to die."

     Episode 2: Blocked 
  • The titular villain can create blocks of super-dense matter not even speedsters can get through, which she sometimes uses to slowly crush people into tiny cubes. We get to hear one of those, too.

     Episode 3: The Death of Vibe 
  • Nora telling the team that Cicada is a villain that none of the heroes of the Arrowverse were able to catch. Not Team Flash, not Green Arrow, not the Legends, not Supergirl, and not even the Justice League itself.

     Episode 4: News Flash 
  • It turns out that in the future, Iris seemingly implanted a power-suppressing chip in Nora's body and she did not find out until six months ago. Whatever Iris' intentions, the idea of your parent having a surgery performed on you without your knowledge is a horrifying thing to contemplate.

     Episode 5: All Doll'd Up 
  • Just Rag Doll in general. He's the one of the creepiest villains the show has had yet, the way he twists his body around. In one scene, he even turns his head all the way around, Exorcist-style.
    • Making it even more disturbing is the fact they got an actual contortionist so many of those bone twist are real.
    • He also mentions that when he got his powers, he was literally crushed by the debris of the satellite.
    • This incarnation of Ragdoll also is an actual metahuman, allowing him to sneak into narrow grates and vents that no human being could possibly fit into, allowing him to sneak into places undetected.

     Episode 8: What's Past is Prologue 
  • When Barry and Nora manage to get the device that allowed Zoom to obtain Barry's speed, Zoom returns and then notices Nora and now wants to take his daughter's speed. And after they managed to get away from him, Zoom still goes after the both of them with the intent of gaining their speed. A Time Wraith manages to stop this, but who knows what the hell Zoom was going to do to the both of them if he eventually caught up with them, which he nearly did.
  • On the topic of the Time Wraith, whatever it did with Zoom is entirely unclear. Since the timeline went on as normal, we could assume that Zoom was sent packing back towards that present, but there is always a possibility of a dispatched Hunter Zolomon roaming the streets of Central City.
  • The Reveal of who sent Nora back in time (namely, Thawne) has some terrifying implications.
     Episode 11: Seeing Red 
  • Barry and Iris being forced to watch as the Big Bad breaks your daughters back! right in front of you.
    • The sickening crunch that follows might make you wince or even bring back memories of Barry’s Curb-Stomp Battle with Zoom in season.
  • The Curb-Stomp Battle Barry gives Cicada at the end would not normally be this but the fact that as the others noticed Barry was hitting Cicada at speeds powerful and fast enough to kill him are this and the realization that Barry was dead set on killing Cicada if Nora did not arrive to show her father that she was okay.

     Episode 12: Memorabilia 
  • While exploring Nora's memories, Barry and Iris find themselves in the "Hall of Villains" where young Nora is listening to documentary about the current season's Big Bad Cicada. The two are shocked when it's revealed that he is/will be responsible for the deaths of 154 people...and counting. Not only did no-one ever caught him and what's more he's still active as far into the future as when Nora was ten. And could still be active by 2049.
    • To put in perspective with Real Life Serial Killers, Asghar the Murderer was active for 27 years with less than 40 victims while Luis Garavito had 138 victims with a shorter career. Cicada has been active longer and has a larger body count than any serial killer in history.
    • At the same time Cicada is compared to Zoom... and The Red Death, as in the evil fusion of Batman and Barry Allen from an alternate universe seen in Dark Nights: Metal.
  • Eobard Thawne's suit suddenly coming to life!
  • The Reveal that Grace is well-aware of what her uncle has been doing and not only still loves him, but she thinks that Orlin's a hero for killing metas. This includes real heroes like Team Flash who have been trying to save her and other innocents.
    • When Grace realizes that Nora is the Flash's daughter and trying to "hurt" her uncle, her mind conjures a defense mechanism to kill Nora: Cicada in full regale who proceeds to Curb-Stomp Battle the speedster. Then you see under the hood and realize that it's not a man but a woman with long blonde hair.
    • The ending all but stating that Grace will grow up to take her uncle's mantle in one of the most heartbreaking examples of a Legacy Character.

     Episode 16: Failure is an Orphan 
  • Just as Dr. Ambres is stitching up Orlin, the power goes off and S.T.A.R. Labs is attacked by a hooded figure — Cicada. Except it's not Orlin, it's Grace... from the future. She's just as dangerous as she was in Grace's mind, except she's a real person and she's come to Central City to continue her uncle's work.
    • Even scarier is when she makes her entrance. She makes herself known just as Dr. Ambres begins stitching Orlin up — she chose the exact moment that would've started the chain of events that would've erased her from existence to intervene. Somehow she knew what Team Flash was doing and when and where to intervene. How did she know this? We don't know. But what we do know is that just like Savitar before her, she wants to ensure her existence by any means necessary.

     Episode 19: Snow Pack 
  • Nora snaps when she realizes that Barry didn't come with Iris and thus hasn't regretted his decision to exile her — it's what gives her the push to access the Negative Speed Force: her best friend dying before her eyes, her complicated relationship with Iris and finally her father rejecting her are all laid out before her and a lifetime's worth of anger and resentment comes out. When she gets back to 2019 she's sporting Red Glowing Eyes of Doom just like the Reverse-Flash.
    Nora: How could he stop loving me!?

Season 6

     Episode 2: A Flash of the Lightning 
  • When Barry is using Jay's device to watch what happens in the Crisis, he sees his friends and his wife Iris being destroyed by the antimatter wall, and he sees that he decides to run to save them, but he disintegrates in the process.

     Episode 4: There Will Be Blood 
  • Ramsay finds out that he can stave off his death by draining blood from other people. When Barry tries to remind him he's supposed to save lives, Ramsay screams back that he's trying to save his own. It's clear at this point that yes, he will do literally anything to buy himself a few more minutes of life. That killing people isn't a permanent solution makes everything so much worse.

     Episode 7: The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1 
  • The entire episode has a lot of nightmareish images due to Ramsey's mind games, but the most horrifying scene is Ramsey serving Barry's friends and family seemingly delicious food.....until it starts bleeding his black substance, which they still eat. And then they all look at him with black, grinny teeth!

    Episode 8: The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2 
  • The entire episode is presented as Central City dealing with a Zombie Infestation, with Ramsey's Blood Brothers attacking everyone and everything in sight.
  • The final scene, the destined hour has finally come as Barry, Iris and Team Flash look out the balcony and see the Red Skies Crisis has begun.

    Episode 11: Love Is A Battlefield 
  • The "Iris" everyone is interacting with is actually a double that left the real one screaming and helpless in the Mirror Dimension, fully aware of everything that happened.

    Episode 13: Grodd Friended Me 
  • The show gives the viewers a taste of what it was like to be a young Grodd when Barry's trapped in his mind; stuck in a tiny cage and completely incapable of communicating with anyone, on top what Eiling was established to have done to him previously.

    Episode 14: Death Of The Speed Force 
  • Kamilla discovering that there is something wrong with "Iris".....only to also discover that she is Alone with the Psycho, before getting blasted with the Mirror-Gun.
  • Thawne is madder than ever, since he attempts to kill Cisco just because.

    Episode 15: The Exorcism of Nash Wells 
  • Sunshine kills their victims by frying their heads with sunlight.
  • Frost is attacked by Sunshine to reopen a wound.
  • Maya, Nash's adoptive daughter and sidekick, fell to her death in a cave after refusing to throw the treasure to save her life.

    Episode 17: Liberation 
  • Mirror Kamilla disintegrates by touching Bloodwork's MAC prison. Even Bloodwork cannot avoid expressing his shock.
  • Barry is submitted to being cut repeatedly by Mirror Iris and later Eva.
  • Eva confirms that Kamilla and Singh are alive. Not that it's fully comforting, since they are still in a mind damaging dimension.

Season 7

     Episode 2: The Speed of Thought 
  • Barry turning into a cold and emotionless figure is scary enough but when he uses his speed, it's a horrifying reminder that, had he not grown up with a father figure like Joe, it's likely he could have become just as twisted a super-speed monster as Zoom or Thawne.
    • His Creepy Monotone and ruthlessly logical calculation abilities mean that he's basically turned into DeVoe.
  • Among his actions is matter-of-factly exposing Eva being a mirror duplicate during a televised interview, causing her to lash out and scar the reporter talking to her. Which means Barry has removed any dose of humanity Eva had left and only encouraged her to go ahead and replace everyone in Central City with duplicates.

     Episode 3: Mother 
  • Eva unleashing her army of mirror duplicates on Central City, later upping the ante by duplicating herself as well and having them randomly attack people. We're thus treated to the sight of mass panic as people attempt to flee the resulting chaos.
  • How does the show manage to include Ralph while working around the fact that his actor was fired during the hiatus? By showing that his face has been melted by an explosion.