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Fridge / Constantine (2014)

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    Fridge Brilliance 

  • A few things have double meanings with the revelation that Manny has been Evil All Along.
    • The way he introduces himself suggests he may have another name he didn't want to use: "You can call me Manny."
    • Burning the scrying map in "Angels and Ministers of Grace" probably had more to do with depriving Constantine of a resource than anything, and if so, already fulfills Papa Midnight's warning that someone close to Constantine will betray him.
    • His dialog with Zed in the same episode seems very manipulative in hindsight.
    • Doubles as Harsher in Hindsight and Fridge Horror as Zed uses the fact that an angel hangs out with John as "proof" Heaven hasn't given up on him (in "The Saint of Last Resorts" Part 2).
    • At one point in "Waiting for the Man," shortly before the reveal, Constantine says "I face evil every day" while looking Manny right in the face.
    • Then there is the whole thing with an angel of the lord not wanting to be referred to with "el" at the end of his name...

  • The three-legged deer in "Rage of Caliban" was initially just a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. But at the end, it's revealed that the killer spirit wasn't a demon or spirit after all, but the vengeful soul of the first killer child, Marcello Panetti, which used an axe to kill his parents. The deer attending the summoning in his abandoned home was a hint that the spirit was himself maimed, in this case, like Marcello's fingers that where cut by his father with the same axe.