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In General

  • It was long assumed that Barry and Oliver would never ever meet — let alone teamup with — Superman, because of Executive Meddling related to the DCEU. But it's actually happening.
  • Superman wearing his black costume, especially since he was supposed to wear it in Justice League (2017) but it got cut.

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    Hour One 
  • In a moment out-of-universe, the nostalgia-packed return to the Kent Farm, complete with Remy Zero's "Save Me" blaring in the background.
  • Barry and Oliver using each other’s skills and abilities reminds us just how impressive each of them are.
    • Barry as GA delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle to Diggle in a training session and then to a group of robbers, capping out with a perfectly timed arrow shot to escape vehicle's tire, causing it to crash.
    • Oliver as Flash gets cornered by a group of gunmen wielding machine guns and they open fire. Oliver panics, and while crouching instinctively speeds himself up so much that the bullets are frozen in mid-air and then proceeds to finish them off with a One-Hit Polykill lightning throw. Also showing that the Central City criminals are lucky that Barry doesn't have Oliver's No-Nonsense Nemesis attitude.
  • Oliver, Barry, Kara, and Clark teaming up to take down the Amazo. The special part is how Amazo was defeated: Iris' theory that Amazo inherited the weaknesses, Oliver, Clark and Kara grabbing Amazo, and Barry shooting him.
    • A villainous one for Amazo, getting a moment to recover during the fight, then quickly scanning his opponents. His chest flashes the S-shield, lightning bolt, and arrowhead of Supergirl and Superman, Flash, and Green Arrow, and it then proceeds to use all their capabilities to incapacitate all four of them in seconds.
  • We find out just what the heroes are up against when the Monitor in the past while Cisco vibes him takes notice of him and gives a Badass Boast.
  • At the end we cut to Gotham City and see Batwoman overlooking the city. Fans have waited years for this and now it has finally happened...Gotham and Batwoman, welcome to the Arrowverse.
  • Oliver and Barry's training session. Not the training itself, which is pretty mundane. But specifically:
    • Barry shooting Oliver with hidden automatic bows. While it is more of a CMOF than CMOA, it is awesome because Barry totally fooled Oliver into playing into it despite Oliver expecting it.
    • And Barry completely flattens off all of Oliver's attempts to get a rise out of him.
      • Special mention must go to the time when Oliver mocks him about Barry always needing Iris in his ear, Barry countered with this epic burn, which could also be seen as directed towards Arrow fans who degrade Flash for it:
      Barry: Felicity invented quaterbacking.
    • And finally, when Oliver tries to rush him at super speed, Barry knocks him on his ass with a rugby style move before capping it with the following Armor-Piercing Response, proving to Oliver that the Flash's power too needs skill to be used properly, something which Oliver sorely lacks:
      Barry: If you knew how to use my speed properly I would've never laid a hand on you.
      • It should also be noted that though this occurs in slow-motion, it was over in an instant. Barry must've instinctively known what Oliver was going to do the second he turned away.

    Hour Two 
  • The simple confirmation that yes...Batman does exist within the Arrowverse and he was active seemingly around the same time as Oliver before disappearing three years ago.
  • Not only do we get the confirmation of Batman we also get to see his Rogues Gallery from Penguin to the Riddler.
  • Batwoman lands on the roof of a van so hard that not only do the side windows burst, the engine explodes.
  • Batwoman's introduction: she first saves Cisco and Barry from some inmates and then manages to easily subdue both Barry and Oliver when they starting fighting each other thanks to Scarecrow's fear toxin.
    • The fight itself is really awesome, with both giving each other as good as they get.
    • The hallucinations of Malcom Merlyn and Eobard Thawne get some deliciously hammy lines, with John Barrowman and Tom Cavanagh making the most of their parts.
  • Diggle clears out, no, goes One-Man Army abd destroys a whole room of Arkham inmates, becoming the only one who doesn't need to be saved by Batwoman. In fact, except for a guy jumping onto his shoulders fron behind in an ineffective attempt to choke him, they didn't even touch him.
  • The Flash of Earth-90 declaring that he will not let the Monitor destroy this world the way he destroyed his.
    Flash: Enough! You will not do to this Earth what you did to mine.
  • After the aggravating Arc Fatigue of Diaz as the Big Bad across two seasons, it's pretty gratifying to see Oliver lay him on his ass in seconds.
  • Superman in his Black suit...none more need be said.
  • The fact that it was not Barry the CSI or Oliver the supposed Batman equivalent but Kara who figured out Batwoman's secret identity, because she mentioned Bruce Wayne was her cousin (X-Ray vision helped).
  • All of Batwoman's heroics become even more impressive after her own series revealed that, rather than coming from an experienced crime fighter like everyone probably assumed, she's actually just taken on the role.

    Hour Three 
  • Three words. Superman. Versus. Superman.
  • Oliver straight-up calling out the Monitor, insulting him, and managing to convince him to allow Barry and Kara to survive their seemingly Heroic Sacrifice. As he correctly guesses, no other being in the multiverse has ever had the stones to do such a thing.
  • He also goes into the STAR Labs elevator along with Killer Frost and Dig, and the door closes as he gets slammed against the wall. Minutes later, the doors open to reveal him, victorious, with the other two kneeling at his feet and Oliver not showing any significant injuries whatsoever.
  • When Superman is deadlocked against Deegan and the others can't reach them, who comes to the rescue? Lois Lane with Martian Manhunter and Brainy as backup. And make no mistake they are backup to her, as while they deal with the damage Deegan is causing she takes him head on. With what is confirmed to be the Solar Hammer from All-Star Superman no less.
  • Brainy fights AMAZO, which has the powers of Superman, by himself and wins. He's even looking forward to it.
  • Coming Fall 2019: Crisis on Infinite Earths!

     Behind The Scenes 
  • Ever since "Welcome to Earth-2" confirmed that the 1990 Flash show was part of the Arrowverse, fans been waiting for John Wesley Shipp to put his 1990's Flash suit back on. And now it's finally happening!
    • Especially since, as trivia points out...he hates that suit. Loves the role. Hates the SUIT.
  • Grant Gustin proving that he can pull off fight scenes as convincingly as any veteran Arrow cast member.