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Tear Jerker / Elseworlds (2018)

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This crossover is more lighthearted than Crisis on Earth-X, but is not without ugly moments.

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    Hour One 
  • Oliver is constantly badmouthed by Lois and Iris, but he never gets to speak his side of the story.
  • Iris is afraid of losing the kindhearted side of Barry if he becomes too much like Oliver.

    Hour Two 
  • Felicity is shaken to realize Iris was able to pick up on something being off about her husband much sooner than her, and wonders if this means her relationship with Oliver is broken beyond repair.
  • The way Barry says "Dad?" when he's introduced to the Flash of Earth-90 brings a viewer back to when he met the real Jay Garrick back in The Flash's "The Race of His Life."
    • Furthermore, the Monitor does a Thanos Finger Snap against Earth-90!Barry, leaving his fate unknown to the people he just met and, more importantly, to an alternative son who already witnessed his own father's murder, but there's no time to mourn as a second rewritten reality is put into place on Earth-1.

    Hour Three 
  • The Elseworlds Earth-1 version of Alex Danvers is still in the closet, and apparently dating guys she has no attraction towards while working for a narcissist who, unbeknownst to her, is controlling reality, when all she really wants is to help people.
  • Barry and Kara are spared from having to sacrifice themselves to save reality, but with a costly price. We don't know what deal Oliver made with the Monitor, but it's implied the price will be Oliver's own life.