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Season 1

  • In episode 2, Mari uses the power of the Anansi Totem to defend herself and her foster dad from a couple of thugs who try to unsuccessfully steal Mari's necklace from her.
  • In episode 4, Flash thought Vixen teleported after she disappeared. Arrow doesn't buy that act, so he casually shoots his explosive arrow towards a window and exposes Vixen's location while she's under camouflage.
  • Just when Mari is about to fall flat into the street, her totem necklace grants her Flight just in the nick of time. She's lucky to have flying animals included in her animal powers.
  • Mari reclaiming the totem from Kuasa with the help of the animal spirits and the spider Kuasa used on her in the finale.

Season 2

  • In Season 2 Mari teams up with The Flash and Firestorm to stop Weather Wizard. Seeing three of the Arrowverse's most powerful heroes unite even in animated form is a Moment of Awesome.
    • In the next episode it is revealed that The Flash and Firestorm succeeded even with Mari knocked out.
  • Kuasa betrays Mari and leaves her to the police, but Mari just uses the dobermans she'd just tamed to get away and continue the chase. And then it turns out she didn't just blindly trust her sister and had Ray and Laurel ready to catch her.
  • Kuasa has been killed, Ray and Laurel are down and what does Mari do? Proceed to take on Eshu by herself even despite the fact that he beat her last time they fought one on one. Eshu then proceeds to tell Mari she is weak and undeserving of the totem and that there is no hope of stopping him. Mari retorts with this:
    Vixen: You're right! But I don't need hope, I don't need faith, I don't need magic! I just need to beat you!
    [Proceeds to hand Eshu his ass]