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     The Comic Character 

    CW Seed Show 
  • Complete Monster: Benatu Eshu is a ruthless Zambesi warlord and season 2's Big Bad. Desiring the Totems of Zambesi, Eshu led a raid on Mari's village when she was an infant, massacring scores of innocents, upon learning that the village possessed the Anansi Amulet; among those killed was Mari's father, who Eshu callously executed when he attempted to stand against the madman. In the present, Eshu arrives in Detroit under the guise of an ambassador and continues his quest to find the totems. To achieve his goals, Eshu bribes a thief into stealing the Fire Totem for him, then promptly kills the man once he's no longer of any use. With the Fire Totem in his possession, Eshu attempts to kill Mari to steal the Anansi Amulet. Failing in this, Eshu goes on a city-wide rampage in a fit of homicidal rage, burning down a massive portion of Detroit in an effort to draw Mari out. When Mari and her allies attempt to stop him, Eshu incinerates Mari's sister Kuasa right before her eyes before trying to kill Mari herself. Even when he is stripped of the power of the Fire Totem, Eshu continues his attempt to murder Mari in order to steal her amulet and harness its powers for his own purposes.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Oliver points out the absurdity of fighting crime in "a brown leotard," to which Mari replies "What's wrong with brown?" But apparently she did agree on that part, as her outfit is a different color when she makes the leap to live action in Arrow.
  • Idiot Plot: The whole fight between Oliver, Barry, and Mari hinges on the former two doing the following dumb things: 1) Assuming she was evil and/or dangerous simply because of her powers (and one of those people should definitely know better), 2) Not checking to determine if she had been exposed to the Particle Accelerator explosion beforehead (which would have saved them a trip), and 3) not doing some recon to determine the actual nature of her powers (you would certainly think Oliver wouldn't make such a tactical error).
    • The chase scene between Mari and the two superheroes looks awesome at first glance, but there's no way that Barry (who, by this point, is capable of outracing lightning), should have any trouble catching her.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: One of the main complaints about the show, since the average length of every episode is five minutes. (The entire first miniseries itself is only thirty minutes long.)
  • Narm: Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin clearly didn't quite feel comfortable with voice acting, and both give some rather odd line readings. Same goes for Carlos Valdes.