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Nightmare Fuel / Heroes Join Forces

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    Legends of Today (The Flash
  • Vandal Savage is both deadly and very quick to kill, having had thousands of years of practice. His mystical nature is enough to make Barry decide Team Flash needs help, and in one timeline he's able to kill Team Arrow, Kendra and Carter with a magic staff.
  • For Kendra, Vandal is a very potent source of nightmare fuel: this is a man who can not take no for an answer who is willing to follow her to the ends of the Earth and brutally murder her and any one else who gets in his way due to his lust-fueled obsession with her. And unlike most creeps or stalkers, he's immortal, and even death won't save her since he'll just repeat the process with any future reincarnations of her, like he's done over two hundred times already.

    Legends of Yesterday (Arrow
  • Vandal Savage nuking Central City, complete with seeing Oliver and the rest of the cast being reduced to skeletons and then into ashes. True, Flash undid it with his time-travel jump but still seeing it happen was gripping.
  • Carter mentions that they've never beaten Savage before. He's killed them over 200 times, and they've always failed to do anything to stop him.