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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Heartwarming pages. Proceed at your own risk.

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Season 1

     Episode 1: Pilot 

  • The Arrow's cameo in the pilot - after Barry voices his doubts over being able to be a vigilante, Oliver tells him that whilst he's going to make mistakes, he can be better than a vigilante, as he can be a guardian angel and inspire people in a way the Arrow can't. And when they go their separate ways...
    [The Arrow leaps off the rooftop they're standing on, and fires an arrow in mid-air to grapple away.]
    Barry: Cool.
    [Barry races out of Starling City, with only a speed trail visible from a distance. Camera cuts to show the Arrow, watching Barry as he hangs from the side of a building.]
    The Arrow: Cool.
    • Even more heartwarming when you consider that 1) last time Oliver and Barry talked, the former was just beginning to acknowledge the latter as an ally (even if he did call him "a friend" later on) and 2) it's probably the most fun we have seen Oliver having so far while in the Arrow suit. He has come quite a long way from the "killer Batman with a bow" we first met in the Arrow pilot, even if he is still far from being the comic book Green Arrow.
  • The reason the Flash suit even exists? Cisco built it for firefighters in the hopes Central City would stop hating Dr. Wells after the explosion.
  • Harrison Wells giving Barry the encouragement he needs to defeat Mardon, even admitting that he's at fault for the particle-accelerator explosion and everything that's happened. All during the Darkest Hour no less.
    Wells: You can do this Barry. You were right, I am responsible for all of this. So many people have been hurt because of me and when I looked at you all I saw was another potential victim of my hubris. And yes, I created this madness but you Barry, you can do this. Now run, Barry, run!
    • That last line is especially (and sinisterly) heartwarming because it is an Ironic Echo to when Barry's father shouted the same thing when faced with the very same man who would kill his wife. The meaning here changes from a plea for a young boy to save himself to a demand from that same murderer for a young man to Dare to Be Badass.
  • Eddie taking over Joe's shifts so he and Iris could watch over Barry, and welcoming him back to the police department.
  • Caitlin, who wasn't big on smiling due to the Star Labs explosion that led to the death of her fiancee, beams ear to ear when Barry emerges victorious and unharmed from the scrap against Mardon.
  • Joe finally learns that Barry was right about the strange goings-on in Central City all along.
  • Barry's reunion with Iris after his coma. She visited him every day while he was out and was so happy to see him awake again.

     Episode 2: Fastest Man Alive 
  • Wells goes to see Joe after Barry calls off the heroics. He tells Joe that his doubt is what is keeping Barry back from being a hero, in an effort for Joe to reconsider.
  • After poo-pooing Barry's heroics, Caitlin changes her mind and joins Cisco in acting as Barry's Mission Control, and she's enjoying every minute of it, smiling ear-to-ear as she tells him to go save an armored car.
  • Caitlin's Anger Born of Worry when Barry admits to having black outs. Cisco states that the only other person he ever saw make her that mad was Ronnie, her deceased fiancée.
  • Barry saying that when he's out there doing his hero thing, his team are all out there with him, they were all struck by that lightning, and that they're all to thank for their victory.
  • This exchange:
    Wells: When some people break, they can't be put back together.
    Barry: And some people heal even stronger.
  • After a whole episode of conflict between the two, Barry thanks Joe for all he's done for him, including being a father. This said after Barry denounces Joe as a father-figure when Joe tries to get Barry to stop playing superhero. Considering that Joe has been told this repeatedly, and that he seems to believe that he's failed Barry as a father-figure, Barry's sentiments in the ending render him speechless, tears welling in his eyes!
    • Even better, Joe is going to help Barry prove his father's innocence. They even bond over pizza!
  • Barry in the ending scene explains (through narration) that aside from saving the day, heroes are just like everyone else. They love, fear, hope, and hurt and still need people to get them through those things. That, coupled with helping others, is the greatest feeling ever.
  • At one point, when Iris wants Barry to tell her what's going on, he goes into Bullet Time mode and starts zipping around talking to her about how much he wants to tell her. Not just about his powers, but about how he feels about her.

     Episode 3: Things You Can't Outrun 
  • Despite having a Boyfriend, Iris still finds time to hang out with Barry solo, and Eddie seems to be okay with it
  • Joe visiting Henry in prison. He admits he was wrong in arresting him, and that he will get him free. And Henry thanks him for never losing his faith in Barry.
  • Barry noticing that Caitlin is uncomfortable with the thought of going down to the accelerator since it's the last place she saw her fiancé Ronnie alive. He immediately gives her an excuse to get away from the labs so that she doesn't have a breakdown.
  • Caitlin finally going down to the particle accelerator, where her fiance died, with Cisco providing moral support.
  • Caitlin and Cisco getting ice cream.
  • Henry retelling Barry the story of how he learned to walk. As a baby, Barry was the only kid in the neighbourhood who couldn't walk, but Nora insisted that her son would walk "when he had somewhere to go." One day, little Barry suddenly stood up and did not walk, but ran...straight into his mother's arms.

     Episode 4: Going Rogue 
  • Severely minor, but while taking part in a tour group to scope out a museum, Snart offers a kid a stick of his gum.
    • On top of that, when the museum guide mentions that getting too close to the diamond would trigger the alarms, Snart quips "We wouldn't want that." to the kid, who smiles in response.
  • Felicity using her experience with Team Arrow to reassure Barry the first time someone dies on his watch. Everybody Lives is far from guaranteed whenever he goes into battle, but the important thing is that he always tries.
  • Barry's opening narration about how now, on his days off, he can hang out with his friends.
  • Barry and Felicity express how they will always be there for each other, despite their hearts ultimately belonging to other people. Then they share a kiss goodbye.

     Episode 5: Plastique 
  • Just how quickly Iris fell into friendship with Caitlin and Cisco.
    Iris: I'm glad you invited Cisco and Caitlin.
    Barry: They're cool, right?
    Iris: They saved your life Barry. That makes them the coolest people I've ever met.
  • Joe telling Barry that he knows Barry's in love with Iris, and he's known since Barry was old enough to feel that way. Whilst one would expect Joe to give Barry a stern word about this, especially after his reaction to finding out Iris was dating Eddie, he instead tells Barry that he's been waiting for Barry to tell Iris and encourages him not to give up hope, as the universe has a funny way of making things like that fall into place.
  • Barry's determination to help Bette Sans Souci and his suggestion that she should join the team. Sadly, it doesn't work out, but he gets major points for trying.
  • Iris certainly falls in this category when it's revealed that Barry is one of the main reasons she is pursuing news about The Streak, even against her dad's (and Barry's) vocal protests. She has seen Barry grow up with people calling him crazy for insisting on what really happened when his mom died, Barry seems to have been "losing faith" as of late, and to her The Streak is both proof to show that Barry isn't crazy and a sign for him to not give up hope. It is seriously touching how much she thinks of Barry, and she certainly earns points for being the best friend ever after this revelation.

     Episode 6: The Flash is Born 
  • Joe calling Barry "son" in the flashback.
  • After Barry gets knocked to the ground by a perp whilst working in the field, Eddie takes him to the station's gym & starts trying to teach Barry to throw a punch.
  • Barry and Iris reconciling at the end.

    Episode 7: Power Outage 
  • Caitlin holding Barry's hand while they're hiding from Blackout.
  • Barry talking about how much he loves being the Flash, especially refreshing in this era of angst-ridden superheroes who hate their powers.
    Barry: I haven't had my speed for very long, but now that it's gone it feels like part of me is gone too.
    Caitlin: With or without your speed, you're still you, Barry.
    Barry: No, I'm not. I'm not the best version of me. I love being The Flash. I love everything about it. The feeling of running hundreds of miles per hour. Wind and power just rushing past my face. Being able to help people. I'm not sure I can live without it, Caitlin.
    • The beginning montage, in which Barry uses his powers to help out a new coffee shop employee and the line of customers he was holding up.
  • Barry and Tony's last moment together. Even though Tony was a bully and a criminal, Barry tries to help him and Tony's last deed is to tell Barry to run.
  • Blackout accuses Wells of not knowing the names of the people who were killed the night of the particle accelerator. Wells counters by proving that he knows every single one by heart. Whatever plans he has, it's clear that he didn't just consider them pawns.
  • While completely powerless Barry wants to talk to Blackout and reason with him, sympathizing with his situation. It shows Barry has alot of compassion even for his enemies.

    Episode 8: Flash vs. Arrow 

    Episode 9: The Man in the Yellow Suit 
  • Wells is The Grinch since the particle accelerator accident happened around Christmas so Caitlin buys him a present to cheer him up.
  • Barry and Iris exchanging presents. He gives her a replica of her mom's wedding ring that she lost on a school trip, while she gives him a new microscope.
    • Take it a step further...who's to say it's NOT a replica and actually the real deal?
  • Barry finally confessing his love to Iris. He sincerely congratulates her on moving in with Eddie, not letting his love for her get in the way.
    • This could also double as a Tear Jerker; she cries as she realizes that if she had only waited for Barry he would have probably confessed to her soon after waking up from coma, but she chooses to move together with Eddie anyway.
  • Joe's speech how he was nervous about Barry moving in with him and Iris since he was a single dad and money was tight, but young Barry brought such energy to the household, he can't imagine life without him.
    Joe: The world may need The Flash, but I need my Barry Allen.
  • Barry, Joe, Iris, Eddie, Caitlin and Cisco all celebrating Christmas together in the West house. All that's missing is Wells.
  • The flashback to Barry's childhood deserves special mention. Nora and Henry Allen cement their position as a pair of most loving Good Parents, tending to Barry's wound and comforting him about his fear of the dark.

    Episode 10: Revenge of the Rogues 
  • If you look closely, you can see Wells shifting one foot to the ground, ready to get out of his wheelchair when it looks like the drone will hit Barry. Whatever his motives are, he does seem to care about Barry—(not that's necessarily a good thing).
  • Barry saying he thinks of Wells as a friend. Which is kind of a tearjerker, considering who he is.
  • Eddie leaping in to save the Flash from Cold and Heatwave, showing that he's moved on from his distrust of him.
    • Later, at the police station, Barry overhears several cops talking about the Flash, and it seems like he's getting a much warmer initial reception than the Arrow ever did. Of course, he hasn't been leaving corpses all over town.
  • Captain Singh is initially hostile to the STAR Labs team, given their past mistakes. However, after Cisco's heat shields succeed in protecting his officers, he warmly thanks him for his work.
  • After Iris moves in with Eddie, Barry moves back in with Joe. They both seem pretty happy about it.

    Episode 11: The Sound and The Fury 
  • The flashback of Cisco and Caitlin meeting in STAR Labs. Caitlin tells him not to let Hartley get to him, since he treats everybody like dirt.
  • Barry letting Joe know that, while Barry has a lot of people he looks up to, his adoptive father will always have a special place in his heart.
  • Wells helping Iris establish her journalist cred by specifically calling on her at his press conference. As far as we can tell, there's nothing in it for him and for once he's just being nice to a friend of Barry's.
  • Cisco always felt second-best to Hartley because he was the favorite, or the "Chosen One." Wells tells Cisco that his genius wasn't the only reason he was hired; it was his humanity, his heart, and his humor that made STAR Labs a better place to work at, while Hartley's arrogance made it a chore for everyone else. Whether or not he's being sincere is another question (though, given how he acts around Cisco, it's entirely possible that he is).
    There's no chosen one, Cisco. There's no second or third favorite. There never was. There's just us.

    Episode 12: Crazy for You 
  • While in Iron Heights analyzing a crime scene, Barry gets an unexpected visit from his father. Joe arranged for it, since a "guard owes him".
  • Barry and Caitlin enjoying a night out together.
  • Barry uses his superspeed to get a very drunk Caitlin home, and even help her change into her pajamas.
    Caitlin: Did you sneak a peek? At my goods?
    Barry: I wouldn't be much of a hero if I did.
    Caitlin: Yeah, but it's okay if you peeked a little. You deserve a peek for all the good stuff you do.
    • Topped off when Caitlin asks Barry to stay with her until she falls asleep, and he does.
  • Cisco confesses that he sealed Ronnie in the particle accelerator. Rather than getting angry, Caitlin tells him he has nothing to feel guilty over.
    Caitlin: If Ronnie were here, he'd say you did the right thing.
  • Henry saying what he'd say to Barry if, hypothetically, he were the Flash.
    Henry: If, the Flash were my son, I'd tell him a few things. First off, I'd tell him it's a dangerous world, so be careful. Then I'd tell him he's a hero. And he's saving a lot of lives. But the most important thing for him to know, I feel, is that his father's proud of him.
  • Barry saving the couple in the cold opening, being the hero we all know he is. When all hope seems lost, he manages to save EVERYONE.
    • The man thanking him for saving their lives. It's the first time an ordinary citizen has thanked the Flash since his existence was made public. He even calls Flash by his preferred super name.

    Episode 13: The Nuclear Man 
  • After months of being separated from his wife Clarissa, Professor Martin Stein finally proves to his wife that he is indeed her husband in a body of another man.
    Clarissa: Martin, what is my favourite colour?
  • Professor Stein being willing to sacrifice himself (even though he's trapped in Ronnie's body) to prevent his self-induced nuclear explosion from destroying Central City.
    • And given that he's already done so, Ronnie would have done the same thing proving that both parts of Firestorm are truly heroic.
  • Despite his own machinations, Wells cares enough about Central City to delay his own plans in a desperate attempt to save Firestorm from going nuclear. There was no benefit for him to use the tachyon device as a method to separate Dr. Stein and Ronnie, but he chose that over killing them.

    Episode 14: Fallout 
  • In the aftermath of the nuclear explosion, Ronnie and Professor Stein are mostly separated, and are happily reunited with their loved ones.
  • Ronnie and Stein merging properly by both accepting the process, allowing them to retain equal control of the Firestorm body and work together perfectly.
  • Iris' colleague at the paper has overcome his irrational dislike towards her and points her towards a potentially big story involving STAR Labs.
  • Before he hands Eiling over to Grodd, Wells says that he "protects his own". It may be a twisted and horrible motive in a way, but Wells really does care about his friends at STAR Labs.

    Episode 15: Out of Time 
  • Thawne and Cisco bonding by watching an old Buster Keaton movie. Then Thawne asks Cisco if his relationship with family has got any better. And it makes the scene where Thawne kills Cisco all the more heartbreaking.
  • Remember early in the series when Captain Singh casually revealed that he had a boyfriend? They are engaged now. And nobody treated him differently for that. This come in direct contrast with the Rathaways, who disowned their son because he was gay.
  • Singh's fiancé reveals that despite of all of Singh's bluster he's actually very grateful for Barry's forensic work.
  • When Captain Singh's fiancé asks to be let in to see him, the doctor regretfully informs him that visitors are restricted to "family only". Joe tells the doctor that being a fiancé qualifies as family, and she agrees.
    • There's only a brief moment of surprise on her part before she tells him he can go in, and he shows no sign of offense at having been stopped, however briefly, from seeing his loved one. It's a minor moment, perhaps, but it's played very simply and with a sense of normalcy, giving it more impact as a social message than a truckful of anvils.

    Episode 16: Rogue Time 
  • Linda doesn't hold a grudge against Barry over having feelings for Iris. Instead, Linda told Barry to go to Iris in her workplace.
  • Cisco's Jerkass of a brother Dante admits that deep down, he respects Cisco to the point of being jealous of Cisco having the courage to pursue his scientific passion.
  • It's nice to see Caitlin help fix the turmoils between Barry, Eddie, and Iris by claiming that Barry's weird behavour comes from experiencing side effects of the lightning strike accident. In particular, when it looks like Eddie is going up to punch him again, only instead he hugs him and apologizes profusely for hitting him earlier and clearly feels terrible about it.
  • Cisco expects to be reamed out by everyone for revealing the Flash's identity to the Rogues, but Barry just hugs him and apologizes for forcing him into that situation. Even Thawne, whose plans are most threatened by Barry's secret identity being known by a vengeful supervillain, forgives him for it.
    • Even going so far as to repeat the same heartfelt declaration of viewing Cisco as like a son as he made in the last episode, though this time less regretful.
  • In a really twisted way, it's nice to see that the Snart siblings have a close and loving relationship. Considering that their father was abusive, Leonard was probably the one who actually took care of Lisa since they were kids.
  • Thawne helps Cisco out of his Heroic BSoD by telling him that he loves him like a son (and he does use the word "love"). Thawne may be a villain, but it's clear his friendship towards Cisco is genuine (as confirmed by Word of God). Of course, given that Thawne still murdered Cisco in the previous timeline after the latter found out his secret, this also doubles as a Tear Jerker. Furthermore, their conversation takes place in the same room where Thawne would have killed Cisco, and Thawne had also likened Cisco to a son right before doing it.

    Episode 17: Tricksters 
  • In the flashback, the real Wells originally proposed to call his laboratory named after his wife T.E.S.S. (Technical Engineering Scientific Studies).
    • Tess prefers Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Laboratories (or S.T.A.R. Labs for short) because Wells is her one and only star.
    Tess: Because in the vast night sky, you, Harrison Wells, are the only star I see.
  • In a very twisted way, James' faith that Axel could be an excellent accomplice because he's James' son.
    • The scene where James told Axel that he was his father was very sweet, it really was a father and son having a touching reunion, it was also a Funny Moment as well.
  • Barry is having a Heroic BSoD on how he let himself be blind to "Wells'" true nature. Joe tells Barry it was because he naturally sees the best of people, while Joe as a cop can only sees the worst.
  • Barry reveals his secret identity to his dad after rescuing him from Trickster's death trap. Henry hugs him and comments on how Barry looks good in red.
    • Followed by his being shown around the lab before being taken back to jail, in what plays just as much as John Wesley Shipp officially handing the reins of the character to Grant Gustin.
    • Hearing John Wesley Shipp ask Grant how it felt to run at super speed felt like a man asking his replacement how it felt to be a hero, how it felt to be out there. It was like a hero coming home and asking his replacement about the life, like Barry talking to Wally in an sense. It was also heartwarming for the fans of the 90s show who who got to see a character they grew up with talking to the new guy.
    • In general, the way Henry interacted with everyone in the lab. He laughed off Cisco putting his foot in his mouth, gladly accepted a sympathetic hug from Caitlin, made sure to let Barry know how proud he was, thanked Thawne for helping Barry, and then left with Joe not as a prisoner and a cop, but as a pair of friends.
  • Caitlin's request to hug Henry Allen is granted without any questions.
    Caitlin: Dr. Allen? I feel the need to give you a hug.
    Henry: Absolutely. I will always accept a hug.
    • Followed by Caitlin hugging Barry as soon as his dad had left.
    Caitlin: You looked like you could use a hug too.
  • Even more heartwarming is the Fridge Brilliance: This is probably the first time for about fifteen years that Henry's gotten to hug anyone.
  • Henry lays out his wrists for Joe to handcuff him before taking him back to jail. Joe tells him it's not necessary and they walk out together.

     Episode 18: All-Star Team Up 
  • This line from Barry to Iris:
    Barry: Eddie makes you happy. All I ever want is for you to be happy.
  • Felicity reassures Barry that Cisco and Caitlin are good people, as she mentioned that despite Oliver Queen's questionable orders, she still follows him because of her faith in Oliver's good heart.
  • The friendship between Cisco and Ray is this and part Funny Moments considering how much they geek out while working on the suit.

     Episode 19: Who is Harrison Wells? 
  • Joe and Quentin hit off pretty quickly being both cops and having daughters. Quentin makes Joe realize that keeping Iris Locked Out of the Loop might damage their relationship, while Joe encourage Quentin to patch things up with Laurel.
  • Cisco's shameless fanboying when Laurel tells him that she's the Black Canary. He's so giddy about it that he even gets her to giggle and smile. After all the doubts that Team Arrow had over her taking up Sara's mantle she was probably flattered.
    • Laurel then asks Cisco to modify Sara's Sonic Device which he does so with great enthusiasm. He even gives it a name - "the Canary Cry" to Laurel's approval.
    • Cisco manages to get a picture with her in her Black Canary gear. The big goofy grin he has says how much he loves being part of the superhero world.
  • When Eddie is remanded to custody and Barry's first attempt to prove his innocence is shot down, the second he has the chance to he busts Eddie out of custody. Being a cop, Eddie immediately shuts the idea down, and insists on Barry solving this the right way, showing just how much faith he has in Barry's abilities.
    • He also immediately recognizes that Barry's impulsive action is likely stemming from his experience with his father also getting wrongfully convicted, and reassures Barry this isn't the same and that now he is capable and can use the law for justice.
  • Captain David Singh's comment on the impossible shows how much gratitude he has for the Flash keeping Central City safe.
    Captain Singh: Luckily, it's also a world where the Flash exists.
  • After Eddie's cleared of all charges, Iris embraces Eddie back with relief after giving him the cold shoulder since last episode. Eddie returns the favour by telling Iris the (half) truth that partnering up with the Flash in secret is why he's preoccupied with police work.

    Episode 20: The Trap 
  • Among the people trapped in fiery building, Captain David Singh's fiance Rob happens to part of the crowd that has been rescued by the Flash. David and Rob embraced each other with relief after averting a crisis.
  • Eddie's plan to propose to Iris would have been romantic if it weren't for many factors interrupting his plans for a potential wedding.
  • Thawne's pep speech on Barry going beyond his limit is genuinely heartfelt, even though Thawne already knew Barry and the team figured out his secret identity and plans to kill the Flash.
    • Likewise, despite knowing what will eventually happen, Barry seems to genuinely be grateful to Thawne for everything he has done for him and wants him to know that who he is today and who he will be is thanks to Thawne.
    Barry: Thank you, Dr. Wells. You know, I couldn't have done any of this without you.
    Thawne: I feel the same way about you.
  • Thawne admitting, after a long silence, that he actually enjoyed working with S.T.A.R Labs and helping Barry become a hero.
  • During the flashbacks to Barry in the hospital after being hit by lightning, Barry starts seizing and Joe's immediate reaction is to yell "My son needs help!". Joe's been sitting by Barry's side for three weeks non-stop, "I go home when Barry goes home".
    • Later have Iris sitting at Barry's bedside telling him how much she misses and needs Barry.
  • In a Deleted Scene set during the flashbacks when Barry was in the coma we find out that Thawne made a call to a university in order to get Caitlin a position to help recover her career, a job Caitlin turned down out of loyalty to Thawne and her admiration for his devotion to save Barry.

    Episode 21: Grodd Lives 
  • Grodd constantly refers to Thawne as "father". Considering how Thawne of all people treated a captive animal like Grodd with decency, that means a lot from a killer gorilla.
  • Iris and Caitlin sharing a small moment together, where, now that Iris is in the know, asking if the man on fire was Ronnie, to which Caitlin confirms, causing Iris to share her congratulations, that while he isn't with them, he is still alive, to which Caitlin thanks her.
  • While Caitlin and Cisco are panicking over Barry's plight, Iris taking the mic and calmly breaking through to a mentally paralyzed Barry with just the sound of her voice, talking him through how to fight off Grodd's psychic attack.
  • After Joe is rescued from Grodd, he reconciles with Iris after keeping her Locked Out of the Loop for the majority of season 1 and promises to always tell Iris the truth. In Joe's words, Iris has grown up as a brilliant young woman who is capable of making decisions.
  • Even though Cisco feels awful that his anti-telepathy headset didn't work effectively as he hoped, Barry insists that the three of them make a great team. Bonus points for Caitlin including Iris as part of the team.
    Barry: The three of us took on Grodd and rescued Joe. Together, we can do anything.
    Caitlin: Actually, it was the four of us.
  • Iris using The Power of Love to snap Barry out of being telepathically attacked by Grodd. Bonus points for Barry later telling her that her being there talking him through it was the only way he could stand up to Grodd, and saying that she's his inspiration for being the Flash.
    Barry: Without you, there wouldn't be 'The Flash'.
    • Extra points for the quick montage of every meaningful moment Barry has shared with Iris, while she's calling out to him.

    Episode 22: Rogue Air 
  • Despite most of the meta-humans being violent criminals who tried to kill him in battle, Barry's refusal to let them die is pretty admirable particularly in an age when dark Anti Heroes who callously let their enemies die is the norm:
    Wells turned them into what they are, and I'm pretty sure he does not care if they live or die. I do!
  • Barry feels stupid after being betrayed by Snart for letting him sabotage the prison cells and letting the meta-humans escape. Joe cheers him up by complimenting how strong of a moral compass Barry possesses contrary to other Anti Heroes like the Arrow; instead of blurring the boundary between what is right and wrong, Barry deeply cares enough about everybody (including the prisoners' well-being) despite conventional thinking otherwise.
  • Iris fighting to keep her relationship with Eddie. She doesn't care if some paper from the future says she marries Barry, at the moment she loves Eddie!
  • This exchange between Barry and Oliver:
    Oliver: I might need a favor from you.
    Barry: Wherever, whenever.

    Episode 23: Fast Enough 
  • Ronnie is willing to risk getting tracked down by the government or his power going out of control just to be with Caitlin. In his words:
    Ronnie: But I realized that although sometimes I am more than one man, I'm not whole unless I'm with you. I love you, Caitlin.
    • A Continuity Nod provided by Ronnie is also quite sweet since he remembers that Caitlin agreed to his marriage proposal.
    Ronnie: Once upon a time, and a particle accelerator or so ago, you agreed to marry me.
    Caitlin: Yes I did.
    Ronnie: What do you say we do that?
    [Caitlin nods her head and shares a kiss]
  • Thawne's twisted idea of love in a way. Despite everything that happened he still sees Cisco as the son he never had, and even comments that rebuilding the accelerator would have been more fun if he was there to help him. Of course that wouldn't stop him from killing Cisco if he was angry enough or if Cisco became a threat.
  • Eddie is still depressed about the Hannibal Lecture the Reverse Flash gave him. But Professor Stein gives him a pep speech. He's the most interesting thing inside STAR Labs — a coincidence, the one thing science can't plan for — and out of all the characters he's the one who definitely gets to chose his own path. This is especially heartwarming when you realize Stein doesn't even know Eddie that well and still cheered him up.
    Stein: Coincidence. There is no science to coincidence. You sir, are an anomaly of a wild card as it were. You are the only person in this whole story who gets to choose his own future.
    • Eddie and Iris restart their relationship, deciding to "screw the future" as a result of that speech.
  • Ronnie and Caitlin finally getting married in front of STAR Labs, with Prof. Stein as the minister rabbi.
    Ronnie: I owe you a real ring.
    Caitlin: I don't need one. I have everything and everyone that I could ever need right here. If all of the events of the past year have led to this moment, it was worth it. I love you, Ronnie.
    Stein: I now pronounced you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.
  • Barry's Goodbyes with all of the people he loves, before trying to go back and changing the timeline, especially with the Wests.
    • Just this little jewel between Barry and Joe.
    Barry: Goodbye, Dad.
    Joe: (Huggins him tightly) Goodbye, Son.
    • The understood I Love You Between Barry and Iris, and the slight regret, yet hope between the two of them.
    Barry: Iris..
    Iris: You don't have to say anything. I already know! (kisses his forehead) I hope whatever life you get, it's enough for you. That it makes you happy!
    Barry: You too.
  • Eddie killing himself so the Reverse Flash can't kill Barry and his friends.
  • Barry asks his dad if he should try to fix the past so they can be a family again. Henry tells him they are a family and to not go through with it because he is proud of the hero and good person Barry is and assures him Nora would feel the same.
  • Thawne protests that Barry could have had everything he wanted if he had changed the past. Barry's answer:
    Barry: I already do.
  • One of Cisco's biggest concerns with Barry is that changing the past would mean they'd likely never meet.

Season 2

    Episode 1: The Man who Saved Central City 
  • Evil as he was, Eobard Thawne proved that he had at least some decency by leaving behind posthumous confession of his murder of Nora Allen, which finally freed Barry's father.
    • He also admits that after all those years, he realized they were never truly enemies and genuinely felt that they were friends.
    • There's also the fact that Barry's face immediately lights up the moment he realizes he finally has the evidence he needs to prove his dad is innocent.
    • After witnessing the video alongside him the joy that Catlin feels for Barry and Henry is what finally ends her period of mourning over Ronnie.
    Barry: (on the phone) Hey Joe, can you tell everybody to meet me at S.T.A.R. Labs, thank you!
    (looks over at a smiling Caitlin)
    Caitlin: I'll drive!
  • Solidifying their friendship, and maybe something more, after several tries from both Cisco and Joe trying to get through to Barry that he's a hero who saved Central City, only one visit from Iris is what it takes for Barry to finally decide to show up at the rally the next day.
    Iris: Central City believes in the Flash. So do I.
  • Seeing Team Flash finally reunited after 6 months of being split apart from the singularity incident shows a promising start of Season 2.
  • The wormhole left a big mess, so Barry spends his nights rebuilding. And he does this anonymously.
  • Caitlin never blamed Barry for even a second after Ronnie sacrificed himself to completely stop the singularity from destroying the city.
  • Citizens of Central City throwing a Flash Day festival in honor for everything their icon of hope has done for their city, including saving them from the singularity that could potentially destroy the world. The sincere appreciation stands in sheer contrast to a lot of the mistrust heroes get more often these days, including Barry's own ally The Arrow. If it hadn't have been interrupted, one would think the ceremony would've been just what Barry needed.
    Mayor Bellows: "The doors of this city will always be open to you, Flash."
    • Even better is that Barry isn't too keen on the idea in the first place because of his guilt over Ronnie's death but shows up anyway because it was important to the people of Central City.
  • Both Iris and Joe try their hardest to convince Barry that he doesn't have to save Central City alone, and in the end, are able to convince him. Just the love that the Wests have for Barry is very sweet.
  • The welcome back party for the now innocent Henry Allen.
  • Barry tries to beg Henry to stay in Central City, saying he's the only family Barry has. Looking right at Joe and Iris, Henry tells him that no, he does have another family.
  • When Joe suggested Barry needed a talk from his best friend, Cisco immediately thinks he meant him. A minor funny moment that shows that Cisco at least thinks of Barry as his best friend.

    Episode 2: Flash of Two Worlds 
  • Right before Barry and Jay go to confront Sand Demon:
    Barry: Well, sure you want to do this...Flash?
    Jay: Yep. Let's see what you're made of...Flash.
  • Iris questioning Barry's sudden cynicism in regards to Jay, reminding him that though Wells/Thawne decieved them, he can't give up believing in the good in people.

    Episode 3: Family of Rogues 
  • Seeing Barry, Iris, Cisco and Caitlin just hanging out as friends at Jitters, over their Flashes is somewhat adorable. Yeah they all work together to fight crime, but even then they still have a healthy civilian life.
  • Captain Cold spends the episode forced to go against his deal with Barry due to his father putting a bomb in Lisa's head, and throughout it all it's clear that he hates every bit of it, having discovered his own personal honor through the deal Barry initially had to force on him. He then reacts with horror when it looks like Barry was killed, and at episode's end we're left with the hope that he can rise above the influence of his evil upbringing. The Flash has long been notable for his sincere efforts to reform his adversaries rather than just fighting them, and that starts showing up here.
    • The fact that Snart kept Barry's secret identity from his own sister, simply because he gave his word to his Friendly Enemy. That's how honorable he is.
    • Kind of a slow burner, but Barry's sure the bomb isn't in Snart's head because he'd already have pulled it out or died trying. Later, in a Legends of Tomorrow episode, a captured Snart faces a similar decision. Barry knows Snart pretty well.
  • Lisa and Cisco show genuine affection toward each other and it's clear she's enormously grateful for his saving her life.
    • Also her willingness to trust Cisco with her life, despite trust clearly not coming naturally to her.
  • Despite Joe's fears she'd hate him for lying about her mother for 20 years, Iris unhesitatingly comforts him when he breaks down after having told her.

    Episode 4: The Fury of Firestorm 
  • Before Professor Stein departs to Pittsburgh with Jax, he gave both Caitlin and Cisco words of encouragement regarding their own personal issues. For Caitlin, Stein praises Ronnie as a hero for saving Central City and shall never forget him. For Cisco, he uses Jax as an example to embrace the power instead of fearing it. Both Cisco and Caitlin receives a hug after the professor gave out his respective Patrick Stewart Speech to each of them.
  • Jax is a very nice guy and a good successor for Ronnie's legacy. He saved a friend of his from the Particle Accelerator explosion and when he saw that Professor Stein was slowly dying, he Jumped at the Call to save his life even though he hesitated earlier in the episode.
  • Iris telling her mom to leave may have been harsh, but she also gives a rather touching explanation. She knows Joe takes his responsibility as a father very seriously and that he will absolutely lose it if he finds out he has a son he never knew about who grew up without him. She's doing it to protect the father she loves.

     Episode 5: The Darkness and the Light 
  • Barry's first date with Patty is so Adorkable, with both of them holding hands and sharing a few goodnight kisses.
    • Patty being completely cool with it when she realizes that Barry can't actually see her and has been trying to cover it up. Heck, it's pretty sweet that Barry made the effort despite being blind!
  • At the end of the episode, Barry and Caitlin helping Cisco come up with his metahuman codename: Vibe.

     Episode 6: Enter Zoom 
  • Iris and Linda's friendship shows rather sweetly here. Iris encourages her, laughingly puts up with her stress-baking, and later buys her a beer and counsels to her about keeping secrets and then jokes about joining Cross-fit together so that can be more effective Flash "sidekicks".
  • Just Cisco and Caitlin's wide smiles as Barry wakes up from his injuries. Even as they're just coming into focus, the relief just radiates off them. Also hearkens back to Barry's first meeting with them when he awoke from his 9-month coma, and how far their friendship has come since then.
  • It's obvious in the flashbacks that Harry is a loving father to his daughter Jesse. He immediately cheers up when she visits him in his office, and practically glows with pride when she reminds him that she graduated high school at the age of 15. When she chews him out for not telling her that his particle accelerator is responsible for the metahumans, his reaction suggests that he's actually proud of her for standing up to him like that.
  • While their efforts amounted to nil, when Zoom parades an injured Flash all over Central City, the cops did not hesitate to open fire to free the Flash from Zoom. And the ones leading the charge? Joe and Singh.
  • Just as another reminder that Joe is still Barry's adopted father and a Papa Wolf, he was ready to punch Harry out for proposing the plan, and thus endangering Barry in the first place.

     Episode 7: Gorilla Warfare 
  • Showing the same compassion that caused Grodd to go easy on her in the first place, Caitlin recognizes that he was only doing evil things due to Reverse Flash's manipulation of a newly intelligent animal, and as he grows smarter he's just lonely for others like him. This gets the team to develop a plan to send him to Gorilla City on Earth 2 for his best chance at happiness.
  • Henry Allen coming down to Central City and snapping Barry out of his Heroic BSoD after his loss against Zoom.
  • Caitlin is the first member of Team Flash to actually make an effort to reach out to Harry. He repays that kindness by risking his life to rescue her from Grodd.
  • Barry being Easily Forgiven by Patty for lying to her after they spend a short amount of time talking things out, and the conversation ending with them becoming an Official Couple.

     Episode 8: Legends of Today 

     Episode 9: Running to Stand Still 
  • Captain Cold pays Barry back for saving Lisa back in "Family of Rogues" by warning him about Weather Wizard and Trickster's revenge plot.
  • At the end of the episode all characters are happily celebrating Christmas. There's a knock on the door and there's some mild confusion expressed as almost everyone is there. Wally West himself is the one knocking, and bashfully explains he came here because his mother mentioned that she knew Joe- who unknown to Wally at the moment is his father. Joe and Iris are stunned to see him, and Wally soon tries to debuff his entrance and instead try to leave, but Joe instead invites him in, to which Wally accepts.
  • After holding the secret in for such a long time and breaking down to Barry about it, Barry agrees to be with her when she tells Joe about her brother, Wally.
  • Barry choosing not to hate the man who murdered his mother and betrayed his trust and instead forgiving him.
  • Joe gives Barry his father's watch and calls him son. It's done subtly by Joe to let Barry know that even though Joe is happy and excited about having a biological son, he still sees Barry as his son, too. Barry is grateful for the watch, and they both tell each other "I love you."

    Episode 10: Potential Energy 
  • After Joe apologizes to Wally for chastising the young man's street racing activities, Wally in turn also apologizes for not showing up at dinner and asks if they can share Chinese takeout together. It's a small step, but the strained relationship between father and son is starting to make some progress for the Wests.
  • It was revealed that Wally partakes in illegal street racing in order to win the prize money for his mother's medical bills.

     Episode 11: The Reverse-Flash Returns 
  • It's good to see Iris finally reconciling with Francine after many years of not seeing each other. It's even more meaningful considering how Iris barely knows Francine and at one point told her to stay away from her and Joe for causing so much pain and trouble in her absence.
  • Wally also plays a part of the West Family's reconciliation process when he knocks on the door and asks Iris if she could accompany him to see Francine again. Remember that Wally started off as an angry and frustrated young man who just discovered about his father and sister, and he's willing to put aside his personal issues so he can be with the whole West family together for the first time.
  • After finally beating and having Eobard Thawne imprisoned, the one thing Barry wants most of his life, Barry still chose to free him because the Stable Time Loop requires Thawne to be free or else Cisco will be Ret Goned. Aside from showing Barry's selflessness, it also showed how Cisco became so important to him.
  • While not explicitly stated, Harry's mannerisms towards Thawne strongly implies that he resents the man not only for what he did/will do to Barry's family, but also for what he did/will do to his Earth-1 counterpart. Note that in his introduction to the main cast, Harry wasted no time in declaring that he doesn't give a damn about everyone in this world including his own counterpart.
  • Harry panics and starts stammering his words (something we've never seen him do before, no matter how dire the situation was) when Cisco starts to fade out of existence. It seems that, despite the constant bickering and claims that he doesn't even like Cisco, Harry's started to care about him.
  • Despite their heartbreaking separation, Patty leaves Central City on good terms with Barry. When she makes a call for help to Barry, he rushes to her side as The Flash, only to see that Patty is fine and faked the emergency. He finally turns off the blur around his face, thus telling Patty that he is The Flash, despite earlier refusing to do so. Patty assures Barry that everything is good (between them) and she quietly bids him goodbye, as he runs back to the city.

     Episode 12: Fast Lane 
  • Barry shows just how much of an All-Loving Hero he is by forgiving Harry's stealing some of his speed, pointing out that no one held anything against Cisco for revealing Barry's identity to Captain Cold to save his brother, and they owe the same to a man desperately trying to save his daughter.
  • While played as a joke, it's also quite sweet that Barry and Caitlin both promptly say that Felicity Smoak is the greatest hacker in the world, given that she's currently dealing with being paralyzed, and learning that her hacking skills still make her a valuable member of Team Arrow.
  • Most of the interactions of the West family:
    • Iris confronting Wally about his drag racing out of concern. Anger Born of Worry definitely applies.
    • Wally visiting Iris in the hospital after the accident with Tarpit. After Wally tries to immediately leave, Joe tells Wally that he shouldn't have been trying to treat Wally as a buddy but as a son. Wally then accepts Joe and Iris as his family, opting to stay with Iris in the hospital.

     Episode 13: Welcome to Earth-2 
  • The 1990 Flash series is confirmed to be part of the Multiverse when Barry travels between Earths, as its Barry is glimpsed through stock footage. Short of actually dressing up John Wesley Shipp as that Flash again, that's just about the highest mark of respect this show can give its predecessor which was gone too soon.
  • Earth-2 Floyd Lawton telling Iris that he will accompany her with her personal manhunt against Deathstorm and Killer Frost for killing Joe despite it being unauthorized (and unethical) for cops like them because they are partners and partners always have each others' back.
  • The glimpses we get of Earth-2 Barry and Iris' married life are short but incredibly sweet, especially for anyone who's a fan of their canon relationship in the various comic continuities.
  • A villainous, kind of bittersweet example, but the relationship between Killer Frost and Deathstorm is actually pretty cute to watch. You can see the remnants of Caitlin and Ronnie, just how much they love each other, in how they interact with each other. "Good thing the only man I can kiss is the only one I want to." anyone?

     Episode 14: Escape from Earth-2 
  • Earth-2 Barry insisting on coming along to track down Killer Frost and refusing to leave his wife's side because even if Earth-2 Joe hated him, they were still family and he wants to get back at Zoom. He may not be the Flash, but he definitely has Earth-1 Barry's heart.
  • Earth-1 Barry reassures Jesse that her father did everything (good or bad) for her sake. He even inspires her to not give up on escaping or believing in her father rescuing them.
  • When the gang arrives to free Barry and Jesse, he insists on saving the masked man who was trying to tell them something important, and when Harry makes it clear they have no time, Barry promises to come back for him. He doesn't even know who the man is, and he still refuses to let Zoom victimize him.
  • Barry's final words to his Earth-2 counterpart: "You may not have been struck by lightning like I was, but today you risked your life to save someone you didn't even know. That makes you a hero."
  • Before Barry goes back to Earth-1, Earth-2 Iris asks if her father is still alive over there, and Barry promises to give him a hug for her.

     Episode 15: King Shark 
  • Wally seems to be getting along very well now with his estranged father and sister, now going over to play games with them. This is a far cry from earlier episodes where he was trying to keep them distant.
  • Joe reassuring Barry that the death of his Earth-2 counterpart was not his fault, even though Flash does feel that way.
  • Diggle also giving Barry reassurance about the supposed death of "Jay", and reassuring him that he'll talk to the others, especially Felicity.
  • Joe reassuring Wally that he's not picking favorites between Wally and Barry, which especially helps with that.
  • A bit of a Tearjerker as well, but the scene where Cisco tells Caitlin about his fears of her turning into Killer Frost. They haven't had a whole lot of scenes with just the two of them this season, so seeing them connect emotionally on a topic is so welcome.
    • Just the entire episode, Cisco being extremely tender and caring towards Caitlin, showing extreme concern for her long before his fears of her becoming Killer Frost come to be.

    Episode 16: Trajectory 
  • The entire scene at the club. It's nice to see Team Flash + Wally, having fun especially after how shitty their lives have been for the past couple episodes. Not to mention it was a Ship Teaser dream, with plenty of sweet moments between many different teams, you know before Trajectory robs everyone.
    • Jesse and Wally showing an attraction to one another.
    • Cisco and Caitlin dancing together.
    • And the Crowner, Barry and Iris musing over what their married Earth-2 doppelgangers were up to at that moment.
      • Iris even making a mention of a possible wedding between her and Barry.
        Iris: (gleefully watching Cisco and Caitlin's erratic dance) Promise me that if we ever do get married, you will not do that dance at our wedding.
        Barry: Oh I cam promise you that...(realizing what he just said) Oh, not the wedding, just the dancing!
  • Iris having a decent conversation with her boss Scott about Flash being a hero. Even though Scott is cynical about heroes, he nonetheless accepts the pro-Flash article written by Iris.
  • While it's also a Tearjerker, Jesse's message to Harry, affirming that no matter what she loves him, even though she's leaving Central City.

    Episode 17: Flash Back 
  • After Barry returns and alters the timeline it seems that not only has Hartley made amends with the Team, but also with his parents, who previously had disowned him.
  • Barry comforting Iris about Eddie, and showing her the video he made of Eddie, when he traveled back in time, giving her the push to finally move on.

    Episode 18: Versus Zoom 
  • It seems that all of Barry and Team Flash's efforts to get the Flash to increase his speed to beat Zoom finally paid off.
  • Iris and Caitlin having one hell of a Friendship Moment, Iris confiding in Caitlin that she's finally feeling ready to act on her feelings for Barry, and Caitlin giving her the push to do so.
    • Even more so, Caitlin may have become a little more jaded after her husband died, twice, and her sort-of-boyfriend was murdered in front of her eyes, only to be revealed as alive, but the monster they've all been trying to stop the entire time. Still despite this she proves to be very supportive of a relationship between Barry and Iris.
    Iris: Do you believe in destiny, Caitlin?
    Caitlin: Maybe for you...
  • Wally finally moving in with Joe, Iris and Barry. To drive the point home, Wally even says "Thanks, Dad".
  • Cisco fears that he may turn into Reverb if he keeps using his powers. Barry assures him he's not alone.
    Barry: You've got something that Reverb never had. You've got Caitlin and Joe and Iris and Wells and me. Friends, who are gonna look out for you. And we're more than just friend...We're family!
  • Barry and Wally may not have the greatest relationship, but when Zoom kidnaps Wally holding his life as leverage in exchange for Barry's speed, Barry doesn't even hesitate. In his eyes Iris and Joe are his family, therefore Wally is his family.
    • Joe even tries to talk Barry out of the idea, yes he loves his son, but he won't sacrifice his other son in exchange.
    • Not to mention that Cisco and Caitlin who barely know Wally, spending a big chunk of their night formulating ways to save him, for the sake of Iris and Joe, even Harry is invested.
  • Caitlin getting through to Hunter, preventing him from hurting a depowered Barry. Yes, as they all learned, Zoom is a monster, but he does care for Caitlin.

    Episode 19: Back to Normal 
  • A small moment, but the quick smidge of relief that comes across The Team when they learn Caitlin is still alive and well.
  • Just how quick Iris is to defend Barry against Harry's tirade.
    Iris: We made these decisions as a team!
  • Wally's main reason for meeting the Flash? To thank him for giving his powers away in exchange for Wally's life.
  • Barry and Iris recalling the first time he used his speed to save her, when Mardon's and the police cars were barreling at them.
    Barry: You know, you were the first person I saved after I got my powers? We were out on a walk and talked about Eddie, and how you were with him, and I was thinking to myself how I missed a lot when I was in that coma. And then those cars came at us, and then it was like the world froze, like you and I were the only people two people in the world. I didn't know what I could do yet, I just knew that I could save you. And I did. And now I don't know...I just don't even know who I am anymore or supposed to be.
    Iris: Barry, you're supposed to be the same guy you've always been. Suit or no suit, that guy is a hero!
  • Harry and Jesse reconciling at the end. "I love you, Dad!" "I love you too...My little Jesse Quick!"

    Episode 20: Rupture 
  • Henry deciding it's time to move back to Central City, to Barry's delight.
  • The adorableness that is Wally West and Jesse Wells.
  • Iris finally declaring her love to Barry!
    Iris: Barry, you always will have someone to come home!
    • Despite his confusion at her decision to come forward at the time, Barry still can't help but give off a HUGE smile for a split second! That and his overall excitement at the prospect of finally being with his dream girl remains evident the entire conversation!
  • Cisco and Dante shared a hug after their awkward time at the bar. They may not have gotten along with each other since they were kids, but they're still dear brothers to each other.

    Episode 21: The Runaway Dinosaur 
  • Iris and Cisco being extremely attentive and protective of Jesse while she's in her coma.
    • For that matter, the fact that Henry still looked after Jesse, after her father seemingly killed his son.
  • The Speed Force taking on Nora's form:
    Speed Force: What if I told you that she's proud of you? And of the man that you've become?
    Barry: Who's telling me that, the Speed Force or my mother?
    Speed Force/Nora Allen: Both!
  • Iris reaching out through Cisco and bringing Barry back.
    Iris: Barry! Come home to me!
    Speed Force/Nora Allen: Run, Barry, Run.
    (Barry runs into the void and finds Iris, who reaches out to him, and he does the same, the two grab hands and Iris pulls Barry back into the real world)
    Barry: Sorry...I got lost.
    Iris: It's okay, we found you!
  • Barry's main reason for wanting to defeat Zombie Girder, to grant him peace.
  • Henry reconfirming to his son that he is back in Central City and Barry's life for good.
  • The official start of Barry and Iris as a couple, while the two are paying their respects for the first time at Nora's grave.
    (Barry and Iris approach Nora's gravesite together, hand in hand, as the rain falls around them, Barry leans down and places white lilies on his mother's grave)
    Barry: Joe offered to take me so often, but I'd always find an excuse to say no. (He also places The Runaway Dinosaur nearby his mom as well) My mom and I read this when I was little. Do you know it?
    Iris: Yeah, I-I never really liked that book.
    Barry: Why?
    Iris: Because it was about a mother who was always there for her child no matter what...and that wasn't my mom or yours. We never had anyone that was 'just right' for us.
    Barry: Didn't we? I'm seeing things a lot differently now. I've wasted so much time being angry about what I lost when I've had so much. My dad, Joe...and you. The truth is, Iris, I don't know what this is between us or where we go from here. All I know is you're everything to me, and you always have been, and the sound of your voice will always bring me home.
    (Iris smiles and Barry pulls her into a warm embrace)

     Episode 22: Invincible 
  • Joe voicing his concerns, when The Team formulate the Earth-2 knockout frequency, of how it will affect Harry and Jesse.
    Harry: Why, Detective, I didn't know you cared?
    Joe: Yeah, you did!
  • Barry giving his support to Wally, in becoming a hero when arguing with Joe.
    Barry: I'm not gonna stop him from being the hero he's gonna become. I don't think you should, either.
  • So far, due to Zoom, it's gone nowhere, but Barry officially asking Iris out on their first date, to which she says yes.
  • Right before Zoom kills him, Henry tells Barry how proud of him he is, and that he and his mother have always loved him. In a nutshell, he wants his son's last memories of him to be of his dad gushing over him.
  • Caitling echoing everyone's (in-universe and out) sentiments about Laurel when Wells asks if they knew her:
    Caitlin: "We didn't just know her, we loved her."#
  • Joe mentions that his grandchildren are going to call him "Papa", not "Grandpa"; come Season 5, Nora does, indeed, call him "Papa Joe."

     Episode 23: The Race of His Life 
  • It's a Tearjerker yes, but Iris instinctively going to Barry out on the front porch, where he finally lets down his guard, and opens up to her how he feels after his father's funeral, and losing another parent, with Iris succeeding in comforting him for the moment. This turns into personal Nightmare Fuel for her however after Barry chases down Zoom despite her pleas for him to stop.
  • Jesse telling her father that he should consider staying in Earth-1, because he's so much happier than on Earth-2.
    • Later, Harry admits that he's a better man than when he arrived, because of the friendships he's made.
  • Wally, finally accepting and befriending Barry.
    • Just before Barry races Zoom, he promises that he'll save Wally and Iris's dad. Wally corrects him.
  • This little bit when talking about Barry's Time Remnant.
    Wally: Okay, so the Time Remnant, it's still you!
    Barry: Yeah!
    Cailtin: But he died!
    Barry: He was willing to sacrifice himself for all of us!
    Iris: That's how much he loved us!
    (Barry smiles and nods at her sentiment, to which the others smile in gratitude)
  • Jesse and Harry's goodbye and exit from Team Flash.
    Harry: They're great kids, Joe.
    • Harry finally calling Cisco "Cisco", not "Ramon".
  • The ending, between Barry and Iris, as bittersweet as it is:
    Barry: We just defeated Zoom, why does it feel like I just lost?
    Iris: You've lost a lot in your life Barry, more than most. But maybe you and me, seeing where that goes, maybe that can give you something for a change.
    (Barry gives her a small smile, but one of melancholy not joy)
    Barry: That's all I've ever wanted to hear you say, and I wish I was in a place I could try that with you, but I feel so hollowed out inside right now. I feel more broken than I ever have before. If I'm ever going to be of any worth to you I have to fix myself, I have to find some peace.
    Iris: Barry, you have waited for me for years. You let me get to a place where this was possible. So I am telling you, I am going to do the same thing for you. Wherever you need to go, whatever you need to do, do it, and when you get back, I'll be here!
    Barry: Okay!
    Iris: I love you, Barry.
    (Barry kisses her goodbye)
    Barry: I love you too, and I always will.
    (Iris goes back inside the house, and Barry watches through the window as she rejoins the celebration with the rest of the team)
    Barry: (to himself, mostly) That's why I'm so sorry... but I have to do this...
    (he races off into a time portal, to the night when Nora died...)
  • After 25 years, seeing John Wesley Shipp back in the red suit. Seeing a childhood hero in his costume again (even if it's not the same one, exactly) is like seeing Keaton as Batman, Reeve as Superman, and Carter as Wonder Woman once more.
    • This exchange:
      Jay Garrick: Thank you, all of you for saving me from Zoom. Especially you, Flash.
      Barry: You're welcome...Flash.
  • After Jay destroys the power-dampening mask, he comments on how much Hunter Zolomon took that was his...except for James Zolomon's helmet. As they fill Jay on its history, Harry picks it up and comments on its symbolism of hope; with Harry's obvious approval, Jay decides to "take something from him for a change" to continue that legacy on his Earth, further removing the bleak taint of Zolomon's legacy from it and inspiring people. Fittingly, when he puts it on, Caitlin compliments him on the look:
    Caitlin: (smiles sombrely) "It suits you."

Season 3

     Episode 1: Flashpoint 
  • Every single interaction between Barry and Iris, from him nervously working up the nerve to talk to her, to their date, to Iris realising that Barry was the thing missing from her life. But most especially this part:
    Iris: We're something else to each we're you're from, aren't we?
    Barry: Yes.
    Iris: What?
    Barry: It...escapes definition.
    Iris: But it's love, right? Because this is what love feels like.
  • Even though they don't really know each other in this timeline, there is something incredibly heartwarming in how Team Flash work together when faced with a problem.
  • Barry finally getting to bond with his parents. Even though you know he has to put it back, he's finally gotten what he's always wanted, and it's beautiful to see.
    • In fact, when you see him, he's more confident at work, self-assured when facing Iris, and puts together the team with ease. It shows that his parents' death really affected him; without it, he's much more whole.
  • Cisco is a billionaire, and even though he's kind of a jerk, it's nice to know he's being recognised for his genius.
  • Iris and Wally are incredibly close and fight crime together, which is a nice contrast from Iris being Locked Out of the Loop in the first season.
  • Barry deciding to fix the timeline because Wally is dying, and then the fact that he makes a beeline for him to hug him when he gets back. Wally hugs him back automatically. It's nice that their relationship has come so far since the uneasiness of last season.
  • Barry's heartfelt goodbye's to his parents. As hard as it is to leave them, Barry knows the timeline has to be restored, and wishes to let them know how much he loves Flashpoint Henry and Nora, despite his inability to tell them what's going on.
  • Knowing that she will be Ret-Gone after restoring the timeline, Barry shares a quick kiss goodbye with Flashpoint Iris.

     Episode 2: Paradox 
  • When Barry's in need of help and a sounding board, he runs all the way to Star City, where Felicity, though startled by his arrival is more than willing to listen to his troubles.
  • Wally is the first to agree, if hesitantly, to Barry's Team Flash retreat, signifying their bond has indeed become like brothers!
  • Jay Garrick is revealed to be keeping an eye on Barry, after learning of his struggle.
    • From Harry, no less, which showed how much he came to care for Barry and his struggles as well.
  • After Cisco, who's still a little upset with Barry for what he inadvertently did to Dante, comes to Barry's rescue against the Rival, Barry has nothing but respect for his friend.
    Barry: (smiling) Thank you!
    Cisco: Sorry it took so long.
    Barry: (smiling and tearing up) You were just in time!
  • Even after Team Flash learns what Barry did, and giving him a slight, but called for, What the Hell, Hero? moment, by the end they all find a way to forgive him, for permanently altering the timeline and their lives, and agree not to know what happened in their previous lives.
    • Iris, with Caitlin quickly joining in afterwards, to be the one to push for the Team to make their peace with what Barry had done, because as Iris notes, as Barry often does, they're family.
    Iris: So?
    Wally: He changed our lives, Iris, and he kept that secret from us. You really just want us to be okay with that?
    Iris: All I am saying, Wally, is that he made mistakes.
    Cisco: (curtly) Yeah, he did!
    Iris: Cisco! We all make mistakes to protect the people we love! I mean you told Captain Cold that Barry was the Flash to protect your brother!
    Cisco: (meekly) Okay, not my finest moment!
    Iris: (tenderly) That's my point. It was one decision, made in one moment, one heartwrenching moment. Look, guys, we're like a family here, and sometimes families get mad at each other for screwing up. I know that all too well, but they also forgive, because after a while it just seems silly when you stop and think about it.
    Caitlin: Guys, Iris is right. We all have secrets, we all screw up, but this is Barry we're talking about.
  • Iris and Joe repairing their relationship almost instantly after finding out the rift between them was due to a time distortion.
  • Barry finally sharing a real kiss with Iris, after the last two between them, had been erased.
    Barry: Are you sure you don't want to know about the other timeline?
    Iris: No, in my mind, wherever you go, you'll always be Barry, and I'll always be Iris. And we will always find each other.
    (Barry smiles, takes her hand, leans over and tenderly kisses her)

     Episode 3: Magenta 
  • Despite getting off to a rocky and awkward start, Barry's overall excitement at his first date with Iris.
    Barry: (v.o) You remember that feeling you always got as a kid when you were so excited about something you couldn't focus on anything else, that's me right now thinking about...(glancing over at the photo of him and Iris on his desk) what I'm always thinking about.
    • Their second date, however, goes much better, with the two realizing that they aren't the same people anymore now that Barry's the Flash, case in point, Barry rushing her out of the stuffy restaurant, to a private dinner on the Riverside. Even with Barry being called into CCPD by Joe, Iris admits that the date was just the way she wanted it.
  • Jesse and Wally finally being reunited, showing that their friendship, and maybe something more hasn't been dampened by the timeline change. Jesse even admitting that the first person she wanted to talk to, after getting her powers, was Wally!
  • Harry, after spending the entire episode forbidding Jesse's destiny as a speedster, to finally realizing she's meant to be a hero, even supplying her with her new Suit.
  • Barry's talk with Frankie, convincing her to surrender, and afterwards getting her a home with a family that won't abuse her.
    Barry: Magenta! *looks up at Jesse Quick on the roof* I got a little help. So I could help you. Okay, killing your foster father and everyone else inside that hospital isn't going to give you what you need.
    Magenta: You have no idea what I need! It's not just John I want to get rid of. I want them both gone.
    Barry: I know you're still in there, Frankie. Don't let John destroy the good that's still inside you.
    Magenta: He said I was weak. That I was pathetic! He said I was a horrible person.
    Barry: He's just blaming you for all the bad things he's caused in his life, it's not your fault, this isn't because of you.
    Barry: This isn't the way. Your foster father never forgave himself for his mistakes that's why he took them out on you, he couldn't face who he is, he couldn't move forward. But you can.
    Frankie: [lowers the ship, starts crying] I'm so sorry!
    Barry: It's okay.
    Frankie: I'm so sorry!
    Barry [hugging her] It's gonna be okay. It's okay, it's gonna be okay.
  • Barry yelling at Wally for trying to jump-start his powers even though he's so desperate to help people. It's also quite a nice callback to Joe yelling at Barry that he needs to be careful way back in Season One, which is nice bit of character development.

     Episode 4: The New Rogues 
  • Although Caitlin is afraid of her ice powers, she nonetheless uses them to help Barry out of the situation that Mirror Master put him in.
  • Wally and Jesse's Ship Tease becoming no longer tease, complete with The Big Damn Kiss.
  • Harrison introduces Cisco as "he can do anything," and Caitlin as "brilliant." How far he's come.
  • Cisco and Harry share a hug, and Cisco promises him that there's only one Harry.

     Episode 5: Monster 
  • It turns out that H.R. really is a nice guy, and is trying his best to make Team Flash trust him (especially Cisco) in light of their previous experiences with Wellses.
    • Similarly, after it comes to light that he actually isn't a scientist (he's more of an ideas man), H.R. begs for a chance to prove his merit...which they give him.
  • Caitlin reconciling with her mother after many years of separation.
  • Julian finally dropping his Jerkass facade and opening up to Barry.

     Episode 6: Shade 
  • Barry inviting Julian on the group date he and Iris were going to with the other, which he politely declines, due to having plans with his own girlfriend.
    • Speaking of which, Joe has his first date with the DA on this group outing, that H.R. promptly ruins, when his ego gets the better of him in front of a beautiful woman.
  • When Iris reveals she feels out of place on the team and how she can help him, Barry assures her that he needs her.
    Iris: Barry, come on, my contributions here are limited. I don't know science, I have no powers, I don't know how to help you.
    Barry: I couldn't do this without you.
    Iris: That's not true.
    Barry: It is true, whether you realize it or not, there is no Flash, without Iris West.
  • Cisco reassuring Caitlin that she is not alone, and agreeing to help her work through her newfound powers.

     Episode 7: Killer Frost 
  • Barry is down after rightfully assuming that everything that has happened is his fault from Caitlin turning into Killer Frost to his friendship with Cisco one again being ruined once again due to the latter find out that Barry creating Flashpoint is what lead to Dante being killed in the current timeline. Iris comes to his side and assures him that he has no way of knowing that Caitlin wouldn't have gained powers eventually or Dante wouldn't have died at some later point in time and reminds him that he is still human and makes mistakes like everyone else. Barry in return reaffirms that he couldn't be the hero he is without her.
  • For all of the sorrow Team Flash goes through, this episode shows that Cisco, Barry, and Caitlin are True Companions -Cisco and Barry never give up hope that Caitlin can come back from being Killer Frost, and despite the negativity thrown up in the episode, they stay together. Barry gives up his job - which is his passion - for Caitlin's sake, and Caitlin breaks down from all her anger at the thought of killing Barry. The team is hurting, but they're still a family.
  • Barry quits CSI due to a deal he made with Julian to keep him quiet about Caitlin's actions. Iris and Joe meet up with him as he's packing up and are nothing but supportive to Barry, soundly debunking Julian's condescension about Barry. Iris sounds like she's ready to hunt Julian down and tear him to pieces for daring to imply that Barry is anything less than 1000% dedicated to helping others. Joe is impressed by Barry's willingness to give up everything he has for those he loves.

     Episode 8: Invasion! 

     Episode 9: The Present 
  • Jay telling Barry to enjoy the present and spend some time with Iris.
  • Joe and Iris finally getting over their reservations about Wally being a hero, and they show it by giving him his Kid-Flash costume as a Christmas present.
  • Julian joining the West Christmas Party and reveals that he got Barry his old job back as a sign of gratitude.
  • Barry decides to takes Jay's advice to heart for himself and Iris deciding to finally live life in the present without worrying so about either the past or future.
  • Caitlin has gotten over the fear of her powers enough that she's willing to use them for nothing more than creating snow out of rain so it will feel more properly like Christmas.
  • One line from Jay is both this and a Tear Jerker, given his status as the doppelgänger of Barry's father and as something of a mentor/father figure to Barry now.
    Jay: Your dad would have been So Proud of You.
  • Barry's Christmas present to Iris.
    (Barry leads an Eyes-Covered Iris into a spacious living area)
    Barry: (excitedly) Okay are you ready?
    Iris: Yeah!
    Barry: Open your eyes, now!
    (Iris looks around the empty apartment, slightly confused)
    Iris: Where are we?
    Barry: Home!

     Episode 10: Borrowing Problems From the Future 
  • Despite his fears of losing her to Savitar, just seeing how happy and content Barry is to finally be living as a couple with Iris.
    (After receiving an alert of a fire downtown, Barry gazes lovingly at Iris)
    Iris: What is it?
    Barry: I just really love you.
    (leans over and kisses her tenderly, before jumping out of bed and rushing off to save the day)
  • Caitlin offering her friendship and a position at STAR Labs to Julian.
  • The small comforting hand Cisco places on Barry's shoulder, after the two Vibe into the future with Iris' death.
  • Barry and Iris' housewarming party
    • Everybody cooing at the tiny turtle (tortoise?) H.R. gives Barry and Iris as a present.
  • Cisco citing Patience by Anna M. Pratt as pep talk for H.R., even more so when you consider how much of a jerk he has been to him before.
  • One of the news blurbs Barry and Cisco find in the future leading up to Iris' death is a mention of Killer Frost being back, and at large, to Caitlin's distress. Despite having more reason than anybody to be worried about her own fate, the first thing that Iris says once they get back is that it's not just her future that they need to change. We see Caitlin, who was hiding her crushed reaction, send her a grateful look.
  • Barry letting Wally catch Plunder all by himself. At first Wally is suspicious of Barry's motives (if Wally catches Plunder instead of Barry then Iris might live), but Barry assures him that it's because Iris needs a hero and that Wally is more than ready to finally be a hero.
    • The people of Central City adoring cheering "Kid Flash! Kid Flash!" after catching Plunder easing any doubts that Wally might have about his worth as hero.
  • Barry telling Joe that Wally is a hero - and then Joe replying by saying that both of his sons are heroes.
  • Barry reassuring Iris that he and everyone else are going to do everything possible to prevent her death.

     Episode 11: Dead or Alive 
  • Caitlin reassuring H.R. that he will always have an home with Team Flash after he has been told that he may never return to his Earth.
  • Barry and Wally's relationship is a joy to watch: finally, The Flash and Kid Flash are working together!
  • Barry reassuring Iris, after she's spent the episode chasing a dangerous story in the hopes of leaving a journalistic legacy that she should be proud of her work and that he's going to do everything he can to ensure she gets there.

     Episode 12: Untouchable 
  • A low-key example, but the fact that Joe refuses to cancel his coffee date with Cecile just because Yorkin is out to kill him goes to show how serious he takes his relationship with Cecile.
  • Iris' speech to Barry after everything that happened with Yorkin, not only affirming that she has complete faith in his ability to save her, but that she loves Barry, her boyfriend, and The Flash, her protector:
    Iris: You know you’ve been saying for weeks that you’re gonna save me from Savitar. And while I trust you with my life, it was hard not to feel scared. You know, sometimes it feels like the Flash is this guy my boyfriend becomes when he runs off to save other people. Like I’m the only one who doesn’t get the Flash. He felt separate from you. But yesterday when you saved me, I remembered I have no reason to be scared. The man I love is a superhero. I love and trust you, Barry Allen/The Flash. I love all of you, and I always will.
  • Barry admitting to Wally that he isn't the problem and that Barry should have been a much better teacher, saying that Wally has all the tools he needs to become a hero. Later, his encouraging Wally to phase through Yorkin despite Wally's doubts also count.
    Barry: I believe you can do it. I need you to believe it, too.
  • Iris assuring Caitlin that she trusts her to use her powers to save Iris' life without letting Killer Frost take over.
    • When Killer Frost does begin taking over, Julian's "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight speech about how strong he knows Caitlin to be, and how he knows that Killer Frost isn't really who Caitlin is, especially after he's spent most of the episode treating her rather coldly.

     Episode 13: Attack on Gorilla City 

  • While also a Tearjerker, Cisco being willing to die just so Grodd can't exploit his powers to invade Earth-1.
    • Thankfully, he doesn't have to. Barry helps free the team by faking his death, with some help from Caitlin's powers to make it convincing enough, so he can be taken out of his cage. Judging by the effort it took to revive himself by vibrating, it seemed as if he was taking a great risk, but trusted Caitlin enough not to kill him. The fact that Caitlin didn't seem to lose control of her powers like she has previously is also nice.
  • Iris asking Barry not to do anything stupid for her. His reply?
    Barry: (smiling) Everything I do is for you. (kisses her)
  • Julian assuring Caitlin that he's not afraid of her powers and asking her out and her saying yes, despite her reluctance due to fear that she'll one day become Killer Frost.
    Julian: I think we should find a local steakhouse and be terrified together.
    Caitlin: Sure. Together it is.

     Episode 14: Attack on Central City 
  • H.R. organising 'Friend's Day' for everyone, which is the equivalent of Valentine's Day on his earth, to celebrate the victory against Grodd, and gives everyone cards.
  • Iris to Barry:
    Iris: Barry Allen...will you be my friend?
    Barry: (grinning) Always.
  • Barry surprises Iris with a marriage proposal.
    Barry: I've been trying to avoid the future, I kept forgetting there's another way.
    Iris: What's that?
    Barry: Making the future...
    (reveals an engagement ring and gets down on one knee!)

     Episode 15: The Wrath of Savitar 
  • The billboard saying that Central City is home to the Flash and Kid Flash which proves just how much Barry and Wally are loved by the city they protect.
  • The flood of congratulations for Barry and Iris' engagement from Joe, Wally and the STAR Labs crew. It gets less heartwarming when we find out that Barry proposed only to stop the future.

     Episode 16: Into the Speed Force 
  • Things may be awkward between them, after they broke up, but Barry and Iris openly acknowledge and express that the two still love each other.
  • Despite all the reasons not to do so, Barry makes the decision to dive in and rescue Wally from the Speed Force. This is despite Joe's insistence he not do it because he doesn't want to "lose both sons".
  • Apparently, Cisco has gotten so used to working with Julian that he has completely forgotten that Julian was a recent addition and still needs some things explained to him.
  • Despite the fact she punched him the face, H.R. doesn't hesitate to coach Jesse in her battle with Savitar. He also accepts her later apology with no problem.
  • When the tether was lost, Cisco immediately went to Earth-3 to get Jay as backup to save Barry and Wally.
  • Jay being the one who takes Wally's place in Savitar's prison as payment for Barry saving him in Season Two. He know his days as hero are numbered due to his old age, so he decides he's worth the loss.
    • Team Flash vows to reimprison Savitar so Jay can be freed.
  • As shown in the preview, the Speed Force is aware of Barry's reasoning for creating Flashpoint, and is even sympathetic to his father's death, regardless of how pissed off the Speed Force is at him for it.
  • The Speed Force telling Barry that he isn't to blame for what happened to Eddie, Ronnie, or Snart because they made their own choices.
  • There is also the fact that the speed force reveals to Barry that Snart was inspired by him to make his own sacrifice.
  • Barry is having the life sucked out of him by Black Flash. His last words?
    Barry: I love you, Iris.

     Episode 17: Duet 
  • Barry and Kara's interactions throughout the episode. They support each other through their personal problems and their current predicament, confirming that they are indeed Super Friends.
  • Iris saves Barry from the dream world with one heck of a kiss.
    • Same goes for Mon-El for Kara.
  • At the end of the episode Barry gets back together with Iris, moves back into their home...and serenades her before proposing again.
    • She says yes, of course.
  • The beautiful trio rendition of Guys and Dolls "More, I Cannot Wish You," by Jesse L. Martin, Victor Garber and John Barrowman.
  • Barry watching a musical with his mom as a child. It's a incredibly moving reminder of while to Barry, Nora may be gone, she is not forgotten.
  • Cisco helping Wally through getting back on his feet after being mind-raped by Savitar.
  • Turns out Music Meister actually likes the good guys.
    • He even sings a little reprise of "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" before leaving.

     Episode 18: Abra Kadabra 
  • Barry agreeing to Cecile's suggestion's of a double date between he, Iris, Joe and her, in July...
    Barry: (after an awkward pause) We'll be there...
    (assuredly squeezing Iris hand)
    Barry: All of us.
  • Caitlin and Julian certainly patched things up after removing the shrapnel inside of Caitlin. Julian even praised Caitlin's bravery for entrusting his clumsy hands to perform the surgery on her.
  • In The Stinger, HR finally show ups after missing the entire plot. We find out he was dealing wiht some romantic antics...and then it's revealed that Cisco was genuinely worried about HR. This further shows that, as annoyed as Cisco gets by HR, he really does care about the guy.

     Episode 19: The Once And Future Flash 
  • Despite being one of the bleakest episodes of the season, if not the entire show, Future Cisco's optimistic attitude brings a bit of hope to it. He is happy to see Present Barry, and despite showing sadness at how the Bad Future has affected everyone, including himself, tries to get Barry to bring the team back together and encourage his future self to become a hero again. And it works!
  • HR also seems to be his same, cheerful self, but still helps the team when Present Barry brings him, Joe, and Julian to the lab.
  • Seeing that Present Barry has brought the remaining members of Team Flash together to help defeat Top and Mirror Master, Future Barry decides to join in when Present Barry is in danger.
  • After Future Barry, who has spent the whole episode telling Present Barry that he can't change anything is convinced to fight crime again, he gives him some information that could help him stop Savitar sooner and prevent the Bad Future from happening, showing that he has gained at least a bit of hope.

    Episode 20: I Know Who You Are 
  • Seeing Barry and Iris gathered around Wally on the couch looking at pictures of Jesse after he comes back from Earth-2 is a small but sweet moment.
  • Fridge heartwarming (albeit a slightly dark example): In the previous episode, Caitlin was suspicious of Savitar and had no interest in working with him, until he stepped out of his suit and she instantly agreed to join him. Since Savitar is a future Barry, that says quite a bit about how much she trusts him.

    Episode 21: Cause and Effect 
  • Seeing Barry happy again after the threat of Iris' death hanging over him for so long is too heartwarming for words.
  • All of an amnesiac Barry's interactions with Iris. Yes, it's nice to see Barry happy and smiling, but it's also nice to see Iris so light as well, since she had a few hours where they weren't constantly worrying about her death:
    • Barry being immediately onboard with the fact that he's marrying Iris, eagerly asking about their wedding plans (doubles as Tear Jerker, since he doesn't realise the reason they haven't planned anything yet is because they've been preoccupied with Savitar killing her).
    • Him finding out that he was into Dragon Ball Z as a kid.
    • The Crowner has got to be Iris helping Barry get his memory back. Not only does it reaffirm that Iris is Barry's lightning rod, but the story she tells - that the night Barry came to live with them was the night that they fell in love and realised how much they needed each other - pretty much confirms what most of the audience has been thinking since Season 1: that Iris has always been in love with Barry.
  • Despite having no idea how to use his powers, Amnesiac Barry still jumps into the field to rescue the civilians trapped in the burning building.

    Episode 22: Infantino Street 
  • By the end of this episode, Barry and Snart have moved firmly into Friendly Enemies territory-they understand one another, and Snart even tells Barry that he should remain a hero. At one point, Snart comes up with a non-lethal way to take out King Shark, and challenges Barry to use it instead of just killing.
  • Barry's refusal to leave Snart behind, even after he gets ahold of Dominator tech.
    • Lyla, having viewed Barry's actions, changes her opinion and lends the power source to Barry both for the loyalty he demonstrated towards Snart, and her inability to simply stay neutral if the tech could play a part in rescuing Iris.
  • Iris records her wedding vows to Barry when he's out getting her caviar. Crosses into the most brutal Tear Jerker imaginable because you find out what she says as Savitar is (apparently) killing her.

    Episode 23: Finish Line 
  • Iris lives! Unfortunately at HR's expense.
    • Related - the fact that H.R. sacrificed himself for her doesn't stop Iris from running to Infantino Street so she can attempt to stop Savitar herself.
  • Barry and Iris offering Savitar a chance at redemption, despite all he has done. Savitar asking about bunking with Wally, and whether he will sit on the Bride's side or the Groom's side at Barry and Iris' wedding is surprisingly adorable. Unfortunately, it doesn't take.
    • Fortunately, Cisco's attempts with Caitlin are much more successful.
    • Killer Frost/Caitlin immediately turning on Savitar when he goes to kill Cisco.
  • As cold comfort as it is the Speed Force, as Nora Allen assures Iris that she isn't taking Barry to his personal hell like Wally and Jay experienced.
  • Harry of all people speaking fondly about H.R.'s sacrifice, considering how much he outright hated him.
  • Iris fittingly eulogizing her savior, H.R.'s. Her respect and admiration towards the man ever present in her words and delivery during his funeral.
  • Barry's little reassuring smile he gives to a sobbing Iris, before entering the speed force with Nora. Just with a look he delivers one final "I will always be with you," to the love of his life.

Season 4

     Episode 1: The Flash Reborn 
  • Ever since Barry left, Cisco has been working non-stop with Harry, Tracy, Tina, Curtis, and Felicity for a way to bring him back.
  • Caitlin finally comes back to Team Flash.
  • Caitlin fully expects to be chewed out by Joe for what she did to Cecile as Killer Frost, and can only hope for eventual forgiveness. His response? To give her a hug.
    Joe: Let's bring everyone home today.
  • After Barry returns from the Speed Force and is speaking gibberish, Joe tells Iris a story about how he got his faith back so she regains her faith that Barry will come back to her.
  • The whole sequence of events around Barry breaking out of his Sanity Slippage and rescuing Iris:
    • The fact that even through his Sanity Slippage, Iris' voice can still get through Barry.
    Iris: Come get me.
    • The idea of Iris being in danger being what snaps him out of it.
    Joe: Barry, did you hear me? Iris is going to die!
    (Barry bursts out of the cell).
    • Their reunion after he's rescued her.
    Iris: came back for me.
    Barry(smiling): Always. (Barry pulls her in for a kiss)
    • Really, the whole sequence is this for the whole show, as everyone goes from a complete lack of hope that Barry would ever come back to them, to worried about Iris, to awe and happiness that Barry has finally come back to them.
    Cisco: The Flash is BACK!
  • Iris, after spending six months distant from her friends, mending fences with the team.
    Iris: Hey Cisco! (affectionately holding his shoulder) Thanks for believing when I couldn't.
    Cisco: (grinning) See you tomorrow, boss.

     Episode 2: Mixed Signals 
  • Gypsy wanting to celebrate an Earth-19 holiday with Cisco, 1/1/1 day, which is sort of like Valentine's, celebrating when one soul and one soul come together to make one soul. It's cheesy but sweet at the same time.
  • Just seeing how happy Barry is throughout this episode is this. After seeing some of it near the end of the first episode we finally get to see the happy, fun-loving Barry we got to know back Season 1.
  • After their fight at couples counseling Iris tells Barry that he is not the Flash: they are. And does not have to, nor should he, bear the weight of the city on his own.
  • Its small but the quick moment between Iris and Caitlin, Caitlin picking up on her relationship struggles with an oblivious Barry and offering some advice, is rather sweet. Given that things weren’t exactly kosher between the two last episode, it’s just nice to see that they were quick to repair their friendship to a point that Iris could trust Caitlin with such personal problems.

     Episode 3: Luck be a Lady 
  • The entire Team offering their support to Wally in the midst of his breakup with Jesse.
    • Caitlin in particular delivering a stern warning to a blunt Harry, who they thought he forged his daughter's message ends up adding to Wally’s hurt.
    • The breakup in itself is done on no part out of animosity, but practicality given that Jesse lives in a parallel dimension, and the fondness the two retain for each other is apparent.
  • Barry telling Iris that he would marry her anytime, anywhere because of all the bad luck they've been having.
  • Cisco assuring Harry, asshole he may be, that he is always welcome in Team Flash, after Team Quick rejected him.
  • The Team sending Wally off with great amount of love.
    • His goodbye with Iris in particular is quite sweet.
      Iris: Know that Central City will always be the home of Kid Flash.
      Wally: (hugs her tightly) I love you.
      Iris: Love you more.

     Episode 4: Elongated Journey Into Night 
  • Jerkass he may be, Caitlin's empathy towards Ralph, reminding Barry that they both understand what it's like to come into powers that confuse and frighten them.
  • Early into the episode Ralph and Barry argue over Barry getting him kicked off the force and while he is mad that Barry cost him his job he is equally upset that Barry let the man who he still believes to this day is guilty of killing his own wife go showing that while Ralph’s actions were ethically wrong his intentions were noble.
  • Iris, Barry and Caitlin celebrating the soon to be new baby West with Joe.
    • The group hug the four share just icing on the cake.
  • Breacher's attempt to kill what he thinks is a Plastoid isn't just about revenge, but making sure Earth-1 doesn't suffer an attack from them like his Earth did.
  • A very small one, but the way Breacher tells Cynthia "I'd do anything for you."
  • On a meta-level, the fact that Danny Trejo took this role because he's a fan of the show. As noted on the Awesome page, the writers didn't think they had any chance of actually getting him, yet he was eager to take the part.
  • The situation may be—less than good—but Nora's nickname for Joe is "Papa Joe" implying that he, if not Iris, has been a good parent to Nora in the future.

     Episode 5: Girls Night 
  • Joanie's overall excitement that she will soon have either a little brother or sister.
  • The home videos of Barry and Iris, particularly the shot of the two playing wedding when they were very little.
    • Joe's reaction on top of it all that his kids are soon going to be married for real. That perfect mix of happiness for his grown daughter, and nostalgia for his little girl.
  • Ralph, in his own way, attempting to throw Barry his idea of a true bachelor party. Needless to say this involves strippers, but still the sentiment was kind of there.
  • Iris' attempts to finally connect with Caitlin outside of their superhero duties, and while Caitlin doesn't think the two are that close, still cares enough about Iris to oblige, instead of run away from Central City like she planned.
  • While Cecile and Felicity are wary of Killer Frost, Iris nonetheless ultimately has complete faith in her friend.
  • Iris slightly shaming Caitlin when she thought she couldn't trust her friends on Team Flash about Killer Frost. Iris affirs to her that they will always support and be there for her.
  • Barry assuring Joe that he and Iris will always be willing to help him and Cecile with the new baby.
  • It's a small moment, but the way Ralph saves the drunk leaning on Cisco from bashing his head on the bench when Cisco gets up to leave is kind of sweet, and shows that there is a good man underneath his sleazy exterior.
  • Caitlin offering herself to Amunet in exchange for her friends.
  • Joe admits how apprehensive he is about having a kid at this point in his life to Cecile, but she assures him that she feels exactly the same way and sets him at ease for what's coming.
  • By the end, Iris and Caitlin realizing that after everything they've been through together they are far from just "Work Friends," and the two making plans to hang out just the two of them more often.
  • The crowner for the episode, Iris asking Caitlin to be her Maid of Honor, and a beyond touched Caitlin accepting. The episode ends with the two giddily discussing bridesmaids dresses.

    Episode 6: When Harry Met Harry 
  • Ralph is devastated when a little girl is sent to the hospital because he was so focused on catching the bad guy. He laments how as a PI he never had to care about the whole darn city, and his awe of how Barry does. Barry tells him that it's not easy and that he's made plenty of mistakes trying to protect the whole city — nobody's perfect and he proceeds to give Ralph a You Are Better Than You Think You Are Speech, pointing out that the compassion he feels for one child he doesn't know proves he is a hero.
    • The end where Ralph visits the little girl and uses his powers to turn his hands into balloon animals to cheer her up, while she's in recovery.
  • Despite Black Bison being a villain and one of the "bad guys" that Ralph would normally have prioritized catching, Ralph ultimately completes her mission for her by sending the Bison necklace back to the Sioux.

    Episode 7: Therefore I Am 
  • Wally coming back at the end and the warm welcome that greets him.
  • All of the heartwarming moments between Marlize and Clifford DeVoe - her bringing him lunch, encouraging him, how devastated she is when she thinks he's dead, and how highly he thinks of her and admits that he would be nothing without her. Evil though they may be, they really do love each other, and some people have even pointed out that they're just an Evil Counterpart of Barry and Iris.
  • How excited Barry and Iris are to get married throughout the episode.
  • When Barry is worried about the latest threat that they're facing, he asks how she isn't afraid. Her response?
    Iris: Because we're The Flash.
  • When Barry tells the team about his conversation with DeVoe and reveals that he knows who they are, Cisco's immediate concern is not about their safety, but that they did not believe Barry, who's quick to reassure him that given the threat they're currently facing there's nothing to be ashamed of. Since Cisco gave Barry the coldest shoulder for half of the previous season, this moment shows how their bond became only stronger since then.
  • DeVoe declining to interfere with Barry and Iris' wedding, since interfering with true love's course is a step too far even for him. Granted, he's also probably smart enough to realize doing so would be suicide giving the number of known superheroes that are going to be in attendance, but given his genuine devotion to Marlize, it's impossible that the sentiment isn't at least partially genuine. He even congratulates Barry during their final meeting.

    Episode 8: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3 

     Episode 9: Don't Run 
  • To make up for his insensitivity, Ralph turns the West house into a Christmas wonderland by himself and dresses up like Santa Claus. Complete with using his powers to make his belly bowl-full-of-jelly big.
  • While it's hilarious, it's also heartwarming that Mick Rory stole forty toasters to give to Barry and Iris as wedding gifts.
  • Barry and Iris opening their wedding gifts. It's nice that they got some normalcy despite everything.
  • Barry reassuring Iris that she made the right call in rescuing Caitlin over him, reaffirming his faith in her as team leader.
  • Everyone gathered at the West house for Christmas as per tradition. Mitigated by Barry being arrested for murder about five minutes later.
  • Just one glance at his wife's photo stops Barry from running off, knowing full well Iris would be suffering just as much if he, or even if they both, went on the run from justice.

     Episode 10: The Trial Of The Flash 
  • Iris and Caitlin's friendship is fully displayed, as Caitlin is shown comforting Iris by grasping her hand while the Prosecution desecrates Barry's character in court.
  • Barry became a forensic scientist not to catch the criminals, but to help the victims.
  • Iris tries to reveal that Barry is the Flash in order to save him from prison. Barry manages to move so fast that they can have a private conversation while time has stopped around them, and explains that he doesn't want to make things hard for everyone they love by revealing his secret. She agrees, even though it's clearly killing her.
  • Ralph's Jacob Marley Warning to Joe. Not only does it show his character development, but he clearly doesn't want Joe to become the man he became, to suffer the way he did.

     Episode 11: The Elongated Knight Rises 
  • Ralph stepping up to become a hero despite being afraid of dying.
  • Iris visiting Barry in prison. You can feel how strong they're being for each other despite their situation. They even take putting a hand on either side of the glass one step further when Barry vibrates his hand through the glass to hold Iris' hand when the cameras aren't looking at them.

     Episode 12: Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash 
  • After the team fails to get the confession that would exonerate Big Sir, Barry repeatedly apologizes for failing him. Big Sir promptly calls him an idiot...for blaming himself.
    • Although Barry couldn't free Big Sir the conventional way, he does do it the "movie ending" way: speeding him to China.

     Episode 13: True Colors 
  • Of all people, Killer Frost is the one to give Ralph the pep talk he needs to get back into the hero game. As she notes, she's done so much bad stuff and yet the gang haven't turned on her and that is the type of friend Ralph needs.
  • Becky mends Barry's wounds in his hands.
  • Becky is afraid of harming people with her powers.

     Episode 14: Subject 9 
  • Singh still is cordial to Barry and is saddened that he has to suspend him until his innocence is unambiguously proven. Singh even offers to help Barry investigate.
  • Barry, suspended from his position with the crime lab until he can truly prove his innocence, visits Ralph at his office. Ralph hands Barry a card reading "Barry Allen, Private Investigator", inviting him to be his partner.
  • After making Cecile a clunky, uncomfortable helmet to block her telepathy and generally being a Jerkass, Harry visits her house to apologize and brings her a miniature version so she can get some sleep.
    Cecile Horton: That's what you've been trying to do? You've been trying to befriend me?
    Dr. Harry Wells: Well, yes, through transitive property. I respect West, West respects you, so...
    Cecile Horton: Harry, that was...borderline sweet.

     Episode 15: Enter Flashtime 
  • Barry promising to make reservations somewhere romantic for him and Iris to have, since they haven't had much quality time together as husband and wife since their honeymoon.
    • Gets a callback midway through the episode when Barry and Iris are spending what they think will be their final moments together because of the nuclear bomb. Iris says that even though that wasn't the alone time she was expecting, "every moment with you, Barry, has always been nice".
    • Gets another callback later in the episode after Barry has stopped the bomb when he apologises for them not being able to do it.
    Barry: Sorry about date night.
    Iris: It's OK. Power bars and sweatpants are all I need.
  • Their relationship may be conflictive, but Harry doesn't want his daughter to die.
  • Oh it's a Tearjerker but Iris comforting a sobbing Barry when he reveals his energy to stay in Flashtime is waning, and his inability to save them from the nuclear detonation, she assures him she's still proud of him for everything he tried to do, and tells him she's glad that at least she gets to die in the arms of her husband.
  • Caitlin confides in Harry that she remembers a piece of her time as Killer Frost; specifically, that Frost was afraid for Caitlin's life. A sign of the two personalities merging, perhaps...?
  • Harry allowing Jesse to listen in on his memories of her mother, letting her see everything that his wife meant to him and everything that she means to him as well, even if he isn't good at talking about it.

     Episode 16: Run, Iris, Run 
  • Iris feels bad after Ralph's speech that she never risks her life the way that others do, but Joe reminds her that everyone knows that she's fearless and to not let him get in her head.
  • Caitlin being immediately supportive while Iris has her powers, and Cisco making Iris a suit for when she has to go out into the field.
  • Barry feels down that his powers are gone, given that he's already lost his job, and says that it feels like DeVoe has taken everything away from him. Iris reminds him that he hasn't.
  • Ralph apologizing for his dismissal of her earlier.
  • At the end of the episode after Barry has his powers back Iris remarks that while his destiny is helping people with his powers, hers is reaching the city through journalism, indicating that after the threat of Savitar took away her fearlessness, she's ready to go back into the field doing something that she loves. Barry being proud of her makes it even better.

     Episode 18: Lose Yourself 
  • Joe seeks to dissuade Harry from falling into an addiction.
  • Ralph doesn't want his partners to be killed by DeVoe
  • While DeVoe is stealing Ralph's body, Barry assures him that he would save him while Ralph says that he [Barry] already did (by making him a better person) shortly before having his body fully stolen.

     Episode 19: Fury Rogue 
  • Barry and Iris speak fondly of their fallen friend Ralph.
  • Iris supporting Caitlin when looking into her DNA test to see if Killer Frost really is gone, when Caitlin is afraid to look at them alone.
  • Captain Cold and his interactions with Team Flash, he realizes that his Earth-1 counterpart wasn't The Team's favorite person, at least at first, but once again parts with them even closer a friend than before.

     Episode 20: Therefore She Is 
  • Sad as it was, Cisco and Gypsy's breakup was amicable. Cisco states there is nothing wrong with her, and Gypsy assures him she will always love him.
  • Marlize managed to dissuade Clifford DeVoe from killing Gypsy.
  • Team Flash are supportive of Harry.

     Episode 21: Harry and the Harrisons 
  • Cisco stands up to Harrison Wolfgang Wells after the latter abandons Harry Wells due to his loss of intelligence.

     Episode 22: Think Fast 
  • Cisco comforts one of the scientists at A.R.G.U.S. when she was still scared of DeVoe.
  • Iris gave Marlize a morale boost although Iris was justifiably angry at her (her scar aside).
  • Future Girl drops off a beautiful bassinet at Joe and Cecile's baby shower. Which becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight given The Reveal of her identity.

     Episode 23: We Are The Flash 
  • Singh's happy expression when calling Barry to tell him about his reinstatement at the CCPD. Once again we see he really is fond of Barry.
  • Harry gives Cisco a hug before taking off the Thinking Cap.
  • Barry hugs Ralph after meeting him in DeVoe's mind.
  • When Harry recovers his memories (mostly) he tells Cisco he will always be his friend. It is a Shout-Out, but still is beautiful to see this Friendship Moment.
  • Harry gives a hug to Cisco, Iris, Caitlin and Barry before visiting Jesse.
  • Before departing, Marlize shakes hands with Barry and hugs Iris to show they are no longer enemies.
  • Team Flash has a feast receiving Joe and Cecile's new daughter, Jenna.
  • Wally finally found his calling while working alongside the Legends.
  • While she thinks she maybe in big trouble, there is still something to Nora Allen giving a slight smile at finally meeting Iris, her mother.
  • After he saves Central City from the falling satellite, a big group of citizens give Barry a round of applause.

Season 5

     Episode 1: Nora 
  • It’s brief but Barry is noticeably touched that his daughter is named in honour of his mother.
  • Iris is extremely enthusiastic about getting to know her daughter from the future which makes the fact that Nora isn't warming to her as much as Barry quite heartbreaking.
  • The fact that Barry has always wanted kids with Iris and has been dreaming of the moment it would happen for them is all kinds of heartwarming.
  • Nora’s complete admiration of her dad is incredibly sweet throughout the entire episode you can tell that she is incredibly happy to just be around her father which becomes kind of sad when it’s revealed the reason she’s so close to her father is because he apparently vanishes when she is only an infant.
  • Barry coaching Nora through phasing.
  • Barry and Iris' pure joy at the fact that they have a child together, although the Dramatic Irony of the scene and the reveal of the estrangement between Nora and Iris undermines this a bit.
    Barry: We have a daughter together.
    Iris: (tearfully) Yeah.
    Barry: We make a person.
    Iris: In the end, everything works out. We get our happy ending.
  • Seeing the whole West-Allen family together after Wally has been away for so long is quite sweet.

    Episode 2: Blocked 
  • After Barry and Nora reveal that Nora's real reason to stay is that Barry does not return after the Crisis of 2024, Iris finds a force to keep hope in the team by showing willingness to face the future and change it if needed.
  • While most of Ralph's 27 steps for getting over the love of your life are Played for Laughs, the final step is actually very poignant: Accept that she's not the love of your life, because if she were, she'd still be in your life.

     Episode 3: The Death of Vibe 
  • After Cisco's apparent death, Barry is scared until Cisco reveals he is fine. Then Barry proceeds to hug him.
  • Caitlin is grateful to Ralph for helping her in the research about her father, and says, "So for my buck, you're the best detective a girl could ask for."
  • Cicada kisses his unconscious daughter.

     Episode 4: News Flash 
  • Although Iris is not good at preparing food, Barry is still willing to eat her dish and say it was delicious just to make her feel better.
  • Barry telling Nora he stands by Future Iris's decision of putting a power dampening chip in Nora as a child because as he states he doesn’t need to see the future to know what type of person his wife is and that is someone who cares about protecting her family.

     Episode 5: All Doll'd Up  
  • Barry's attempts to assure Iris about Nora still not liking her due to what her future self did/will do.
  • Cecile coming to Iris' defence after Nora keeps badmouthing her, saying that she will respect her mother if she wants to stay in the West house.
  • As another proof of Barry and Iris' love, Iris jumps off a building to save a cuffed Barry and take his cuffs away so he can save both with his speed. When both are in safe terrain, they kiss each other.
  • Nora finally understanding that present Iris shouldn't be held accountable for something she hasn't done yet and finally bonding with her mother.

     Episode 6: The Icicle Cometh 
  • Killer Frost (not Caitlin) declaring Team Flash her family and stating that they're the ones who really care about her. She's come a long way from the person who worked as Savitar's Dragon.
  • Caitlin and Killer Frost getting to talk, thanks to Harry's Mental Activity Dampener.

     Episode 7: Oh Come, All Ye Thank You 
  • Nora coming to realize that her Father will always put others before his own life, and finally realizing that is one of the reasons she loves him.
  • The Team spending Thanksgiving together.

     Episode 8: What Past is Prologue 
  • Being the show's 100th episode, there are many moments of this.
  • While going back in time to the day Zoom took Barry’s speed Nora secretly observes Iris comforting Barry and motivating him not to give up. Nora’s smile says it all.
  • Averting the Forgotten Fallen Friend trope, Ronnie appears, and it's clear Caitlin still misses him.
  • When facing down Zoom, and later/earlier forced to ask the Eobard Thawne of 2015 for help, Barry is noticeably showing his Papa Wolf tendencies, subtly moving himself between her and Zoom, giving Thawne the Death Glare every time he even makes eye contact with Nora.
  • "Wells" gives Cisco a So Proud of You speech, and they awkwardly end up half-shaking hands, half-grasping them.
  • Barry and Nora sharing a long, heartfelt hug.
  • In the end Nora goes back in time the night her grandparents are killed to see them together. Barry follows her and tells her that her grandparents were the best. Goes to show just how much Barry will always treasure the memory of his parents when they were alive.
  • Nora playfully calling her dad “old man” as they speed back home reminding for how much Barry has lost he has gained just as much with the family and friendships he has made.

     Episode 9: Elseworlds, Part 1 

     Episode 10: Flash and The Furious 
  • The fact that Barry believes that some one as amoral, selfish, and evil as Thawne can be redeemed someday.
  • Raya clearly wants Joss for her team. So much so, she is willing to give Joss another chance, which Joss appreciated.

     Episode 11: Seeing Red 
  • Barry's ready to kill Cicada with a punch to the face that would've been the equivalent of three lightning bolts for breaking Nora's back. Terrifying? Absolutely. A stunning example of how fear and the primal need to protect your loved ones can cause you to do something you'd regret? Definitely. But even after knowing her only a short while, he clearly fiercely loves and wants to protect Nora enough to break the biggest hero rule there is just to keep her safe.
  • Caitlin assuring Killer Frost that she never wants to be rid of her and has no intention of using the metahuman cure on herself. And then they promise to protect each other.
  • Additionally, Frost being against the cure initially; not because she's afraid of being erased/dying if Caitlin decides to take it one day, but because then she won't be able to protect Caitlin if she's in danger. Seems like the protectiveness and fear that Caitlin felt when Frost was blocked goes both ways; neither wants to lose the other.
  • Cicada showing up to where the gathered Metas are awaiting pickup for protective custody (as well as the attack on Barry and Shawna Baez/Peek-A-Boo). As shown in past seasons, the Flash will risk his own life without hesitation for anyone — including former criminals and people who likely distrust him immensely by virtue of being a hero. He made a promise to help protect these people from a racist psychopath hell-bent on wiping them off the face of the Earth, and their pasts don't matter to him beyond that.
  • Sure, he's mostly a bad guy, but it was kind of an 'awww' moment to learn that even though it changed his life forever, Norvock still risked his own to save a child from a snake pre-criminal career when the Particle Accelerator destroyed the enclosures at the local zoo and allowed the reptiles to escape. Later, he also took his turn last for Ralph to help him to the helicopter, instructing the other Metas what to do and allowing them to get to safety first. Maybe he's not 100% terrible after all.
  • Ralph getting Killer Frost to open up about her fear that Caitlin might one day want to get rid of her with the cure, and him assuring her how much the good doctor cares for Frost and how desperate she was to get her back after her powers were blocked.

     Episode 12: Memorabilia 
  • Overlaps with a slight Tear Jerker: The episode opens with Nora making a journal entry to send to Thawne, intercut with a montage of her enjoying a game of Scrabble with her parents. After everything they've had to go through, seeing them act like a normal family is especially heartwarming.
  • The next scene punctuates that feeling with the Flash family at a skating rink, with Ralph, Caitlin and even Sherloque clearly enjoying themselves alongside Barry, Iris and Nora.
  • Barry's unwavering faith in Iris shines through, when he realizes without a shred of a doubt that Nora's anger and upset painted a false portrayal of her mother and that the bad mom she talked about never actually existed. Barry tells Iris that he knows that any future with her is a good one.
  • In an extremely touching scene, Nora apologizes to Iris for her treatment of her in the present and in the future. Iris tells Nora that she will always love her, and Nora reciprocates. They then hug.
  • As twisted as the results are, seeing the genuine love between Grace and Orlin is also pretty heartwarming.

     Episode 13: Goldface 
  • Nora helping Sherloque with connecting with Renee.

     Episode 14: Cause and XS 
  • It's easily dismissed due to the amount of Tear Jerker involved, but during Nora's first "do over" when Ralph is killed, and she runs away to reverse time again, Killer Frost doesn't even hesitate to march towards Cicada with murder in her ice blue eyes after seeing her friend die. Clearly, if XS hadn't changed it, she was going to face him one-on-one and possibly even live up to her name trying to avenge Elongated Man. She wasn't lying when she told Icicle that they were her family.

     Episode 15: King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd 
  • King Shark becoming The Atoner in general, but most notably his relationship with Tanya Lamden. Especially their Window Love scene at the end.

     Episode 16: Failure is an Orphan 
  • Joe assuring Barry he'll know what to say to Cicada the next time they meet, with Joe reminding Barry that its "Barry Allen" who needs to connect with Dwyer not "The Flash."
  • Nora assuring Iris they've had great moments together, when Iris fears they haven't.

     Episode 17: Time Bomb 
  • Cisco and Kamilla going online official with their relationship.

     Episode 18: Godspeed 
  • Joe going Grandfather Wolf for Nora against Sherloque. It really doesn't matter why Nora did what she did to him. She is still his granddaughter, and Sherloque pretty much emotionally assaulted her.
  • Cecile placing a comforting hand on Nora's shoulder before leaving the Cortex, showing her granddaughter she has her full support.
  • In general Nora's family and friends, aside from her father, forgiving and sympathizing with her and her situation.

     Episode 19: Snow Pack 
  • Carla Tannhauser becomes closer to her daughter.
  • Despite The Team washing their hands of him, Sherloque, after seeing that Barry is in danger, abandons his original plan to return to his Earth, and goes to his rescue.
  • Ralph and Cecile dissuade Iris from writing a letter that apparently announces an estrangement intent, and Ralph likens Barry and Iris to the Meghan and Harry of superhero royalty.
  • Barry and Iris reconciling after their fight.

     Episode 20: Gone Rogue 
  • Caitlin assuring Ralph that he's a good man worthy to be loved.
  • After her talk with Nora about their fathers, Weather Witch's alias has the last name Nelson, which is what Nora's best friend from 2049's last name was.
  • Barry assuring Nora that he loves and believes in her after the four episodes where she believed that he had stopped was nice.

     Episode 21: The Girl With the Red Lightning 
  • Sherloque spiriting away Renee to his Earth, with the two sharing The Big Damn Kiss before she leaves.
  • Nora and Sherloque high-fiving after breaching her gauntlet to Cisco. After the tense relationship between the two, it's cool to see that they now accept each others friendship.

     Episode 22: Legacy 
  • Cisco's girlfriend Kamilla is accepting of Cisco's secret life as Vibe.
  • In a dark take on this, Thawne admitting he came up with a solution to prevent Nora's erasure, because he did come to genuinely care about Nora, even begging Barry to save Nora with his plan of hiding her in the Negative Speedforce.
  • Before disappearing, Nora shares a last hug with her parents.
  • A subtle one: When Barry is called in to CCPD, a still-grieving Iris tells him to go, saying "I'd rather be alone right now, anyway." After she says this, everyone leaves the command center.
  • Singh lauds Joe, Barry and Cecile's work on the Cicada situation, then announces he's taking the job as the new Chief of Police...and asks Joe to replace him as Captain.
    • He also reports that Grace is receiving counseling, and will hopefully get placed in a good foster home.
    • The biggest thing here: Singh reveals that he knows that Barry is The Flash. And he does it with respectful acknowledgement of everything Barry's done for the police department and Central City.
  • Barry finds Iris silently grieving in the time vault and immediately sits down with her, as the two quietly provide comfort to one another and reflect on parenthood and the memories of their daughter. Barry contemplates his legacy, and Iris reassures him.
    Barry: That's how I want to be remembered: As a good man, a loving husband, and a supportive father.
    Iris: You're already all of those things.
  • Nora's video message to her mom and dad is bittersweet: While Barry and Iris silently cry in each other's arms as they watch it, Nora expresses how much she loves them and how much they taught her how to be a hero.

Season 6

     Episode 1: Into the Void 
  • Kamilla and Cisco's relationship is going strong, with Kamilla cheering on Barry from the Cortex, during his fight with Godspeed.
  • Barry staying within the Black Hole a couple seconds longer so that he could retrieve Nora's coat for Iris.
  • Caitlin agreeing to let Killer Frost take control of their body more often so she can have experiences outside of the battlefield.

     Episode 2: A Flash of the Lightning 
  • Cisco placing Killer Frost's drawing alongside all the paintings she bought.
  • Iris hiring Allegra as an intern at the Citizen, giving the young girl the second chance she always wanted.

     Episode 3: Dead Man Running 
  • Barry throwing Killer Frost (not Caitlin, Frost) a birthday party in the S.T.A.R. Labs lounge, with Team Flash getting their groove on.
    • Especially true with Barry and Iris, having real fun for the first time since Nora's erasure and learning of Barry's destined death during the Red Skies Crisis.

     Episode 4: There Will Be Blood 
  • Barry stating he wants Cisco to run Team Flash after his death.

     Episode 5: Kiss Kiss, Breach Breach 
  • In general, the extremely warm and healthy relationship between Cisco and Kamilla throughout the episode.
    • In one case, while by accident, this being the episode Cisco tells Kamilla he loves her, which by the end he tells her for real, and she reciprocates.
  • Breacher saying Cisco is like a son to him, and even openly admitting he likes Kamilla, and stating Gypsy would have liked her too.
  • The episode's Dénouement is a mixture between this trope and Tear Jerker, particularly when Cisco is talking to Barry and Iris. Barry shows admiration on Cisco's potential as team leader. Barry and Iris are willing to attend Gypsy's funeral and mention that they loved her, while Cisco states that he would never forget her since she taught him to be the person he needed to be for when the right person came along.

     Episode 6: License to Elongate 
  • Nash Wells encourages Allegra to overcome her fears of becoming like Esperanza.
  • At the ending, The Flash announces Elongated Man as a new protector of Central City, and then Elongated Man and Capitan Joe West call Barry as a civilian to prize him for his work as a forensic scientist who brought justice to many people.

     Episode 7: The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt 1 
  • Despite it being a manipulation by Ramsay, one can't deny just how cute baby Nora is, and the look on Barry's face when he finally gets to hold his infant daughter for the first time.
  • Speedforce Nora Allen assuring Barry she does care about him, even in the midst of a desperate Barry attacking her.

     Episode 8: The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt 2 
  • The closing minutes of the episode, with the team waiting for the Crisis to hit. They reminisce about the events that led them here, about their past and how much they all mean to each other.
    • Iris in particular cements her love for Barry in this moment, revealing that she had Cisco vibe her to witness their very first kiss that was erased from the timeline while Barry was stuck in the Speed Force. Furthermore, she swears to stay by his side throughout the Crisis and promises that their love story will never end, no matter what happens to Barry.

     Episode 9: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part Three 

    Episode 14: Death of the Speed Force 
  • The real Iris is happy for Wally even if she cannot meet him.
  • The Speed Force grew to admire Barry.

    Episode 15: The Exorcism of Nash Wells 
  • Mirror Iris reminds Barry that he can fight Sunshine and Thawne by using their weaknesses. She is not the real Iris, but her speech is true and genuinely inspiring.
  • Nash was a loving Parental Substitute for Maya.
  • Cisco encourages Nash to befriend Allegra and see her as what she is. Harry Wells in Nash's mind encourages him to do the same and compliments Cisco's advice, which indicates that he is somehow alive in Nash's mind.

    Episode 16: So Long and Goodnight 
  • Ralph wants to help Sue with Black Hole's blackmail.

    Episode 17: Liberation 
  • Cecile actually trusts Barry's judgment and releases him from the Pipeline prisons.
  • Barry wants to give a chance to Mirror Iris to be herself despite her attempting to kill him shortly before.
  • At the end, Barry and Iris try to communicate to each other in the mirror.
  • When Barry mentions that Iris was actually kidnapped, he states that the Iris he knows can't cook pancakes. This gives the strong implication that Barry accepts Iris despite her flaws.

Season 7

     Episode 1: All's Wells That Ends Wells 
  • Harry telling Nash You Are Better Than You Think You Are, as each Wells was broken or selfish before joining Team Flash.
  • Each of the different Wells getting a moment to say goodbye to Barry while Nash powers the Speed Force.
  • Allegra points out that every time Barry runs, all the Wells will be running with him. No matter how Team Flash changes in the future, Barry will never be alone.

     Episode 3: Mother 
  • Barry is able to reignite the Speed Force thanks to The Power of Love.
  • Iris and Barry convince Eva to pull a Heel–Face Turn and save the world.
  • Singh's reaction when he's restored to the real world.
    "I think we owe our lives to a certain speedster. And his better half."
  • Barry tells Harrison Wells that he was the one he always wanted to meet, for a moment displaying the youthful idealism and enthusiasm so prominent in his early appearances and so rare in the last few seasons.
  • When Harrison is speaking to Cisco, many of his mannerisms are so similar to Harry's that it brings a tear to the eye.

     Episode 4: Central City Strong 
  • Barry talking down Abra Kadabra from destroying the city, emphasizing with his loss, and making a human connection with his former foe, who introduces himself as Philippe.

     Episode 5: Fear Me 
  • Caitlin and Frost, after some initial arguments, admitting that losing each other is their greatest fear before making up with a hug.

     Episode 18: Heart of the Matter, Part 2 
  • Barry and Iris renewing their wedding vows, which culminate in a very long Orbital Kiss, because Barry slows down time so they can enjoy it more. Also heartwarming is that among those in attendance are Jay Garrick and Joan Williams, the doppelgangers of Barry's deceased parents. It's a nice nod to Barry's and Iris' wedding in "Crisis on Earth-X", where Joe wished that Barry's parents could see it. Even if they are not really there, and it is not a wedding, it is the closest the Allen parents can to see off their son in the happiest day of his life.
  • For the first time in the series, this season finale does not end in a bleak tone or a cliffhanger, but instead a Happily Ever After.

Season 8

    Episode 1: Armageddon, Part 1 
  • Caitlin and Barry going out for a cup of coffee at Jitters and having a friendly chat.

    Episode 3: Armageddon, Part 3 
  • All of Jefferson's mentoring and counseling Barry, even being patient when Barry snaps and attacks him.
    Jefferson: Just answer me one question. Where's the future?
    Barry: Right here.
    Jefferson: Whose life is this?
    Barry: Mine.
    Jefferson: And what are you gonna do?
    Barry: Live it. By any means necessary.
    Jefferson hauls Barry to his feet.
    • Similarly, he doesn't hesitate to attack Despero when the latter shows up to attack Barry, holding him off for as long as he can.

    Episode 4: Armageddon, Part 4 
  • In the Reverse-Flashpoint universe, Iris is apparently close friends with Ryan Wilder. The Reality Subtext makes it sweeter; Candice Patton was one of the people who reached out to Javicia Leslie when the latter was being bombarded by harassment on her own show.
    • Honestly, all of the superheroes' friendships are very sweet; ironically, they may even be closer in the Bad Future than they are in the main timeline!
  • Allegra and Chester's The Big Damn Kiss.
  • When Barry finally returns to his proper reality, he immediately speed-hugs Iris.
  • The look of dawning joy Barry gets when he hears Joe's voice on the phone.


  • Some of the stuff in Cisco's blog about the metahumans is mostly humorous, but when Mark asks him to do him a favor (because it's his brother's birthday, he wanted Cisco to go to the cemetery and pour a drink on the grave), Cisco does so. It really shows that he wants to help these people. It also shows that Mark genuinely loves his brother, begging Cisco to do this for him.
    • A later post has him trying to cheer up the wounded Barry after his encounter with Zoom through various methods such as uplifting movies and watching sports together. It's as sweet as it sounds.
  • On a meta-level, later in the series' run, seeing actors from fellow Arrowverse shows that have since been cancelled reprise their roles on The Flash seemingly one final time, like David Ramsey, Cress Williams, Katherine McNamara, and Javicia Leslie.