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Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Amanda Waller staring down Batman is probably the big one (loosely adapted into the Justice League cartoon with Waller offhandedly calling him "rich boy"), but the gradual reveal of Oracle proved to be the one with the most disproportionate effect on the DCU. Byrne's famous cover has become a Memetic Mutation.
  • The titular team, through the machinations of a lovestruck technician, a formerly amnesiac Ax-Crazy Blood Knight goddess, and Poison Ivy, got transported to Apokolips. They survived with very heavy casualties... and then they have to face Darkseid. Long before Batman did, Amanda Waller, infuriate, with half her squad dead, stranded without hope in Hell, surrounded by Parademons and the Fatal Furies, decided she had had enough, and threatened the God of Evil with her handgun.
    • When Darkseid offered to revive the fallen, Waller rebuffed him in no uncertain terms, and told him exactly why.
    • Vertigo takes out the blade he's been stabbed with and uses it to backstab Kanto. Just to point out how amazing this is, Kanto is the New God of assassination. He literally backstabbed the god of backstabbing!
  • Shattering the Thinker helmet counts. To wit, she's destroying a powerful piece of technology simply because it made her doubt if she was in charge of her life.
  • Werner Vertigo, half insane and half drugged, manages to fly to the skies above Jerusalem and stops a missile salvo from hitting the Dome of the Rock.
    • Before that is Kobra who before in the Janus Directive crossover was very obviously evil with an evil plan and army. His second big attempt at destruction was far sneakier and less grandoise. Basically he allowed himself to be captured by Israel, well before it became a cliche in films in the new tens, and basically chit chats with the Israeli team's super computer to attack the Dome of Rock. Rambaan basically debates with Dybbuk into calling off his attack.
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  • Suicide Squad #22: Rick Flag is going to kill a corrupt senator in full public view. Amanda Waller orders Deadshot to stop Flag from killing the senator by any means necessary. Deadshot kills the senator himself.
  • The resurrection of the Squad. Amanda's been in jail for a year for pulling the lone wolf act for too long, having irritated too many people in power. Sarge Steel comes in, offers her a pittance and a diminutive job, a probably unique chance she won't ever have again. She laughs him off and asks him only to return when he really wants to negotiate. Turns out, there's a massive Eastern Europe crisis and Steel was trying to rope her in for her unique talents. He has to go back later and fully give in her terms, utterly humiliating himself.
  • The Janus Directive crossover. Every governmental agency's at war with each other, with Checkmate, the Force of July, Captain Atom Project, and the Suicide Squad ready to tear each other apart. It's actually Kobra's plan so he can fire his microwave cannon unmolested. To ensure maximum disruption, he targets Waller for assassination by a double in her apartment. She kills the doppelganger, takes her place in Kobra's plans, and pulls the same gambit he was hoping to play.
  • One night, Amanda was returning from her job at Belle Reve, on a moment her future was being jeopardized by idiot subordinate Derek Tolliver and the aforementioned senator, having hallucinations and getting more irritable, and upon almost entering her apartment, she noted the matches she put on the door have been moved... it's her daughter. When the clearly irritated Waller asks why she was there, she began making a scene about how she got in a row with her husband. Waller then tried to convince her to got back more or less gently, and then said husband entered - a massive Scary Black Man. Amanda was not impressed. She then convinced them to go back together - by threatening to quit her job and go live with them. Having fixed the situation, she then realized she could deal with it all, and mentally dared Tolliver to try and take the Squad from her.
    • And then she goes and finds the solution with a little gravedigging. Showing the evidence she'd fished up, Tolliver realized how badly screwed he was. Desperately, grasping at straws, he seriously considers killing her. Amanda tiredly invites him to try.
  • Admit it. How many people can use the fact they're menopausic black females as threats? Amanda Waller can.
  • In a scene proving he's no joke, Captain Cold takes on a member of the Jihad, avoiding his fireballs and nailing him with his cold gun and a great speech.
    Captain Cold: Hate is cold! Hell is cold! And sucker...I am Captain Cold!
  • The Dragon's Hoard mission...everything goes wrong...EVERYTHING GOES WRONG. Yet despite that Ben Turner and the second Atom are able to save Waller's life. Captain Boomerang is able to quickly think of a way to contact Oracle, briefly shut down the second Thinker's power restraint, then turn it back on just after the goons that are holding them are all wipe out. Deadshot and Count Vertigo are able to blow up the hoard and keep Stalnoivolk from killing them while they rescue Nightshade. Yes everything went wrong but between a lot of luck and a lot of wits they ended up getting tossed a bone for this one.


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