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Funny / Sovereign Seven

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  • In one issue, Cruiser and Network are patrolling Crossroads from the air, via Cruiser's telekinesis, when Network loses focus and starts dancing in the sky. Then she realizes that Cruiser, just below her, can see up her skirt.
    Network: What do you think you're doing, you rude boy, and don't you dare say 'enjoying the view.'
  • In the very first issue, after tending calling off the Female Furies, Darkseid savors a cup of Crossroad's special blend coffee.
    Darkseid: An excellent brew as always, Violet. I can't get anything quite like it at home.
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  • In one issue, Network makes a psychic link to Tommy Monoghan, a fellow telepath. The two confront each other at gunpoint, and Network asks if he's going to kill her or kiss her. When we see her again, she's clearly smitten, and Cascade demands to know what "that swine" has done to her.