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  • Deadshot never misses an occasion to show off his ludicrously Improbable Aiming Skills. It includes:
    • Shooting a target with his arm gun within a few seconds window, using Pinball Projectile ballistics. After negotiating to get his due money before the kill, right down to the last second.
    • When he has to demonstrate his skills to Amanda Waller, he takes various firearms and shoots bullets through the same bullet hole repeatedly without enlarging it on several targets. Even more amazingly, he does so with automatic weapons. Worth noting, the (many) different things which factor into how a weapon will fire include the type of ammunition, temperature/humidity/air pressure, the specifics of each gun's components (many of which are interchangable by design), how well maintained/cleaned a weapon is, and whether or not the gun sights have been zeroed in relative to how the user holds the gun. Deadshot makes every bullseye with weapons he randomly picks up off a table without having seen them before or knowing anything about how they've been set up.
      • It's so awesome that witnessing it is the closest Waller ever comes to smiling in the entire movie. Sure, Enchantress can swipe classified intel from enemy nations on demand, but she's fully aware that the witch strains at her leash. Deadshot is a completely controllable asset capable of re-enacting the Kennedy assassination on demand.
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    • During the first battle against Enchantress' Humanoid Abomination mooks, he mows down the entire last wave of them on his own. The veteran special forces soldiers actually stop firing to stare in awe at this display.
  • Amanda Waller making her first appearance in the film as the soundtrack plays "Sympathy For the Devil."
  • Zoe, Deadshot's 11 year old daughter, decides to put herself between Batman and her dad to ensure no one will get hurt. Still doubles as one of the film's biggest tear-jerking moments.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome when Waller demonstrates metahuman potential to her higher-ups. June steps up where everyone can see them and whispers Enchantress' name. Lights start flickering, and we see a dark hand lock fingers with June's... then they twist, and suddenly, flawlessly, Enchantress is standing there and several government officials require clean undergarments. Thing go into more traditional awesome territory when, on Waller's orders, she dematerializes, then rematerializes next to the guy in charge... with some classified information they've been hunting for ages.
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  • The Squad's first battle with the creatures in Midway City, showing off just why each villain was chosen for the job. Deadshot shoots with deadly accuracy, Katana swings her sword, Croc tears through them, etc. Even Boomerang, the resident coward and comic relief, is able to defeat more than a few of the creatures using nothing but knives.
  • While he seems to be a coward, Boomerang handles himself surprisingly well in a fight and his boomerangs even include a camera one.
  • Harley is ambushed by several of Enchantress' Humanoid Abomination mooks in an elevator. What does she do? She simply beats the shit out of them with her fists or her baseball bat. She then casually walks out of the elevator, totally undisturbed, throwing a merry "Hey guys!" to the rest of the Squad.
  • In a flashback, we see Boomerang taking down a partner on a heist only for The Flash to show up and take Boomerang down in a second.
  • For comic book geeks, it's glorious to see in flashback, Harley in the classic "jester" outfit and hearing her call the Joker "Mr. J."
    • In the aforementioned flashback, she and a tuxedo-clad Joker dance with each other in a dark room, essentially recreating the iconic Alex Ross painting.
    • Also, all of Batman's cameos. Particularly the ones where he takes down Deadshot and later Harley.
    • The way he takes down Deadshot is just true to Batman fashion, with him descending and taking Deadshot completely by surprise, yet still offering mercy. When Deadshot refuses to come quietly, Batman easily knocks him off his feet.
  • A dark example, but Amanda Waller nonchalantly whipping out her pistol and mowing down her entire support staff after being rescued by the squad without batting an eyelash, simply stating they weren't cleared for this level of secrecy. In a film that focuses on the baddies, there's none quite as unapologetically bad as Amanda Waller, even if she is technically on the side of good.
    • Waller gets a bunch of examples, as nearly everyone is afraid of her-a short middle aged woman, even Flagg who is on her side. At the end of the movie she stares down Captain Boomerang effortlessly.
      Boomerang: Ten years off three life sentences? I'm walking out a free man or we're gonna start havin' some real fun!
      Waller: Let's have some fun.
      *cut to Belle Reve, with Boomerang back in a cell and shouting at the top of his lungs*
  • The Joker goes on a Gunship Rescue for Harley. With plenty of bullets. And he happily cackles all the way through.
    • And then he somehow survives the helicopter crashing and exploding to reappear in the last scene and bust Harley out of Belle Reve.
  • El Diablo unleashes his fire powers on the aforementioned mooks.
  • In one of Harley's flashbacks, we see her motorcycling skills as she not only chases the Joker down a highway, but when her motorcycle tips over and skids she rides it like a surfboard. Keep in mind she did this back when she was relatively sane.
  • The Final Battle:
    • In short, the whole of it. You have the Batman-Level Bad Ass Normal Squad going into a Justice League level fight.
    • El Diablo unleashes his true form and goes mano a mano with Incubus. "Ahora sí, cabrón!"note 
    • After Incubus is killed, Enchantress decides to take matters into her own hands, transform back to her hideous form and take on the Squad herself. She hold her own very well with a combination of hand to hand combat, dual wielding swords, and Teleport Spam. Nothing the Squad does even fazes her (which include but is not limited to Harley bashing her head with her bat, Croc subjecting her to Metronomic Man Mashing, and Deadshot repeatedly shooting her bare back with his automatic pistols, and she takes no damage whatsoever) and at the end of the fight she casually disarms them all with her magic, showing that she could have ended the fight anytime she wanted to.
    • Harley seemingly surrenders to Enchantress... only to get close enough to rip her heart out of her chest.
    • Harley throws Deadshot her revolver at the same time Killer Croc throws the explosives in order to shut down the Enchantress' weapon. At the last moment, Enchantress tries one last attempt to trick Deadshot into not firing by using his daughter to plead with him. He doesn't fall for it.
  • Just before the final battle above, Diablo is not fooled for a second by Enchantress' illusions and manages to not only break out of it but get the rest of the team out of their dreams as well. Which makes sense given his morality, guilt and the fact he is actually an Aztec Fire God.
    El Diablo: I can't change what I did... AND NEITHER CAN YOU!
  • The final scene: The Joker blasts into Belle Reve, a prison designed to hold in the worst super-criminals alive, to break out Harley.
  • Batman's entry into the movie, which has him dropping down into an alley behind Deadshot, cape unfurled like wings in classic Batman fashion.
  • The mid-credits scene: After giving Bruce Wayne files on the metahumans in exchange for protection from the backlash of Enchantress' rampage - which not only led to potentially hundreds of military and civilian casualties, but also the destruction of half of a city and several military installations - she taunts him with a not-so-subtle hint that she knows he's Batman. What does Bruce do? He does the one thing no one else but Enchantress has the balls to do and overtly threatens her with a Badass Boast, leaving a few cracks in The Wall's stony façade:
    • Note that in the Justice League cartoon Waller made a similar implied threat, which elicited an Oh, Crap! face from The Batman. In this movie, Bruce Wayne makes it clear that he does not play that game and gives a subtle hint of how he's able to maintain his secret identity.
    • Considering that he did something similar in the last film to Superman, it's now clear that Bruce Wayne, whether as a billionaire playboy or the Bat of Gotham, is in no way fazed by super-powerful beings or ruthless government officials, no matter how dangerous they may seem.


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