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Nightmare Fuel / Suicide Squad (2016)

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  • The Joker…holy shit, the Joker. His appearance, seen at right, is highly unnerving, and his actions are even worse:
    • His cold-blooded, sadistic torture of an innocent psychologist, twisting her into a minion for himself, while making her believe that he loves her back... turning her into Harley Quinn.
    • Joker has no problem with killing. But, as seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he also has no problem with killing children and then taunting Batman with "HAHAHA Joke's on you BATMAN"...just to fuck with the Dark Knight.
    • This shows exactly what the smiley face tats on Joker's hands and arms are for.
    • In addition to all this, this Joker is different from others in that he truly has an attachment to Harley, in his own psychotic way. And not only that, but he wants his Harley back... oh shit.
    • To gain access to a laboratory where the Squad's nanite bombs are developed, Joker's men give the security guard out front a gift basket, which then explodes rather nastily in the booth. Try to fight the temptation to double check the next wrapped gift you get.
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    • The recreation of Alex Ross's famous Joker and Harley cover. On paper, gorgeous painting. Done in live action? Terrifying.
    • By the way, one of the scenes from the trailers shows a semi-scarred/burned Joker arming a grenade. Annoyingly, this is omitted from the film, but one wonders what the hell he's fighting against and if its scarier than how he looks now.
      • According to this list of deleted scenes, the Joker was supposed to reappear after the helicopter crash to try and retake Harley. After she refuses, the Joker tries to blow up the Squad and makes a clean escape in the process.
    • That horrid, disgusting "snarl" noise he makes when getting up close and in peoples' faces.
    • The artfully arranged display of weapons and other paraphernalia when the Joker is seen from above. Hundreds of guns and knives, sure. Bottles of booze, fine. Pictures of his girl who he's missing? Understandable. Broken piano parts... OK. Baby clothes?!
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    • The way Joker speaks is a minor example, but contributes to the whole: He doesn't talk like everyone else does. He speaks in a sort of controlled, measured, ever so slightly lurching hypnotic cadence, as if it takes him so much self control just to communicate with other human beings without impulsively doing something destructive.
  • The Slasher Smile Harley delivers as she gleefully tells Deadshot they're gonna deliver some death in the upcoming mission.
  • The way June Moon transforms herself into the Enchantress. The camera only pans over her hand the entire time before we see her form, but the government officers all around her sees it all its glory and are justifiably horrified.
    • And to top it off she can do that in her SLEEP. And only becomes aware when she turns back. June and Rick are freaked out, and justifiably so. What could happen if your Super-Powered Evil Side could force itself out when you are asleep?
    • In the same scene, Waller makes a demonstration of what the Enchantress can do to greenlight the Task Force X project. She has her teleport across the world and brings some documents that the government has been looking for quite some time... All that in just the blink of an eye. Doesn't sound too bad at first glance, but try to imagine all the possibilities of what she could do? She could be anywhere in the world and nobody could do a thing about to prevent it. However, she isn't that easy to control.
    • An addendum to the above; government official Dexter Tolliver poses the hypothetical scenario of Superman busting into the White House and snatching up the President, and how none of the forces the US military would be able to stop him. Consider this: the Enchantress could simply teleport into the Oval Office and do the same thing, only in the dead of night and/or in about two seconds, and no one would even know she was there, let alone stop her.
  • Enchantress turns people into Humanoid Abominations to serve as her Mooks.
    • The sequence in which she places her brother's spirit into the commuter. The commuter is in a bathroom, washing his hands when Enchantress suddenly appears behind him, smiling wickedly. But she doesn't attack him from behind. She's actually in the mirror and smashes his head into it, disorienting him enough to put her brother's spirit into him.
    • Her mooks are pretty damn horrific themselves; they're human...ish, but made out of some kind of black, semi-solidified slime. You can see their heads pulsing in random spots even when they're holding still. Also, their skin is covered in constantly roiling bubbles, which makes them look like their heads are covered in wriggling, seeping eyes.
  • El Diablo's flashbacks show precisely why he's a Technical Pacifist now. In a fit of uncontrolled rage, he accidentally burned down his own home with his family inside.
    • On that note, his true form which is hinted at throughout the movie, a ten foot tall flaming skeleton with a feathered headdress, looking very much like an Aztec god of death. Luckily, he's on the side of his friends.
  • Amanda Waller is practically a walking Nightmare Fuel entry all on her own, and nowhere is this more evident than during the evacuation of the Task Force X command center when she without hesitation shoots each member of the remaining support staff to death.
    Deadshot: That is just a mean lady.
    • From the very start of the film, fans who knew about The Wall beforehand will find her smiling over Superman's death to be very unsettling.
    • This little exchange alone is brimming with Fridge Horror, coming after Waller makes it clear to Flag exactly what she'll do, without batting an eyelid, if he or anyone else gets in her way.
    Flag: They warned me about you. My dumbass didn't believe the stories.
    Waller: *slowly approaches him* Nobody does.
  • Incubus in the subway absorbing people left and right, becoming larger and then cutting through a subway train like Swiss cheese.
    • The camera gives loving attention to the aftermath of one of Incubus' strikes on a car. The fact that the material in the way was obliterated is one thing, but the fact that the surface of it was pulsing like it was breathing, like it was alive...that is a whole other.
  • The Curb Stomp Battle Incubus gives to the military. With his tendrils just easily ripping through bodies and horribly mutilating them in the process. While it has hints of awesome, we're shown just how outmatched humans are against metahumans and just how terrifying a world without Superman is.
  • Try looking at the info being given out during Harley's introduction, and you'll find this lovely bit right here: Accomplice to the murder of Robin. Yes, that Robin.
  • During the film's introduction, there's a flashback with Harley Quinn. She's strapped, being force fed with meal replacement through an NG tube, and then a guard takes a selfie with her while she's crying into a ballgag. It makes one wonder what Belle Reve does to its permanent residents. Harley may not be a total angel, but this treatment of her is hardly excusable. It also leads one to wonder if Harley suffered an eating disorder, or if Belle Reve got that impression and knee-jerk reacted and assumed she did. Either way, it's disturbing.
    • Based on what we see of the place, they probably just did it as punishment or out of spite, similar to the "Loaf" given to Deadshot.
      • Regular hospitals and prisons will feed patients intravenously if they refuse to eat. But in this case, the guards go out of their way to be cruel about it and make it as terrifying and demoralizing as possible.
    • During the force feeding scene the main guard at Belle Reve taunts Harley with the line "It's my job to keep you alive till you die."
  • How does Amanda Waller keep Enchantress in line? Stabbing her (separated) heart when she does something Waller doesn't like. Disturbing enough. Then when Enchantress takes off with Incubus, Waller proceeds to stab at the heart with a non stop by rapid fire of stabs. Yeesh.
  • The Morton's Fork Rick Flag is in at the climax. To stop the Enchantress he has to kill her, but she might take June with her. If he doesn't, she is a threat to the world as whole.


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