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Tear Jerker / Suicide Squad (2016)

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  • The impact of Superman's death is palpable throughout the movie. From the man selling T-shirts to Amanda Waller pointing out that the world changed both when Superman flew in the sky and when he didn't, the impression is of a world in mourning.
  • Deadshot is arrested by Batman in front of his daughter. He is a criminal but he has loved ones and can't stand being taken away from his daughter. In a fridge example, this has to be pretty hard for Batman too, when you consider he's essentially attacking someone in front of their own kid in a dark alley. Sure, this universe establishes him as slightly harder than most incarnations but he's not completely heartless, but we're shown that that memory still stings, after all these years. He even shows a bit of regret when all is said and done, going so far as to let the pair get their goodbyes in order before the police pull up to take Deadshot away.
  • The flashback showing what happened to El Diablo's family. He burned down his house in a fit of rage, killing them.
    • Even worse is why it happened: his wife was so mad about his connections to crime that she declared she was going to take the kids and leave, because "he wasn't safe to be around"...
  • Captain Boomerang has a moment of seemingly genuine regret when consoling Deadshot after Waller has the chopper Harley is escaping in shot down.
    Boomerang: You couldn't save her, mate.
  • Harley Quinn mourning the apparent death of the love of her life, the Joker, in the helicopter crash. You can see her heart breaking.
    • Especially poignant is the shot of her sitting quietly in the street...and slowly takes off the "Puddin" necklace, which she had been so happy to have back. Poor Harley...
      • To a lesser extent, but even the sad little bit of longing on her face when she first gets the Puddin' necklace out of the trunk is heartbreaking.
  • El Diablo's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Flag crushing Enchantress's heart and thinking he killed June along with her. Luckily he didn't, but you can see how utterly pained he looks to go through with it.
  • On a fridge level, Harley's fantasy that Enchantress tries to tempt her with. A normal married life and kids with the Joker, with them not being skin-bleached but looking like regular people. It's a Tearjerker because no matter how much she wishes for it to be true, that is never going to happen.
    • Her vision starting after she pushes a button with the word "normal" written on it makes it all the more gutwrenching for anyone with a mental illness who has wished to just turn it off with the flip of a switch.
  • In the scene where the Joker finds out that Harley has vanished to a black site prison, he is lying in a circle of knives and guns...and two baby onesies. Now watch the scene where Harley imagines having two children in a normal life with the love of her life. Something tragic happened.
  • Katana mourning the death of her husband and talking to his soul, which apparently is contained in her sword. Her role may not be very big, but she is easily one of the most tragic characters in the film.
    • Gets even worse when you crack the Fridge open. She's promising him that "we will be together again", and considering how the sword works, there's only one possible way that will happen. It's darkly ironic that Katana is the one person on the Suicide Squad who is actually considering suicide.
  • Enchantress's last ditch attempt to stop Deadshot has her conjuring the illusion of his daughter, right in front of him, and begging him not to shoot: "The only way we can be together is if you don't kill her!" Deadshot sees her, hesitates... and then screams in utter and total anguish, right before firing. He knows that the evil witch/god would probably be able swing it; he knows that even if he accomplishes his mission, he'll still be going back to prison, and he knows that it makes more sense to him as a cold-blooded killer to just work for the more powerful bad guy... but he doesn't. Because even if he can't be with his daughter, he wants her to be proud of him, and not remember him as the lackey of a monster.
    • One could argue that the scream and his decision was either a) some visceral, audible way of snapping out of her illusions or b) him deciding to do what he wants, after a whole movie of being controlled and ordered around be self-righteous bastards like Waller. Anyway you slice it, that expression is one of pain and anguish.
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    • "Everybody's gonna know what we did. And my daughter is gonna know that her Daddy is not a piece of shit."
  • June is clearly terrified summoning the Enchantress, and is in near tears after Amanda makes her do it to show the other agents.
    • June and Rick's relationship is depressing; fell in love (according to Waller's plans), Flag has to do whatever Waller says to make sure June has a half-way functioning life, June has a parasitic relationship with the Enchantress she can't back out of, and neither Waller nor the Enchantress cares about what happens to either of them in the end. They are at the mercy of two very powerful people.
  • Although most of Killer Croc's scenes are Played for Laughs, his presence within the movie is a massive one regardless. Croc is looking to fit in in a world that wouldn't accept him because of his crocodile-like appearance and nature. As stated in a DCEU wikia,
    "Waylon Jones's condition would gradually make him more and more into a monster, eradicating any traces of humanity that might have been left, as Waylon became a grim and brooding monster in both body and spirit, always seeking his next meal."
    • In an interview with Empire, his actor states that Waylon's "a cannibal with rage issues”. Despite all of this, Harley Quinn is the only one that is very accepting towards Croc.

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