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At one point in the movie when things gone bad, Deadshot will say "AW HELL NAW!"
  • Not confirmed verbatim, but Deadshot does have a few zingers akin to that one.

Captain Boomerang will appear in The Flash movie.
It's the way to go if they're interconnecting their universe.
  • Inversely confirmed — The Flash appears in this movie to set up Boomerang's origin, but too soon to tell if the opposite will be true.

The Joker killed Robin, and made Batman retire
Until he suits up for Batman V Superman.
  • More of a WMG for BvS than Suicide Squad, but half-confirmed — Batman doesn't retire, but Joker did kill Jason Todd.

Batman (or at least Bruce Wayne) will make an appearance
Ben Affleck was spotted on the set, presumably dressed up as Bruce Wayne. This could mean that the character will indeed have a part in the film (although it's unknown whether he'll play a prominent role or if he'll merely have a cameo).
  • The Batmobile has been seen during the filming of a chase scene, so this is most likely confirmed.
  • Confirmed — he shows up in Deadshot's and Harley's flashbacks, as well as in a mid-credits scene with Amanda Waller, setting up Justice League.

If Batman does have a big role in the film, he'll be a Hero Antagonist
  • Confirmed? At least in the sense that he's the one responsible for having Deadshot and Harley Quinn imprisoned at Belle Reve; he's not much of a major player otherwise.

The end of the film will see most of the Squad dead or escaped...
...With the exception of Deadshot and Boomerang, possibly with Flagg still in command. Joker and Harley will break free, alongside Croc, to serve as members of the Legion of Doom, while Slipknot, Diablo, and Enchantress will bite the dust to prove the group's name, while Katana retreats to inform Batman of the events. Deadshot will stay by choice, since he likes the Squad and because Waller knows how to push his buttons about his daughter, and Boomerang will fail at his escape attempt.
  • Partially confirmed in that Slipknot and Diablo are dead by the end of the film but otherwise jossed; Enchantress is removed from June's body without killing her, while the remaining Squad members are returned at Belle Reve — Joker breaks out Harley at the end, though.

One of the villains will say "Welcome to the Suicide Squad"
  • Not confirmed verbatim, but Deadshot pejoratively calls Task Force X a "Suicide Squad."

A squad member will fake death.
Since everyone is expecting some members to die about halfway in, the movie will throw a curveball and have someone fake there death (or have their death faked by Waller or a Villain) early on only to reappear later and kill another member (for extra points)
  • Confirmed, but only slightly — Harley pretends to be shot by Deadshot when fleeing with Joker mid-operation, but quickly reveals herself to be alive.

Enchantress and Rick Flagg will be a couple.
She's holding on to him in the poster, he seems to be holding something like a leash attached to her in the same image, and we see them embracing pretty romantically in the trailer. Perhaps she ends up being his Violently Protective Girlfriend when in Enchantress mode, while he's her protector and friend as June Moon?
  • Confirmed — Amanda engineers their relationship to keep Enchantress close to the vest and give Rick motivation to keep June alive.

Squad Fatalities
Slipknot: This guy is probably just in here to die.
  • Confirmed — he's the first (and technically only) one to be killed for stepping out of line.

El Diablo: Diablo will probably receive better characterization than 'Knot, but he'll just be a Mauve Shirt and his death will be more traumatic. He also might have a friendship with Killer Croc, making his death more significant. He may survive, but he'll probably die

Killer Croc: Reasonably Well Known Villain, and his death would carry more weight (Also Big Guy Fatality Syndrome). He's obscure enough to kill, but well known enough for it to matter. But He could also survive, and is the most likely of these 3 to live.

  • Jossed — he's returned to Belle Reve in the end.

Enchantress: Probably the most powerful of the Squad, if her powers are intact, and seems to have some time dedicated to her backstory. That would give her death more punch. Plus, she's a D/C-list villain, so her death likely wouldn't effect any other DCEU plans.

  • Confirmed and jossed — Enchantress is defeated, but June is spared.

Katana: No-name actress, she's a got a mask, and she's in the trailer for about five seconds.

  • Jossed — she helps defeat Enchantress, and even gets a scene where she briefly unmasks herself when accused of using it to hide herself.

Captain Boomerang: They're clearly going for Crazy Awesome with him, so his death would actually matter. That said, they'll leave a back door so the boomerang can come back.

  • Jossed — he helps defeat Enchantress.

Harley will get her New 52 skin bleached treatment
The Dawn of the Justice League trailer depicted Joker and Harley in a vat of chemicals. The most obvious implication of this is Harley will come out white as chalk. Joker himself might come out whiter than before too.
  • Confirmed for Harley, jossed for Joker.

The Enchantress is actually the main villain of the movie.
In the trailers that we see, Enchantress is never with any of the members of the Squad. Also, if you look at all the destruction, it looks similar to the black magic that she uses. There's also the scene of the train getting ripped apart by black energy. It would make sense that Waller would either want her dead or subdued so she could be used by the government.
  • There's a scene in the trailer that shows Enchantress talking to Waller, so it seems more likely that the government already tried to use her. That's why Waller forms the squad: she's cleaning up her own mess and doesn't want anyone to live to talk about it.
  • More or less confirmed on both accounts— Waller attempts to recruit Enchantress for Task Force X, but she breaks free and becomes part of their Big Bad Duumvirate with Incubus, her brother.

Harley Quinn's classic harlequin costume will make some sort of cameo.
As an homage to the character's original design, of course.
  • Confirmed — we see a glimpse of her wearing the costume in flashback, and it's in her box of belongings when Task Force X is assembled.

El Diablo will die while performing a Heroic Sacrifice
Since he's The Atoner, perhaps he'll pull a You Shall Not Pass!, saving the rest of the team at the cost of his life.
  • Confirmed — he sacrifices himself taking down Incubus.

The Joker ISN'T in the Suicide Squad
In the movie, there are going to be flashbacks to the start of Joker and Harley's relationship, which begins to get abusive, up until the part where they get arrested by Batman and sent to different prisons/asylums. Then, when Harley is put into the Suicide Squad, The Joker escapes and assumes the role of a crazy, ex-boyfriend who is going to stalk Harley and probably attempt to capture her and get associated with the villian. Harley is then going to half to face Joker and get over his fear/control over her.
  • Confirmed in that he's never part of Task Force X, but all the other details here are jossed.

A large bulk of the main story takes place in the space of a day.
  • Confirmed? It's never actually clear how much time passes, but the main mission seems to happen overnight.

Boomerang will pull off a Changed My Mind, Kid/Big Damn Heroes moment
For some reason the bomb implants will be disabled prior to the final battle, and Boomerang tries to skip town, but later returns to help the rest. Leading to jokes about his alias.
  • Somewhat confirmed — it seems like Boomerang skips out on Task Force X when Waller is taken by Enchantress, but he helps take her down.

Joker's plan, or at least part of it, will be kidnapping Harley
...And getting Hush to remove the bomb from her head.
  • Somewhat confirmed — his personal subplot involves him trying to rescue Harley after she's sent to Belle Reve.

Slipknot is the first to die trying to escape
We can see in brief shots of the trailers that Slipknot and Boomerang seem to have struck a deal to help each other escape. Slipknot pulls an escape attempt with Boomerang close behind, but the latter gets caught by Katana. Of course, Rick Flag told the Squad that if any of them tries to escape, "You DIE."
  • Confirmed — Rick catches him and pulls the trigger on his death.

Slipknot will fill the same role that KG Beast did in Assault on Arkham.
Namely, getting killed off when he disobeys Waller or Flag, or in the way that the WMG above describes it.
  • Confirmed — Flag is the one who offs him.

The Joker has metal teeth, or caps on his teeth, because Batman kept bashing them in
It's not just a statement, it's battle scars.
  • Confirmed. In an interview Ayer stated the Joker's "Damaged" tattoo and grill have origins in the same event: The death of Jason Todd. When it happened an enraged Batman went full No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and smashed his teeth out. Joker got the tattoo in Arkham as a message. "You've damaged me. You've damaged my beautiful face."

The Squad will don their costumes in the second half of the film
Either because Waller wants to maintain plausible deniability, or because their government gear gets destroyed somehow. So, we'll get a Lock and Load Montage with the more colorful look to contrast with an earlier, more sterile design.
  • Jossed — we get a tease of Harley's classic harlequin outfit, but that's basically it.

The villain will be…
If this theory is correct, at least, the Big Bad will be Starro the Conqueror.

Lex Luthor will be actively recruiting supervillains to join up against the organizing heroes.
This movie is going to feature such a concentration of big name villains that it seems almost inevitable.
  • Jossed — Lex doesn't appear in this film.

Deadshot will be the Unknown Rival to Deathstroke.
Slade will be portrayed as having a better success rate on assassinations and even occasionally beating up Deadshot for getting in his way. This will inevitably culminate with Deadshot trying to get at least some manner of payback.
  • Jossed — Deathstroke doesn't appear in this film.

Scott Eastwood will cameo as Hal Jordan
Because his solo film is in 2020, introducing him before then doesn't sound like such a bad idea.
  • Wasn't Green Lantern supposed to appear in the Justice League movie in 2017?

Several major Batman villains will cameo in the film.
Aside from Joker, Harley,and Croc's confirmed appearances, there are rumors that at least some scenes in the film will take place at Arkham Asylum, and Batman having an established rogues gallery fits with the older, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns-inspired Batman that will feature in the DCCU.
  • Jossed — Batman himself appears in a few scenes, but none of his rogues gallery (aside from the ones named above) appear.

The Joker isn't meant to have a forehead tattoo
They've given it to him in the preview image for the specific purpose of provoking entitled fanboy rage. Then when they turn around and say okay, we'll remove the "Damaged", the grumpy fans will be mollified, the people who actually like the design won't be losing that much, and the film as a whole will get some positive press.
  • Sorry, it looks like it's still in the film.
  • Jossed — his forehead tattoo is part of his final design.

The Joker is already locked up at the start of the film
And will escape during the course of the film.
  • Jossed — Joker is never established to be imprisoned anywhere. He does break Harley out of Belle Reve in the final scene, however.

At some point, the villains will start bragging about their heroes.
Or at least the Batvillains will, and Boomerang will answer the call in defense of Flash since, by proxy of his numerous defeats by the speedster, it'll make him more of a badass as well.
  • Jossed — if anything, they spend more time moping about being villains and how nobody cares about them than boasting about their adversaries.

Croc and Diablo will have an Odd Friendship
They seem pretty chummy in the promo picture, and it would add to the film's complexity.
  • Functionally jossed, since they aren't shown interacting much throughout the film.

Katana is Batman's mole on the team
Based on their association in the comics and cartoons.
  • Jossed — she doesn't seem to have any affiliation to him.

There will be a scene of Joker corrupting a reformed Harley into going back to her villainous ways.
Set photos show Harley donned in a more Harleen Quinzel-like attire (proper clothing, hair styled normal, she even wears her glasses) opposite the Joker, one of them even her holding a gun towards him. Likely a flashback given it seems Harley will be well, Harley from the get-go, where the Joker will have escaped Arkham and approach Harley, now sane and accepting of her new life as a non-violent person only for him to manipulate her back with his so-called charms. Bonus points if her voice is normal at first, but slips into her standard Brooklyn accent, even calling him 'Puddin' (for harsher bonus points, the Joker snaps at her, potentially even hitting her afterwards- as the photos also show).
  • Jossed — we don't see much of Harley's pre-Joker life, but she seems to be on the straight and narrow before meeting him.

Joker will take on a more traditional appearance by the end of the movie
It's possible at the tattoos and much more normal skin in comparison to past incarnations were meant to cause an Intended Audience Reaction. It's possible Joker either had some expert artists make him appear different (a la Nicholson's Joker in the early scenes after his disfigurement) to satisfy his ever-changing tendencies or that he hasn't had his acid bath yet. One way or another, we'll have the flesh-colored, tattooed Joker for most of the film, but see classic, clean and white Joker by the end.
  • I'd say the Joker already had his chemical bath as photos and the trailer show the Joker with his skin chalk white already.
    • If this Joker is patient enough for tattoos he might be patient enough to tattoo himself white.
  • Jossed — he more or less appears the same way throughout the film.

The movie will end with Harley Quinn killing the Joker.
Some interpretations of the Joker have said that he has No Fourth Wall, so this works on both a literal and meta level simultaneously. The Joker and the audience both assume he has Joker Immunity, so the ultimate shocker is if he finds out he doesn't. Harley gives him a "Reason You Suck" Speech, Leaning on the Fourth Wall and telling him that everyone's seen his evil clown schtick a million times, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has opened up new territory, and it's time to give less known characters a chance to shine. She'll imply a comparison between her cycle of abuse and the constant reuse of the Joker in every Batman incarnation.
  • To take this a step further, the Joker will realize to his horror that the only reason he was even allowed to be in THIS movie was to fill his role in Harley's origin.
  • Jossed rather harshly — Joker and Harley seem to be stronger than ever by the film's end.

The Joker...
(theory via Imgur via Dorkly) is actually Jason Todd, either using the Joker's identity or driven insane by torture/near-death experience. In addition to that theory, Imgur user Wandering Onion points out that "The 'J' tatto on his face has the same placement as Todd in Batman: Arkham Knight. And he has a metal grill, maybe from having his teeth caved in..."
  • Highly unlikely. Arkham Knight was released while Suicide Squad was in production, so the 'J' tattoo/brand thing is most probably a coincidence (and even then, the 'J' on Jason's face is for 'Joker'), and we see Leto's Joker in what is clearly a flashback to when Harley Quinn was still Doctor Harleen Quinzel. In addition, it would cause too much negative backlash to have Joker be anyone other than Joker.
  • Considering Lex Luthor is actually Lex Junior they could be trying to get away with more "replacement" younger-and-hipper villains to fit Batman's timeline.
  • 'Nother Imgur theory in this vein The Joker has what appears to be a bird tattoo — perhaps a robin? — and in the poster he has same pose as Robin's mounted uniform in Batman V Superman. There's also the fact that Willem Dafoe's character is hidden on IMDB (though word is he's playing a good guy) and "Tunisia" points out in the comments that the Joker seems to have bullet wounds on his shoulder(s) in the same place as the holes Robin's uniform.
    • Counterpoint: Getting a tattoo to commemorate his most famous (and presumably toughest) victim to date might be a Jokeresque thing to do, and it's possible Joker and Robin both had guns. As for the silver grill, realistically if the Joker's been fighting Batman for as long as he has he'd need replacement teeth eventually.
    • Also, Willem Dafoe has been confirmed to be playing Vulko.
  • Jossed by Ayer.

The Joker himself will only appear in flashbacks (and possibly the end).
The only times we know we see Joker in the film is in a scene in which he is torturing someone (I've read he's torturing Harley, which is what I'm basing this theory on, but I myself didn't see any concrete evidence to confirm that), a brief scene with Harley, and a car chase with Batman, in which Harley is present. Therefore, I propose that Harley, over the course of the movie, will have flashbacks in which The Joker is present, but he will otherwise be completely absent (unless he appears at the end).
  • Jossed — he appears in flashbacks as well as present-day scenes.

The Squad is being used to take down the Joker at some point.
This will cause a great conflict for Harley, leading to Character Development on her part. Bonus points if she's the one that kills or captures him at the end — after years of seeing various incarnations of the Joker abusing her, it'll be so, so satisfying to see Harley get her revenge.
  • Jossed — they're never assigned to kill him.

Black Mask is involved somehow
He might not be involved, but the various masked men are his gang.
  • There's a good possibility that the masked men belong to the Joker, since he can be seen during the attack.
  • Jossed — he never appears.

The Joker killed Robin while trying to replicate his work on Harley
Similar to Return of The Joker, the Joker used torture to turn Robin into Joker Jr., afterall, it worked on Harley, right? However Robin proved to be much tougher than Dr. Quinzel, so the Joker kept ramping up the torture till Robin died from all the injuries.
  • Jossed — Robin was seemingly killed before Joker met Harley.
    • The above is incorrect: Harley's file implicates her as an accessory to the murder of Robin.

The Joker will be kept in a high security federal prison, separating him from Harley.
They won't keep Joker in Arkham Asylum, but in a more secure prison, knowing full well the kind of person Joker is. The scene with Batman is him capturing Joker before hauling him out of Gotham and into a federal prison meant for people like Cheetah or Solomon Grundy. Harley will stay in Arkham because she isn't that much of a threat on her own.
  • Jossed — Joker was imprisoned at Arkham Asylum when he met Harley, who helped break him out.

Sgt. Rock or Easy Company will be mentioned somewhere.
Leading up to a Period Piece film in the next set of DC films, that includes the Creature Commandos.
  • Jossed — none of the above appear in the film.

The criminals with the masks are the Terrible Trio
They won't be major players, just references. And for those who argue that Batman isn't an animal, it's just referencing that they're usually Batman villains.
  • Jossed.

The Joker's Not Going to Hurt Harley Quinn
That was just to scare her. He'll probably just tell a joke and ask "Did your sides split from laughing so hard?" Harley will be both traumatized and grateful towards the Joker after this and become his lover. What better way to reference the animated series than by making the Joker a charmer?
  • Jossed, unfortunately.
  • Jossed, but not completely. The Joker gives Harley electric shock therapy in revenge for her doing the same to him. Less abuse, more a tit for tat... at least in his mind.

Deadshot (or one of the others) will treat Harley as a Broken Bird needing redemption.
This will be (violently) rebuffed but provide a good angel/bad angel counterpart when she finally meets the Joker. In the end she'll reject both options and head off to find her own path.
  • Somewhat confirmed in the sense that she's mostly treated empathetically by the Squad, but otherwise jossed because they don't sympathize for her in regards to Joker.

The unconfirmed characters for the rest of the cast could be
My best guess is that they are criminals that the Squad have to mow down in order to stop the Joker. If that is the case...

David Harbour: Maxie Zeus. He'll get to be a Large Ham who continuously claims he's a god before most likely getting killed. Maybe by Deadshot, our Churchgoing Villain saying something like "My god says otherwise."

Common: Brick. He can be a more traditional adaptation than the one played by Vinnie Jones in Arrow by being depicted more like the comics. He can be super strong and an opponent for Killer Croc. It wouldn't be intruding on Arrow's use since the show killed their's off already.

Scott Eastwood: This is a far reaching one, but maybe the Human Flame. There are bound to be tons of explosions in this movie and who better to cause some than a guy who can set things on fire with his armored robot limbs. Since he's so obscure, an usually portrayed as incompetent, he can be killed off causing a huge explosion for the Joker and nobody will mind it when he dies since he's a D-lister at best.

Ike Barinholtz: Here's a longshot, but how about the Penguin. He wouldn't work for Joker and would be more of a cameo. If I'm right, then I assume it will feature his Iceberg Lounge getting shot up.

  • Jossed, for all of the above — Harbour plays Dexter Tolliver, Common plays Monster T, Eastwood plays Lieutenant GQ Edwards, Barinholtz plays Guard Griggs.

During the car chase scene, the Joker's car will run out of gas.
Resulting in the following exchange:
Joker: I thought I told you to get gas!
Harley Quinn: We're broke, remember?! What was I supposed to do, fill the tank, shoot the guy, and drive off?
Joker: Mm-hmm!
Harley Quinn: ...Now ya tell me!
  • Jossed — Batman runs them into a body of water.

Enchantress is actually the Disk One Final Boss
The movie is set up in a more flexible 4-part structure, as opposed to the classic 3. Part 1 naturally sets up the Squad while 2 will involve Enchantress's capture/defeat. Part 3 kicks in when a bigger concern attracts Waller's attention: the Joker escapes. Enchantress might be recruited to deal with the Joker, primarily because Waller realizes the implications of letting the Joker run loose when Batman's first act back on the scene is to pick a fight with a god-like alien. The rest of the movie will see the Squad's ongoing attempts to become a functional, if not cohesive unit, but mistrust goes all around, especially with regards to Enchantress (who may or may not have killed/seriously injured a team member in the first half, on top of the whole "trying to kill them" angle as well) and Harley, who clearly still feels something for the Joker.
  • Jossed — [[she's actually the final boss after Incubus is defeated]].

Amanda Waller will die.
Either her death will be the climax, or she'll die halfway through and the big twist after the credits will reveal that she's still alive. My bet is death (or "death") via Joker and/or Harley.
  • Jossed on both accounts — she's last seen talking with Bruce Wayne in a mid-credits scene.

The big bad will be OMAC.
The scene with the train appears to show an individual wearing some kind of powered armor. Perhaps, in an effort to counter individuals like Superman, the government attempted to create their own super soldiers (OMAC being either the name of the armor itself or the program that develops it). They cut a deal with Enchantress, promising to help keep her evil side in check, in exchange for using her magic to boost the armor's power... to disastrous results.
  • Jossed — he's nowhere to be seen.

The Phantom Stranger and The Spectre will cameo
When the Enchantress is defeated, The Spectre will appear to enact judgement on her before tearing her out of Julie Moon's body while the Stranger watches.
  • Jossed — they're nowhere to be seen.

The Silver Age Suicide Squad/Task Force X will be given a Mythology Gag
Possibly in a throwaway line where Rick Flag mentions his father, a World War II veteran.
  • Jossed — no reference to his father is made.

Scott Eastwood's character is Slade Wilson, pre-becoming Deathstroke
He's a special operator and featured more than a Redshirt in the trailers. In one particular shot his face is lit (and the person next to him is noticeably not lit that way) with his left side in orange light and his right in shadows, his eye particularly blacked out, resembling Deathstroke's mask. He'll gain the supersoldier abilities, and maybe lose an eye to Deadshot. As a subsidiary WMG, Deathstroke's trademark sword will be Katana's, after she dies, since it looks like she's committing seppuku in the trailer.
  • Katana isn't committing seppuku in the trailer; she's just sheathing the Soultaker Sword.

The antagonist will be either Poison Ivy, or The Floronic Man
Both use the natural world to destroy all human life, and there are zombie-like creatures in one of the trailers, which is something Ivy is known to use from time to time.(Using Cordyceps fungus perhaps?)
  • Jossed — the villains are Enchantress and Incubus.

At some point in their past, Harleen Quinzel and Pamela Isley dated
In the animated series and to an extent in the comics, the pair have pretty serious les yay, with there actually being word of gay on their relationship in the series. Given the push for more diversity in comicbook movies, if they were going to include a same-sex romance in the DCEU, those two would be logical choices.

It would probably play out like this: The straight-laced therapist Harleen would have been seeing Pamela, an environmental activist in their younger days. Pamela however, was getting too fanatical for Harleen and she broke it off. Fast forward a couple years and now they're both supervillains, with Harley probably finding Poison Ivy's eco-terrorism a turn on at this point, getting together as a Bonnie and Clyde style couple (assuming Harley has moved on from the Joker). After Catwoman has been introduced, this will probably lead to a movie version of Gotham City Sirens with the three of them.

  • Jossed — Ivy never comes up in the film.

The Joker is going to betray the Squad.
Joker wasn't in the original Suicide Squad, cue pissed fans. However, it's just a ploy to lead up to the part when Joker betrays everyone and becomes the villian of the movie. Look at the poster for the main page, The Joker is away from the group and on a "X".
  • Jossed — he's never actually in Task Force X.

The Joker is already dead
  • None of the scenes in the trailer show him interacting with any of the Squad members and they could all be flashbacks.
  • The Batman of the DCEU is far more willing to kill than previous versions.
  • Batman v Superman hints that the Joker killed Robin in the past. Batman may have killed him to avenge his death.
  • JOSSED into a very bad joke in Trailer 3.

Slipknot will die because of a harsh ricochet from a boomerang.
Slipknot will be scaling a building with one of his ropes during a fight scene, when Captain Boomerang tosses one of his boomerangs. It hits the enemy, but bounces incorrectly off a surface to slice the half in half sending him falling to his doom.
  • Jossed — Slipknot dies while trying to bail.

Rick Flagg will die before the movie's climax
He will try to reason with the Enchantress, and it looks like the June Moon personality is resurfacing, only for the Enchantress to kill Flagg while his guard is down. This leads to the team regrouping in the bar, as shown in the Comic Con trailer.
  • Alternatively, things go wrong, and Rick abandons the Squad just as he and Deadshot were appearing to strike up a friendship, leading to him and the team to drown their sorrows in a bar as they await for whatever the Enchantress is doing to come to fruition.
  • Jossed — he's apparently serving as Deadshot's liaison to and from Belle Reve when getting visitation rights for his daughter.

Slipknot made a deal with Waller to fake his death
He'll make a fake escape, and waller will fake his death, to establish the stakes without losing a member of the squad.

Slipknot will later reappear in the climax, recapturing the surviving members of the squad, save for harley quinn.

  • Jossed — Slipknot is definitely dead.

Deadshot, Harley, and Killer Croc will have a conversation about how much of a pain in the ass Batman is
With three Batman villains in one team, someone's bound to bring up their common enemy.
  • Surprisingly jossed — Croc's never even established as having ever met Batman.

Harley is estranged from Joker after discovering he killed Jason Todd
Which will also be the opening scene, where Joker picks up Harley from her stripper job while on the run from a very enraged Batman. While having fun at first, Harley discovers to her horror that Joker got Batman's attention by kidnapping and killing the second Robin Jason Todd. Serious for once, Harley demands Joker to get away from Batman first before letting her out of the car (there's a scene in the new trailer where Harley looks more serious than usual as she demands Joker to "Go!"). Joker probably isn't happy that Harley just told him what to do.
  • Jossed — Harley is taken from Joker by Batman, and Jason Todd never comes up in her backstory.
    • Also, her file in "Suicide Squad" states that Harley was an accomplice in the murder of Todd.

The Joker only appears in-person in the flashback sequences. In the present, he's Harley's hallucination
Remember the voices Harley mentions in the trailer? It's the Joker. In fact, it's what makes Harley the de facto wildcard in the entire ensemble, with the Joker's influence steadily making her more unstable the longer she is with the group. But Harley is fighting it, because for once she can do something meaningful without his involvement. How she deals with what he did to her and what that means for her now will be her entire character arc, and the tension will be on whether Harley will succeed or fail.

At least this way, as it makes more sense to do this from a production point of view, they can save the Joker for his own movie—or a movie truly dedicated towards him—as he comes back in response to Batman's return.

  • Jossed — he appears throughout the film.

The Squad's ultimate mission is to prevent the creation of/kill Bizarro
With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ending on the death of Superman, Lex's more... unhinged tendencies in the Extended Universe and his and Joker's Villainous Friendship in the comics, not to mention the creation of Doomsday, it doesn't seem out of the question that Lex could try and clone a new Superman and create Bizarro. Joker can get in on the scheme just to see how much destruction an evil Superman can cause. Not to mention there isn't much more dangerous than the unchecked Superman the previous film went on about.
  • Jossed — Bizarro never comes up.

Joker starts off as a villain but soon joins the Suicide Squad
He decides to team up with the others when he learns their mothers' have the same name.
  • Jossed — Joker is never affiliated with Task Force X.

The Joker had the last laugh with Batman.
With it all but being stated that Joker killed Robin, a flashback or something of that verity will show this pushed Batman over the edge, fully explaining how ruthless he was in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Bonus points if this caused Batman to kill the Joker, who of course goes out laughing.
  • Jossed — Robin never shows up.

The Joker is who the Squad is being sent to take out.
The squad is being sent to do something very bad that will get them killed. Who's more dangerous than the Joker himself? The Squad is suddenly called out of training and into their first mission when the Joker does something that throws Gotham City into chaos.

Harley goes along with it, even though she has every intention of screwing the squad over to protect her puddin' when the time comes, at least at the start. Though by the end, her opinion of the clown prince of crime will change after being in the Squad, with people who were better friends to her than the Joker ever was.

  • This is beginning to seem very likely. We're a few months away from release, and we know plenty about the Suicide Squad's roster, but essentially nothing concrete has been revealed about the villain(s) that they might be fighting...other than the Joker. It's definitely possible that Joker is, in fact, the Big Bad of the movie, and that the Squad was formed to fight him.
  • Jossed — Enchantress is their target.

None of the squad will die in the movie.
And of course, at the end someone will remark "huh, we all made it. Wasn't expecting that."
  • Jossed — Slipknot and Diablo are killed by the film's end.

The plot involves the Joker launching a chemical attack against a major city
Multiple scenes in the trailer seem to show the Suicide Squad battling bad guys in an abandoned city: Harley breaks a display window in a shop and steals jewelry in one trailer, she serves her teammates drinks from behind the counter at an empty bar in another, and another trailer shows a military helicopter crashing over a deserted street with seemingly no panicking civilians in sight. In nearly every glimpse that we've gotten of the movie's action, it seems to take place in a city devoid of life, where the Squad can cause as much chaos as they want without endangering innocent lives. But why? It's possible that the central plot involves the Squad trying to save the day after some large-scale terrorist attack—like a nuclear threat or a chemical attack—forces the authorities to evacuate a major city, or possibly just leaves an entire city dead. And considering we know of no antagonists in the movie other than the Joker, it's very possible that he is the Big Bad who the Squad end up being sent to fight. Trying to gas an entire city to death would be par for the course for most incarnations of the Joker, and it would make a convincing justification for the government sending the Squad to save the day; if you need to send troops into a city flooded with deadly chemicals, they may as well be unrepentant killers who you wouldn't mind sending to their deaths.
  • Jossed — Joker is only tangentially involved with the plot.

Deathstroke will have both of his eyes for the majority of the film.
The details about his character have made no reference to him wearing an eye patch, and also suggest that this is a younger, pre-super soldier Slade.Thus, it's possible this version of Deathstroke has yet to lose one of his eyes. That is, until the climax, when Deadshot will pull a Moe Greene Special on him.
  • Jossed, actually. Deathstroke isn't in the movie at all, and Deadshot doesn't pull a Moe Greene Special on anyone.

    Too Soon To Call 

The Joker will have multiple outfits representing different incarnations of the character
Set photos have the Joker in a white suit out the Dark Knight Returns, a purple shirt and gray suit combo from a 2000s story, and the promo photo of Leto as the Joker looks similar to the "Thin White Duke of Death" from Batman RIP. Other promo shots recall The Killing Joke. Perhaps everything he wears will be a Mythology Gag. The main promo photo was released to celebrate the Joker's 75th anniversary, after all.
  • Perhaps, when fleeing Arkham Asylum at the end of the film, he will don a black, leather trench coat, referencing Lee Bermejo's Joker design and recalling the opening scene of Joker.

The Joker's tattoos started in his Red Hood days
Assuming he was the Red Hood in this universe and the Red Hood was a gang like in the New 52. And gang members usually get tattoos.

Who will appear in any sequels or spin-offs?
Just put your guesses here, along with any actors who might play them.
  • Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow, played by...
    • Cillian Murphy. (Okay, so probably not, but he was just so damn good in the Nolanverse. It'd be nice, anyway.)
    • Hugh Dancy
  • Pamela Isley / Poison Ivy
    • Jossed. Poison Ivy will be in Gotham City Sirens instead
  • Roman Sionis / Black Mask, played by...
    • Mark Strong, because he can play a good villain, and he needs to redeem himself in terms of dc movies after playing Sinestro.
    • Likely jossed as he will appeear in Birds of Prey, played by Ewan Mac Gregor.
  • Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze, (and maybe also Nora) played by...
    • Patrick Stewart
  • Edward Nygma / The Riddler played by...
    • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Slade Wilson / Deathstroke played by...
    • Jossed. Deathstroke will be in The Batman, played by Joe Manganiello.

The Joker simply has a different back-story than usual
They put his Multiple-Choice Past into practice so instead of being a small-time crook who had a very bad day he's a psychotic preppy or whatever type of person who'd get a custom chrome Lamborghini with personalized license plates.
  • Alternately: In Batman: The Animated Series it's revealed that Bruce modeled Batman on a The Shadow-esque fictional hero, so this version of the Joker modeled himself after another clown-themed villain, hence the "fan art" tattoos (or a variation of the theory above he's a(nother, after Harley) victim of the "real" Joker gone insane and emulating his abuser).
    • One theory I heard about Harley is that she might be able to use her psychological expertise (consciously or not) to turn someone into the Joker the same way the Joker claimed he had turned other women into his Harlequins and if Leto-Joker isn't the "original" clearly she succeeded.

This movie will make you cry.
More of a general idea than a guess really, but traditionally villain team-ups have been more-or-less comedic, or at least more about watching characters be ridiculous than caring about their well-being. Based on the trailer though, this is clearly not the tone they are taking, and if they are going to try to make the audience relate to these villain characters, they'll likely try to make them tragic characters, especially given that they are essentially used as an expendable force.a

Plus, the trailer song seems to especially be fitting for Harley, with the idea of people crying when she laughs, laughing when she cries, and her being oblivious, with tragic results ("Oh, if I'd only seen, the joke was on me"). She seems more like a Broken Bird, especially in comparison with The Joker and considering what he did to her. The last lines of the song ("I finally died, which started the whole world living") seem to indicate that there will be at least one Heroic Sacrifice (perhaps even coupled with a "I wasn't meant to get out of this alive anyway").

Not to mention, part of the "action team" movies is that the team usually does (at least eventually) become True Companions, and in this case their teammates might be the *only* people who care at all about them. One way or another, I am bringing tissues when I see this.

The Joker has a Bat Brand
He got it from Batman after he killed Jason. He got a tattoo to cover it, but then went overboard with the tattoos.

Katana will return in Ben Affleck's Batman movie.
Amanda Waller will send her to Gotham city in order to recapture Harley Quinn. Meanwhile, Batman, feeling regret for all the criminals he manslaughtered, is currently hunting The Joker after his return to Gotham city. The two will meet and become reluctant allies during the final battle.

El Diablo is alive.
An explosion kill a fire god? Sounds unlikely to me.
  • More than that. El Diablo is possessed by what seems to be an Azkec god. Rebirth, fueled by sacrifice, is a core motif of that religion.

Sequel Squad Lineup






  • CROC (Given increased prominence, with focus placed on his backstory, how his personality grew to match his appearance overtime)



  • BLACK MANTA (A Somali Pirate with a suit of power armour who acts as a foil to Deadshot, in parenting style and attitude)

  • FIREFLY (A horribly scarred arsonist with a jetpack. Dies midway through the movie in combat)

  • COPPERHEAD (A Spanish assassin who uses a vast array of toxins to kill her targets. Suffers from a less severe version of the condition Killer Croc has. Killed just before the climax)

  • KILLER FROST (Serial Killer with Ice Powers. Betrays team when given chance and disappears from film)


  • BANE (The Big Bad, a master tactician who's in charge of a large military style gang. Famed not only for his tactical prowess but for breaking the Bat, Bane's actions against both the mexican and american government has drawn the attention of Waller, and the squad is under orders to bring Bane in alive. Ends up killing Copperhead in combat, surviving her poisons with venom and willpower)
    • Bane is likely off the table, considering just how much of a Tough Act to Follow anyone playing the Big Guy would have in relation to Tom Hardy.

  • ANGEL "BIRD" VALLELUNGA (The Dragon to Bane's Big Bad. Manages to shoot Firefly out of the sky. Taken out by Deadshot)

  • SLADE "DEATHSTROKE" WILSON (The one who hired Bane's gang to do his dirty work of attacking the US government after going rogue)

The sequel will be called Vol. 2
The first film is already looked down upon by many viewers as a blatant rip-off of Guardians of the Galaxy. Might as well rub more salt in an already gaping wound.

Speculation for Squad members in the sequel
I mean about half the Squad is either dead or a prison escapee by the end, so why wouldn't some new blood be introduced? Who would you like to see involved?

  • Professor Pyg

    Misc. WMG 
The reason for Diablo's death
.Be warned that this is a spoiler, read at your own discretion.

The reason that Diablo died after he was making progress against Incubus is because of the nature of his powers. Diablo said that the more evil he did, the stronger he became, which is why he dubbed himself El Diablo. It likely means that the reverse is true, doing good will weaken him. In the battle against the Enchantress and Incubus, Diablo was helping to literally save the world. The villainous thing to do would be to join the Enchantress, not stop her. So while he was winning, the karma caught up to him and left him weak enough to be slain.

Tyler Joseph is the Music Meister in Heathens.

When he’s brought to Belle Reve the guards fail to wear proper protection against his powers, whether do to incompetence or as part of a plan by Amanda Waller to test his powers. This allows him plant the seeds for a breakout in their minds. Once out of his cell, he subsequently uses his powers to gain control of the other inmates. Before he can escape however he is taken down by guards wearing hearing protection thus rendering him harmless.

  • He may be new to his powers, explaining his hesitation when surrounded by the other inmates, and seems to have audiovisual hallucinations, explaining Josh Dun’s appearance as well as the visuals in the video.

The reason for Diablo's One-Winged Angel form appearing seemingly from nowhere.
Spoilers ahoy.

Recall that the thing inside El Diablo is clearly not a deamon but an Aztec deity. The Aztecs were BIG into human sacrifice. El Diablo's comments about how the more he did bad things, the more he was feared, the more powerful he got ties into gods being fed by worship, in this case fear. But Aztec gods also made it clear that human lives were needed. In killing his own wife and children, lives incredibly precious to him, El Diablo offered the god inside him a truly mighty sacrifice, but then never really used his powers again so the change in power level never really came up. Then, in the bar, he accepts what he did, internalises the guilt and decides to use his powers again in ernest, allowing the god full range with its new power.

This version of Harley and by extension Joker has a superpower

Namely some sort of reactive healing factor. Kill them and it goes into overtime to bring them pack, hurt them and it reacts to make them Made of Iron, no threat and they stop ageing. A tidy if some what unsatisfactory answer to Joker Immunity, Plot Armor, and henchmen he's more or less an anarchist cult leader peddling a shot at immortality.

Harley miscarried in the past.

The spiral of weapons the Joker was lying in included three or four baby-sized onesies, and Harley's fantasy had her living with the Joker in normal married life, specifically including two children. It's possible that losing her children messed her up even more, especially if they were the Joker's kids, given how much she adores him.

  • To add this this, it is entirely possible she miscarried during the car crash that led to her capture. The trauma of being flung througha windshield would be enough for her to miscarry. This would also explain her behavior when first captured, as the grief and pain of what she went through would damage her even further.
  • However it happened, the grieving parents clearly blamed Batman for the loss, and this is what motivated them to kill Robin, the closest thing Batman had to a son of his own.

Those Stories About Jared Leto Were Bullshit

Given that his version of the Joker ended up underwhelming a lot of viewers, plus the lack of evidence surrounding his pranks (we got photographic proof that Jai Courtney streaked around the set, so how hard would it be to photograph a box of used condoms?), it's possible that it was all made up to make people forget about Heath Ledger's Joker.

  • Somewhat confirmed. A lot of the antics rumored to have happened were purposely spread to amp up hype for the movie. Some happened, but the more extreme and disturbing where rumors created by the studio.

The alleyway where Deadshot was captured has a special significance to Batman
  • It's Park Row, also known as Crime Alley, where Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered. This would add a layer of subtext to the scene where Batman confronts Deadshot in front of his daughter, and goes to emphasize how he'd rather not have it turn into a fight.

When the Joker said he had grape soda on ice, the beverages in question were in fact Faygo
He's a wicked clown after all. Possibly in other ways too.

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