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Drinking Game / Suicide Squad (2016)

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Drinking Game for Suicide Squad.

  • Whenever Harley Quinn provides some Gallows Humor, drink.
  • If the Joker laughs, drink.
  • Whenever Harley says "Puddin" or "Mister J" (both referring to the Joker), drink.
  • If Batman shows up, drink.
    • Twice if he does as Bruce Wayne.
  • If you can name a song that's used in the movie when hearing it, drink.
    • Drink again if you can name the singer.
  • Whenever Captain Boomerang is seen with his plush pink unicorn, drink.
  • Whenever Amanda Waller uses a firearm, drink.
  • If Killer Croc says something, drink twice.
  • Whenever "Enchantress" is pronounced, drink.
  • Whenever Enchantress speaks her own language, drink.
  • Whenever Enchantress seems to dance when moving, drink.
  • If Katana cuts something off with her sword, drink.
  • If a main character dies, down your glass.
  • If a helicopter crashes, drink.


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