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Heartwarming / Suicide Squad (2016)

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"Let's go home!"

  • It might have started as the most twisted love of them all, but the Joker and Harley Quinn really care for each other in this adaptation. A far cry from the Mad Love way their relationship is usually depicted. It's been stated that since the Joker is a guy with such a varied personality and past, it's not out of the question that one version of him can care for Harley, even if it is as a personal possession.
    • At the end, the Joker, having survived the helicopter crash from earlier, reunites with Harley at Belle Reve when he and his Mooks break her out. As the the two embrace, he affectionately tells her, "Let's go home", and the film closes on a shot of them together.
    • When Harley jumps into the chemicals that made Joker what he is, he initially starts to walk off and leave her to drown before changing his mind and diving in to save her.
    • Joker spends most of the film tracking down Harley, kidnapping the doctor who put the explosive implant in her neck, and finally deactivating her explosive and rescuing her. Just before the helicopter is shot down, he kisses her passionately and very sweetly tells her he has grape soda on ice and a bear-skin rug in front of a fire, waiting for them at home.
    • When the helicopter is hit, it may look like Harley simply falls out, but if you pay attention, Joker clearly pushes Harley out. Yes, unlike most other versions where Joker usually saves his own ass while leaving Harley behind, here he thinks of her safety first.
  • Deadshot tells the others to not insult El Diablo, and Diablo replies that they have nothing to worry about from him.
  • Despite this version of Batman being noticeably more violent than previous versions, he still has sympathy for villains:
  • When Deadshot has to goad El Diablo into using his powers, Harley (once he's no longer using them) hugs him and pecks him on the cheek, with a warm "I knew you'd come through."
  • The team comforts itself with drinks in a bar in the Darkest Hour, with Harley as the bartender.
  • Even though the Joker deactivated Harley's bomb, she still returns to help her team. She could have easily cut and run, but instead she waited for them and met back up with them to finish the mission.
  • Harley's line to Enchantress before she cuts out her heart.
    Harley: There's just one messed with my friends.
  • Captain Boomerang may be a Jerkass, but it's somehow endearing when he tosses Harley her bat [upon her return after the Joker's apparent death.
    Boomerang: Hey, craziness!
  • Despite having gone Screw This, I'm Out of Here! moments before, Boomerang does come back to help them.
  • El Diablo calling the squad his family before fighting Incubus to a standstill to allow them both to be blown up.
    • Tied into this is the rest of the Squad cheering Diablo on as he fights Incubus, with Deadshot, Harley and Boomerang all yelling encouragement to him from the sidelines.
    • And then yelling for him to get clear, with all indication of genuine concern for Diablo, just before his Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Deadshot purposefully missing Harley when she escapes, despite Waller offering immediate freedom and custody of his daughter if he kills Harley. It's about as close as anyone gets to saying "Fuck you, Waller" in the entire movie.
  • When Enchantress uses her power to make the Suicide Squad hallucinate their most wished desires coming true, some of them are pretty sweet. Deadshot sees himself being able to kill Batman so that he won't have to go to prison and able to stay with his daughter, Harley Quinn sees herself living a normal family life with The Joker (complete with two kids and no clown makeup), and El Diablo sees himself reunited with his dead family again. No matter how evil the members of Suicide Squad are, Even Evil Has Loved Ones indeed.
  • When the U.S. Marshals show up to bring Deadshot back, Flagg stops them from putting the chains on the man in front of his daughter.
    • The little smack on the lead guy's chest is what really sells how far the two of them have come. It's the unspoken command of "Slow your roll and give the man his damned time, he's earned it."
    • The fact that Flag, who had zero respect for Deadshot when the two first met, showed up to oversee Deadshot's visitation instead of sending somebody else who would likely be a lot more strict.
    • There's also something very endearing about the way Flag hugs him after the final battle. Even if Floyd's reaction is something of a Funny Moment.
  • Just the general devotion Deadshot has for his daughter. note 
    • Deadshot goes out shopping with his daughter; that's what he does in his downtime.
    • As mentioned above when Batman gives Deadshot a chance to turn himself in willingly. Obviously he tries to shoot Batman, but stops because his daughter asks him to.
    • Some of Deadshot's requests in exchange for helping Waller? His daughter's Ivy League education being covered.
    • Enchantress forces a vision of Deadshot's daughter begging him not to take the shot to end the threat. Conflicted for only a moment, he takes the shot anyway with Harley's engraved revolver. The spent chamber rotates into frame, and Love is printed on it.
    • At the end, he's seen helping her with her math homework. It shouldn't be nearly as heartwarming as it is, but when Floyd's explaining the geometry to her, Zoe makes the comparison to her dad's job. And it's not a case of Calling the Old Man Out, either, it's just a basic 'imagine the situation as something you know in order to make better sense of it'.
    • Zoe herself merits her own Heartwarming gesture, when she lets her daddy off the hook for having to lie to her about his work.
  • Over the course of the film, Killer Croc goes from being treated like a monster to being treated like a friend, with Harley being able to call him ugly without consequence. The film ends with him back in prison, but now he's eating a cheeseburger which means that the "Do Not Feed" rule has been discarded. And he's watching and enjoying a musical performance on TV (his reward request) while he eats. Not only is Croc's human side still there, but it's fighting a rearguard action to keep him connected to human culture.
    • After she jokingly calls him ugly, Croc says, "not me. I'm beautiful." Harley grins and cheerfully agrees with him. Croc just wants to feel accepted, and he finally got that.
  • The Squad as a whole, even when including Katana and Flag. The villains each see each other as the only people who actually give a damn about themselves, even if they know that they may not survive or may never see each other ever again after the mission is over. Hell, with how well they all worked together, you forget that they were formed the day of the mission.
  • Rick cradling June after a nightmare.
    • Later, after it seemed like June had died, she and Rick embrace joyfully.
    • From the rare glimpses we get of their relationship, Rick and June are both extremely caring towards each other, despite their different backgrounds.
  • After the Joker's apparent demise, the rest of the Squad finds Harley sitting on top of a car, having taken off her "puddin'" choker and sitting there crying. The second she sees them coming, Harley tries to perk up and go back to her usual smiley self, but she's not really fooling anyone. The rest of the Squad, thankfully, doesn't call her out on it, and Deadshot helps her down, even bridal carrying her at one point.
  • Harley telling Deadshot he's her friend early on in the film. Bear in mind, the two have just met, but Harley genuinely considers him to be an ally, and treats him like an old pal. Deadshot, despite claiming to not care about anyone except himself and his daughter, seems to return the feeling.
  • A villainous one: Enchantress and Incubus, the evil sister and brother duo, are very devoted to each other. Enchantress slips her restraints in order to free her brother. Later, when Amanda Waller tries to stab her heart, she goes to her brother pleading for help, and Incubus immediately lends her some of his power, saving her life and restoring her to her former glory. They work together as a flawless team until Incubus dies; Enchantress screams in anguish for her brother when he dies.
  • Katana slips her sword back into its sheath as soon as it's clear that Enchantress is defeated, even though the rest of the surviving Squad are entirely free of Flagg's control. They could potentially buy themselves a much longer head start if they turned on their former handlers, but Katana acknowledges that the Squad just passed up the chance to work with the Big Bad to fight at her side, and is giving them the benefit of the doubt.