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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.


  • The film opens up with a footage showing a group of children running up to Superman and asking him questions. The way the Man of Steel enthusiastically responds to them shows that despite the emotional stress he went through previously, he could still be an upbeat and friendly guy at the core the rest of the time. He tells the children his symbol is not an "S", it's a river, because like hope, it comes and goes, but it is always there.
  • Following his huge and tragic mistakes that indirectly led to Superman's (apparent) death, Bruce Wayne has regained faith in humanity and does his best to gather the Justice League to protect the Earth with the help of Diana.
    • This is especially heartwarming considering how Batman was portrayed in the previous movie (and most of his other iterations); as a man too jaded and scared to trust others apart from some very few exceptions. Yet throughout the entire movie he's doing everything he can to bring the team together, even motivating Diana to step up as their leader in spite of his usually endemic Control Freak Tendencies. It's rare to see any hero defy their fatal flaw with such conviction, let alone Batman of all people.
      Bruce: He was more human than I am. Fell in love, got a job, despite all that power. The world needs Superman.
  • Aquaman's main connection with humanity until Bruce comes to him? Bringing fish to starved coastal populations in the winter.
    • He is also shown rescuing a fisherman from drowning, showing that this version of Arthur Curry, while kind of a rough character when bothered, is still very much a hero.
  • Barry Allen/The Flash immediately, and happily, joins the Justice League, much to Bruce's surprise. Partly because he needs friends.
    • And even Bruce Wayne, an embittered no-nonsense hardass, warmly grins at such a sincere and innocent motive for heroism.
  • Diana/Wonder Woman helping mankind again, with both mundane superheroics and a part in creating the Justice League against more nightmarish threats, one century after what she witnessed and went through during World War I prompted her to step away from it.
    • She is seen restoring art. She doesn't just seek to protect mankind against evil; she has been taking care of its cultural heritage as well.
  • The fact that pretty much everything that Jor-El told Clark about what his presence on Earth would do for humanity as Superman's death not only gave the world an ideal to follow but also that humanity (the Justice League who, for the exception of Diana, are all human or at least half-human) will join him in greatness.
  • A brief moment but Commissioner Gordon says to Batman, "It's good to see you playing well with others again." Bear in mind that Batman has already lost Robin at the hands of the Joker and had transformed from a broken-down man into someone with hope instilled back into him after the events of Dawn of Justice. Even during a time of chaos with many lives at stake, Gordon still cares about his friend.
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  • In the official Comic-Con 2017 trailer, Superman's absence is heavily felt and mentioned several times, yet Batman himself says that if they want to honor Superman, they have to keep fighting. And then in the end, Alfred speaks to an unseen figure, telling him, "Let's hope you're not too late." The implications are quite clear.
  • Bruce put up Superman's suit on display, just like he did with Jason's in Dawn of Justice.
  • The sheer admiration Bruce has gained for Superman following his death is also this as he has come to see and appreciate everything Superman represented and fought for.
    Bruce: Superman was a beacon to the world. He didn't just save people; he made them see the best parts of themselves.
  • Naturally, Clark's reunion with Lois and Martha.
  • The final trailer emphasizes the strong bond the team will start to develop with:
    • Cyborg catching Aquaman and giving him a lift back into the fight.
    • Wonder Woman knocking two Parademons off the Batmobile, saving Batman.
    • The now-iconic scene of Aquaman riding atop the Batmobile.
  • Diana is the first one to point out to Bruce that, invasion or not, superpowers or not, they are asking people that they don't know and vice versa to risk their lives. Her compassion and understanding is still two of her strongest qualities.
  • When they're digging up Clark's grave, Barry tells Cyborg he could do this a lot faster but it doesn't feel right using his speed for something like this.
  • Bruce saying something we never would hear him say in the previous films, showing just how much he has grown from the brutal, cynical vigilante he once was:
    Bruce: The world needs Superman.
    • And shortly after that, he says this:
      Bruce: I made him a promise.
  • Flash isn't sure he's up for what needs to be done. Batman gives him a very laconic pep talk.
    Flash: Alright, okay, h-here's the thing: um... see, I'm afraid of bugs, and, um... guns and obnoxiously tall people. I can't be here! It's really cool you guys seem ready to do battle and stuff, but, full transparency, I've never done battle! I've just pushed some people and run away!
    Batman: ...Save one.
    Flash: ...what?
    Flash: Uh... which one?
    Flash: ...a-and then?
    Batman: You'll know.
    • So he does. Grabbing one person(Cyborg's father, no less), and getting them to safety. So what does he do next? Save another. And another. And...
    • Also as a fan pointed out this is Heartwarming in Hindsight when one remembers that Bruce lost Jason roughly a decade ago and this is his first time mentoring a younger hero so what Bruce is saying to Barry is probably what he would say or wish he said to Jason as Robin.
    • Or hell, probably what he did say, once upon a time. . .
  • Batman's contingency plan in the event that Superman goes wild after resurrected? Not the Justice League's combined might. Not Kryptonite. But Lois Lane. And it WORKED. She's the one that stops Superman's confused rampage, and later, pushes him to join the Justice League.
  • Lois and Martha Kent comforting each other after mourning Clark.
  • Alfred tries complimenting Bruce for bringing the team together, but Bruce affirms Superman would be able to do a much better job. When Alfred tries to dismiss Superman's powers as an asset Bruce says "He's more human than I am. He lived in this world, fell in love, had a job. In spite of all that power. The worlds needs Superman... the team needs Clark." Bruce has come a long way from his blind hatred of an alien.
    • The world needs Superman. . . the team needs Clark. Superman is powerful, indestructible, stronger, faster, better than the rest of the League put together. . . but it's Clark Bruce thinks they need. The fundamentally good, decent, kindhearted Kansas boy to show them all the best version of themselves.
  • Diana looking in on Bruce after the team's altercation with a resurrected Superman. Prior to this scene, the team had been berating him for his plan to bring back Superman and what they feel to be its failure as they had to fight and try restrain a confused and angry Superman. That includes Diana herself, and they had previously traded jabs at each other; Bruce for trying to kill Superman and being reckless in his plan to use the alien technology to bring back Superman, and Diana for shutting down and hiding as a civilian after Steve Trevor's death instead of being The Paragon that Superman became. When he went off to his room, however, she noticed him wincing in pain from the injuries he sustained in the fight with Superman and tried to help him.
    • In the ensuing dialogue, he also admits he pressed her buttons because he wanted her to become spirited enough to declare herself leader of the League instead of himself because he did not feel he was fit for leadership after what he tried to do to Superman.
    • Diana herself admits she understood what Bruce tried to do, but confesses she doesn't have the strength to take a position where she would have to send people to their death.
    • Bruce telling Diana that if she wants to go back into the shadows after dealing with Steppenwolf, he won't judge her this time. He even throws in a light-hearted jab by saying he'll let her dress like a bat and he won't sue.
  • When Superman makes his Big Damn Heroes entrance, Batman grins. It's such a wonderfully jarring change from The Stoic Knight in Sour Armor persona he usually puts on.
    • Following that, this piece of dialogue, where Batman gets about as close as he'll ever come to going full-on Adorkable:
    Superman: I know you didn't bring me back because you liked me.
    Batman: I don't...not...
  • In the first post-credit scene, Flash is having a match with Superman in a race. From a countryside to Pacific coast. You can clearly see how happy he is, finally having someone fast enough for him. Considering he joined League to have friends (as he admitted, the rest of humanity are too slow for him), you can see someone that can finally be free to be who he is.
  • After spending a century hiding in plain sight, Wonder Woman is shown greeting a bunch of schoolkids after pulling off her latest rescue. Noteworthy is how many of them were girls.
  • The beginning of the movie shows that Martha had to sell the Kent farm and move in with Lois. By the end of the movie, she's moving back in. Bruce bought the bank and gave it back to her.
  • Barry visits his father in prison and tells him that he got a job in the crime lab. Even stuck in prison, Barry's father is so happy for his son. Also, Barry got the job thanks to a recommendation from a friend (definitely Bruce).
  • Bruce deciding to rebuild Wayne Manor and turn it into the headquarters for the Justice League.
    Batman: There should be a round table, big enough for six chairs, right over there.
    Diana: But room for more.
    Batman: Yes. Room for more.
  • Doubles as a Tearjerker: when Hippolyta orders the Mother Box's cave be sealed, the Amazons guarding the entrance do it immediately and without question, even though it involved sealing themselves, and several dozen of their comrades, inside with a bloodthirsty demonic monster.
  • When they decide to assault Steppenwolf's Russian hideout, Bruce says he'll distract the Parademons while the others go to stop the Unity. The team realizes that Bruce is on a suicide mission and decide to ignore his plan and rescue him.
  • Barry and Victor begin to bond as buddies as they grave-rob Superman's body, as the "Accidents", since their powers came to them through happenstance, and both were rather lacking in the buddies department. They're seen finally sharing a bro-fist as they survey the verdant rebirth of the aborted hellscape after the climactic battle.
  • The locals who Aquaman described as forced to live there because they "had been kicked out of everywhere else" looking at their home, no longer an irradiated wasteland now transformed into a floral paradise.
  • Lois confesses to Clark that he'd be disappointed in her losing her way and edge as an Intrepid Reporter after his death. Clark doesn't hold it against her at all.
  • The Deleted Scene where Clark, wearing his Superman suit, finds Alfred. The heartwarming part is Alfred smiling warmly at Superman, a man he hasn't even personally interacted with, and greeting him with a polite "Master Kent". Becomes even better considering that Alfred was one of the people who stood up for Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice... against his own boss, no less.
  • Lois Lane's soliloquy that closed the film is a heartfelt summation of why Superhero Stories matter so much, and have resonated through The Ages.
    "Darkness; the truest darkness is not the absence of light... It is the conviction that The Light will never return. But the light always returns to show us things familiar: Home, Family, and things entirely new, or long overlooked. It shows us new possibilities and challenges us to pursue them. This time, The Light shone on The Heroes, coming out of the shadows to tell us we won't be alone again. Our darkness was deep and seemed to swallow all hope; but these Heroes were here the whole time, to remind you that hope is real, that you can see it. All you have to do is look, up in the sky."

Deleted Scenes

  • Elinore Stone crying of joy and blowing a kiss to Victor as he scored a touchdown during the football match.
  • Superman meeting Alfred, and Alfred reverently calling him "Master Kent", with the ever-hopeful theme of Krypton playing.


  • The cast endorsing an ecological campaign (opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline).
  • After Zack Snyder's daughter Autumn Snyder committed suicide, literally everyone, even people who openly despise the DCEU, expressed their sympathy and comfort to Snyder and his entire family.
    • Warner Bros. actually offered to delay the release of the movie so that Snyder could deal with his family tragedy. Such an act is utterly unheard of, changing the release date of a major blockbuster to accommodate one person. Snyder himself barreled forward, keeping production going and doing promotional tours for Wonder Woman.
    • Not only that, a few directors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe offered their support for Zack.
    • Fans who campaign to get a Director's Cut released launched fundraisers for suicide prevention.
  • Ray Fisher ripped his "Borg Life" T-shirt to reveal a "I love ZS" T-shirt (as in "Zack Snyder") at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. All of the cast repeatedly mentioned how much they appreciate working with the director.
  • Gal Gadot comforting a young fan at the autograph signing at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, with Ezra Miller telling the girl "That's a warrior right there, to have the strength to cry in front of people. Come join the League whenever you're ready, okay?"
  • When asked about Superman's return, Jason Momoa messed with the kid who asked the question by straight up telling him that "Superman is DEAD!" Come the autograph signings where Momoa is confronted by the boy and he sweetly assures him that he was just kidding and says, "Don't worry, he's still alive."
  • A phone operator at Warner Bros. received a lot of calls from fans asking about a Director's Cut of the film. Some of these fans ended up sending her flowers and cards, because she was nice enough to give elaborate answers to the calls.
  • With the news of The Snyder Cut officially happening on HBO Max, the rejoicing from Zack’s fans as well as casual filmgoers keeping track of the films development is touching to see. And how did Zack choose to announce it? On a livestream with his wife Deborah, Henry Cavill and some fans.


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