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    Pre-Release Theories 

The movie will be a stylized but realistically harsh depiction of World War I
There will be fantastic stunts, Hollywood Tactics, Battles that never happened, Guns that were either prototypes or not nearly as functional in reality as they are in the movie, and magical elements, but the Grinding, brutal, hellish, and ultimately pointless slog that was the Great War will be put on display.

Diana will initially believe Allied Propaganda. She will be convinced that The Kaiser Reich is sponsored by Ares and beating them will end war in Mans World.

However, It will eventually be revealed that Ares did nothing to start the war, he just supplied the Allies and the Central Powers with weapons like Chlorine Gas and Flame Throwers to make it even worse once it had already started. Late in the film Diana will realize that the Germans were no better or worse than the Allied Powers, and that the Unnamed German officer is an Anti-Villan who wants to keep Germany safe and prosperous at worst.

There will be a lot of Waris Hell, Grey-and-Gray Morality on display, and idealistic young soldiers maimed by the conflict hinted at at the very least.

The big twist will be that all that Diana did made things even worse for the world, and her belief that she could end violence with violence just killed her friends and created a bigger war later on.

  • Confirmed through and through.

The Cheetah will be the villain.
She'll be Priscilla Rich, who transforms into a were-cheetah like Barbara Ann Minerva with the power of the magic amulet of Orzchartaga.
  • This will be Elena Anaya's role. It wouldn't be her first time wearing fang and claw prosthetics.
    • Elena Anaya being her is unlikely, since her character in the trailers looks nothing like Cheetah.
  • Jossed

Alternatively, Elena Anaya will play Artemis.
She would make a great Artemis of Bana-Mighdall. Some people are pulling for Circe, but with the presence of war in this film - Ares and even Hera are looking to be the main antagonists. On the other hand, it would be pretty funny to see Steve Trevor get turned into a pig.
  • Jossed on both roles, it's confirmed she'll play Dr. Poison.
    • Source?
    • the Joss is supported by The Other Wiki.
    • Empire Magazine ultimately confirms that Elena Anaya is playing Doctor Poison (and that Danny Huston is playing General Erich Ludendorff).

Etta Candy will appear.
And she'll be played by Rebel Wilson.
  • Or Lucy Davis, who has already been cast in an unknown role.

Wonder Woman fought during World War II.
Even though the movie is set during World War I.
  • Unless she returns to Themyscira before, during or after the end of the first World War.

Lynda Carter will cameo as Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.
During flashbacks or in Act 1 of the movie, we will get a Casting Gag to the 1970s series.
  • Double-Jossed. Hippolyta will be played by Connie Nielsen, and Lynda Carter won't have a cameo, according to this article.

We'll see Manfred von Richthofen a.k.a "The Red Baron".
A bit of a long shot, I know. But with the movie having some focus on World War I, it'd be pretty cool if they at least allude to one of its most famous names and admittedly Real Life badass.
  • Jossed.

Enemy Ace will cameo.
Baron Von Hammer, after all, is basically DC's version of The Red Baron. And if the actual Baron will not appear, they could have Enemy Ace cameo instead.
  • Jossed.

Some variation of the phrase "It looks like clay does bleed" will be spoken at some point.
Perhaps while sword-sparring with another Amazon, a young Diana will receive a cut, and her opponent will use this as an insult.
  • Jossed.

There will be a Mythology Gag referencing the transformation sequence from the series.
  • Jossed
  • The closest we get in the film is Hippolyta spinning through the air before attacking several German soldiers.

The Invisible Jet will make a cameo as a piece of Wayne Aerospace stealth tech.
Like in "Who is Wonder Woman?" a story from the mid-2000s which shares a writer with this movie.
  • Jossed. The invisible jet will not be in the movie.

Robin Wright is playing Hippolyta.
As of January 12, 2016, her role has not been disclosed, and she seems like the only cast member who would fit the role.
  • Jossed. According to this EW article from January 15th, Connie Nielsen will be playing Hippolyta. Robin Wright's role still hasn't been revealed as of January 16th.
  • It's more likely that she'll play the Greek goddess, Hera.

Lucy Lawless will have a cameo.
For an obvious reason.
  • She could be one of the Greek gods like Aphrodite or an Amazon.
    • She'll fit the role of Artemis.
    • Jossed.

The movie will interpret Golden Age Wonder Woman, which contrasts the Modern Age version seen in BvS
Going by this interview, it's safe to assume that Diana's first interactions with mankind will have her hoping for the best, and really touting doctrines of peace and love and unity. Her use of violence will be only when necessary, but it'll be just as her creator intended back in the Golden Age.
  • Confirmed.

Chris Pine being in the movie as part of conspiracy from WB and DC.
You see, Marvel has a trifecta of Chris', Hemsworth, Evans, and Pratt. DC took Pine for 1 or 2 reasons.
  • DC doesn't want Marvel to have a monopoly on Hollywood Chris', plus they're helping Marvel because a monopoly is illegal (or something).
  • Once Marvel has all 4 Chris's, a hole would open up in the sky and cause all the movies to become real and destroy Earth.
  • Thor 2 had Chris O'Dowd and Christopher Eccleston...

The entire film is a Framing Device, as Diana is being interviewed by either Lois or Clark following her return to the world stage as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman
While the movie largely focuses on her origin story, it will also frame her current status in the modern day in retrospect. In this way, Diana recalling her past will inform her on what to do regarding her future, especially with the unexpected turn in events regarding her return as Wonder Woman.
  • Jossed. The bulk of the movie is a flashback Diana recalls alone at her workplace at the Louvre museum in Paris at the beginning when she receives the original 1918 photo from Bruce Wayne (who doesn't appear personally). The film ends with her jumping in action in present-day Paris.

There will be some sort of Mythology Gag relating to the more bizarre aspects of the Golden Age comics
Such as the silliness of the Invisible Jet or Martson's penchant for bondage.
  • It's said that a lot of the humour will come from Diana's Fish out of Water moments regarding female sexuality of the early 20th Century. Imagine a woman mentioning getting 'tied up', and Diana innocently assuming she means the sexy kind, to which the other would look on in shock.
    • Wonder Woman being created out of clay by the gods is mentioned but it's not her true origin. Zeus impregnated her mother Hippolyta, as per her New 52 origins.

World War II Never Happened
Because throwing a superhuman into the equation would make that much of a difference. Plus, any nation that manages to get an island full of combat-savvy amazons on their side would be seeing a lot of white flags.
  • Of course, this isn't factoring in the fact that Ares might make it a little harder to say 'no' to war.
  • Alternately, she won't make her presence known in Man's World. She'll mostly sneak around, away from the public. But a few people will be aware of her exploits, which will become a tall tale by the present day.
  • Pretty much for World War II. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Lex Luthor mentions that his father came from East Germany. Germany being cut in half was a direct result of the war. Plus that film's line "Human beings have a horrible track record of following people with great power." doesn't leave much to the imagination. Then there's Diana's line, "I walked away from a century of horrors", the epitome of said horrors was naturally The Holocaust.
  • On top of that, a Deleted Scene from Justice League shows Cyborg exploring a Virtual Reality simulation where Nazi banners can be seen.
  • The above is part of Zack Snyder's Justice League, so it's definitely jossed in that movie's DCEU timeline.

The movie will actually address her bisexuality
Wonder Woman: Earth One and the "Wonder Woman: Year One" arc from DC Rebirth have all Themiscryans be either lesbian or bisexual. In this continuity Diana has been around for a couple thousand years. That is a loooong time to go without romantic companionship. If she doesn't actually have a female love interest in the movies (Unlikely given the time period and the presence of canon love interest Steve Trevor), then they will at least have her state that she has had them in the past, perhaps even openly flirting with women.
  • Jossed by Gal Gadot, but in the film itself, it is...ambiguous. In a discussion regarding sexuality and "pleasures of the flesh" Diana says that the Amazons concluded that men are necessary for procreation but not for pleasure. In other words, the Amazons as a culture are, at the very least, open to the idea. She doesn't say herself one way or another.

Steve Trevor will start off mistrusting Wonder Woman and will attempt to kill her.
But then it's revealed his mother's name is also Hippolyta and they become friends.
  • Steve's mother's name, in the comics, is ... Diana Rockwell Trevor. Wonder Woman was named after her. (This doesn't apply in the New 52 or any Pre-Crisis stories).
    • Nice joke. Jossed.

Ares will be the Big Bad.
It will turn out the leader of the army they are facing at the moment is actually Ares in mortal form or taking orders from him. Ares will be using the war to fuel his powers and Diana will have to kill him or capture him, using bands to stop him from absorbing the power of war like in the animated movie.
  • Setting it in World War 1 instead of World War 2 makes sense if he's involved - World War 1 isn't usually painted in terms of more or less clearly defined good vs. evil, but rather as a chaotic, tragic slog. Seems like a better prospect for the god of war to work mischief.
  • The second trailer has at least two quick cuts of the unnamed German General played by Danny Huston fighting Diana one-on-one, in one scene using a sword and in another being thrown around by her lasso. While he doesn't exactly seem to be doing well, the fact an older man seems to be having an extended melee fight with Wonder Woman at all does suggest he's more than he initially seems.
  • Confirmed.

Jay Garrick's father, Joseph, will appear.
Jay's signature helmet did come from his dad who fought in WW1.
  • Jossed.

One of the sequences of the film will take place during the battle of the Somme
It takes place in 1916 so they might have Diana go to France.
  • Jossed. The Western Front parts take place in Belgium in 1918, on the Yser Front most likely.

Whatever forced Wonder Woman to give up being a superhero by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be tied to Vandal Savage
In Batman V Superman, a Cynicism Catalyst caused Wonder Woman to hang up her sword and shield for nearly a century, and that probably won't just be chalked up to PTSD. No, the reason WW goes into retirement is due to Vandal Savage manipulating events so that she is FORCED into retirement. I'm basing this theory off of JLA: Year One, where Vandal Savage was responsible for dismantling the original Justice League in World War II with "a few well-placed senators", since he saw the original Justice League as a threat to his schemes of being the Man Behind the Man. Likewise, seeing a legitimate super-heroine running around would make Savage equally keen on shutting her down, and he'll bring all the political connections he's made over his millenia of life to basically force Wonder Woman to give up being a hero, or having every nation in the world hunt her down.
  • Jossed.

Diana will meet up with Steve again later in the 20th Century.
And he'll be played by William Shatner.

Circe will be the Big Bad.
  • Jossed.

Wonder Woman's Arch-Nemesis will be the Big Bad.
All three of them. Ares, Cheetah, and Circe are working together.
  • Alternatively, they are on equal footing but working separately.
  • There hasn't been much to suggest Circe or Cheetah in promotional materials. They may be saving them for a sequel.
    • Ares is confirmed as her nemesis in the film.

Etta Candy will be a lesbian like in Wonder Woman: Earth One.
Because of the times she lives in, she keeps her sexuality a secret. Related to the theories above, Wonder Woman can tell.

The movie will not have a villain.
Diana will spend most of the movie trying to bring WWI and early 20th Century sexism to an end. None of her traditional rogues' gallery will be involved as she battles impersonal forces instead.
  • Jossed. It has villains. Two of them belong to her Rogues Gallery, namely Ares and Dr. Poison.

William Moulton Marston will appear to some degree
He meets Diana and is inspired by her Lasso of Truth to continue his theories that would eventually lead to the invention of the lie detector. And as a tongue-in-cheek reference to Marston's own beliefs and the original Wonder Woman stories, Marston will probably ask Diana if she and the Amazons are into bondage.
  • Jossed. He's just credited for her creation.

The movie will have a very Bittersweet Ending.
With the possible exception of Suicide Squadnote , the DCEU, much like the Nolanverse before it, has favoured bittersweet endings over straightforward Happy Endings. Remember, David Goyer's original script for Manof Steel had Zod simply being sucked into the Phantom Zone along with his followers at the end. Both Snyder and Goyer felt unsatisfied with this ending because it didn't have enough of an emotional punch, and that led to the long one-on-one fight and the controversial Supergirl Saga-esque ending. And of course, Batman v. Superman ended with Superman dying to stop Doomsday. Plus, we know from that film that this Wonder Woman avoided heroics possibly for a hundred years because of her early 20th Century experiences. The 2017 Wonder Woman movie is going to show us those experiences. Whatever triumphs Diana has, the experience will still be harrowing and draining for her.
  • Confirmed.

Diana's character arc over multiple films.
Diana has been depicted in the comics in at least three vastly different ways, and a possible DCEU Wonder Woman movie trilogy could use one per instalment. The first one could use the Odyssey/New 52 hardened warrior persona, and be more of a swords and sorcery movie than a superhero movie. The second film could take cues from Allan Heinberg's Who is Wonder Woman and Gail Simone's run, reconstructing Diana's "traditional" characterization complete with secret identity, invisible plane, and membership in a US government-run organization (think the Air Force in the Golden Age, Military Intelligence in the Silver Age, and the Department of Metahuman Affairs in the late 2000s). The third film would use the Phil Jiminez/Greg Rucka persona with Diana as a respected UN diplomat, Ambassador for Themiscyra, author, and women's rights activist.
  • Wonder Woman 1984 has heavy shades of that (with a bit of Rucka mixed in) though nothing in the ways of "membership in a US government-run organization".

Steve Trevor will not survive the film
Beyond the war itself her love interest being killed could be a big part of Diana choosing to leave mankind behind. The photo could be taken right before the climax.

Saïd Taghmaoui's character will be a canon character.
That or at least linked in some way to a future DCEU hero. No character with such a dashing fez can fail to have at least a bit of something interesting about him.
  • At the moment, all we know about him is that his name is Sameer and that he "is a flirtatious, charming master of disguise."
  • Saïd Taghmaoui has twitted his photo alongside a Blackhawk character, although Sameer seems to have very few things in common with Blackhawks in the end.

Steve Trevor is Hal Jordan's maternal ancestor and Hal is an Identical Grandson.
Because Chris Pine was rumored to be Hal Jordan and hey, they're both pilots, maybe it's In the Blood.

Probable outline of the film, based on trailers, promotional images, and interviews:
1. Steve Trevor, on a military espionage mission, visits an Ottoman base to steal a notebook that outlines the details of the new Deadly Gas the Central Powers are developing. Doctor Poison is designing and demonstrating the gas. Steve is discovered, steals a plane to escape, and is shot down near Themiscyra.

2. Steve is discovered by Diana, princess of the Amazons. They begin to bond.

3. The German army attacks the island. The Amazons, fighting a defensive war after millennia of peace, are caught off guard by how much the world has changed and take serious casualties. Some of Diana's friends die.

4. Diana says goodbye to her mother, puts on her armour and takes the Godkiller sword. She heads for England with Steve in tow.

5. In England Diana befriends Steve's secretary Etta Candy, and protects Steve from assassins. Fish out of Water comedy ensues, but Diana is seriously disturbed by the lack of equality she discovers between the sexes.

6. Diana attends a state function where she meets General Erich Ludendorff. This may be the only glimpse we get in this movie of Diana's diplomatic side.

7. Diana visits the Western Front (over Steve's objections), where she sees the new poison gas in action. She is appalled by the sheer brutality of the war. She fights alongside a group of soldiers with diverse backgrounds and gets her picture taken with them.

8. Diana heads to the Ottoman base to stop the production of the gas. This leads to a physical fight with Ludendorff and Doctor Poison. The day is saved but something horrible (like the death of Steve Trevor) happens to put a damper on things.

  • Mostly confirmed, although 6 happens after 7, and the "state function" is actually a party thrown by Ludendorff for German high society.

Notably absent from this summary (because we haven't been given any indication that it happens in the movie)? The sporting contest where a disguised Diana bests all her peers and wins the right to take Steve Trevor back to Man's World.

General Erich Ludendorff is Ares in human form, the son of Ares, a secret worshipper of Ares, or something along those lines.
Hence his declaration "the world can be ours!"

Diana uses the Godkiller sword to kill Ares.
Why else would there be a sword named "Godkiller" in the movie? It's a blatant Chekhov's gun.
  • Jossed sort of, the sword is broken by Ares as it's not the real Godkiller. Diana is.

A character who is very principled in the comics will be unprincipled in the film.
Jonathan Kent in Man of Steel, Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Rick Flag in Suicide Squad (2016). It's a DCEU tradition. Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, and Hippolyta (although Hippolyta has occasionally dipped into villainy in the comics, so this might not count) are all likely candidates.
  • Jossed! Hooray! Woo-hoo! Although, in inversion of the tradition, Antiope has Adaptational Heroism.

The movie will feature a Golden Age-style science fiction take on Paradise Island
Complete with mental radio, the purple ray, and machines that can see through time.
  • Jossed.

Saïd Taghmaoui's character will be a Turkish Token Enemy Minority
  • Jossed. He's North African, but he does pretend to be a Turk to help Steve infiltrate Ludenndorff's party.

The soldiers Diana fights alongside on the Western Front will be characters from old DC war comics
A la Captain America: The First Avenger. They'll be adapted to fit the change from World War II to World War I.
  • Jossed in the film itself. (Although Saïd Taghmaoui has compared his character to one of the Blackhawks on Twitter)

The Godkiller sword was used by Ares to kill Zeus. The Amazons consider it a "forbidden" weapon as a result, and Diana taking it on her quest is a sign that the Godzilla Threshold has been crossed.
  • Jossed. The sword is easily destroyed by Ares. Diana is the real Godkiller.

General Erich Ludendorff is the Duke of Deception
Ares is either unseen or played by an as-yet-unrevealed actor.
  • Partially confirmed: Danny Houston is not Ares, David Thewlis is.
  • Jossed. No one is called the Duke of Deception.

The planet Mars will appear in the movie
In the Golden Age, Mars (Marston used the Roman names) literally lived on the planet Mars. Bonus points if they can work in some reference to the Martian Manhunter.
  • Jossed.

The split between Hippolyta's Amazons and Antiope's Bana-Mighdal will factor into the movie somehow.
At the very least Antiope and Artemis are going to be present.

The movie will reveal that World War II did not happen on DCEU Earth
Solving the question of what was Diana doing then.

The movie will contain a post-credits scene.
Suicide Squad (2016) had one, Green Lantern had one, and several DC animated movies have them. The DCEU in particular seems to avoid them only when Zack Snyder is directing.
  • Likely something related to a Wonder Woman sequel, such as a new villain, or Justice League.
  • Jossed. There is none.
  • The video of Etta gathering Chief, Sameer and Charlie can function as one.

The movie will have a stylized end credits sequence.
  • Confirmed

Cheetah will make another cameo.
  • Jossed

The events of the film will break Diana emotionally.
  • Confirmed.

World War II does exist in this universe and Diana fights in it.
In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Lex Luthor mentions that his father grew up in East Germany, suggesting that history proceeded in much the same way. Ares, having failed with his plans in the first world war, starts up again a few years later, and it becomes the setting for the second Wonder Woman solo film. Diana told Bruce that she walked away from mankind after WWI, but that doesn't mean she stopped fighting against Ares. And if Steve Trevor survives WWI (which is likely, since Chris Pine has signed a multi-picture deal with DC), then he'll likely fight in WWII and try to convince Diana to at least help him. So, while the framing device for this film will help set up Justice League (2017), there will also be a scene setting up the next Wonder Woman movie, which will be set in WWII.
  • Jossed for the second part.

Wonder Woman is telling her backstory to...

We will see the birth of the New Gods
Or at least see a hint of it. Ares is the last surviving member of the Old Gods, and is trying to stay alive by starting the biggest war at the time to regain power. However, Diana, not knowing about the circumstances, paves the way for the Fourth World to be born with Ares' possible death and/or defeat. This also ends up making the Amazons the only remaining facet of Greek Mythology, giving Diana something else to mope about for 100 more years until Dawn of Justice.
  • "The only remaining facet of Greek Mythology." What about Circe?
    • She'll either be integrated into the New Gods or be another survivor of the coming of the Fourth World.
      • New God Circe? Would she be on Apokolips or New Genesis?
  • Jossed.
    • Though it's possibly hinted at by having the same "death of the gods" event New Gods had.

    Post-Release Theories 

Dr Poison faced court martial for her actions.
  • Either for her use of her gas on enemy soldiers or for her and Ludendorff's treasonous actions as the Kaiser would have found out they had used the gas on their superior officers.

Hades will serve as a future Big Bad, Greater-Scope Villain, or Anti-Villain.
  • Granted Everybody Hates Hades but given his brothers and sisters were slaughtered by Ares, he was the only one not presented or mentioned to be around when Ares killed the Gods. This could fuel vengeance in not only avenging them in tormenting Ares in the Underworld, where as Hades himself would go against Diana for killing Ares or court her.

Dr Poison/Isabel Maru is of Turkish ethnicity
Hypothetical, here is my evidence:
  • She speaks in a Turkish accent.
  • Her face may imply an element of Turkish women.
  • Her journal contains Turkish and Sumerian writing.
  • She has a factory in Ottoman Turkey.
    • She's actually implied to be a Spaniard, fitting with her actress.

Poison's strength-enhancing gas is a precursor to Venom
  • It enhances ordinary humans with inhuman strength but only lasts for brief periods. When the formula is recreated in modern times it has been turned into a liquid form for a more consistent effect and applied to the prisoner eventually known as Bane.

Ludendorff is Vandal Savage, and survived Diana's attempt to kill him.
Savage took on many names throughout history, mostly as great conquerors, and was a notable influence on Adolf Hitler. In real life, General Ludendorff survived the war. Perhaps he didn't stay dead, and went on to perform his real life actions in, you guessed it, influencing Hitler.

Alternatively, Ludendorff is just himself and he survived getting stabbed.
After the defeat of Ares, the German soldiers seem to call it quits as they stand by Wonder Woman, simply relieved that their comrades are still alive. Therefore, the German soldiers probably found Ludendorff somehow surviving thanks to his drugs and simply dragged him away, tired of him endangering them.

The cow is Zeus
You know, that cow that Diana saw while she was stealing the artifacts before she and Steve fled Themyscira? It was a random place to include a cow, an animal that, up until that point, had only shown up... once, I think, in a herd, if at all. It was just a random lone cow that was watching Diana during a major point in her life. Also remember that the movie never said that he died, only that he used the last of his power. It's quite possible he survived into the 20th century, powerless to stop his son. Besides, going by the ancient myths, cow-transformation is something that Zeus can do. He turned Io into one and turned into one himself to seduce Europa.

After the war, Etta Candy will move to America
.Wanting to forget Steve, she'll get a new life in Texas, where she'll marry a local man and give birth to a daughter who'll also be named Etta Candy.

Dr. Poison is Erskine's mother.
His Super Serum is a modified version of her enhancing formula.

Steve's parents had an unhappy marriage.
The shot Steve takes at marriage is an odd thing for someone in 1918 to say.

We haven't seen the last of Steve Trevor.
Well, bringing him back to life was a regular event in the comics! And Chris Pine has been signed to a multi-picture deal.
  • This can go two ways: Either he's made immortal somehow, or his aging is slowed to the same rate as Diana's.
  • After the plane exploded, he became reincarnated as a god.
  • Kinda confirmed to reappear with Wonder Woman 1984, though why and how he comes back and for how long is not known yet. It's not even sure if it's really him at all.

Diana is pregnant.
Okay, I know this would be a massive cliche, but hear me out. I think the idea of a male Amazon would be too interesting to pass up, but it would have to be handled delicately.

Diana gave birth to Steve's child, and he had more-or-less the same kind of immortality as her: he aged normally until his 20s, then stopped aging. For the sake of the theory, we'll say she named her son Themistocles, or Theo Prince in secret identity form.

It was determined that Theo was, in fact, ethnically an Amazon, so he was to be trained as one, but the No Men Allowed rule still applied to Themyscira. So, a contingent of Amazons were brought to the mainland during his childhood to give him the same training Diana received.

However, as an adult Theo became increasingly resentful of his inability to visit Themyscira, and eventually left his mother as an adult, and has spent the last several decades studying cartography and navigation, trying to find the island on his own.

The big break, however, comes in Justice League. While Wonder Woman and the rest of the League are off in space fighting Darkseid, Granny Goodness conquers Themyscira. The Amazons realize that the "Only A God Can Kill A God" rule applies to her and, Diana being unavailable, they really only have one god on call, so Theo is brought to the island to stop Goodness.

During the fight this exchange will happen:

Granny: You are the grandson of a dead god!

Theo: ...No, I am the son of Diana of Themyscira. She sends her regrets that she couldn't be here in person.

  • Problem with this; Diana already had a canonical child with Steve in their Golden Age incarnations, a girl named after Hippolytus. If Diana was given a child in the DCEU with Steve, it would probably be her, not a Canon Foreigner.

The surviving German soldiers peace out after the final battle not because Ares was influencing them at all, but simply because after witnessing the sheer insanity of the past 30 or so minutes and seeing that it's finally over they're just happy to not be dead.

This is a practical interpretation that doesn't undermine the whole point that the film seemed to be trying to make that human tragedy often isn't something that can be blamed on a single Big Bad.

Diana will ultimately kill Darkseid
The movie makes it clear that only a god can kill another god. This is effective foreshadowing to suggest how they'll deal with the arrival of one of the New Gods.

Steve Trevor won't come back from the dead.
As it might ruined the impact of his heroic sacrifice and it will prevent outrage from fans who might see it as an a*pull regardless if it is done decently or not. Instead he might appeared as a hallucination, a dream or near-death experience for Diana. Also just because Chris Pine had signed a multi-picture deal doesn't automatically mean Steve would come back from the dead and they might not decide to use his character in a major role again.
  • Though Chris Pine might play Steve's great-great-grandnephew. Steve might have a sibling we haven't met, and Diana might not have known.
  • One of Wonder Woman's oldest villains is a character who has the habit of assuming the forms of others, so Steve Trevor may be dead, but that doesn't mean the Duke of Deception might not take Steve's form as his default one for interacting with Diana.

Diana will face off against Lashina
Lashina represents a particularly dark take on BDSM culture, is one of the traditional leaders of Darkseid's Female Furies, and is physically Diana's approximate equal. This wouldn't be the first time they'd been compared, either, with Lashina possessing Wonder Woman in Final Crisis.
  • Jossed. It's Cheetah.

The Gods aren't really dead.
Seems unlikely that Ares would be able to kill all of the other Greek Gods. Plus, if the Gods are still around; they can make trouble for Diana later.
  • We Never Found the Body when it came to Ares. It's possible he had the stuffing knocked out of him, but can't actually be killed as long as humans like their wars.
  • Perhaps they all are alive, but reduced to such a state that they can barely harness the true extent of their powers, and will never come back to full strength, so they can't wipe entire city-states off the map or manipulate all of Earth's weather anymore. However, they can still perform feats such as necromancy, animal transformation, illusions, granting certain individuals luck, curses, etc.

Related Guess - Diana is a reincarnation or avatar of Athena
With the whole war of the Gods going badly, and Athena being the goddess of tactical warfare (and arch-rival to her Blood Knight half-brother), she may have come up with a My Death Is Just the Beginning plan to "die" in the gods' war with Ares, and then be reborn among the Amazons so there would be an ace in the hole for when Ares inevitably showed back up. Granted, it would take her a long time to grow up, but it also took a long time for Ares to gather enough strength to get the war he wanted. Athena cut out the middlemen in this timeline and became Wonder Woman instead of having Wonder Woman as her champion. It would also explain Diana being an archivist instead of a diplomat; Athena was the goddess of scholars as well as warfare.

If the Amazons return in a sequel, there will be a subplot involving Menalippe
She will be an Ascended Extra in that movie and a subplot involving her and Diana. Menalippe will somewhat resent Diana for the events that happened in this film, mainly about how she sees Diana as being responsible for Antiope's death, as well as shunning Diana for not being a 'pure' Amazon (she's the actual daughter of Zeus, after all) and exposed to the outside world, thinking that she is dangerous.

Dr. Maru (Dr. Poison) escapes to another country, changes her name, and has a son named Thomas
She changes her name from Maru to Morrow. Her son will become Dr. T.O. Morrow.

The sequel will have Wonder Woman discovering that the Gods have all been reborn
They have been reincarnated as various "mortals" all across the world, who are unaware that they are the Gods. When Wonder Woman and a few allies discover a villain is targeting the Gods, they must travel the world to awaken them and bring them to Mount Olympus where they'll be safe from outside forces. A personal conflict for Diana will be what she should do with the reincarnation of Ares, who is a good person in their new life. She will be torn between either awakening Ares or letting the villain kill him.
  • This could lead to a lot of Irony with all of the Gods and their depictions in mythology. The philandering Zeus could be reborn as a monk who has taken a vow of celibacy, Aphrodite as someone shy and homely, Hades as a school's Big Man on Campus, Hestia as someone with a troubled home life and couldn't take care of a pet fish, etc.

Etta Candy became Diana's secretary after the war.

Maru went back to Spain after the war ended
Assuming that she somehow escaped a court-martial or getting shot by Steve's crew, she later went to work with the Spanish Army, using her knowledge to assist in the creation of new explosives. Her work would become very useful to the Nationalists when the civil war broke out in 1936.
  • To build on this: the reason Guernica became so famous in this universe is because the the Nationalist bombers hit the city with a refined version of her hydrogen gas, in addition to incendiary bombs. The resulting death toll was much higher in this universe than ours. Later on, Maru's new gas was deployed as an emergency weapon against Republican defenders during the Battle of the Ebro, with horrific results.

One of Steve's pals killed Maru anyway
Just because Diana spared an unarmed, defeated, and powerless (at the time) enemy doesn't mean Steve's war-hardened buddies would have anything close to the same degree of mercy. And as long as they did it out of Diana's sight and Diana never put a lasso on them, no one would have to admit it to her.

Maru escaped...and sold her services to the next psycho that came along
That's the problem with a supervillain; even though heroes spare them, they get Joker Immunity and just keep up their work, learning nothing.
  • This would undermine Wonder Woman's message, and Wondy is one of the few heroes whose villains rarely get Joker Immunity, generally they reform or die (not necessarily at W.W.'s hand, their plots backfire on them regularly) unless they're nigh unkillable like Circe—and even then part of the issue is that Diana doesn't consider her beyond saving—or really good at escaping in the chaos like Dr. Psycho.

Chief actually is Napi.
Introducing himself as the trickster hero seems, to the viewer, like a continuation of the joke between Diana and Sameer, as well as demonstrating that the world is still larger than Wonder Woman yet knows. But Chief wasn't there to see the conversation happen, and he'd have no reason to suspect that Diana could understand the language. If, like Ares, though, he can recognize another god when they appear, it would both explain why he felt it a useful test and why he's much more willing to believe the supernatural.
  • Confirmed by Eugene Brave Rock, surprisingly enough.

Ares was actually a restraining influence on humanity
And he didn't even know it.

A few short years after his death the world experiences another conflict that would dwarf the "war to end all wars". By feeding people 'evil' ideas that really weren't all that groundbreaking (a somewhat more deadly type of gas, for example), he in fact managed to keep the absolute worst impulses of humanity somewhat contained in lieu of his own machinations.

With him dead, mankind is free to express its basest, most depraved capabilities.

Even Ares couldn't have conceived of anything as monstrously evil as the mechanized, industrial extermination of millions of innocent civilians or an invading army raping and torturing every last citizen of a nation's capital for six weeks or vivisecting civilians alive for the sake of cruelty or the mass execution of an entire officer corps or weaponry capable of wiping out all complex life on earth in a matter of days.

  • This WMG is nicely summed up in this Punch cartoon, which shows Mars, the Roman version of Ares, looking down at Nationalist planes bombing a Republican city, among some of the worst atrocities of the Spanish Civil War. And the aftermath of Ares's death could be why Diana stayed out of heroics for so long-just when she thought humanity had sunk to its worst lows, they went even further.

Diana has a twin brother

Diana is another name for the goddess Artemis, who was the daughter of Zeus and the nymph Leto. Artemis was the goddess of animals, women, children, and the Moon. She also was unwilling to face men outside from Orion, who was killed by a scorpion. Diana deeply cares for women and children, is often around animals, and tends to be more powerful by night than by day. Parliament officials connect Steve Trevor to a scorpion, and Steve serves a similar purpose to Diana as Orion does for Artemis. Diana's upbringing by the Amazons and the Amazons being nymphs mirror Artemis's upbringing and attitude. Ares presents Diana with a forest as paradise due to Artemis being a goddess of the forest. How this all means Diana has a twin brother? Artemis was the elder twin sister of Apollo. Zeus having a Hidden Backup Prince in case Ares took down Diana would make sense. Apollo and Diana were separated to keep each other safe, and because Apollo would be out of place among the Amazons. Diana having a long-lost twin could also help explain Steve's death, as protagonists tend to learn about their families before having long-lasting love interests. If this is true, Apollo will be a primary figure in the sequel, at least as a driver of the plot.

  • He could become the DCEU version of Olympian/Achilles Warkiller.

Diana's powers of flight are a Super Mode of sorts, when energized by lightning.
She cannot summon lightning at will like her father Zeus could, but she has inherited some of the Thunder God's affinity to lightning. She only hovered above Ares when smiting him after she had absorbed a lot of Ares's own lightning, and immediately fell back to Earth once the lightning she had absorbed was spent in the smite-ray she shot at Ares.
  • It could also be that her battle with Ares (specifically, getting blasted by him after refusing his We Can Rule Together offer) awakened some of her dormant god powers, Flight being among them (since prior to this, Diana never actually flies but does make some impressive jumps.

The gods will return.
Whether they're Not Quite Dead, Faking the Dead or simply Back from the Dead, it seems kind of foolish if not out right stupid to this troper to simply Drop A Bridge on so many major characters to the franchise.

"Ares" is actually Zeus.
At the end of their battle, Ares' final attack is to call down lightning and hurl lightning bolts at Diana - one of Zeus' most iconic weapons. There's even lightning crackling around his fingers when he grabs her lasso. Furthermore, parents being slain by their children is a recurring theme in Greek mythology - it's fitting that Diana should kill her father, not her brother. Zeus was very anti-humanity in many Greek myths, most famously sentencing Prometheus to unending torment for bringing them fire. It makes sense that he'd want to wipe them all out. Zeus was the king of the gods, and certainly had the power to wipe all the others out. Diana would have been born not for the purpose of slaying Ares, but as one of Zeus' many, many affairs.

Dr. Poison will return in the modern day
She was able to create a super serum for Ludendorff, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that she'd be able to make something that could extend her life beyond normal human limits.
  • Unless she has a descendant who dons the mantle to get revenge on Wonder Woman for her.

MCU Steve Rogers is the son of DCEU Diana and Steve Trevor.
Hear me out! I have thought this through (probably too much). So, the night that Steve and Diana danced and shared their first kiss they went a bit further. Depending on how long after Steve’s death the memorial went up, Diana realized she was pregnant. She went back home (yeah I’m not attempting to spell that out) to have and raise baby Steve. The reason Steve had so many illnesses is due to Diana’s goddess DNA mixing with human DNA. Steve aged slower on the island. Eventually Diana decided to give up baby Steve because she wanted him to experience a normal life and he reminded her too much of his father. So Steve was adopted and the events of his life happen. The super solider serum level out his mixed DNA. Diana still fights, helping humanity and keeping tabs on Steve. When she hears about him “dying” and how he died, Diana went back to the island for a while. She formed a vendetta against planes hence the lack of the invisible jet. When she rejoins the world, she learns that her son is alive. Diana plans to meet him and tell Steve how proud of him she is.

Chief is this universes's version of Apache Chief.
Apache Chief as mentioned, is the Ensemble Dark Horse of Super Friends, which would make him the most likely of those characters to appear in any other media and Wonder Woman is the superhero Apache Chief is the closest tied to. In Super Friends Giganta is arch-enemies to both characters, and in Justice League, his Expy views Wonder Woman as a big sister. A sequel could feature Giganta and reveal Chief's god status as he helps Wonder Woman fight by growing.

Maru's serum is the same serum that Slade Wilson will take to become Deathstroke.
Everyone is guessing Bane, but DC has no concrete plans for Bane. However, Deathstroke IS showing up in Justice League and the spinoff solo Batman movie. And besides, Deathstroke's serum is the one that lets you fight demigods hand-to-hand (the Venom Serum makes you strong, but not THAT strong).

Menalippe will be revealed to be the DCEU's version of Wonder Girl.
And will use the name "Donna Troy" as her secret identity, like Diana with Diana Prince.
  • Problem: Menalippe is too old for the role; by definition, Wonder Girl must be younger than Diana. But let me modify your theory thus: Nothing prevents Hypollita from adopting an orphaned little girl (possibly adrift at sea after a shipwreck) and raising her on Paradise Island in place of the absent Diana, even imbuing the child with the powers of the Amazons (as was pretty much the origin of Donna Troy before she got caught up in Continuity Snarl, except she was raised beside Diana rather than in her place).

Ares was responsible for WW2
Why did the god of war WANT the armistice to be signed? Because he knew that the harsh terms will open the door for someone to take over Germany and start an even more devastating war. He was probably the one who suggested the terms, and was planning on making it MUCH worse. Either he was going to help Hitler (assuming Hitler was the one he would choose to lead Germany), or give both sides nukes and let them destroy eachother. It explains why WW2 happened even though Ares had been killed. He put all the pieces together, but just wasn't alive to steer events to his liking once it started, sparing the world from the war he was trying to start.

Ares was responsible for the Greek Myths as we know them today
Ares is not above maligning the memory of his father. Upon taking control of the pantheon, he spread malicious stories about the old gods to sully their memory (assuming he came to power after The Roman Empire rose, he then gave himself a major Historical Hero Upgrade in the Roman myths). The sugar-coated version Diana was told probably wasn't as black and white as she would believe, but it is closer to reality.

Ares will be resurrected.
After experiencing the horrors of World War I, the world was highly reluctant to fight against the Axis in World War II. No god of war, no war.None of the Greek gods were absolutely good, but none were absolutely evil either. Perhaps someone performs a ritual to return Ares to life so he can help Europe and America to defend themselves and others.

Nazism never rose to prominence in Germany.
Part of the reason that Nazism was able to rise is that more conservative members of the German military and government eventually decided that a Nazi Germany was better than a Communist Germany. Indeed, Hitler rose to power because Hindenburg handed it to him, and Ludendorff supported him. Well, what we saw is that the entire German High Command (including Hindenburg) and Ludendorff died before the Treaty of Versailles. It's possible that Ludendorff's plan might have caused the Allies to be even harsher with the Treaty, and that the destruction of Germany's high-ranking officer corps combined with a potentially harsher armistice allowed Germany to either a)liberalize or b)embrace Soviet-style communism, and that World War 2 was between a global communist bloc and an alliance of fascists and democrats.

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