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"You gotta put the sword down. It doesn't go with the outfit."

  • The film opens with young Diana trying to escape her tutor and watch the warriors practice. Eventually she falls from a height, her mom catches her by the arm, and she cheerily says:
    Diana: Hello mother, how are you today?
    • Hippolyta later comments that Diana does this so often that her tutors eventually quit.
  • Steve Trevor's reaction to Diana's surprise as she finds him on the beach of Themyscira (which is the very definition of Lady Land).
    Diana: You're a man!
    Steve: Yeah. [Beat] I not look like one?
    • The look on Diana's face just sells it. She looks like a wildlife documentary filmmaker observing a newly discovered species.
  • Steve discovering how painful it is to hide stuff while wrapped in the Lasso of Truth.
  • Diana walks in on Steve while he's getting out of a natural tub after taking a bath. Steve is unsure of whether he should cover himself, alternating between not bothering and holding a hand above his modesty, before he gets dressed.
    Diana: Would you say you're a typical example of your sex?
    Steve: I'm... above the average.
    • Even better, just after this Steve is lost for words when Diana asks "What's that?". He's very relieved to find out that she meant his watch.
    • When he describes the watch's purpose, Diana asks if he lets this little thing "lead him around all the time", continuing the innuendo over the watch.
  • The entire boat scene which was improvised:
  • Diana's reaction upon seeing the dark, smoky and industrial London of the 1910s in contrast with the paradise island she grew up in.
    Steve: Welcome to Jolly Ol' London!
    Diana: It's hideous!
    Steve: Yeah, it's not for everybody.
  • For how ugly Diana found London at first sight, it's extremely funny watching her almost child-like awe at everything that crosses her path:
    • While traversing the streets of London, Diana spots a baby and goes "Aww, a baby!". Steve diverts her from meeting the baby and adds "No, it's not made of clay."
      • Not even a nanosecond before her seeing the baby, Diana was complaining about what the women around them wear to battle. She went from "hardened warrior" to Squee mode in an instant.
    • In an adorable Mythology Gag, Diana tastes ice-cream for the first time and is instantly smitten, appearing to think that the seller came up with it himself.
    Diana: You should be very proud!!
  • Diana and Etta meeting.
    Etta: I'm Steve Trevor's secretary.
    Diana: What is a "secretary"?
    Etta: I go where he tells me to go and do what he tells me to do.
    Diana: Well, where I'm from that's called slavery.
    Etta: (to Steve) I really like her. Oh yes I do. I like her.
  • Diana's baffled reaction to the restrictions of a 1910s dress:
    Diana: (while striking poses in front of a mirror) How can a woman possibly fight in this?
    • Etta Candy claims that women fight using their "principles", but then grins and says she's "not opposed to a bit of fisticuffs, should the occasion arise." And she tops it off with a fighting pose.
      • If you know your history, this also falls into Genius Bonus, because Etta may be referring to the then-ongoing Suffragette movement to get the women's vote, and one of the key figures in that movement was a Real Life Badass Edith Garrud who popularized the Bartitsu fighting style by using it to protect the Suffragette leadership from police, then teaching it to other suffragettes. Etta's fighting pose hints that she was part of that movement.
    • Before that, Diana begins undressing herself at the display with no qualms before Etta gasps and asks her to go to the dressing room.
    • Diana tries a 1910s skirt and rips it when she lifts her leg too high. Etta witnesses and utters a "Woo!". (Bonus points for another Mythology Gag. Golden Age Etta's Catchphrase was "Woo! Woo!" Making it not sound ridiculous out loud is a truly superheroic feat.)
    • At one point, getting a little frustrated with Diana's indecisiveness, Etta responds to her complaint that the latest outfit is trying to strangle her with a strained smile and a muttered, "Can't say I blame it."
    • Etta admitting Diana is "trying her 226th outfit", a hat and conservative suitdress. Steve still thinks she's too "distracting", and hands her a pair of glasses as a disguise.
      Etta: Really? You put specs on her and she’s suddenly not the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen?
  • Diana draws her sword and shield in public in London. She tries to go out of a building and a revolving door bumps into the shield, wedging her.
    • On her second try, she takes a warrior-stance and charges at the door.
    • Steve and Etta try to convince Diana to let go of her sword, but Diana's not too pleased about handing over her weapon.
      Steve: Yup... please put the sword down!
      Etta: It doesn't go with the outfit.
      Steve: At all.
    • Then Etta decides to take it away. And the people passing by her along the street start to give disapproving looks, even though most pedestrians didn't bat an eye at Diana carrying her sword beforehand.
      Diana: Promise me you will protect it with your life.
    • Also, Etta seems to take it just as seriously, since at first she agrees just to get it done, then realizes what Diana asked for and starts reconsidering.
  • When asking Diana a question about her childhood, Steve obviously either can't remember or can't pronounce the name 'Themyscira,' so he substitutes 'Paradise Island' instead.
  • When Diana first uses her bracers to deflect a bullet aimed at Steve, it loses its velocity and harmlessly falls onto Steve's hand, only for him to freak out due to the bullet still being hot.
    • The would-be assassin looking down at his revolver as if something is wrong with it after Diana deflects his shot.
    • When one assassin discovers he's out of bullets, he stares at his gun and repeatedly pulls the trigger (with loud clicking noises), Steve snarks on him being out of his luck and knocks him unconscious.
    • When the last one attempts to run away, he stumbles into Etta, who is holding Diana's sword at the ready. And if you look closely, you can see that Etta also has her shield at that moment - in the big shopping bag.
  • When Diana is upset that Steve's boss isn't going to let them go to the front lines like she wants, Steve assures her that they're going anyway.
    Diana: (genuinely shocked and scandalized) ...You mean you were lying?!
    Steve: I'm a spy. It's What I Do.
    Diana: How do I know you're not lying right now?
    Steve: (grabs the lasso of truth and wraps it around his wrist) I am taking you to the front... we are probably gonna die... (looks terrified) this is a terrible idea! (immediately takes off the lasso and pushes it back into Diana's hand)
    • Right before the scene where Diana meets Steve's boss, Steve tries to tell her that the war is "that" way but they gotta go "this" way first to meet his boss. Diana objects, grabs Steve's coat and stops him from going towards his boss's direction, and you can see in Steve's face that he's both surprised and confused that Diana is able to hold him back so effortlessly, like a non-verbal musing of "Why the heck are you so strong?!!"
  • There's a morbid but still rather humorous bit between Ludendorff and Maru after they flood the German high command's room with Maru's enhanced mustard gas and Ludendorff leaves them a single gas mask. The way it's delivered, you'd think they were two cheeky children who just planted a skunk at someone's slumber party.
    Maru: The gas mask won't help them!
    Ludendorff: They don't know that.
    (they share a sinister giggle before fleeing)
  • When Etta looks for Veld on the map, she giddily finds it, as though it were a "Where's Wally" map.
    Etta: There it is!
  • Steve has Etta find out where the gala is being held, and Sir Patrick cuts into the phone conversation to tell him not to go there. Steve then pulls the fake static "I'm losing you" bit before hanging up. Then we hear this exchange:
    Sir Patrick: What are the chances he respects my wishes?
    Etta: Not likely, sir.
    (Sir Patrick hobbles off grumbling)
  • During a conference discussing the armistice, Sir Patrick Morgan's speech slowly trails off as he notices Diana in the room. Then Steve drags her away ("my blind sister, who lost her way to the bathroom...")
    • He later thanks her for her entrance, as it shut everybody up long enough for him to be heard.
      • He later hints to immediately recognizing her as a goddess, and he's flabbergasted when he spots his little sister in the room. Almost like giving a presentation at the office, only to see your baby sister toddle into the board room. And therefore knew the "(Steve's) blind sister losing her way to the bathroom" reason is a Blatant Lie.
  • Steve and Diana find Sameer talking to guys in a bar about his life as a prince. Steve asks exactly which king Sameer's father is. Sameer breaks away, growling over Steve ruining one of his scams. He takes in Diana with a smile and the two start to banter, first in Spanish, then in Chinese. When Diana switches to Ancient Greek, Sameer has to admit she's got him.
    • Steve's utterly unamused expression at their whole interaction.
      Steve: Oh, you're done? Great.
    • Also funny later on, when Chief introduces himself to Diana in Blackfoot. For once Diana has no idea what is being said. note 
  • At a bar, Steve asks where Charlie is. They hear a fuss and look up to see a big beefy man beating the crap out of a smaller, skinnier one. Diana notes that "at least Charlie is good with his fists." Steve corrects her that the man who just got dumped in a heap on the floor is Charlie.
  • After Diana takes down the goon that nearly shoots Charlie at the bar:
    Sameer: I am both frightened...and aroused.
    • It's a blink and you'll miss moment, but while Diana makes quick work of the goon, Charlie just gulps down another drink like nothing's happening.
  • Sameer and Charlie press Steve on how much this job will pay them. As Steve talks of its importance and how much it will mean to the war effort, they immediately drop their interest and guess he has no money. Sameer's tone implies that this is not the first time Steve ran out of funding.
  • When Sameer hears of an island populated only by women who are just like Diana (and after seeing her in full battle action) and no men around, he has only one reaction:
    How do I get there?
  • The warehouse fight scene has a small but very funny moment, with Diana giving a poor mook a devilish smirk before punting him through the window.
  • Sameer and Steve infiltrating the German ball despite the lack of an invitation — Sameer pretends to be a bumbling Turkish servant who lost his employer's invitation, while Steve is a German officer who smokes a pipe. What follows is Steve angrily insulting Sameer for his incompetence in a high-pitched German accent (while noticing he put the pipe in his mouth cock-eyed), while Sameer bows repeatedly and berates himself further. Eventually, the guard gets so annoyed that he just lets them through.
    Sameer: Yes, I am a beetle! I am a bug —
    (The guard rolls his eyes and silently gestures for them to drive forward)
  • Diana sees a woman whose car is stopped due to traffic getting into the German gala, and she walks up to her silent and constantly looking her up and down, checking their relative heights. The woman asks, "Who are you?". Smash Cut later to Diana walking around inside the gala wearing the woman's dress, and for added hilarity, the Godkiller sword nestled in the back of it, hilt blatantly sticking out.
    • An added element of fridge comedy: Did Diana leave this German lady naked in the forest?
    • Diana was wearing her long fuzzy black cape in that scene and it's missing for the rest of the film. We can only hope she left it with the German lady.
  • While at the ball Steve attempts to get information out of Dr. Poison by blatantly flirting with her. Her reaction is visible confusion at his efforts; the good doctor must not get out much. He does start winning her over a bit and you can see her get gradually more receptive as he compliments her work and has a speech about fire, which she begins enthusiastically nodding to, especially when he says he sees a fire in her eyes. Then he gets distracted by Diana. The doctor notices, says that she can see his attention waning and casually leaves.
  • In a cosmic sort of way, the overly-dramatic way in which Diana kills Ludendorff is hilarious due to how obvious it is that he isn't Ares.
  • Diana repeating a phrase remarkably similar to both Inigo Montoya's and Moana's catchphrases. If only she'd gotten to say, "Hello. My name is Diana of Themyscira. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
    • Also how anticlimactic it proves both times: the first time, when she skewers Ludendorff... and absolutely nothing changes at all. She then attempts it again on the actual Ares - only he's somehow standing right behind her, totally unscathed.
  • For that matter, when Diana finds the real Ares, she remembers that she doesn't have her sword, because it's stuck in Ludendorff on the roof. The audience expects a tense fight without the weapon she has been relying on through the entire film, but the movie cuts away to another scene, then back to her as she jumps down off the roof in the same position; she retrieved her sword while Ares politely waited on her.
  • The day after Veld is liberated (and Diana and Steve consummate their relationship), Charlie is the only one hesitant to continue on with the mission. Diana's response is to smile and ask "who will sing for us?". Cue Charlie taking her hands and singing about Diana's beauty while Sameer and Steve freak out.
  • Charlie's pop-eyed expression of horror as he and the rest of Steve's crew realize that Diana is stepping out into No Man's Land.

Bonus Features

  • To promote the release of the DVD, Warner Bros. released five short segments featuring Lucy Davis as Etta Candy reminiscing about her adventures with Wonder Woman. In the shorts she discusses Diana, Steve Trevor, Steve's team, Ares and the Amazons. Etta naturally provides humorous commentary throughout.
    "Hippolyta is not only Diana's mother but she's also the queen of Themyscira. But if she's the queen then that makes Diana...okay, 'Diana Prince', I just got that. I just got it. Am I the last to get it?"


  • London is run through the same color filter as the first two DCEU films, something Diana notes as being hideous. Expectedly, nearly all the reviews for the film expressed relief at the vibrant colors of Themyscira while decrying the muted visuals of everything else.
  • Related to the My Name Is Inigo Montoya phrase above, Gal Gadot is a fan of The Princess Bride. And Princess Buttercup trained Diana. Westley is in good hands.
  • Someone working at a kindergarten wrote a list of things that happened after kids went to see this movie. One of the producers sent it to Patty Jenkins, who then posted it on Twitter and commented on it. While it's mostly Heartwarming, some of the things listed also count as being funny.
  • When the film surpassed Deadpool at the box office, the Merc with a Mouth sent his congratulations, saying "The Merc may be filthier, but her B.O. is stronger. Congrats #WonderWoman!"
  • Chris Pine's SNL appearance to promote the movie lampshades the similarities between Wonder Woman and Captain America: in his monologue song, "Not that Chris," he laments the tendency to confuse him with the other "Chrises" of Hollywood (Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt) and wheels in a side-by-side poster of Evans as Steve Rogers and himself as Steve Trevor, both in historical military uniform, labeled for your convenience.
    Chris Pine: See, Chris Evans's character is Steve Rogers. And in Wonder Woman I play Steve Trevor, right? A completely different Steve, played by a different Chris altogether.
    • And then Pete Davidson enters:
    Pete Davidson: Are you this one? [points to Evans]
    Chris Pine: ...Pete, that's my face, man.
    Pete Davidson: Naw, I think that's Ryan Reynolds.