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Before: A psychotic man patiently waiting for victory.
After: A psychotic man discovering his impending loss.
"Take a weapon of assassination and call it deterrence. You won't fool a fly or me. I'm not going to drink it."
Senator June Finch to Lex Luthor, taken literally.

Despite its somber tone and the tragic moments happening in it, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice does have its moments to make you laugh, and not just from the smart-talking Lex.

All spoilers on this page are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Clark jumping into the tub with Lois, when he's still clothed. Even Lois is loving every moment of it.
    Lois: (Laughing in delight) Clark, you're gonna flood the apartment!
    Clark: (With a sly smirk) Mm-hmm!
  • How does Superman stop the Batmobile? By standing perfectly still and letting the speeding car bounce off him.

For such a serious character, Batman sure has a lot of funny moments.
  • Upon meeting Clark and hearing which paper he's with, Bruce wonders aloud if he owns it. He doesn't even seem to be playing the Obfuscating Stupidity angle, either. He's genuinely perplexed.
    • It could also be a nod to the comics, where Bruce Wayne actually DID own the Daily Planet at one point.
    • There's this gem from Bruce:
      Bruce: Maybe it's the Gotham City in me. We just have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns.
    • When Bruce greets Lex, he says his name in an exasperated tone, like he's wishing someone would put a bullet in his head just so he doesn't have to listen to this guy.
  • When Batman chases the LexCorp truck containing the Kryptonite sample, the way he uses the Batmobile's towing cable to send a car full of mooks up in the air and make it land on another car full of mooks in Oh, Crap! mode.
  • Batman has one during the middle of his fight with Superman when the kryptonite dust he struck Superman with wears off. He's repeatedly punching Superman across the face, until the punches no longer do damage and harmlessly *clang!* off Superman's chin. Cue a pissed off Superman and Batman backing slowly away with his arms raised defensively and an expression that shows he knows very well he fucked up.
    • The look on his face seems to scream "I wonder if saying 'now, hold on a second, let's talk about this' will work."
  • During the Batman/Superman battle, Batman literally uses everything he can to injure Superman, Kitchen Sink Included.
  • A small one; Batman promised that Superman would bleed. During their battle he cuts Superman's face with the kryptonite spear purely as an "I told you so" moment, except Superman didn't bleed because the radiation from kryptonite cauterises wounds.
  • Batman's "Oh, shit!" in response to being shot down and cornered by Doomsday. It becomes funnier when you remember a similar incident in Man of Steel, where Faora leaps towards a fighter jet and the pilot says the same thing.
  • During the fight scene where Batman fights twenty of Luthor's Mooks or so, there is one that is holding a gun and clearly looks incredibly nervous listening to the fight scene happening on the other side of the wall. He gets tackled through the wall shortly afterwards.
  • The moment where Batman rescues Martha Kent:
    Batman: It's alright. I'm a friend of your son.
    Martha: I figured. The cape.
    • The best part is how Batman simply nods in response to this, as if acknowledging that Superheroes Wear Capes.
    • What's even funnier about Batman saying he's a friend of Superman's is the fact that just five minutes earlier, he was trying to kill him!
    • Also counts as Hilarious in Hindsight with Justice League (2017). Considering Batman is the only member of the team to actually know Superman before his death (Superman and Wonder Woman never interacted during the Doomsday battle), that means all the members who didn't know him (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg) are the ones who don't wear capes.

     Wonder Woman 
  • During a party held at a museum, Diana is being told about an antique sword that the curator has sought his whole career to obtain. He's just so excited over this. Then when the curator's out of earshot, Bruce steps in and they reveal that the sword is a fake. Diana actually seemed to know more about the sword's history than the curator.
  • When Wonder Woman arrives at the fight against Doomsday, saving Batman in the process, she immediately gets involved in the fight with a big, excited grin on her face. Superman and Batman are understandably flabbergasted.
    Superman: She with you?
    Batman: ...I thought she was with you.
    • Really, most of Wonder Woman's moments in the climax. She just seems so giddy to be in a proper battle.
  • When Lex gives his speech at the benefit and mangles the story of Prometheus, you can see Diana rolling her eyes in exasperation (doubly funny since she might not only be upset at his getting the story as it's been passed down wrong, but she's old enough to have been there, and be frustrated at how the story has been gotten wrong through generations of retelling).
    • She's not the only one. A few of the guests can be seen either smirking or losing interest. Lex can't get any respect.
  • Diana, smugly walking away with Bruce's hacking bug and nearly pulling off a perfect Stealth Hi/Bye. Then, when he finally manages to catch up and confront her about it later - she reveals that she had already given it back; Bruce, the Batman himself, is left completely flabbergasted. What sells it is her sly smile when she tells him off that no, she's not like any woman he's ever known. He gets her back later by sending her a picture she had been looking for; of her from World War One, complete with a few choice questions.

     Lex Luthor 
Given Lex is a shameless Large Ham, a good chunk of the laughter comes from him.

  • When Lex is asking the government to assist him in taking down Superman, he's casually eating sweets as he does so. At the end, he offers one to a stone-faced representative before poking it into his mouth ("It's cherry!").
  • When Zod's body is being delivered to Lex, there's a closing-in shot of him making beckoning motions with his hands. Before the camera can get too close, Lex holds his hands up as if to say "close enough."
  • Clark and Bruce are having a heated debate about their alter-egos trampling over civil liberties, when Lex appears out of nowhere and immediately tries to lighten the mood. Repeat: Lex Luthor tries to lighten the mood in a scene with Superman's alter-ego.
    Lex: (shakes Clark's hand) Ow-wow! That is a good grip! (to Bruce) You should not pick a fight with this person!
    • Given the title and theme of the movie, that last line can also count as a meta joke. Given that he already knows who they are, he was probably trolling them.
    • Listen carefully when Lex raps Clark on the chest. You can hear how solid he is.
    • Lex's demeanor when dealing with both heroes; he sounds like a giddy kid watching a prize fight, even comparing them to gladiators. Then he realizes they won't fight to the finish, and suddenly he stops being quite so giddy...
  • The awkward conclusion to Lex's party speech. After flaunting his knowledge, he soon realizes that he's run out of fun facts and flip-flops between giggling and shouting before weakly excusing himself. This guy is the Big Bad.
  • When Superman comes face-to-face with Lex for the first time, he sees Lex sitting cross-legged on the floor and grinning like it's his birthday.
  • Upon Superman's return without Batman's head to him and just before unleashing Doomsday, Lex contacts Anatoly Knyazev to hear if he has killed Martha Kent, not knowing what just happened (Batman curb-stomped Knyazev's goons and got rid of Knyazev via Flamethrower Backfire).
    Lex: (Phone rings) Ah! That'll be the cook! Gotham Roasts, well done! Hello, break the bad news! (smiling)
    Batman: (on the phone) I'd rather do the breaking in person...
    (Lex's smile fades away)
    Superman: (Deadpan expression) You've lost.
    Superman: (Still keeping the same deadpan expression) You'll learn...
    Lex: Haha, "I'll learn"! (Briefly smiles before swiftly being replaced with a look of tranquil rage.)
  • "The bell can't be un-rung! Ding, ding, ding, ding!"

  • Alfred's no slouch when it comes to snarking on Master Bruce:
    "Even you've gotten too old to die young. And not for lack of trying."
    "I hope the next generation of Waynes won't inherit an empty wine cellar... not that there's likely to BE a next generation..."
    "Go upstairs and socialize. Some young lady from Metropolis will make you honest. Uh uh, In your dreams, Alfred..." (drinks)
    Bruce: So now you're trying to set me up with a jewel thief?
    Alfred: At this point I'd set you up with a chimpanzee if it brought you back to the real world!
  • Alfred tests Batman’s vocal modulator by muttering “funnel fairy butter bar” over and over. Bruce gives a look like this is the first time he’s seen Alfred do this and doesn’t look especially thrilled.
  • While Batman and Superman frantically rush to rescue Martha Kent, Alfred is chatting in the most casual way imaginable via communicator.
    • From the extended cut of that sequence, we get this gem where Alfred doesn't hesitate to tell Bruce how he really feels:
    Bruce: *After Alfred tells him that he's already got their next target locked on* ...I don't deserve you Alfred...
    Alfred: Sir you don't.

     Perry White 
  • Perry White is portrayed not as the stern-but-wise figure he was in Man of Steel, but as the headline-obsessed grump we all know and love from the comics.
    Perry: "Crime wave in Gotham." Other breaking news! Water: Wet.
  • The dialogue with Lois and Perry in this promo clip. Especially Perry's deadpan response.
    Lois: No match. My guys in the crime lab never seen one before.
    Perry: It's called a bullet. You shoot people with 'em.
  • Perry's comment when Clark is inquiring about the infamous Batman.
  • Perry's exasperation at Clark disappearing from work.
    Perry: Where does he go?! Where does he go? Clicks his heels three times and goes back to Kansas, I suppose.
  • A Running Gag is that whenever Lois or Clark go out of town for something, Perry gets stingy with travel costs.
    Perry: Coach. No extra leg-room.
    [Lois leaves the office, but briefly comes back.]
    Lois: Economy plus.
    Perry: COACH!

  • In a meeting with Lex, Senator Finch is clearly not buying his "I care about America's interests" schtick. She sarcastically replies that he should get some piss and label it "Granny's Peach Tea".
    • Later at the infamous Senate hearing, Finch notices a jar full of dirty yellow liquid. When she inspects the label, guess what it says...
    • She notices the jar while delivering a grand speech about the importance of democracy and peaceful conversation. After she sees the jar, she slowly loses her composure and begins stammering. Superman, who has been listening to her speech with a solemn expression, gets confused and stares at her as if there is something in her face.
  • The brief footage of the Flash in his street clothes stopping a convenience store holdup. As soon as he sees the gunman, he smirks, whisks him away, then goes back to what he was doing before: picking out milk. And the milk he was holding? It doesn't even hit the ground!
    • Even better, he visibly looks at the camera and rolls his eyes! As if he can't go anywhere anymore without having to break up a crime on video.
  • In the Ultimate Edition, Jon Stewart gives his two cents on Superman, envisioning him as an insecure jingoist.
    He has one third of USA on his chest, wears red and blue... his cape is not the Declaration of Independence because it would be too on the nose!
  • General Swanwick's response to Lois Lane confronting him in the men's bathroom: "With balls like yours, you BELONG in here!"
  • This may be a misinterpretation, as the lyrics sung by the choir in the soundtrack are likely in Latin or the like. Regardless, listen closely as Batman realises in stunned amazement that Superman is standing right before him and that he has an opportunity to (try to) run him over. The choir appears to be singing oh Jeeeeesusss CHRIST!!! Which, given the film's extensive Christ metaphors, not to mention the weirdly appropriate timing given Batman's reaction and the overall drama of the scene, is extremely amusing.

  • The fourth trailer opens with Batman attacking and easily dispatching an entire gang of criminals, all by himself. His diagnostic after he's done?
    "I'm getting slow in my old age, Alfred."
  • At the 2015 Comic Con, Ben Affleck related a surreal story where he was at a costume shop with his young son around Halloween and wandered into the superhero aisle. He hears someone call out from behind him and turns around to see Christian Bale. Just imagine the sight of Affleck and Bale talking next to an aisle of Batman costumes.
    • Bale's advice to Affleck? Make sure he can piss in the Batsuit.
  • This LexCorp ad. It's just so pretentious and non-threatening that it becomes hilarious when you remember who the CEO is.
  • "Lexical Analysis", a reporter's interview with Lex Luthor. It's so real and well-done that you just can't help but enjoy it.
    • There's also this attempt at damage-control released after Luthor's defeat:
    Due to unfortunate circumstances, Lex Corp Industries will be temporarily suspending its global operations.
    When interviewed about his actions against a fallen alien, Lex Luthor responded with; 'Ding, ding, ding, ding. Are we entering the second round?
  • This WEIRD edited version of Trailer 2.
  • At Comic-Con 2015, several celebrities (including the casts of Arrow and The Flash (2014)) were asked as to who would win in a fight between Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. When asked for his response, Brandon Routh replied: Superman. Ciara Renée (Hawkgirl) and Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim quickly pointed out the bias.
    • Routh's connection to Superman was taken advantage of again in The CW's promotion of the film. When the question of who will win is brought to Routh, he looks at the camera deadpan and asks:
    Brandon Routh: Really? You're seriously asking me that quesiton?
  • The new Superbowl TV spots? Metropolis and Gotham-based ads for Turkish Airlines, with Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor guest-starring.
    • You know you've got the best PR team in Gotham if you can make your city's crime rate look good. note 
  • The "deleted scene" with Jimmy Kimmel.
    Bruce Wayne: I will rip your dick off.
    • Lex's disappointed reaction when he realizes Clark Kent is Superman:
    Lex Luthor: I spent my whole life trying to kill a journalist. I feel so embarrassed, carry on. I love your column.
    • This is made funnier by the reveal that Lex already knew who both of them were during this scene in the actual movie.
  • MAD Magazine lists off all the reasons why Batman and Superman would hate each other. Batman's reasons have a touch of Ho Yay, while Superman's revolve around how impractical Batman's schtick really is.
  • Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill have a lot of off set friendly rivalry going on, in part for good humour and also to help promote the film. One such case is Ben having Henry's trailer decorated with memorabilia from the film—but with a heavy emphasis on Batman. At the end of the little clip, he steals the Batman mug for himself!
    Ben Affleck: "Henry, I didn't realize you were such a big fan."
  • The Onion Reviews "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" is darkly humorous.
  • In an interview, Ben and Henry were asked to respond to the film's mixed reception. Some internet wag then set Ben's reaction to Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence."
  • Conan O'Brian ended up doing a section by section interview of the cast, until all of them were on stage at the same time. They had such comradery with each other and was such a fun interview O'Brien labeled it the greatest episode of his show. Specific moments:
  • During a watch party of the film he did in 2019, Zack Snyder commented on Batman's warehouse fight scene, mixing intentionally blatant lies and black comedy.
    (Luthor's mooks get beaten in violent fashion, very likely to be lethal in some case)
    Snyder: These guys are fine, no worry. (a few more get beaten) These guys are fine too.
    • "28%? That's rude!"
    • While navigating his digital cloud to select the film and start the watch party, Snyder stopped on his collection of... Barbie films. And admitted liking them.