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Drinking Game / Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Drinking Game for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Remember, if you watch the Ultimate Edition, you'll be drinking for three hours straight, depending on how many of the rules you follow, so stock up accordingly.

  • Whenever you hear or see:
    • the name "Martha"
    • the phrase "my world"
    • puns
    • a reference to another DC comic, movie, TV show, or video game not set in the DCEU
    • a reference to Batman's Rogues Gallery
    • an ironic reference to Batman fighting Superman
    • someone on a TV screen debating Superman's actions, motives, status as a hero, or even his very presence (one shot for everyone shown on the screen)
    • someone talking about power, innocence, or how they're connected
    • the Bat symbol on something other than Batman's costume, i.e. the Bat-signal, a Batarang, the Bat-brand, etc.
    • someone call Kryptonite something other than Kryptonite, i.e. "the rock" or "the mineral"

  • Whenever Batman:
    • insults Superman (a double if he does it to his face)
    • drinks (pretend to drink if he's just talking about drinking)
    • punches someone (double if he shoots or stabs them)
    • has a dream, flashback, or vision
    • is referred to as something other than Batman or Bruce Wayne, such as "the Bat vigilante" or "the Gotham Bat"

  • Whenever Alfred:
    • gets snarky
    • talks about the future of the Wayne family (or lack thereof)
    • questions Bruce's methods and/or motivations
    • does something an actual butler might do

  • Whenever Superman:
    • is told not to write a story on the Batman
    • tries to help someone
    • is told he's not helping, or that he's in the way
    • saves Lois
    • breaks something or someone (double if he says he "won't" break something or someone)
    • doubts himself

  • Whenever Lois:
    • is chasing down a story
    • finds evidence/pieces the clues together
    • is in danger or has her life threatened
    • is haunted by what's happened

  • Whenever Perry:
    • insults Clark
    • laments how far the news world has fallen

  • Whenever Wonder Woman:
    • makes a fool out of Batman
    • saves Batman's ass

  • Whenever Lex Luthor:
    • makes a religious/historical/pop cultural/literary/mythological reference (double if he doesn't fumble it)
    • stammers
    • waves his hands around (double if he's waving both at once)
    • makes someone uncomfortable intentionally
    • talks about his father
    • Also, take a drink for every person his inventions kills(ie.electric wheelchairs and Doomsday).