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"YES! Oh... GROSS!"

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

For Zack Snyder's Justice League, see here.

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  • The opening scene, which is phone camera footage of kids asking Superman some questions. One of them asks him if he ever fought a hippo. Another kid tells him to shut up.
    "It's the most dangerous animal!"
  • After Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice focused on Bruce's angry and traumatized side, this movie ramps up The Comically Serious aspect of the character, with Bruce doing his best to recruit heroes to form the Justice League... and having some trouble doing so.
    • His bantering with Diana...
      Diana Prince: He said he'll fight with us?
      Bruce Wayne: More or less.
      Diana: More-more or more-less?
      Bruce: Probably more-less.
      Diana: ...he said no?
      Bruce: He said no.
  • Bruce Wayne meets Barry Allen.
    Bruce: I know you have abilities. I just don't know what they are.
    Barry: My special skills include, uh... viola, uh, web design, f-fluent in sign language. Gorilla sign language.note 
    Bruce: (looking at Flash's suit) Silica-based quartz sand fabric. Abrasion resistant. Heat resistant.
    Barry: Uh... yeah, I do... competitive ice dancing.
    Bruce: It's what they use on the space shuttle to prevent it from burning up on re-entry.
    Barry: I do... very competitive ice dancing.
    (Bruce gives Barry a "Seriously?" look)
    • After dodging and catching the Batarang thrown by Bruce and figuring out he's Batman, a stunned Barry can only muster up this:
    Barry: (in a completely obvious tone) You're the Batman?!
    • Better yet, when Barry dodges Bruce's Batarang, you can see Barry looking at the Batarang and realizing "Holy shit! He's Batman!"
      • After Barry catches it, Bruce seems to heave a small sigh of relief. That would've been really embarrassing if he'd been wrong.
    • There is a shot where the League is staring ahead in the distance, looking intense...except The Flash, who is grinning wildly at Wonder Woman.
    • Bruce's recruitment speech actually comes off as sounding like a business pitch when he tries to recruit Barry. He comes off as a frantic and desperate entrepreneur afraid of his idea getting rejected again, only to be thrown off (and almost giddy with excitement) when Barry agrees before he can finish!
      Barry: Stop right there. I'm in.
      Bruce: You are?
      Barry: Yeah, I...I need friends.
      Bruce: (relieved smile) Great!
      Barry: (with Batarang) Can I keep this?
    • Afterwards, both are leaving the place as Barry is eating a whole pizza. He explains about the Speed Force and that it burns calories like crazy, "so I'm like a black hole of snacks. A snack hole." And once they enter the car:
    Barry: What are your superpowers, again?
    Bruce: I'm rich.
  • Ma Kent is reminiscing about Clark with Lois and she remarks that he used to say she was "the thirstiest young lady he's ever known." "Thirsty" being a slang term for desperation in lovenote , Lois immediately gives her a look like, "what?!" Turns out she meant to say "hungriest" referencing Lois' Intrepid Reporting abilities.
  • Wonder Woman shrugging off a rifle butt to the head and giving a look to her attacker that says "Really? You think that's a good idea?" before casually making short work of him.
    • Shortly later, there's Diana casually goes back to her art restoration work.
    Curator: What did you do this weekend, Diana?
    Diana: Me? Nothing very interesting.
  • Diane casually walking up to Bruce in the Batcave, getting this response:
    Bruce: I spent millions on this building's security.
    Diana: Yeah, it looked expensive.
  • After a STAR Labs' janitor is kidnapped by a parademon, a TV reporter interviews the guy's wife... who delivers a Cluster F-Bomb targeted at the kidnappers. The TV channel had to bleep her swearings and blur her mouth... which happens each two or three words. Lois, who was watching the channel, was impressed by the lady's foul mouth. Even after it's muted, you can see the channel in the background, the lady having her mouth blurred for several seconds straight before she finally stops.
  • Just about everything related to the Flash.
    • He uses his speed to scribble glasses and a mustache on an impatient and unpleasant guy's face without said guy noticing it while queuing at the prison's parlor.
    • His comment about needing friends devolves into an extended screed at the pointlessness of brunch, calling it "lunch where you wait for an hour".
    • Once Diana is at the airfield waiting for Bruce's plane:
      Bruce: Barry, this is Diana.
      Barry: Hi, Barry! I'm Diana! That's not right...
    • When Barry sees the Bat-Signal, he announces out loud how it's Bruce's call to action before shushing himself and quietly continuing as Bruce just nods his head and tells him he's correct while Diana smiles and gives him a look that says "You sure know how to pick them."
    • Barry's awe when entering the Batcave is just the very definition of Adorkable.
      Barry: Woooow, it's like... a cave! [explores the entirety of the place in half a second] Like a Batcave! [rushes to the Batmobile and sits in it, a look on his face like he just discovered the cure to cancer]
      Bruce: Barry!
    • Flash mentioning that, unlike the rest of the Justice League, he has zero experience with actual combat.
      Barry: It's really cool you guys seem ready to do battle and stuff, but, full transparency: I've never done battle. I just push some people and run away!
    • When seeing Steppenwolf in the underground lair:
      I have to warn you, I'm afraid of bugs, huge people, and homicide.
      • And once a wall breach starts to flood the place:
        "Oh, I'm also afraid of drowning!"
    • To help Wonder Woman diving after her sword, he taps it so it gets closer to her... and afterwards trips on the wall.
    • Shortly afterwards, he does a Diving Save at Diana and the landing has him face-down in her bust. He immediately gets up, flush with embarrassment.
      • And note the. . . odd look Diana gives him. She's pretty darn fast, too (as proven in the Old Bailey rescue). Yeah, she knows what just happened, and appreciates Barry's attempt to be gentlemanly.
    • When Cyborg briefly leaves the battle against Steppenwolf underneath the Gotham City Harbor, Barry asks "Did he just bail on us?"
    • When Diana shoves Bruce back after an insult, Barry intones "if she kills you, we're covering for her." Also, when she shoves Bruce, just alongside the sparks from the machine Bruce hit, you can see Barry's lightning, implying he bolted the moment it looked like a fight would break out.
    • Barry's attempts at small talk as he and Cyborg are digging up Superman's grave. ("So, we're the accidents.")
      • Barry tries giving Cyborg a fist bump, only to get turned down. He then mutters about the act being "racially charged". Even better? That line was reportedly improvised on Ezra Miller's behalf. The cherry on top is how that gag comes all the way back at the end when after establishing a connection, Cyborg finally reciprocates the fist bump...while avoiding eye contact.
      • Hell, the fact that Flash is trying to be casual— as they dig up a grave. Superman's grave, no less. That idea alone just makes you laugh.
    • After an argument among the other heroes:
      Is this a bad time to bring up my blood sugar?
      • At the tail end of that conversation, Bruce instructs the rest of the league to look for Steppenwolf however they can ... and tells Barry to have Alfred point him to the pantry.
    • While the Justice League is fighting Superman, Barry at one point runs behind him, hoping to land a hit on him...until Superman's eye turns to his direction and he sees him moving.
    • As Flash runs towards where he's supposed to evacuate civilians, he wonders if he's in the right direction. Eventually Superman catches up with him, saying "Slowpoke!". And after Flash saves a single truck, he sees the Man of Steel carrying a whole building. The look Barry gives just screams "Showoff!"
    • After rescuing the Russian family, the Flash bids them farewell but accidentally says "Dostoevsky". The little girl waves goodbye in confusion.
    • Flash referencing Pet Sematary (1989) in regards to the dangers of bringing Clark back to life. And then it turns out to be exactly what happens.
    • The mid-credits scene where Flash and Superman are about to race. Barry points out that this is simply friendly competition and definitely not just two guys measuring dicks. And Barry still has No Sense of Direction!
      • And what's the wager? If Superman wins, Barry has to pay for brunch for the whole team; if Flash wins, he gets to tell everyone.
      • Before this though, Superman claims Barry losing means he's off the team, leading to Barry staring at him in Stunned Silence while Superman glares in seriousness...before cracking a smirk.
      • The fact that Superman decided to troll Barry over his confusion about brunch. And as noted by Barry, Superman would've needed to be told about that conversation by Batman, which makes it even funnier.
      • Superman pointing in the right direction after Flash's directional faux pas, along with a facial expression that silently says, "Er, no."
  • After Barry's aforementioned comment on being scared of huge people, Batman ends up face-to-face with Steppenwolf.
  • The hostage situation between Steppenwolf and the STAR Labs hostages:
    Worker: Please! We have families!
    Steppenwolf: Why does everyone keep telling me that?
It's his tone that does it — he sounds genuinely confused, as if he's thinking, "I've made it perfectly clear that I don't care, why do they think that will make a difference?"
  • Once Silas Stone, the only one who knows about the thing Steppenwolf is looking for, says he prefers to die rather than talk, Steppenwolf is happy ("At last, one that doesn't whine!").
  • The world may be in severe danger, but that doesn't stop a certain butler from being snarky about it:
    Alfred: One misses the days when one's biggest concern was exploding wind-up penguins.
    • And doubling as a Call-Back to Alfred complaining about Bruce still being single with no kids, once Cyborg gives Wonder Woman his location:
      Alfred: Looks like you've got a date. Oh well, it was time for at least someone here to do so!
  • Alfred going "Uh, d-do I know you?" after Cyborg takes control of the Nightcrawler and tells him "I'll take it from here."
  • Aquaman kills a parademon and goes into an uncontrolled freefall. Cyborg swings down and catches him, telling him "Ride's not over yet." Aquaman's reaction is one of excitement and utter joy, exclaiming "My man!" before Cyborg throws him back into the fight.
  • This exchange:
    Aquaman: Your strategy is to die? You really are out of your mind!
    Batman: I'm not the one who brought a pitchfork.
  • Commissioner Gordon being on the receiving end of the most epic version of the Stealth Hi/Bye committed to film so far when the entire Justice League all pulls this on him at the same time...minus The Flash, who promptly hangs a lampshade on it and politely vanishes in front of Gordon.
    Gordon: Do you really think that... (turns around to find everyone gone except Flash)
    Barry: Oh, wow! (looks around in confusion) They really just vanished. (Beat) That's rude. (and disappears)
    • The simple fact that Flash, the fastest man alive, is the last member of the League to disappear. He doesn't even seem to have noticed they left; it's almost like they coordinated it without him.
    • And before the Hi/Bye, Barry is looking around shifty-eyed and looking like he's about to mess his pants. The poor guy isn't sure if he's fitting in or looking appropriately badass as the League converses with Gordon.
    • Also, the Flash was standing behind the other heroes when they left. He had to have been seriously spacing out to have realized that his team had bailed.
  • After Superman is restored to life and stares at the rest of the Justice League in confusion, Aquaman notes to the others that "He's not alright" in the sort of tone one might use when a dinner meal comes out bad.
    • Cyborg tries to warn Aquaman that his adrenaline is spiking, and this is making the situation worse. Aquaman retorts "Yeah, because he's not alright!" One has to admit. . . being face-to-face with a possibly Pet Semetary'd Superman would elevate anyone's adrenaline.
  • Superman returns to life, and is still unhappy with how Batman tried to kill him the last time they met. To remind him, Superman growls the "Do you bleed" line back to him. After he leaves with Lois...
    Batman: (groaning) Something's definitely bleeding in there...
    • This movie's rather hilarious take on Batman v Superman. While Batman technically wins the fight by bringing Lois into it, we get a scene of Superman staring lovingly at her... followed by the motion of his arm moving, and sounds coming off-screen indicating Batman's inability to recover from being casually chucked aside by the Kryptonian.
    • Batman yelping as Superman grabs him. That's right; the Goddamn Batman yelps.
  • For Australian audiences, Alfred and Bruce joke about inviting the other metahumans into the Justice League with a letter asking them to tick "yes" or "no". note 
  • Bruce delivering this brilliant sales pitch to a guy who could break him in half. So much for being an experienced businessman!
    Bruce: Arthur Curry. I hear you can talk to fish.
    • When they are talking to each other outside, Arthur questions "So you walk around dressed as a bat? You must be crazy."
      • Arthur, a guy who talks to fish and is the heir to Atlantis and has seen strange things, spends the entire film somewhat baffled by Batman. He's constantly in disbelief that Bruce dresses up like a bat, and then says his grand strategy to "die" shows he's out of his mind.
    • Later on, the League are tracking Steppenwolf and Batman and the rest are doing what they can to track him, and Bruce simply asks Aquaman if he can, you know, eavesdrop on the oceans and listen to what the fishes and dolphins have to say about suspicious activity. Affleck's expression is hilarious as if he can't himself buy that he's asking someone to talk the fish to locate a bad guy.
      Aquaman: The water does the talking. [Beat] If the current comes in strange it may point the way.
      • Made even funnier if you've seen Aquaman's own movie, where his ability to communicate with ocean life is both awesome and plot-relevant. It comes off like Arthur being petulantly offended that Bruce isn't taking his abilities seriously. On the other hand, Bruce's clear uncertainty as to the best way to discuss said abilities is also hilarious in its own way: after all, he wouldn't have contacted Arthur if he thought his capacities would be useless.
  • Gordon tells Batman how it's good to see him "playing nice with others again"...and in comes Aquaman.
    Aquaman: (lets out a short but amused laugh) Dressed like a bat. I dig it.
    Batman: (looks at Gordon) Maybe temporary.
    • If one looks real closely at Batman as he says that line, you can see he's smirking. Or gritting his teeth. Or both.
    • Also funny is that Aquaman looks like he's adjusting his belt a bit as he's coming down. Kinda funny with him being the barbarian king version of the character.
  • Aquaman rescues a drowning sailor, bringing him into a tavern and dumping him on a table. As the King of Atlantis departs, he helps himself to a bottle of whisky.
    Aquaman: It's on him.
  • The family trapped by Steppenwolf's parademons barricades their home while arming themselves to fight the parademons if they find them. Normally, this would be a very serious scene, but then comes the shot of the young daughter of the family, who arms herself with a bugspray, which is both very adorable and hilarious.
  • Aquaman starts doing a Brutal Honesty confession on how he feels about the others, who look like they're about to laugh and he spends way too long gushing over how attracted he is to Diana, then how he doesn't want to die but at the same time is so glad to finally be a part of something, actually starting to tear up. Then they point out he's sitting on the Lasso of Truth. Afterwards, there's this threat:
    Arthur: If you say a word about this, you'll meet every piranha I know.
    Barry: I... honestly didn't hear anything after "We're all gonna die".
  • After Flash and Aquaman save Batman, Aquaman notes that he should thank Wonder Woman — Arthur would've left Batman behind, "but we didn't have a vote".
    • Afterwards they're charging into battle...with Aquaman standing on top of the Batmobile as if it's a surfboard.
      Aquaman: YEAH!
    • There's a shot of Batman nodding at Aquaman.
  • As Steppenwolf moves to engage Superman, Superman simply maneuvers out of the Apokoliptian general's way with a pretty funny look on his face. It's the sort of look a particularly smug contact sport player would make as he dodges an oncoming rival.
  • Batman has a brief conversation with Superman regarding bringing him back to life. Superman rather bluntly states that he knew Batman didn't do it because he likes him, prompting this hilariously awkward response from Batman:
    Batman: I... don't not...
  • When Superman finally comes to help the League against Steppenwolf you can watch Batman's staring at him with his mouth wide-open. To watch that reaction from the Caped Crusader is hilarious.
  • Cyborg gets Superman's help to separate the Mother Boxes. Superman asks of there'll be a backlash effect, but Cyborg assures them they can take it. To which Superman expresses relief because "I kinda like being alive." After they both get blown to the floor, Superman takes it back and groans that he wants to die all over again.
    • Opposite the prone Superman after separating the Mother Boxes, Cyborg (built without toes) jokingly complains about his toes hurting and ponders how this is physically possible. Followed by both heroes sharing a laugh (which is also heartwarming).
    • Diana's reaction to this. Considering she's thousands of years older than the rest of the team...
      "Children. I work with children."
  • How Bruce Wayne got the bank to rescind the foreclosure on the Kent homestead (double as Heartwarming Moments):
    Clark: How did you get the house back from the bank?
    Bruce: I bought the bank.
    • Clark's face when he says this makes it even funnier.
    • As the scene goes on, Bruce even says that sort of thing is an "impulse" for him.
  • In Wonder Woman's segment of the denouement, as she lays down the artifacts she rescued from a museum robbery back into a crate and talks to her throng of adoring fans, behind her a trio of the robbers sit wrapped in the Lasso of Truth spilling all the intricate details of their crime to a police officer.
  • Lois and Clark have a few oddball lines after he resurrects and comes home. First, Lois tells Clark he smells good and Clark wonders aloud if that was a problem before. Then Clark decides to stay outside because he'd "just come out of another wooden box". Finally, he tells Lois that his death and rebirth felt itchy.
  • During the film's panel at Comic-Con 2016, Ezra Miller comes on stage dressed as Gandalf. He then rips off the hat and beard—and Ray Fisher pulls out a Flash baseball cap for Ezra to wear. Then both of them dancing like complete dorks after footage is unveiled.
  • In the first behind-the-scenes featurette, Jason Momoa is standing next to Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller when a scene is being shot. He twirls his prop trident, which he ends up fumbling to the floor. Instead of picking it up and resetting the shot, he goes on with a hilarious Ass-Kicking Pose, grabs Gal's prop sword from her back while she's looking away and charges like a screaming barbarian warrior, with Gal bursting into laughter. See here.
  • Henry Cavill regularly trolling fans on Instagram on whether or not Green Lantern would appear in the film. Eventually, Armie Hammer (who co-starred with Cavill in The Man from UNCLE) also joined in on the trolling, leading many fans to suspect that he had been cast as Hal Jordan (a casting choice which was surprisingly very well-received by many hardcore Green Lantern fans). As a result, Hammer has spent nearly every interview after these events insisting that he isn't in the movie.
    • The 2017 Comic-Con footage has Steppenwolf blatantly name-dropping the Green Lantern Corps, specifically the fact that there are none around Earth to stop him. Ouch.
  • A number of great moments from the 2017 Comic Con panel:
    • Jason Momoa was the only one available for the Aquaman panel, but they gave him a rock star entrance and he used his prop trident as though it was a guitar.
    • In the cast walk-up, Ray Fisher wore a "Borg Life" t-shirt, like he has been seen wearing before, and when he got to the stage, he tore off the shirt Hulk Hogan-style to reveal a "I (HEART) Z S" shirt, with "ZS" being Zack Snyder. Also quite heartwarming.
    • Ezra Miller cosplaying as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, and like the last year when he reached the stage, he took off his wig and Ray Fisher gave him a Flash hat to wear. He kept the wig on his lap for most of the panel, and one time it slipped off he acted as though it was a puppy and told it to stay while petting it.
    • At one point, when the cast stood up, Gal Gadot happened to have some black tape stuck to her butt, and was oblivious until audience members pointed it out. She politely thanked them and, playing to the crowd a little, dramatically pulled the tape off.
    • During the questions section, a young kid about ten years old asked them if Superman was going to show up. The cast and audience laughed a little, with Gal stammering to answer the question. Jason jumped right in and bluntly said "Son, I don't know if your parents showed you the last movie but SUPERMAN'S DEAD!"
    • After the trailer, the cast got to their feet and Jason Momoa got super-excited, actually throwing and breaking his chair and giving the entire cast hugs and high fives. Chris Hardwick was worrying he was going to be thrown. The rest of the cast says it's like this after every scene with him.
  • The film's reshoots happened when Henry Cavill still sported his mustache from Mission: Impossible Fallout, and his face had to be entirely remade in CGI in post-production since he had to keep it to resume filming Fallout (Paramount threatened legal action if he were to shave it). Warner Bros unfortunately refused to release any actual images of this, but the mental picture it conjured up was plenty to get you rolling on the floor.
    • Which then inevitably led to Cavill addressing the "controversy" which is, as expected, full of the man's usual laid-back witticisms.
    • Ben Affleck's comment on it: "He looked like a porn star from the '70s, just with a better body. It's a different twist on Superman."
    • The irony is that Tom Cruise broke his ankle shooting MI so production on it was pushed back for several months. Cavill would have had time to shave it for reshoots and then be able to grow it back in time for MI getting back underway. Its just hilarious that it was all for nothing.
  • Many people were anxious about Warner Bros. showing Superman or not in the final trailer, not wanting a spoiler of Doomsday proportions. He did appear in said trailer... but only as Clark in the dreams of Lois. Nothing has been revealed about how he will return. Well done, Warner Bros.
    • AND THEN, it turned out said sequence was not a dream in the actual film, just edited to looks so by adding on Lois's waking up scene from the beginning of the movie to the tail end of it.
  • Gal apparently tried to hide the fact she was pregnant from the rest of the cast only for pretty much all of them to eventually figure it out. The funniest part? She apparently never knew.
  • This comic strip featuring two Justice League members who were Adapted Out for this incarnation. A bit of a Tear Jerker too.
  • Gal putting Batman's cowl on while still wearing her Wonder Woman outfit.
  • Henry Cavill finally shaved off his infamous mustache. With an obituary of photos to say goodbye to it, no less.
  • Zack Snyder's confusion about the Russian family, which is not in his version of the film.
    • Really just about anytime he answered after someone asked him the social media Vero about a specific scene or line in the film on that turns out to have been made by Joss Whedon and not by him. And there's a lot of them. One should note that he said he never watched this version.