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     All-Star Batman 
  • In issue #1 we have a scene of Firefly chasing after Batman through a corn field, only to find him in the middle of cutting off limbs of Black Spider's exoskeleton with a chainsaw. He immediately turns back and runs.
  • In issue #2, Batman is able to fend off King Shark by shooting him with darts laced with a foul-smelling chemical compound. Croc refers to it as "shark repellent". Doubles as a meta awesome moment for Scott Snyder, for taking one of the most mocked memes in Batman history and actually making it plausible.
  • For context, in the first story Batman needs to deliver Two-Face to a place that could cure him, but dozens of supervillains are chasing them, competing for reward Two Face promised to those who save him. In issue #3 KGBeast attacks Bats and loses. When he wakes up the Royal Flush Gang are hovering over him on their giant flying poker card casually asking their competitor which way did Batman and Harvey go. He blows up their vehicle and leaves without a word.
    Narration: The Royal Flush Gang. A.k.a. Mess

     Action Comics 
  • When the Kents set up their new home, Lois questions why the TV is already up but the fridge is empty.
    Jon: Just cuz we hadda move clear across the country doesn't mean I gotta lose video games.
  • Jon and a civilian go fanboy when Superman attacks Lex. Yes, a civilian who's in the middle of the fight thinks it's cool.
  • Lex stating that even Superman can't come back from the dead. Pre-52 Clark has the same reaction as the reader.
  • Lex, Lois and Jon's reaction to Clark Kent showing up.
    Lex: Kent too? Dead men walking. Seems to be a common thread all of a sudden.
    Jon: Mom? That's not Dad, so how can—
    Lois: I'm just as baffled as you are, Jon.
  • Action Comics #959 has one of the best timed and contextually hilarious advertisements of all-time. Right in the middle of pitched battle with Doomsday, Batman shows up out of nowhere to help Superman. How does he deal with the monster? He offers it a Snickers bar, saying "Here! Have a Snickers. You get really cranky when you're hungry." Turns out it was Wonder Woman all along. The brilliance is that it's a four page sequence, and interrupting the story with perfect timing.
  • While it's quite creepy to see a small gang of brainwashed children following a command to go to field full of cows one of which contains the fleeing mind of Manchester Black, the brainwashing breaks early, and none of the kids know why they're standing on a field. So they make do and promptly tip the cow.
  • At the end of #998, Flash is still angry that Booster Gold stole the Cosmic Treadmill before following Superman into the past. Booster explains he did it so Barry wouldn't follow them and make things worse.
    Flash: I would never-!
    Booster Gold: Really Flash? You would NEVER?
    Flash: Low blow.

     The Flash 
  • The Rogues deciding to just leave when they hear about the Speed Force Storm creating so many speedsters. Screw This, I'm Out of Here! at it's finest.
  • Issue #23, Barry and Iris bicker, causing an embarrassed Hal Jordan to mumble, "Alien invasion... like right now... please..."

     Green Lanterns 
  • In Issue 7 of Green Lanterns, Jessica is about to bolt from Simon's house and calls DARKSEID to see what he's having for dinner. The ring's response is priceless.
    The Ring: Call sent to voice mail.

    Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps 
  • In issue #12, the Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corps are fighting Larfleeze and his constructs and start smashing canisters from his collection to make him feel fear and power the Sinestro Corps' rings. Guy Gardner joins in on the fun, using a baseball bat construct to smash some canisters, using a bowling ball construct to smash some more, and then gets ready to smash one containing the New 52 pretty boy Lobo with a football pass. Just then, Hal stops him from throwing the canister.
    Hal: Not that one. Trust me. Better to leave him on the shelf.

    Justice League 

Vol. 3 (by Bryan Hitch and Christopher Priest)

  • Jon meets Batman:
    Jon: Hey, Batman. Do you want a cookie?
  • During the denouement of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad:
    Captain Boomerang: Lemme get this straight — I'd be the only man on the island?
    Wonder Woman: There'd still be no men on it.
  • Aquaman, taking a leadership position, reminds his fellow League members that he's the king of Atlantis. Killer Frost, a member of Batman's Justice League of America, has a snarky reply:
    Frost: Atlantis is a city. You're more like a mayor.

     New Super-Man 
  • Issue #2 is hilarious, as Kenan Kong proves to be a more humorous Superman. Especially some highlights include;
    • Kenan getting repeatingly zapped by a visor made by Chinese Bat-Man
    • The new hero being unable to comfort a small child as he awkwardly pats her head to comfort her.
    • He then reveals his secret to the world and everyone around him looks with joy, annoyance or 'I don't even know'

  • In Nightwing Rebirth #1, Bruce and his son are sparring... and Dick tells Damian watch Batman's right, making Batman lose his concentration. Damian manages to sucker-punch his father, and he jumps up and down with excitement.
    Batman: Hnh. And another lesson on defensive maneuvers becomes about offensive ones.
  • Dick gets an appointment with Batgirl. No, it's not a date. And he is upset about it.
  • Nightwing's response to Raptor telling him he has his head "way up his ass".
    Nightwing: Well, nice to meet you. I appreciate your proctology offer. Explains the glove, I suppose.
  • Issue 10: Damian Wayne getting caught by Batgirl practicing different Teen Titans battlecries. It's the most Adorkable thing ever in Bat-history.
  • Damian likes to tell Starfire about Dick's love life, to "remind [her] that [she's] not special."

    Suicide Squad 
  • Zod is a ham of epic proportions throughout the story arc, but this moment in #4 particularly stands out:
    June: (weakly) ...What...what happened? We were on the drop ship and that's the last thing I...oh no, I changed back.
    (she notices Zod about to strike her)
    Zod: I don't know what that is.
    (He grabs her)
    • Several issues follow, yet Zod still thinks the Suicide Squad is named 'Graphic Designers'.

  • Issue #7 has Clark take Lois and John to the fair. He promises to do no superheroics, but then notices some guys plan to rob the ticket booth. So he sneaks away for a moment, picks up some medieval costume, stops the robbers and goes back to join Lois and John on a ride. And just when he thinks his secret is safe, two fair workers talk about what happened next to a turned on mic. It's the faces Lois and Clark make while they overhear the conversation that's selling it.
    Jon: Up... up... AND AWAY!
    Lois: I KNEW IT!!!!
  • In Issue #11, Jon and Damian seemingly have bonded after saving their dads from a monster within the Batcave and the four are getting Christmas trees. It starts out heartwarming with Bruce and Clark finally calling each other by their first names... then the comic ends with their sons coming at each other with hacksaws and axes, the Christmas trees set ablaze by Jon's heat vision and their dads with the look of "Oh, god, what have we gotten ourselves into?"

     Teen Titans 
  • In issue #1 Kid Flash interrupts Robin's gloating in order to ask an important question... and then completely freaks out over Goliath. Beast Boy, however, is excited by the fact there is an animal he didn't know before.
    • Later Beast Boy tries to fight Goliath in a gorilla form. He gets sent flying back with one punch, turns into a squid mid-air and attaches himself to Kid Flash. And then apologizes for the form, he tried to turn into a bird but was so shocked he accidentally picked up a squid.

  • In Titans Rebirth, there's a small montage of happy memories, but a highlight includes the Titans going into a silly pose for a photo and Wally teaching Donna on how to play a prank on Speedy.
  • Titans #1 has Lillith search through Wally's mind in order to find clues for who or what was responsible for Wally's disappearance. Only, she keeps getting hit with constant thoughts of Linda. It prompts the rest of the Titans to incessantly tease Wally about being in love.

  • In issue 1, we get the GLORIOUS image of Pre-New 52 in the Rainbow Batman costume, much to Prime!Batman's clear confusion and the other's elation.

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