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Make your own future. Make your own past. It's all... right... now.

Ezra Matthew Miller (born September 30, 1992 in Wyckoff, New Jersey) is an American actor, singer and model.

Their breakthrough roles were Kevin in We Need to Talk About Kevin and Patrick in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Since 2016, they portray the first live-action film version of the DC Comics superhero The Flash, in the DC Extended Universe.

They're also the lead singer of Sons of an Illustrious Father, an Alternative Indie band.

Miller is genderqueer, with a preference for they/them pronouns.

In 2022, after increasingly unstable behavior like assault, burglary, threatening people with guns, supplying drugs to minors, kidnapping, allegedly molesting children and hiding from the authorities while taunting them on social media, they are awaiting trial. A representative of theirs claimed they have recently "gone through a time of intense crisis" after their parents divorced and have begun treatment for "complex mental health issues".

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