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Webcomic / Samurai Princess

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"Its time for a lesson in honour and grace!"

Samurai Princess is an on-going magical girl, adventure web comic by Richard Davies and Kailin Scott that started in January 2010. It is a hybrid of light hearted adventure with odd battles and darker themes.

Princess Raeka's world is turned upside-down when a strange man steals her crown to fulfill his own selfish desires. Always one that prefers taking matters into her own hands, she vows to track down the thief and restore order to her kingdom. However, as word spreads about the princess' missing treasure and the handsome price tag attached to it, chaos erupts throughout the land and all manner of crazy individuals seek not only her riches, but also the princess herself...


  • Iconic Item: Jacquline is known for wearing a fish shaped hair pin which has become a fan focus for that character.