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Recap / Death Battle S 03 E 06 Mewtwo Vs Shadow

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Death Battle's combatants are extraordinary in one way or another. Whether they be superhero, plumber, space marine, or pony, they have something that makes them stand out above the rest. But these combatants are meant to be the best of the best.

Mewtwo, the genetically engineered Pokemon. And Shadow the Hedgehog, the ultimate life form.

The sixth episode of the third season pits Ultimate Life Form against Ultimate Life Form. Both combatants were bio-engineered in a laboratory with to help humanity and wield extraordinary power to crush anyone in their way. It's Psychic power vs Chaos Force to see who deserves the title of ultimate in a Death Battle.


We start off with the analysis of Mewtwo: Pokemon #150. Years ago, a brilliant scientist named Dr. Fuji was working on creating a lifeform that would change the world. However, Dr. Fuji had an ulterior motive; his goal was to resurrect his late daughter Amber. With backing from the nefarious Team Rocket, money was no object, and he managed to make a successful clone of her consciousness which he named Ambertwo. In order to complete the process, he needed to create the most powerful Pokemon yet, a clone of the legendary Mew. From a fossilized eyelash, the clone was successfully created, and its name was Mewtwo. Mewtwo spent most of its maturing in a test tube alongside Ambertwo and other clones Bulbasaurtwo, Squirtletwo, and Charmandertwo, all communicating through telepathy. Amber had taught Mewtwo about life and death. However, since the cloning process required a strong life force, Ambertwo and the other clones died. Worried about the extreme emotional response, Dr. Fuji erased Mewtwo's memory and gave it emotional suppressants, leaving Mewtwo with a sense of sadness and confusion. When Mewtwo finally matured and gained consciousness, it was left confused about its place in the world, and enraged that it was all an experiment of mankind, Mewtwo retaliated by destroying the laboratory and killing all the scientists in it. Mewtwo then went off to challenge other strong and brave trainers, and after a heated battle and accidentally turning a trainer named Ash Ketchum to stone, Mewtwo had a change of heart and no longer sought out to destroy humanity, deciding to protect it instead.


Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Pokemon, and one of the strongest Pokemon there is, using the power of its mind to dispose of foes. Mewtwo's repertoire of attacks include the powerful Shadow Ball, the undodgeable Swift and Aura Sphere, the healing power of Recovery, a defensive shield called Barrier, and more. One of Mewtwo's favorite moves is Psychic, a form a telekinesis where it can effortlessly throw heavy opponents across the room. Mewtwo can also fight with physical damage, either by augmenting its psychic powers into strikes, a psychic attack that does physical damage in its signature move Psystrike, and even using a giant spoon. If that power isn't enough, it can take on a more powerful form: Mega Mewtwo Y. Mewtwo is one of the few Pokemon that can mega evolve without the bond of a trainer, and Mega Mewtwo Y is deadlier than ever. As Mega Mewtwo Y, it gains in increase in attack, special attack, special defense, and speed. It's strong and fast enough to reach escape velocity carrying a 181.9 lb Genesect.


Mewtwo's psychic powers don't end with telekinesis. It can also wipe specific memories out of tons of people and Pokemon at once, and can teleport a large amount of matter at once. It can create massive storms by waving its fingers, and can survive a Fire Blast from the Pokemon Champion, and being impaled by Deoxys. However, Mewtwo is not invincible, being a Psychic-type, it is weak to Dark, Ghost, and Bug type attacks. But it is going to take a lot to bring the strongest Pokemon down.

Mewtwo: I was not born a Pokemon, I was created. And my creators have used and betrayed me! So...I stand alone!

We move onto Shadow's backstory. Years ago, a brilliant scientist named Professor Gerald Robotnik (the grandfather of Dr. Ivo Robotnik) was working on a lifeform that would change the world. However, Dr. Gerald Robotnik had an ulterior motive; his goal was to cure his dying granddaughter Maria. With backing from the government, the project was named Project: Shadow, and its goal was to discover the secret of immortality. However, the life form was injected with the blood from a hivemind alien race called the Black Arms. This eventually created the ultimate life form, named Shadow the Hedgehog. During his time in Gerald's space colony ARK, Shadow bonded with Maria, who taught him about life and death. However, the government, not approving of the suspicious alien lifeform creating, busted in, and killed Maria in front of Shadow's eyes. Shadow decided to seek revenge by destroying humanity, until he remembered Maria's dying words, and had a change of heart, working on the force of good and seeking out and destroying evil.

As the ultimate life form, Shadow has super speed, super strength, super durability, and access to a seemingly neverending pool of energy called the Chaos Force. With the Chaos Force, he can use attacks like the projectile storm of Chaos Spear, a massive explosion called Chaos Blast, healing with Shadow Heal, and with his signature move Chaos Control, he can warp and distort space and slow down time, even freezing it to a halt with enough energy. His power is so massive, he has to contain it with inhibitor rings around his wrists, but his true power is unleashed when he gathers all seven Chaos Emeralds, and transforms into Super Shadow. As Super Shadow, he can fly, has a massive power and speed increase, unlimited access to Chaos Power, and is completely invulnerable to physical attacks.

As Super Shadow, he can stop the Space Colony ARK from colliding with Earth, and teleport a massive comet the size of a city into space. Shadow is no slouch in his base form either, he can wipe out an alien fleet with one Chaos Blast, keep up with the incredibly fast Sonic the Hedgehog, freeze time around an entire planet, and can survive a fall to Earth from space, only getting amnesia. However, with all these powers, Shadow can get very boastful and arrogant. He also has a terrible memory, spending most of his life trying to regain his memories, and often getting amnesia. And while Super Shadow is invincible, it can only last a short amount of time. But with super speed and power, a short time to Shadow can be a long time to his opponent.

Shadow (to Sonic): Many years ago, Professor Gerald Robotnik endowed me with the power of Chaos Control. A normal creature like yourself doesn't stand a chance against me!

With both combatants being analyzed, it's time to see who the true Ultimate Life Form is. It's time for a Death Battle!

Shadow walks through a field, ignoring all the Pokemon there, until he finds a cave and enters it. While he treks through, he gets the feeling that someone, or something is watching him. At the end of the cave is what he's looking for: a Chaos Emerald. A curious Zubat gets closer, and Shadow throws a Chaos Spear in retaliation. Before the Zubat can get hit, Mewtwo teleports in, stopping the spear and sending it to the ceiling. Mewtwo warns Shadow that he is not welcome, and demands he leaves. Shadow takes offense, and readies to fight, Mewtwo doing the same.


Shadow makes the first move, dashing towards Mewtwo to strike. Mewtwo puts up Barrier in response, all of Shadow’s attacks harmlessly bouncing off. Shadow decides to fight long range, using a series of Chaos Spears to attack, but Mewtwo deflects them all back, then smacks Shadow down with his giant spoon.

Shadow takes out a Chaos Emerald, much to Mewtwo's surprise, and prepares Chaos Control. Mewtwo wonders what Shadow is planning and begins reading his mind, discovering Shadow's tragic past and dangerous powers. Before Mewtwo can react, however, Shadow activates Chaos Control and gets a free hit in, sending Mewtwo to the ground as he grabs the other Chaos Emerald. Shadow transforms into Super Shadow, and beings boasting as he releases Chaos Blast.

There's a huge explosion, and out of it, two figures; Super Shadow, and Mega Mewtwo Y. The two trade blows at hypersonic speed. Shadow prepares another Chaos Control, but Mewtwo intervenes, wiping Shadow's mind before he can finish calling his attack.

Shadow stares blankly for a moment, before questioning where he is and why he's glowing. The glowing doesn't last long, though, as his Super Form wears off. Mewtwo says sayonara to Shadow as he smacks him down towards the water with the spoon, before impaling him with the handle.

The impaled hedgehog and spoon sink into the water, with Mega Mewtwo Y watching.


Mewtwo now has control of all seven of the Chaos Emeralds, while Shadow gets busy feeding the Carvanha. While Shadow was stronger and faster, Mewtwo's psychic abilities overcame the physical difference. By reading Shadow's mind, Mewtwo could easily discover all of Shadow's abilities and get ready to avoid or counter anything he could throw out. Shadow has no mental barrier, so there was nothing stopping Mewtwo from controlling Shadow's mind and wiping his memories. Shadow has been mind controlled before, and has a very long history of losing his memories, and requires outside help to recover. Even though Super Shadow is invincible, his mind is not protected, as his fall from space gave him amnesia. Mewtwo's psychic powers, durability, and healing gave it the edge to beat the hedgehog.

Boomstick: Yeah, Shadow was gonna lose...spooner or later.
Wiz: The winner is Mewtwo.

Next time on Death Battle...

Mewtwo vs. Shadow contains examples of:

  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Mewtwo effortlessly blocks almost all of Shadow's attacks and easily outlasts him, even making the physically Nigh Invulnerable Super Shadow a non-issue via a single mind wipe.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: As if being vaporized by Vegeta wasn't embarrassing enough, Mewtwo stabs Shadow with a spoon.
  • Ultimate Life Form: The unifying theme between both combatants- lifeforms genetically engineered to be the strongest.

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