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Recap / Death Battle S 04 E 09 Lucario Vs Renamon

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Monsters come in many shapes and sizes, but the best know kung-fu!

Lucario, the steely canine from the world of Pokémon. And Renamon, the razor-sharp (and literally) foxy Digimon. These two humanoid animals, skilled in the ways of martial arts and mystical powers, are brought together to do battle. As an addendum to the fight, both species will be compared as they are, and on their natural merits; human allies and select transformations are disallowed in this fight. The hosts will pit a power that resides within all living things against that which resides only within one's self. A knack for versatility against unyielding tenacity: both Lucario and Renamon are talented and are among their respective series' most iconic combatants, but only one can survive a death battle.


To begin, Wizard and Boomstick study the Lucario - a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon that has dedicated itself to learning the ways of combat. Typically found in mountains, Lucario constantly train and hone their fighting skill. They are generally reclusive, preferring to keep their distance from other forms of life. However, they can also become stalwart allies to those who can manage earn their loyalty.

Compared to other Pokémon, Lucario are ''very'' offensively-based, specializing in both speed and attack, although they do have fair defenses to their name. In addition to the way they prioritize their martial prowess, Lucario can detect auras - the force that exists within all living things. Lucario are capable of controlling their own aura to create new attacks such as Aura Sphere, an orb of compressed aura that - in addition to being powerful enough to shatter stone bridges - tracks down its target and never misses. Aura is a versatile tool beyond offensive means as well; Lucario can use it to sense the presence of others and even survey the terrain around it via astral projection. It even makes them capable of communicating via telepathy. Lucario are also capable of knowing moves of several different elemental types; a few examples being Metal Claw - which lets Lucario form blades from the spikes on its paws to attack with, Bone Rush - which sees Lucario form a bone-shaped staff of Aura energy as a weapon, and Close Combat - an all-in onslaught that leaves the user's defenses weakened. Lucario are also capable of using moves to support themselves in battle, such as Heal Pulse and Swords Dance.


It's said that of the myriad creatures which inhabit the Pokémon world, Lucario can stand with the best of them. Physical feats from various Lucario have proven this reputation is well-earned; specimens have been shown to destroy metal cranes, reach speeds well over 9000 mph, and survive fire-based attacks with temperatures of over 2000 degrees. This last point is a particular mark for the species, as being Fighting/Steel means that Lucario are more vulnerable to attacks affiliated with the Ground, Fire, or Fighting-types. In addition, Lucario are not designed for prolonged combat: they employ extremely offense-oriented strategies that can quickly wear down their stamina. They can also be confused by tracking multiple auras at once. Still, with their diverse array of abilities, a specialized talent for combat, and a unique skill for sensing others, Lucario are versatile and able to hold their own against any foe.


Ash: Why'd ya do that?
Lucario: You snuck up behind me. That is always a mistake.

Moving on from Lucario, the hosts analyze its opponent, Renamon - one of the myriad Digimon that inhabit the digital world. As rookie Digimon, Renamon are quite powerful for their level. Similar to Lucario, Renamon possess a high attack and speed, but sacrifices defense in the process. Renamon resemble the Japanese kitsune, but bear little in common with them beyond the design; they tend to do little mischief making, instead being ruthlessly pragmatic. As an example, they see humans as little more than a tool for their own advancement.

Selfish though they may be, Renamon are also composed and stoic, letting this demeanor stand firm even in battle. Renamon are experts in close-quarters fighting, using its speed in various techniques, such as Swift Strike, Rapid Kick, and Spin Kick. However, Renamon can channel an inner energy that stems from their kitsune origins; with it, they can use this inner energy and manifest it in the form of fire sprouting from their limbs, or conjure clones to assist them in battle. Renamon's ultimate technique, the Diamond Storm, whips up a gust of wind and propels several sharp leaves with enough force to shatter blue ice - a feat that requires at least 6000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Confronting a Renamon is no small task: they are capable of moving too fast for the human eye to track, and can maintain this speed without a problem. Despite their frail defenses, some Renamon are surprisingly durable, including surviving a pressurized air current strong enough to destroy concrete: such feats are few and far between, however, proving that their limited defenses are the norm and not the exception. But with skills as pronounced as those they carry, Renamon are landmarks in the digital world and for good reason.

Renamon: I must rely on the power within me. I am alone in this world.

Both fighters have been studied and given a fair chance to prove their worth. One advertisement for the Blue Apron cooking service later, and now, it's time for a death battle!

The birdcalls and the crack of leaves are the only sounds to be heard in a deep jungle. Renamon, the Beast Man Digimon, darts through the undergrowth, vaulting off walls and entering a temple ruin deep underground. There, she is surprised to see Lucario, the Aura Pokémon, standing atop a broken spire, meditating and channeling his aura. Renamon demands to know who he is. As soon as the kitsune garners the attention of the jackal, the glow of aura disappears, its owner dropping down onto the temple floor without a word. The Renamon voices her disdain for the Lucario's presence, insisting he leave... or she will make him leave. Unimpressed, Lucario begins channeling his aura, ready for a fight.


The fight begins with Lucario making the first move. Using Extreme Speed, he rushes the Beast Man Digimon. Renamon is instantly on the counterattack, but her punches and kicks hit nothing but air as her opponent darts around the entire arena; he's moving much too fast to hit. He hits her with a powerful uppercut that sends her flying. Renamon bounces across the floor and manages to regain her footing, but Lucario is instantly on top of her with a flurry of hit-and-run attacks: Renamon is on the defensive now, only parrying his attacks. The constant barrage starts to wear her down, and several of his punches get through, stunning her. Seeing the opportunity, Lucario attempts to end the fight only seconds after it's started with Force Palm: Renamon barely leaps over the attack as it shatters a stone wall.

As soon as she touches the ground, Renamon manages to hit Lucario with Palm Strike: the blow sends him flying, giving her some distance from him. The reprieve is only brief: Lucario recovers in midair, and springs off a pillar to get back into the fight. Renamon runs to meet him, but as she closes the distance, Lucario charges and fires the unavoidable Aura Sphere. The attack explodes, throwing Renamon into the air, but the Digimon quickly recovers. Channeling fire into her limbs, she leaps from crumbling bricks and walls before slamming Lucario to the temple floor with Power Paw.

The match begins to turn in her favor: before Lucario can recover, she chases the stunned Pokemon down and lays into him with a series of roundhouse kicks. She ends the combo with an upward kick that knocks him into the air, and quickly follows with her signature move Diamond Storm... just before the leaves reach their intended target, Lucario regains sense of his surroundings. Forming a bone out of aura, Lucario bats away the leaves with Bone Rush and, aiming at his kitsune nemesis from above, unleashes Dragon Pulse: a massive ray of pure energy shoots towards the Digimon.

The Aura Pokémon barely misses his target, giving Renamon time to leap out its path and hastily scurry up a pillar. Right as the pillar gives way under the force of the beam, the Digimon leaps off and delivers an axe kick upon her hapless foe, soon following up with the Rapid Kick technique, slamming him into the ground.

Lucario sits up, obviously fatigued from battle. Seeing his apparent weakness, Renamon taunts him, and decides to finish him off with Diamond Storm. Unable to dodge the attack, the Pokémon cries out in pain as the leaves run through him... but fail to kill him. Channeling his aura to heal himself, he uses Extreme Speed once more, rushing forwards through the sharp leaves with an aura bone gripped tightly in his paw. Renamon's ensuing disbelief is cut short as Lucario strikes her on the chin with the bone, knocking her into the air. He quickly follows up with an absolute pummeling: a devastating combo of strikes carries the stunned Digimon high into the air. Landing on his feet, Lucario then tosses the bone: it flies away spinning, carrying Renamon with it as it continues damaging her, and comes back in an arc like a boomerang. Lucario catches the returning bone, using it to knock Renamon up into the air again before she can recover. Lucario takes a moment to aim - bone in hand - and spears it through her neck before she even hits the ground, leaving her dangling with her feet above the floor.

Renamon struggles, succumbing to shock as she slides down the bone. Choking on her own blood, a few fleeting gurgles are all she can muster before her injuries take their toll... she finally bleeds out and goes limp. Lucario withdraws the bone, causing her corpse to slump to the floor. After a brief moment, Lucario leaps away.


As the confused Guilmon stumbles upon the corpse of Renamon, Lucario returns to his meditation, channeling aura as if the preceding bloodshed was never an incident. The hosts concede the fight between the two was extremely close, with numerous advantages both fighters held over their foe; however, Renamon's capacity for traveling faster than eyesight was its primary advantage. Lucario's aura, in turn, could detect Renamon's aura and sense its movements, with its own speed helping close the gap. Lucario's varied movepool also let Lucario adapt to Renamon's strategies while the Digimon itself was limited to a select few skills. While both combatants had little in the way of durability, Lucario had options for recovery and means of increasing its attack power, which put Renamon at a disadvantage. However, Lucario's biggest strength was its strength; the feat of breaking industrial-strength cranes with a Bone Rush puts it at delivering blows with a force of 56000 PSI, nearly ten times more than Renamon's own record. Both fighters are honed and well-versed in their shared craft, but Renamon lack of flexibility and lesser strength decided the fight.

Boomstick: Renamon got Lucariowned.
Wiz: The winner is Lucario!

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