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NOTICE: Per wiki policy on Recap pages, ALL spoilers in each of the following pages will be UNMARKED. Read ahead only with caution! You Have Been Warned.

Also, do not blueshift any of the fights, or add any known upcoming fights, before the corresponding battle is able for view by the general public. While it is admirable you are supporting the show, it spoils the surprise for those who don't and have this page on their watchlist.


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     Standard Death Battle Recap Format 
The opening of a Death Battle recap begins by quoting the episode's opening, in which the hosts Wizard and Boomstick explain the common ties the combatants of the episode share; usually these are no more than a few sentences long. Preferably, any references made to the hosts should be omitted or the subject made more ambiguous.

The next paragraph should follow suit, listing the first combatant's identities and titles as said by the hosts. A second sentence does the same for their opponent.

To end the opening, a third paragraph involves a general idea as to what the fighters share in common, listing what special traits and equipment both sides have and will be examined against each other. In addition, the hosts may have something to add to the fight, such as additional rules, special considerations, or anything else between stating the fighters' names/titles and before the first character rundown; put all of it here.

Combatant One:

  • A combatant's profile should be split into three paragraphs, the first of which follows the lore and origin behind the fighter; if needed, correcting details or adding extra minutiae not mentioned in the episode proper for clarity if need be.

  • The next paragraph should involve a list of the fighter's noteworthy physical traits and equipment.

  • The third and final paragraph of a rundown lists off the character's noteworthy accomplishments and any potential hindrances that may be of importance, be it to the character or to the battle; the order in which hindrances and feats can be listed is unimportant.

Combatant One: At the end of a character's rundown, a small clip of the figure in question will be shown doing or saying something impressive; that statement or action belongs here. Also, if a TV Tropes page exists for the exact source where the clip comes from, link to the material in question using the figure's name.

Combatant Two: Repeat what you did for the first character rundown.

After the rundown of the second character, there may be an ad for the episode. Briefly describe what it is and what it is for. After that, it's time for a death battle!

The setup to the fight begins on the next paragraph. Details are appreciated as to what goes on before the fight.


Describe the fight proper here. If the fight drags on, split it into paragraphs, preferably using lulls in the fight to help portion the paragraphs up. A blow-by-blow replay is a bit much; but again, please have some degree of detail as to what goes on.


After the fight, there will usually be a short clip showing what happens to the winner and what remains of the loser (although some battles replace that with an instant replay of the fight's climax); address that first before going into the specifics of why Wiz and Boomstick chose the winner as they did.

Boomstick: At the end of each episode, I will probably say something witty or pun-like about the battle's result. Put it here.
Wiz: And I will tell the audience who the winner is.

Put a link here to the next episode recap, with the phrase "Next time on Death Battle.." having the link.

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