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Recap / DEATH BATTLE! S02E15 - Kirby VS Majin Buu

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NOTICE: This is a Recap page, so all spoilers will be left unmarked, per wiki policy. Read ahead only with caution! You Have Been Warned.

What is the face of destruction? Who could the end of worlds be? It's none other than a puffy pink powerhouse.

Kirby, Nintendo's cute little hungry ball of fun, and Majin Buu, Dragon Ball Z's most terrifying monster.

After seeing how strong, fast, durable, and capable these two are, after analyzing weapons, armor, and skills, we'll put them in the arena to see who will win a death battle!


Kirby: A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...A war was rampaging throughout the universe between the mighty Star Warriors and the terrifying forces of Nightmare for everything in the universe. Eventually, the heroes defeated Nightmare, but at the cost of countless lives. But an infant star warrior escaped death, to be awakened a millennium later to be the savior of the galaxy. His name is Kirby.

Yes, that Kirby. The cute little puffball crash landed into Pop Star (A confusingly star-shaped planet), and defends Dream Land from evil. While he looks cute and cuddly, he's really a mass murderer who hungers for more death and destruction.

While Kirby may be little, he's quite strong, fast, and sturdy. He's a Big Eater, shown off by his Inhale ability, sucking anything in Kirby's path with a powerful vortex. Kirby's also very stretchy, allowing him to digest objects larger than he is. Though larger and heavier objects and opponents can resist being sucked in.


Kirby is incredibly lightweight, allowing himself to fly by puffing himself up and floating by flapping his tiny arms. When he needs to get around faster to explore the skies and space, he has his personal vehicle, the Warp Star. He can literally call this star anytime he wants though his cell phone. As his primary means of transport from area to area, it can fly faster than the speed of light. However, it does explode on his common Crash Course Landing, but Kirby can create another using his own energy whenever he wants.

Whenever Kirby inhales an enemy, they don't die quickly, because Kirby's stomach is a separate, endless dimension of reality where everything Kirby swallows goes. Kirby can swallow endless victims into his stomach, where he can enter his own stomach dimension and use his Copy Ability to take their power in an instant. Each Copy Ability changes how Kirby fights, a hammer opponent will give Kirby a large, powerful wooden mallet, the Fighter Ability gives Kirby a mastery of martial arts, Fire Kirby lets Kirby spew Fire, Ice Kirby lets him freeze his opponents solid in a block of ice to kick around, Wheel Kirby transforms him into a wheel that can go so fast, he can go around Dream Land's kingdom in less than two seconds, Mike Kirby's singing is so awful, everything within hearing range dies, Bomb Kirby lets Kirby throw an endless supply of big black bombs, Needle Kirby covers him in protective spikes that damage on contact, and can stick on walls, Stone Kirby is incredibly heavy and impervious to damage, Sword Kirby equips him with a sword to swing around, giving him powerful beams to shoot out of the blade, cutting nearly anything. But Kirby's Ultra Sword ability is a ridiculously large blade of power. But if Kirby inhales a Miracle Fruit, Kirby turns into Hypernova Kirby, increasing his inhaling ability immensely, able to suck up nearly anything like a black hole. If Kirby inhales the Warp Star, he gets his most powerful weapon, the Star Rod, capable of killing evil through the power of dreams.


Kirby is incredibly tough. He can crack Pop Star in half, Destroyed Nightmare, Dark Matter, and the planet-sized Nova, can move fast enough to run on water, redirect a meteor about to destroy the planet just by spitting out cannonballs, and threw a giant frying pan at a giant acid monster, making them both go through the ceiling into orbit, go straight into the sun, have it circle the burning star, and have it land back in the same room with a perfectly cooked monster. Seriously. He can withstand more than you'd think, too. He was tough enough to withstand being slammed on by Blocky, a giant rock sumo-wrestling monster, and survived a planet-sized explosion without taking any visible damage. All this while being only a mere eight inches tall.

However, Kirby isn't perfect, he's still a baby star warrior, and hasn't matured like other star warriors. So he won't be that clever in thinking up battle plans. And his Copy Abilities are very fragile, as one good hit will knock the ability off Kirby.

But Kirby is still strong, and he's an adorable hungry little pink puffball of destruction.

Majin Buu: True terror is unstoppable, unpredictable, and unexpected. This perfectly describes Majin Buu. Buu is a pink, fat, childish Majin with the power to destroy worlds.

Existing since the beginning of time, he was discovered by the wizard Bibidi, who released Majin Buu to destroy everything in the universe. Eventually, Bibidi targeted Earth, sending Buu ahead in a capsule to be released. Unfortunately, Bibidi was killed before getting to Earth, but Bibidi was prepared, and had a clone named Babidi.Yes, Bibidi, Babidi, Buu. Put em together and what do you get?

Wizard: A Disney lawsuit.

The alien clone finally found Buu's capsule, releasing him. But there was a problem: Buu became...a complete moron. Buu became a big fat toddler with the ability to destroy planets.

Buu can fly, use telekinesis, fire a powerful energy beam from his mouth, create a protective bubble, and use the tentacle on his head to turn anything into chocolate. Buu's entire body is a mystery, it's a magical material that can be stretched or even ripped from his body without hurting him. He can even pull off a part of his body to use as a melee weapon.

While he feels pain, he enjoys it, like some Combat Sado Masochist. But his body can easily regenerate any wounds suffered in an instant. Even blasting him to bits would do nothing, as it would only take a moment to pull himself together. Every atom of his body must be destroyed if he's to be killed.

Buu can mimic any Ki attack just by seeing it. Copying things such as Goku's Kamehameha. But he can absorb other people, transforming his mind and body to fit each person. Fat Buu is cheerful and childish because he absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai. But the deadliest of all is the original: Kid Buu.

Kid Buu is rage incarnate, his anger can rip holes in reality just by screaming. And in this form, Buu can destroy the planet he's on with a Planet Burst attack.

Buu has destroyed galaxies just by blowing up each planet one by one. He can rip apart space and time, defeated Gotenks, Gohan, and Vegeta, defeated the king of the demon realm in one shot, and defeated the Supreme Kais, who are like gods of gods.

However, Kid Buu is incredibly arrogant and cocky, not caring about strategy. While he can regenerate, simple bullets actually can poke holes in him. And while he can destroy planets, the explosion turns him into bits, forcing him to regenerate from the atoms.

Despite being childlike, Majin Buu might be the deadliest Dragon Ball Z villain yet.

After a promotion for a totally not possesed Super Sayain God Goku Funko POP figure (With the voice of MasakoX), IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!

It's a happy, peaceful day in Dream Land, Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos are dancing, Bonkers is sleeping, it's bright and sunny in the field, everything is great...until a beam comes down and turns one of the Waddle Doos into cake.

Up above, Majin Buu greets his soon to be meals, zapping the Dream Land creatures to turn them into sweets. After enough zaps from his Chocolate Beam, he laughs happily, ready to chow down. But as he throws a candy bar into the air, a vortex sucks all of Buu's candy away, straight into the mouth of Kirby, riding on his Warp Star. This makes Buu steam up. "You make Buu mad!" he points at the pink puffball. "Buu make you dead!"


The two charge forward, their punches colliding with each other, but Kirby gets the first clean hit. Buu retaliates, shooting a beam at Kirby, which sends him crashing to the ground.

Kirby sees Bonkers, who tries to run away, but is swallowed whole, giving Kirby the Hammer ability. Buu charges towards Kirby, but with a well-timed hammer swing, he smacks Buu away, following up with a powerful combo as he rebuilds his Warp Star, slamming Buu flat into the ground.

Buu quickly inflates, grinning as he teleports behind Kirby, smashing the puffball into the ground, making him lose his copy ability. He charges into Kirby, sending him flying into the forest.

Kirby quickly gets up, seeing a group of inhabitants, he tries to swallow one, getting Sword Knight, turning him into Sword Kirby. When Buu lands, Kirby charges up, and with one quick swing, he cleaves Buu in half.

The Majin lies on the ground in two, "Waaaah! You hurt Buu!" He cries, reattaching his body. "Almost!" He sneers, making Kirby facepalm. Blade Knight runs past Buu, making him take a piece of his body off to chase. When he absorbs the Blade Knight, he gains a sword of his own to duel with Kirby.

Buu shows he's no pushover with a sword, easily cutting a tree in half, but with many quick slashes, The star warrior disarms Buu and sends him to the ground.

Buu transports away, firing his Chocolate Beam, Kirby ducks in time, but he sees that it is capable of turning even a rock into food. The absolute shock and terror causes Kirby to lose his copy ability. Buu fires again, but Kirby is more prepared. He sucks in the beam, along with his opponent.

In Kirby's stomach dimension, Majin Buu gets increasingly angrier. Kid Buu suddenly appears, and effortlessly blows Fat Buu to smithereens.

With a loud scream, he rips a hole in reality to escape Kirby's stomach, and devastates the little guy with a series of punches and kicks. As Kirby lays down on the ground, Buu sends a ball of Ki down to Kirby, but the Warp Star whisks the incapacitated hero before it hits.

As Kirby regains his consciousness, Knuckle Joe runs alongside him, and Kirby swallows him up, becoming Fighter Kirby. As Buu taunts, Kirby kicks him in the face and easily parries all of Buu's attacks, until he is caught off guard and a single punch knocks off his ability and sends him crashing into a tree.

Kid Buu turns around, blasting the Warp Star until it's totaled, smacking it to Kirby to laugh at him.

Kirby sees his wrecked vehicle, and inhales it, much to Buu's confusion. Then, the mighty Star Rod appears! Kirby fires its magical beams, but Buu easily counters, so Kirby charges up, and a wave of light and dreams blows Buu apart. But it's not enough to kill him, as he regenerates and destroys the Star Rod in one shot, leaving Kirby lying on the ground in despair.

Now convinced he's finished, Kid Buu charges up his Planet Burst ball, as thunder and lighting fill the sky. Buu sends it hurtling towards Kirby. The hero of Dream Land looks up at his demise, tears in his eyes.

But deep inside his stomach, a Miracle Fruit is activated, transforming the pink puffball into Hypernova Kirby! Kirby inhales the Planet Buster attack, and rebounds it right back at a dumbfounded Kid Buu, sending both the ball and Buu hurtling towards the sun, where they both are quickly incinerated.

On the other side of the planet, we see the pink face of Buu's killer, showing that true terror is pink. "Hiiii!~"


Kirby inhales Majin Buu's Majin boot, giving him a head tentacle of his own. He tests it out on some unlucky Waddle Dees, and with the use of teleportation, Kirby starts to drool at the possibilities...

Kirby actually can match and even surpass Buu in durability, strength, and speed. Buu may be more destructive, but Kirby's Inhale and Copy ability can absorb or rebound anything Buu can put out. Kirby is a lot more durable, being able to withstand a planet-sized explosion without a scratch while the same type of explosion turns Buu into bits. Also the ability to throw a giant acid monster into orbit straight to the sun and back requires enormous strength. And while Buu can teleport, Kirby on his Warp Star can move faster than light, and he cannot do so in extreme situations, such as when Goku's Spirit Bomb was killing him in Dragon Ball Z.

Boomstick: Buu just couldn't stomach this fight.
Wizard: The winner is Kirby!

Next time on Death Battle...

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