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Recap / DEATH BATTLE! S01E13 - Mario VS Sonic (2011)

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NOTICE: This is a Recap page, so all spoilers will be left unmarked, per wiki policy. Read ahead only with caution! You Have Been Warned.

Their rivalry is legendary, and their fame unmatched. After battling for over two decades, this epic duel will finally meet a decisive end.

Mario, the whimsical Italian plumber. And Sonic, the hyperactive hedgehog.

On this special 13th episode of the first season, Wizard and Boomstick decide to see how two of the most famous video game icons during the 16-bit era fare against one another with their skills and power-ups in hand. The two have brought their most iconic power-ups to see who would win a death battle.


First off is Mario, one of the destined Star Children blessed to protect the Mushroom Kingdom. He is mostly known for his incredible jumping capabilities, but he also possesses many power-ups for every occasion. When you think about it, he also possesses some degree of super strength. After all, how does one punch through solid brick without that power. In addition, it can be inferred that Mario, despite his reputation as a One-Hit-Point Wonder, has some degree of durability. After all, he can punch through a brick wall without breaking his hand, implying he has Required Secondary Powers, which in this case would include Super Toughness.

First off is the Fire Flower, giving him the ability to shoot fireballs and other pyrokinetic abilities. Next is the Frog Suit which increases his jumping skill, swimming speed and helps him breathe underwater. Third is his flying ability with the use of the Cape Feather that lets him fly for long periods of time, and deflect projectiles. The Metal Cap makes him become solid metal and despite the increased weight, his strength and speed are magnified. The Starman gives him speed and invulnerability for a short time. His main weapon is a hammer that he carries on him that can crush almost anything in sight. The last powerup is his Mega Mushroom, giving Mario the ability to grow super big and mow down everything in his path.


Mario has fought against the biggest amount of villains in video game history no matter the size, the looks or intelligence, nothing stands in his way. Except for when it comes to saving Princess Peach, apparently. He's also more impulsive, wanting to run straight to the problem instead of creating strategies. It doesn't matter, considering that Mario has gone through all obstacles and come out strong every time. Overall, he is an experienced combatant with superhuman abilities, and that's without his potential Game-Breaker power ups thrown in.

Mario: (spins in place and does a V sign) It's a-me, Mario!

With Mario done, Wizard and Boomstick move onto his rival, Sonic the Hedgehog, the fastest thing alive and freedom fighter against the forces of Dr. Eggman. He can break the sound barrier with his speed in seconds, and he can easily go at a rate of 765 MPH, going even faster when charging up his legs using his figure 8 technique. In spite of being a Fragile Speedster, he is not one for mere hit-and-run, as his staples of attack included the spin dash and, in mid-air, the homing spin attack, both of which involving him curling up into a ball.


His power-ups are mostly defensively themed, protecting against minor attacks but disappearing after a hit that would have been lethal sans the shield. Examples include the Fire Shield, effective against heat and pyrokinetic strikes, but is useless in water. His Lightning Shield makes him immune to electrical attacks, but fails in water. The Bubble Shield helps him to breathe underwater. Water, by the way, is his weakness; he can't swim and will rapidly perish when in it. Using the power of the seven chaos emeralds, Sonic can become Super Sonic (a possible Super Saiyan Expy), a kind of Super Mode which grants flight, invincibility, the ability to breathe underwater, and enhanced speed. But it has a time limit. However, once the time limit expires Sonic will be able to fight in peak physical form, regardless of his condition on or before his superpowered state.

Sonic has saved his world numerous times, not just from Eggman, but also from a variety of forces such as demigods and other mad scientists. However, his cockiness, arrogance, and impatience will not be helping him. In spite of all this, he is sure to do whatever it takes to save Mobius once again.

Sonic: (dodges a Buzzer's attack) Oh, I'd like to hang but I gotta juice! (dashes out)

After an ad from Netflix, it is time to settle this long-standing rivalry in a Death Battle!

Sonic was laying on the ground, waiting for any action, when Mario emerged from the nearby warp pipe. The Blue Blur stands up, poised to settle the two-decade score.


Sonic practically teleports over to Mario, landing a flurry of super fast blows and knowing him back. Mario consumes a Fire Flower, and throws several fireballs at Sonic. Sonic dodges all of the fireballs, but Mario moves in and hits Sonic so hard it sends him flying back. He follows up with a combo of fire based attacks, and the 'Mario Finale'. It engulfs Sonic, but it turns out he deployed his Fire Shield. Sonic rushes back and forth across Mario, hitting him on each pass, but Mario gets on his feet and connects with his hammer.

A montage of Mario and Sonic exchanging various blows with dramatic music ensues. Toward the end of the montage they chase each other into a volcano. They realize too late that it is packed with bom-ombs. The volcano blows up, landing them both in water. Sonic sinks but activates his Bubble Shield, which in quickly destroyed by Mario in a Frog Suit. Sonic is seemingly drowned, but a Super Sonic bursts out of the water.

Mario utilizes his Metal Cap, and effectively resists SS's strikes. Mario kicks Sonic, consumes a Starman, and throws Sonic away. Mario eats a Mega Mushroom, enlarging him. SS attacks him to no effect, and turns back to regular Sonic, who runs away. The Mega Mushroom's effects wear off, and Sonic follows up with a series of fast hits, landing Mario on his belly. Sonic finishes by spinning into his vulnerable back.


Wizard and Boomstick conclude that their power-ups matched blow for blow, and commend Mario for standing up to Super Sonic. Factoring out the powerups however, Mario has a mostly average build while Sonic still has superior speed and natural attack at the end of the day.

Boomstick: Looks like Mario just couldn't keep up.
Wiz: The winner is Sonic the Hedgehog!

Next time on Death Battle...

Mario vs. Sonic contains examples of:

  • Super Mode: Both have them, but they cancel each other out, bringing the conclusion of the fight down to base attributes
  • Super Speed: Sonic naturally has it, which is why he wins over Mario and his average stats.